Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 29, 1957 · Page 32
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 32

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 29, 1957
Page 32
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Twelve togansport, Indiana, Pharos-Triton* Many Shifts Planned by Television Networks NEW YORK, Nov. 29 (UP) — The channel swim ... Margaret Truman, NBC - TV property, has a singing date with CBS-TV's "Big Record"—the date is Dec. 18... "Let's Face It," a show that was supposed to replace "Strike It Rich" on CBS - TV in January, now has been replaced itself—"Dotto," an audience participation affair, is the new pinch- hitter. NBC-TV wants "Sally" to leave its alley — the network feels the low ratings of the Joan Caulfield show are hurting the ratings of Steve Allen who follows "Sally" on Sundays . . . Edward Bennett Williams, lawyer .for such characters as Frank Costello, is sked- ded for a Mike Wallace ABC-TV interview Dec. 14. • Joke: There are so many westerns on TV nowadays that viewers are h""'nning to get saddle- pated. Unjoke. Guy Mitcj.ieH's ABC-TV sponsor has told the network he'd like a show that would be beamed more at a female audience . . . Phil Silvers took his flu and his wife to Orlando and 'Miami Beach, Fla., for a six-wejks . vacation. NBC-TV is juggling its schedule: BIO POWER—Sherman Adams A nighttime version of "Truth or (above). President Eisenhow- Consequences" wi'l move into thoi -cr's "chief of staff" In tho "Mark Saber" 'spot which will| White House, rates as a bis; move to the "Outlook." spot which I power during the President 1 !) will move to the "My Friend i illness. • (Internationals Flicka" spot which will move to I tho "Amateur Hour" spot which I, will move to oblivion. Walt Disney's Dec. 4 "Disneyland" entry, "Mars and Beyond" will be the most expensive show in the history of ABC-TV-It cost Disney $400,000. He expects to recoup on reruns and possible theatre showings. Devotion dep't: Herb Oscar Anderson of ABN (that's ABC radio) - age< | so] was charged in Federal received a gift from one of his C0 urt.at Hammond with operating Pulaski Man Charged With Operating Still WINAMAS — Joseph Herbert, Midwest laiy fans this week plaster cast 'of her left ear. .. Merle Oberon is taking a breather from filmings of "Assignment Foreign Legion" and taking off with her- bubby for a Mexiqan holiday. If ABC - TV moves its "American Bandstand" show to a Saturday night slot, it will shift "West Story" from its Tuesday into the vacant "Band- Point niche stand" spot... MGM has. given permission to Robert Taylor to play his first dramatic role on TV—Taylor reports for a "Thin Man" episode, "The Scene Stealer" next week. Demo Digest Gives Views On Mr. Nixon Says Vice President 'Abandons Association With Ike Personality' WASHINGTON (UP)—Republi- cratic clap-trap" charges that Vice President Richard M. Nixon was abandoning association with the "Eisenhower personality.' The Democratic Digest charged Thursday night that Nixon has apparently decided to abandon the "Eisenhower personality" because, it said,.the President's popularity has been on the wane since last spring. Since that time, the Digest said, "Nixon has been acting like a man who. has decided to abandon a slowly sink-ing ship but :n such a way as , to suggest that he is merely going for a swim." Declines Comment A spokesman for the Republican National Committee said "whoever wrote that must have been smoking an opium pipe; it's not worth commenting on." Rep. Leslie C. Arencls (K.-I11.) called the charge "typical Democratic clap trap." "You can expect a lot more ol this year," Arends said. "They'l do everything this year." 7he Digest, official publication of the Democratic Party, also criticized the President's recenl "golfing holiday" in Georgia in the wake of the Russiar. Sputniks. Sputnik A Symbol It said the Sputniks have become a "symbol of American complacency" since Eisenhower's re-election last year. Rep. Dewitt S. Hyde (R Md.) said the Democrats are in "a bad spot to be making any criti cism on that." He said testimony before the Senate Preparedness under way until Eisenhower came into office." The Digest said Nixon saw the danger of recent Russian accomplishments and "is now those sounding the alarm. questioned whether "his 20 - 20 hindgshit qualifies him as a national leader in these fast-moving times." And Lisa Kirk, taking note of the R 'P le y sch ° o1 - Officers in. i -i ™,. 11 iifnr> ".wiA/infn ' in/VJriinef d.fl all those oat-burners on TV, won. it: v/as holding 40 bar- ders if sponsors really know rels of mash and ll550 gallons for their oats. Also unjoke distillation, which would have made 150 gallons of whiskey. Herbert purchased the Fiarm eight years ago after coming; to Pulaski county from Chicago. HP told police he had operated the still about six months. The whiskey raid was believed to have been the first in the county since 'prohibition days. >OTICE OF ADMINISTRATION STATE OF INDIANA ) COUNTY OF CASS ) SS '' IN THE CASS CIRCUIT COURT NOVEMBER TERM, 1057 Notice is hereby Kiven that Flossie Steward, was, on 27th day of November, 1957, appointed Executrix of the Last Will and Testament of Ralph Steward, deceased. All persons having claims jigrainst said estate, whether or not now clue, must file the same in said court within six (6) from tho date of the first Wasp Victim publication" of'Yhirnotlce' o? "sami CONCORD, Mass. — Stung by claims ^viu^ he forever Barred. |a wasp on the forehead while nd- Dated at Losansport, Indiana, this 27th day of November, 1357. "Elizabeth Bieker Cterlt of the Circuit Court for Cass County, Indiana Korman L. Kleslir.K Attorney for Estate 11-29 12—6-13 2V OTICE TO TAX PAYERS OF AUDl'UONAIj Al'1'KOJMllA'riUWS Notice is hereby fflven the taxpayers of Logansport, Cass Coun- tv, Indiana, that the proper legal •officers of said'School City municipality at their regular meeting place at 7:30 o'clock P.M., on 2nd day of Dec., 1957, will consider the following additional appropriations which said officers con- eider necessary to meet the extraordinary emergency oils ting 1 at this time. 6,000 B Tuition Because of many substitutes and additions to staff Less 3,000 B Special—not to be used for clerks' salaries an'd supplies. 6,500 D Special Janitorial salaries and supplies, fi;el Taxpayers appearing: at such meeting shall havu a rl^ht to no heard thereon. Tho additional appropriation as finally made win he Automatically referred to tho State 'Board of Tax Commission- try, which Board will hold a further hearing- within fifteen flays at the County Auditor's office of Cass County, Indiana, or at such 1 other place as may be designated. At such hearing 1 , taxpayers objecting to any of such additional appropriations may bo lienrd and interested taxpayers may Inquire of th«i County Auditor when and where such hearing Will bo held. Donald D. O'Neill - President .Leo Baumann - Secretary Jack Hunter - Treasurer Kclgar D. Jasorka "Wayne R. Schaefer BOAHD OF SCHOOL, TRUSTEES 22-20 State Trooper John Nielsen collapsed by the roadside, lost consciousness and had to spend two days n a hospital. N* OTICE Commencing; Monday, November 25. 1057. 9:00. o'clock, A.M., .and crntlnutnff thereafter from day to tiny until sold, Fuldskl-White Itural Telephone Cooperative, Inc. will offer for sale the following described real- estate: .Lots numbered nine (9) and ten (10) In the- Original Plat cf tho Town of Pulaski. Pulaski County,* Indiana (former]v the I'ulaaki" telephone ex- rhange building) Lot number twenty-three (23) In tho. Original Plat of the Town of Buffalo, White County. Indiana (formerly the };uffalo telephone exchange building) Terms: Cash. The highest and IIPSI bidder will deposit 10% of 3tia bid price, and will then be loaned tho abstract of title for examination, and will be given a certificate of purchase. subject to approval by the ttoard of Direc- t<"-r The corporation will furnish an Insurable title (title Insurance, If desired, mu.st bo purchased and paid for by purchaser). Uoon acceptance of bid by "Directors, and payment of tho balance due on bJtl. the President and Secretary of the corporation will execute a warranty deed, In name of tho corporation, conveying the real cs-tate subject to tar.os for 19" payable In 1959. and subject to highways, and to easements, if ony of record. The corporation reserves all personal property in thi buildings on the real estate, find all telephone switch boards connections, fittings, and tele- pi ion e equipment housed In such buildings. Dated November 19, 1957. James D. O'Connor, Manager, PulasKi-Whlto Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc. Star City, Ind, Z2-21 jjjotorcycle patrol, missi]es program even get among But it ... •, .. I MI r««w «•„ ucii>t« LUC oeucue j. luucimunu^b an illegal.distillery on a farm ax SuboommUtee ,. hag £ ed ,. fte miles northwest of Wmamac. Pulaski County Sheriff Ralph Gilbreath aided Federal agents in the capture of Herbert and. in smashing a still on his farm here Saturday. Federal agents then charged Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morgan, of Gary with illegally transporting raw materials for the still. The Morgans are to appear in Federal court at Hammond on Wednesday. Police said the still was hidden in a 40 x 200 foot chicken house about one-fourth of a mile from &te£ True Life Adventures HUNTING 'TTHE GOOSEFISH // (UOPHIIJS PISOCTORIUS) / 16 A CRAPPY HUNTBK, WITH A MK5KTV APPETITE. HE BASS QEE-SE, 3 ANt? FROM BEV-OW, <3ETT1N<3 A, TOU HOUt? WH1U= THE. 1 -/ ARE ON THIS SURFACE. jffZ•..'.•*.-fM::ff*-'t?<:-^ -^- ^-WJ **" l fiS,*J'iyJrCft!'/»' < ;i V'"'*'' ! P1 ''*.-S Elwood and Reitz Only Repeaters for Prep Football Titles INDIANAPOLIS <UP) — Evans- Hie Hsitz and Elwood retained ieir Indiana high school football inference championship!* during 957, a final survey showed today. Reitz, co-holder of the mythical tate title, wound up a perfect eason Thursday by beating cky . FISHING HE . .. , '. A BUIL-T-IN ROC? ANS7 LUKE.S. L • F!SH,CKAB AMP LOBSTER ARE <3AME HERE. DhlriMrf ll &J ftuum SpJfaK. 11-29 Silk Filters in Making Vaccines Cause Allergies Canadiens Take Over Hockey league Lead 'The Montreal Canadiens, saluting the Boston Bruins in general and Don MoKenney in particular, replaced the New York Rangers in first place today in the National Hockey League. Boston scored a 5-2 victor;,' in New York Wednesday night and shut out the visiting Rangers Thursday night, 1-0, with MoKen- ney getting the game's only goal in the final period. Montreal, idle Wednesday night, took advantage of Boston's home- and-home sweep' against New York by shutting out the Chicago Black Hawks Thursday night, 2-0. Bernie (Boom Boom) Geoffrion's two goals at Chicago enabled the Stanley Cup champions to move back into first place with 27 points. New York slipped to second with 26. NEW YORK ('UP)—Silk Is the reason why some ]>eopl<; get allergic reactions from vacdnes and other "biological" medicines, according to the scientific solution of a long-standing puzzle in allergy. The silk is the silk through which the vaccines and other "biologicals" were filtered in the process of manufacture. There they picked up the silk "antigen" which sets off an allergic reaction in sensitive persons. The solution was contained in two reports to the American Academy of Allergy. One investigator found minute amounts of the antigen in Asian flu vaccine and in the.Salk polio vaccine of four out of five manufacturers. Use Silk Filters The latter was, odd because the procedures for malang the Salk vaccine are exceedingly strict and they do not include filtration through silk. However, the investigator, Dr. Monroe Coleman, of the Jewish Hospital, Brooklyn, pointed out that some companies filter distilled water through silk and use this water in making vaccines. Dr. Coleman was stimulated into an exacting investigation of silk antigens (or lack of it) in the vaccines and biological products of four manufactures and single products of nine others. The stimulation - came from a study by a group of Cleveland doctors headed by Dr. Harold J. Friedman of a boy who had a strange flare-up of long - arrested asthma after receiving the combined vaccine for whooping cough, tetanus, and diptheria. They traced the flare-up to a silk antigen contained in the vaccine. Coleman pointed to five recorded cases of "severe immediate allergic reactions" in silk-sensitive persons after vaccinations. He said he Icnew ot five others and estimated there have been "many more whose true nature were nol recognizd." 27 Per Cent Incident He granted that It was not pos sible to estimate how many peo pie who have one or" more aller gies are specifically allergic ti silk. However, he tested 250 sue] persons with silk extract am ftfUnd that 69 were, which is an incidence of 27 per cent. "The risk of dangerous allergl reactions to silk could be reduce! by banning the use of silk filter in the pharmaceutical industry,' he said. "As substitutes, glas filters, various forms of Seitz-typ filters and nylon and stainles steel screens are available, "At the present time, silk-sen sitive patients should be warnec of the possible danger of biological injections. If possible, they should b; skin tested with each product before use." Dr. Friedman and his associates, in their report to the academy, suggested that. manufacturers should indicate in printed matter accompanying biologicals whether there is any chance of the silk antigen being in them. This printed matter should also contain "a warning of its potential danger to silk-sensitive individuals." Friday Evening, November 29, 19,17. last year's winners in parenthesis: North Central — Indianapolis Tech and Kokomo (Richmond). South Central—Seymour nersvillu). Western—Terre Haute Garfiejd (Terre Haute Wiley). East XIHSC—South Bend Central (South Bend Adams). West NIHSC—East Chicago Roo- oe Bosse, 33-13, and nose outjsevelt (Hammond). Jedford for Southern Conferences Roosevelt beat Central for the onors. | NIHSC playoff title. Elwood repeated as Central Cofr erence champion. First Snow Kendallville captured the North- astern banner for the first time, eplacing Fort Wayne Concordia and G£irrett. .Other major loop champions,!ta fell Sept. 9, 1957. ACCIDENTAL SHOOTING A Logansport man received a bullet wound in his right leg Thurs- (Con-jday afternoon while drawing a istol from a holster he was wear- ng at his country home. Richard Riewoldt, 48, of route 4, rove to Memorial hospital after ie accident, and was treated and ismissed. Hospital attendants said the bul- et just creased his leg. SPEARFISH, S. D. — The first snow of the season at Terry Peak in the Black Hills in South Dako- MOHLMAN'S $900 $600 19 Posts Pushed Over On Rochester Street ROCHESTER — Someone bent about 19 posts to the ground here in the past week. City street employees had put np about 20 posts along the north side of West Ninth' street. Before the cement was solid they- were pushed over. Police are questioning one person in connection witti the- incident. Read the Classified Ads S800 $750 the gift that will be a foy forever. Its beat ty will never dim its fire will keep your Christmas message burning for all lime. If the years have beer) crowned with achievement, a diamond will be a dream come true. If the holiday is your •engagement day, a diamond speaks the language of romance, Price* mdode Federal itax Charge or budget IlJustrations slightly enlarged MOHLMAN& 309 WORTH SIJtttT own HUMTK cf/m*r NEW TIRE STOPS 57.3 FEET QUICKER AT 60 MPH Built like the tires that land jet plant! at 250 mph,. NEW HIGH-PERFORMANCt U. S. ROYAL MASTER SPEED SAFETY-8 timci the high, (peed endurance of ordinary tirei BIOWOUT SAFETV-jtronj enough to iand a plane PUNCTURE SAFITY-proved) |junclure-sofe in 5,000-mile tetf Com* In today. S«t th« automobitt tir* that was uitd in landing a 51 -IonConvoirairliner...the N*w High-Performance U.S. Royaf Master. •»«•«•**.* Mehaffie's Service 903 N. 6th 221 13th St. WARDS' 412 E. Broadway MON.T.aOMBIIY Phone 4193 ************** •jf f«« I m * Word'* Chriitmo* Stor« h for quality ana value * ^ossssfy ^^"^ J Til Christmo* *************: _^u_^_ ^^^^^^^__. ^^_^^^^^^___^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^- ^•^••B MH^^H^HB m INETTE DREAM Quality, Comfort of Name-Brand Dinette Priced At Ward's Sensational Low Price $ 139 95 Ward's Sorrento With the Modern America* Look! S5 DOWN DELIVERS Really an outstanding value at this unbelievable price. NOW — diicover, the deluxe Sorrento dinette with six beautiful chairs, deep padded seats, bronze finish fnames, extension table with American Walnut border with Mar- ble inlay. Big 36x48 inch table extends with one leaf to 60 inches. Santa can't wait, but Wards will! Use c red it-save on Lay-Away!

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