Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 25, 1957 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 25, 1957
Page 7
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Saturday Evening, Hay 25, 195T. LOGANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY Lognnsport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Sevn NOW IS THE TIME! CHECK THESE ADS FOR IDEAS, VALUES A SMAU HOUSE PLANNING BUREAU DESIGN NO. G417-F DESIGN C-4I7-F. This design features an attractive exterior ol (tone and shingle siding with long sturdy lines. One side of the combination living-dining room consists of three large bedrooms und bath, the other of kitchen-dinette, basement entrance and a fourth bedroom. A total of ten closets Includex coat closets, wardrobes and Ilncn. The fourth bedroom, because of Its location, can be converted for various uses HUch as office, den, workroom, etc. Floor area iff 1075 tquare feet, cubage In 31,490 cubic feet. For further Information about DESIGN C-417-F, write the Small House Planning Bureau, St. Cloud, Minn. In Canada, the Small House Planning Bureau of Canada, St. John, New Brunswick. Inspector of Buildings Is Unsung Hero Unless you have built a house yourself or served as the general contractor, you may never have sficn the building imijteclw of y<jur community. Hut it is entirely possible that you owe your life, or the life of sf>wc,'0n<: in your family, to this unsung public .servant. Your building insuec'or is the man who makes certain that your ln.mc has been constructed safely and soundly, and that you will be reiiKonably protected against fire or otthor emergencies. It's hix job to administer tbe local building code—-a sot of rules drawn up by the community specifying what safeguurdx mufit bis observed in ho/ne con.slniclion. The obj(;t;livc is to prevent, homes from collapsing alter a fi.'W years lyeaiiKC of poor coniilnietinri — which sornnlmi'::! happened in the Tumi—-or a lioirn;':) oreupan'.n being trapped by lire without, uny rn'janji of escape — a tragedy, which .still occur. 1 : frraiui.Tilly. Hel'ora bluing a certificate pw- mi ting anyone to build a home, tli<! building iii.'.pwtrir first .studied thi! plans to make cerliiiti thai it will be .'ii'tft: for human occupancy. l''r»r (!XiuuT>le, the lumber tu \n: ut;<:d a:i floor juinU nnust be K nmv. enoHiHi to bold tlic weight that will bo impowd ujmn it, and tbe W'.'dbi niu.'il be HuriicieitLly ftliir'ily. Ixjng experience lias taught building iii:i|ii>irlor.s what wifely provisions lo In.'ii.sl upon. Kor example, many old-Klylc basement!! <:an bit reached only by wooden Blair* from the finit I'limr, ff a auildcii fire occurs around the fcUiir.'i. mcni'inTM ol your family working or pliiyliuj in the base- will may be left without a mcarri of I;:;CH|>O. Modern ln:iperloni ( ,(!t:li lo proven! such calamities by requiring that basements musl have .separate exits to tbe outdoors. If your plan does not show such an exit, it may have to be redrawn to include one. While the house is being constructed, lite inspector will make periodic cxamirialions. lie will insist upon the following: Footings for the foundation musl be poured upon .solid earth, not till, The foundation ibicK must be pr</pcrly creeled. All the floor joists, wall stints, rafters, etc., must be nailed securely. Walk must be thick enough lo retard fire for a specified length of time. The foundation must be covered lo certain depths when the bouse is finally graded, lo prevent front from getting under the walls find throwing Ihe house out of line. In most large cnmmunitlus, your house in also irispoele.d to insure that, the clect/rie/ii ( wiring and plumbing are .sale. Usually the law also re<|iiire;> thai you cun.'uill your inspector when planning major repairs. Oak Flooring Reported in Record Use The downward trend in quanity of new housing evidently has been accompanied by an upward surge in quality, says the president of one of the nation's oldest groups of building materials producers. W. W. Miller, Jr., who heads the National Oak Flooring Manufacturers' Association, formed shortly after the turn of the century, points out that a record volume of hardwood flooring was utilized per dwelling unit in last year's new homes. Since hardwood floors traditionally have been regarded as a mark of construction excellence, he explains, the high rate of usa- age indicates that builders are concentrating more than formerly on quality features that help attract buyers. Shipments in excess of 1 billion 70 million board feet of hardwood flooring, most of it oak, in the nation's major producing areas last year were equivalent to 95H.S foot for each of the 1,120,200 housing units started, according to Miller. Tot* 1055 Murk "This topped by !i per cent the previous peak of .1)011 feet in 195!i," he explains, "and was 30 per cenl. higher than the 795-fonl figure registered in 1050, the record hornebuilding year, "II, a'sn was about 5(! per cent above the OKI-fool mark of loan, the record homo building year prior to World War II. "Tilt! man: extensive use of luirdwood floors typifies the general swing to features which offer beauty, comfort and servicrvibilHy. Thi.s Is observed, f<ir example, In the overwhelming pupulnrity of attractive wood kil.chfrn cabinets, handsome hardwood wall paneling and bulll-in appliances. Other airls !o better living, such a.s cfficlen!. insulation and automatic heating nysk'ms, have become virtual no- ciessilkrs in new homes. Air conditioning Is making rapid .strides." With respect to fluorine, Miller cites n recent survey of hou.sing cliarneturisticK conducted by the U. S. Department of Labor's Bu-j reau of Labor Statistics. In 85% Of Homes Covering one-family dwellings erected in the first quarter of 1956 the study disclosed that hardwood floors were provided in 81 per cent of dining rooms, 84 per cent of living rooms and 85 per cent of bedrooms. Of several other flooring materials mentioned, the leader was found • in only 6 per cent of dining rooms and 4 per cent of living rooms and bedrooms. Wood kitchen cabinets were included in 88 per cent of the houses. "It's all part of the advancing standard of living enjoyed by the American people," Miller says. "Individual incomes are still moving upward. Many families are profiting from double incomes because of working wives. "Although tight money and mortgage credit conditions have operated to reduce the volume of new housing units, the families who do buy homes have become increasingly selective." , . Why Women Prefer Double-Hung Windows The official report of the gov- cnmmtil-xponHored "Women's Con- Ki'f.:in tin Hoimlng" held In Wimti- iiivrlon revealii that the majority of rcpraiontiiUvwf prefer removable double-hiiMK wlndywM. K.O.W. window inukiira cite them: udviin- lUKun uf the wood double - bung type: They provide Ninarl residential ,'itylliu.;, convey an imprimiloii of warmth und charm, are natural In.'iiil.'iluni, and can In; pulriled to blend with any Interior or exterior color schetiK!. In addition, they provide a ninxinuim of ventilation, liiirjiiiiu: they trail bt; reinovcd from the InuiK! and handled IndtiorH, they cut Hujmliiff iiml painting time to a minimum. Pink and Yellow Fixtures Popular Pink and yellow balhroom fix- lure sales increased sharply last year, reports the Plumbing Fixture Manufacturers Association. While balhroom fixtures continued to lose ground to color. Sales of other colors, including blue, gray, green, ivory, deep red, and Ian, remained (airly stable. Fourteen per cent more pink lavatories were sold than a year ago, says the PFMA. Pink toilet sales showed an 111 per cenl. increase but pink bathtub sales dropped about 10 per cent. Yellow lavnlories regislcrcd a JO per cent sales gain. Yellow toilets und bathtubs were up four and six per cent respectively, the i'KMA says. Siilcx ol' white fixtures were down JO per ce.nl for lavatories, 13 per cent for toilets, and III per cent for batlitubH, the PFMA points out. Haifa Panel Door Aids Busy Mothers Keeping a watchful eye on her children without having them underfoot in the kitchen is a problem most mothers have faced. Here's one solution.—a panel door of ponderosa pine cut in 'half to form a Dutch-style entrance to the kitchen. A shelf on top of the lower half makes a serving counter at meal limes. A Dutch door also makes an attractive, practical front' or rear entrance door. It has the advantage of keeping youngsters inside while the upper half i's left open 'or ventilation. It also permits the' louscwife to lalk to callers without inviting them into the house. Panel doors of ponderosa pine ,hat can be converted to a DuLch- slyle door are available as slock doors from building material dealers. Dutch-style doors also can be used effectively on a child's room, or play room. With the bottom half closed, the youngsler can be confined without feeling imprisoned. Many families use the Dutch door as a novelty entrance to a recreation room, or as an opening onto a patio. HAVE Beautiful Floors In Just Ono Day. BERRYFAST and BERRYSEAL Ron! Our Sanders HYMANS' STORE Home of [Jonoll J'nlnt • Wallpaper • Hmllo - TV r..tn N. cicoti i>ii. 4't;:: Better than Brick Cheaper than Lumber Peru Brikcrete Co. 479 Adams Avo. Peru Ind. Read the Classified Ads CARTER'S Concrete Block Plant BLOCKS for HOME and INDUSTRY MONTICELLO, Ind. Phone 624 PEAT Moss HAS MANY USES For conditioning loll and mulching Subitltutu for manure at organic mattor In so!) Aids garden soil to hold moUluro Aorcifoi tha ground and improvoi toxturo of clay toll Ideal for rnlxturo with loll in flowor pots Placed around ovorgroani and tlirubn In quantity It will koop out woods and grass, hold molsturo around plants und improve appoaranco of yard. TURF BUILDER WHEN RAKED OVER LAWN IN SMAU QUANTITIES Lake Cicott Peat Moss Co. CHARLES E. WEASEL, Mgr. Phono: Loganeport 40564 1 Mllo Wont Of LAKE CICOTT, INDIANA "Entertainment Wall" Houses Hi-Fi Gear Many high-fidelity fans are building "entertainment -walls" with cabinets o£ ponderosa pine. The spacious cabinets house all the necessary hi-fi paraphernalia, record player and speakers, with plenty of storage for records. A television set also can be included in the "wall." An ideal arrangement for this is to use a kitchen cabinet of ponderosa pine designed to hold a wall oven. BOARD FOILS FALLOUT The U. S. Forest Products Laboratory has announced the development of a wood fiber board which filters out radioactive fallout, germ-covered particles, and poison gases. Read the Classified Ads LOW. . .WIDE ... AND HANDSOME It's the new look in pre-engineered buildings ...and only Butler has it! Tha Lowotf Cott Qua/fly Way lo Bulltl a ... SUCIlKMARKItr • AUTOMOnill SHOWROOM INDUJTHIAL PLANT • COMMUNITY BUILDING WANIHOUM • KGTAIl 5IOKI • OVMNASIUM iiKa would cont. For detullii, call... FAUBER METAL BLDGS., Inc. P. 0. Box 496 Lafayette, Ind. Phone 2-0676 Little Giant Floor Jack LIFTS HJ.OOO IBS. with oJ|uit- •blu vtrunch 4 to. to « H. with wood or pipit post. FOR—Floor l«vollno or to nt rubbery floors. Ufa olio under porch, cottogtr, OMxirtary buttdlnyt, howM traitor*, «tc. PR rCC $2.95 MAY Is Aluminum Combination door month AT SOUTH SIDE LUMBER CO. For tlio month of May tha lowest prlco ovor. This acl In worth $5.00 against our $37.50 Alum Door Special, Good for May only. OPEN SUNDAY MORNINGS South Side Lbr. Co. 811 Burlington Ph. 2319 LD GARAG DOORS Would you liko a now gqr- ago door, that will bo easy lo operate, and givo you years of dopendablo service? If you would, thon call South Sldo Lumbar Co., for Iho de-tails on a no down p'aymont Garage Door installation. Froo ea- limato givon. No obllrjalion. Don't fight those old swing doors another clay. Call South Side Lumber Company and gat a socllonal ovor- huad door that will add boauly and valuo to your property. Romoinbor nothing down ancl low monl'hly paymontn. Many Installations loss than $10.00 a month. South Side Lbr. Co. 811 Burlington Avo. Phono 2319 IF YOU'RE PLANNING ON BUILDING A NEW HOME Be Sure to Contact 1 Pattee Construction Co. »( I'lnnn n( <'.unv»nll»nM-l!ii!lt ll«i>i«:l 'till W. CllnlDii St., iMKumvorl REDUCE HOME ACCIDENTS Falls from chairs or ladders are one of the major causes of injuries around the home, and housewives are ready t.o cheer any development which reduces the danger of such accidents. R.O.W. (removable, operating, wood) windows reduce such dangers because they are made with a sash which can be easily taken from the frame. These modern windows can be washed or painted while you stand on the floor inside your home. Storm-Screen Door Used in Basement Professional contractors often install a combination storm-screen door to serve as the entrance door to the basement from the yard, reports the Better Basement Institute. The door gives more light and ventilation than an ordinary door. The steps to grade are then covered with a double-leaf steel hatchway, which is both weather- tight and burglar-proof. MAY ... IS PLUMBING HEATING-COOLING MONTH . . . and now In Iho llmo to havo your Plumblncj and Hooting contractor innpoct your preimnt nqulpmont— (you'll ovoid tlio summer ruiih) ... ho ctlno Is offorlng low prlcos on now flxturo» and equipment durlno 'his ipoclal month. If you'rw thinking of Installing a nnw wator tyotom for your tuburban homn or farm bo nurw fo contact your Plumbing • Healing Contractor now durlnfj May. Ho In the man -with tlio KNOW-HOW and with rho equip- inonl to do iho job. BAKER SPECIALTY & SUPPLY CO., INC. _ DISTRIBUTORS ~ 701 Erie Av«. Logantport I i You can work wondors in the appoaranco of your homo with a few tasteful touches of ornamental iron. Logansport Metal Culvert Co,, 220 Hanna St. Dial 5T57 'reasons why you'll love decorating with 1HI DEtUXI tATIX WALl PAINT • So easy to npply > Ono gallon does the nvornge room • Ono coat covers moul surfuoos • Coinos rondy to use • GuaranUxid washable « All the latest colors • Dries within nn hour $6.19 516-518 East Broadway Phono 3167 IT'S COSTLY TO ALLOW NEEDED REPAIRS TO GO UNHEDDED STOI- miKAMiNfl . . . rnimxlol your hnnio! (id your coiitnictoi-'fl rnlinuitit. Di'lilK it in. Wo'll mipply the ni-ciliil (imh on H low-cant monthly ilinii loan . . . imnutlinlcly. Fvut AND LOAN —iBBJrtJjil ASSOCIATION JlFTilTO A««t» ovor 11V4 Million Dollar* 314 Fourth Street

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