Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 25, 1957 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 25, 1957
Page 6
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Six Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Ann Landers Man's Three-Year Headache Warning of Serious Troubhe Dear Ann: Please help me. I'm & girl 12 who knows when her family is breaking up. My father has had a headache for three years. He was married before and has four children. They never come around to see him unless they want somelhing. He feels bad about this but Ihe main Irouble is with my father's brother. . They are in the same business. My dad is hontesl and kind but my uncle is mean and he cheats my father in the business. My dad and mother fight about this all the time. She says he is not a man if he stands for his brother's crookedness. He says his brother is not breaking the law, he's just "slick". Last night they had the worst argument of all atxl I am afraid my mother will take my sisler and me and. leave dad. I read your column and have respect for you. Please help us.—HOPING Your dad is Ihe one who needs help. Many relatives in business together get along fine—and many do not. If your dad has had a headache for three years and his home is about to break up he's had plenty of warnings. Mother'is right—he's not much of a man if he slicks around Ihe rest of his life under the circumstances. Many men who were afraid to make the break found they did much betler after they unloaded "the headache". Your dad needs faith in his ability to go it alone, and mom can help by encouraging him. Good luck to al! of you. . Dear Ann: I am a woman in my early ao's who moved to a new .suburb. I have always been friendly with my neighbor:; but never "dropped in" on anyone in my life. I respect the privacy of others and expect the same it: return. The day the van pulled up with our furniture a certain young woman came "to call". 1 appreciated her friendliness but I had the im- one else's.—"18 THE HARD WAY" (Ann Landers will be happy to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a stamped, self- addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. Class of Fourteen Receive Diplomas From Young America YOUNG AMERICA — Fourteen graduates of Young America high school will leave Sunday on a trip to New York and Washington, D. C., following commencement exercises held at 8 p.m. Wednesday in the school gym. Dean 0. R. Roberts of Purdue University was the speaker. Baccalaureate was conducled Sunday afternoon, May 39, in the Baptist church, with the Rev. Harry Rea delivering Ihe sermon, assisted by Rev. Smith. Senior class officers were Beverly Manning, presidenl; Donald Wisher, vice-president; Mary Prather, secretary; Judith Robison, treasurer; and Dixie Noel, report- r. Other graduates are Larry Weaver, Phyllis Harness, Larry Pullen, James Boston, Linda Wikel, Daniel Zeck, Betty Elliott, Car. ol Knapp and Mary Becker. Principal Frank McCain was the class sponsor. Citizens Raise Questions On Zoning Laws Information On Property Classification Available At Commissioner's Jury Decrees Death For Slayer of Wife FORT WAYNE (UP) — Rich Kiefer, 3fi, Fort Wayne, Friday night was sen'.enced to die In the electric chair at Indiana State Prison "before sunrise on Sept. 27" for the brutal slaying of his wife lasl Jr"' 15. The scnt-nce was imposed by Allen Circuit Judge William .Shannen afler a jury of nine men and .hree women deliberaled for more lhan 30 hours before reluming a verdict of guilty of first - degree murder. Kiefer earlier signed a three- page statement in which he confessed the brutal murder of his wife, Pearl, :«!, and daughter, Dorolhy, 5, in Ihe basement of their home. He said he b«U both lo death with a small hammer and slashed their bodies with a kilchon knife. The little girl's body was half stuffed down a laundry drain. Building Office Requests from several local residents for information on the classification of their property under .he new city zoning ordinance have Deen received by Robert Buck, juilding commissioner. Complete data on the zoning procedure is available at Buck's city Building office and citizens are arged to contact Ihe commissioner 'or explanation of any questions which may arise. 1 "We are attempting to help the property o.wners protect their possessions, not to hinder them. That s the purpose of the law," Buck said. The city has ordered a supply of maps to be distributed soon to real estate agents, banks and atlorneys 'or Ihe public's convenience. Classification of . properly includes: suburban residential, single family residential, two-family and-multi-family residential, muHi-; aminus it carc fully for scars or family residential, local business, jj,^ pression she was more "nosy" lhan well-meaning. This young women came wilh her Iv.'o children (pro-school a«e) and fell il was her responsibility lo give me a character analysis of all Ihe neighbors. I never heard .such vicious gossip in my life. I ditln't know how lo lurn her off wilhoul being rude. If slit; thinks so little of the neighbors I can well imagine whal they must think of her. I don't want lo become closely iilenlified wilh this person bul she is al my house every morning. Please give me a word.—STUCK Gossip is the Big Sin of Lillle People. If you allow this woman to invade your home and fill your ear with vicious stories about others, it's your own fault. Simply tell her Htraighl thai you would prefer to have nor phone before she comes over because you're not always in a position to vixil. The next lime she starts hacking away verbally, say "I'm not Interested in other people's business. What do you know that's good?" That may hold 'or. Dear Ann; I. jusl Reader's" letter and it sounds exactly like rny own problem of " | w hy jic/.lo few years ago. I'lea.s-c tell this girl ( ,j j n fc,.' my story and it may save her' the heartache that I suffered because 1, too, thought I knew il all. My boy Iriend had one fool. In lh<; .service and we became engaged. After Iwo months we decided to go ahead and get rnarrTod, against the advice of our parent, 1 ) and clergyman. I thoiiKhl I'd work, save money and il would be lots of fun. Well, It. didn't work out that way. 1 became prujiiiitnl Uiu drill month and my husband was shipped overscan, I was- sick during the entire pregnancy stay Ml mother was burdened witli my j Uulldings to be lorn down are care boeuuHci I iiad no one else i i|,,. Indianapolis Water Co. offlco lo help me. The doctor bills j b u j|(|j,i K and the Insurance 'Uiilld- mounlcd and It wan a real night-] ing, The new structure i;i due for mart. I completion by mld-HKM. The bunk Roberto Remembers Wedding Anniversary NIOW OKUII (UP) — Roberto Rosselliai said he was sending a cable to Ingrid Bergman today wishing her limit, life and happiness on their seventh wedding anniversary. lie denied once again rumors he planned lo divorce Ingrid to marry Indian beauly Sonali Das Gupta ,,. . ; and said, "I am on very good re,™^|....... v l, | Intiomi with my wife." IloB'ii'Hini .'laid he was surprised were so much interest- affairs and described himself as a "very small, ordinary man." Monument Circle Bank to Be Razed 1NI>IANAPOI,I,S (UP) — Monument Circle siion will undergo another fnc(!-lifLing. of Fulcllly Hunk & iinnounced Hint two 02ZZ&22ZO* Josephine Lowmon Perfectionist Makes Family Life More Than Difficult Not long ago I wrote about the strain of living with a perfectionist housekeeper. Evidently some women are harassed by perfectionist husbands, or husbands who insist that Ihe woman be perfectionist housekeepers—this to the point of absurdity. This is what one woman wrote to me. "My children ' and I have lived with a perfeclionisl for many years, and it hasn'l been, exaclly fun. "We relax and live a normal life when- he isn't around, bill Ihe minule we see him coming home from work we rush around picking up anything that is out ol place. When he comes in lie immediately makes an inspection. The curtains must be al Ihe level he thinks just right, the furniture must be in just the Ihie he likes, elc. Even Ihe knick knacks must be al a certain angle. Yard, Too McKinley Cub Scout Pack Holds Meeting, Eleven Get Awards Eleven Cub Scouts received awards at the regular monthly Class of 13 Is Graduated Thirteen graduates of Washing- Ion township high .school 1 received diplomas at commencement exercises held at 8 p.m. Tuesday in the high school gymnasium. Don J. Odle, athletic director at Taylor University, delivered the address. The Rev. Keith Kinney delivered meeting of Pack No. 312, of the 'the sermon at baccalaureate ser McKinley P-TA, Thursday night al Ihe school. Den No. 1 opened the meeting, and a skit on fire prevention was given by Dens 1, 2 and 3. Awards were; Wolf badges lo Bob and Larry McCain and Jirn Rice; Bear badge, Gold Arrow, Iwo Silver Arrows and one and Iwo- year service pins to Tom Hartle; Bear and Go'.d Arrow to Robert Reulebuch; Gold Arrows lo Dickie Dilling afld Mark Maudlin; Silver Arrow to Billy Streu; one-year service pin to Ronnie Guy; and Bob- cal pins lo Stan and Steve Ide. Robert Kleifgen and his son con- ducled the Bobcal ceremony. The next pack meeting will be "In Ihe yard there isn't a leaf a wciner roast and covered dish or blade of grass oul of place. You supper at C p. m. Thursday, June wouldn't dare throw a match or a'27, al: Dyke-man park. The commil- cigarette butt on the lawn jt you j lee will'meet at 7 p. m. Thursday, dared smoke. When i return the June J3, at Mrs. Mullins' home on car after doing errands, he ex- {eneral business, restricted indus- rial, industrial and Wabasli Valey. Tlio commissioner advised lax-i payers to determine the classil'ica- "We never entertain because the ! guests might mess up Ihe house or injure something. He hasn't one single, solitary friend." lion before purchasing tiiu proper-;. Great ^uvcns, i think the man t y in order to save future difficul- 1 y. Latest application for building icrmil wa.s received Friday from the Logan Elevator, 102 East Miami avenue, to raise the roof and nstall a new feed mixer. Cost of Ihe project is $300. !is mils. 1 feel sorry for him, too, 'Deepfreeze" Patient Is Returned Home NEWCASTLE, England (L'P) — Mrs. Ellen Moore came home loday afler having u baby and spending :m days in a "deep freeze," 10!) of them unconscious. Mrs. Moore was hit by u truck while crossing a .street in Newcastle with 2-year-old Paul last year. For 1(1!) day.i she lay in a coma while doctors dropped her inlo a ;itate of near-hibernalion by lowisrlng her body temperature with Ice pucks and cold air. Tier son Stephen was born .six moiilhs ago in a normal birth, lint still Mrs. Maori! slept on. Doctors who had given her three days Lo live when she was first adinlLlr.'d to ho.spital, fought on for her life. Finally, just before Ohrislmas, she stirred. She rccdKiil/ud her husband George, who was at her bedside every day. Thursday surgeons al Newcastle's General Hospital told her she was I'll Ui go home, though she still IK paralyzed from Ihe waist down. The family had champagne, Hie first she Jiud ever tasled, lo celebrate. because he mus'. lead a very •wring life. J. sincerely believe that ic badly needs psychiatric help. The nexl time my husband throws his shirt on the floor and puts Ills 1'eet on thu table 1 am certainly going LO remember how lucky I am that he is nol a perfectionist. (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, li)S7) Officials Triihl Co. iMilldin&s more than IK) years old, in Hie norlihea.'il section of Ihe!' 1 '" 111 ' 1 "' 1 ^ wlls bound over to Knd- clrde will In: raxed lato this year eral Court here on a churgo of ' willful failure lo file an Inecimo Kokomo Man Held For Tax Evasion I.ND1 AiNAPOUS (Ul')—Kenneth II. Slrolbol, 47, former metal products executive from Kokomo, and n IKJW :nliro pregnancy and hurl to st() ,. y aluminum and glass struc- in bed. My already overwork- Lm . ( . <.,. ( .<..u.,[. Yeii, Jack wan the only one for m<;., but the Lovi; Affair of the Age» could have- waited a year or HO. Take rny word for it, "Avid Header"—-I wish I had taken Home- Show Sturti AT Dulfc OnUi Opnn Half Hour Eurllir SUNDAY THRU WBDNC-5DAY "THE SPWfT OF ST. LOUIS" (Color . firil Run) Jamvt Slttwurl - Jimmy But** will occupy Ihu flr.sl Iwo floorn. For Fun and' Entertainment attend the BENEFIT HARMONY CONCERT Sponsored by SPEUSQSA Tonight, 8 p.m, MEMORIAL HOMC featuring championship quarlots and choruson TICKETS ATi Centred, Baileys, Morocco's, Greensfelder and af door. Aclmi.iion: $1.50 lax rolurn In 11)53. route 1. It was announced lhal: Cubs wishing to take parl in the Memorial Day parade should be at the Baptist temple al 0:45 a. m. thai day. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Crane and Mrs- Current. of Judith Berg Receives Nursing Scholarship Judith Ann Uerg, daughter Mr. and Mrs. William Herg of 410 Montgomery street, received a SHOO scholarship Thursday night al the graduation exercises of the Mich-j deuce," the report said, "in liheir ael Iteese hospilal school of iiurs-| investigation Hint at Ica.st some of Charge Communist- Leaning by Some On School Staff VJDMNON, Ind. (UP)— A Rrnnd jury InvusliuniInK opcrnlion of Ihe Mu.scnlulu.ck Stale School for retarded children charged Thursday Hint some slaM mombcr.s "had al leasl u leaning toward Communlsl aclivllies." The jury ended n l(i-day inquiry by .SMbmiilinK a long report to •Iunnlnj,'« Circuit J;idf!e Fred MntUiows which recommended a reduction in the number of "persons recently alien.') or recently imlurnli/ed" on the school administrative MlaJif. "The grand jury found cvi- in>! in Chicago. the .staff, consisting of former res- The scholarship was presented Idenls oC foreign countries, hnd al. by thu faculty organizations LO be!'east a loaning toward Communist used for tuilion at a college of bur j activities." choice. The Jessup Will Accept Foreign Service Post i'N W A NAI '01 ,KS ( UP)— Former Indiana Stale Police S'.ipl, Frank A. .lessup will retire from Mm police force July ii and join Mie U.S. .Department's foreign service as an expert on police woi'li. JiiXMUp has been a detective sergeant al the Pe:idlel.oii Post of ISP since he wa.i replaced last January as superintendent In a change of admiiil.slnilioiia. n!«o criticiy.ed the THIi'l'II ROCK, IS'I'C. DAVl'JNI'Oll'r, Iowa IIW) — Mrs. Opal Mural, of Hel.lemlnrf has filed suit agiiiiisl. a deiillHl for fil- ting her with wlinl. »he culled "rock 'n' roll dunl.iires." Mrs. Mural, in .Hooking 111 IK) damages and Si.OOl) for mi-nlii 1 ! and pliysl eal pain, said Ihe lecUl nol only rock 'n' roll bnl alwi "click a:id nllp and »lide." TODAY-'Thoy Rode Watt" and "Throejtouri To Kill" ~SUN. and MON. Open 1 p.m.-35c 'Til 6 2 Foaturoi—3 Cartooin ROX Y ;. W«LIE> PI'DCEM MINE FRANCIS '". t USUC NIEISEH r_ HOBBY, THE WBOI * r A WOMAN WfcOMOM... A MAN 1O AVMNKM HMI TOPAY—"Untamed Youjhf" and "Pe.op Advonturo" MIDNIGHT TONIGHT Regular Prices OPEN 1 P. M. SUN.-MON.-TUES. 4 BUG ATTRACTIONS THEY PAID BACK PEARL HARBOR! PLUS Jack and Old Mac Cartoon si'/c of Ihe pnd'c.H.slonal and office KLallf nl. Uiu liiHll'..ulU>u, which, it «alcl "has increased far in excess of need.s in proportion lo tin; in- inloH cured for." "'IViCHo professional nnd office .H'UU'f munthurs are the highest paid employes of the Institution and are laltiiiK a disproporlioiuilc Mure of lihe funds available for salaries," the ropori. said, adding Hint thi.s in "ciui.sliiiU hardship on the iillundanlx nnd other la'horiiiK people who arc employed al the vices the previous Sunday, also in the high school gym. Officers of the senior class were. John Roberson, president; Loretla Bauer, vice-president; Alan Miller, secretary; Ronnie Lowe, treasurer; and Larry Baker, reporter. Other graduates were Jimmy Del-Iaven, Delmar Lanlz, Sunday Ncff, Malcolm Overmyer, Jack Piercy, Chester Roller, .Norma Rush and Paul Todd. Hospital Notes ST. JOSEPH'S Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. flomig, 2003V2 East Market street, a daughter. Admilled: Donald R. Strong, route 5; Mrs. Frances Lyons, 403 Grove street; Mrs. Helen Camp, 120!) East Market street; Mrs. Lenora Gaddis, route 2; Charles Wescr, 2225 Spear street; Miss Judith Hendricks, route 3; Master Ronald Hendricks, route 3; Miss Janet Goodrich, Royal Center; Master Stanley Braden, route 3; Master Clifford U Taylor, Jr. 2403 High .street. Dismissed: Charles E. Weser Sr., S17 Eighth street; Robert H. Wandrei, J50I Liberty street; Mrs. Mary Ann Michael, Mcclnry- ville; Mrs. William Reddick and daughter, route <l, Winamac; Mrs. Homer W. Wilson and son, 1107 East Broadway; Mrs. James Hines and daughter, l!)l!) Wright street; Mrs. James Fordyce and son, 21H Otto street; Mrs. Hnr- ricl J. Walters, 520'/i West Miami oacuraay tvening, may a, LMHI i 1 1 i i C 1—i 3— i 3—; r 4— C 5—1 V ;— i ROSSV ACROSS 3Iavo Mil Declare lan'fi ckname lame ut car *er od of 10 ears (pi.) Company /ORD PUZZLE Answ da 1 a— wife of Gera nt • : 3 i— r 3—1 s— > i 8—1 9—1 R 0— I 1 fit IS •frl's nnmo topions uiimatea •csmlrch I.inuscript abbr.) isect ook tnndfastly jsb ogrKB 2. 21 11 X " e £Ji * >» •a 17 $J * '9 % W * % 51 3 1 3 3 : • - 1— 4— r>— s— 9— 0— iV stato (abt Vfrlcan intclojjo Verve netw ianglng landago 'ranee abot lTn\vnine Secure '•lour"sh of rumpets jr.) srk t tfcl AM T O LAN £>« j - R MA 1 ClH / 1 : Rl S j(f "o pfel IE IB O w \ v ! F if !k 1 / n i s • c ft, r 1 DIEM A 1 p o 1 Nir E f= Alp PV FIO| •wwtiKuEiia&i^HHEulil aHHiara raraml 46— Latin for "journey" 47— Goddess of 1 fl l^ 1 '' ' N | T ur- ilLG^flllMENE E OH [TlEbl 4S — Accompllshe€ 49 — Snakes 2— G DOWN ::— ; 1 — Mournful i 5—1 H» % *> W W s a % jy '/' Vi 6 %t •u % w Wrtr. 07 ilnika n»i 1 7 // f TO % a * S n v/, * * n % K * 19 9 . 1C V % U 3o Vr // 7—1 10—1 PI trl* CtH OUT urc ur dot rej .ill out ros 11— Cov 1C— Exi. ^0— S V 27 j:t— A ^fi— S 30— U • • .1.1— K :>•!—!! -P. :i«— s 37— i •HI— K <;— n •15— A uvoywaow. UM. Jl Says Success Is Often Gue HOLLYWOOD (UP) — Should w o r r i e d Hollywood producers make Uie lype of pictures pocole "want" lo see? Independent movie maker Slur, ey Kramer has a rebel theory: Producers and especially poll-takers don't know what the public wants — and t ! ie public doesn'l, either. Theater owners often issue pronouncements Ilicse ti'onb c'd business days on what the public "wants" after talking to Uieir patrons — people want comedies, people wanl youii'H s.ars, e e. Bul younk', dynamic Kramer, 'K A R'Al RGjV EIEIS pt ' try of )e cd ill- part osit on tack "ry plant* rs t:iIT of ]if« riest'* vstmcius olii ful^c-hood mul IPO < ruphct 'nsluul «r:ito.*» ni 1 1 fill Crock ty ml of palm OX CM ontrtltior crrinu'Mt nn .sh ^ and .v.inrm sh inih iU.T Vi'tCll rt tic :il ful Movie jss-work ter times in Hollywood, hul tr:id( sources reveal privately thai th( only pictures making big prufiu today are "Around tli c World ir ill) Days." "Cun " and "The 'IV Commandments." They all ar expensive epies. Hut oilier epie have not done well. Whal make.s one mov e a hit anc another a failure'. 1 "It's a peculiar ehemislry ihal'j difficul! to explain," said Kramer "A pic ure can have n :n y faults nit i'iave great lolal impact upor yoi , a driving element and excilo menl." MEMOItlAL Admitted: 'Miss Virginin McGuire, 20 Wesl nich.irdsvillc sired.; Walter Kelker, lUinicltH- villo; Mrs. Sulnia Ulolim, Burrows. Dismissed: Mrs. Gladys Clnrc, route; 'I; Wilson IJuVuss, Illld'/j North Third sLrecl; Mrs. Mabol Mcllrnl.li, mule •!; Orvillc Merrill, '112 CtiHjcrtKon street. Peny Vhoiie PnlnniH' Hetnu'Ht INDIANAPOLIS (U'P) — Thu TadiniiLt Public Service Commission lodny denied a reiinest by 13'| telephone ;)at.i'on,s in the IliM'lin's Sleepy Hollow addition of Tlppo- cinioc Twp. (l/nrroll Co.) Mini Ihe iin;n be doclared open tern lory. The nrun i.s scrvuil prosoivlly by Yconiitn Telephone Co. AVOJD.H IMMJ, WIlll'-CKH TItUCK P()liTI,A.ND ItJiP)—llobi'i'l An- (liii-.son, ill, Richmond, told millmr- ities Uie renson hi! wrucked his big Lriiulc wHh a loss of $4,!i(M on hid. (ft Wednesday nlghl. was Unit. In: wn.s trying l.o keep from hilling rnukor, blasts the exhibitors' tle- ninncls. "1 hnve no conclusions as to what thu public wants," the producer reflected in his office, at California Slndio. "I don'l make pictures linil I lliink I ho public 'wants'. My belief may have an arrogant, sound, but 1 make iiiclure.s lo .satisfy myself, and hope enough people will lilie wluit 1 like nml go lo see il. "Soniclliiics 1 make a picture which satisfies myseli 1 and not many other people, suHi a.s 'The 'Men 1 , and somelime.s 1 make n picture Mint I don't lliink turned oul well, but other peopl^ do, .such a,s 'Not us n SI ranker.' " Ki'nmer's IKW I'ieliire. 'Tin- ride and Ihe Passion', opens in Now York .Inly -Illi. "M.'s Ihu liiumwl. K'lmble 1 have tnki?n, four million dollars." he .said. "I've, never mnde ;ui epic 'Mm like tlii.s before. 1 think we inve » .solid picture. I hope oilier leoplo will agree." Industry L k xeculiv(\s L;i]k of bel- (idiool by thoir excessive aiilnrlafjn btMigle hound which run Inlx) the mid excoNsi'Vc nuiHboi'.s:" lliighwiiy. TODAY "Tarian And The Last Safari' SUNDAY THRU WEDNESDAY "OHfAK THROUOH THC CHINA OATM—or dhil" Out of Ih* m«r«h<k«, mount«ln«, jungl*M cum* tha Pronoh f or«lan Legion to turn th» tld« In Indo-Chln«l CINEMASCOPE'' '- OtHE ANQIE BARRY-DICKINSON ui m*r U«M KING" COLE SAMUEL FULLER 1 dMi Kumt'intl /W*,//!i" > HilmrJ A/ lIHh f.nilnlffot Mutlt toy VWTO« YOUM* «nj MAX •TfciNKM OPEN SUN. 1 P. M. - WEEK-DAYS 5 P. M. Rebels Land; Two Captured 'HAVANA HIP)— Cuban Iiitormr Minislrr SanliiiKii Hey chiirgetl lo- clay Hint former President Caring Prio SucniTits, now living in Miami, financed nml enginiviH'tl an "invasion" of Cuba Fritlny by a 25-iii;m ruvuliitiimnry uniiip The nnny rt'imrli'd il riiittuivd two of tin 1 11T>. Ln/.aro Armando (iiiivia. The navy Iho yiwhl Corinlia, which U l u i n-vohilionarii'S on tin 1 r rwoli-ridden (> r i e n t i- provim'o IH'M' Hie town of Mayari. Ki'.v, after a I'onfV'.viK'e with President Kulnriifio H a t i s 1 a, clnhiii'd "|ilu> landing was ;i failure." 11 !t was carried out by jm.srni- pui'oiis p;u<lies .sent by Dr. Carlo* Prio S(K.'!irNu> to u|»set tin' peace," 111! Sllill. i ;ind eiv.eil hinded of Read the Classified Ads TONIGHT ONLY $ BIG BONUS SHOWS NO EXTRA COST! No. 1 Thii Big Bonus Show Tonito At No Extra Charge! Come To Soo Tho Ono You Want... or Como Early- Stay Lato and Soo AM 3 Features. JTHE WONDER SHOW OF THE WORLD! LANCASTER CmiTTS L(HLOBRIGK)A No. 2 No. 3—Your Bonus Fualurol SUNDAY AND MONDAY WE EXPERIMENTAL ROCKET PILOTS O.IM4J ALOFT INTO UNSEEN. T«C UNCONOW6l»CD AHD HM: I/NKMOWN* WILLIAM HCH.DEN TOWARD THE UNKNOWN AND

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