The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 4, 1931
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

1931 KKYTHKVIT.U'I, (ARK.) rnURlEFt NEWS PAGE THRE/ \\incd Horsewoman 'I'urned illSl BILL a Pa*li o a ^--<: mi SUL'iJL pa;l Auxiha:y ? :'ll nni t'j ri:s No icferr.j'.-c V.T.S uul.iy's s::m~us Ly in yes- L-.-. A. x. ; : . rj'-U :• was .0-1 ihv. li:: miU. 1 : 1 \. i lio b? dls-iMs."/!!! c'. a B-.ijiti-.l 11 • -. |ina in t!:c rj-nly 1-j.l.iy. : ;3tt.->:l '.-) !;:v(- i;s.' :i:...-'- |Mj.jUB.nfu! :itl_r.t.i-:i and '.o '. in..'. I',l2 poll-. Ills i:os.:i::l .,;-..;: '.uJiJ.y ba;! v .ii e:*.\c. -- !•••' Tlii: Itfv. A. N. £:•-,.,' :.i I/-V.-. | viib \v:i-> rer- 1 "'"':.' '" h.-ve- '.jjJk.'i. gainst Sunday i).'.<;l3li yc-^i-.'J.i. land C!l;:rs icnMi^d Lo huve j'e- -.1 lu lilt 1 e:.x-.:-.;i i.; '..t:.: .-" |iru:is '.'.'ere tii. 1 I::;. O. II. Ila:n;):i.< I at Mr.ihla. ;he llcv. C. O. Hull .\. iLuxcra, liv' H:- 1 .'. \7ir:-o:i ,lc ;i-o,i |at Vr'i!:,-,::. 111? i!-'V. I'.'.iJ C;:Ul-->-.'..v .c. Joiner Elcr'.icn OffK-'.als >."imc:l OSCEOIiA, Ark., May •'.. Jil'lj;. land cletks who v.iil Irid !:i? -Si-- lenl election in Mi5iiwi:j;i: cai:ii;;. I tomori ev: to derlcrmino \v:i;ihf>: I Sunday baseball w:l! Ir p'syri « iir ' ling ti'.i- EL-Sfon V.ere Inve brer, mui- Icd" by I). F. Tayls.' s:-.. :.". i M:.: 1 Emma Cax o; O."::Jl-i a-i:l TC , | Mai tin cf IW1, s:>-\-':al :-;.--:t:c :io:'S aprjoimrrl by C:un |ty Judge M B. H:irriE="! to 1". "•'. be el:-c;ion. They are a> follows: I \Vhittcii-Jud-;i'S. J. A. McClen- i Idon; H. R. Laud. W. n. ML'D.iniel: Icleiks. K. A. Jackson, M.ick Ci'D'.v. Joiner— Judges. Terry y.:tclir.l!. J |B. Wilson jr.. JCiVih !l;?:±".' :•>, FliMk Wheel::', P.. II. U-y.v- | den. a?"ctt—Jndics, L. n. Brownie. 1 |A. S. Caichinss. Jce Millc-:: ;;;•>. |V7. B. Eurkett. Js:sr Clinton. yvi!s.-.n~Judg?s. Hy Wilson. Ei l"l:cno!d jr.. ,L ti. lierro:'.: clerk: |Ei lioall. Gibs Enoc>. CsccoU—JIURTS, Hern !3iu'.?r. >:cr le-rt. HiyaiH. ri. W. B.-?.^;; clerk: | Cliff Tarvcr. Mike :-iiill::i7. Kd-or—Jute-,, Mir.:/. 1 luybr. M:. I Robinson. W. I'. S:im=e; clork | Pele Bjlick. E!o-,v:! K. II. WHificth |E. H. Wild/. II. J. Mea:io*-s; cierk= | Bob Green. Claude S:i!lman jr. IJownmi Sei'.col lleut^—Judges ieur.' JJrin'd:y. J. A. WojforJ. Gso J Baker; clerks," Wlli RK-r.ardp, Ho,-:- |ard Rubeits. Burdette—Judges, E. B. Hammock |C. F. Tompkins. J. J. B'^ds^-* 1 (clerks, John Brothers. Gus'Svcrd; McFerrin—Judder,, Teal McG:i.'r;- I ty, Jirnsuie -\:.-. Co;) Interfering! (lliildivn Regain l,ost Savings Through [biiikor's Aid ^^i" W'^si ; ; *k *- -. VI. C. I.awli-. local f roccr and 1 a deft-mod candidate for mayor in | : the i-i'tnl municipal election. «as! ! :'cqi:!tt d of a ch.nj;e of ob:,truit: in; an officer in the diycluu-!! 1 of \ h'.s rj'iy. bv .Inly.' W. D. firiiv- ; i!.'- -;i :-o!'ie coi.rt Ibis inorniii]; r'i'.i.-l cf A. D ".S!:m" Gwvn. po- , i.-f int rfor)!!' vl'lli 1 ho scuf- - r-i:r: v.-i'li a drmii-ni man lie bail :!:•. led. Tl'j eviJ'.-uee sbowrd Ill-it T ;;•,'' - c-id !io' 1'U :i rfei'i 1 phyjicil- !v v.ilh C'.wyn bill made sun.- te' i: .-r'; ;c Ihe ;;ff'c r. whicli was in!'•:•• !ei>-l i'l'T:rf"i!" by Owvti. I!:iy: I-)I-:T! ]l;-i>'ii', former u'Tlcor. and liil tl 1 -- ;,:,,. .:,. ,.,- ,.. j r.l f-w. :: i"t i: ) n-A- v ;- that C'.V-.M d: ilU 1 mr.n v.-l-i'i- bv Iluuiar. r!: 1 !';!!-- nian > hit lhi> ilia 1 , li? .i.-i Irosn ']? was li :» not lo rcs ; stins w |.. r n J;man nnrl .striking iis' lield !io;h Givyn nnl the bere rvidi'nre of (lie Closiny Stock Prices A. T. fe T Anaconda Coi>]X:r . Auburn Chrysler Cities Service Continental Raking •General Eii'ctric .. General Motors ... Montgomery Ward New York Central 182 20 1-2 211 3-4 20 1-8 15 1-2 . 12S-4 H 1-8 42 3-8 18 5-a 08 1-2 7 5-8 10 1-2 12 5-3 22 110 1-4 New l'or/r Cotton NEW YORK, May 4 tUP)-Cot- ton flowed v<ry steady. May July Get i:cc Jim March OIKII 945 970 1007 1029 1041 10JO 070 034 1C31 1053 1CS4 10£C 1011 Spots steady at 97U. up 30. New Orleans Coltcti NF.W ORLE.WS. May 4 (UP) — j Ccltcn clewed steady, wlls, nryrcss. was e of disturb- I rtll-- May : i fired SIC en a j :n:- !be | Cures uf v;'- r^rcy against Irene | I J avn? antl Hobby Bi-11 were con- t-n: - rf! w:!h th*. couit anncuncing 'lii-l I-' would turn Die rasvs over occurred Friday = 0 i;, ; , t ,.],:] ( i,. (n m | 3 ht not lose their 'fiiltb in savin-jr funds, Col. Evans K Klnih!?, he:i:l of a Vinelairl, N. J.. L':ii:<:. has agreed to refund deposits lolallng $37.000 which were lo?t by buys and jjlrls in ills horns city in tile cullti;^ of anallier Institution lait year. Here you s:c the youthful depositors lined U|) to receive checks from (he altruistic banker. i to !f rc- 1 tau-iitr:-, Patricia llir.ivs Ctiampie.nEhi|i. The l;-!it ci a liaise v.'aich P.V J'.'I.IA RLANKHAIl >JJ?A Service \Vri(rr Mrs. Fontaine Maury r fbraves, r!cr. is shown her^ with iicr li- v.ini'.or of the Southern Women's l;t-k rii-.-.^ more. Eli'-abelh, i.s tlie ^. trp.ndfalhiT of Mrs. Thrnvrs ra:'ic in lirtire CCIM- J >':T<! in tcwn. r l:c ""ise of Benny Harvey, char- el v,i!h fjiime '.o pay city II- tise- or wsrk ?tr. els, was con- VHIOINIA BEACH. Va.— '['here = r.n i!it"rcs::n-' feminine --i.-rsiou f-on" ad- inlr- the Civil War. My father just | frr.t ciiiab: 1 !!] to me because we. a"c j-^persliliot's about ur.l bcin?! Ipadge; clerks, Mr. Woadard, | Eilison. Luriora—Judges. Waiter 'Cise Brcv.n. Sam Uowen: clerks 'Ol.n O-.-.'kran, Riisveil Bo\ve:i. Clear Lak'.- -JiiJijsi. Lr.itcr Ich.-d Hevr-ls. Albert Payuc; clerks I. A. Count:. G'.is Griry. Hullman—Jueljes. P. J. Harri.- JPaul Pii2 = -eia!d, Uitl li.iy; cl.-rk- |R. H. Green. Cecil Say:'?. Biytiievii:?. Ci'.y ilr.ii—Ji:-j = 'ei jEmniett WiLs^n. L. o. Tho:n: I Joe Alexander; clerks, H I Hecvci. Gordon Evrard. GaU-ly S'.ors Bkl:;.. ElythcviUe- ludiiC'S. Jim Hal!. J^m B.ise. Alloi ,'.MI Winkle: elerkn. Charlie Gr:u |N. P.' Knight. Ait-Ms. Li::nb:r Y.ird. lily.h? I ville—Iu:l=:-j. Damon McU::i. J. r iLnn.'foid, Frank Hirnls": clerk_ Percjy. J. H. Jack-ciii. « ' '•' -omi 1 ^ 0 Lan:'.—Ju:l23s. R. I •.'.-;er. A. Ba='kc--, FAx H.ll: clerk; IE. C. MatMicv.-s. B. F. Yarbro—Jud3»i, S;;:i |J. S. Bunch. L. N (clerks, Mos2 Smi:.->. Milton Va,-br_ Half-MDCn—.Iu:i.;es. -J. H. .Vi?l I Olson. S. C. Aus;in. J. U. Ilo.i^e I clerks.'J. W. P.cbnison. A. C. :\.s!i 1 biannr;-. rjc?n:l!—Jndjes. M. E. Cock. L IT. Moore, Rube Bcn?i:e: cbrk;. G |C. WadUy, H. Hart. D.-ll—JliiUc-s, H(;;l &?oy. E. A Isi'.ivy jr., E. M. Wc-j;iar.i: cbrk; I Otto Koclilc:-. B. S. Simr:-,o.;s. ManiU—Judges, Gccn;e Rj'.h. L ,1. Hay,-RKl Wright: cle:k<. C;nr lenee A'lnbratn.rr. L-jke- Etew.irt. IjCacinilSo—J-.:clr:e5. I.0i;ie- \V.n [berg. Eddie Warner, Gab; Ncis^.v I clerks, "Chuueh" Hipp, Jir.i Lacy. Hsinatr?. Earl Kennetl, Hos^; Java's n?',v f.ic'.ory law pro- |hibi;s r-nir'.oymDnt of wo-.r.-i an-.: Jcritlurrn between the hours of 11 |p. m. nn 1 ;> a. m. oi ll:e "like fatl rfr, ;ik? :e liere. 7r.r !|ti!» ll-y.-sir-oW Patricia J r'> Tiira'/e?, \Unner of Hie ii!i!i"rn \'s Ri.-lin: Chaia- ionsVnp. cu'iicr and manacer cf dirtvhirlivc slabk cf flv,\ Sliel- ,nri p-n:es. romrs bv her riding bility natnraTly. .^he i^ the diu^li- *- of .Mrs. I'o'itair.e Maury hravcs. emincnr Viiginia hore-e- -cipan. cwn°r of the strir.? cf 35 orte.-i? at th" Cavalier S'.ablcs. :e woa-an who probably hr.= r.nrht mrjrr 1 men. women and H'd'v:: to ride- th~n nr.y three- l'.--er instructors combined- " was the vomisest riding I'iiiil I ever had." M r s. Thrave.s Ir^'v'.-d in her reft. Vir'inian •f.:re thnt his ?. 5:r^estion of lUiet hmror in it. "She ro'.lld .'.it n her ,s"dd!e 10113 before she could i'i;. and rnr'i; alone before she 11- n y-?ar old. "Of rn'irse T'v. % been thrown some." Pat answered a query for ab!e t.) win wilho'.Lt one of her line- fir ma^eot." j { On th'r;i?!i tv.3 stables Mrs.'J Tl-r.Tves v.-nnl. pcintin=! out "S'.iir- • ' CHANCERY COURT. CHICKA- PAWllA niPTRICT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. John P.. Trail. Plaintiff. v:;. No. 4S47 f,ude!'a M. Trail. Defendant. Tli» def;:idnnt. Uidella M. Trail. warned to npnrar within thi'ty in th" 1 court named in Ihc on hereof and answer the "Whi-per." (he fast"Bean," the most -. Each hcrse is a T her. Certainlv all ; l April 23. mi. R. I.. GAINES. Clerk. Bv F.l:zab:t!i Ulytl-.e, 13. O. friend-, from I nvect her. £ H e b?.s {rained every one of li'.e-m. broV.c.i scsro of Ihein.' '..•ciii'.i'd o:!r.-rs fcr this cup or • l :a:. Ele^"n lio'urs in the saddle is one of her days. Kveii-ou* of ('in -'Tddl^ sl'o runs to form. Likes ^.ciu; teutT than indcor things, lil-^ t':e theater, cnioys a racy de- tee:ive e-tory bin insists thai her e'.riv r2lie,io::s training iiiakes her a heivy unintci-es'.lng beok Ihev ^? ^^ Lilcni 2-1-1-8-15 K'Tnr I*ON osoAit AT.n AKDKR. .lUSTiCE OF THE PF./.CE FOR CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT. MISSISSIPPI COUN- 1T. ARKANSAS. •. '' Tr,r.; A. T,i;t!e, Plfiinlift, vs. o. W. Robertson. Defendant. V.'AKXISG OKUKK Tin defrndant. O. W. Rcb:rtson is v.- : .r:ii'J to apixiar in the Justice I at both the north and south sides J n a Mr.iliilu line wilh Ihe big j nlers. 'l'l>p four direct suppoits; and ei:dit lateral supports formed j a Greek cro^s. Th" church was, and Is, con'ld- ! red a wrrki wonder. 11s mosaics, phowhi" the whole of the O'd an! Nev TestnineuLs. and Ihe life of i he Holy Virgin, are among the mo>t b.Miitiful In the world. Tlilily tbni'snnd Individual cubes, each ju=t a tiny piece, are re- '•uir.'d fcr the: composition of a lin'r- yard. The church is ' never dark, "lames of MOO silver lamps 'mar?-' the nMil." as Tlieonhanes pi':l it, "as brilliant r.s the day. 1 ' Th" cluirrh has unrlereone rc- \\r from time lo time. An carth- nual:e in 5SS wrecked !he crhlnal, dc'me. AinriiT the improvements intrcdiicrf in the cour«n of r"iter:i- tirr. the dome was raised 25 feet. In !!>•]». ciwinq the rei^n of 'brr^iiffhlv repair'd by the Ital- ipn a-elvlecl. Fossil. The ilnmc wns reir.forced and re-raofcd in 1&5'V27. ' Pid'^ns are cnnr> now -and - Ihe henutifnl old buildinq has fell some of thr eforls to rrlc"al<? It to th- pnst. alonj wilh the fez -ind tlie harem. /£ IE Jan March onrn 345 DM 1002 1027 1037 !033 hlt!h 970 Irw c'o-e 945 970 yy j l)ij[J l j j u 1028 1001 10>C 1050 10M 1050 1053 1037 l(J. r ):f 1075 1C5B 1015 steady nt 915. 1111 30. RrVclll Home House today most of them will be at the train to greet him. The manner hi which he con! dueled lilimcH at Wnslilns-tou won him much praise. Bryan has been •offered a trip around the world by 'a New York motion picture com- pnn-. He »BS ofTercd vaudeville contracts at 51.000 a week. But Will Return!"™ «'lll be none of that, say his parents, who Imvc decided flatly against nil such offers, We want him lo be n ical man through ills own efforts. Ills mother said. STUFFKU AMMALS IN TREHS TIFFIN, O. (UP)—His faculty and student bady at Heidelb.vj College awoke one mornlin rc;3ni- ly lo see stuffed bears, eajles. kan- yaioo^ and other birds anj beas's erclied in the boughs of trees on he campus. The college museum ind been raided but the Invaders :avc remained anonymous. From \Vhite Visit Tomorrow. I.AMAR. col.. Mny 4 .tut')—This section of Colora-to prepared today tc celebrate Hie return of Us "fa- vcrite son", Bryan. Untlcdt, who will return home tomorrow from his visit with President I [cover at the Whit: House. Bryan is coming buck to the country where a few weeks ago he was trapped with 19 othrrs In a r.!i7.zard bound school bus. Five of his companions died of the cold. I!c was credited with saving th2 lives of the ethers. No\v one of (he nation's best known hoys, llry- an will find himself a hero even to his home folks, and it apiwarcd to n.iikf I:D for every- ii^ht 0:1: she of ihc 1 Prac? Court of O?car Al- eujcys. Her pinclpanelled bunga-, exandcr within thirty days and b'.v home atop z little hill over- ! answer the comclaint of the plain- looking 1-cr rtat;!es r.nd practice lift, Tom A. Little. "Put I ?ot- on a^ain. you ihin^s. K ith mother ther n ." she ! sjain. r iniliiifT at mother as lik- a hunting lodge Her dair/h'.c-r. Pjt. fils risht inlo: t-njoyc Ihc 5a:ne is mother over V.'itness my hand as Junlice cf said courl. Tlli-j A;iril 15. 1031. OSCAR ALEXANDER. FUES MOUN'HSVTLLE. \V. Vn CUP 1 •l^sTlph IllBRins of the West Vir ginia Natural Gar ccomnanv IT= ^•> ^irnlan? r""->n(3v when n cns 'f wind ci'v'f 1 :! I f . ininns pll^t iu' 'hp r\]r pn-1 ciiTnn« r 1 it Ir"m ini-rht of 301 loet The cr-\ft wa« WARNING ORDER F. L. t'itlinnn anil Llnnle A. Pittman arc warned to appear In the Chancery Court for tbe Clilcka- sawba District of Mississippi Coun- !ty. Arkansas, within thirty days 'nnd r.nswer tlic complaint filed aooinst them by Mary St. Auber King and \V. E. Tucker, as Trustee Witness my hand and Ihc senl o said court on this 14th day o April. 1031. R. L. GAINES. Clerk. By Harvey Morris, D. C rteld, Evrard & Henderson, Attorneys for Flalntlfls.. .. ,. 'When Wishing Wont CLASSIFIED 10,000 Men Labored Six Years l.o Build Church of St. Sophia 15-2''-29-G il'SiiolUhcd. Tt had been lethrre- 1 'o iron stakes when Ihc sninl 1 trurk. A Horn Aristocrat Mrs. Thravcs. s'^ek. sl»njcr. :ha7minx in her tailored whipcord jrsvihs? ci-in:nuon brown rirtiu!; j •c-it PIK! rralchiiiT ha; vi:M a tiny i ••"d feather in it. sniled hack.' r'nev -.vrve bot'i v:at~hini! one cf , '•I--. Thrav?s' jorkevs ii:m') a errrn : <-r.,i. Ro:iiL-jne asked if fie beau- . • : ii'l creature was a KcT.'.ncky . '^ii" trass product. • "Of crurs? veu all know that I "Cr-ifnciiv prt all Ibr b"st bloci'.?d •^o 1 -eiies'l from Virginia in [bo. "'i- '. I>;H.;.?." Mrs. Thravc; mildly, •cbnked !bc n'icslioner an:i at the: •?!"•> time b'snol'i-- ber inordinate' ''i-'e in her ho".e state. ! EJo"n and r:i ir rid ne-.r here, tlie j ••'-•;.-e:i ri:v rli:e- .-f t!;-- old. nrls-j ;•; v:ondr<vfi!l st-.blr'. ?lrs. Thrav,?? '- -ni-tu-or] ; lrr (- lr c;' *r 0 ^^ v cur> at = t!ir a?e cf nine. 5penl much of her : 'ir:hoo^ r'nin^. hnnlin-r. trainL'.iK ; Vresi>=. and ns a yr.nne womnnj '''owed her own horse- a!! over the ; L'nited P'D':3. V.'iicn reverses hit.'. ':er prtsiimc berime her prcfcs- -:o'i. Sl-e laiigl-t ridiu: at vari- "' : ~ evciir:ve ri;lin^ ciuVs and -el 1 ^!." ?.ncl row own-, manages i id enioys iirr n\v.» ,s:n- j Vi:.. bcsnnj tii" ci;l:t iv.en and v.-> vc-nan incfcev who w;:rk fcr; 'ic.-. train'ir; all of her ov n horcss,' •escliinp l-uiirlrc:!.-! d;' town folk and ; •;:-•'•'~n !-> ride. ; "Ar.--x;::c cnn learn to ride hut "it ; Irnnnds on the airounl of punish- | i-.fiil they can tal;- 1 whether or ot j r'-.'v learn ouick'y." JIrs Thrives; ^"nlain^d. "Tiip.t yoims man yon- f J -r nevrr v,-,-,s in (he saddle until I nine inciiths a<;o. ;ccw he is an! !< - v expert horseman, can jump a' , , 'lors-- rrrfcctlv I Constantinople, Turkey, is known "Most people v-anl lo tako an •" "Ihc suprni-e msMerpIccc i"''Rc'al petition on a liorsc. Yon E''/..inline art. l^vc to cc; rlHht down onto n T(n tl:o:i=3nd workmen. bor-c. like n bov i?ets right next 100 master bullde tree he climb' It I could to complete It. In 53S. a record for' cc;-.fmporarv wrote, (an everybody ~off bareback! ancient church construction. This j Contributions for no stirrups." iqre mf>«ii:r cost m pi-, sent day money. S1C.OM.QOO more thpn St. Peter's in Rome. Sophia antedates Mobr.mir.3- TJLYTf!KVn,I F. RPECfAL SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 5 For Hie school year 1031-19112. the follov-Jng money will be nred r d fo v selierl t^urpDsns: General Contro!. S''.712.0P: Ins'rilction. S48.- \"S.9:"i: Oneration of the Plant. K5.isi.PH: M»iulenapi-p of the Phut. «OO.CO: Fixed Charg-s. S2.':W: Canital Onllav. S'.'Sn.M: Deht Service. S24.E48.7G. Total SS5.n71.Pl. If l!ie above monev is secured an 18 mill tax nnist be voted. CECIL FHANE. President. C. S. LEMONS. Sccrf tory. 24-1-8 1;ic in i;n: lolled six years galfuay. lo btiild it. An- of Tralics. the mc.-t skilled architect and engineer of the renlury and th^ first of-tlie Creeks to utilize 111: power o! .^eam. "K: was able to imi'a:c varllirjnnkcs and thunderbolts," WARNIXCl OKDKIt CHANCERY COURT. CHICKASAWBA DTSTRICT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. .-M'KAN'SAR. Missouri Stale Life fn=urance Co.. Plaintiff. V5. No. 4925 H. O. Slernbrrg. et al. Defendant. The defendant?, M. W. Lamh. Uila Lamb. B. H. Wilhite. Trustee. i A. N. Martin and Mrs. A. N. Mar. tin, are warned to appear within t!;lrly days in the court named in ilie caption hereof and answer the I rcmpiaint of the plaintiff Missouri • State Life Insurance Co. 1 Dated May 2, 1931. • R. L. Gaines. Clerk. By Harvey Morris. D. C. Ivy W. Crawford. Atty Ad Lilcm. 2-0-15-23 WANT T'(i ..ncient rhi'rch construction, 'ims; Conlribut:ons for the great rrclnted'.irr.Uy and historically nn- , church flmvcd in Ivcm all the ny- cosl A Slced for Tcmlcrfools "Ii" fo'iks jiist naturally can't "iicl much. 1 :,tart tl-.em en 'Tnd- j'c.' That horje Ins taught 100 ........ - 801 i-copV lin-.v to ride." flic dinn. to which it was later devoted, itti'd the- head of a ijr.iv mare having been conslueted a wh'jle i;-neral!c.n bofcre Ihc birth of th.- Prophet of Allah. /•CUr the revolt of 532. in which Ihe thrice-bniH Chinch of K'. Sophia was drrlvovcrt by fire. zinlin? Asia, Africa—Ibc known world. — from whole of lh.' t!r ! stuck out ot a slibln door and n-rrd in her coat po.^kcl for susar. "Thai's'.h." sli: nodded al a slr'ck chestnut marc next tio-r, as if intrcKluciiiR her- "We've 1" id Ki;?.aVetli's family in our fam- i'- for nvcr lisn yenvs." Mrs. llivavos added. "Oiu of her an- M;C':I as caters carried my ijrandfallior I before. Kmrcror .lir-liniaii decided to re- slcrc it on :i scaie cf m.tfliiiticnice ic worM lia:l never s:pn Anthcinins knew his business He built a cicmc 103 fret in d ainrlcr v.ith an axis of 46 feet. Frr its MipjK.rl he built fc'.sr co'os'al i-vi^r- of cubical r.tDiic. bound lo:clber by iron clamps and faced in marble. To ccuu- teract the Immense latcial pivs- suie tv. a smaller plrrs w.'re con- Mi uc'.cd .it ho'h tb.^ east and wes.1 ends. -Tv.o oilier piers were built Tht SHORTEST LINE BETWEEN USE PHONE \ HAVE ROMANCE AND REALITY Sometimes, when you turn the pages of a book, your mind is seeking romance. You long to leave a too- i'amiliar world ... to travel with the speed of thought to far-off purple lands ... to bathe in tepid, lotus- scented surf. But your daily paper finds you in a more practical mood. Interested in real people, in the facts of the day. Looking for news of things that you may buy a:id enjoy—here and now. You may find in the advertisement just what you want in the way of a better breakfast food, or a new radio; or an improved face powder. If the thing fits into your living, is uractical and possible — you are vitally interested. Because you are reading about yourself! Today, a great many things that were romantic dreams only ten years ago are common realities. Life has more color, more charm, more adventure. And the things that give it all these may be found in the advertising columns. Advertising discusses realities—romantic ones often enough -but actual articles you can have for your own. new joys for your family, stepping stones to your happiness. The advertisements in this paner are written for you. Then «''c '' cn ^ They arc reliable. Take their advice.

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