Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 29, 1957 · Page 29
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 29

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 29, 1957
Page 29
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Friday Evening, November 29, 1957. UUMIUISSIOMJR.S AND C1JKUL COU11T C1.A1.MS, JJUULJMIIJLJU SESSION, 1»37 The following claims have bet filed in this office and will 1, presented to the Board of COJT; missloners of Cass County a their regular session, Monda. December 2, 1957. Also include are those certified for yaymen by the Judge o£ the Cass Clrcu! Court: E. Bleker, Clk, per. diem G. 'Cllne, Dep. sal T. .Leonard, same H. Terry, same M. McCloskey, help wage B. Hall. Aud. dep. sal E. Means, same S. Frushour, same C. Haley, same K. Lowes, hulp \vaj;e .. Strong, same 72.0 2GO.(n 235. (H 225.0 105. tii. 260.01. 235.0" 215.01) 200.01: 161.00 1C1.00 , C. Settlemyre, Trea«., pet- diem .................. 12.00 A. Dahill, dep. same ...... 235.00 B. Settlemyre, sumo ..... . 23;>,00 Vf. Button. same ........ 220.00 M. Lybrook, elk. waso .. 200.00 S. McCloskey, s.imo ...... 133.00 G. Bookwalter, same ...... 1G1.00 C. Gordon, Rec. per diem .. 72.00 S. Gordon, fees .......... 280.00 H. Randolph, dep. sal .... 2(10.00 A. King-le, same .......... 235.00 O. Carson. Sher. per diem 00.00 E. KlUK- <J C P- »"' ......... 300.011 G. Sharks, same .......... 300.00 60.00 60.00 7.00 260.00 .410.00 350.00 5.00 72.00 2GO.OO 250.00 S. Turnpaufrh, same E KlnK. dep. per diem .... G. Shanks, 'same M. Nickels, help wase .... E. Chambers, same C. Murphy, Surv. per diem C. Moss. dep. sal J. Crlspen, same C. Condon, Supt. schl. sal. >f. Hftrmon, dep. sal P. Stafford, Alt. off. sal . M. Oilbertson, same D. Ileutebuch, Cor. dep. per. d J S. Buchanan, Co. Asses. per d M. Flssel, dep. sal. ... E. GanKloff. dep. sal. C Porter, Clinton Twp. Dep. sal O. Eabcoek, Pros, sal F Tolbert. dep. sal J Smith, elk. sal. ........ W Osborn, Ct. Hse. Cust. sal. • T. Collins, same C. Fry, same I Osborn, same ; Hnn/ , n H Carson, Ct. Jail mat, sal. 100.00 A. Woodruff, turn. s:al H. Helton, same "W. Frey. Ct. Home supt. sal G. Froy, mat. sal. ........ M. Bernaver, Cook sal. .. C Ballard, Fhvs. sal W. Payne, nurse sal H. Perry, help wase ..In'nn H. Small, Ct. Alt. sal 150.00 a s^ enne "'..^f' S '. . & .. . Ca - S .' 200.00 Hendricks"prts. Co., Clk. off. rec., supp. furn R. • Gohl, Aud., post Remington Hand Inc., repr. 83.33 100.00 100.00 167.50 187.50 150.00 CO.00 Beckley, same 302." Berkshire, same 305. Bowman, same ;.. 306. Crowe, same 270. DuTJois, same 278.< Hardt, sanu 225.1 Lf»u-e, .-mmo .302.4 O'.ven, same . . .- 256.2 ;. Hemlev, same 281.4 I Skiles, same 177.8' I. Smith, same 27S.fii :. .Wallace, sn:mo 281.10 '. Karrett, Twp. sup. wage 224.Ou Burkhart, Fame C. Alloway, siime ... \' Cramer, same .... A. Durnm, samu . . . . W Fansler, same . • O Glearhart, same Mori IT. HombljrK. SEI H. N'ethcrtiitt, same [.. Knider, same . . . . O. Snider, 'same 200.2 283. 8 n 257.GO 247.80 270.211 2G1 SO 212.80 224 00 232 40 201.CO . S .Lytle, Single hand waKe 130 no " 27IK20 Sv. S II. Xethercutt, same jKiin Fuel it Ice, Heat .. >t-T:-Way Glass, re;n-. trucks & mach .Tackson-Kltchcl, same .... Auto I'arts Co., CulV.'Co.', samo LoKS.nsport Met. <ame ifltherKer Much., same bsan Co. same !).C5 32.38 117.38 .37.24 r -feppi: Co., same Cities Perv. Co., Gns Motor ta:c Oil Co., 's Stand. ! find tools .... Fuel Tax Dlv., ti-frieze 1 Auto Pts., 1,107.18 5.26 fuel Tire, tires & tubes ... H.-vlcl, Inn., op. exp. .. Kise-t 1'lre F.xt. Sorv.. same D. Neff. rent, ociuip. •••••• Cinlveston Tj-.imb. Co., Hard- 6.48 80.S3 1.17 5.75 130.18 2.50 39.4 IS.00 81.00 98.CO Ulkl'.v IKIwe. Co., same .. Lr,ra.hsport Kiev. Co., posts AVolf Concrete Co., cement Logans. Met. Cnl. Co.,'bridge I OPr p,l'ch'arti " Gohi.' Auditor of Ca°x Co., Ind., do hereby certify that the above Is a true and compline list of claims filed, to ni> p~eseuted to the Board of Com- ml.-sloners ot Cass Co., Ind., their rcp-ular session. Mom Dec. 2 1S57. Also Included thou-2 certified hy the Judge oC tht- Cass Circuit Court Cor pay- n ' 6nt " Richard W. Gohl Auditor, Cass Co., Ind CROSSWORD PUZZLE Antwor to Y«t«rday'. Pu«l. Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Nina • ACROSS 1—Extinct flightless bird 4—Prollo. 3—Slclt' 12—Fuss 13—Stage whisper .'.4—Born 15—Weight of India 1«—Quantity of yarn 17—Japanese porey 18—Rodent 20—Girl's narna 22—War sod 24—Golf mound 25—Region 28—Genus of cattlo 29—Dawn KOddels 30—Biblical mountain Jl—Think 33—Warning system 34—Struck 30—Seed 3C—Spread for drying 38—Slave 39—Cut 40—Rise and fall of ocean 41—Do! of ul 43—Spanish for HBI3 aiaEHia tlEH ma asms s@ ua "pold" Sim imian 4G—Fantasy 48—Recent 51—Transgression 62—Thick 53—Mbhammedan name 54—Fondlo 55—Mohammedan prince W—Latvian unit of currency 1—Ethiopian t!tl« 2—Poom 3—Conformable • annas pans an SGIQE HEI tatgaaa san 4—Hurl C—Inquir* C—Bits 7—Roma.n official 8—Rocldlsh 3—Universal 10—Meadow 11—Hawaiian wrea"h 19—Conjunction 21—Foray ^ 22—Hebrew month 23—Compartment* of house. 24—Pedal digit 26—Having eara . 27—Throo-toed filoth 29—Compass point 30—Carpenter'* tool 32—Latlr. for "journey'' 33—Tier 34—Compass point 35—Ca^m ,17—Prefix: down 40—Inltir.ls of 2«th President 42—Icelandic writing 43—Hebrew measure 44—Snake 46—Baker's product 4T—Poor Gynt'» mother hlph note BO—Intellect NOTICE.. 185.80 30.00 eaulp. Hemlrick: prtff.,_ PrtB. supp, Co., stat., 50.58 60.00 19:50 C " Se'ttlemyre, Treas. post. G. Smith, Kec. eriuip Hendricks Prtg. Co., off. rec. O. Carson,"Sh'e'r. mile, per diem • F.. Kins, same ..'. G. Shanks, samo O Carson, post. • O. Carson, trans O. Carson, serv. proc Radiotelephone Co., repr. equip. ...,_ v ,._.....-_. .„•_•;•• _ 5 ;;;°° 60.00 60.00 60.00 24.00 60.80 21.20 . 59.59 7.00 5.00 .60 3.00 46.60 39.70 equip O Carson, meals for prls. Quick Film Serv., off. reco. Hendricks Prtg. Co., samo Kroe^er Fun. Home, trans. insane O. Carson, same M. Stewart, med. Ga-rr Hardware, ruses & ,„.. batt ly.oy Richardson Cleaners, unl- f aR forms Jack's Mens Wear, same Gen. Klec. Co., radio C. Murphy, Surv. posts. C Murphy, Surv. trans. C. Moss, same J Plpenger, tile ditch repr. 2o7.GO O. Kennoll, same Siimpsol &. Son, same H. VanKIrk, same C. Condon, Co. supt. schl. post C. Cor.don, trav Levay Equip., off. supp. .. Caas Co. Teach. Inst., cxp. . F. Stafford, Alt. Off. Trav. it Gllbertaon, same A Chase, mile. Eel. Assess. M. Buchanan. Ct. Hse. bid. 1 N*. Gordon, haehld Chancellor's Serv., same .. North. Ind. Pub. Serv., Ct. Jail Gas C. Schmidt, repr. bids. Star City • Rolond Leslin of. Denham retiirn- cd last week from Mayo Clinic at Rochester, Minn., where he submitted to surgery two weeks ago. He is spending a few days at the Richard Link home. Visiting him on Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Fritz and family and Arthur Kraft of near Winamac, Kirt Morrow and Mary Overmeyer of Logansport, Ed Jensen and Mrs. • Anna Hagen and son Fred, all of Denham vicinity. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Batty were at Marion Sunday to attend the I'un- drive chairman and workers held] for the Christmas meeting at at 1 the .Murat Temple. which a 50-cent gift exchange will Mrs. Howard Myers has teen visiting her mother,. Mrs. Nelli Wall in Indianapolis. Mr. Myers joined her there Sunday for a family dinner. A chili supper was held at the Baptist church on Sunday evening by members of the "O and E" class. CDinmittee in charge was comprised of Mr. and Mrs. Max Gish, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wertz, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shanks, and Lena Linn. Devotions were given . by Mrs. Viriginia Shank. Mrs. Ollie Gardner, Mr. and be held. During the. social hour, Mesdames Esta Carter and Georgia Hartman served refreshments. A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs, Mearle Gray, ai; St. Joseph Hospital, Logansport. DEFENSE FA;IL:ED . NEW BRITAIN, Conm—A spectator jumped to the defense of Donald R. Steward, 22, at his mo- ior vehicle violation trial. He said: Steward own the car and he was driving it. So who is • guilty? He or I." Judge 'If it wasn't for' me, wouldn't be in court. I. eral of a relative of Mrs. Batty's. i "»• Churubusco, Ind. at the home Mrs. BUI Smith fell in her home o£ Charles F ' RJloads and famUy ' here last week and injured her shoulder. Mr. and Mrs. John Farley and family of Indianapolis spisnt the weekend here with her mother, Mrs. Floyd Gardner, and Mr. andJMax Reioher promptly answered, Mrs. Charles Gardner and family "He is," and.fined Steward $102. attended a family dinner Sunday Mrs. Ma.ude Wisick. Mothers who attended the District II meeting of WWII Mothers 'iss'w OR Thursday at Knox were Mrs. "'""Nathan Abbitt,- Mrs. Robert Galbreath, Mrs. Cassie Cosgray'and 10.12 9.00 31.56 7.50 25.00 36.-I8 12.72 3^60 51.60 . , . Schmidt Coal Co., fuel Devid. Inc., hsohld. & repr. 230.92 Mrs. Russell Batty. Dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs.' George Crissinger were Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Maxwell and family, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cussing- er and family, Mr. and Mrs. Doc Fox and son, all of Winamac, and Mr. ar.d Mrs. Ora Crissinger. A daughter was born Friday to Mr. and Mrs. John Simmermaker. The Ladies Auxiliary met at the church Thursday night. General business was conducted by the „.&. .'.. °. • .'. - - • • • - • ? r " 7 § President. Mrs. Russell Batty. De- Food Marketing, inc., hshld. -^--jp'voUons were given by Mrs. Bill ^"^"^Ji^L-nn. Coooer and the annual Thantegiv- Ifcncirlcks Prtg. Co., Co. Homo off. supp Cass Co. Farm Bur., repr. Barnett's' 'Bar! Barn, repr. otiulp. 1.5.1 8.00 120.34 Elsert Fir'e"Ext."serv. same 15.25 Smr.ll's Bakery, bread Forgey Dairy, m:lk Kraut Groc., food Food Marketing Corp., aame & hshld Treas. State of Incl., food . Mohaffle's Serv.. gas & «'ll Automotive Serv. Inc., Motor Jackson '' Ki'tchVlI'' 'tractor B & B' Store','clothing Wagner & Surendorf, hse- hlrl 10.81 10.40 15.08 13.36 31.68 166.1C 116.34 no.r.4 10.50 Cooper and the annual Thanksgiv ing offering was taken. Plans were made for the men's supper meeting on Dec. 30. Hostesses were Mrs. Merle Mrs, Vera White, 'Mrs. Bill Smith, Mrs. Lulu Barlow, and Kirs. Bill Cooper; Mr. and Mrs. Estel Bouch and sons, visited several days ago in Pittsburg, Pa. with her parents. hid Hammond' Pha'rm.', med. & David, 'inc.,"f.shid.".'.'.'.'.'.' 10.03 Loftiins. Kiev. Co.. feed 56.o3 L. Cahiilan, sen-, cent • 8.00 S. Gaynor, same • J" 1 :: H. Viler, Inc., furn 2-1.961 Logan Hatch., livestock ... fc " D Smith. Comm. mile. ... Logans. Press, Let,". Adv. „ J'haros Trlb., same iRoy. Cent. Hoc., same ... C Stontorth, T. B. Tcs The Camden December meeting of the OIU1I1.U1 l-t'i J-> *-" " -- -,(.(1,111 „. Law, sam« 160.40 C Bennett, Wgts. Meas. cxp. Steinberger Const. Co., Orpn. Home repr Modern Plumb., same -,-;-„ Klscrt Fire ExD. Serv., exp. Ip.aO Schmidt Coal Co., fuel .. WD.44 Fisher Fun. Home, sold. bur. 100.00 Drake-Flowers Fun. Home same Chase-Miller, same .... Harrison Funeral Home Dorcas Society of the Bs.ptist church will be held at th« church on Dec. 5, with members ol the Women's Missionary Circle as guests. Congregation of the Lower Deei Creek Church of the Brethren honored their pastor, Rev. Dolar Ritchey and wife at a basket din ner after a worship hour Sunday In the afternoon, a short program was presented. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Brubakei: ar< in Hurst, Tex. visiting their sor 100 oo! Joe and his family. liOO.UO 100.00 . 400.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 McCloskGy-IIamilton, same H. Otto, Fox Bty M. Gonzales, same • A. Puzzela, same AV. Lehmann, samo D. Ivuszmaul, same .... W. Klesllng, siime ,1. Morgan, same •'•«« G. Hurlburt, same .- S.OO r~ Johnson, same ........ n r™. I Byron Hosp., T. B. Eracl. 1,320.00 Klls'man Oil Co., Hist., Soc. (()01 E. Swlnnh'art,' same 10 !l-22 G. Gilbert, tax ret -J--" G Shank, Pub. Off. Bond .. ^\BC Ins. Ag., same .Murnhy-Kltchell As., same 'M. Stewart. I0xp. of comm. M. Hochhalter, same W. .Bailey, name .*- uu \v. Smith, Spec. Jdn. Per diem 22.00 H. Hallcy, same Jl.sn F. Kaknstraw, same ,,, R. Gordon, same JJ-JJ K. llooley. pauper att. fee 50.00 C Wild. rlr. ct. post .<>.™ } 1 .obbs-Merrill, law books .. 3.bO Het-Il-Way (Jlass, furn. .. 22.Sn V. Smith, \Vnl. Dlr. Sal. .. 325.00 U Kiifferty, Vis. Sal 275.00 V. Flnney. same 26^.00 Max, George and Gardner tin were in Indianapolis on Fri day. They attended a Farm Bu reau meeting for membership - 57.aO 3.60 3.6 If there's a man in your Life — and this CHRISTMAS ifs going to be a Mar's " DIAMOND RING You'll find it here in our wonderful assortment, M. Barnes, board per diem 10.00 O Spohn, samo 10.00 fr : ?i'o n Vmr "•."" ":SS"^ ^^fVer^ S Vr^el"?'.".V M* * I<\ Finney, same M Barnes, same 'Hondrlcks Prt£.. off. supp. Kroeger Fun. Home, Bur. OAA reo. .' d.-.ije-Millpr. same Jnd"rnlv. Med. Cent., cripp. r.1.30 10.71 6.00 52.17 175.00 M." r.artnn: Vrl'p'?.' ohlld. "aid 445.00 Penny Co.. dep. child aid .. 22.J^ Kroeger I-^un. Home, same . 15.00 j Boughton. same t> Cl'lldren's Aid Soc., same- • Ca'"s St Co.' Clii'ld" 'Home! 'same 194.00 Inrt. TJnlv. Med. Cent., Hosp. Comm •: nn'i- I'iatt Off. equip. Co.. turn. .100.1 , E. Bleker, Reg. oft. per- ^ ^ B. d KTesii'n'i,"Reir'."d'ep. sal. 175.1; £ Shuman, High. Sup. sal. 333.. T>. Hopkins, Asst. sup. sal. 308.. a.Tousley, Clk.. sal. ...:.. 225.0 Anders. Drv. & Mach. Massive and . Mdsculine Design $56 TO $640 FERNBAUGH'S JEWELRY STORf "Wh.r. You; Cr*dl» li Goad" 416 E. Broadway , . 292 - i;t - ?»»»t>t»t»t»Mt»JI»lMlMtMMII*t»i:>. AMOK _^ TOWNER, N. D. —A driverless Mrs? Marcia Oskins was devo- tractor which ran amuck near here onal leader on Thursday evening eluded five pursuing cars in an t a meeting of the WSCS held at le Methodist church. Mrs. Geneva Fultz discussed the esson. subject "The Mind That Vas In Christ." Mrs. Esta Carter sang a solo, ccompanied at the piano by Mrs. jeneva FtiUz. Plans were made eight - mile chase through fields and farmyards before crashing into a shed. The runaway, dragging barbed wire and fenceposts, careened across ditches ana country roads at 18 miles pur hour for two miles after throwing its driver, Edgar Herman. 504 NORTH PHONE 4193 WARDS MONTOOMCNV WAND for quality and value SEE THEM WARD CHAIN SAW DEMONSTRATIONS 1ATJ&NT ADS FOR THE NEW BIG COMBINED SUNDAY and Wards new hi-speed direct drive chain saws TO 91 A Z 1*1 so AS LITTLE AS $29 DOWN •k Models for farm and estate or full production use * Choice of 3 HP or 5 HP, 16, 20 and 26 inch chaini •^ Instant starting air-cooled gasoline engine •£ Perfect balance and good vision make handling easy if Diaphragm carburetor for fast, all-position cutting if Fingertip controls and oil plunger in easy reach You are invited to a demonstration by chainsaw specialist! See and us« one of Wards' new saws yourself! LOGANSPORT PRESS CAN BE PLACED UP TO 5 P.M. SATURDAY (Deadline For Classified Display Is 10 a.m. Saturday) JUST PHONE COFFEE and DOUGHNUTS 4141 (The Want Ad Number) AND A COURTEOUS ADTAKER WILL BE PLEASED TO HELP YOU WORD YOUR AD FOR BEST RESULTS!

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