The Springfield News-Leader from Springfield, Missouri on October 10, 1926 · Page 9
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The Springfield News-Leader from Springfield, Missouri · Page 9

Springfield, Missouri
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 10, 1926
Page 9
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1 a. rACii ni: k MISSOURI TIGERS SPRING ..SURPRISE TO DEFEAT NEBRASKA,. U SPRINGFIELD MISSOURI REPUBLICAN, SUNDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 10, 1926. f if Game Was Regarded as . : Most Important Battle, of Season in Mo. Valley By JVssoci&tccI Press , LINCOLN, Neb., Oct.. 9. The University of Nebraska met; Its first eridiron defeat of the season here this afternoon, taking the short end of a 14 to 7 score in the annual tilt with traditional rivals, the University of. Missouri Tigers. The game was regarded as the most important contest of the Missouri Valley conference season. ' i ed goal and was Hocked, but Nebraska was off side and Missouri was awarded tbe extra point, tlelng lied five yarde for a second Incompleted pan. A third paaa wai Incomplete And It waa anothor five - yarda penalty putting the ball on Nebraska seven - yard line. Wei - cott replaced Oann. Missouri pen - allied 16 yards and the Nebraskanf cheered. Wescott talked before the ball m pu,t in play. .Wescott Intercepted Stephens' pass on Nebraska's SO - yard line. O'Sulllvan sained a yard.. Tuttle dived five yards. 'Final score: Missouri. 14; Nebraska, 7. . Nebraska failed to rally after a flying - start In which the Corn - buskers made a touchdown shortly after the game opened. Missouri I scored its two touchdowns In the socond period. The Cornhuskers j staged a valiant fight to hold the Timers during the remainder of the i battle. Nebraska outyarded the j Tigers nearly two to one. Only one time during the remain - : ing periods of the game did Ne - l btaaka threaten to score. The ball was two and a half yards from the goal line after Morrow, . substitute linesman for (Stephens, broke i through the Missouri line for a 16 - J yard gain. He carried the ball 1 again, this tlmri to within a few j Inches of the goal. Missouri called i time and strengthened Its wall with' ! substitutes. This move was suc - , ceesful and the Titers took the ball tin downs on Its 8 - inch line. : Howell, fullback, made Nebras - ! lia's only touchdowr when he hit the Tiger line lor two successive short gains In the first period and went over. Brown, quarterback, placed the extra kick. In the second quarter the sensational 87 - yard run of Clark, Missouri halfback, was directly responsible for the Tigers' first count cfjrix, Stuber, qi:arterback,kick;J.; the game. In the same peiiod Stuber's partially blocked dropkick fell Into the hands of Clark, who rushed by the Nebraska player for a touchdown. Sluber wicked the extra point. The line - up and nummary: NEBRASKA. Foa. MISSOURI. Sprague le Bacchus ltnndels It.... Lucas Ralsh ,'.lg.. Walker James o... Smith rg Miller ,rt Studebakor re....Llndemeyer .qo BtuDer .lh Clark ,rh O'Bulllvan ,fb Flamank Score bv periods: Nebraska . 7 0 0 07 Missouri 0 14 0 0 14 Nebraska scoring: Touchdown, Howell; points from try after touchdown. Brown. Missouri scoring: Touchdowns, Clurk (2); points from try after touchdowns, Stuber (2). Officials: 'Referee. J. C. MCLon - bld: umpire, B, L McCreary; field Judge, V. W. Dennie; head linesman, Warren Giles. ' ' Mc.Mullen . Btlner c) J. Weir Krown Stephens . A. Mandery .... iiowen AGGIES BEAT ATJESEEVEN 76,676 Fans Paid to See. Midgets in Action in 1926 Too Much McClain Accounts for Victory of Oklahoma Contingent. The Missouri - Nebraska Game Play by Play First Quarter. : James kicked off to Stuber, who returned the ball 20 yards to Missouri's 10 - yard line. Rash mads the tackle. Missouri got a 16 - yard penalty. Then Clark jumped through the Nebraska left tackle and fumbled and Stephens of Nebraska recorded on the Missouri 18 - yard line. Howell got seven i j " ituuuftu iuisBuuri H leu taenia. Howell got a yard off the other . B.uo vi wiv ime. jjiv vau was iu front of tbe goal post on the Missouri 10 - yard line. Howell hit center for a yard, It was fourth down and a half yard to go for first down. Howell got another yard, at center for first down on Missouri's eight - yard line. Howell got Inside - Missouri's right end to put the ball on Missouri's one - yard line. Howell gained half a yard at Missouri's right guard. Howell dived through Missouri's left tackle for a touchdown. Brown's 16 - yard kick from placement added another point. Score: Missouri. 0; Nebraska. 7. After an exchange of kicks, Stuber's punt rolled to Brown who returned four yards to Nebraska's 10 - yard line. Brown got four yards around Missouri's left end but there waa a rtve - yard penalty for crawling, and the Huskers were set back to their 18 - yard line. Studebaker stopped Howell at a one - yard gain. Flamank and Lucas held Brown to one - yard gain at right end. Brown punted to O'Sulllvan on Missouri's . 45 - yard line. Sorague brushed Sul - j llvan. who returned three yards end slipped. McMullen stopped Stuber after a three - yard gain off the left of Nebraska's line. Clark got a yard off right guard. Stuber passed to Bacchus, who ran to Ne braska's 20 - yard line. The quarter ended Missouri a ball on the Huaker iO - yard line. ( Score; Missouri. 0: Nebraska. 7 - 8eeend Quarter. V ? 'Daly replaced Stephens In Nei braska's lineup. Clark went off Nebraska right tackle for four yards. , Howell stopped Flamank at a yard . gain Nat right tackle. O'Sulllvan's pass to Stuber across the goal line J was Incomplete. It was a touch - back and Nebraska took the ball ; on her own 20 - yard line. Pressnel I went In - for Mandery and Holm went in for Daly. Pressnel ran out of bounds for three yards off Missouri's left end. Nebraska was penalized 16 yards for holding, put ting the ball on the Huaker's five - yard line. Brown went bark behind bis own goal line on punt forma tion. Brown punted 25 yards to Clark who ran beautifully through a broken field for a touchdown. Clark ran through half the Nebraska team, sidestepping tackles, tuber's try for point was blocked by Captain Stlner nf Nebraska, but Nebraska was offside and the point allowed, tvlng the score: Missouri, 7: Nebraska. 7. ' , ' James kicked off to Stuber, who returned 18 Tarda to Missouri's 88 - yard line, Flamank got two yards through left guard. Lee went In for Mtudehaker, who went to the hewers limping, Stuber punted out ot bounds on Nebraska's 14 - yard line, Klsmank threw Preesnel for a one - rard loss. Brown broke hreugh center for four yards, urown minted out of bounds on Missouri's 80 - yard Una, Btuher's pass to Clark Incomplete, fstuher passed II yards to Cleric for first down on Nebraska's 21 - vard )lne. The flip caught the Huskers fist footed. The field was evidently not heavy enough to handloen the Henry aerial atack, Flamank; fulled to gain and was injured, Delmunri replaced Flamank foe Missouri, stuber stepped out of bounds for K9 rain, A double pass, O Hulllvan O' Stuber to Barchus Ineemnlete, Htuher e pass was bloeked but Clark raught the ball and for a touchdown, Btuber's trv from the Jo - vard line added he extra point, tt"Aref Missouri, 14 Nebraska, f, Branson retraced Brown, gtuber end Walker draaeed Holm down efter be had gained 20 yards r","'l Missouri's rlitht end after a triple rvtss. Pressnel got three yards. BaArfiu knocked down Bronsnn's pass. Bacchus was running him. Preesnel got three varrts Inside Missouri iftt end. Mill kied iowB Bronsow'e wise to PressnH. O'rMii - I'van 0f4 fw yact? oo a f' - e ie. Pian replaced Miller f" Missouri. Clzrls )t a yard when Hoirn Howard fclm fn a try ft (tie line, Btube minted t the rebrV aS - vsrd J'ne. Papcbus frrounrtM fp bM. i'Fuswrt vent across the fiM for p var4 armti'l Missouri' riab eu ffott - pil r tfcre vqHf throng l"ft tie. fln csi'ht ProucHi's twf rftex Paci'ii hiofprf It. end (t srot fi - ot nwn Missouri on SvpHrs's 18 - pqre1 llB. f'lark fl' tq gain - omi fiM 4. O'SiilIivan ro our jards. O'Sulllvan got four yards. O'Sulllvan recovered a bad pass from center for no gain. O'Sulllvan held the ball for an 18 - yard try for a field goal. It was wide and went for a touchdown. Nebraska took the ball on the 20 yard line. Howell plunged three yards. Lindenmeyer stopped him. A double pass, Brons - n to Howell, netted two yar - - but Nebraska was penalized five yards for being offside. Smith downed Pressnel after a two - yard gain. The half ended with the ball on the Huskers 24 yard line. Score: Missouri, 14; Ne braska, 7. Third Period. Studebaker. was replaced by Lee at right tackle for Missouri as the teams battled In the third period. James kicked off 60 yards to O'Sulllvan who returned 20 yards to the (Missouri 35 - yard line. A double pass behind the line with Clark carrying the ball gained two Xttlds. Stuber ran from punt formation and failed to gain. Holm waa In at left for Nebraska. Stuber punted 42 yards and Brown returned five yards to Nebraska's 80 - yard line. Nebraaka was unable to make telling gains and punted 40 yards and Clark returned to the Missouri 40 - yard line. McMullen was hurt and time was taken out. Zuber went In the Nebraska line for McMullen. A forward pass by Stuber to O'Sulllvan was Incomplete. Brown returned Stuber's punt 10 yards to the Nebraska yard Una. Holm, Howell and a penalty made It a first down, carrying the ball to the Nebraaka 44 - yard line Brown broke through the Missouri line and raced 88 yards to the Missouri 18 yards line. He was forced out of bounds before he - was stopped. Marrow went In the Nebraska back field for Pressnel. Howell plunged for three yards. Missouri took out time for - Miller, who was hurt on the Play. Gann replaced Miller In the Tiger line with the ball on the Missouri IB - yard line. The Huskers failed to gain and Missouri took the ball on downs on its own 13 - yard line. - A forward pass, Bronson to Joe "Weir, gained 11 yards and a first down. Nebraska had the ball on Missouri's 38 - yard ,line. Marrow plunged for six yards and time was called for, the third rmarter. The ball was on Mis souri's 82 - yard line In Nebraska's possession. Score third period: Nebraska. 7:' Missouri. 14. Fourth Qusrter. The final perlod started with the ball on Missouri's 82 - yard line. Bronson made first down on Mis sourl's 28 - yard line. Lee finally tanned Marrow after a 18 - yard gain for first down on Missouri's 10 - yard line. Bronson dived through the Tiger line for four yards where O'Sulllvan stopped him. Beck got three varda. The ball was on Mis souri's three - yard line. Marrow srot half a yard. Bacchus was In lured on the play. Bacchus was limping but stayed in the game. Marrow failed to make the dls - tsnce br an Inch, and It was Mis souri's bail on downs on the six Inch line. Tarr went In for Bac chus, The ball was in the corner of the fletd. Lawson replaced Joe Weir. Btuher went bsck behind his goal. His r"nt rolled to the Missouri 4 - ynra line, LMiimuna re placed Flnmank, Stuber's punt was rood both for placement end dls. tenne, Ktephene went in for Bron. sen. Tarr stopped Marrow with a three.vsrd gain M end, Ptenhene nasssd It yards to A, Mandsry for first down on Missouri's 15 - ysrd line. Marrow failed to gain at left end, Stephens went throurh fight tackle for four vsrds, M'en replaced A, Mandery for Nebraska. Marrow got five rards at left end. Marrow ellrtned and U and It was Missouri's bsll on downs on ttie Tiger li - vard t'.ne, W, Bmllh replaced Luae for Missouri, v Thero was sir minutes left to n1 Clark got two yards, Clara failed te gain on a second fake formation. Ptuhe punted to ' Nebraska's 40 - vrd lino. Tarr gretmd'na the ball tHHfa. Tuttle reo'aced Dtn"" Mn'ena failed gala ar'td ri"ht pnii pe a frin'e wm. Tu't'a lt - t erapittor1 Pp1n'e B.n sd ' irsce'trl's bn'l in "'d - f,M, f"''e trt twe t'S'd0 off rVM tor'. O'Po'livse wt Xhrvo off loft qft.'te ToM9 p'oeaed ton porHn throit - i r; arV'. the nnntr o4 te the H'H.' f'o - ird ll OtopHonq rftitrnp It Trore PMihor Ml"'''' q Jr. - "T peq f - nnq Pr.tpn tr) fn' - rr TV - , , pi ro)9'd "Wa"' - rT T"' ho4 Marrow to twt v - 't ct !" r;"l ti t0,''. romr) J,lnrl't FtiJipnv' r.TB, Nrp' - a ppnnl - By Asaooiated Press. AMES, Iowa, Oct. . The Oklahoma Aggies downed Iowa State's football team In a Missouri Valley conference Came here today, 13 to a The game waa largely a battle ot Incomplete forward passes as each team had a strong defense "for this attack. A 63 - yard run by McClain in the first period gave the Oklahomans their first score In the opening period and In the third quarter the visitors passed their way to within four yards ot the Ames goal line. Bowman plunging over for the second quarter. Strack's toe added the point after touchdown In the first period. 'MoClaln was the Oklahotnan who spoiled the day for Ames, taking throe passes for long gains that presaged touchdowns. iFew gams were made through the line and none were recorded around end. ' Iowa SUte had a slight edge in the rushing game, Holman accounting for Ames' best yardage. Punting figured prominently in the game only during the first half. Perry and Cos engaging in a duel that left honors with the latter by a margin of about two yards. The superior weight and experience of the southerners permitted Perry to take his tune In passing and gave the Aggies a considerable advantage, while Coe and Hall were rushed a number of times and good chances for gains were spoiled. Score by periods: Oklahrma Aggies T 0 0 - 11 Iowa Btate 0 0 0 0 Oklahoma Aggies scoring: Touchdowns MoClaln, Bowman. Point front try after touchdown Strack. How the Players Are Batting: in World's Series All attendanoe records In the Western association were smashed during the season just closed when 78,(71 fans paid to see games at the Springfield White City park during the season Just closed, It waa announced yesterday by Al O. Eckert, president of tbe club. - The local club also established another record, during tho 192S pennant race when approximately 4.000 fans paid to see the last game of the sea son between Springfield and Fort Smith. By establishing the new mark of 74.878, Pprlngflrld broke the record established by the local rlub two years ago when Charles Schmidt was man. ager of the - Midgets. That year saw approximately 78,0W)a paid admissions click through the ga'tes, While definite figures have not been received from other circuits, few Wostern league cltlea drew as many as 73.000 dnrtng the season Just closed. THE BOX SCORE NEW YORK. AB. R.H.PO. Combs, cf ' 6 Koenlg, as B Ruth, rf . 3 Meusel, If , 9 Gehrig, 1b , 4 Lazzeri, 2b 4 Dugan, 3b 4 8evereid, o . ..... 3 8. Adams 0 Collins, e . 1 Shawkey, p ...... 2 Shocker, p 0 Pasphal . 1 Thomas, p . 0 Ruether .... 1 Ran for Severeid In seventh. Batted for Shocker in seventh. Batted for Thomse In ninth. PERCENTAGE IS OFFERED RUTH Home Run King May Bring Barnstormers Here if Proposition Is Acceptable. Babe Ruth's barnstorming crew from the major leagues will play in Springfield on Sunday, October 24, If they are willing to come on a promise of a certain per cent of the gate receipts. They have asked for a guarantee of 32,000, but this is more than the local ' officials care to put up. , j uvorvu oy gooa weamcr, a nslri., .InlvVinei enough crowd would probably at - liUry ClUU.ne8, St. Louis U. Scores Eight Touchdown s t Defeat Drury, 52 to C ... t . x By Associated Press. ST. LOUIS, Oct. 9. Display intr an aerial attack that swept the enemy off their feet, St. Louia university swampcJ the Drury college team' under a 62 to 0 score here today. From the opening whistle, Drury had no chance. The tt. Louis backB swept up and down the field, mixing; end runi with line plunges and forward passes to score eifcht touchdowns while their own goal line was kept free from t! j 8T.' LOU 1 8. Holm, of . .... . 8outhworth, rf Hornsby, 2b . . Eottomley, 1b . L. Bell, 3b .... Hafoy, If .... O'Farreil, o ... Thevenow, as . Alexander, p .. AB. R. H.PO.A. E. .512 4 0 0 2 2 1 0 2 11 3 1 1 2 0 6 2 1 0 0 Totals . 88 2 Score by innings. ST. LOUIS NEW YORK Summary! Two - base 8 27 12 1 Totals . . .. 12 8 3 0 0 0 0 0 hits Bottomley (2), ....35 10 19 27 11 2 4 5 6 7 8 1 0 1 0 6 0 110 1 0 0 1 0 02 iim hits Bottomley (Z), Meusel, Bouthwortn. Hafev. Combs. Three - base hits Meusel. Southwortth. Hems run L. Bell. Stolen base Ruth. Sscriftoe hits Hsfey, Alexander e(2). Double plays Gehrig to Koom'gt Soutjiworth to Thevenow. Lett on base St. Louis, 4 New York, 9. Bases on balls Off Alexander, 2 (Meueel, Ruth) off Shawkey, 2 (Hornsby, L. Bell). Struck out By Alexander, 6 (Koenlg, Severeid, Shawkey, Gehrig, Paschal. Collins) i by 8hswkey, 4 (Hafey (2), O'Farrell, L. Bell) by 6hoeksr, 1 (OTarrell). Hits Off Shawkay, 8 in 6 1 - 3 Innings) off Snooker, 3 In 2 - 3 Inningst off Thomss, 2 in 2 innings. Hit by pitcher By Thomss (ThevenowV Wtrminq pitoher Alexander. Losing pitcher Shawkey. Umpires O'Day (N. L.), t platei Hildebrand (A. L.), at first bass) Mem in. l.j, at second basei Blneen (A. I). at third base. Time of game 2:05. tend the game in order to Bee the swashbuckling slugger of the Yankees, but in late October gamble with the elements is al wuys a risky proposition. Al Q. Eckert,' president of the lo. co. I club, is expecting a rouly from Ruth in a few days in regard to his acceptance or his refusal. Should he accept the offer of the Spring field club officials, Manager Mark I'urtell could gather together a team of Western association stars here in Springfield, plus one or two out siders, Dempsey, $3,110,000 Winner as Champion, to Try to Regain Title ST. LOUIS. Douthlt, Tf 15 i 4 Pcuthworth. rf ..... 25 6 10 Holm, rf - cf 11 1 2 Hornsby, 2b ....... 24 2 5 Bottomley, lb 26 2 9 I Bell, 2b 23 S 7 Hafey, If 23 1 3 O'Farrell, c 20 2 T Thevenow, ss .. 20 6 8 Khtrdel, p 5 0 0 Flowers . 8 0 0 Hnlnes, p 8 1 2 Alexander, p 6 1 0 Huliahan, p 61 0 Keen, p ............ 000 H Ball, p 0 0 0 Rhem, p 10 0 Toporcer 0 0 0 IUinhart, p 0 0 0 Totals ...205 27 6T AB. It. H. Avg. .267 .400 .182 .208 .846 .304 .130 .850 .400 .000 .000 .667 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 NEW YORK. Combs, cf 23 Koenlg, ss 28 Puth. lf - rf 1 Meusel, lf - rf 17 Gehrig, lb 21 Laszeri, 2b 22 Dugan, 8b 20 Severeid, o 19 Paschal . .......... 3 Collins, o 1 Pennocky p ......... ( Shocker, p A.. 2 Shewkey, p 2 Ructher, p 4 Jones, p Thomas, p .......... Hoyt, p ............. Gazella, 8b ......... S. Adams 278 f AB. R. H. Avg. Mi .143 .263 .235 .381 .227 .800 .211 .333 .000 .167 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 .241 ' Totals ..........191 19 48 Score .by Innings: St. Louis 602 720 903 028 Mew York 221. 244 201 119 KANSAS AGGIES WIN . FROM CREIGHTON U. By Associated Press. OMAHA, Ntb., Oct. . - Coaeh Char - He Bachman brought a typical Kansas cyclone to Omaha today and the "Kansas Aggies defeated Crelghton university 12 to 0. The Aggies won with strictly orthodox football. They were expected to unleash an aerial attack, but matched lino smash for line smash to trim ths Blue Jays. Ths victory was the direct result of powerful assault upon Crelghton Unas at the start of ths fray, both Aggie touchdowns coming In the first period. Crelghton had the punsh In mid - field, but. when able to get into Kansas territory, was unable to push to the goal while when the Kansans got the ball they ripped Into Blue forward wall with branching attaoks that netted gain after gain, l'nn, QuarUrback, faked the ball to tws players and turned around to slip throurH a hole as big as a wagon in the early stages of the game. He lepad 17 yards to a touchdown, His attempt at an extra paint failed as did his try after the sscond soore of the game, made by Ilolslnger, half back. MANY HIGH SCHOOL, GAMES PLAYED FRIDAY fieveral Ifriportaiit football game were piuye., l - Yiilay afternoon by Ilia 1 1. km Bwi"()j l fits or inig nuuiutri nf ths gtala, Following lire . Uia vcore of ttie most important anbi Mountain Grove, Houston, 0, Nevada, 6 1 Butler, 0, t'U'veif, C) UreeflWuoii; ft, Willow fcjrin, 4Uf We! Plaini, ( artliage Muun Vernon, fiMfshM. J8j Quapaw, Oiala ft, V ebb c'ity, i'artrviilB 6, fc.irc,ktft 1'iHFCe City, $, Jasper, 7 j J. a mar, . "MrCHC5AN WINS By Atiociatfd Prtii, AN.N AhbwH. M:. - h, Oct. . Tii 1Tntvfrnity of .Mt I n btpwpii an j in - j. roved J ine - win h s:nn wf .n - w - ird - j i' - s - i t n tf'un toi iV to o pv, r Af ii liu'rin t - T t ro;irKr, 6a to 3. (tl ti't t went v - ti vxt annual litcetirirf ut jt'e two Klata aciiouis. By ED VAN EVERY Tva only lost tha title. Tho title) 'Well, maybo I can v..nir T - n trv. unyway. I ll get the newspaper gang together and soma of my old pals, some tlm next week, and tell the world all about it. It's still a pretty sweet world at that." - With these significant words rlalnlV Indicating that ha is not through with the ring, Jack Demp - aev valiantly assisted his wife from the table where they had breakfast. We wore seated in the former champion's suite on the eighth floor of ho Hotel Belmont talkin things over. Jack Is well recovered from his bruises and looks as near his old self as to be "ready to return to - movies If they wanted me now.". And when It comes to a question of being licked mentally, well here la the way Jac (eels about it. He is going to fight again and try to recover his lost title and, even If he fails, he is perfectly sat - itded with what he had gotten out of his years in the prize ring. He has been a champion for seven years and he has won one big kick out of it and about $3,110,000. He has found that some one cared for Jack Dempsey and not Just for the rhamnlon. It seemed to me that the relations between Jack and hla wife are more tender than ever and "goodness knows," admitted Jack, "w were the lov7 - dovey birds." Still Ardent Benedict. Til leave you - .wo alone," said Mrs. Denpsey, better known as Estelle Tdylor, mot on picture star. "All right, honey." said Jack. . "Everything I suid to you about married life In Atlantic City goes," said Jack as ha applied a cloth with a cold solution to the rasn that has broken out around his a - m - pits and chin and bothered him for several days. "Now shoot," he said. "I know you want to asK me a lot of questions." "Vell, - Jack," was my first question, "now that you've been through it all, from the bottom to ' the championship tell me, was it worth the price?" Worth the Pries. "Tou bet, your life it was," said Dempsey vehemently. "I made a iot of money, a co:pla of million, I guess, and I've got some of it left. 1 m not saying how much because Kearns may read this. And I've still got what I think a tha best thing in lifo to me so why kick? What have 1 lostT me titief wen, maybe I can get that back. I can try, anyway. "But about this being champion, The title was mine for seven years and I'm not crying now that some one else has It. It waa taken front me fair and squaro and by a lo - . better fighter tnn ho gets cre'ilt for being. Let me tell you I was licked by a darn good fighter - and I only wish some rf the guys who ssy Tunney can't lilt oould samplr the first smash I got at the very start of the fight. There w plenty on that sock - and I psv.' really got over it through ths rest of the fight," Scoffs St 'Stories." "How about theso stories going around," broke In, "that you went made sick by an ovardose of medicine Just before itui fight, Aoeerd - , ing to one story you wete in sucn a Cad way you rtlsnfr peered for sey , era) hours the Plpht before the light With Tunney," . "Hay, vou can Imagine me ilup. pearlnn,'' ijleatud .iack, ''with a 3,("n.0ufJ gate tq be collected;'1 Well, some of the (oj say yew were pot 'there' he pignt of (he fight, " 1 remarked, ' Tile gujg that tny (hat f waBn'. didn't et a good loud Mi my face pfter (lie plit," ?i3 liie rdii)nei, 'That is l'ie una thins; lua( hurt n.e more than pr, pf (J"""'" tmnclifs. af fne guy's whs I jiioiiKtu ' yKta my rials sai.t IIiiiiks :t tiiHip stories ( h h i cut me flM. 'i tiete Jfiways lui ot funny talk siive a Lit,' fiKl't, I'i'l some t t the oo s i have ir rtiiti.i t't'Kl't to know me well umiuH to tnww tl'Ht in give niy rt nnn tq Keen liM i hHiniioiuitiij. it's true 1 cotiliin't i Kct Bolt' f as I vaiilrd to Lut who I couiii ii;1 the Bocic i got ri.'.t of i tno reflf i tni Kt a Liri from Fin,o." I rpiuinii. ti, "and tuine Lack with r.i - uty." "Tunney wasn't Flrpo," sadly ra - piled Jack. "Oenti knows his way around In that ring. But I'm not kicking I've got something worth while out of it all. And I made some pals that are still for ms, and that's worth a wholo lot." I couldnt' help thinking as we ihook hands that Jack Dempsey is as great a chap in defeat as lie wa a champion. I never knew a greater champion, and I don't thing i it meet a gamer Icter. Republican City Committeemen to Meet Monday Night An - Important meeting of the Fliringfleld city members of the Creene county Republican commit tee has been called for Monday n:ght at headquarters In the Hol - lund building by Ben J. Harrison - , county chairman. At this meeting rnai plana will be made to see that all Republicans voters in the city register on one of the three days rumea Dy tne county court, octo bor 16, 18 and 18. As this is for a general election, it is necessary that all who desire to .vote on November S must register ok one of the three days. No previous registration, regardless of now recent, counts for ths approaching election. WILL IS FILED Tha will of Nils a. Wiherr ria ceased, has been filed1 in probate court. - i ne nil maKes a niece. Amanda M. Carlson, tha beneficiary. in accoraance with the request in the will. Judge John H. Fatrman appointed her executrix. DEMPSEY'S EARNINCS WHILE HE WAS CHAMP TOTALLED $3,110,000 Mlske match ) Brennan match Carpenttor match ..... Gibbons match Flrpe match . . Tuntfey match Pictures,' stage, eta. 60,000 100. 000 800.000 200,000 600,000 700.000 1.260,000 Totals H.HO.OOO The entire St. Louis team worked with perfect co - ordination both on the offense and defense. With Jordan kicking and passing In sensational style, Kearns and Denvler running the ends for huge gains, and Feld and Dlrnberger bitting the line for a necessary yard, the Drury team had no chanco whatever of scoring. The game had hardly started when Kearns mads a run of 30 yards. Denvler followed It up with another run ot 10 yards and It was an easy matter for him to go over on the next play. Jordan made the point by a fine drop kick Just as he made three more during the game. The lineup: ST. LOUIS U. Tosltlon. DRURT Kahle (c) L. E Evans Creclllus .....U T J. Davi.! on Downey ID. CI Mayi.i Btampfll C lo.' R. O ,. Hnr.tri ...R. T Tem,; ...R. B... Neltzc: t ,...Q. B.... J. Davidson H. B.... a ow ...R. H. B Tall - t ....F. B Delaport, Babka Tlson ..... Browning Jordan ..; Kearns ... Denvler .. Feld Score by periods: Bt. Louis V t 1J 19 13 - .'2 Drury . 0 0 00 St. Louis V. scoring: Touchdowr Jordan, ; Denvler, 1; Kearns: !":( ; Creclllus. Points try after touchdown Jordan, . Officials Referee, Rami), Cincinnati: .umpire, Zimmerman, Washington; head linesman, Klin - . (Missouri. ' Sooners Beat Razorbacks on Muddy Normal Gridiron Play of Both Teams Marked By Fumbles in First Contest Between the Two Schools Since - 1919 Forward Passes Figure in V Arkansas Score. By Associated Press. ' NORMAN, Okla., Oct. . The University of Oklahoma met the University ct Arkansas on the grid - Iron for thj first time since, 1918 today and won, 1 3to (, on a muddy field. The game was marked by fumbles and both teams suffered from sllDDlns in the mire. The Oklahoma team wore rubber moleskins. Play, which was confined prin cipally to Oklahoma' territory dur - s lng the nrst Quarter, switcnea to the Razorback goal territory in the Keconu, hut neither team scored in the nrst half. Oklahoma attempted three passes, completing one. . uranny rs orris, left tackle (or Oklahoma, carried the ball across in the third quarter for the nrst Sooner score. N orris picked up tha ball after Cole, Arkansas right halfback, had fumbled on a bad pass from Bozzman at center. Potts failed to kick goal. Oklahoma failed by Inches to score nt the beginning of the las period when the Rasorback Una braced. A few minutes later two passes took tha ball over the Arkansas Una and Ward kicked goal. After tha kick - off Arkansas com pleted a series of passes. Cole ti Mack, and made a touchdown, buc failed to kick goal. - Line - up: Oklahoma. F. C. Hmlth.. Norrls . , Martin . "Wallace Muldrow Sumter . Brown . Arbuckle Potts . .. Taylor . , Lecrone ...le. It , lg ....... c rg, rt qb .......rb, lh Arkansas. ..L'owner Jape . . .Gentn' .Bozzmaa yrott. Kuirt .....Stinw ...... .Cole, .Chlnnia.i fb. M. amitii Bcore by periods: Oklahoma Arkansas Oklahoma Scoring: Norrls and Lecrone; 6 0S 7 n 0 0 0 6 li Touchdowns - . point for try after touchdown. Ward. Arkansas scoring: Touchdown, Mark. i I - . - : I! Goad - Ballinger Post, No. 69, American Legion ANNOUNCES FOR Armistice Day Thursday, November 11 One of todays greatest motion pictures TKe Uiikiiown . ': - - Soldier - : Combined with the dance event of the season The Armistice Day Ball .Music by MARCELL'S ORCHESTRA . ' - At the Shrine Mosque . v - TICKETS MAY BE. OBTAINED FROM ANY MEMBER OF THE LEGION OR THE AUXILIARY Goad - Ballincer post will appreciate the cuppcrt cf every citizen cf Srrir. field in mahir. thU Armistice Day one Ijivj to rc: i o " 1 r y f - ! VIIEN A COMMITTi::: CALLS OX YOU nr.

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