Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 25, 1957 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 25, 1957
Page 2
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Iwo Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune DAILY RADIO PROGRAMS „„ _ (All UstlnRs Central Daylight Time) WMAQ WBBM (780) WLg WSAL (1230 SATURDAY EVENING 6:00 News €:la Monitor <S:SO News 6:45 Monitor Sports Js'cwa Eellairs Eel lairs Naws Music Mystery Mystery State Hoaplta Sports Sport Thrills Sen. 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Miller Sports I J rophocy Prophocy L.uth. Veapors Luth". Vespers Decision Doclnlon Brotherhood BroUiorhood 8:00 News 8:1& Monitor 8:30 Nows 8:45 M-onltor . Mai Bellalra Sports yti] Bollalrn News Sounding Brd Church ol God Church (if Cod News Sports Concert Concert 9:00 City Donk 9:15 City Desk 3:30 Decision 9:45 Decision Su.ipcriHO l'"\ieo Nation Face Nation Quiet Hour Qulot Hour U'jvlv.J Tlm« Revival Tlmo Concert Concert Methodist Hou Laymen 10:00 Nowa 10:15 Wdk 10:;iO Wc-lk 30:45 MoLnn NowH-Sporta Melody Mill MUHlo Music Nowa Gospel Song's ChrlHtlan g Bib'". Now* Avo Maria AVO Maria MONDAY MORNING ^:0"0 Drier N»w« 8:15 Chlca x~jiHlnpJtm Cunway 8:30 Chlca CalllnsGrlrt Coast 8:45 Barr> Nows Hrady iireakCaftt Club Dror-ktast Club Broakfani Club Bro«kfa»t Club Newd Rlao-Shln* Ada OMlO 9:15 9:.10 NOWH Uandntana Banrtfltand .Uandutnnd Arthur Godfrey Art.huv Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey M.V Truo Story Wv Trui* Story Clrl Marries Itecorda Devotion* News Molodlen 10:o 10:15 10:30 10:15 Nown- Handstand Hundntand Bandstand ArtlMi Godfrey Arthu Qodfroy Kloloo-Jofih Ho • Miller Whispering Stu. Jack f j aar Nows Mnrth ' Crane . Worn. World Worn. World Quoen Queen 11:00 NOWK VV«ndy Warror Nowa Nowu ll-.ir, Holtman FiackirtttKO Wife Martha Cran« Story Time 11:30 Holtman lli-li-n Trent Marltotn Carroll Co tl-4B Duchoan Gal Sunday Wmithor Bulletins MONDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 Nows Nora D rule a 12:16 Merryriold Ma Porlclna 12:30 Merryflold NOWH 12:45 Merryflold Koad'of Lifo Nooutlmo N«JWH Dlnnerliell Dinnorboll NOWH Co. Kxtonnlon JFarm Cornor Farm Cornor 1:00 Now* Mupplno.Hs Markets I'lu.y Hull 1-ir, Oonrrjsslonn Snd Mrs Burton School Tlm« fluy Hall 1:30 Worn. In HBO.Strtlto It Itlch Quoon-Duy fmsnlmll 1'45 Dr Gentry lOntnrtulnmont 1'olkii t j arty jiiiMohall 2:00 NOWH 2:16 Matlnoo 2:30 rtlll Top 2:45 Pop. YaunK IJ.OUHO I'arty HGUSO Party Dr. Malone l-iucky Lailiofi Now« ' Jack Paar Wollc Wollc _ 3:00 Nown 3:1& (Goodwin 8:30 floorlwln 3:46 Goodwin Woman Viowo Jim Conwny Gold Coartt TaUo A Break NOWH Cunt. Stubby Capt. Htubby JJlLHOhllll 3j».Hfiball Kcor<;n 4:00 Nows 4:lf, Jim Mills f.za HportK 4:46 ,71m Mills 1'Hia CUbson Paul CSlbaon Paul CHbson NOWH Polka Party Nowa Off Record N o w» Toon Tunon L"t!'jn Tunon 5:00 Nows MaKiLzlne D:15 Wotl Howard N'own 5:30 Wed Howard Htinrta 5:45 Now» NOWH Tliun TrlalH Tlmn Trials Mu.sh: Tuna Tlmo Wunt Ada U U There Woiidnrn Death Claims Lena Alspaugh MONTICELLO, Ind—Mrs. Lena L. Alspaugh, (19, of Reynolds, died early Friday morning at the White county Memorial hospital in Monticello, where she had been a' patient for the past week. She was brought to the hospital after suffering a stroke last Friday night. i Born Nov. 27, 1887, in Orange county, Indiana, lo Ulysses and Mollie (Clapp) Bycrs, she was married Dec. 27, 1911, to Albert Alspaugh. He survives. A member ot the Reynolds Methodist church, she came lo Monticello in 1936, and moved to Reynolds It years ago. Surviving with the husband are two daughters, Miss Minnie Als- paiigh of hero and Mrs. Hazel Wells of Paoli, Intl.; five sons, Kmmolt, Lennlo and Chester of Monticello, Elbnrt of Reynolds and Carroll, in the Navy stationed at Norfolk, Va.; her mother, Mrs. Mollio 'Byers, Indianapolis; 18 grandchildren; and four sisters, Mrs. Leora Belcher of French Lick and Mi's. Leona Bobbitt, Mrs. Ava Simpson and Mrs. Lcmona Curtis of Indianapolis. Friends may call aflor 3:30 p.m. Saturday at the Miller funeral home here, and final rites will be held there at 2 p.m. Sunday. The Rev. Ralph Gwin of Reynolds will officiate and burial will be in Riverview cemetery here. ARRESTED IN FLORIDA PERU, Ind. — Bumicll, Flu., officers arrested Hoard Boyd, 74, West Franklin street, and Henry L. Pi alt, also of Peru, on a charge of stealing furniture from n house there. ' Florida officers said that Boyd's wifo and Plait's girl friend were along when the two men were booked for breaking and entering. DOUBLE BILL AT STATE THEATER i Arthur I'ranz, Koiuild Iteaifun, anU William Leslie In a scene from "HcllcuU o* the Navy." Opens SuiidJiy with "Uavy.Crockolt nuii Hlver rirntcs". TV Programs SATUKDA5 EVENING "' 6:00—Channel 6 Long Joh Oakle She'eha People Funn Buccaneer Playhous Com .Gleaso Mayo Caesa Susann Wei: Jeanni Jubile Gunsmok Cobe Hit Farad' TBj Frontier Dr Showcase Movie Late Show Channel 8 Channel 4 6:30—Channel 6 6:45—Channel 8 7:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 7:30—Channel 4 8:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 Channel 4 8:30—Channel 8 9:00—Channel 4 Channel 8 'Channel 6 9:30—Channel 6 Channel 8 10:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 Channel 4 10:15—Channel 8 10:30—Channel 6 10:45—Channel 8 . Hoedow: Late Show SUNDAY AFTERNOON (CDT) 12:00—Channel 4 Channel '6 Channel 8 I2:15-Channe' 4 Channel 6 12:30—Channel 6 Channel 3 1:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 1 2:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 2:30—Channel 6 Channel 8 Channel 4 3:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 3:30—Channel 8 Channel 4 4:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 4:30—Channel 4 Channel 6 5:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 5:15—Channel 6 5:30—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 3 Lit Lit. Heekle-Jeckli I Am Law | Industry 1 Robert Wild B1U First Show Matinc Sunday Fix •. Matinee Ask Docto; Frontie: Last Word Playhouse Arnolc TBA Face Nation News Mod. Horizons 500 Trials 500 Trials Odyssey Kit Carson Theater Kit Carson Patti Page Dr. Hudson Weather Roy Rogers Dr. Chrlstiar You Are There SUNDATf EVENING 6:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 6:15—Channel 4 6:30—Channel ,4 Channel J6 Channel 8 7:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 8:00—Channel 4 • Channel 6 .Channel 8' 8:30—Channel 8 »: 00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 9:30—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8, O'.OO—Channel 4 Channel 8 Channel 8 0:15—Channel 8 0:30—Channel 4 Channel 8 0:45—Channel 8 1:00—Channel 6 1:15—Channel 4 5:15—Channel 6 You Asked "• Lancers Lassie Theater Film Circus Boy Bendy Steve Allen Sullivan Ted Mack Playhouse GE Theater Hitchcock Wallace Loretta Young $04,000 Behind Badge Cochise My Line? Mark Saber Theater News Soldiers IU Playhouse Premiere Rod Top News Chucfcwagon DISTRIBUTE PHEASANT CHICKS IN CASS COUNTY Thirteen hundred one-day-old pheasant chlckn frnm the' Jasper-Fulaeki game preserve were distributed Thursday at the courthouse to representatives ol various youth groups in the county who will feed them iiii.lll they are old enough to be released. Shown above' with James Manns, driver for the game preserve, and Conservation Officer William Kerber are Tom, led, and Pete Blank and Ted Blank, St., of route 1, city, holding a box ol the chicks. . (Pharos-TriBune Photo-Engraving)' $100,000 Suit Follows Miami Tractor Accident MONDAY AFTERNOON (CDT) 2:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 2: IS—Channel 6 Channel 8 2:30—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 1:00—Channel 4. Channel B 1:30—Channel 4 Channel « Channel 8 2:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 2:30—Channel 8 3:00—Channel 8 Channel B t: 15—Channel 8 3:30—Channel 4 Channel 8 S—Channel 0 4:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 4:in—Channel 8 4:30—Channel 8 4:45—Channel 4 : 00—Channel 4 Channe-1 8 Channel G , 4 Sight MarkeLs News-Weather Farm News Farm-Home RFD 4 Club, 00 World Turns 4 Sight Miss Brooks Faith Tenn. Ernie ' House Party Film Matinee Payoff Crosby Bright Day Queen 'Secret Storm Movietime Edge Of Night Romances PERU, Ind. — Lee Henson filed: suit in Miami circuit court Friday seeking $100,000 damages ^rom Weisell Baber and wife, Nelle, as :he result of a tractor accident on he Baber farm on April 2, 1956. Henson said he was employed as a laborer on the Baber farm in 'cru Township at the time of the accident. He said Baber instructed lim to drive the tractor into the >arn where he was to hook onto he tractor a disc creaking plow a_nd pull both from the barn. ' Henson claims that the barn had a built-up wooden main floor which was supported by wooden beams, •le charged that Baber had per- | milled fcrtiliber to accumulate! near the beams, which weal horn and caused, them to rot. When he drove the 4,000' pound tractor into the wooden floor, he said the )eams gave way, causing the trac- or to upset, pinning him under- leath. 'Henson said he was pinned be- oath- the tractor for about two ours and that officers had to lift he tractor with a winch to free im. He said he received crushing in- uries, a broken left leg, suffered cid burns on his neck, cars and ack, nervous shock and other in- uries and that as a result of the ccident, he will be lame and per- nancntly disabled. The complaint states that Henson ad been hired by the Babers to ork on -the farm at $<IO a week, lus housing. Henson charges the Babers with exigence In permitting the fertilizer to accumulate, which, he claims weakened the beams and in failing to keep the barn in proper repair. Arrest Driver After Peru City Accident PERU, Ind. — Raymond Mon- haut, 72, of Mishawaka, was arrested for following another car too closely following an accident which occurred at 9 a.m. Friday at the intersection of U. S, 3! and Washington avenue. Officers-reported Monhaut struck the rear of a southbound car driven by Mrs. Crystal E. Chase, 34, route 4, Peru. Mrs. Chase was stopped on U.S. 31 and had signaled to make a left turn. Monhaut said he did not see the car stop in time to avoid the accident. ' Mrs. Chase and her daughter, Karen, B, as well- as Monlmut and a passenger in his car, Noble Rces, route 3, Bremen, all escaped in- M i jury. Damage to each car was Chanel Doorl llsled al: $2!K) ' Troo P cr Jol; Tuckcr " nd ci investiated, o Christ Stu Erwin " nd ci * .investigated, Ball, Carroll Early showiCounty Native, Dies Chuckwagon FLO RA, Ind. - Mrs, Daisy -Ball, 84, Carroll county native, died at 7:10 a.m. Friday after being ill three weeks ol a cerebral hemorrhage. Born June 1C, 1092 the daughter of Arthur and Malinda • Welborn W. 0. Bingaman, 73, Auto Salesman, Dies Wallace Otto Bingaman, 73, route who sold automobiles here and : Flora for the past 40 years, died:Skinner, she resided al 2180 Ulen t St. Joseph's hospital at 1:30 p.m. riday of a three-year illness. Bingaman was employed as a alosman .with Hondrickson Motor ales, Inc., for ]5 years; previous- he had an agency in Flora for 5 years. He was born' in Boone township, ass county, June 15, 1083, the son f Dnnlal and Martha Flack Blnga- lan and he married Bethel 0. /fycrs, Sept. 12, 1905 at Flora. The deceased was a member of ho Episcopal church. Surviving with the widow are 10 daughters, Mrs. Martha corge, route 3,' and Mrs. Kathleen auman, route 4, Delphi; one son, obcrt.-of Detroit; one brother, E. . Bingnmnn, of Pasadena, Calif.; no sister, Mrs. Fern Engle, of this ty. Two brothers are deceased. Arrangements are incomplete at IB Fisher funeral home. REVENUE EMPLOYE DIES MONTICELLO, Ind. — Services ill be held tonight nt Martlns- .irg, W. Va., for Sylvester A. cott, 85, former Monticello man, ho died there Thursday night, e was formerly • employed, with ic Internal Revenue in Washing- m. D.C. Lane, Lafayette. Her husband, Ron Ball, whom she married 1014, died April 15, 194-1. Surviving are three brothers, Joe Skinner, of Lafayette, Elmer, of Peru, and Donald, of Bremen; one sister, Mrs. Faye Cnlvert, of Lafayette. Services will be held at the Loiter funeral home at 2:30 p.m. Sunday and friends may call there this evening. Rev. Frederick Allen of -the Lafayette Bethany Presbyterian church will officiate. Burial will be in the Maple Lawn cemetery, Hinson Funk, 66, Royal Center, Dies ROYAL CENTER, Ind.—Hinson Funk, GO, Royal Center native, died nt Memorial hospital Friday evening of. a long illness. He was born March 5, 1891 the son of Ira Funk and Nettie 1 Funk and is survived by one brother, Galley, of Chicago. Services will be hold at 2 p.m. Sunday from the Harrison funeral homo and burial will be in the Royal Center cemetery. Friends •may call at the funeral home. Uphold Road Indictments INDIANAPOLIS (UP)—A 1 judge Friday upheld 10 indictments against four key figures in Indiana's highway scandal and tihrew out one charge against Milan attorney 'Robert Peak because of a typographical error. ' Prosecutor 'John Tinder indicated Peak would .be indicted again on. the charge of false notarization. Crimir.nl Court Judge Scott A. quash other counts against Peak, former highway chairman Virgil (Red) Smith, former right-of-way chief Nil* Teverbaugh, and Teverbaugh's ox-assistant, Harry Doggett. • AH were indicted May 2 on charges o£ conspiracy to' steal and embezzle in connection with land- buying deals along''the Madison Ave. expressway route here. Smith ar.d Teverbaugh also were charged with embezzlement. McDonald set June 5 as the date »£ the next court appearance. Saturday Evening, May 25, 1957, infection caused by stepping on P e fi||' n Ic Ordered an oil can in such a manner, the ' tllllu •= wiu«si«.u spout penetrated his shoe and foot. Returned to PriSOIt Mrs. Henry Moore was hostess lo INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — Kelly her Sewing Circle recently for ; Petillo, 1935 winner of the 500-mil« their regular meeting and g«t together. Ladies present were Mrs. Guy Bryant, Mrs. Tola Rogers, Mrs. Robert Zellers. Mrs. Otto race, was ordered sent back to Indiana State Prison as a parole violator Thursday. Indiana State Parole Director Weimcr, Mrs. Lloyd Pickens, Mrs. George Denton said Petillo, ar- Juslm Masteller, and one guest,' rested here Wednesday after a Mrs. Lloys Starner, of Macy. j y^t i 0 the Indianapolis Speedway, The afternoon was spen: in vi-,had not reported to his parole of- siting and various types of handler in California for more than work, after, which the hostess, a year, served lovely refreshments; At A parole three years ago put each place,was a minature two layer cake, topped with a lighted candle, for the member's birthday remembrance. Ice cream was also served along with a drink. Sixteen building permits have been issued recently by building commissions Carl VanTrump, under terms of the zoning ordinance. Permits were issued as follows: Ed Loebigm 13W Hill street, car port; Homer C]|iy. 205 Jefferson street, . garage; Donald Leavell, 3verstreet lots addition, to cottage; Harry Ginther Jr., 421 Clay street, addition to dwelling; John T. Pugh, R. R. 1,' garage; A. B. Shore, 716 Main street, new commerical building; Rynearson Brothers, two new houses in Manitou Heighls; M. V. Alderfer, w Ohio street, addition to dwelling. Also: Kenneth Zartman, R. R. 1, r.ew dwelling; Harlcy Denton, Spohn Orchard, addition, garage; William Downs, Recce addition, new dwelling; Charles D. Young, 519 Indiana Ave.-, garage; Mrs. Margaret Irving;, 329 West 12th, Rochester Nancy Greathouse, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Everett Greathouse, j injured Sunday in an auto acci- ^^m' Mai !r street addilion dent, who has been a patient in the Wood-lawn Hospital was taken to the Crippled Children's Hospital in South Bend, Thursday for .observation, in the Zimmerman Brothers ambulance. The St. John Lutheran church will conduct their annual vacation Bible school starting Monday at 9 a.m., with a staff of 21 teachers and leaders in charge. Registration will be' held at the church from 9 Petillo in custody of his son. Ha was to report to California parole officers monthly and was not to leave Los Angeles County without permission from Indiana authorities. Provisions of the parole said he was definitely not supposed to return to Indiana. a.m. to 12 o'clock noon, Saturday. The theme for this year is "Our Beautiful Savior," with supervised handicrafts designed to carry out the theme, as part of the program. All children, aged from 3. to 14 are invited to attend. Mrs. Norman Walters, 1701 Madison street, has received word of the death of her brother-in-law, Charles Pimental, New Bedford, Mass. The Fulton County Liquor Board Walton The 14th annual summer reading contest for boys and girls in grades 1-6 began May 13 at Walton and Tipton Township Library. To date, 90 boys and girls hav« registered fur the program. Each student must read and report on ten books to win a diploma. A gold star will be added for each who reads ten additional books. A movie will be shown to all diploma winners at the end of the reading program. Summer hours at Walton library are 1-5 and G-tl daily, except Thursday when it is closed. Mrs. Elmer Plank is a surgical patient at the St. Joseph hospital, Kokomo. Barbara Howell, who had been to commerical building; Holland i livi "B al tlle nome of Mr - and Mrs Smith, R. R. l, addition* to dwell- Francis Bowyer, has moved t» ing; Jerry Rouch, 620 Indiana, ad' dition to dwelling.^ Woodlawn hospital admissions: Wayne Monte, Silver Lake; Sandra Bollingcr, Mentone; Lee Blue, Bourbon; Mrs. John Phobus, Tippecanoe; Mrs. Virgil DeWitt, Culver. Dismissals: Mrs. Charlos Reid, South Bend; Mrs. Oliver Ellis, Akron; .Karon and Michael Floor, Akron; , Mrs. Ted Kerlin and daughter, Silver Lnto; Mrs. Sam Woodard. Disko; Mrs. Ray Hibner, R. R. 3; Mrs. Joe Crabill and daughter, Kcwann'a. Mr, and M-rs. W;iync Hissong, Leiters Ford, are the parents of a daughter. Monticello Peru. Walton Masonic Lodge No. 423 will observe "family night" Friday al 7 p. m. in the Legion home. A "carry-in" supper will be followed by entertainment. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Deniston, Mrs. J. K. Duckworth and Mr. and Mrs. William Ford, all of Logansport, attended the Democratic meeting in Logansport Tuesday. 'Mrs. Ed Minnick, Logansport, visited Mrs. Warren Venard Tuesday. Walton chapter 184, OES, hai been invited to attend the reception Tor lliu Worthy Grand Matron, Donna Tuttlo. The reception will be held at 3:30 p. m. in the Gaston, Ind., gymnasium. Mrs. Paul Sperry and Mrs. Geno Sordclet visited Mr. and Mrs. Lew- will consider applications for re -! J jibra !' y 'pension Division, spent Miss Murcclla Foole, nf the State j s Sperr-y and daughters at Greens- Suspect Vandalism In Ammonia Gas Leak VJNOESNES (UP) An. estimated 4,000 persons were alerted Friday as ammonia fumes leaking from ii diemical . company tank spread over a wide area of Vincennes' south side. Only a few . persons evacuated the area. But police, firemen and volunteers hanged on doors in the middle lit the night to awaken residents and notify thorn of the possibility of, danger from the fumes. Repor-Ui indicated vandals may have been responsible for the opening at a valve on a 30,000- galloii tank of liquid ammonia at the Midv/cst Chemical Co. .at the city's, south edge. • The area was enveloped in a fog of fumes as the liquid turned to gas. A light breeze carried the fumes toward Hie city. The source of Hie fumes was (ound shortly before midnight and firemen wero able to shut the valve about 3 a.m. Friday, after wetting down the tank and getting close enough to stop the flow ot ammonia. Burrows Vacation Bible Program Ends Sunday ne-wals of Iwo liquor licenses al 1 p.m. Wednesday, June lath, in the commissioner's room at the Courthouse. They are from C. C. Cha-m- two days this week in Monticttflo conferring! with members of the Library liopixl and the Librarian, i.^. w. . . MlssPIn ' be bur.g Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Truman Ward, Fulton, wore guests Tuesday of MT. and Mrs. Herman Denislon. .s, on the place-! Those f rom Walton attending tho liquor, beer and wine. Mayor William D. Jefferson had tho honor to purchase the first poppy sold by the American LeKio;i ladies in their annual Poppy Day.'i sale, Friday and Saturday. Mrs. Martha DeBruler is chairman of the sale, and Mrs. Madge Stephens is the Auxiliary President. The money from this project will be used for the rehabilitation of veterans or of their families. Four candidates were inilio'tcd into the Order of Eastern Star at the regular stated meeting this week, Mrs. Ann Sadowsky, Mr. and Mrs. L'yle Boyd and Victor Smith. Spring flowers were used in the lodge rooms for decorations. The worthy matron, Virginia Clbvenger, presided at the business meeting. She announced the visitation oC the • district deputy would be October 2Ist, at which time she would give her instructions, and the Rochester Chapter would have its. Inspection Doc. 13, at Akron. ', Tiie serving committee, Ethel Kindig, Blanch Du/an, Ma Clinton and Florence Jefferies, served refreshments at the close of the meoling. Mrs. Donald Decker 'was hostess to the Presbyterian Missionary Guild when it convened recently at the Presbyterian Manse. Mrs. Elmer Gady, used the theme "The Indestruclability of the Church" for her devotions, which Vacation Bible school at the Bur- was followed by prayur, Mrs. Ro- rows Presbyterian church will con- bert Mays presented lhe lesson on elude with a demonstration pro- "South Pacific Islands." ram at' tho church Sunday at 7:30! Following the regular meeting, }.m, Eighty-eight students regis- the remainder of the evening was .ered for the school. Mrs. Harold Bowen, both of In- bcrlain, East Eighth Street, and I 710 " 1 ol f ! lnllt -" rc )n the new L| -'iArt Association luncheon and William Slarkey, Lake Manitou. e, ry uddltimi - . ;meet-ing Thursday at the coumry Both are the retailer permits for p< 5 h ^ als ,° ™f oatl;d ™': 1OT ' S P^club were Mrs. Adah Bowyer, linnnr h^r nnrl umm ceciules fot UK reorganization nf| Mrs _ M , abo i Bratton. Mrs. Anna dian parents and reared on a Shoshone roiicrvntlori, told the students Thursday about life on the reservation. Offerings brought to the-school will be given to the Indian Mission work of the denominations, said H. Keith Rinehart, .pastor. School staff included Mrs. John spent rolling bandages for use in the'leprosy hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Jamas Coplen and children are on a two weeks vacation in Mesa, Arizona, where they will bo guests of his father, Genflj and family. Mr. Arthur Brockey is spending the week with his mother, Mrs. Ha?x;J Brockey and other relatives in and around Rochester. codures for the reorganization the library. Miss Kuole previously visited Hie library in October, 1050. Miss Nickels reports Miss Foote was very impressed with tl>c library's now children's department. The extension department, which provides an advisory service free of charge, is equipped to find information on any problem the local library may have. An interesting program w.ill be held at Lhe Silka Baptist Church Sunday night at Ii o'clock when Mr. and Mrs. Samuol Wake of Gary will bo guests and will show slides taken on European tour their last six months year. Mrs. Wake will explain Ihu slides and scenes and comment on their trip. Three months of (heir Eurocpnn trip WOFO spent in England which was the home of Mr. Wake's parents, now deceased. The public is cordially invited to attend this program at the church which .will follow the young people's service. Mr. and Mrs. Wake will come from Gary to be the- weekend house guests of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Me- Clinlic and visit will) other relatives ami friends. Thc:y will also attend the Munlicullu High School Alumni Association reunion Sunday, Mrs. Wake, the former Eunice McClintic, being a local graduate. Mrs. Wake, a native nf Liberty Township, nt one lime taught in the Sitka schools, before going lo Gary. She has now retired after a number of years service as teacher in Gary, and Mr. Wake is retired from the Gary steel mills.. Sylvester A. Scott, a former resident of this community, passed away Thursday night at Marlins- burg. West Virginia, where lie had resided for some time. Tho body will be returned here for burial, to arrive in Monticello Sunday evening on the (i o"clock Monon train. It will |)c taken to the Miller Funeral Ifome where services will be held, the time to be announced later. Mr. Scott was born in Indiana lustlce, director; Mrs. Herman I A lovely May party was held Benner, Mrs. William Mullin, Mrs.;j n the church social rooms of the' Vernon [Tranlz, and Mrs. Edger'"' "roningcr, in the kindergarten division; Mrs. Herbert Been and Mi's. Ezra Cable, primary division; Mrs. William Martin, Mrs. ls Mullin, Mrs. George Pope- ioy, and Mrs. Gertrude Heckard, iuniors; and'Mrs. William Justice,' intermediate. Florida Officers Will Get Bedwell OHIOAGO (UP)—Florida'author- ities were advised today to "come and gci" Edward (Bennic the Dishwasher) Bedwell, one tlmo suspect In a dpuble murder here, lo face charges ot raping a la- year-old girl. Bedwell's last hope of avoiding extradition 'ended Thursday when Trinity EUB Church, when the "Wim-A-<Coup]e" class met for their regular monthly meeting. Mrs. Leroy Eshclman opened the meeting with group singing, accompanied at the piano by Mrs F, I. Wilmert. The scripture reading and open- Ing prayer were given by tfie Rev. Wilmert. Mrs.' William Biggs gave the secretary report,. The group decided to hold a weiner roast at City Park in June. Mrs. Delbcrt Large introduced the guest speaker, Robert Owens, and his seeing eye dog "Apache." Mr; Owens 'told the story of his life which was much appreciated. 'The class voted to make a cash contribution to the Pilot Guida Dog Foundation. Mr. .and Mrs. Large and Mr. and Chief Jus'Jce Wilbert Crowley of jMrs. Loron Mattix served lovely Criminal ' Court turned down his | refreshments at the close oit the appeal i p n a 15-minute hearing, Bedwell 21, is accused of raping meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Bryant called the Florida girl While working as on Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Jurgens- carnlvai roustabout, at De Land myer, Thursday evening. Mr. Jur- 1963. jgensmyer is laid uf with a foot March 25, 1072, and was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Scott. He had formerly bec-n connected with ithe Internal Revenue office in Washington, D, C., and since 194(i had served as stenographer in the office of the prosecuting attorney at Martinsburg. He was a member of the Elks lodge there. Mr. Scott is survived by a sister, .Dr. Hattie Wilkerson, of Crivitz, Wisconsin. He was an uncle of Claude Scott of this community. He was a brother of the late Mrs. Perry Bcrget. He had been ill for some lime. Memorial services will be held Saturday night at Martinsburg. The'marriage of Miss Thelina Fayc'Hurley and Claude Mansfield Jr., will be solemnized Sunday afternoon, May 20, at 2:30 o'clock nt the Brookston Methodist Church. Miss Hurley is the daughter of Mrs. Alvin Hurley, Roth Park, Route 2, Monticello, and the bridegroom-elect is tho son of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Mansfield Sr., of Brookston, Friends and relatives are invited. Dismissals from White Co. Hou- Mabel Bratton, Mrs. Anna Duckworth, and Mrs. Mae Dutch- Culver Mrs. Howard Oborlin entertained the Wide-Awake class of tha Methodist church in her home recently. Mrs. Clyde Morlai, was assistant hostess. Members of the S. K. cjub wcra entertained last week in the home of Miss Buss Easterday. The Culver Community Bibla School will open next Monday and close Friday, June 7. H will be held in the public school build- in«. The Daughters of Ruth class ot the Methodist church met Wednesday afternoon at the fellowship hall for a pot-luck dinner. Members of the Altar Rosnry Society of SI. Mary's of the Lako Catholic church and their daughters enjoyed a mother-daughter banquet last week at the Three Sisters. T-he Mtitcliery club met with Mi's. A. J. M«WOB last we«k nl her home. Mrs. William O'Connor entertained M members of the Mul.hera of World War H and a guest, Mrs. Russell Croy, Monday evening. Mrs. Ivan Walker returned lo her homo from Ft. Benjamin Harrison hospital, where she had a recent operation. She is getting along nicely. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Newman, have returned home from Rochester, Minn.. whore they had a check-up at the Mayo Clinic. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ludwig, of Rantoul, 111., arc the parent* of a son, born May 20. Mrs. Ludwig is the former Sue Rector, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hector. Mr. and Mrs. Wilber Taylor spent Thursday in Chicago. Mrs. Lillie Buswell of South Bend is spending the week in Culver. Mrs. H. L. Werner returned home Tuesday kom Jackson, Miss. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Snyder of Lafayette spent a couple of days with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Condon and Mr. and Mrs. Glen Snyder. Ronald Baker returned to Louisville, Ky., after visiting his mother, Mrs. Nellie Baker. Henry Dugan left on a fishing trip to Canada. Mr. and Mrs. Oberlin were in Grcencastle recently. Mr. and Mrs. Clcve Crnbb spent Sunday at Kewamia. Mrs. Eva Heiser was in Ft. Wayne recently. Mr. and Mrs. A. R. McKesson were in West Lafayette on Wednesday evening. pital: Raymond Brlckey, R. 6. Mon- liccllo. Miss Janet Overmyer, Francesville; Miss Trudy Jones, Monon; Miss Karon Packman, 11 Reynolds Bid.; Mrs. Frank Bell and daughter, Monon; Mrs. Ernest Smith and daughter, Monon; Owen Miller, R. 3, Monticello; Mrs. Robert Turner, 110 South Market, Delphi; Mrs. Jesse Van Meter and daughter, K, &. Monticella.

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