The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on April 18, 1942 · Page 5
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 18, 1942
Page 5
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2 j i'l - J , tW. rDAV. APRIL IS, 1942 PAGE FIVE ' .11 4 1 ti typical American Megr Jmtk Urges All Out Effort To - Gain Rights 16 it A T7a7Tri MAM, PEAL" SAYS KMATOIII By GEORGE 8. SCHUYLER (Coarier Staff Writer) p!jr 900 mflei by tnrplane and train frca Pittsburgh to Wicfcita, Kansas, I had been wcnderini what naumer of person was James Grata Thompson whose stirring letter to The Pittsburgh Courier had launched tionde Double Y campaign. 1 knew that hz was young and endowed with unusual rifts of expression. I knew that b his memorable letter he had expressed the feelbgs of millions of Negroes, young and I iram tne Auannc iq me racuic it was dear that he was a thoughtful young man, and his photograph bdicated that he was handsome and upstanding Now, as 1 pressed the buzzer at the front door of tha five - room one - story noose the lhcapions own at 1239 Indiana Avenue, my curiosity was to be satisfied. At last I was to see and talk with the Negro youth whose words had thrilled a million COURIER readers. : ' mienMl TnA hi tixr vjoy vtxsw aaTIaJ . i i L ivywi , tuu i m.AW UUUi tUACU livrf " 11 - i M.ii iii - 1 11 " ' - - z man wouia De deck in a minute. Almost tfi - itfing - , me lau.tan - cqiorea youngster came r.j - i :ts and bounded up" the half dozen steps .. - : i. ne came wiLn.r .if the trained cxonj, power - hand and in - .'.' - vnt Into the :i in.i began thei rai - ed througnl i aalf local if roup interested ma tne in further. obiectivea of th "rvmhi. v ami Always popular in hia RomewwiV ne ia now the idol of wicmtas Negro citUena. airs, t) era p. Fryson. a member or Uie Booker T. Washington Clnh uozen jwno naa known him since child - jaooa toia me, "He has always been ii i v REAL" 1 very thoughtful and very . well KAC kjl - x. thought of. He thinks underneath :.B iertared in re - j - the surface of things and wants v;uomn?, wetanawers to ail the quesuons. There is ncuung giddy about him." FIXE ATHLETE For all hia reputation for thoughtfulneaa. Jimmy Thompson naa another aide which minin! ORIGINATOR OF "DOUBLE V" GOMES FROM A TYPICAL AMERICAN FAMILY IN WICHITA, KAN, :..r.(J Mjuiuib ui j - - .t our democ - i ;,T.e it can be - .Xl. democracy." . voni "Teai." vijr.iant to see' hi lithenesa and virility. For veara i our ngnts.ihe has been interested in track r.r. ihjfenriy to see'and basketball. For eight years' ua m Ameri - ; ha played basketball with thej .vjon of tne;Sfts: ssg wwr! : crocus here bit h.f c?1?l .Nortn' e wa3 Thia eil vnim? "'" ot taa team which wu run - 4 uc reiays. tnia team parT:c:pating! ... r.ov the minds, in tna Pn 40 - yd. and mile relaysi (.. N?j?roes are 3et a ne"f record. Jimmy alao likes) . : instill far - tennis, swimming and riane - t .. '.i;n ''ouraga can.ihff. w - tth, an occasional session of: . .r ii.tieultiea. Ne - - pinochie or contract bridge. He ia.i . - .injf ahout half in short. & fine example of younj' . M.r.tfs ieaiing '.vith! Amerii?an manhood. j r cannot toraret rrnnr m mcis viun v ' t Parenta make their V - .... - - ' 1 - . 1.4 : .. - .f It nrm mi nation : i.. mi uiiiuibu . - .di:6nal unity, aihat they are, so a fiance at Mr.j ,. v.. effort may beiac1 Mr. James AT. Thompson Is: . - .r.iV sensible course:"11 order. - The father was born inj for the nation Greenville. Ala., in 1378 Leaving; .a. - 0 - operaUon, and i there in lsti2, he went to Coffey - i earnest . endeavor; vine, iwanaas, lor one month, to. a - .) peration of' Oklahoma for five monthe, and' .'ir.oi - racy may be then settled in Wichita where hei ia at home and haa remained, lie has seen the 'cit7 grow . from a small town tot this I believe we an important induatrial center. He - .at n attention to haa worked as custodian of build - We should do;iags, as construction foreman for rf our social ac - the street railway, and for 20 years ar eirorx. xnis ha operated grctcery stores and; o SMMMBSV BSSasW' - 4hlBBSaVSsSMSSNMnaBl . V - '' ' . - - ;?. - : ; - ; r - r r; ' i r? 4 4 . i 1 - ' ; - VV4 :. f IsKtii - i VAX s J i . the .iid fate take of the it seri - reataurants. Ha m now an interior: UFt "EB.IOUSLY "i decorator and also quite an m - Sventor. K haa patents for a Jgame, a revolving bread rack, a! nint that thia 27 - iDriCe card clip and an "aid t& - .i.iea life aeriouaiy irmen. I ..i nta his mod - 1 Mr3. Thompson waa formerly! r.. and siLrenesa.! tToeria w right of ?fachitochea, raving and good - La. 'The cpupie met and married; . - i;ne of the aup - iin Wichita. - Mrs. Thompson ia ai rr: - .a of the small graduate of New Orleans univer - j r.t? of the aelf - con - aity t now - Dillard) and baa been a! i. r,t the provincial. i L3uiaiana school teacher. She ia . - stnilabie for, al - a - Y' worker, assistant superintend :;rn and reared dent of the Sunday school depart - - .. - t ivaaaaa city of!ment of St. Paul'a AifE Church,; - - ,r. r:aa traveled far and pMt preaidont of the Parent - :ountry. ! Teachers' Association of L'Ouver - ' st and the condi - tur8 schooL - She is ma mucn in de - ! Pypi& laimand aa a sneaker before inter - : afo Dtrolt;r - Mia.l irrouoa. Like SO ner cent: rv York. !of the families in Neero Wichita.! ir.a t nae naa ,v TVrtm - ri - um rhulr knm ! in of hu'i toiWICfiTTA HAS PSOBLEKM - h.s of his people.! Although it haa a reputation aa. I. Ouverture jrrade'a liberal. town, Wichita, is no in - :.:r.i Hign School: terracial Utopia. It 8.00J Segroen ien extension ars largely employed aa laborers,. ir.d journalisna' measengera and domestics, meat! "": :n Topeka, otJlar neida of work being cloaed., . ivnl service n - ;0ut cf tne thouaanda of workerst "l'r. yP, f "5 hired by the four aircraft plant a in! ' r the city, only about 150 are colored.: aa employed TO at a11 - " , - . - Ji - v - rnor Paynei - Tn town ha rwo Negro - underi .:.. - . and aa cisrk takers and tw.i storekeepers Be - ; - r.'i - A - a'y Depart - Iow hih chocl whit and colored " ..; niifh ar hocl' children are educated separately summer i vara - hut they go to high esbool togeth - riiar and Negroes are not served at u. - .y Packing; Com - downtown reatauranta or hotela. - - '::is work for Barred from some theaters, theyi afjin. . Later he are sent to the balccmea of others.; .rnance man atOne theater exclusively for Ne - East Chicago. Igroea - Is owned by whites. Thei - . - .IT a he worked. YMCA and TWCA are segregated.. James E. Thompson, handsome youth of Wichita. Kan., who originated the "Double V" idea and presented it to The Pittsburgh Courier, is a typical American youth. Pictures here show Thompson in his home with friends and parents. Top. left to right: Young Thompson pictured with Miss - Charles Elia Elliot, who is a music teacher in Wichita, and an ardent supporter of the slogan which her fellow citizen originated. irOss Elliot is shown here "picking" out a tune which may later develop into a popular "Double V song. Marion L. Thompson, insert, sister of Thompson, who Uvea in St. Louis, - Mo. A former! newspaperwoman. Miss Thompson, is a graduate of Wichita University School of Mu - . sic. Here the young patriot is pictured with his mother and father. Mr. and MrsL James E. Thompson. They are proud of their son, ardent church members and prominent in Wichita social and civic circles. Bottom photo shows the Thompson home. Wiley Photos. '' - - " 1 m " KVi llll i inn iii ii iii mmm m mi - i iiiifcl 1 " - ii'. - :" "Ti Mill ilium iumi hittiiibiimiii I T'llllim'" "! m ' In n'1 WRITES "DOUBLE V" POEM 'if .H' V:" 'raftsmen. a' tiual. deacite the "Christian."! .w York City.; There are 30 colored teacnera in - - - r, to work in:tne - colored grade schools. i Cesana Air - . T such a community was youngj - irnita wheret jlmmy Thoropaon born and reared.! - jrch 'From hla experieaicea and obaerva - i .i.iao or " ag tJons here an,i elsewhere came the j J philosophy of life which so ad - ( "r" 1r imirably found expression in, the re - ; 1 - str.rv r.t - thoaeimarkable letter which launched the, - . - - va;ed much natnwide "Double V" campaign! . ; ar.. - . - so charac - f0f a victory for democracy at, - - r.r Ntq youth home aa well as abroad. - : iTr - - n" Srqro m - r W. - "i demanded - a - .f rtx'e centa lrsucn refused, - i mt the com - v i:.tea to whom "..;re per hour - irroa. Which' r. - .rthing of an i. attitudes in; ' - ir.pson told the .f color ;dia - i rancor buti .".is ;aw softened; t "inuie in hia! i - irre ni :piea waa a; but net 4 U1KK KMPLDYE TEACHERS - ' FI6HT - FOR E6MAL PAY HEAR BB 'ZIP THE "DOUBLE V" CRUSADERS! By IRENE WEST - .4uraor of ''The Suntanned Yanks"1 The Sun - tanned Yanks are on the march. They're building their own "Triumphant Arch." All the races will pass, I'm proud to say. Thru the "Arc De Triumph," they're building toiay. The long suffering South, will burst in bloom As they march, march, march o'er defeat and doom Four Conn. Firms Drop Race Ban RACE WORKERS GET PROJECT LONG BRANCH. f. J., Apr 1 j Another "Sojourner. Truth" situation waa probably averted when i the National Housing Agency de - voided last week to give Negro de - Sfense workers the preference m 'occupying the planned government - aided housing project here for j which priorities have just been ap - proved, the NAACP announced, i ' While not aa dramatic aa the Detroit situation, there were eie - Imenta here which might have made for an explosion. Aa in De - trait, it was the original plan of .the United Statea Housing Authority that the project should be oe .cupied by Negroes. Later, whea j government construction of hous - jing waa planned j mainly for de - 1 f enae workers, the Co - ordlnator of Defense Housing, C. F. Palmer, u. said to have laiten the position that ihdre waa not sufficient need for a project for Negro defene (workers and that priorities could not be granted unless it waa turned over to white occupancy. HairstratE ."Miner tn:a eeK by Representa - v.' r. hua been an l - i&a reporter! A ., 1M . : t:na year but RICHMOND. Va, AprU 1 (By r:5e that in 1939 ANP) - Th city hfol Joard Ls v - - u vnrii nrrs.' .imiiiianoff a consent oecnw V'z Ki:H COURIER! pared, by City - Arty. . r .r Ts.r. h, iutwinLi deaiamed to . ...... , j Ku rdtrm . n - i i tAmni nturt to fore equal i lotion of taacharT airi was ""BURGH COC - I announced Thuraday. Term or EHmbla V" tha decree w.r. Horaca H. end a suit school iaach L Miss Irene West, world traveler, lecturer and writer of Los Angeles, California, has penned a stirring tribute to The Courier's "Double V" fight. Her latest poem is The Double V Crusaders. i 'ise hia train Ha has ap - Paker befor but war said, to am tha cousaela for both partlaa la TbaT city catmell flnanca eommlt - taa discuaattd tha question of school here Friday eigne aa ma nutvor'a budast cunt befora body again for eonatdaratiao. that Tha deficit of S154.000 and also 1227,000 to nable school employes to shars in salary ralaaa given other city workers. RepraeantaUvee of 'tha Connect!. ut Congressional Diatnct. The Ccn.Tesnniiin stated that he jgj utxa . t;o.f the action following confer - ' encf.i pr.jminmet colored peo - i pie .n Waterbury, and that subae - - juenr reports indicate that r.ondi - : t;ons improved in each of the com - ' panics approached. vv FARMERS SUPPORT l FOOD FOR YICTQUY eurr hmM baaa aakad by tha aehoollaehool board were aakad to attand board to allocata funda to meat a! tha Friday m eating. Keep the "Double V flyuig. ul the battle's won. You've earned with honor, your Place in. the un ! Let every child of the Negro race. Wear a crown of freedom, cn hia sun - tanned faxe; A MAN among men, on Christian soil. Product of ages of sweat and tcil. Not a whiteman'a puppet, but a child of God! Granted his share of this sacred sod; Won by martyrs who challenged this age, By your own intellectuals, leaders and sage. The "W" Crusaders are fated to win. And wipe out a three hundred year old sin. ' , , . . ' . . . , ' SPARTA. Ga.. April 16 Negro Let them pass! thm the Arc De Triumpn they ve DUlIt, farmers in Hancock count are That we be not "V anquished, in blood to tne nut: Let "America for Americana" be no mockery, Who builded this Nation, a Land of the Free' From North to South and East to West, I hear them marching, at God's behest. I see the arch they'll proudly pass thru. In closer Union, with the Red. White and Blue; There are none to stay THE HAND OF TIME All races of earth were created to climb. Salute! The Crusaders of the "Double V" They are marching, I tell you, to VICTORY! Not the Double "X" but the "Double V," Here and abroad, on land and sea - God be praised! 'tis a mighty load. You chose to tote on a winding road. Twould char the soul of a weaker race; You've bred, I know, full many an ACE, So ride our skies! and jump our tanks And Crusade on! Ye SUN - TANNED YANKS'. rWrittm aeaecwfli for Thm Conner, and dedteatmd WA. - iHIN.yrGN. D. C Apr. Id! P.eve.utiona letters from him I ' ti . J i i ! .ruti.ll ru.piu)ci3 UL ibuui i f"NS.rY V HAYS. in Viterr,ury Conn.. ha4' brougat!mAIWTnBB Maaacan.y IN lI repiirs indicating that every pre - thltbcjT ITM His MAIN muTX. 'u.iT - ...n wf.ui.l t.e tatten against Aaunas wan ictf su aw .1 iH'n - .in.,t;,m im ma.i to The haw. Dm mt siwaiar saw. Ii UEt, 60C: Mf Ui MM UK. t.l Mmm toes iwartatat. Sot C0.D. PEBMA HAIR 8TBATZ CO. . y. - fii ra putting forth great eiTorts to meet. the trmecdoiia txsu ot providing tnemsives. this State and Nation vuh food. Xejrro County Agent L.I D. KrnnHiy reports. Approximately ljti Food f.r Victory meetings have been held in tht county to streaa the importance of' the drive and t) keep it foremost in the mm da of the farmers. 2241 laataas mm., Daat. C - 12S. Oyoaa, mm FOHSET TO ORDER Lm to the far Sacctal Ma t wmmmt. all tar J1.0O. data SL - OC a Mil aay mm. LCAaa eCAUTY CUL - TURK tnm YOUMC'S BCAUTY SCMaflL. C F. Teoag, Jr. Itaarafactoring aas. n - sm mm. safeass Lf U V " , t 1 - . i ii1 .3 A 'aaaBBBB t nr : ; 1 : 1

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