The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on March 28, 1942 · Page 12
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 28, 1942
Page 12
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SATURDAY, MARCH PAGE TWELVE The Pittsburgh Conner jvl! B L IE Cvl FROM THE ROCK BOUND COAST OR MAINE TO CALIFORNIA'S SUNNY SHORES DOUBLE V IS ENDORSED EPMi i MEET - hi If,' o) LTQ (in 4" ' . ftfr'ifc..w - "I .J i - ;! - ! c. Mi 4$ m . it. - '. i r illi ". I'. iv J' t - A fr 11! . i - 5 5' 5 . - .5 si! !' 5. 1 - I Colored America is aroused over The Courier "Double campaign for victory and they are flooding our offices with letters of congratulations ana requests ior pins, out - tons, stickers and emblems to display on their person, in their homes or on their cars attesting to their wholehearted tup - port of the war slogan. The staff of The Courier deeply and sincerely appreciates these expressions of good will and is exerting - every possible means to expedite the manufacture of suitable emblems, posters and stickers. While under normal limes this could be done 'on short notice, under present war conditions and rules of priorities, this mstter becomes , one of unusual delay. However, we can assure our readers that within the next week or so we shall have sufficient quantities on hand to supply all the demands that have come in to date. More letters follow: LIKE "W" IDEA ... Dear .Editor: .j . I am very fond of the idea about the way The Courier is doing by spreading' hope for. democracy at home and abroad for mother America. .' ' 'J . ' - This "Double V for victory emblem is a nice idea and other papers should follow. - - JIMMIE WILLIAMS Jr. Hartford, Conn. "W" MINISTERS SUPPORT CAMPAIGN Dear Editor: j We, the members of the Ministers' Alliance and members of our churches, send congratulations to you and your staff for the worder - ful idea advanced for - our race. We heartily - support your "Double V campaign and hope you will have some buttons and emblems for distribution. ..' ; - ' REV. W. B. BOYKIX. Dallas, .Texas. "W" WANTS TO HEAD CLUB Dear Editor: I am happy to join with the thousands who are congratulating you on your "Double V" for Victory campaign. - There ought to be a club in every hamlet, town and city in America. Every minister and civic leader should put their all in making this the outstanding cam palsm or all times. I snail te glad to heaa a club in this city, or assist in any way you might suggest. " " REV. DELTA ALPHA TERRY. Altoona. Pa. VV" mamm B V PLEDGES SUPPORT Dear Editor: t I wish to congratulate the supporters of the "Double V." We need more Lorraine and - Louise Renders, and Edgar Rouzcaus. My community will support you and wishes to purchase and - lisplay em blems of the "Double .V." We should be with it 13.000.000 strong. JAMES ADAMS. Prentiss. Miss.' .... HATS OFF TO THE COURIER Dear Editor: As an old Pennsylvanian. I have always been very proud of The Courier and for the great cause for which it stands, but now you have gone to what I call the highest point in starting the "V" cam paign and I bid you all good luck and God - speed. mrs. a. l. Foxwonrn. Brooklyn. N. Y. ; . . . ... "VV CHEERS FOR THE "DOUBLE V" Dear Editor: Cheers to the "Double V". May it impress every true American Negro. Cheers to the five young men reocntly commissioned U.S. Army pilots. We have many more young men with the courage and talents of our Pearl Harbor hero, waiting for a chance. The "Double V" must go over the top. BESSIE M. ELION". Oakville, Tenn. .... i.r tf.AVvV - )sM rnMm w mi ..Sol inKnp r iLLino Cits'.. flf?f; : i Um. m&Zv,y - Ia - A Y? if - :ti - t - :' . l. - 'vi .1 "Blaick Americans Willingly Off er Services For Democracy " - - Rouze au Unlike the Colored Races of Asia, We Are Refusing to Fight for Democracy Un - URGE CONSCRIPTION til We Get All the Benefits of Democracy. I OF ALL MANPOWER By EDGAR T. ROUZEAU Events abroad, particularly in Burma and India, are serving as a backdrop to de lineate the fact that America has no truer, more loyal or more long - suffering citizep than emion of the war. . - we i the black American. If there are any whites who have ever harbored doubts in this direc - f8" 'nJ lion, uiey nave oniy 10 cast ineir eyes aoroaa ana compare uie naiicnai oenavnor pav tern in India and Burma with oure 3 :::r:r:MEMBERS OF SCRAP BRIGADE WASHINGTON. D. C. March 26. Senator Claude Pepper (Dem.. Fla. ; demanded conscription of the entire nation for all - out prose - are nght re on an ot afford to do les. he said Kdfar Rouzcau "W" NO 'VICTORY BUT "DOUBLE V" Dear Editor: My heartiest congratulations for your glorious "W" campaign. Tou have struck at a time that is at the height of ripeness for such a campaign. With 13,000.000 Negroes singing, shouting and preach - i in: it, surely we can make our fellow - Americans realize that there can be no victory but the "Double Victory." ' MRS." GRACE DORSEY. East Riverton. N.J. ' ... ... "W GREAT SIGNIFICANCE Dear Editor: The "Double V emblem of The Courier is of great significance to every American Negi - o and should impress the whole world. White Americans as well, should fall in line in bringing to bear this demo cratic idea. JAMES R. TAYLOR. Washington. D C. . 1 . 4t ENTHUSIAMS 1.000 PER CENT Dear Editor: Congratulations to "Double V" campaign. I have got up a group of fifty men to carve marks and write the "Double V" emblem on everything that is movable and immovable here in S.C.. We cut some out of the paper and stuck them in the trolley bus. Give us the buttons and the stickers and we will put them in the, right places. (Editor's Xotc: We are omitting the name and place of this uriter for obvious reasons.) ... . . . . W ELKS LODGE GIVES SUPPORT Dear Editor: We have bad the "Double Victory" emblem painted on our lodge windows and we are greatly pleased by th number who have taken Interest' in the meaning of this emblem. We are hoping you will accept our cooperation in this campaign. Charles Crutchflsld. Secretary ; A. T. Hayes. Exalted Ruler. BOOKER T. WASHINGTON LODGE No. 218. IBP.O.E. of W whether or not to . accept the : challenge of the 260 - odd million j colored people of India and Burma a challenge which runs something like this: "So you want us to help you to vindicate your claims to democracy. Well the first thins? to do is to put democracy into practice by giving us our freedom. We will then be ready to sacrifice our lives ;to brin trutsm 10 jour pn - acm. 'dav pretentions. Until then. ,do jnot ask us to die and to make sacrifices for something which only the white man enjoys in your empire." I i BRITISH CANNOT IGNORE CHALLENGE Coming at a time when Great Britain is particularly anxious to stand out in history as one of the surviving buiwarKs or aemocracj. such a challenge is Dotn a sunning rebuke and an embarrassing national exnose. Moreover, it is one that Great Britain cannot af ford to ignore if the British Empire is to have : much of a voice in the shaping of the future. Great Britain realizes this. As this article was being written, a United Press dispatch reported that Sir Stafford Cripps had been sent to India in an effort to pour oil on the troubled waters. Other irp diaD&tches. all censored by the Rritih Government, ran as fol lows: From Wardha. India. ine working committee of the Ali - xn - dia Congress nationalist rany. meeting here with Mohandas K. Gandhi, decided tonight to cling to its refusal to cooperate in tne war until convinced that Sir Stafford Cripps. British Lord Privy Seal, is bringing from London something more than a promise 01 iuiure freedom for India. - - ; vv - .1 1 Fiom coat to coast The Courier's "Double V campaign is catching on like wild - fire. Pictured here are some of the organizations and people who have "joined up." Top. left to light: Boxers Jackie Wilson and Cha.Jiy Wright know the meaning of 'Victory;" have gone all - out for the one at home and abroad, plus many more in the rintf. Jimmie Lunceford, Willa Mae Coleman and James G. Thompson, originator - of the "Double V" slogan, pictured in Wi :hita. Kas.. recently, where Luncefoid, famous orchestra leader, congratulated Mr. Thompson on his brilliant idea. At the right is Miss Georgia Albright, pinnin? a pin on the lapel of R. O'Hara Lanier, dean of instruction at Hampton Institute. Hampton. Vh. Bottom, left to right: Hampton students in a "Double V" formation on the steps of tha college's art center. Rev. Clajton Ru.srll. progressive militant minister of the Peoples' Independent Church of Christ, whose vigorous w?eklv broadcasts on the world and race i 1 problems have created a wave of; ,2. listener interest. Me is snown lauding The Courier's - "Double V" campaign. In Pittsbuigh. the Pomptons, club of popular dens, are also "Double V" conscious. Left to right: Katherinc Madison. Helen Davis. LaVere Edwards. Rose Marie Home. Mangie Gumpton, Jean Cae. Irene Owens. Audrey Steptoe and Betty Jeanne Smith. POWELL LAI NEGRO LOI NEW YORK. March S - D, discrimination in th arsei and defense indu.t:ie. t. - .i S are still the most i 1. eri in the United States t d ing to Adam Clayton P - - H prominent Negrr :;yr. member of the N Yr Council, whose aitirlo ;'.7: White Man's Wat ayfars : April issue of (.': - r. : Magazine, out th: 'f V. "There are. no - F - f! - . 'O'.v: tin our Janks. ' Mi ( v.. ' "The thinking Nsrio r.r. ' - : if America loses t!i war r;i: as a Nesro will: re rrv:r'r than it is now. I'niirr dcr..JC however poorly i - .:r does have a f'.zh':.z r - xl 2 WIN FIGHT TO ESCAPE HOT SEAT MONTGOMERY, Ala.. March 26 Two Alabama colored men today won. rounds in their fights to es cape the electric chair for alleged attacks on white .girls. Dave Cantey, who once escaped the electric chair because of intervention of the U. S. Supreme Court, won a reversal of a life sentence Riven him in the slaying of a Public Health nurse. Everett Washington. 16. Birming ham, convicted of attack on a 12 - year - old . girl, had his sentence to the electric chair commuted by Gov. Frank Dixon. In an effort to mobilize young America to join the "Save Our Scrap" campaign, Brook Mendell, tells George Greenfield, Jeff Kroll, Martin Ritter, Edward Mason, Joseph Hill and William Hayes, in rear, how to start collecting old license plates. David F. Soden, New York State tax supervisor, originator of the plan, looks on.r International News Photo. ' (I 1 A Popular Laxative Has to be Good! The hardest test of any product la the use - test. It is especially true of a laxattva, which is used under an kinds of conditions. : Tet on herbal laxative has been tested la use by four generations. and pro - red so good that today It's a stxndby with thousands of zami - lies ITTi A CK - DRAUGHT! ! This spicy compound of vege - tabM mrredienu has proved lueu, The basic herb is an "intestinal tonic - laxative" which helps tone laxy Intestinal muscles. Other herbs in tns Diena muu biac;k. DRAUGHT easy - to - talcs ana gen us In action. Whsa you need a laxative, give BXtACK - D R1UGHT the use - test. FREEDOM IS TRICE , FOR WAR AID "Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. its Moslem president, said that the approach of the Japanese menace had not altered the party's insistent on freedom as the price for helninar Britain win the war. If the Indians could go into the war u 'freemen.' he said, they wouw resist the invaders 'til we drop ndV Prom Mandalar. Burma. "The Burma Government is pressing London to have Sir Stafford Crinns visit here to discuss in deDcndence for Burma before he returns to England. Gov. Sir Reg inald HuKh Dorman Smith was aid to have made the request.' Burma, by. the way. has been the scene of recent wholesale deser tions of Burmese troops. XEGROES OFFER SERVICES TO U.S. In America as In India and Burma, we once more have the picture of black people pleading and arsruinz with wtite - people to live up to the ideals of democracy to which the whites have long paid lip - service." Te main difference is that while the natives ot India and Burma, are refusing to fight for democracy until the benefits ot democracy are extended so as to take tn era In, w here In America are going along with the national war program in spite of all the obstacles which have been put in our path by saboteurs of this defense program and by other enemies or true democracy. Although no Negro may serve in the U.S. Nan - except as a mes attendant. Joe Louis, a Negro. risks his heavyweight title and do nates his entire purse to Navy re nal. Although Negroes are excluded from the vast majority of private defense industries. Negroes are coming forward every day with their nard - earned dimes and quarters to buy defense bonds so that the machinery of defense can keep turning. WILLING TO SAVE DEMOCRACY FOR ALL Although Austrialia is a white man s country, with a clause in its constitution banning the immigra uon of - all colored people, Ameri can black troops would overlook even this insult and would willingly risk their lives in Australia to save the homes of prejudiced whites from pillage and rapine. Such examples serve to illustrate the difference in our beha vior pattern and that of the col ored people of India and Burma. The black American understands the meaning of true democracy as few white Americans do. Although we want democracy ourselves, we are not willing to see democracy denied to those who now enjov it. That is the answer to our "Double V" campaign a campaign for victory over the enemies of democracy at home as well as abroad. I Si" m LADIES SHCES 23 MEN'S MATS. . OrSSOITS S2.00 kltsbtly ctmid. sttiMS MS neat It task Ma mm. Ostlt tssrity at 3 far S4.00. UNO NO ar ran Write JMSEY. ISaatrataS rTOGRtXSTYI SALES CO. 207 Tartar Art., Diet. CV fsattrs. N. Y. FREE COURSE IN HAIR CULTURE Cuti$tiug Msrcellinj Flngerwsvlng Shampoo Formula Inclmdlnt DIPLOMA BY MAIL Writ Ttimy CUBAN COSMETIC CO. Dept. 531S - Y Chicsgo, III. i J y ' Mr WILL YOU WEAR THIS SUIT AND MAKE VP TO $10 Per Day? Let us send you a fine all - wool tailored suit FREE of not one penny cost. Just follow our easy plan and show the suit to your friends. Partial payment plan. No experience no house to house canvassing. k SEND FOR SAMPLE FREE OF COST! ' ' Write today! Send us your suit size and color yoa prefer - . RIALTO TAILORING CO., GILLESPIE, ILL DRESSES MtlMPABTS Ji, DLACUCOLOn Wi Lt pT GET SUCK - BLACK TODAY i '', ffQ I AT YOUR DRUGSTORE LOOK 10 TO 20 YEARS YOONCER Don't worry any longer about CRAY HAIR that makes yoa look old or lote out in love. Romance ot a aoodjob. All you have to do .is get s bos of MJCa - MJaCK at your ner - citdntf ttofc. 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