Logansport Pharos-Tribune from ,  on May 24, 1957 · Page 13
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from , · Page 13

Issue Date:
Friday, May 24, 1957
Page 13
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Friday Evening, May 24, 1957. RIP KIRBY I 6UESS YOU REALLY MEAN IT THIS TIME, CONNIE. WE'LL SCON HAVE YOU ASHORE... ...THAT'S THE STORY, RIP. PLEASE BELIEVE I PIPN'T FAKE THIS. I'LL NEVER TRY TO FOOL ANYONE ASAIN'... HOT LONG- AFTERWARD. I'M GRATEFUL \ I 6OTTA TO YOU FOR I THANK YA, HELPIN&ME / TOO. I LEARN A ,-^SWIM LIKE LESSON. / AN ANVIL... I THINK WE'P BETTER ALL JUST THANK THE PROVIPENCE THAT BROUGHT US THROUGH... I'M SO GLAD YOU'RE Logansport, Indiana, Pharoi-Tribune Thirteen KERRY DRAKE THANKS II N -fOK EVERVTHINS " WE MAPE IT, SERSEANTA BUT I MUST FIND OUST IN TIME/.. BETTER/ CALE SYLVESTER LOCATE THE HOTEL jr—-<_ _ FIRST.' HOPE YOU'RE NOT CHARM/J WHILE r OOOOK RIGHT "" QUICK/ — MICKEY FINN REX MORGAN, M. D. I IMAGINE SO, PHIL! IT ISN'T EVERY PAY THAT THEY HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY 1-1 PIPN'T THINK W-WE'D HAVEAGALLERY/AIINTy! "N TO WATCH A CRACK PLAYER D-PO YOU SUPPOSE THEY'RE \ LIKE YOU ! OOIHG TO FOLLOW 1HJS? HEIL BE TIPOH'TCARE' IN TOE LOW I HOW WEIL .' SEVENTIES, 1 HE SCORES!' SURE! THIS/IJUST WANT ISANEASy\ TOSrOPy. COURSE! JHIS SWING!, I'LL ee ALL RIGHT, JUNE AS SOON AS THEY CAN UFT ME OUT OF HERE .' BUT I DON'T THINK I'LL BE ABI-E ID eer TO -rue OFFICE FOR A FEW P/WS / THAT'S ALL RISHT, MISS/ THEY'LL TAKE CARE OF HIM.' AfeE YOU PINNED Y YES —IT'S MY LEFT Ut, PR.MORGAW? I ANKLE/ I'M AFRAID IT'S BROKEN / DR. MORGAN IS IN THERE—AND HE'S HURT/ EMMY LOU "I realize that maybe Alvin couldn't stay for dinner . . but he could've told me BEFORE looking in the oven!" GRIN AND BEAR IT " ' ".. And HM>I« prCMnt should be alert to the danger that Hie world may Hy to tokt odrontoge of so many of « Wflfl on vocation!..." Vary the Hamburger With These Tricks NEW YORK—Here are a few quick tricks for making hamburger an even greater family favorite. Serve this economy meat with Freshens Your Mouth Sweetens Your Breath Get some/ today.I an onion sauce, made with % package of onion soup mix and 1 cup of water. Add a dab of melted butter afld thicken with 2 tablespoons of Flour. Or, fry chopped onions in a little butter or margarine. Season to taste with curry powder and a few drops of lemon juice. For a special cheeseburger, mold a slice of cheese in the middle of the hamburger. By the time the moat is cooked the cheese has melted inside. Or serve hamburgers with hot cheese sauce. MoU cheese spread with a small amount of milk, and add finely chopped chives. DANGER EVERYWHERE MUSKEGON, Mich. - Paul Kamp, a former paratrooper who came through a number of jumps unscathed, was hospitalized with a hip injury after falling five feet in an Industrial accident. BUZ SAWYER / BY THE WftY, I SEEy HMM... WHEN THAT PIAWONP i SHOVE OFF MERCHANT HAS / FOR THE YACHT, TAIIEP VOU HERE, / SUPPOSE VOU MR. ZORKA.. S( TURN TABLES,., TAIL HIM. COME ALONS, SAWER. I HAVE A BUSINESS APPOINTMENT. 1 WNT 1W TO SEE I'M GOING ABOARD THAT YACHT, SAWER. IF I'M NOT BACK IN Z HOURS, IT MEANS I'M IN TROUBLE. UMOERSTANP? SIR. NOTICES V ZORKA SUP AN AUTOMATIC INTO HIS POCKET. Instinctive good taste for men who never grow old, Bailey's TROPI-TEX Suits. MARY WORTH LIEUTENANT CARTER OF THE STATE HI6HWAY PATROL, MA'A«!-"IVE BEEN TEYIN6 ID REACH MR.MEDIlL.'-.-IT'S ABOUT HIS DAUGHTER. 1 "ONEOF MYMEN STOPPED HER, FOR SPEEDING, MA'AM! ... WHILE MIL WAS WRITING THE TICKET, SHE GOT AWAY, INTO A MA7E OF BACK COUNTRY ROAD5.WHERE WE'RE TRYING TO CATCH HER.!" THECKAT/WAYSHE U m 6ETIN TOUCH WAS DRIVING,MA'AM ^> WITH HER FATHER, . 0 3 LIHJTEWANT--.50ME.WAYy ; LITTLE ABNER ' SINCE THE RETIREMENT CF HENRY CABBAGE COD, > \CXJ'RE THE BIGGEST (•NAME IN FISH,GROVER ' WHALE. HAVE VOL) EVER CONSIDERED RUNNING I'VE OFTEN THOUGHT OF TOSSIWGMV HADDOCK INTO THE RING— -BUT, HOLY MACKEREL,THE FISH BUSINESS NEEDS ME./ OMLY-s'SH.V-IT DOES GET BORIMG.'.''— I'VE SEEM EVERVTHINOr THAT'S EVER COME OUT OF THESEA/''— THERE'S NOTHING TO ' LOOK FORWARD.TO. 1 ?' NO SURPRISES. 1 :'' NOTHRILLS.V NANCY THAT REMINDS AAE -- MY PIG-EONS HAVEN'T BEEN FED TODAY STRICTLY BUSINESS "Had an accident at the office today—elbow slipped off the water cooler!" STRICTLY RICHf ER , King F?ihites_S)'udki!r, Inf., Wotld rlglm reMrvcJ. "Perkins is resigned to his pinch-hitting role.' CUTIES - .J.«f~-~. ^^^^~ S3* &m. taa PUTUIM iTHOiu'f*, IM. wmu) UONH MIRKVXD. "I'm doing great in this department! I'm only breaking inexpensive things now." DOTTY DRIPPLE WHY MOT MOM? HE LIKES TO DO THINGS PCJR ME/ WILBERT, SHOES OM—I HAVE AN ERRAND FOR SOU— GRANDMA /SURE,OSCAR. I >— HAVE A NICE.FRESH PIECE O'BLUEBERRY O.K..NOW YOU WON'T GET ANY PIE ON THAT PRETTY CLEAN SHIRT../ U-M-M/X IT WAS' GOOD.GRANDMA/'

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