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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 3

The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 3

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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gtfCRDAY, JANUARY 31, 1B42 Tks Piitsicrgh Ccsritr PAGE THREE t5 n3nn DiO RAP rj jr .1 overrent will improve workers Anmoj cntfME'ST SID' i tn American Federation oi 'ne Congreea for Indue rio not unit. th ar rrtain to v'ii sms during th pnst Ber vhon employment Ca 5c. irro worker 2n herntH because Neg. oes can II'' 5 in a. united liM 4 lahAii nwmerr thr will be a larger ilj bur unions the Negro can to attack barrier la jda iir lr. on account of race, '1 or national Thi eicht pag pumphlet. "Pearl Juc Spek3 for Democracy, an incisive foreword by Mr. ItuHlia D. Rooflovelt in which the Ladv drlars: hvd prohiably come to a rnt wjre have to make up minds to live In a de i tocmey anl mak it a reality or accept the fact that we are ct capable of meeting this chal X.thouirh fh puhlication 1 of inuly hy tn Common inr Amormi t.nlty, Z22 i xoric City, Biz Profits tt, U41tT. ta CMts. wise a atariais SPORT AND TOPCOATS JL Jl 1 Jjraj Mfl to i Nt Kan. swfwejxjajes esr ajfesBsse itrtMM vou 1 0ur Otrtw, MrtM mtmf rwi Mvnnaft saa iiai brsat savin as. Bom. Sat I. MTisrac ROKKN Spectacle Co. J3 iou Cktitaut St, sfMiasaiasia, la. FREE SUITS AND GIFTS GIVEN AS BONUS Plus SWING STYLES vn rxTTtA c.nt NO EXTRA COST er.SMrt mae Style Suits any ta i etttwa mem. Amaatae lasyat Jrm free 3T S2: iTitTV" 31(5 rnlt uaa. ijfcntb ita St. Chtcmgav EL If 'WWW I project was initiated by Dr. nooert weaver, cmer or the Negro employment and trainrna; ranca ox uraa. ana nnaneea by tne juuu Koaenwald fond at the uetion of Dr. W. W. Alexander, chief of the minority groupa branch or Ufa. The Common Council for American Unity ha announced that It will furnish singi copies of the pamphlet free oaxequeat. and additional copies at coat price of two cent each. Request ahould be addreaaed to the council' office at 222 Fourth avenue. New York City. EM COL 0111 GOVERNOR i 1 iJIML bUVtltl KEEPS 'WATCH OVER AFRICA', SAYS FREE FRENCH LEADER Br Our London Correspondent wood and drawer of water" for Euro peans and that the African is HtHn. incapable of self government, Pro 4a cnorM race are unfit SaHvl, Plashed ar biter staiua than "hewer of a book entitled "Watch Over Afn 4 MiKi I asi ttava ha hi a4iaar 4k a I4 WU4VU JIW compliments to the brilliant West Indian Negro Colonial administra tor, Felix Sylvester Etoue. uover nor General of French Equatorial Africa. Professor Saurat, Director of the Institute Francais, London, and head of the Information Bureau of the Free French Movement un UUULJU UL7 i i rwir AGO, Jan. 29 When questioned about the raean j.1 ITW 1 rrr a m.T Qf Unitv Between uw: tvr suiu to negro wotkcts, a. Siin Randolph, International President of the Brother of keeping Car Porters, stated at the mid west head I that umtv ia must nairr fob nioirrs "But Nitfro.workera moat trader Und that la a unlt4 divided labor movamaBt. they muit fljht for thlr rtshti. TH la no macle and eaerf road to NegTO worker eliminating the color bar in trade unloaa. "On a the moat important re sult unity between the AiL. una tna cio ia pouible unity amonj Nejrn worker themselves, who are now member of. theaa two bodie. for an effective lljrht for their right in the annual conver tlona. the City central bodiea and the State Federations of one par. erful labor he concluded. PEfliL S6TS. ifiE STATEDEOT OSSil WASHINGTON, D. Jan; 29 (ANP) Pearl Buck's fcrceful statement on the Negro question, originally 'pub fehed aa a letter to the New York Times, was issued this week in pamphlet form for widespread distribution through 'hi country. I I i 1 i 'n I I Thie was the aaaertion of the NAACP in a letter to Henry I Stlmeon, secretary of war, about the riot at Alexandria, January 0, in which 12 Negro soldiers were shot by civilian police. ARBfY BLA3TJCD "This Incident." the NAACP aald, la only one more in a succeaaion of regrettable ojie whose cumula tive effect has Been to demonstrate that the Army has abdicated in favor of local southern white sentiment In the handling of United States soldiers who happen to be colored. We submit that these riots provs that the Army has adopted and is enforcing; a social pattern in keeping; with the moves of the small communities adjacent to the Army camps. The Army ha taken thousands of Negro men from northern and eastern states, and placed them In localities whose traditions and practices are designed deliberately to humiliate and insult them, and even to maltreat and kill them. Not only does the War department take these men to these kinds of communities, but the military police, upon the light eat pretext, aolicit the active as sistance of civilian police, who Looking over one of the new i ready the horns have been the est air raid sirens in Los Angeles, which are attached to the cities vast mazs of traffic signals Is the comely Mrs. Lola Giffln, for merly of New Xork City B9AG IDS limitations Al oasis or a mtrtnrui discussion, some claiming that they are basso profundo while others contend that they are just plain soprano! Griff in 31minoff photo). MIME faced by Negroes mn nvmnf. wiiirfttinn. ajia ri Vll I i xr NEW YORK, Jan. 29 Social Action, periodical published by the Council for Social Action of the Congregational Churches, has just published a 39 page issue "Discrimina tion, Incorporated which gives a clear cut picture or tne der General de Gaulle, was sent on; llfe wltn charts, graphs and lllus of the publioa a to French equatorial Africa last year. Tna book la ar account of his tour. "To Governor General Fbous be "wtMit ms aatrttt ts SOStt MSVicgjlongs the glory of taking fhe ini 'vsat cowsanv, you Wiu Ha tiativa that foundecf Free French jwjsirjouT otuATioN. ciitaian Urn. i write Professor Saurat wctadai at toMtt sncas rgi Ala tne slarv of havinar madi clear the principles en which na tional reconstruction can be based." LAPS EXPLOIT RACIAL HATE IN AS A WAR 1st at tail ym Sew rl LONDON Censored) Jan. 21 caa maka si CSCYTlie reason why the Japanese have et cat aa 6CT v.i mtriUinir ow suits and oTst in rssx as son a. i uu mj ymmr fHa sm are exploiting the racial set up in 6rrs twIMeiiali ansa the East ty appeatina to tne med smo aa Ta lay of colored races to further their aaea sf Saai imri riaiiat io liMrimi. Tnegreat BamBtra of peopta who prefer MoroliaM har made It tbe World's Largest Seller at lev Fine for miser bwraa. skin lrHtatlera, bruise and cuts. Don't be without Sforollae. Ask for Under the slogan "Ana for the Japanese airmen are dropping leaflets on the native populations in Malaya. Singapore, the Philippines and Rangoon; In Burma, calling upon the natives to revolt against the European. Her i a sampler of the kind of stuff the Japs are turning out. quoted in a diptach from Reuter correspondent in Singapore. It read as follow: Japanese dropped their first pro paganda pamphlet on Singapore on Christina Day. The message of the leaflet wa 'Burn all wait de Vila in the sacred wtut nam Th correspondent says that on tne other side wa a crude drawing abowtng a group of na tives brandishing baming torchca BLALaEafHUSBATO IN D. DIVORCE SUIT WASHINGTON, D. C. Jan. 23 Mr. Sarah Irrla brought suit last Tueedar for aa absolute di vorce from Julian C. Irwin on the rroun 29. 1329. that ha desartsd bar la trations. tion Is to dincnmination The Issue. January 11 Is authored sgainit the Negro in national deny Frsnk R. Crosswaith of the fense industries and the gains Negro Labor Committee and yen mad tt the present time. ad eral organizer for the Internation dition to conditions under which al Ladies' Garment Workers' union colored eoldiera in the U. S. Army and Alfred Bacer Lftwis, member have rd to serve. A useful bibli of tie national Board of Directors o.Traphy 1 included. i Miss Mable Kelly. left, and Mlaa Matred MeKlsslck were among th guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Moten of St. Petersburg. Fla. Miss McKlssick ia NTA director In Chester, S. KOSP. ATMKJISTRATOnS tt' 4xw and Mis Kelly la instructor at the Dunbar high school In East Spencer, N. C. Other In th pity were: Mr. and Mrs. Reuben McKlssick and Mrs. Z. R. Drains of East Spencer. 'eeventh annual conclave of th National Conference of Hospital Ad iaMfnM Ti tlm will ba Fab TO IIDID MHT FEB.13 14 medical director of the hospital. Th hoepital administrator' meet CHICAGO. Jan. 23 ANP) The wUl be held just prior to the annual Provident Hospital ha been desig conarea on Medical Education and aatad aa the meetlna; place for the Licensure. Feb. 15 17. have no regard for Negroes men, or citizens, or soldiers of their country, and who shoot them down without hesitation." The Assoclatiton called upon the War department to take swift ac mandlng too much rights in exch Protect Meia I el' "7 NEW YORK, Jan. 29 Until the Army gives exact and equal treatment to all soldiers in uniform, and until it protects Negro' soldiers from beatings and shootings in prejudiced southern communities, the nation can expect only bitter resentment and low morale from Negro citizens. asition in the Alexandria case, and advanced the opinion that the basio cause of friction and clashes between the races at Army camps was the segregation policy of the War department. Should I Sacrifice To Live 'Half American Suggest Double VV for Double Victory Against Axis Forces end Ugly Prejudices on the Home Front (EDITOR'S NOTE: A young man, eonfu.iarl and befuddled hy all of this donnl talk about democracy and Jt defmnxn of our way of Ufa, is ojifcin, lik othar young Nagrons, soma vary parttnant questions. Wa reprint this latter in full because it is symbolic.) jEDITOR: Like all true Americans, my greatset desire at this time, this crucial point of our history; is a desire for a complete victory over the force of evil, which threaten our existence today. Behind that desire 1 also a desire to serve, this, my country, in the most advantageous way. Most of our leader are suggesting that we sacrifice every other ambition, to the paramount one, victory. With this I agree; but I also wonder if another victory could not be achieved at same time. After all the things that beset the world now are basically the same things which upset the equilibrium of nations internally, states, counties, cities, homes and even the individual. Being an American of dark complexion and some 28 years, these questions flash through my mind: "Should I sacrifice my life to live half American?" "Will things be better for the next gen eration In the peace to follow?" "Would It be da to demand full citizenship Is the kind of ange for the sacrificing of my Ufa? I America I know worth defending? 1 ai America I know worth defending Will America be a true and pure democracy after Thomtjm this war? Will Colored Americans suffer still the Indignities that have been heaped upon them in the psst? other questions need answering; I want to know, and I believe every colored American, who is thinking, wants to know. This mav be the wronsr time to broach such subjects, but hsven't all good thing, obtained by men been, secured through during "lff ton Bar association and just such times of strife. I suggest that while we keep defense and victory In the forefront that we don't lose sight of our fight for true democracy at home. The for victory sign Is being displayed prominently in sll so democratic countries which are fighting for victory over aggre slavery and tyranny. If this sign means that to those now engaged In this great conflict then let we colored Americans adopt the (Clored population ts supporting the tionalities into the war This is parallel with the NACPs statement that the sctivation of a rac ially mixed volunteer would give the lie to Nazi and Japanese propaganda bureaus that the United States talks about. dem ocracy while practicing discrimina tion and segregation, it was said that a special act of congress would be required to permit the enlistment of foreigners In the Army. NXWSFAFFJW SUFFORT IUKA Reoort of the "Liberty Legion" came out last week after the vol unteer division idea had received the support of Frank P. Graham, member of the War Labor Board. and Mark Eth ridge, chairman of tha Committee on Fair Employment Practice, both southerners; Cleveland. Ohio, Call Post. 1 4 a double for a double victory. The rirst. lor victory over our enemies from without, the second for victory over our enemies from within. For surely those who perpetrate these ugly prejudices here are seeking to destroy our democratic form of government just as surely as the Axis forces. This should not and would not lessen our efforts to bring this conflict to a "successful conclusion; but should and would make us stronger to resist these evU forces which threaten us. America could become united as never before and become truly the home of democracy. In way of an answer to the foregoing questions in a preceding paragraph I might say that there Is no doubt that this country Is worth defending; things will be different for the next generation; colored Americans will come Into their own, and America will eventually become the true democracy it was designed to be. These things will become a reality In time; but not through any relaxation of the efforts to secure them. In conclusion let me say that though these questions often permeate my mind, I love America and am willing to die for the America I know will someday become a reality. JAMES G. THOMPSON ISepsirKtBoO "0 testy StraragtbQGis PDacuB Fir b(9d' Arfiiy Divlslsn ENTERTAINED IN FLORIDA May Organize Foreigners Into New Unit Sponsors Using Same Arguments As NAACP, Claiming It Will Counteract Axis Appeals. NEW YORK, Jan. 29 Reported plans for a "liberty Legion" to be made up of foreigners in America, serve to strengthen the demand for a volunteer, unsegregated division in the Army, the NAACP declared this week. One of the major argumenta for th "Libertv Learion" la. "such a. tt ts ts lJL Wl 9 4. 1 I a legion would tend to nullify Axis Pittsburgh Courier, Carter Wesley appeais to racial groups wttnm tne or the Houston, lexas, miormer, Unted States by bringing all a 1 and William O. Walker of the It waa reported to the New xork office of the NAACP. Friday, Jan uary 23, by a young colored boy working in a white fraternity house at th university of riorth lina, that after a story on the vol unteer division appeared in tne university oaper, the Daily Tar Heel, "all of the boys In the house ar in favor of th Idea. I have Send for this fine fJnmlated Diamond Ring TODAY! I SI. DO ae anwai aiua Beat I aaa. 130 14 Kt. a I wmw allien if 0 s19 yea Satire. aaaaMae Has la tiaaa far aary SI. 4 fatal. 0ROU T0OAY1 WLnehoU Corapaay WeOOIINI. SfjINA. POLICYHOLDERS: GET HONEY! witft SJV CasvitlSarrcO tsnssiATlONI It tt Sawaaaiaal SwaHast Ra. BMai ataay Thaniaaat at SaHcy tMSart Caa Stt Ltraa Suan of Maaw. Quickly. hy Maaaa mt RTf CSfYRIBttTZB lajrORfaATiON. Yet. M0NCY THAT SlfiMTFULLY KLasES TO TXCalt Maaty that YOU May fat Qotckly. If YOU Are Sawtrt aa Act at taaal Sttaa ay $1.00, OrSar. ar si.U C.D. Maaay tack ta fits tyt If Bat SattsSad tft SJV eorrSISNTKB IsrsSMATlONI Joseph Torrens. Dept F.I 3, Times N.Y.C Individual citizens condemned a declaration by a New York conference of colore i leaders recently that colored people are not "unreservedly" supporting the war effort. Th) association, meeting In the Mu SoLit club, passed a resolution specifying three ways in which the Criticizing the action of this "self appointed and self constituted body," the association pointed to the colored persons' support of civilian defense, their purchase of Defense Bonds and Stamps, and their cc opertinn in the Selective Service organization. URGESRACE TO PARTICIPATE IN HI DEFENS ST. PETERSBURG. Jan. 29 Mr. Marion Robinson, manager of the housing project here for Negroes spoke at the Jordon Park Community Building Monday ev ening to a large audience. Hi sub ject wa "Total wo oprauon oi Negroes in Civilian National Defense." He atressed the importance of Negroes participating actively in every phase of defense in which their services could be useful. He asked his audience especially to participate in activities of civil orotection. child development, in formation, education, moral, and healthful home environment talked to a lot of them about it. They teem to think you have the right idea." "There must be no let. up in our flght to bring about the creation of a mixed diviaion." the NAACP' said. "Everv American who de iplores such occurrences ss the re 'cent clash involving colored aol diers and civilians in Alexandria, Lau, and who wants to make democracy work at home while lighting for it abroad, should immediately bend every effort to aee that th President, officials of the War Department, congressmen and sec ators know that the publio la be hind the idea rows 3 iiEMComi Is Told Amny Miast CHECKS S1REUS! TAKE FBI COURSE 5) Above are police officers from the Atlantic City vicinity who are taking the special FBI six day course in training for emergency tasks which might develop now that the United States has entered the war. Training includes combatting sabotage, espionage, air raid reports, maintenance of files, priorities, signals, gas protection, etc. Left to right are Fred W. Johnson, James Jones, Harold Poison, Jacques Pilgrim, and William E. Winker. OVER'' TO RACE in ma CHftLLEEra 9 rnmn vy7 WASHINGTON, D. Jan. 29. A mass assembly to exnress the 100 per cent loyalty of Negroes to the cause of their country and to further emphasize that colored Americans have never produced an anarcnist traitor to the Untted States, will be held? here on Febnixry 9. at 8 p.rn., in cm ntme the Metropiltan AJd.E. church, ith Mrs. Eleanor Rooaevelt. the First Lady of the Land, as principal speaker. ylrs. KOOSeveil courageous ne manda for fair play for colored citizens has aroused a burning pa triotism in the hearts of many who are expected to attend the 'meeting in appreciation of her insistence on proper treatment of the These and LIST MOVF.S TO AID WAR Announcement of the mass as sembly followed a weak of patri ENTERTAIN AT DANCE CAMP FUNSTON. Jan. 29. Approximately 800 soldier, and vlaitors packed tne newiy completed Fourth Brigade Service club at Camp Funston to attend a danc last Friday. The entertainment was supervised by Mrs. Dorothy Pollard, cafeteria hostess. Many attractive ladies graced the ehiny ballroom floor as beautiful strains softly emanated from the bandstand where the Ninth Cavalry band was at its best with Pvt. Richard Griffin wielding tha baton: Sgt. Edgar Lewis at tha Ivories, and Pvt. Edward Thora klns. formerly with Jlmmie Lunce ford'e band, "giving out" on hot choruses with his trumpet Mliun Agony Dent rely araokaa, aprars and taiae ttooa if you auSer rrota terrible raearrina, enokm navinsvwbeaslnc epalls ef A tuna. Thouaanaa at euitarera have found that tna flraa Saee at ateo.da.ea aaualiy palliataa Astluna apaama and leeaan thick atransliaf mucus, tniia promoting fraar bmthlna aao mora raul aln. Oat Mendaeo la taaialasa tableta from drasslats. Only soo. lioaar a0 guaxaateea anleaa fuUy aatlafled. How To Relieve Bronchitis Creomulaloa relieve promptly bo cause it goes right to tha seat of tha trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender. Inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. TeU your druggist to sell yon a bottle of Creomulslon with tha understanding you must Uke the way It quickly allays the cough or you art to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Couchs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis Sgfe i i i I ty nam (s I srjrj taSKD youh quich JJL It Hundred have startad ea the toad SrSS bapplnesa aad mora measy by sending aeawauaii 'uait ourrir for these free packages. They will show yea th wonderful Cosmetics, Foods, Medicine, we supply our agents. wm a sm jS" mwm i mm i lAbUV 4Saaaa tW kWM4I C1 Dont send on penny. Just send your aame fj 'and address and our complete BIO) MONET 1 EAST way money mamas; pun wtu sent I you with the free packagts. Ktyatone, the Reliable Co Dept. AA lf, MampbJa Tana

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