The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on February 23, 1935 · Page 19
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 19

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 23, 1935
Page 19
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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 231925 J - I The' Pittsburgh Courier PAGE KINE SDOOND SECTION fllliVli pa - sis M' met iotv m - m BAROLICT ?J3DTIE GOiilPOSElR i cq - srs w " little colonel mm mm wmsp ii'WMim nic&ic: memo is . w ' - VA'RIETY PRAISES LEADER yiW YORK, Feb. ,2L 1 jja'to with the tnffli L - J a fioai&r personalty, th tjatic rf monarch of melody. . - oaseed that b - will UXt to ..... aeain And ninr mil; r - i trst r.a ei j& ust msa tj the tai or two conantaai jus' ijf sbcrt years ago. I ts baron will get tegethett c Ttiore of the country's bestj ktsoiy tciiets and mold them Int tie bspes win oe tne - ac oan U tie ecuctry. I Xcnsr in reign In. tb past lnr?e;ir critics In every, city rsr b bu lamous orc&ettra - 42 played proclaimed this sepia j o.' xeiody i - fee greatest of then u - . w.".!s a dynamic persooailty. a juaty that la Individual. . - "Noi jy if be eapabla of arranging rx?;lc uiu uvi buncf out is Letd singer, dancer, comedian! x of ceremonies as well" Sj oss araeci zan aescnoea nun; fc it America' rreatest cc.lored :irt." Baron Lee and his osr - jtr.r will go into rehearsal with - . k - je wetk and wMb ready for trAitri witnin us month. The Lrcs ! being bandied by the Col - 15 Artists Bureau, 200 West 135th frs. Nw York 3ty. - . ! DA DEWEY BROADWAY CELEBRITY JTEW YORK, Feb. 21. Ida Dwey kuti today as one of Broadway's eeitbritiea. 1 producer and marager. - with a - jc:o at 1M7 Broadway, liisf twtf tu recently ecroHed u as urjarj' member of taa American Lierr? Leatnie. . Recently. Mis 7 waj invited to a formal dln - r:, - ivea at th apartment of Mra. 'rnnian R. Holmes (white) In the tin cf ariatocratle Fifth avenue. h tfcusf the object of the league. rrited a favorable impreesloa w we pepped from her Lincoln freaf.r.e, beautifully gowned. . er business ability has enabled 1 to ike worthwhile connections r;i the best people in the theatri - K d.r.r;ct. and her studio - is swded with patrons of both raeea. Eag been, able to place several pe trtjs! on commercial pro - i - uj. tsatres and club engajre - frvj. .'.e ;s planning to send w? :o Iondoix within a fe iil i - V 3 Rhythm Qaeen$ : Now Under New Management YORK. Feb. 21 The Bureau has Artists tut 3 another tklented act to "J .rowing: lis4 f coming - ?ia.:r.rf, ja the person of e ihvnhm Oueena r !: t;rl who ihave Just bit - wi yarn from a sensa - i - eTZ8Ee3intt th Vr in BuiTalo. are In the '' dancing form and - ex - " swisg in the JrpoU :t;:a the next few day, e t;re RhHbm Oueeca Kti t ) t'f or '.y sepll girls' trio in l::r - i, and needless to say, ff t - e best I dancing acts !':; 'rd, tsariEjjm&n, woman 1 : - r.;.i. The glls are under .'s personal supervision of i"' - s. . j - - r. Professional Tale nt Wanted For F 5US GREEN SHOW li'So EDITION 1'J! - n 'h Double - - Singers - Novelty Acts "ntrie Dancers Drummer With (Y.mjOte Outfit rfporidence, state quai - arrfna March U Write or Wire CH ARLES COLLXEK Brunswick. Gt - arri. WORLD WAR VETERANS, ATTENTION! ar ie a unit of the Afro - American World War Veterans 3 L S. in your communitly. For full particulars write DEPT M, 114$ North Parish Street, Jackson, Mist. tmiumsmtem - sct - A,svt ii - IrSIII ,?tf AV I Redman I Arrangements, Great Trombone Section and . J . fi i fsa : - i r r ii i s n: ii l i i a - i i flr?:'''; II I omJ 01 narian liumore ana Vducniin jaciuQui I l y m: ha Chorus." Hear 'Em "Get Off." iT V '(, i Vivacious Flora Washington, motion picture actress and popular in Los Angeles, who recently returned from the famous "tattle Club" in Shanghai, China. RUCLA1N SISTERS WITH FLOVRNEY CHICAGO, Feb. 21 Ernes - 1 tins - and Josephine MeClainJ starring, currantly at Claude Field's beautiful Zara Club, here on Garfield boulevard, commenting on an article'" thai appeared in The Couris. - recently; stated: Tirr Flourney Miller may be right when ha says that Flo Mills made Lew Leslie instead SWHKKS EAS1T SKI By SPECTATOR i NEW ORLEAN3, Feb. 21 Don Albert and His Music "America's re ate t Swing Band," completed nccessful "swing" through the late of Mississippi, last week. And lieve Spects.tor, there was plen ty of swinging aona. - xne tour ijook Don and his boys to Jack - ion, Vieksburg; Greenville, Yazoo City and Natch, where they were I rreeted with capacity crowds night - Don and His gang returned to i heir old "stomping grounds" aftr ;r an absence of six months, having traveled over 20,000 miles In Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Lou - aiana, Alabama and Kentucky, ilghly elated over the. wonderful - eception sJTorded them at the nany poinu of call. - Tbe X3ba Albert outfit began the Mississippi - tour at Vieksburg with t half hour broadcast over Station SVQSC of the southwest network, and - were heralded with a great ovation, with the following tribute: THE POST HERALD STATION' STATION WQSC V1CX&B - UBG, MISS. Doa Albert And Your Music: "Please accept this letter as a Thank You,' for one of the most enjoyable radio programs that has been my pleasure to broadcast over this station. The" 500 or more persons - who. were studio guests for the program 3 seemed to thor oughly enjoy every .minute of your splendid presentations and many came to zne with, favorable com ments. - Whenever you are - In WQBC territory always remember that there is an open michrophene for you. Good Suck, a your tour and come back soon." O. W. JONES, Station Director. This tribute to Don Albert is typical of .many that are paid him constantly in the South by satis fied natrons of both races. Don. and his aggregation travel in thir own parlor car bus a Greyhound model, seating 22 pas sengers. 1 Albert plans a trip down East in tbe near future, but since that an nouncement . he has been forced to defer the original plans because of I tbe numerous . demands by his If .i - .'.'j DISAGREE MILLE AT of rice versa, but we Xnow that if it had not been for Lew Leslie, we would not hive had a peep in the theatrical profession. The famous twins told a Courier correspondent how Leslie changed their routine for them - and caused them to ; soar into such spots as the Grand Terrace, Re - gal theatre, the Golden Lily and now the Zaxn Club. agents and promoters : in this sec tion for pre - Lenten. engagements. However, he has assured eastern agents that he will Com 'East very soon.. Booking agents I may reach Don Albert at 1661 North Mlro SU here In New Orleans, ; his home la kJ kXMAJ EDVJARD G. ROBIHSOfu'S IR COLUMBIA'S LATEST "THE Courier's Hollywood Correspondent Invited to Glam orous Preview of New Cinema Triumph.. By BERNICE PATTON HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Feb. 21 "The Whole Town's Talking," sensational Columbia Studio opus, starrine the staid luminary of the silver staged its initial preview at theater Wednesday. Inasmuch G. Robinson fans of African de scent clamor tp see nis spectacular "hits," the Columbia Studio invited me to review the picture for America's best weekly, The Pittsburgh Courier. - The militant Robinson plsys a dual role In The Whole Town's Talking," which vies Jor triumph with - Little Caeear," "The Hatchet Man," "Smart Money," "Tiger Shark." "Five Star Final." "Tbe Man W.'th Two Faces." The Llo - tle Giant." and numerous other films he has made famous. The Whole Town's Talking." is Introduced on the screen with a spacious luxuridus, accountant's office of a mammoth wholesale, hard ware company. Edward G - Robin son puritanical clerk, who la as spineless as a jelly fish, when it comes to standing on his own feet. is known . in the office as Jonesey," the aS round joke of the firm. His Ught - o - lov is pretty blonde Jean Arthur, wise cracking, feather brained booKkeeper, who accepts a luncheon date with - good old Jonesey. Meanwhile, he is falsely identified as th notorious nation wide, underworld baron. "Killer Mannion." Sirened police cars whiz the bewildered couple to the jail. where they are grren th third de - gre. Joneacy and . Mis Arthur, They're sin cine the praises along the banks of the old Ohio ( 'Cause Don Kedman, wno ranns one - two wiux tne greatest composers modern Negro music has produced, brought a group of 15 troubadours into everything that was not taccea a down. Including tne neans of some 500 music lovers, who csne to dance, but stood around the orchestra stand to cheer and ap plaud. Monday night's performance de veloped into a migsty ovation for a mastermind of jazz. It was as fin a tribute as we'v ever seen paid an artiste' as fully half the ball crowded around th bandstand and stood witn expressions of rapt awe on their faca as Don took his men through their tricks." Caiqu la Stjie And this man Redman, folks, let me tea you, ne s th very last word. Pittsburgh learned last night just why Chicago raved over him. why the various colleges and uni versities go into ecstacies over him and why the entire mid - West becomes hysterical at th mere men tion of bis name. Watch out. New. York, and the clique which is attempting to stifle him. He's on his way and heU ar rive; with a rush. He'sl got brains and musical genius, has! this batoa - wieider, who arrangements are eagerly sought by Paul "White man and ! tbe other "big shots" along Broadway's "gay white Iway." And our prediction la! that b is promoting a new idea In th way of jazz co ac positions and arrangements ... an idea wfcfeh is des tined to sweep th country Uk tidal wave. He's just, a step removed from the "big three" now, ajnd nothing but th failure of the alleged syn dicate which is refusing to give him his deserved "plat In the sua"; is keeping him out of tbe "top" money. But Redman is a fighter. He knows he has the foods, and he is courageously refusing to sell his soul for a mess of pottage. And you who I read this article are kindly requested to keep this in mind. Red man.' a true race man. with vision and genius. Is also a business man of no mean ability. He's fighting to save the heritage which is his, and hell mak ths grade, too. Th Singing Orchestra Redman has always been known for his arrnagements, and this new style which be is advocating is something which we'v never heard WHOLE TOWS screen, Edward G. Robinson, the magnificent Fox Boulevard as ! thirteen million Edward anown as Eia. gtv a great per formance, WnU Jonesey tries aim lessly! to convince the police that nis nam U really Jones; instead of Mannion, Miss Arthur wises up, and has a hilarious time with de tectives proving to them that she is th gangster's moll though se cretly ; innocent of tb charges. The plot unfolds fast and furi ous. The tension of the audience was breathless when Jonesey was released from jail only to go home and find the real "Mannion" star ing him In th fao from a dark corner in his room. With his life at stak. jonesey Is forced to share his scanty bachelor room with th killer: besides doubling for his crimes at night. Inasmuch as Jonesey's chief hobby was writing novels, and bis boss of the bard - war firm bad a hankering for publicity. In order to put his busi ness on th map, a reporter of popular dairy, wrote a aeries of fea ture stories on how be thought Mannion was laahlrr his way through Ufa aad signed poor Jones' nam to th sensational stories that were th talk of th town, i When uannioo reads the head lines saying "Mannion Is a moron with a gun la his hand, and with out tt ba ia coward." of a pint - sized Harlemaestro tonight! town Monday night and stole Harlem Hot Shots Prove They're "Hot" CHICAGO. Feb. 21 Tne Harlem Hot Spots, sensational song and dance team, that dosed after a successful run at Dave's Cafe, played Monday and Tuesday at Chicago State and Lake theatre, Tbe clever boys stopped the show, despite the fact that their appearance on th bill was an audition. before. In addition to ace musicians, bis men hav been picked for their voices, and when they swing into vocal arrangement behind wierd and compelling Instrumental arrangements. It's something to talk about. They feature not music. sweet musio and original numbers in a mixser which is distinctly Red man tan. Lnttimre, Jack: And remember, this band Is the same wn?a reatures tne one ana only Harlan Lattimore. affection - atelly called the sepia Blng Crosby. This boy's melodious voice, backed by a wonderful personality. wo him encore after eneore Monday night. And supporting him is Quentia Jackson, who mellow tenor voice has a haunting quality which brings memories of the years agone to your mind as you listen to him. And tn addition to that. Redman has the greatest trombone section wee beard In some Urn in B - e - o - nie Morton. Quentln Jackson and Gene Simons. And he also boasts a wonderful - hot" trumpet man in suav Sidney departs, while Man - zie Johnson has tbe reputation of being the best "swing" drummer ia big time musical circles. That comprises some of the in dividuals of an orchestra which is going upwards every day. They're touring now. and they are liable to swing into your section, sometime soon. If they do, don't fail to hear them. And remember, Don's de serving of every bit of support - you and you and you can give him. 'TOPS' FILM, TALKHIG" Don Redman's Band Makes A Donation To Wftberlorce Univ. WTLBERFORCr. O, Feb. 21 Rod Redman at one time leader of th famous McKia - ney's Cotton Pickers and his orchestra was greeted with a packed house Monday afternoon. A large delegation of Don's old friends la Dayton were on hand to give him hearty greetings. The proceeds of the entertainment were donated to Wllberforo University la its efforts to raise funds for the school ths week of Founders' Day cele bration. some fait explaining to do. ended up with Mannion giving him ao tual facts of killings and jail breaks for headlines that not only become the talk or the town, but the talk of th nation. These stories soon summon federal invest gaUon, I causing th capture and killing of th notorious killer. So the arena of crime ia Uk a boomerang. It I comes back to kin th killer. Th Whole Town's Talking. comes from the sizzling pea of W. R. Burnett, and is directed by the I eminent John Ford. Robinson plays ootn role a Chauncey Northern, the dramatic tenor, has won an enviable repute - tioa tn New York ia hi recitals, Music lovers hav been waiting this y - r to hear something good from this artist. Miss Ida Northern, sis - ter to th singer, aad fin pianist has returned ta New York ta fill sraginaiasi I I r "W, l i 1 1 i i k - .V . - .r,AV Shirley Temple and Bill Robinson pose on the famous Bo's steps, in a scene from the:r tew starring flicker, "The Little Colonel." WILUE BRYANT PROVES "GOOD FELLOW NEW YORK. Feb. 21 WtU:e Bryant shewed he bad a "heart of gold." full of real love and admiration for his fellow artists in th theatrical profession, when he called we.i - kaowa band leaders aad foot - light stars to th platform for a personal introduction, during riis recent week's stand at the Harlem Opera Hous la Harlem. Willi made a bit an around when he called from hie box. Tiny Bradshsw. waoae band has Fredi Washington, "Imitation Repeat at By EARL J. MORRIS Staff Correspondent CHICAGO. Feb. 21. Fredl Wash ington and "Imitation of Life" were held over for a second week at the Metropolitan Theatre her. Mr. Al Biasko. rotund maaaging - d.rector I stated. "We have done more business with th motion picture "Imi tation of Life" and Fredi Washing - on, on of th stars making a per sonal appearance with the flSm, than any other week ia the history of Wsrner Brothers Metropolitan Theatre. So eager were the people to see the picture with their own stars that hundreds paid for "standing room." To accomodai the thrones of people that crowded into the thea ter, it was necessary for Biasko to cpen the theater an hour earlier. I Mr. Hugh Thornton, tall b an d seas e manager of the theater darted to MANAGER OTSTEI iY iME HEIL1G CHICAGO. Feb. 2L Much ado has been made here over the dismissal of "Senilis g Sam" Swindler from Dave's Cafe. Rumors were rif that ill - feeling had caused tbe break between Dave HeUig. tbe owner and Sam Swidler. Bat Mr. Heilig. who is IS at present, stated to a Courier reporter that. There wss nothing personal about my letting Sam .go. It was for business reasons." Mr. Heilig and bis Dave's Cafe cam into punae spouigtu nation ally wbes he fathered Leonard Reed's "Rhythmbound" mot last fall. Mr. Swidler and Mr. Heilig I ars Jewish. Heilix stated. T em - ployed Mr. Swtdler. because be said teat be could bring business. My business went into a decline and I took over the management myself. 1 We ar stiH vood friends." Rumor I also has it that Ollle Sanford. bead I waiter. W slated to go bcaua lhis aUaaed anpopulanty. V V V f had a locg and successful run in Harlem, gave Tiny a big send off amtd tfc.utderou a?p.aue and graciously asked Tlr.y .to conduct his Willie's) orchestra In a hot eumber. TfcU Tiny d - d. to wild applause. Willie also called to tbe stage. A'.berta Hunter, recertry returned from a sucresaful tour of E - rcpe. Mae Wtltman. wiocn Willie gave credit for tart: eg him in tbe theatrical b - aad Jnnney Hai;m. the pant ox Ice kirg. of Life9' the "Met and fro In an effort to seat the many patrona A crew of extra ushers were given Jcb to handle tbe huge crowds. Th maner la which tb people of Chicago South side socked to see th picture with oolored star sbottld cause th producers to dance witn glee because their daring perimeat Is a tresseadoo Chappy Gardner of New York also reported that similar large crowds of people la Harlew jammed theaters to view "laattetioei of Ufa." The picture opened here at several of the large house stmultanteoaary, The picture bas been a bit through out Chicago and both whit colored audiences, by their attend - aara, prove tbst th American public want to see colored motion picture star a If Hollywood Is wis the wtn go into production wltk several pictures with colored stars Ar. tbe cast. t many I ilME lb IX .Kk.T AJ T M Meee rmarly sal as4 saake HUS fa' A.mA Im. mm Cm II Jeesets Aad JLaeSstMa Thiers. iaA ImtmJ luked Be oeJarrm. Kee.T Talak f lea. liew ! ii laos Otar Ta lew Hvee - r Hie. nf 'ZTW1 mm tats Ufeewtatleei Is sTaT.1 tXUTX.Sa tmmt Se mmy ad. 1 far Oat gL Or. T" TTtV f T ' tss s ptwm fi KIMBEKK Dews Wai" O! Its a Firasml J w w V IS FVkAX CO, ItDsYOUC. tr?tJs Savs Exxl Illitea Is WhcU "Show At ralace, N. Y. NEW YORK. Feb. 21 Variety. UAb week, has the fLowiag ta say about Earl llisee. wTo appeared reeeatly at the Palace. New Tcra: - It's Eari lUtas this week. Not that the rt e - f th acta da ocer XBuch, but tsat the et .9 of syaopatioa t reeovadlag, that tbe colored band dominate th staze fare. "Arcu&d Chlcas - a. Iliaes tast bears a certain scegnetitt stamp. measlcg ultra - torrid rhytaa. as 4 wrtb bis NBC aiircgs. be has a fat iowing Not ver (axLr to eaV era addicts, fc - oer. as sticks cloee to tbe Grani Terrac Ca.'a. but j'jdf'.r r from t metropotttaa reception Ms its sfeoald b so re frequaat. Those that like tbair ena - siv straight caa ravel la the real stuff bar. Art takes up 3 m.satee, not ineludirxg th extra eacora. wMcb duvlaye more of H - nes a - pert ptaaeior a." Herthell Banks and His Bend Touring HOPXINSVILLE. Ky, FeV 21 Kertben Banks and his band are stepping aloeg Ana tb rough niiaaia. M:oerl.Ke. tucky aad Tenaeseea. Contact lb eta st 1X3 Te"oajVe street, thle city. Silas Green Show Set for Rehearsal HeWNSWICK. Ca Feb After several weeks of lasetmty. th 8:1a Creea Show is soe aat to start retting It's f op e to4the egaia. The car is bl - g rejta - atrd oo th taid aad uta - de Sierel new trucks have bees added aad aew eoetuaaes aad areary hav bees ordered. Every thfa La ex pected ta be in first order by March 11 tA. tn date Set foe first rehearsal. A3 bnd see snuet b bere by this time lo get steasure - mests fcr aew aetfom - e. etks ar to Top" a3 of her arts la past years. LOCKE SISTERS ARE SENSATION ON AIR ST. LOUIS. Fib. 2L Th Lock Sisters, aew singing seasatyaa fear, ar creating saacb Interest wuk their broadcast wttb th Oracksr - jacks e - rer etsttoa XW. The trvo of aiaglag gtrts ar kaowa a the flepta BoeweC Sister sH. mis. Their aaraaoey Is slanl sr la ths Bowe3 Sister, bd they hav aa erigtaal styl. Tbey ware. discovered ay Joseph Br - aoka. ass cee at tha Dane Bex. "Dream Kinr" To Be Git en Two Evenicr; wirrrE plains, n. t. Feb. a With fiaal castiax plan ceeapUV ed and rahaarssOa sietna' tba tV il t are. th Watte Plata Raa - restVon Cocaml .o kas anAoemovd Feb. M aad March 1 as ths ov. alags for the a3 eoiored rrra at th Eaetview Aveea Jsroe HOh scaooi aadUutiuaa. caTed Klr.g, - Royal Knights to Make Tour cf Scnth CHATTANOOGA. Tea a, Feb. 21 Th Rcyal Ktlghta. wh fcavt bea packlsx 'ecs ta at the Cctt09 Oub. here, aad wo have gaiaed tha reputation of be leg of this action' greaieot wtax baada, ar preparing ta towr Ka tucky. Fastera Ten a e see a. Georgia aad Alabama. For m cazemreta. writ T. R. Taylor. 1U3 E. Mb strvet. thai city. 39 2lr 'ftli rLR - wt tJ A fx Tmm Cm t OMain Oela Mmr. klmm S VTWs Otacra C ba ) V ajss Oevv t t i i r is t t m'.T. ht 1 I it - ; : Mr f 15. !; i - I nn

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