The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on October 6, 1934 · Page 14
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 6, 1934
Page 14
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, - in rcmi siicorm secticjiv TkePittiburghrC on tier SATURDAY, OCTOKEcc im WiWlMWMmaMMWIWllMMHWMWWWWWIlWMI. 1 - 1 II. HWILIlll . in r - nrg ttt - tu - a .... 1 - - III II B MM s 1 SBss Ssi sasss 'IsFORTTSf: OF - ALL SORTS Mmmgmts: may Mars, 3 - 1,' - m, . Beats Chi, 3 - 2 IMBLE - PUTY: RADCLIFFEl artaa - Kin - CHQCOILATE'S GALfi ' i v - . i. - '. IS i f '.'sseti !&GKS IN SDCTHi - GRAWS iGJLDENMEN'S RALLY By W. ROLLO WILSON 1 W ; YORK, Another crowd of more than 20,000 braved the cloudy, threaten - Uirtw' "her on Snndav to see the second four - team double - header slaved in the r qualjtadium, and again the enthusiastic followers of the national pastime thrilled to vri!5 iloua playing of the stars of 'the game. - '. ? n(Ji the first battleSatchell Paige of the Crawfords. and Slim Jones, of the P hilly S3d their iud engender - , t - ;irirllnai .doubleheader, J gxABS 1) fitbn ngRWianaer wne - a - - Vr laureie. a iwwub ge&y. 2b Ab.B,H.C.E. inning was never Creacy, Sb I r 6tti flld nd UipV ' ,h 'vlf. i,a 8 - 1,caIp 11600 Caaey. rf .. Fon in 4h ixtn no Hayes, e .;. ...... - vf feftnlfhtca bUted Washington, cf . jlfia" gmap of tb; Chi - Jones, p - . . .an Giants M the.Biack - ,is ; :ard . tjufe runs to sink . Totals....... i tws - rtin margin 'which - had ' - . 1. To plants tiU then. v CRAWFORDS 4i(miifv eartmoniei tafl Bo - i ' 1 j tea B - d'ainson presenting travel - Bfll, cf : fcasji t Jones anid Paige in rec - Harris, If - rf .. Itioa' Of their formr jhurling Charleston, lb aal "&, tossing of the first Qibson, c. .... i t .nmmlssiofl r to - Rob - Johnson, 3b .". - : tv - Jiitef receiving it from Coffield, If ity Qlerk Albert MarinellL Williams, 2b U W: Vic Harris and Gibson, Morney, ss ?e on' balls to Charleston and Paige, p, '"r . Sr - B. - . - error Accounted for j,;pji - f.d bv the Craws ini Totals.. . vswr first inalne of the game. Philadelphia S fro then on the great Paige Pittsburgh ...... 4 4 4 4 4 2 0 1 - 0 ' 0 0 0 p 08 1 1 1 a 2 10 0 2 0 1 1 9 0 1 00 1 .SO 1 B 85 2 Ab. It. II. C. E. ...... 4 Z 3 ...... 4 4 3 3 3 3 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 1 11 2 10 i a 5 2 4 3 3 American Giant. Ab.R.H.C.E. Stearns, cf ..... , D. Radcliffe, 3b SutUes, lf Wills, ss Scott, lb Redus, rf Brown, c' ...... Marshall. 2b ... T. Radcliffe, p. . 3 3 3 2 3 2 2 1 2 Totals. BUck Yankees .21 2 9 21 C Ab. R. II. C. K. '. t:., i I ,i il .30 3 7 38 0 000 000 1001 " 200 000 1Q 3 tuation's master. . I i wo - Daa mu - wiiBon, AiacKuy, Philadelphia, score came nariesion. aioien Dases wruicn - avonth. - inninz . Creacy 1 field, Williams. Sacrifice Casey. danced to second on a Double play Seay, Mackay. Bases ianl .rnrpd when Vic I on balls Off Jones 2. Struck out iMackey'a long fly in I By Paigi 7, Jones 6. PawKd ball trt Held. Tbe bail nop - l jiluii. umpires oaoiston, Spearman, rf . Jenkins. If .... C. Thomas, cf Scales, 3b D. Thomas, lb Cannady, 2b .. Yancey, ss Clark, c. ...... Stanley, p. .... Blake r.' - ... - ... t I J - T7 V. i afj , : jhe foul une into tne i wfi - swos a double, 3 3 2 2 2 3 2 2 1 0 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 2 9 6 1 6 3 0 Total. .20 3 3 26' jyjorords wo added a run laat innin& Jody. Jobnson wm Then, with darkness coming on . K2 - flObble ana wutcn - i apace, the umpires decreed thut O behind him. Williams i the game would end with that sem. v: - wblch Dunn lumDiea, i ester The Chl Qiants did nothing 1 T?n una lne acKS we I in their half. to vyuson, ia4 j,, Beckwith batted for Stah - UJCAJknd JOnnsoa lauiea. jey and drew a base on balls. Blake X3U iannea. m I went in to run for him. Spearman cy n lo blasted a long one to center field : 1 ,1 the ninUx Jud Wil - and only Blake's slowness afoot ; ! - . as ha grounded to and poor coaching at third base - '' fplece flying into the kept him f rom . getting a triple , . irrst base. Nobody was again. As it was. he had to faot - I: jsptaln," Henry "Wilson, f00t back to second when he saw .'':'',iMi:':',MoonU8 - nt '. Ship" the emergency runner was anchor - - .r m mrwrxj m n r I n tki.j 1 . ' m . w. . i vu iuuu aim a iui ux Xius mruBe Win la Final when Umpire Forbes called him inp was' dashed from T , . j t Giants by the Car - 1 aL jeimius men aouoiea io major league, bo also I riht center and the score was tied. of victory spill from! xuo 'cs siraiegy Beckwith batted for Stanley In tne sixth. Ran for Beckwith in sixth?"" (Called at end of 6th; darkness. Two - base hits Brown, Speai man. Jenkins. . Three - base hit Spearman. Sacrifice C. Thomas Bases on ball Off T. Radcliffe Stanley 1. Struck out By T. Radcliffe 6, Stanley S. Passed ball Clark. Umpires Forbes, Craigg ana Cholston. X i 1Mb t i Mcpherson 200 - pound Courier All - Am erican center of last year, who will be at center for Wilberforce when they tackle - Alabama State in Montgomery this Saturday night. SIM ECJIEI WASHINGTON.. Oct 4 Ellgio Montalvo , y Sardlnlaa, the Kid Chocolate of ring game, baa been granted an extension of his temporary stay In the United State, his attorneys, Howard & Hayes, were notified last Monday by Immigra tion authorities. v Permission to stay In the United States under his last admission from Cuba expired Sepumber 2. Shortly before he fought Andre SariHa here on August IT he was notified by Unmlgr&Uoa authotltle he would have to leave the United States by that date or be deported. Through Howard A Hayes. Chocolate mad application for extension of his temporary permit to the district director of Immlgratlor and naturallzaton at San Francisco, the port of his last entry. NASHVILLE AWAITS NORTH - SOUTH GAME MEMPHIS. Tenn, Oct '4 Final arrangements for the all - etar games between the selected players from the south and north will come to arms Sunday. October 7th. Nashville. Tenn. All plans have been thrashed out and the much desired games will begin under the business management of the com - MORRIS BROWN ROMPS OVER FT. VALLEY 3,1 - 6 CENTENNIAL. STADIUM, MACON, Ga, Oct 4 Unleashing a powerful offensive, with a freahmiui backfield leading the attack. Morris Brown College of Atlanta, Git, romped to victory over the Fort Valley Institute eleven at Ctntta - nial Stadium last Thursday afternoon by the one - sided score of 81 - 4, thereby bringing to a close the un defeated four - year record of the Valley team, who boast of victories over some of the leading football aggregations of Dixie. It la estimated that repeal dldnt banish the bootlegger from th land and it Is also a well known fact that prohibition failed woefully to eo so. mlttee of Dr. J. B. Martla. Secretary U. S. N. Cobb and Di. B, B. Martin of the Southern Lague; Thomas T. WHson. President Gus Greenlee and Robert Co!e of the National Leagve. Excursions will run over all of the leading ronds to Nacbvii.e for the contest, while many fr ere planning to go direct from Mem phis in automobile. Join'.nc others along the way to Sulpher Dell, the grounds of the heated battt. The North has decided to have the hard htttlng Suttles. lb; Hughes, 2b; WUIle WelU. ss: Snow. 3b; Cool Papa Be'.l of Turkey 8tearns, rf; Vick Herri. If: Speed ball Paije. p; Trtnt, p; WU'.is. p i - orter. p; Duxes and uibson, c. Southern All Stars will conttct of Meriweather. Monroe, lb; Car'.yle. Birmingham. 2b; Longly. MemphU, ss; smith. Memphis, lb; Jerry Benjamin, Birmingham or Curry. Memphis, rf; Mason. Memphis. If; Griffin. Monroe, p; Howard. Mem phU. p; Vance, Birmingham, p; t; ran son. Monroe, p; Elsh. c. AllTexas Awaits Annual Titular Clash Between Prairie View And Wiley SEE 8RID G30HT CROUD 70 CLASSIC GOMERY State Out To Beat Ex - Coach MONTGOMERY, Ala.. Cel. 4 The first capital i u erstwhile Confederacy and the home of colorful Alasin PROBABLE STARTING UtiEUP WILBERFORCE Po. ALABAMA. STATL Rains L.E. CrfwUa Edward L.T. Mi.1i Smith L G IS. I'arkrr (A1LC) McPherson C r..UUi William R.O LHtuj L Robinson R.T. J. Robing A. V.lUIanis . v R. 1 C Parin Johnson F.R. Rrra Hart L II Wrlrh tr Ml Rain R - H IVvH Jrnkin Q.B. Officials: Rffr Brown (Union); Umpire CoUm (Hampton); llcadUnniman Mosley (Slorthou). Place Cramton Bowl. MontKom r - . WHATATACKLE By HOBART JARRETT MARSHALL, Tex, Oct 4 The Wiley - Prairie View clash scheduled for Dallas at the State Fair of IS&K Slow BoVt tadju on Monday. Octo - rJftirtr nica8 CiUD Thorf,a, ; r rnf T.hmo. .A ber 15, will be the outstanding early r . . ... , .A urlfli Vat tn twivi Th - . ,.!,. erld attraction in the southwest Y :Sub2rrt aa a7uton pasi ree 8easons' botn A.'! - tUDurgn Vk assist on t.. . - .... Wildcats and Panthers have been v - t a m!i. i i. nomas i aner jnnt i nomas had k migl WogU bet" oubl. play. Cannady fouled Wildcats and Panthers have been YOOgi oet on wio ew I rf I contestants for nntinnnl hannn init If early season dope counts any - thing, both squads are figuring on going far in the national cham pionship chase this fait Wiley. Prairie View and Langa - ton finished last season in a triple Ue for Southwestern honors and the big game at Dallas next Mon day will go a long way toward determining the champion of the con ference this year. Both squads were hurt by numerous graduations, but each has a wealth of new material recruited from the leading hign schools of the State. ,1'. 4. Vi i.t "T n.vfirl out to Dave Brown. i Ci i - win or arw - waa . filly Yancey, who was In a simi - . - ::t r',. ..V - - - I'" position in the game played a vci - .'. ; - 4t v vAcMHrn I w weeks ago was then the hitter Vr ; - mSSTA .trnl With the count three and two Billy Touau.Jvov waa "hof'J - w talked, Tancey scored and to an,,t),.r rtlt him for a Naw York went the glory. v.'. and had .icorn a ... hreel goon be time for the Ion ir - h aired ; - Jackson ColV.t they gotlachool boy to button his coat and Campbell Co elxth and' spout: "The fros' is on tha punkln." , Rust College KANSAS CITY TO RUN SPECIAL TRAIN TO TUSKEGEE - WILBERFORCE GAME KANSAS CITY, Mo., Oct. 4 (ANP) Kansas Citians are planning to go to the Tuskegee - Wilberforce football game to be held in Chicago October 20, in numbers. Plans are on foot to take a special train, J. W. Peecher, 2206 E. 25th street, being in active charge of the arrangements, while a citizens' committee, headed by Dr. H. W. Bruce, assisted by Mrs. Mary Adkins and Leroy Hollett, are sponsoring the trip. Plana call for reduced rates, hotel accommodations, meals and World's Fair admission. i:X . TOTAL ... LOUISIANA ; - ; V Leland Colleg " . .' New Orleans - Southern Uni Straight Colleg . '''' Xavler College PREP FOR BENEDICT .,rh city ISSSl : M ei.t ITM i '"X'i.V hsr Sum4y .when the f6i pshurgii':'CraVf'orda battle feMv - gPhSiWpliIa - Stars and f$?? & firew..TorJt "Black Tan - - Ll - i'. .' ;; ji. - riSJi iaa hcstling Home - v hpy ift "big' double - bar - fylraictioa t - 'Griffith Sta - l r f; Crawfpr - l - Philadelphla 1 - 'wV outatanding pitchers of the season, who thrilled Yan kee Stadium fans twice in late sea - uui mrmmmm fiatnhAll Pd 1 arm tr. t ed speed ball hurler of the Craws M7UT Bro'Sl '"'v"' at ATLANTA, Ga Oct 4 Benedict College, under the .leadership of David Gunn, former Hampton Institute football and basketball lu minary, will bring his 1934 football proteges to town Friday afternoon to do battle with his ancient rivals. MONTGOMERY, Ala.. Oct 4 Jerome Morris, fleet Hornet back frsm Lakeland, Fla.. shifted this season by Hornet Mentors from halfback to quarterback, gets the artist of the Stars, will oppose each ons Pener hr - , Tha PenrLsjlvai railroad la run - other on tha mound. ning a special excursion: to Wash lngton, D. C wheih leaves Pitts burgh Saturday night and returns Ponce "de Leon Park, in the sea - Grid Scores early Monday morning. The cost of J Bluefield . the excursion to interested fans I Ala. State will be only $5.00. field Siiilleona stir y " J0ht.w . ,ct - Barber - Scotia avh of Winston - Sale drubbing ' ' I Capital TOTAL - f Spring - r irophy .bmar. Both Golfers For Trophy .... 8 Va. State ...40 Xavler Morris Brown 81 Ft Valley Ark. State ... 6 Jams ... Southern ....25 La. State Morgan .....34 Cheyney .... 0 0 KN0XVILLE GIANTS BEAT WHITE CLUB OHIO Wilberforce, game on i."tVi mi i 'if s'fc.i - OSUVHOMA n to Play - : ColeredTA. & y in a fr'y " . - 'a Park KNOXVLLLE, Tenn., Oct 4 (By Cecil Joe Gr - an for ANP) Knox - villa Giants wefeated Briceville, a whit club) 9 to 8 before a blx crowd at Briceville last Sunday. This is the fourth white club the Giants have toet and have been victorious in. three of the games. Golf Links at Decatur. In. one of the feature matches of the day. Clark and vinston, who was run' nerup in the Colored National Golf Tftiirnnmant I TnrilnTtiinolia in 1Q5 were defeated by tha two Gorums.jTh Santa have loot only 7 games Vilaxnl nsmm S. was mmAmttm 1 WUL Oi W. Colored Central Illinois. Golf As sociation waa organised and the I of Sprlngflnld; secretary. Warren following officer were elected: I Vinston. Peoria, and treasurer, T. President, .Edward T. Oorum, Br, 1 Robinson, Bpringfleld. BISHOP SQUAD BUSY MARSHALL. Tex, Oot 4 Under the direction of Coach Brlce Taylor the Bishop Timers are working as a Bishop team has never worked before. Their victory over Xavler last week gave them chance to see the weak p'.acea and Coach Taylor Is working like. Trojan to strengthen thm for the timet that will give them the acid test State Teachers College, will lift Itself out of te cl&as cf on - game towns aa it takes on a real gridiron air tccay in anticipation of the interaectional classic of the Southeajt tha season to be playrd at CramUm Bowl toaljbt (Saturday bight) between the Alabama State .Teachers Coi:ce and the Wrberferea UnJ - veralty Green Wave o Xenla, O. Accustomed to an Influx of st era! thousand alumni and rabid football faae each Tha&ksclvtnf when Batr.a State and Tuakejee play the recogalsed Dixie Caaaic. Montxoraerians awoke today to find macy Of tha same - elsttora, already la '.own to get a peep at the Hornets of 114 and to ee the nationally - famous w::bcrforc eleven In its first southern appearance aln: 1930 when th Hornets were their hoet opponents at Birming ham. With the Bama Stat attrac tive eound truck Just returned from visits to Troy. Dotha, - Bat - bridge. TbomaevlUe. Tallahassee, Pensacola, Mobile. Brewton. Ever green. GalneevUle. Tukegee. Au burn, Opelika. Columbus, Maaoa. Atlanta. Rome. AnnU'.on. Tallade ga. Cadtdea. Blrmlnsbam, Tusca loosa, Greensboro, Marion, tjeten - town. Selma and Wetumpka this week to distribute five thonsand special Invitations, the folks are here and ready to partake of that genuine Montgomery boepltellty along with the Alabama State - WU - berrorca game. From Pwnnryl - vanla and The Pittsburgh Courier has come Sports auditor Chester L. Washington, to cover the game and Thiszs seem to be about at badly nMtcd as boarding hojjie hash. Jerome Morris Scores First Southern 1 ' ; Conference Touchdown; Hornets Win Novo For 'Force! Xavler Wilson . Griggs . Pharr Bloom . Hearst . Hawkins Hill .... Pitts .., Allen ,., Miles .. Walton Alabama Staio X. E. . s L X.. , eUa. G. 4 v C. t We R. G. e T C ....Q. B.... . . . .L. H. . . . . . R. H . . p. T Score by quarters: Xavler 0 0 0 Alabama State .... 13 14 6 Touchdowns State, J. Morris, 2; Freeman, Brown. Scrivena. X, Points after touchdown Broome, Brown, 2; White, Rowls. First downs Xavler 6. Ala State 4. .Officials Referee. Collins of Hampton; umpire. Brown of Virginia Union; headlinesman. Abbott of South Dakota. Crenshaw . .. Martin N. Parker . ... Drake . . LivUay . . . Banks C Parker ..t Morris . Freeman . . Broome . . . Brown COURIER SPORTS EDITOR TO BROADCAST 'F0RCE - ALA. GAME The athletic department of Alabama State College has invited Chester L. Washington, Pittsburgh Courier Sports Editor, to preside at the microphone and announce; the big WUberforce - Alabama State grid battle in Crampton Bowl, Montgomery, this Saturday. "Ches" will also give a detailed account of this important inter - sectional battle in next week's issue of The Courier. Evans Beats World's Champ At Billiards eive a p'y - by - puy detail throurn th sound system at Cranston bowl as be did eo effectively last Thanksclvtcg for the Tuskegee - A ibimi State claic. Besides the attraction nf the i Hornets and of Wlloerforce la the return of Gaston F. Lewis, alumnus j of Wilberforce an4 coach at AU - I bama State for eight consecutive veaeons Until his return this fail to his alma mater as chief men tor. He w.Il be working for hts alma mater and ftyhting for a good tart In hie new Job but he win be facing boys whom he came to admire down la Alabema through his c!ght years here. The Alabama State "coaching combination of 18I" Includes Coaches Dunn ar.d Locitf. art with wteaa he was as elated fcr eight years and then Coachee Rufu Lewts. E. Camp - bell, derrick Hardy. Frank lewis and Campbell, whom he taught and relief upon duricr hts tutorial career at Alabama. Sin? hie arrival Thursday night with hts new gridiron protgs. he hss been g!ad:y welcomed and feted ar.d ran only rept hi recent statement Tn a letter to rreIdnt H C Trenholsn "May the bet t win. Thle story would not be conRpleie without aote of t aceompenylr.f attraction. The festivities started Thursday night a parade and tana program as W.Jbrforce arrives and continued last n'ght with a monster pep rally at the x:r,e and then a daac for th vuitora. Tody. the three dutiactiv nrr. ?tate orchestras. Cot'. flans Revel lers and Cavaliers are divider g CAPT. UtNXT GUDYZR 8etar West Wglnia - a'e CiV lege tackle, who - will b art! in againat Ken'irky s - Ccllec Saturday. G."if "r from Hoatitstcr. CARDVELL'S 1 1 'VIIIS FIRST CLARXS3URG. W. Va. Ort. Kei: MUier high eehor and experienced gtid team muc" tor a Utht but crr;r gaatown acgregatoa at v ton Irving' f.eid aa the Wstr - bey won SOl Coach Mark CriCe prr:t scored a3 their points la te T. r. haf. eoaating sa poi. - .ts ! - s Initial pefod asd fojr.n second. ProtacUaium la aaid te t ' valuable BBetal en earth, t 't wtsrth Jtiro.OCO an eu. 5 - r - ii a crook steel a ptird f ' ' ouU b set up fr I' - c - .. i 2kMaicRazorIess NEW YORK CITY, Oct Jas. Evans, colored pocket billiard artist defeated Andrew Ponzi. the world's champion. In three etrsizht blocks in a special 375 polnU exhibition match at Hutchinson's B.l - oue, Monday, Tueiday and Wed - credit for the first touchdown made by a Southern Conference team in 1934 when he stepped off 31 yards before the game was two minutes old here Saturday night to start tha parade that reiiulted In a slash ing 40 - 0 Alabama Slate Teachers College Hornet victory over the ambitious Xavler University eleven from New Orlesns in the first game played by any of the Southern Conference teama. nesday nights, September 24. 3 and 26. The final scor waa Evans. 3T5 points; Ponrl, 307. High runs, Evans. 58; Ponxl 3T. Mr. Ponxl's title was cot at slake. A. Smith la writing to d.eturb the Republicans, and Herbert Hoover Is writing to disturb the Demo crats Neither one has any merry on the general public r A .Tm' the hourly aseiretner.ts over rta - l tton WSFA as musical reminders! i inir,ii sriairon i; - .rtc;:oa rw w - - Interest to all MM of Moctgotn - yeyiLZ f 1 1 erys populaca The Bama State! Football band win Ue la evidence i at the game under' the Katon ft l WUsmwws end wttfce rerJrl Director W. Lewreae returns from his new work at the Spelman College to contribute hts h;t to thle colorful gridiron classic that wtll b rung down with daace at the college and dowatewn arret the gem to top off the day rot Moatgomerians and visitors. 3AJV U X a - r. BAtt Jj I eat wtrtM. 0ar j - - .' rw (Vn. r a rt - K" 1 tot r '' Oo, DC T7 . ' fT eml mkxfis wyoo rn '.mr - . . i IT - TTeamms ITlIiiounslh Cousi?5ei? Spor?S Pases! t . j " - e

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