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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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.1 i Hit (cl gATURDAYr SEPTEMBER 29, 1934 Th PittMbuTgJi Co or it, baUbuJMbv JlSWlE UU 4ilMlnM'l WASHINGTON, Sept 27 MBy Edward Lawson for thP jLNP) Statin that had more poEitibns thin under any Ptheiv Clark. JWemaoS Advisor" oh he Economic status of the pide by Miss Gre'tchen of thii cltyt. thatrhe wa sonsortng I policy of segregatloa iithla the liptrtmenu I uit McRae. in a statement to the press laat wei is working '4 if Pis stated "lack of appolntmeiua in the public Works Administration is a tMi example 01 now policy of against the jniirMts of colored appUiants and tupayert. and also a gooj example what the inexperlenc adviser on Negro Anairs jui bq ps wui 4 rormn answered by a inounclng ttt tppotnlment of John I A.

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Moses' sower can be votrr New Childf eiiiTcr be associated with hia uncle, Dr. R. A. Pogue, who. came from Blue field.

W. in 1929 to take over the work of the late Dr. Johnson. New Kensington, Pa. Mr.

and' Mrs. C. E. Jackson, Mr, and Mrs. E.

Jackson and two small sons, all of Greensburtr. were the week end guests of Mr.rand' Mrs H. Palmore of Stanton avenue. Miss Clarice' Baxter of Indiana oolis. Misses Imogene Pal more, Alyce White, Marie White, Lindsay Dioxn, Richard Dixon and Mr.

Cox of Greensburg, also visited the Palmore and the Kennedys. Mrs. Palmore was formerly Edna M. Kennedy of Greensburg. The popular Rltz Club of Greens burg will meet at the home of Ray mond and John Kennedy Friday evening.

An old fashioned barn dance was given at Peacock Inn Saturday, Sept. 22. under the auspices of the Pittsburgh Tourist Club featuring Gertrude Long's Nite I Mrs. Pattie Howard of Fifth avenue entertained the Hallie Cj. Brown Club last Thursday.

Mrs. Elinor R. Carmack and daughter, Estella, left last week to join her husband, Carl Carmack in Beckley, W. Va where he has been living for several months. 4 Messrs.

Wallace Waugh, Thomas Dorsey and Miss Clara Powell motored to Greensburg Sunday evening to visit friends. Mr. and Mrs. CllfTord Jackson spent the week end in Chicago. Mr.

and Mrs. Charlea Bradley oi Third avenue have announced the arrival of a daughter. Mr. and Hunter Howard of "West Tarentum are the happy par ents of son born last Thursday. Mrs.

Theo. Patterson "of Twelfth street is seriously 111 at her home. Mrs. Gus Irvm of Second avenue is able to be out again after recent illness. Ernest, The Sunday; School of the Indi ana District will meet at Benezette, Fa September 31st The public Is cordially Invited.

Mr. Hopkins la president, Mr. McCary, secretary, and Mr. Smith, treasurer. Mr.

and Mrs. Mickens and daugb. tr. Genevieve, motorea ro uieve lnd. last Thursday to visit with friends.

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Last Sunday a number' of visitors were present from Mercersburg and gave talks during the Sunday school hour. Mrs. ICaustln, mother of one of the boys, gave a talk on the future possibilities! of the camp school. The other visitors were Mrs. Rhoda Cuflff, Mr.

and Mrs. Davis and Misses Viola and Elizabeth Phil. An exciting baseball game was played Monday with the boys of Camp 314. The two outstanding stars on the team are Frederick Doulphin and Benton Franklin of Pittsburgh. John Webb.

Steve Doughty and Paul Graham also deserve special menUon for their excellent playing, A. new club has been organized at the camp with the following John Lewis, president; Henry Lundy, vice president. The trainers are John Lane, John Matthews, Eley Wesby and Henry Lundy. The membership totals 32. Johnstown, Pa.

Mrs. Burrell K. Johnson has been appointed a member of the local Y. W. C.

A. Girl Reserves Commit tee. Mrs. Johnson is now visiting her aunt, Mrs. Amrose Gee or Zanesvllle, O.

Last week, Mrsj Deane B. Left wich entertained E. L. Davis Club. Mrs.

G. Handy conducted a parliamentary law drill. Several new members were added. Rev. E.

Swaston, Cambria County We: fare League president, and Homer Burton, local poet, sponsored an Emancipation day celebration last Friday. Savannah iDunman'g Penh Silver Chorus' has beyt chosen ry Rev, B. E. Swanson, C. C.

G. j. represent the Negro's contributions to American civiliza tion, on, International Day Pageant, October 13th at the Point Stadium; The chorus scored heavily at a recent meeting of the C. W. L.

and was" requested by' the C. C. G. j. president.

Nelson Elsasser, to appear at their meeting. The C. C. W. L.

and. the N. A A. C. P.

will be represented in the parade by sym bols which are being painted By Miss Ann Sawy er, local artist, i The N. A. A. C. P.

made a hous ing survey and found that more than 100 visitors ican be lodged in the central part of the city. This information is on file for conven tions and conferences. Edgar Fair fax was chairman of the commit tee and was assisted by Edward Crockett and Mrs. Anna Rodgers. liortTrx Pa.

4 Mn and George Holmes at tended the W. Va. Association? in Avella, Pa Thursday and Friday, Mr. and Mrs. Holmes and grand mother, Mrs.

Ellen Bennett Mrs. Irene Smith, Rev. Archie, Duvall Williams" and Mrs. Louise Archie, attended the Emancipation cele bration" held in McDonald, Sept 22. Mrs.

Martha Carrington, aged 65, died Sunday, Sept 23, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Luvina. Jones. She is survived by three sons, six daughters, one brother, 22 grand childern and five great grandchil dren, i Mrs. Emma Poindexter visited her daughter, Mrs.

Charles Wilson of Farmington, W. Va, The nine original members of the "Roll. Llttls Chariot company, who arrived in New York from Boston to join the cast are fine and people. This caat will be a big asset to; the lay, vhicn is expeoiea iu et piuuoji iuuk Fairmont, W. Va.

j. A arroup' olose' to 700 people attended the Jimmie' Lunce ford dance In the Armory on the 18th. Tommy Stevenson "stole the show" with his 'whistling" trumpet Here's hoping Jimmie and his boys return. All roads will lead to Fairmont October 5th when Dunbar1 High plays Lincoln High of Wheeling, at South Side Park. Bill Mears' Sunset Koyal Entertainers of I West Palm Beach, will play the opening sport dance ot the season, the night of October 5tb, In the Armory.

Rev. A. B. Adams, Wilberforce University and pastor of the Mace donia and Good Hope, Baptist churches in Wheeling and Barrack ville respectively is here on busi ness, A goodly crowd attended the Emancipation Day program at South Side Park, Saturday. Prof.

J. Ruppert Jefferson of Parkers burg delivered the address. The Fairmont Giants defeated the Clarksburg' Cardinals two games of baseball 9 8 and the night cap 5 4. James "Sugarbowl" i Davis piloted a hand picked team td vie tory. Mrs.

James Kyle of Harvey is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Win. Mackey and Mr. and Mrs.

Nick Kyle at Barrackville. i jving wuver ana nis Victor re cording orchestra played at the Elks Rest, Monday night i Mrs. Carrie Suddeth has returned from Lumberton. N. C.

i Verne Sterne and Mr. Fischer of Pittsburgh were visitors in town Monday on business. Allison, Pa. Robert Eubanka pf Avella. Pa.

was a visitor Sunday in Allison. Mr. and Mrs. Obedlah Williamson were visitors in Brownsville, last week. Malichl Saundors is able to return to his employment after long seige of illness.

Cora Perkins, Rev. and Mrs. Smythe and daughter. Gertrude, at tended the lecture Tuesday night at the Mt Zion A. M.

E. Church or Brownsville. Rev. J. Salaloo T.

Decker, a native African, lectured on The Natives In the Juneles of Africa." Mr, Decker Is a student at Payne Theological Seminary at Wilberforce University. The New Bethel Church pulpit ts now vacant The former pastor, the Kev. Johnson, preached hia farewell sermon and took up his duties la West Virginia, Duqaesne, Pa. i The Faithful Workers Club of the Jerusalem Baptist Church, will meet at the home of Mrs. Julia Ward, Linden street October 1st Rev.

Steward, teacher of Hebrew, has been giving some Interesting taixs on "Teaching of the; roph rcjr ai ayne Chapel A. M. Church for the past two weeka. Miss ioretta Rome was hostess at a birthday party given at her home last Thursdav ovvninc Among the guests were Miss L.ucy. Jackson.

Timothv McCov of Aliquippa, William Leftwich. Julius Luaiey. Miss Mozelia Jove and Joseph Gibson of Homestead. acinc Movement of the world. Unit M.

fi quesne. held its weekly meeting on xuesaay, epu 18. Mr. Dean, vlce presiaent, gave an interesting talk on tne lunoamental principles of the movement Prince Colburn, the president talked on the objectives or ine movement which are to spread universal brotherhood and peace and to preserve and protect the legal rights of oppressed races. The motto is: "Sow not evil to reap the good." Meeting nights are Tuesdays and Thursdays.

J. Bald win is secretary. The Rev. J. O.

Edward ot Tarentum, addressed the members of Camp Benesett In a special re ligious service last Monday ev ninR This was Rev. Edwards second visit to the camp. He is the father of Odell Edwards, camp senior foreman. Regular church services were held as usual in the Recreation Hall last Sunday mornlr.x marking the 'farewell sermon of Chaplain Eugene Randolph who will completer his tour of service with the CCC on September 30th. Following out the plan of Captain J.

Jelen, the commanding of ficer, the members of Camp Ben ezett have begun active work In beautifying the camp area. Under the direction of Lieut R. A. Ken dig, the senior foreman, and tne section leaders, the men sre paint both the exterior and the interior of: the buildings, planting trees and bowers, constructing walks and grading the grounds. i "Kamp LltM The first man to be presented In the series of lites" is Way man Berry.

iKote: the men win be presented alphabetically accord ing' to rating). Berry, mesa sergeant la now first cook. As such, he is responsible for the preparation and serving of men's when on duty. He is a nisldent of the East End. Odell Edwards is the senior fore man or the camp, tie assists the camp commander in maintaining discipline and directs the various section leaders In their routine ac tivities about the camp.

Excluding the officers, Edwards is the one man who commands the respect of the entire company. George Henderson, as well as the two men is rated as a leader. Henderson enrolled May as a "local experienced man" and is now the leader cf Section 4. In his "10 gallon" straw hat. r.e resem bles a dimunitive Pancho Villa.

Robert Rando ph of Bridgeville. is the laader of Section 2. In addition to his many duties, he fsund time during tha past season to play first base on Harcld Wright's baseball team. Fred Tyler is completihg a year of service at the camp or. Septem ber 30th.

He, also, is a lader, be ing in qharge of Section, 3. During his spare time, Fred plays the pi ano. The pther five leaders at the camp ate Earle Bell, Booker Fran cis, Oscar Lundy, Winfteld Snow den, and Charlea Ward. Next week the assistant leaders will "shine as "kamp lites." "Kamp Kracks" "Lieutenant Gatemouth" is losing his prestige in the camp. Some think that hia commission has been withdrawn, but headquarters' men saw Gentry put the lieutenant into his plao.

R. L. decided not to shave until Thanksgiving, but Section 5 shaved him on the Job last week W. H. waited three weeka for a certain letter; then, after It came, "he was angry for tnree SECBJEIT HINDU ART xJteiKffcrfw'fj'rft Time Formerly suppressed and now revealing for the first time the most Intimate secrets of this ANCIENT SECRET this knowledge.

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OIL CITY BRANCH OPENS OIL CITY. Pa Sept 27 Appropriate ceremonlea mirked the opening of the Springs Street Y. M. C. A for colored people last nlcht.

the first institution of its nature in Oil City. DeVoe Baasett prrrident nf the board of directors of tne branrn. acted a master of cerenumle. Prayer was offered ry W. C.

'Lat ta. pastor of the Un.ted Prebyte rlan Church. A. M. Turney, executive secretary or the Oil City Y.

M. C. re Institution of the new branch and Introduce! E. Bums. of the parent aiiocmt.on and the prjncipal speakers of the evening.

Mr. Burns gave a of the OH City Y. M. C. A.

ar.d told of Its accomplishments. He congratulated th members of the Spring St. branch on their beginning and turned the keys of the new Insti tution over to Its president, Mr Baasett. New Workers Book Shop Opens' Here The opening of the" Workers Book Shop at 1G33 Fifth avenue. Pittsburgh, is now a reality.

It spe cialises in books on political economy, working cUi struggles and labor problems, proletarian novels and first class literature. Pamph lets are on sale from one cent up and there are magazines and news papers. weeks F. formerly wrote ten letters a week; now he writes only one, and that goes to Juniila street but not 537. PAGE SEVEN E2COND SECTION I I numbers RSSHMES, freed wmm mkmmm mm" 4g" rosE a ioi a it i dete iPRiSNlFSSlfeS Mliflli tells hibm BilifflsimM remising that other appointments a similar nature woul4 be forth omini as oon ae th ar ap BToved by the Secretary the In terior.

Employe already racing high ta the PWA eetup, he statedV are nr. Robert Weaver, whJ holds the tif. "of Assistant Advuer on the Iconomlc Statua cf NspoesVAt trney Theophiloa Mami. of Chl d(0, who la employed lit the legal division of the admlnlstiatlon and William H. Hastie.

also toalgtied to tilt legal dlviSlOhr In her broadside Mil Hi MfcRae ititfd: "Delay and ladk of ap pointments can only be construed i a bold attempt to jtarve the cetored people into submission to th policy of, segregation, which mme Interior Department officials ire working like beayflrs to en irtach. They know' that the Sotrd, is interning at I Hospital. Dr. Johnson trgtnran. inn the Howard medical school in June and received thel jriM offered to the st Inn the greatest proflc aital sureen.

Lleberman dent ahow ency in.cll tie is the son or Mrs. juarrie rVtue Johnson and the late Dr. Walter V. "Johnson, Wjlio was la Sraclicin physician In this city for twtnty six years. His mvotner wnp bib author of two books "of poetry, "Virginia Drettma," and for Idle HouWs," 1 prom bffiX in social nd civic circles.

Or. Johnson will practice in Cov tetton after his internship and will 6 6 6 Lijiilrt, Tablets, Salve, Nose Drops Chrrks C9lds first day, Head aches or Neuralgia in SO minutes. Mit Speedy Xtemeda Jr who areeamen ivm Parade KEW ORLEANS. Lau. Sert.

IrtPltDahatft been. perf ect fd to have th school children ahoola of thu city 16 tagf an aunual pageant avi carsivai or mrai graa. eacn Plana were worked out by 'the Colored League, who ia sponsoring the parade. The of the first parade will be "Contributions Made to Louisiana by the Negro." crimination here In Washington encourages discrimination against colored labor out in the In reply Mr. Foreman said: "Miss McRae was employed here in the uepartmeni or interior under a I previous administration and left the service because of personal dif ficulties.

She haa never been em ployed under the present adminis tration and it is Obvious from her statements that she is unfamiliar Witlrncondltions at this time. "inere la no policy or segrega tion under Secretary Ickes or Mr. ucKea aaministrative assistant), and any accusations that either is 'promoting segregation must come irom people who are either ignorant or malicious. Sec retary "Ickea baa been outstanding in hia determination to see that the Negro shares equally in the NRA program. Med GradylhterninglriD.C.

COVINGTON, Bept. 27 Dr. Walter W. Johnsd rwrtntly pagsed thu Virginia State In the shadow of the Booker T. Washington monument at Tuskegee, Dr.

A. E. Forsythe, left, and C. A. Anderson pose with President R.

R. Moton, center, MEMPHIS, Sept. 27 (By ANP) Charged with murder of Mary Lj nn. 25 years, old, by poison, Gilbert Evans, ,27 years old, living in the rear of 1702 Overton Park is held by Memphis police following a sordid and almost unba Uevabie crime. Evane gave the woman two spoonsful of strychnine, telling her Benezette, Pa.

it whisky ant then attempted to hold until i lo a cct tonfleid near his born. The strkken woman broke 'away from (he man. police were told and tag ger4. Into the home of a friend near Graham avenue where she died.H So had.ben Uvug wjth Evan a JaUu becaue of alTntians she paid andthec roavXrsj a' admitted tha crime. Ik I a At REV.

J. LEONARD FARMER HeJ department of ar.d Religion at Wiii Cni.ete. raises pointed qu tioa. HOLT, WILSON ON THE ARENA'S Man AcntMI ol Sprlar CUlmi Two roller men Tried To "Frame" illm. WASHINGTON'.

SrrL 27 Charging he wts framed because he refused U.e demands of two policemen that he turn In his iramalir.g receipt to av lor a I Jnbn R. elf atIe4" aBrated in a police trl of the speeding cbajge agairtst fern. Walker attoraey. Overie Fcr4. tried to tatroduee puprin ei den re to ah.w the ofli cera attempted us their official position to throw buinr from en out of lown crerat' to a The oTicers taie irsy cnncti alth number earrie.

Watker tUf.ed that tr rfilcere toppej h' ear Augyt it. anJ IJ: 'Tou Joey Pazor.r.e. the up and ronVnx teams atl at 0 0 t.e. reJid re turn.rg re your numbers play wit the roa Ycu'U have to tarn yur wmVvjr dnwufnmn." The Hsy. he ttiSe3, he was ar artl rharg? with apee lirf.

07EN1KG CARD: RACE LAOS IN The ftrt fiht of the indoor sea son win be held at the Arena on viewed the work leading up to theilhe Xorth Side toalghtr featuring TIF. GRID TILT Fritzle Zivie of Pittaburch ardj After a hard foushf. wy Harry Carlton of New York In the 'game between the raouee feature number of eight rour.aa.iaad Jear.rtte Hizh School mpj They are Junior I last Friday. score trrboth M.K eport uHUrwfijV and Dick defcrsire was ne Amhroie, clah in the six round by Mh ar.d mt a reult t.e semi final. Other bouts are aa fo i hhly tojted and fatt WlllUm rounders.

lows: ic ikuLs vs. Franc KlJ i rs i. a Klad and dick. Al Faronna v. Parnray ParU, Billy Con vs.

Paddy Gray and El mer va. Jackie Holt ir four; Wesleys Win Kay Club Title The Wealey Giaati. winner or the first half, defeated the Aces, winners of the second half for the championship la the Kay Club Junior Mushball League. A five game series waa played at the McKelvy Field. The Aces made a great start wlniing the first two garres by the scores of to 4 and 2 to 1.

The Giants made a strong Ken Alfred were vr It it I 'CmB Ka.BeWP h2 laices." (9 I pan ill (( ') 'v'k aVeu) GUAQ ANTEED METHOD of Admmistcrny (fil rrn errs mm warns Sstarc, weQ edacaied woaea kaee learned ihat EndoMd ia aaoocy order ec check for Please natk poatpaMl the PUF checked keWi THE PUF COMTANY 134a BROADWAY DETTOrT, MICH, Depa.25 Name Addreat Scud caik at roar rtvk. Setae. ul her rare out Uciuh his relititoc des cot permit Saturday game, waa sadry mieaed by tte Weatinghouae squad. Duckatt likatalae, waa unable tc connect on the receiving end but more than made up for It whea he kicked a rvea: sVre yard kick from the goal line I the third quattar and only bad it returned five yard. Frank Coiea, second team half back of the Jeannette aaa, pUyed brilliantly.

comeback to win the last threa games by the sevrea of 3 to 3 to 0 and 1 to 0. Pa Tier ton and El! a pitched exceptionally well for tha Giaeta as did Williams and Hen dervoa for the aces. ilKfNfl fTS Do you take ruks and hancw tLat, are aWTutcIy hacctctsary? Can any nurricd woman feel sale and aort if ho IrJormJtioa is neither reliable nor complete? Replace that fear with thawpeaK of mind that all women seek in a weU sdjuitrd" and happy marriigr! STOP WORRYING Tea are bow able to boy PUF the aew nradsrt that atxca all arvtr die wacid htvc beca wsitiag yean aad yean as obtain. A peered aardtod' ei POSITXVL and SUtX applicauoa of PIT Powder kas at Ua Vea dlKavcred as a reseh e4 the splendid coopers ooa of mtrlligrat dot ton, clinical ana aad capenmcaa, and years al aa tiring effort oa the fan al THE PtT COMPANY. TtU yew rrirnds aboot it at eoce! PUF is aacd full streagth aad yea caa always sec iVc exact daac Deneti lave ad aurrird wocnea avreer te rkk itroag, poiaeeieaa caeapiiaa as creaat, carWk add, esc, a well 'as aakaewa srodscta.

(aiftioeide al aaerrary kas aiSed wtieaca). Yeas docaoe caa aeQ yaa PUP safe aad aoothtag as tfc trader riaraes sarc ia its acbae sad fctsst be koora. PtT SHOULD BE USED FIltST. Nc rrr take a ckaace ae getnag geawrrbea cr exlW aezaal dseaica NFTJt PUF IS VTJtY ECONOMICAL TO USE. PUF is simple, daiary, aad really encrtrec.

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