The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on July 14, 1934 · Page 8
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 14, 1934
Page 8
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i ! - " IiylM Week WHEAT LEY - WILLIAMS NUPTIALS IN KENTUCKY Why Not Try a Real Frog Party With Everything Green v - Brt the Guests 7 By JULE Everybody is talking Frog Week iwhat shall what kind of DIFFERENT party may I have I do and S - O - O - 0 Ithcfuzht about a you.F'rirtstanee - a FROG PARTY. UR.E&N . . have something green . , - so tie, shirt, handkerchief ... but girl imay wear green frocks, short nd tnm Lke ten - year olus. . in a small jarty of intimate friends." few novelties that might interest even the men must the the guests may wear e "popular sports knd pa - ith SHORTS In' green. The house garden "should., be decorated in per frogs . i... a huge one bulging eyes', in the doorway ... 'The 'entertainment .:; would be LEAP FROG ..THOP SCOTCH CHECKERS ' . ; ,' AND "FROG BRIDGE" .i . - (Frog bridge la Vtry amusing: For each game you take a HOP - which means a . bonus - of 100 ... - for each losing scored or minus you take a CROAK which is minus 100,. This is in addition to the regular bonuses, etc, for progressive bridge. - . - The . refreshments may be salad , molded in. green ' aspic, cool "mini - green ices, or fruit punch, grecn - .' iced cakes0 and gangs ' of MINT TULUPS. The prizes for - games - may be anything useful, . including frog vases for flowers. . ; The chili party is always acceptable,. because of its delightful ir.for - mality. The guests daYice, 'play crd3, or wander about in garden or loll on the comfortable chairs of the porch. At a late hour, steam - Ing bowls of chili are served with ice cold bee - r ... and the beer must ' be cold, you know ... just .as cold : as the chili is hot. And, be sure and have PLENTY. The success of a party is not the variety of food . you serve as muchas the ample supply of what 'you "do "serve. . ' " The Cellar Party is also attractive this season - :.. as cellars are " usually cool these warm .nights. " The cellar party requires a' bar.. . real or improvised. You may take that " old kitchen cabinet and fix it up ... open the doors and place your' glasses and bottles, on tse shelves and use. the lower part for your various supplies. Put. a long table in front and lo and behold a bajrl 'In one corner nave a tabie filled 'with : good, ' pld fashioned sandwiches .tthfc big. juicy variety) dill pickles, radishes, cheeses, craca - ers, potato - salad and cold slaw. Pa - perplates may he used . . . also paper - napkins. Everything Is mror - mal, yoa know. If, the cellar is large enough, put up card fables for bridge, whist, checkers or flom - inoes or any kind of games. I wa.ser vour euests will leave declaring a "good time was! had by alL" ',. Wants Pretty Girls To Learn to Become Beauty Operators . Mrs. Cora Williams, who for 27 years has conducted an exclusive beauty shop at 1607 Broadway, Beechvlew, wants to add a touch of beauty to her beauty shop. i ' With a wealthy white cllen - j tele, Mrs. Williams is desirous of securing two - Ipretty gins, between the ages of 20 and 25, to. learn the trade. Mrs. Williams says their apprenticeship will cst. absolutely nothing. Anyone desiring to accept this opportunity should communicate with. Mrs. . Williams by phone at Lehigh 1651. The owner of the shop is also anxious to secure the services of two experienced 6peratora and a chiropodist. . The latter can be either local or out of town people. QUIVERING NERVES v ! . . . - - When you are just on edge , , when you can't stand the children's noise i - ij. when everytbingyou do is a burden ; when you are irri - - table and blue ; . . try Lydia E. Pink - bam's Vegetable Compound. ?8 out of 100 women report benefit, r - It will give you just the extra en - ergy you need. Life - will seem worth living again, . ' - Don't endure another day without the help this medicine can give. Get a bottle from your druggist today. - .. VEGETABLE COMPOUND 'Love Me "Always' w magic perfum creation, all the rage in Hol - V y w o o d 1 oriagi you 1 1 u c e s in 'loite and so - cl al tfftlr. "Love Ma Alfrays" helps you wit aadhold the love of your sweetheart. It Is an erhanting powerful, mystio aroma, designed to captivate, all, who come within iti magic circle. A flower bridge . . . for the more dignified ladies party! The rooms should be gay with a profusion of lovely flowers !in beautiful vases. Each guest is ipresented - a flower w - hen she draws her tally card. The tables are set Up very artistically in pastel - cloths and crystal wear with a bud vase containing. a bloom as the centerpiece; The menu should be a fruit salad molded In rose - red aspic . with rose. leaves (candied) as a garnish. The desert, ice cream - molded in the shape of roses, lilies, etc. The prizes should also carry out ithe flower idea; a corsag - e, artificial or real '. .. 3ow er vases ... a j beautiful plant ... a crystal flower ornament, for the dining room ...j flower tie - backs ror curtains a month's weekly order of flowers from your florist. This - is a most pretentious party and what with the pretty ladles in their floral chiffons and pastel organdies there is no end to the breath - taking beauty of it all" , .. a iie - iian artyj This requires more than bper and sandwiches as so many hosts do not know. - Men like to be aiuse? and also appre ciate some provision made for their amusement. ! If it is a warm, sticky night. make your guests comfortable have them remove their coats, have a drink and take a smoke. Men usually prefer to play, cards nave card tables and enough of them, alreadyjset up in an adjoin - J . i uuni. dc sure mere is one. table with poker supplies available. iz a - woman. is m charge or the hoste?s,do not bother them with queries as ta w hat they want. Place jFhe beverages, j etc., handy, where they may serve; themselves .and at a late hour place the lunch on the table. Be sure the menu is good, wholesome, plain eatables., void of foibles, i If tired of playing cards have some clever guest start a Tall Story contest and give a. prize to the best "tall story." This in lots of fun as you would , be surprised what darling liars are men folk. The co'mpe - luiun. is usuaiiy ciose. Lt the applause or vote to the guests be the deciding factor. A r . . t, . . . . mayDe x u tninK or some more next week - .j, . I DO want you to have a. bang - up time this . Frog week. - T .1 - JULE. Shower Mr. and Mrs. John Scott of Brad - dock, who were married recently, were honored by a "shower at the home - of Mrs. Scott's sister. Miss Ellen Mitchell, in East Liberty last Wednesday. Guitar music was rendered by Bill Smith and Mr. Jonn - "son and a pleasant time was en joyed by all those present niaiiiiMimiMMiaMiiiiMMiainiimwr w mi iniuiiw miw"ii i mil mfiwi ' irn - rii I I ' " - - - Among; the seaspn's most beautiful weddings was the WheaUey - Williams nuptials at Owensboro, Ky., uniting Wheatlev and Dr. Frank Williams. In the photo, standing, left; to right, are Dr. Maurice Mostly, K. Leftridge, James Williams, Dr. Williams, the groom, the bride; WilHur Stirman Wheatlev. the brice's In Nashville NEW Yi :. Tenn., A - .:l - . convrr.tir r. , sociari - n : N'jr?f. V the gup. - ! . : The spjs.o' - bard HjJ - f - - tion jhi):!. - - ; joidnn. K N So.iTh. Na crairn - .v. te Cr r Flavia Tapsico A!sl)?rry . Dies In Cleveland. Miss Nahnette William father: Robert Agnew and Victor Perry. Front row, Edna Coleman, Arietta Williams, sister of the groom; Lurille Belle Wheatley, Lorell Williams, - Ellen Brooks and Inez Agnew. Mrs. K,., ; wife of Chi . .. wy at Jl r It.. - . Ur.d, Ju:y l:n. p"rom;iien! in . - . . nl activif.r .r :r - : She 1pvp. a . tei, Mif. M,:; ,. Mr?. Mar!.m W.r - j mother. Mrs. P .. . sifter and p ' - . nia. - . - ' Garden l'art The Drtr.a' : - ' ". .' - Street Chuivh u - a . Party (n the hes - ..'if . nd Mrf. Ci;'f4 Sick stret Tu. - .iy. ;im wi.'. be t4:: - " , piay.a. Mii - :c i'.ii ;r': mission 10 ftnls. A awsrdo - J to the : attire. n Tin i Mrs. Adams Hostsa Mrs. Man' Beckett Adams was hostess on the pjourta of July to a number of friends at her country home in New dupiberland, W. Va. The day was spent , in swimming. sports, dancingland cards. The guests included,' Mrs. Carrie Ash - villa of New York, Mary S. Beckett of Philadelphia,; Eugene Rodgers, Roland Rodgers, New York; Theresa Moo a, Carrie and Bob Jackson, Blanche and. C. T. Collins, Mr. and, Mrs. Clifford Gardneax, Mr. Simon Franklin and others. - ! - . I Guest Leave . ! i of Hermitage street regretfully an - 1 nounce the sudden departure - of their .niece, Mrs. Ruby Houzelor Mississippi, Sunday, July 8th, Mrs. Houze was elaborately entertained by her cousin, Mr. Joseph Lipscomb and 'a host of friends at many other sreial functions during her brief visit here. . She certainly admires our Smoky City and anticipates returning to hop with us Frog weeit. A telegram from her beloved grandmother caused her immediate re turn to her native town. IPmlbMe Aslkiimg - lFa lit, Two Great Bands Will Swing Their Hot Rhythms For! Dance Lovers In Mammoth Sunday Midnite Dance ' On Aug. 5 Dance Lovers Already Excited. The public's asking for it, and so Bob Ellis, who has loomed on the tri - state promotionhorizon as the latest sensation, is going to give it to 'em! . j We're speaking specifically about the Battle O' Music staged last July 3 from midnight to dawn, when the Sunset I Royal Entertainers of Palm Beach,1 - p ' j Miss Ross Weds A frican Pastor 1 SORRY! SOCIETY FOR MUSIC STUDY ENJOYS PICNIC Despite the heavy thunder showers .the Society for Music Study and their guests enjoyed thorough ly their initial picnic at the home of the David Crosses of New Brighton, Pa., jlast Saturday. The 1 picnic had been Dlanned for out - of - Old and "young, rieb - f doors, but of course the rain inter - Recital Enjoyed The third annual recital of Miss Leah Buckner, piano instructor, was held July 6th at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Buckner of 2307 Man on street. Many gue'st3 - were present, including Mrs. C. Walker Jackson, who Is teaching Miss Buckner advanced, music tech nique: Among those participating. on the program - were: Dorotny Amos. Christini Norwood, ' Nan Buckner, Elizabeth McKee, Flisste Mae Hawes, ElAiira Hall, Pauline Saunders, Anna Mae Quarrels,7 Edna Carter, Louise Rayzor, Ola Mae Nor wood, Minnie MJ Louis, Annie Pry - or, Mattie Hodge, Sara Buckner and Leah Bucltner. Two of the outstanding - features of the program! were a paper en titled "Music," by Mrs. Jackson, and an interesting reading by Mrs. C. E. Gray.. Those - present expressed great enjoyment and interest throughout the entire program. Re freshments were served. nu poor succumo jto U charrn - pfered with these plans. Neverthe - Our double atrength .$3.sizetspe.j;less, what with th charmine and - ciat owj ji. send no money. 4ustr pay potman $1 on arrival; pljis Xc mailipg charges; or irutl bill and save 19c. . Money Rack' Guarantee, units more than delighted with re - ult.rFull instructions for use and '"Secret of Winning; the One You LOto" sent, free! Don't fall to or - der today!' . . Hollywood Perfume Co, 630 NORTH OXFORD AVTE. : Hollywood. Calif. I generous hospitalitv of Mr. and Mrs. Cross and their daughter, Geneva, everything went over just as tpleasantly - indoors. Tbe hosts literally turned their home over to the visiting guests, and the latter felt perfectly at home wandering nere aaaa - inere; lo engage in group conversationsto play feimes. to listen, to music or merely to relax The group will. plan other enjoy - able affairs for the slimmer months. :. . I . . - "y Don't let summer sun ajnd dryrng - ' winds darken and" coarsen jyour kin. f Protect it wick. Black and White ' Peroxide Cream. Contains jusc enougK peroxide to gradually lighten skin. - . Also holds oh face powder hours - longer. Large jar 25c Trial size only - 10c. Clear up pimples and kerp - your skin blemish - free and attractive by cleansinjz deep wkhin vour cores with Black and White Cleansing Cream. Large can 25 C. Trial sire 10c. - Nourish your skin with . - ; Black and White Cold . vreamit.s just, the food your skin thrives on. Pre - , venra wrinkles and sagging muscles. Keeps your skin firm and young through the years; Large jar 25c Trial size 10c. l si m - - , . i , Flal, one of the greatest jazz combinations the blaseEust has ever heard, locked horns with Gertrude Long and her Night Kawks, local favorites. On that occasion, clwe to 1500 people paid at the gate, and enjoyed .one of the most pleasant times of their lives as they danced and listened to these two great orchestras. The Duke O. K.'a Band The Sunset Royal Entertainers were given the omcia. O. K. by Duke Ellington, who " has been twice crowned as the "King of Jazz." In .fact, the gr;at maestro' became so - enthused over their music that he promised to contact his office as soon as he arrived in New York. ' This means that the boys are headed for the "Big time." One local musician, who stood enthralled a.s the orchestra "got oft" with some of their original compositions, said the dixie outfit had the greatest novelty unit since the days of Cecil Scott, and furthermore stated that the band, in hid opinion, was superior to Lunceford's musical ger.i'oses. lat est air and travel sfiisauon. VALDOSTA, G, July 12. - By "Back to Olympic I ANP The City Federation of This is the bnd whicli will op - j Club Women of Valdosta are mk - pose uertriue lxmg at u:ympia Park Sunday midnight, Ai.cusL 5. DOWNIMSTON. Pa.. July 12 A romance of over ai year culrmnah d at high noon on Thursday, July 5, When Miss U. V. Ross of Pittsburgh, teacher of Downinton. Industrial Schoo for six years, was united in wedlock to Rev. David B. Mdndona. The ceremony, held in a beautiful spot on ' the school's campus, was solemn - i ired by Dr. J. King, pastor of The name of V.m Ap : Hi was inadvertantly nm;:x Irtsr. write - up of the.McO.: re - r3 honoiinr Mr. and Sin. Vv' cf Ran In, In lat fk i Ufjt i Tha Courier. Mr. Harris wn the ncorrpvj for the - juartet and to'.ouit. (Signed) GeneviM Iwi. y'f Georgia Club . - Women 1 To Meet In Valdosta as a lorerurner to tne activities 01 Frog Week, because, hear ye. Frog Week stnrtj the same day with a big symposium. Dance lover throughout - the Monon Vi'.icy st 'i can't say which they like ssain. so. Ells intends to cive them another cnance on tnat night. Duncans Vacationing Mrs. Daisy Herbert Duncan, the charming daughter of Mr. end Mrs. Durose Herbert, . br - a .left for her home in Maysville, Ky, after spena - ing a pleasant year with her parents at 2703 Bedford avenue. Mrs. Duncan and her ! two chil dren. Gilbert and Mary Durose, will spend several weeks in Maysville and Cincinnati, O., among the host of friends they made during thetr stay, in that city, after which she will return to this city. The Pupils Miller In At Bethesdal 16th Ofjames ecital ini hl nrenarat ion for the annual gathering of th; State Federation of women tlufca here on Anut 5 - ( The program is" to be of un - vaual imprest.' The president of the Probation of Georcia accepted an ln,vl".ation to speak he - fore the State gathering. . The 'many fiier.d nf .M;t. Fj nie Nevels will b sladlii kr. la convalescing sfter he rz m! for the p?t four werk Sh ' home, 2 ISO Msonirahe a tin Swiuv, P. i ifnezer Kaptlst Church la I'ltts - b i.jh, cf wh'ch the bride has long bee - ., an active member. Ross, who was charmlne:y attired In a creaUon of white net) and vthite picture hat. u given in marriage by bar . brother, Willie i L - o Hamilton. Her bridesmaid was! Miss Pauline A. Gaakins. of Wasn - , UlUlng ington, D. C, c co - teacher at Down tnetown, who selected lo wear 1! - v r I a rc Pal Woman Discovert Product To Grow Hair . One Inch In One Moci To Give Ripi Charge. To Reade - s This Paper r F! V Cfficers Anociatioa ( p,ie blue de soit drea - " W. VV. Woolfolk. haw..h hat to match. Mr. Louise i Mrs. oorn D. Murdoch. Miss Sarah Sea - and Mrs. L Murdock. R Browne Davidson of Elmwoud, a former teacher and fellow worker. ! ;(Vu the matron of honor. She was lovely In an outfit of canary. Rv. i Mdodana bad as his best man. J. B. Davidson, a Philadelphia artist. Juit aefore the ritual was read. IMlsa Casie Mae Thomas of Brvn i'Mawr, accompanied by Mrs. J. II. Waring, gave a soulful rendo cf Oh Promise Me." The popularity of Mis Ross From Schwenksvtlie. 1'a. 's srr - T Ileal German settiemen; con - .n rerv 4 - Jonqull Club Party .1 Following Schenley High School's commencement exercsses, the Jonquil Club, one of the Girl Reserve groups, honored its graduates at a party, at the home or Miss Thelma Williams. Ruth Gloster, Flora Lar - kina and Thelma Williams were the Jonquils who received diplomas. Other guests were: Edna Philllpps, Margaret McCullough, Bessie Rich - - ardson, Manford Sales' Franklin Walker, Bertha Pruitt, Helen Johnson. Joanna Franklin, Nellie Lewis, Mary Strange, Sara Wright." Made - ; line Turner, Mary 'and' Margaret Branson, ' Thomas Wrest. Arthur Taylor, John Anderson, Robert Phil - lippsv Faultan McCullough, Clyde Schatzm&n. leslie Pruitt, James Dougan, Jack Hayderft James Allen, and Edith Dougan, sponsor. On Monday ' evening. July 16th, at 8:15 o'clock, ec recital will be given at the Bethesda Presbyterian Church, corner 'of Paulson avenue j and Luna street, featuring some orj the music students of James Mill - j er.. - I Among those who will be heara at this time are: Miss Virginia Carter,' organist of the Warren M. 21 Church; Miss Thelma! Hayes, organist of Wesley Center A. M. E. Zion Church; Mrs. Mary Rummer, soprano; Miss WJllimae Bush, contralto; Mr. Spurgeon Illery organ ist. A group of 'junior piano students will also be presented. This recital will mark the first presentation of James Miller s pupils in a public appearance. James Miller, Bachelor cf Arta In Mumc froiri Carnegie Institute of Technology, and Master o'f Arts In Music from Duquesne University, was recently appointed to the position of organist, and director of music of the Bethesda. Presbyterian Church where the - recital will be held. ... The recital is sponsored by the Senior Choir of Bethesda Presbyterian Church. It is being given for the benefit of the organ repair fund of the church. Admission is twenty - five cents. .T - ' - CLUBS Idle Moment Plans for a hay ride on July 13lh were made by the Idle Momenta Social Club when the members gathered at the home of Mrs. Sarah Herbert recently. Trucks for the pleas ure seekers will leave 621 WebsterJ. as a school and church worker, waa avenue, ai 8:30 tomorrow evening. attested by the gorgeous gins re - . I ceived and by the number of re - ss bofl I rood n - w of the c tccyn?. product or a comcnac Trows hair at the rate of a month. J The kind - hearted little who ba tbe honor of hivuu? c - - ; such a wonderful discoierv in to rive the formula ebw - fre of chaxre to ant Ic - rrtr - Mrm who will seed tJ errn name and address wso - '3?i cent tuaa . ... - Tbe inrTecientt - ot thli rt "J n,t mav S. nttrrhiJM tt SIIV t - - tore and will cot oniv n f ; '3 Kuni Tahle I ceptions given In her honor. Laet Lincoln Park Club The Liacolr. Park Community Club will ho'd its riot regular monthly meeting on Tuesday evening. July 17th, at 8 o'clock) Mm. Martha Bowman will be hostess to the club In her home at 1844 Schley street. ,Penn Townsnip. Mrs - Ston - nie Matthews is president of the organization. ! P.j P. H. Club ! Doctor Gibbe was zuest speaker. . " t - 1 r T3 TJ riiih til icic uiucuii; lj i liic x v - " which was held recently at the home of Mrs. Yarboroujh on 2SM Wylle avenue. Mrs. H. H. Goodman of I 549 JunUla street, will be hostess to', the club on July 25th. : Mrn.i Ferltfna S. Richardson was; Sunday the brida and groom were hostess to the lUund TaWe Social 'dinner guests of Rev. a'nd Mrs. Ren - Club at her home on Penn avenue, j ert Alexander i of Coetesville. On recently. Jts Butler and Mr. Monday they dined with Mr. ana Hlghtower 'were guests. All mem - Mrs. Albert Franklin of PhiladeT - bers are ured to be present at the , phia. and on Tuesday with princi - next meeting of the club on Julyipal and Mrs. Warlnz. Mrs. E. E. 19tn. Mrs. Lucy T. Pryor of 48601 Moore and 'other Coatesville friends ! Mossfield street will entertain th . sponsored a shower on Tuesday eve - 1 members t that time. 1 ning while Mr. Moore gave a din - j , . v. wu aim luriu Arito Lrague immediate families. MrL Mdodan but when uronejlv m;ei j j will be a oroduct that i l Bc2i I. rrow hair an Inch mot tA f A f - emoye - '1 kirks and K chanre barh. stubborn hairta - 1 oft ailSrr kind as If bv ware. ,J Adt one wUbine to tet fjf muli rre or enirr w to MU E. B. Uaa. P. a 8 J VhwntVv!i:a Pa. Seed sUa - S." renlv Thursday afternoon in Wilmington. J. Mdodana pastors ' Congregation.! The Arlwtos Women Progressive ! left by motor League will conclude it club - fea - j - fcr their homi son with prize contest and social ic, where Rev in the home of the president. Mrs. 'la VUiui ' - , - - - on Wednesday evening, July 18tn. i The committee In charge, of, Mr. and Mrs. David Fowler of which Mrs. Lulu McAdoo Is cheir - jLto" .Angela. jft the city Tuesday man. ha - s spared no pains in arraog - j mNorning after' attending a fa miry Jnir th affair, w iich promisee be l rihaion held here t!:U week in verv enjoyable. A musical program hinor of their, mother. Mrs, Silva will be one of .the features. All co - j Fowler, of Lowell street, with whom workers and friends are Invited toftnf bad been stopping. Mr. and attend. ! Mrs. Fowler are former FV.tsburg?! Mr. Harry Moore of Brusbjton, has left the city for an - extended stay in Atlantic City. I Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Beasley of Penn Township, are the proud par - A family reunion honoring Mrs. Silvia Fowler, her immediate family and her thirteen livirig grand children, was held at the j home of Mr. Morris of Mulford atreet Sun Pathfinders i The public is cordially Invited to the first ar.nual social of the Path - llnder Club on Wednesday, July 25. The affair will take place at 2169 Webster avenue. Susan Rivers president of the club. E. IC Unit The Society for the , Development of Ofir Own East End Unit continues to meet every Wednesday end Friday at 8:30 o clock in the Modf rn State Bank. ,6311 Franks - towrt avenue. On tbe same ere - ers out have made then home ta ; California for the last twnty - four years. Gardenia & Almost enjoyable time was had by ail at the annual picnic of the Gardje"hi Club on July 4th at West View Park. Pleasant - surroundings and la host of gbod thinrs to eat is ninzA. from to a, the organiza tion ias a Spanish class which. la open to the publle . i made the holiday cess. Amng th who attended w4 S. Smith, Mr. ail outing a hOe buc - gueta of the club. re: Mr. rvl I'rs. d :ir. G. Moore. . AVorklMg Eight Tle Working Eight Club made plsMs for a social on July 27th at their meeting lajt Friday. The social will be given at! the home of Mrs - I Van THlmao. 333 Webster ave - hueJ Mrs. Claude Hlghtower will be.hWtesa for' the neat meeting of th t'.ub on Saturday evening. Jury I4tn. Makes no difference who inven'ed work, some people will never infringe oh the patent. Chicago's Most ramou$ Hotel . . . 4 Since 191 Newty decor - ted Moderate n Cettraily located to a!' Py the city. Within t fc - " World's 'F:r Elnlng Room Tt,: Coffee Shop . T Vhen you sugsest to i - - - that they stop at the Viaess Knfsl (All fn tM IjrttiM' - - think tion. Corafortp wea of jroar recors CourttJT VINCENHES HOTEL Srh Storees and Vliaia Chicago, TL FpeeCouff5eInHaii?CuIturc ConslsUct : MareelUng. ringer WarLng. Shampoo Forsrs INCXUDLNQ DIPLOPIA BY S1AIL ' Write CUBAN COSPdETlC COMPANY BOX 8L DEPT. A 1 WTNTEK PABK, J I ents of a baby boy born Tuesday. day afternoon. ' Mr. aad Mrs. M. Se.born Mr. and ,;.. - ' - ,w;., 'ir, - .' in n F 'T I r

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