The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on May 25, 1984 · 44
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 44

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 25, 1984
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2 Part VlFriday. May 25, 1984 J EaaAngeleejElmea MOVIE REVIEWS BRAGA UP TO OLD TRICKS IN 'GABRIELA' By SHEILA BENSON. Times Film Critic 'G abriela" (Fine Arts) will be pounced upon by Sonia Braga fans, but the consummate per formance in this otherwise unmemorable film is Marcello Mastroianni's. His unshowy quick sketch of a rueful, understanding but unwise bar owner is delicate, mature and self-effacingly brilliant. In the beautiful Brazilian backlands of Bahia in 1925, "you can buy killers by the dozen, but a cook? . . . Impossible." At least that is Mastroianni's heroic grumble as he searches the slave markets for someone to sling a few iunchtime nachos for his centrally located bar and gossip headquarters for the Colonels. Fate is positively beaming at him, however. Who should stumble into town, one of a group of refugees fleeing an upriver drought, but Braga, Brazil's chief fantasy export. She, of course, is the title's Gabriela, taken from novelist Jorge Amado's "Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon." And can she cook! And Is she cheerful, industrious, sweet and endlessly available! Of course. This is Amado Braga Barreto (director Bruno Barreto), who conspired to serve up Braga so felicitously in "Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands." This is a lady without inhibitions, mostly without clothes and absolutely without a headache right now, darling. Uncomplicated acquiescence is one of Braga's stocks in trade, and truth to tell, it's gettln' a little old. She is a deft and lovely comedienne, but we keep getting these retread roles, the ones mixing food and sex into a blissful pother. Here she sets bar owner Nacib ( Mastroianni ) on his ear with her ear-nibbling, and as much to keep her away from the lustful locals as for himself, he marries her. gallantly overlooking the difference In their stations. Poor Gabriela. Shoes. Lecture No more the free spirit, but the staid, married lady. Can't leapfrog over those little boys in the street. Can't wriggle at the circus, little-girl cute, over her friend the clown. Or can she? What do you bet? NOW PLAYING HOUYWOOO PaciVsWorW 465866 CEMOTOS AMC AkKKlra 924-5232 MONTCUM GCCMontclar Plan Cinema (714)624 8006 A2USA Pack's foot Ml Onvtln 3340263 CARSON MVERSIM Carson DfAnn 549-3713 (714)686-6900 RIVtRSIK Arlington 689-0400 i.iiMj.u wvtmioc SKNtsuna&n RUhJouj Omtln CARSON Saudi Bay I7HK Omt ln 532 8611 WUUMf StadumOmt-m (714)639-6770 "DONT MISS IT." Stephen Schaefer-US Magozine 0 wist wumrooe 103 MKSI1IS x-K I mtk) PTf 1 PfWOI 46 net j'jem vtPwfie 4 '4 J569 rKwy ton I 10 to 2 4 30 30 9 30 MSI Noumooe '0 30WI Cmoto tvi PffFgrn Daily I? 30 - - !. 30 4 30 MOHM e3ox MKNMNUI A 10 30 Ml MOMMM I COV1IU SWCowio Onvt In HI MI U MOMCUN GCC UDOKW 714iM40M MUM SHOConojt Squor (OJ4(47M MOONOO MAGM GCC Sowffi Boy C-W0 370M9 vunt umu 905 93 0497 UMIUIUU Son(o Avboro OJ. 944 9400 Musrang Dim W tOViMM" CUtTIOJ OUMI fMiMAJlOAM MtlMMM u !n 924 5514 AMC Owgr W GCC 5Hmon OofcS MAU Chtio O" Itf twn NOUYWOOO '14 6370340 AK9M9MO 7I45 5M3 U4MCVM MMIMUS INOUSANOOMI H 7644317 IMCHIO U rn Wm! I'.HP.l'ITI I8I0JM a0S4;7O "" MtVIMAL I "The special effects are dazzling!' -Pal Collin. CBS-TV FIRESTARTER WW she have the power... to survive? A UNtVtRSAL RELtASt NOW SHOWING AT THESE SAN DIEGO THEATRES Pocitic'l SWEETWATER 6 Town a Country Stopping Center 1-805 At Sweetwater 474-8571 BIJOU THEATRE 5th & 6, Downtown 235-6084 CINEMA PLAZA THEATRE 2565 El Comino Reol Carlsbad 729 7147 COUf OE THEATRE El Cojon Blvd At 63rd 2860455 AERO DRIVE-IN 1470 Broadway El Coion 444-8800 FRONTIER DRIVE-IN 3601 Midway Drive 223-5535 SOUTH BAY DRIVE-IN 2170 Coronodo Ave Impenol Beoch'423-2727 VALLEY DRIVE-IN 3840 Mission AvenueOceonside757-5556 AMC FASHION VALLEY 4 Fashion volley Center West of Nordstrom s 291 4404 AMC SANTEE VILLAGE 8 9625 Mission Gorge Rd Sontee 562 7910 AMC WIE6AND PLAZA 6 220 North El Comino Reol Encmifos 942 5544 Mann RANCHO BERNARDO 6 11740 Bernardo Pioa Court Roncho Bernardo 485-8641 Mann SPORTS ARENA 6 3350 Sports Arena Blvd 223 5333 ' Pocitic'l LA JOLLA VILLAGE 8879 Villa La Joiia Drive North Of La Joiio Village Square 453-7831 Before she can get headaches, darling, and eally ruin her image, Barreto brings in the political and romantic intrigue of this exquisite village, and there is hell's own amount of it. (The film's single most evocative shot is of Mastroianni walking, in solemn semidrunkenness, down this quiet nighttime village street, with its pink walls and bougainvillea everywhere. Of course, a shot of Braga sinuously simulating sexual abandon might be some others' peak moment; who could blame them? ) There must be someone to blame, however, for the fact that this picture is far less fun and much less involving than its predecessor, even though Mastroianni is owlishly fine. The various story threads remain resolutely unwoven; we can sense the ending before it arrives, and it takes its sleepy time getting there. There will be some who do not care at all, as long as Braga Is up to her old tricks. She is, and that's just what they are. JACKSON FORMIDABLE IN TRUTH' Intelligent and absorbing, "And Nothing but the Truth" is a behind-the-scenes look at the pressures and privileges of a fictional "60 Mlnutes"-like British television program. The film (at the Monica, Los Feliz and Town & Country) has come to us from its British television beginnings, and they show, In sort of lowered expectations all around. (Under the title "Giro City." it also played at Filmex last year. ) It also has an authentic ring, from writer-director Karl Francis' background as a television documentarian. When feisty staff documentary film maker Glenda Jackson begins to probe the forces behind the eviction of a Welsh farmer from his land, she discovers far-reaching political intrigue. To suit the politics of the program, she is pulled back from her story and ordered onto another, reporter Jon Finch's interview with an on-the-run leader of the Irish Republican Army. Both give him their word that his statements will go out without tampering; already we know the result. It Is a problem of the film that for all its look and feel and sound of reality, it is also earnestly drab and predictable. (Working against this is the music, stinging in to make us expect danger and action while there is virtually none.) Jackson is formidable in the role, stomping about the remote gray-blue Welsh countryside, the very picture of a half-frozen, passionate documentarian. But her very strength leads us to expect character development or relationships between characters, which never emerge. There is an ardent ring of firsthand observation in the film's portrait of high-level half-truths, of stories championed for the wrong reason and honors won while justice Is lost. It is depressing and undoubtedly true, but it isn't particularly dramatically presented. (This needs the sort of characterizations and electricity of "News-front," the Australian backstage look at its newsreel beginnings.) And what Jackson is doing with this half-role I don't know, except giving it the very best she can. It doesn't do much for her career, but it gives the film its backbone. "The best tetnoMrs-nVrivon movie since Jonathan Kaplan's 'Over the Edge' it's tar belter than Francis Ford Coppola's 'Outsiders' and 'RumbMflth'.' . Cat, turn lOM liWI 0 VW I SUHUHBIA MOUVWAOft lOtmmlttCo'i'iWal 461 4112 tntOO'tOOIIOOOMI SatSunMwt2004O0 6 00S00 ft 10 00 PM Tuai ihuH 7 00 A 9 00 PM CittltOJ MC .0 1J4 VI? St AMC O'IK'WV ' VH.'rMW SANIA MONICA I MTfTiici Mooa 194 9UI lu In 6 00 00 I 10 00 PU Sal Si." Won 1 00 4 00 6 00 i 00 10 00 PM (Highest rating)." -HiiKcrkhcn IIK M)M N TIMrS "Run, don't walk, to this wonderful comedy." -Rc Krcd SYNI)1( ATUXOII MST "Funny." -.rnc Mkrl. AT Tilt MOVIts "Robin Williams Is brilliant." Jiirl Mriirl. (,(NI M1IKM V, AMIKK A " - MOSCOWHUDSON STARRING ROBIN WILLIAMS a Mf"tw .iAti Divi'iiuiuiiiirtuiiiiiK tiiiiim I I AT THESAN DSWrES 1 MANN VALLEY CIRCLE Mission Valley Center-West 297-3931 CAROUSEL CINEMA 6 1856 East Valley Parkway Escondido 480-4666 CINEMA PLAZA THEATRES 2565 El Camino Real Carlsbad 729-7147 35mm ov "KIPPERBANG PLUNGES YOU RIGHT BACK INTO the wonderful passions of your adolescence. I recommend the film." Net! UbUf, SNEAK PREVIEWS 'lh H 1'i'K (ill ll, Jli'l l lli'V W "KIWRBAMi" All KnitfiiM IVihIih Imki fi 4 .kit rM JMIN AIJ1AM.VY ABIGAIL ( Rl TTKNWN AI1SON SIKADMA.N ROBERT I RQl 1IAR T Wi ill.ii liy JACK ROSt.VnUi l'r.hi..f (HRJS(,RUHN li him- IVkIih if OA10 PITINA.M Dir.-.l.ilMKIttfLAKIWJ MGMJUA Classics jwwi teeki muwi ::j CINEPLEX BEVERLY CENTER BEVERLY BLVD. AT LA CIENECA BEVERLY HILLS 432-7760 NOW PLAYING J:00. 4:4S, 6:10. 8:1 5, 9:45 Pacific Theatres Announces The Grand Opening of I he NtW ouena rarn Northridoe6 flnd Triplex Driv.m 1 " Pr9nlt4 in Cint -fi" k rTDMMl I Track t T II oou mwo I ' (Vour AM car Radio or ES5SSI I 1 Porntu Hadio ii Your Sptaktr) with the Premiere of and the Also At The Following Pacific Theatres WALK-INS loMkada Topongo to Habra Lakcwood Ctr. Viiwland ftMMtHHilroMM VonHuys 6 Tract I Til ocx stibki DRIVE-INS Vwmont fountain Volley lot Altos 101 Prewntrd m Cint Fi' ivMr ch m or fvXaW M4 VOwr tpaKfr So Diroclory Mlow for Showllmoi If, 1 IHMIjf. .JlU.lil-, ft l ft HI,IIMk-..III.Mto Q O liiM BIIMfTRUa O (VI c HOUYWOOO 4M-M01 juni t n A tab tm OAta KM aTOa-AAMa Tktm mmm ittt Daft Sim rirs) ttmtm i..aj mr ft-trjTii MKIAinilll AaNiJ 001 xa I ounAamu .ii.MSalM VIBE WAV AAlll )Tas3 laVAWAV UAVIII AAant lav Mow l.navaT no) im mnmrmtt IIMaMIAf I llaMIWI FfW ttM mtK UWMM WMwaaial . 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