The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on March 21, 1925 · Page 7
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, March 21, 1925
Page 7
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' - 1 i S iife? jfsstsA a;M": - ; ,!, f j ;: ! J i ill '' - sy f ' :'l!..v: - "'".:tr . - 'hi: : : ' .a . , j a Nw r f llltil (SL:na!3canfce - Siven P - had had a cpa - SlTaWf the title ;n Meel.Wilh.Nmmi: Tirf watch. - The irjneet Denipsey in - plater in U - TT jarfflteefortttl r3t receive a'gaaranB of, for the Gibbons bbrd intieated when he id almost equal the zua r - to Wills when he fausnt Srpa at Boyle's Thirty tTy City, - last s - jmmer - SrA fl30,W0 lor S - MuW that Jaci Denipsey's manager, had j ith him on his arrival in i Sunday and h3d informed 1 Despsey would not be in ! acev either Gibbons ; or sfore fan. Keams funner in - Ekiard said, that Demp - iSMt defend his title in . a 2 tilA RicVard was not one - craters and that his oppo - J - ;.i iive more than k TWs fiirare was set by.l I fecau. - of the" fact that It wived only $27,500 when liri .leea - .ed Je35 Willard in axh at Toledo, Jaly 4, 191D. r ' I r empkis In ig Trade S, Tenn, Mar. 19. The seat cf the Memphis Red waxes i trade with the De - n, whereby Lowe, an in - tees to Memphis ia ex - iw Salmon, a pitcher. The of Lowe irives the Red s jerrices of one of the hard - ! at timely hitters in the z W. Norman, veteran Red rilder, famou3 of last sea - A it h;s home in Chattanoo - a, recently. Ke wa3 a fa - rf the fans, known to them aa isce" ar,d had been with the zthre 1922. He leaves to til loss a fither and mother, 1 3L - s. J. L Wilburn, two sia - p. Xettiu Holmes and Mrs. 3 vSi ) k:.:m - welc w arther at Ti aajuon: r., another: - 5 VffVi - t Wi - Tlj H6mtea Clrart ISbiit th" trBfrtaeae4 N"a.Lional nmiixin. - .t!o&. ,Th) ran tr rA5Lr - j?rb lb tnembr of lh H51 - ;1511" - Norti fHd. Board of - f Tracer - - Ainferlde, : UooMvood, 1, Thr,?uI b.le. cath) - dub - wiE - 9t - . ba announced "tantll ' tb arved in Pltuburrh; but tba CJJ raat aiaared that tha club b atrpneer than laat ason. If ui.jiinrt airnaa ' U ti to tha aTajtw. vaer ptaytd In otbar aaaaona. t - 4at ataJav. anskv aktb. i. VKa. - ; - v: - 2 Satters. and I&laJairers. a host of IsipTS Win Aamn i jiBZACH, Fla Mar. 19. ft tostly bebbles at criticar ? ard ir.abiiitv to touch tr hits, cost the Ereakers p:other contest with their f cti from the Royal Poin - P Thursday afternoon. The a CM scorfd three runs In t naar?, vh;ie Cockrell, for AjulitJ ;he feature play of '.Reding second, third and thelor,e UIlv. ataul Girls Win &at?ad Coramuiiity Girls Hoaesiead. List Friday score in a fast M tok bac, Duc.aesr.e led, gainers got jroing in onr:g 15 points to es Wasted ANDS OR COSTS NOTHING b 7 1 Pv, Kr - n!ils all ovcr th. :K'nsr "sht and - 5?t',"!r?.Ij!! - . treatment ia 'v., na been lr ',f - '.r'i.:f fi eax to U , . . J ' I m u 1 atin f 111 its t.,r. J'a action and 5 s:; w. loth secured ? Vnnderf ut ' ' H for the 5 - no more J trsatrnents 1:1 woman 'jI'' to order : - "l - iy. Plain a - t eaiufled. ostJrrTdnrrt' Viia '.M.1 Ai'fire - mlle clainiplon, wSptfUl idm - peta ..against - Paaro - vNnrmi at. tha Hunt :Anory at th - One, Hundred and ' Seventh Field Artillery games on - March 27. and ,28. Tankina is a protege - of R Earl Johnson, - and ia aeheduleVi - to a'ppeairiijj ne pf, thei ".' f ltS a. - . ! - ' . a I races. oimjon wiu' etrc as an ox - ficial. , ., , Iel!y;Iier His in Jitle Clarksbure. Wi Va.. liar. 19 The - lielTyi Mifler?TIigh; school' 1 West Virginia State tournanient at the West Virginia Collegiate. Institute this - week with every .reason, to win the state - championship; " Thia is Uie first tournament held in West Virginia and" one of the first for Negro high schools in "the ' country. The meet is ender the auspices of the "Weft VIrginia;Coriegiate InstT - tute with'Mr. Fred .Parker in charge. Most" of the hfgh schools will be represented with a team. Until the jpreseflfc year" the championship of all sports' h6n 'been decided at the anmial meeting of the West Virginia Colored High School Athletie association trpJn the records of the teams. Kelly Miller High has held the championship for the past two years and is. continuing upon its winning streak. In the last three seasons the - Clarksburg lads have lost but five games, one of these 'to Armstrong Manual Training High school - of Washington, D. C, and this by a scant one - point margin. ' - - ' The Kelly Miller team 1 coached by Harry R, Jefferson of ?hio University who is well known among the 'fan of the Buckeye State as a former All - SUto Center in football. Mr. . Jefferson, vwaav - football and baseball coach at - Wilbetforce ia 1923 - 24. Coach ,Jefferspn. was at Kelly Milller in 1922 - 23 and returned after a year at Wilberforce. Tho best basketball teamrf in West Virginia are in the northern "part of the state at Wheeling. - Parkers - burg, Fairmont and, Clarksburg. The only team in the southern section of any strength is Montgomery; coach - ' ed by H. A. Kean, f.vrmer - FiakStar, who lost to Kelly - Miller by 1T - 14 score on March 6. - Kelly - MiUr has lost but one game this season and that to Lincoln Bighr of Wheeling; who has never lost a game on - its home floor. Later Lincoln fell before Kelly - Miller vat " Clarksburg.. Kelly Miller has beaten Parkersbnrg two games, . Fairmont one, Morgan - town one, Wheeling. one, Montgomery one, Beckley one and also Cumberland. ' PHILADELPHIA, Pa., Mar. 19. George 'W. Robinson, proprietor of the New Roadside Hotel and owner of . the Wilminjrton Potomaes. vm f host on Wednesday night to repre sentatives or tae iocs and Wilmington newspapers at his hostelry in South Fifteenth street. An elaborate - spread was given to twelve members of the'Fourth Estate and other invited guests. 1 Following the meal tbere were, brief remarks from all present at the behest of Dr. Conwell B&tnton, of Wilmington, who acted as toastm aster, Mr. Robinson and his - manager, the sncient and reliable Danny Mc - Clellarj, ( told of their plans for the season ' and assured the pressmen from the Delaware metropolis that they' Wojild have a team which would be worthy of support. Mr. Robinson and his guests were told that the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce had adopted the outfit Lincoln Giants ToOpenOnMqr.29 NEW YORK, Marti l The fans of Harlem and the Bronx 'will bare their big da y.this year' a Sunday, March 29, when the " Lincoln Giants, the local favorites in the Eastern Colored - League, bang open their baseball season at the - home grounds, the spacious Protectory Oval, "in a docble - header with two j of, the strongest white teams in the minor league. Flowers Wins TOLEDO O., March liTlger Flowers decisively defeated ; Sailor Darden ia their 22 - round bout here Mondav niht - . Flower - won all the way. but could ? not floor Darden i Flowers weight 165 pounds and Dar - 1 den 165. ' tu - - I By Elbert - ., poalUvalr hare Ander - Poaay. Tounx Batta. Caondl'wm aorit - f 1 Ward. . .Hampton . and pappy Wllllama mm Pom realises tha vain WW CofTey - Club. thin nNna OfirM Jn - Idea place t nlar basketball foC'tbe, - pa.txona who - poaJtlvely Te - fwed. f go to Labor Temple. The daneioa: floor la tba largest l& ntU - SPvtacy, Mei STr th LaaaiSJ tara rfeltelBlilai suctar, laarch aw IX at Waaalaan, Sftarca 8 SleHa. Dtroe th former w'mplre of Ke - erro JiatlotvaJ - Lttcua'wni aoanar a taam it Qerelaad. Ohio. Tom Brows former JPlttaburKber ; wHl manar a team, at Touarsiowo, Ohio. , i Tie - rartltr Ctrto Sa4r Tavk CltT: will Bmjr at Daajaeaaa Gajraea d aria a acate wvefes, , Cleveland 'Armeexafter loelngr to Leondl. J8 to,l rallopea W'aat VI r - atnla CojUrtata laatltute at Cleva - Tf - ' - V ' f ' ! 2 - Ttame Dabartr O Kew Tark Saart Writer , wbaa . a - varjhar la rnttaaarsa'thaaaht aa eaaia ta Ufa area - saara V with taa - Iteaalaaaaea Klva Heaalaanaea caald . aot alar taa arle with - Ieaal aa actaaat af Haatalaaaaea . elaalaa thel aeaaaa April U Daaadta'Daaajhartr'a rial mm far - Raaalaaaaaa tha wiittr (alia ta Bra tke - cfcaaftr la thet llaaaa whlea weald eaaaa thaaa to eaaae with la tha .ceeaaarr tea palata" af defratlaar hmi la ntuiwih af ea ear Jral aaar. .:' ilmingtpxi Potomaes Owner uets - ' Newspaper. "Men - A Bariq as Wilmington's own and that it would have the moral and financial backing of that body.1 - ' Among those present were President Ed Bolden, of the Eastern League; Lloyd Thompson, secretary of the Hilldale club; Charley B rum - bach, publicity man of Clan Darbie: Bill Dallas, of the Ledger; Heiuie Miller of the Bulletin: Messrs' Sam oninsky, Greenstein and McLaughlin of 'the Wilmington dailies i Arthur W. Lynch of the Public Journal; W. Rollo Wilson, of the Courier; Solon P. Chamberlain, plain Mr. Fan; Dr. Conwell Banton, of Wilmington 'and the Brother Chippey, publicity ex - certs of the same city. The food which "knocked the eyes out" of the celebrants embraced grape fruit, turtle soup, celery and 1 1 1 t M f 1 ouves, crap cutieia, . naix inea chicken, mashed potatoes, creamed peas, cigars, cigarettes, coffee, ice cream, cake, cheese and salad, etc. Panth ers Lose To Renaissance PHILADELPHIA, Pa., Mar. 19. Rhoderick Dhu Douglass and his Merrie Men took the Flaming - Youths into camp here last Friday night, administering a sound spanking to the Pantherlings, 34 - 24. The Kids fought back but . could not stem the Gotham tide which submerged them. This win made it three in a row for Big R for the season. Playing A. A. U. roles in the first half helped the Panthers and once or 'twice they were in the lead by the width of a basket but Slocum and Jenkins overcome this advantage in the last minute or two and carried the score to 17 - 12 .when the whistle blew. ' Georgia and Fats continued the invasion in. the seeond half and the fancy passing of the whole crew had the Panther boys running around in circles. . For the losers Campbell and Chambers were best. Billy Yancey was locked up by that wonder guard of the year, Harold Mayers, and was held to a lone basket. The detail: - . Panthers Field Campbell, f 3 Yancey, f 1 Chambers, c 2 Fulehon, g 0 Mitchell, g 0 Field 2 Renaissance Ricks, t FialL f 3 Slocum, c Jenkins, g 3 Mayers, g 2 Referee Chick Passon. Foul o 0 3 1 - 4 . Foul 0 0 2 4 0 Memphis Sox Player Dies - . CHATTANOOGA, Tenn, March 19.r Garnett W. Norman, last season a member of the Memphis Red Sox, died at bis home here Sunday. Known to the fans as "Bug House," Norman came to the Red Sox in 1922 and developed into one of the best outergardeners in the league. He leaves a mother and father, Mrs. Solonia I Wil burn and Mr. J. L. Wilburn, two sisters, Mrs: Nettie Holmes and. Mrs. Lille Mae Sutters and a host of friends to mourn his loss. Interment was at Forest Hill Cemetery, this city. West Point To Invade Harlem NEW YORK, Mar. 19. The cavalry detachment at West Point will make their first - appearance in Harlem in eight yeara when they meet the 369th Infantry "HeUfight - ers" on the basketball court at the latter's new armory, 143rd street and Lenox avenue, Friday night, March 27th, in conjunction with a track meet. Siki Is Knocked Out InWierd Match By Paul Berlenbach NEW YORK. March 19. Paul Berlenbach pounded the singular Senegalese, Battling Siki, into submission in the tenth of a scheduled 12 - round bout in - Madison Square Garden Friday night. mm mmmssm vV - .. - VS. ' LEONDI, of Pittsburgh, Nationd.ChampioM Musicid Fund Hall, PhUadelphia, ; FRIDAY, MARCH 27 See Ctxtr Py and His Ncu Stars in Action S; ' Come early! AdiiUsaion 50 cent before 8:45. Then 63 eentav ,' - . Two orchestra. - v A fast preliminary. - r Movie made of the game. and crowd. : - . i . s - i Foster's Clqb To Open Season Easter Sunday CHICAGO. BL, Mar. 19. Rube Foster's American. Giants, . scheduled te start training at Schorling'a Park, - Wednesday morning, April 1, will swing into action against Jos Campion's Chicago Blues oa Easter Sunday. Foster Is preparing a moat strenuous i program of workouts each afternoon and; morning - and DeMoss, who will again captain the team, will take charge of one. squad with Foster ' at the - ' helm of tha other. - " 'w . - - - - . - The League swings into action in the first half of its pennant race on the first' Saturday in May ..which gives the Giants three games on Sundays, before thaCdate. With WniiL Foster, . Owens and Ross in. school Foster will have to go along; with the balance of hia hurling staff until the latter, part of May. Owens writes that his arm is better than ever this year and he expects .to top the list with, winning games. i . . - ; Word, has been rtctived that Tor - rienti is on his way to Chicago with an eye on the first base lob. IS STOPPED BY 1 LAW SO PI . ij NEW i YORK, March 10. The Commonwealth Club again forged - to the front Saturday night in its habit of developing champions - and' con - renders, fighting Bob Lawson, "The Alabama; Bear" stablemate of "Tiger" Flowers, slammed one of hia fa mous right crosses to 'the: point of Kid Norfolk's chin in two; minutes and five; seconds of the first round, of a scheduled 12 - rpund match, and the world's coloreoVlightheavyweight championship passed into the hands of "lighting Bob." Norfolk went to the canvas like a felled ox, taking almort'the entire count' before moving, his fighting instinct alone erased him to attemnt to arise, but he fell. backward immediately and wa.t counted out. . " Bob Lawson the new world's champion, is handled by the well known southern manager. Walk Mil ler, going under his direction three months ago, since which time he has seored fifteen straight knockouts, r.o fight going more than five rounds. Miller predicted1, when announcing Lawson under his direction that he would be the most sensational fight er to climb to the front ranks during 1925 and f rorj his' showing in annexing the colored eWorld's till likely knows whereof he spoke. n knocking Kid Norfolk, cold In two minutes and five seconds. Law - son did better, than Harry Will - or Tommy i Gibbons in their fights against Norfolk. No one saw the blow that was delivered by Wills and the referee was forced to stop the match between Gibbons and Nor folk, with Norfolk on his feet. . Lawson .went right out in frcnt against the "Keed" and left no doubt in the minds of" the packed club as to who was the master boxer of the two. Lawson delivered several snappy left jabs which drew Norfolk off guard and like a bolt of lightning from m dear sky crossed with - his terrific right to Norfolk' chin and the fun was over. ' Iliac i - 3Lw seicit: oucxqa j if .v aVas . : DyW.liollo Yihon Totals Totals Union Qaint Beats St. Paul; Baseball Now Takes Limelight . By C L. Washinjtes) RICHMOND. Va Mar. 19. Union. closed her collegiate basketball season last Saturday, night at Johnson's hall by defeating the'.St. Paul quintet in an exciting game by the score' of 35 to 28. - r. : - ' . Amos' and. Pierce played, best for the St.' Par while Ballard and Gardner were high point scorers for Union! The lineup: Ballard .F "Faulk W. H. Jackson.. P . ... Amos Gardner . ...... .C ......... Pierce Williams t. .... .G ........ .. 'Lee J. C Jackspn... G .:t .Walker .Substitutes Union, Hagg. - . Palmer, R. Brooks; - St., Paul, Nelson, Tate. ' Referee Vaughn. . Hard Work on Diaraead - Coach Harvey assisted - by. Captain Harry Boff man . are ' working hard with the .material on hand to weld together a. strong baseball team which will meet hard opposition this year. - .; . Many of the veterans are on hand as well as several promising youngsters, are, 'showing up, welL ; Loses Raw - Decision 'i 'HAD QUITE A TALK Wrnt ROEE2ST DOUGLASS the other alghU Robert, ence upon a time, was the despised owntr,of the duplsed Renaissance Big Five. That was in tho days cf Commonwealth.. But now Bob is the much - sought - after owner of the wonderful Renaissanee Big Five. The old - timer, foSowiny the decision of Jess MacMahon that Tit had had enourh, toot tho best of tho two clubs and mada a new ana which, to xne, looks like the class of the - court, - ; ' " , " . ' - :vk .The Douglass told me about that defeat In Atlantic and Vows that Pete Sawyer is still one of the best man in tram even though he does not wear a uniform and get into the lincapL .He says Pets is as good as ht was when he was running the floor for Hunter Johnston and his Pittsburgh' Independents. Pete was the referee at the Shore .and he played a wondrful game for the home boys, saye Bob, - - - . Bob says that Sundrs, the center of the Y beys, is one of the coming stars and will go far. He praised the teamwork of the whole outfit and declared it showed the benefits of good coaching. To date Renaissance has won 72 and lost but six games, which is a ereditaMe record considering the class of competition which they crperi - enee: The manager explained to me that he is bocked up for the dates which Cum Posey wanted this month and showed his bock to prove it) and - that his season ends the 31st of March. Which makes it look that east is east and west is west and neveivhall the twain meet. . - ... - .". , o ! . CHALK UP ANOTHER SUSPENSION 'FOB. WALK MILLER and Tabby Flowers. The New York - Commission baa pat the baa ea . - the PrirV,, ami hi. rnilr atahle. which inclades also Bob Lawson. follow in tha rfnaal af tha Caarriaa ta a a Mar before the Commission in aaswer 1 WoiUer ' to a nu ram oris. - Tha time of the sua pension is inde finite. .Msybe they wanted kiss to frove his contentioa that Dtlaney nt ihe works'' ea Flowers in that first beat.. - , . o - : . - ' THE "BEST GIRLS BASKETBALL' TEAM I have lamped tlis yar Is the Celeritas of Baltimore. These lassies made dubs out of the comely five, which sports the sUks of St. Peter CUver last Friday night The final score was 29 - 18 and that does not represent the difference in ability between the two squads.' ; - - V - ' " - . . - , , " o ' - - ' ' 1 THE BIGGEST JOKE OF THE WANING WINTER rs the ultlmatant which the New York Commish has handed Jacqeea, the Dempaey, commanding hire' to accept the challenge of Harry Wills. Deaapsey la sot licensed ia New York a his license can neither be revoked or suspended. He can tell the Triumvirate to go and jump In the East river or the North and there is nothing they can do about it. . - ' - " i o J. HENNERY IS AT THE SHORE. The Andent Mariner advises me that he 1st stepping down as manager of the Baeharachs and win be simply a player thia season. Lloyd has a very good reason for this step, one which, I shall not discuss at this time. But when the going is rough and instant decision is necessary, I'm mighty sure Cap's John will forget he is not the pilot and take the action which the situation' dictates. The guy In the grandstand will not be able to "master miner" his Bees like Jawn Mae does the Giants ..! ; IF PHILLY BASKETBALL FANS WOULD ARRANGE to get to the game earlier the manarement would be more thaa pleased, te start the contests earlier., I questioned Joe Wood about the matter and he said that he wanted to get the games ever bv 11 o'clock, bat that hie. facets just would not come ouU. Joe is an old theatrical mast iH a producer af various enterprises.' He showed me where evea the ceatral city theaters had te cater to the tardiaeaa of the crowds. Philadelphia saaat have an ex tra half hour to make tip Its mind each evening and that's that..' ; Lincoln plays the Flaming Youths Friday air at and next week LeoadJ will be here with what Cumberland Posey has called a "galaxy of atara." The Panther magnate is planning to take a movie ef the game and shew it oa the silver sheet. This will be the first time any such a stunt was attempted and k should go blf. - s - ;' - " jry ' THE' SIMPLE SENEGALESE HAS PROBABLY MADE - HIS last Appearance In the Garden. Twice Siki showed tbere - and twice he was UckevV although - in his bout with the "Keed" the decision might have been giver, either way. without a kick from anyone, But Paul Berlenbach. the Astoria Askassin, beat him - helpless for. ten rounds and the referee stopped it as an act of humanity. Get thist While. louis, .the x hail, has been defeated many, many umei since he reached our hospitable shores, be has yet to hoist the pallid pen nant. He has downed, 'tis true, and made a joke of some of his bouts, but always ho has been a fighting man and has taken the beet the other fellow bad to give. .And he has taken it with a smile. . ' .. So. while I. think he Is a not and that the sport would be better off without him as one of its devotees. I salute Battling Siki and dub him a Game .Guy. .' , . ' . . ..: ... . . TO PHILIP THE GREEK AND PHILLY.PROM6TERSiVf yea really want someone to give canny Benny Bass mere than a wockowt get In teeeh. with "Chick Sum of Jtew Bedlore. Mass, who raco mixed as the chsmpion bantam and featherweight battler ef New Emglaad. Allentown Joe Cans is another fighter who is consistently passed P by - promoters here. FoUewinghls snoral. victory ever Jack Delaney, it seems that he should go. over wath a hang II pat ea at eae et the local ' 0 ... . . BILL WOODS, THE OUTFIELDER, HOTFOOTS XT to the Column with the Info that he Is vice president. of the newly organised - Eastern Shore League. Woods says that hcls signing up available talent for the various dubs, particularly. Criafield, where he hopes to hold forth: I a . '. IF THE WILMINGTON POTOMACS FAIL TO MAKE THE GRADE it wul.jtot be. because George Robinson did not have the sapport ef the press. I never saw a mare impressive gatheriar thaa that of last week when newspaper, men from most of the dailies and weeklies la Philadel phia and Wilmington promised George that they were behind him aad his team. I an sorry that all of the Eastern League magnates were not there. It would bare bee a aa Meet leases to theaa. - Had ther seea what that get - together meeting and banquet meant they weald not sow ke "ea the nan.' . - . New. York sports writers, notably Dougherty and MsrUL complaia, aad with truth.' that baseball saea do not appreciate the sapport which iney get xrom toe journal. I Pcgta that battle Joag ago, bays, and I wish you success and joy in it.: ; " o FOOTBALL LOST ITS BIGGEST FIGURE LAST WEEK when Wal ter Camp, father of the game, died. . To the gamehe was an lnstltatioiu He meant much to the sport, . Dying, he leaves the game as a monument to ms memory., uis. All - American teams were the sroal el every callers player and while other men scoffed at his selections, criticised his choices, suu iney were recognized aa the Tomdar heroes each, year. - - - - ' Notable among the stars who made hit first teams were Slater of Iowa, Shelburne, Frits Pollard and Paul Robeson: Robeson, 1 believe, was the only one of our men who was picked for two successive years. - Others whom he ranked with the mighty were Ed Gray. Ink Williams. Avier. Charley West, Taylor and Bill Matthews. This list is by no means com - J ED BOLDEN THREATENS ME WITH ANOTHER eaamnlenahin team in the Darby ballyard. From the way the kaives are being sharp - a .a . a . a a mM .a . " . m enea in several einer eiucs it toots as u there wiu be a determined esort made to cat down the - Clan Darbie. It's go lag to be a stern chase and a merry one and I have visions ef saaay a tight game this summer. Go te it, gang. ; - :" " HOT SPRINGS. AlV.. March. 13. r The Memphis Red Sox engasrei. . " the not - spring - viiints hers Suit - :; day In the first gtrae'ol their spring - 1 exhibition .tour. Memphis lost, b - x ; ' lng defeated, 1 - 0, in a red - tot pitch - - ' Ing duel between Cooper, and 2Joore . foT Hot Sprisgs and, Disr - ufces f rr Memphis. Cooper of Charleston's HamibursrGiaiits ad Moore sper.t the winter at Cuba, playing la the Cuban Winter League. "The lone, run - of tho game came ' la the seventh Inning on Moore's ' two - tase' hit, followed by a tirrla - by Battles, ; . . - The score: " ' . ' - . ' lh. - . WUaou. If ... A. Caoper. m Koairera. 3b C SoearmoB. Mriinu. a ......... ferry, as. .....i.... r. coooer. o . : . . Thomas, rt ......... IBattles. e .......... Uoora, p ........ - EOCHESTER, N..Y4 March. 13 Joe Hall of Buffalo lost a raw de cision, last Monday night to "Lefty Thomas (white) of this dry. . Johnson Fouls ? Wrestler; Loses DULUTH, Minn, March li Jack Johnson, former v world's heavyweight boxing champion, reverted to boxing In his wrestling match here the other night with Charles Lep - papen, - Finnish heavyweight wrest - Walker Baptirts Yin V DENMARK, S. C, Mar. 19,In sn Interesting' and exciting' game, Walker Baptist Institute of Angus, ta, Ga., barely won over the recently organised girls basketball team of Voorbves Institute by a score of 15 - 14. . iryr Loses to llcrgaa, , ri College Pasccrs, 25 - 19; LJecL Oakhnd. Next On' Thursday. March 5th. at Bal timore, Md, the Y: M. C A. - basketball squad met and were defeat ed by Morgan College by the score of 25 to 19. Both teams were dead locked, until final two minutes of play. A hard and fast game was played by both teams. The Center Avenue Y.' If. C A. basketball team - will meet the fast Oakland ; Y. barnstormers Friday. March 20th, - at the Y trym. r This is the second game cf their series, the Center avenue boys winniur by a narrow margin. - A good preiimi - 1 acktoa. sa. ItutU. lb . Miliar, Sb Lowe. Sb Ulans. - 1B Williams, m BroirB. a .......... w. t - ptnaon, f...; 4 Dlaroakea. p ....... S VI. atEVUfiUa - - : AUE.H. PO. X. Ii. e . e 4j - O . S 4 s o . v . - e s o r - t 4 - 0' i s e e. l.o e e . - . l s f e a a t - r 9' e e - e 9 I T H It 1 llOT IPRIMhS AJS.K.H.PO.A.E - - 4 e i i a i e so o - r .( . o - v - v". o - 1 o - ' - e . e ., ;Sx 1 9 tr It l - Batted for Wllllama la ninth. Uemphla ..... O a O 0 0 tot rms. e o o t e x o t - roibla plara Jack - on. Millar. Hr - . ' 11: Lowe. Miller. Three - b.ra hit . hti liar. Two - base bltb Brotra. a.oor Dim oa balls OS Cooper X. oft Moore ' S. 6tnck oat By Cooprr 4. by - Moor - s, xr uimmuicaa a. . stoiao (aa Jackson.; Olaaa. Xiatnukea.' Urines. - MUand. - - - Holland aad Woo - " NOTES - - J Ward and r Guriy - belne on the eoast and Hemp being detained at - ¬home necessitated the playing cT - pitchers in the Memphis' outfield.. ' troit in - a - deal .which sent Salmon" to the Wolverines, played a bansr - c - game, at - the hot corner, acceptinst - was on tne engineering end CI - a last t . uouhie play. - r - a - - . ; . - - . i - - T?nn ' n1TO.l .flf .liM i it . tVa absence of CanLagham. . - ' - : - iiie ivvi ouik iiiueiu yiami i.a nuar. . season form, makinsr two fast doa - t': ble play.. - . ; tr" - - ." J. V - f, Thomas and Battles with two; hits - ' V each - were the 1est at bat for Hot;, Springs, while Brown, - with three" - blows, led the .Memphis,. - attaciv,. - ' Holland,' who handles the - lndlca - " . tor in the Western Circuit, called the - "I. Which cLumi Jm sa av.Hnf thm. lcg arbitrators in the circuit. He can be reached at 302 Carder street, Hot - . Springs. - - - ' . '. - ;vr luieiaer xwusseu wu ie h ak acfc Springs to get the. benefit of . the 4 water and baths. He will rejoin his V teammates in ten days. r The Red Sox play Rust CoEega of r Holly Springs, on their grounds cn " Thuridry. - . . .' T The rnitchicff staff of - MocTe."".. Spearmon, Glass.' Stamps aad Gurfy fives Memphis cue c the most for - "; midable staffs in the league. ' : . voeper leit Aienqy ragza zcr HarrUburg to join hi club. iaoi i - v r rrVr f T"" r'( 4WUUkt Mrtitl JW ww. - - A R R O WAY - ' .ir - " - r.r".T:f t: cocb Lco::i:;a iiAin r - - Cremhl v - - .'7 Mahae taahf Oa atralrh. irlaaa haautifal aaea arrivwta. tae t. tiara i. - j Cm AKJtOWATCaSs as v AS - 0AY faa Beabtix - .... . - AktOnAV Haa - CzEaxs aad eau C'ck taUnri llaJr aad 511a - - r - . - . if..... f - ...... rv. I a . ' - r V 1 -

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