Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 17, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 17, 1891
Page 5
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•v"?,. If you have a cold Call ana get a sample bottle of Pineapple Cough Syrup, at Planchette, The Most Wonderful Gamt Out. To be had at The Grand Bazaar, pon't'SWait. lUntil they are al Sold.rjut Come at Once. .:;,:, ; FRBE READING ROOM, Open Daily and Evening, 321 Pearl Street. :'">: Welcome to AIL MONEY TO LOAN, n «nj mm at the LOWEST rate*. Private tcuil< only* Honey alwaye In hand, J»o rod tape or de- Uy. Interest uid principal payable In Loguiifi- port. Special arrangement* »s to paymant of principal and Interest, made to salt the wlehet of Borrower. For farther particulars apply to Fred W. Munsou, On Mondays. Fridays or Saturdays. 214 Fourth street,'opposite Court House. MONEY, aenenl Ineuranc* and Loans. AH kinds of in •nnmce plab»d In flrst claae companies. Endowment policies porohired. Bonds of surety 81.. written for parties holding position! of trust vhtre • bond In required. 319 PEABI* ST. S. M. C loss on Pianos Tuned, $1.50 For the purpose of Introduclne mr work to the musical jjeople of Logansport I have reduced my price lor tuning Pianos, $2.50 to SI.50. Jalso keep on band a Ti 11 suj>pl< of repairing mstt-rlaL Pianos repollshed, rcstrunc, new Hammers, tone regulated, action rewalted, tie toucb changed) heavy or llRJ t. First-class work. S3 years experience. Orders by mall or left at Allen Klchiird- son,s, 414 Fourth Street- Organs as above. marlldSm W. D. CAPRON. SOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE ONE NIGHT ONLY.' Wednesday, March, istli A Cyclonic Disturber of the Bisiblllties, Ferguson and Mack Comedy Company, Tinder the direction of Mr. Charles H Elce, Presenting the Mirth Provoking Farce, - McCarthy's Mishaps By Barney Ferguson. New Music, Soncs and Dances, Funny Situations aud Ludicrous Antics. A Revelation in Laughter Barney Ferguson as Dan McCarthy PRICES:— 'S, 53 and 75 cents. Seats on sale at Xeesllns's drag store. Windsor ties—Golden Rule. Read our advertisement.—Golden Rule. Joe Graff has-returned from Pueblo, Colorado. Mrs. J. T. MeNaryis visiting friends at Wabash. Aprons worth 50 cents for 25 cents at the Golden Rule. "Alone in London'' is billed for Uo- lau's Saturday night. Perry Gillis of Indianapolis, is visit in/ friends in the city. . Read our tobacco special in tbii is=ue—'all big bargains.—Foley. See the new Robins egg blu«, the newest shaie oat, at the Trade Palacq. Mrs. Walter lllingsworth will go "to Ft. Wayne to-day on a visit with relatives. Miss Ellen Comingore has been confined to her room for the past week by illness.' Miss Puss Six departed this morning for Lancaster, Ohio, on a visit with friends. Evaporated peaches IS cents a pound, and apricots, IS cents a pound, at Foley's. Miss Mame Hebel departed yesterday for Pittsburg to visit the family of Supt. Watte. Miss Millie Greise of Fort Wayne, is visiting in the city the guest of Miss Blanche Bennett. Ed Mason has resigned his position at Long Cliff and has gone to Chicago to take a course in stenography. The East End Pleasure Club will ive one of their enjoyable dances t McCaffrey's Hall Tuesday evening. mchlod2t The Trade Palace received a late mportation of Henriettas, and just for 'un will sell at 25 cents a yard, worth ,0 cents. Charles Miley returned yesterday to lis home in Galesburg, 111., after" a risit of several months with his sister, Mrs. Fitzgerald. Moore doesn't buy Joion City, he buys in )f the manufacturers, get the latest styles. Tha cut prices on dress goods for his week surprises every one, and hundreds took advantage yesterday of the bargains at the Trade Palace. The dance to be given at McCaffrey's Hall Tuesday evening, promises to be an enjoyable affair. A large crowd will be in attendance. Admission 50 cents. mchlodSt Mrs. T. W. Nichols will depart today for Marshtown, to attend the marriage of her cousin, Miss Lucy Marsh, to young Mr. Rans, a nephew of Isaac his goods in New York and where he can Their Local Ministry Cloned. In two pulpits in the city wero farewell sermons preached on Sunday. At the Christian church Rev. S. W, Brown closed hie ministry in Logan, sport. The evening service was very largely .attended and three persons were taken into the church and bap- tised last evening. Rev. Brown's pastorate has been fraught with great success in this city and his resignation in widely regretted. He will begin his ministerial labors at Crawfordsville next Sunday but his family will not join him at that place for a couple of months yet. At the Cumberland Presbyterian church Rev. J. R. Lamb bade farewell to his congregation, preparatory to going back to college to complete his theological studies. Rev. Lamb, though young in the work is earnest and gives much promise for the future. By the departure of these two gentlemen Logansport loses two faithful Christian workers and efficient pastors. May their future work be crowned with success as in the past. Ovcrmeyer (Suicided. It is now said that the death of Michael Overmeyer, the Rochester merchant who was found dying with a bullet hole in his body, Thursday night, was suicidal, and it is further, and strangely enough, started that Mr. Overmeyer's father killed himself under precisely similar circumstances s»me years ago; had sold his farm and after getting the cash for the-same grew so despondent over parting with his property that he shot himself. The late case was similar in that Overmeyer had just sold his store and had part ly prepared to move to Huntington. It appears that he afterward regretted the step, and it is said grew so despondent that his friends' feared he would repeat the actions of his father. Sure enough he was found dead, and although the Coroner's verdict announces that the deceased came to his death at the hand of an unknown party, it is generally believed that the unfortunate man took his own life. 1Vc»t Side Burglar*. Sunday evening during the absence of the family, sneak thieves entered the residence of Fred Boerger on the West Side and stole a few small articles of jewelry and $12 in cash. When the family returned from a call on a neighbor they found things turned topsy turvey, and the above loss was discovered. Mr. Boerger has no idea who the guilty parties are. About a week ago the residence of Charles Wcerster, also on the -West Side, was entered under similar circumstances and a small sum of money and a few- articles of small value were taken. WEAEY OF LIFE. Suicide of a Working Girl in New . York City, Friendless and Out of Employment She Leaps to Her Death from the Roof of n Five-Story Building. .\ HA1I STOKV. NK\V YUISK, \Uirch 10.—Policeman Becker, on Thirteenth, street between First Avenue mid Avenue A, stumbled over the body of Ml woman. It was limp and lifeli'.ss. She had, to all appearances, buen di-ad some time. Both her leg's and one shoulder were broken and her head bruised. The natural uoncHisiun wa,s that she had jumped from the rout' of the house. It was a five-story tenement. A search developed no clew to the tragedy at first. Nobody «MS missing, but the tenants recoffni/.cd the 'body as that of Lizzie (luuther. who ruid lived it) the house three years ago and was still well known there. Lizzie was 82 years old and foT-ewoina.n in the Knickerbocker knitting mill until a year and a half ago, when the mill was burned and she lost her job. Since then she has not done much work, so far as could be learned. She was from appearances a J ewess and must once have been g-ood looking-. She left a letter saying that on account of her poverty she was going to commit suicide by jumping- from the roof of the house. ___ DEATH RATES" OF cm ES. Interesting StattrtticH Compiled by the .Marine Ho.spltrtl UureHU. WASHINGTON, March 1C.—The marine hospital bureau furnishes the following death rate per 1,000 people of the principal cities of the country during- the year 1890 as ascertained by the last census: Chicago 10.0 Kansas City. Mo....15.5 St. Louis, Mo 18.8 Denver, Col liO.'J San Francisuo, (;al.£!.S Indianapolis, Intl. ..18.2 Cincinnati, 0 iii. 3 Toledo, O KM New Orleans, La.. .a). -J Nashville, Tumi 18,,'i Detroit. Mich IS.S Galveston. Tex KM Cleveland. 0 19.2 Council Bluffs, IU..H.II Pittsburgh, Pa il.MJAltoona. Pu 15.3 Milwaukee, Wi3....17.6|Rock Island, 111....14.1 Louisville. K.v L'l.fi'San Diego, Cal 10.8 Minneapolis, Minu. 14.7'Peusacola, Fla 10.e HEY, THERE! I want You to Wait for Our EASTER NOVELTIES In Neck Dressings from 25e..to $1.SO New Styles, Colors and Shapes from a New Firm Catering Exclusively for the Fine Trade. Our Popular 50c. Line for 25c, Puff, Teck, 4-in-Mand and Beai» Brummel Bows, See window. OTTO A. KRAUS. OF COURSE. Sunk by a TSrldge Abutment. CAIRO, 111., March 16.—While the towboat Joseph Williams, the largest on the river, was towing- fifty boats loaded ivith 900,000 bushels of coal its tow collided with one of the piers of the Illinois Central bridge at this place at 10 o'clock Sunday morning, sinking three of the boats carrying- 815,000 worth of coal. There was no insurance On the boats or canro. THE BEST IS ALWAYS THE CHEAPEST! I buy the Purest Drug's, the Finest, Perfumes and ; -Toilet Article-. aad"se& at LOWEST PRICES consistent with the quality of the goods. -. Full line of Squibb's preparations for use in perscription work. Y.jurs." ' : H. C. PURCELL, Druggist, 418 Market Street, Near Pearl. people Daily Journal. TUESDAY:. MORNING, MARCH 17. The Shamrock reigns to-day. Try jJV.R, L. Catarrh Cure, eod&w A.line of aprons, your choice for 25 cents.—Golden Rule. 'Mrs.',LOD Bond of Chicago is visiting in the city the guest of Col. and Mrs..T:'H. Bringhurst. Rieninbnd Itenj:—Mrs. .Mary Covode went-to'Logansport. .yesterday afternoon, on a'visit with relatives. Ft. 'Wayne" Sentinel:—Mrs. Trout .and family,;of Lbjjansport, ai.re visiting Telativea.on'East DeWald street. '2SBffl|B lv o|, Roses'^ 'takes /the place of powder; as-it-whitens the face just a .J t X>J*~ J -t - _ ^ d_-|j_*_ TT ^ -.^ triflo~»aon,a8_ applied. .-K^m. "Store. Sold at Kees- 4— Nervous Debility, poor memory, diffidencer««exualwweakness, pimples •ured bjigJ^rifHes' Nervine. Samples .freeatB. F. Keeping's. n (6) Rans, of this city. An itinerant drove a good businesi yesterday afternoon selling little green imitation roosters to the Hiber- nians in anticipation of to-day's need for a sprig of green. St. Charles Commandery, U. R: C. K A., accompanied by the Citizens Band of Peiu, will arrive at 7:50 this morning to participate in tb.e celebration of St. Patrick's day. Frankfort News: Miss Nora Rathfon, who left Tuesday to take a position as a milliner in Logansport, v. as given a delightful farewell party by her many friends' Monday evening. Gottlieb Shafer Ex-councilmen from the second ward is the latest to shy his castor into the political ring. Mr. Shafer wants to be City Treasurer. Doth he not know that Hannawalt hath demanded his reward? On next Saturday in the various townships of the county examinations will be conducted for the graduation of pupils from the common schools. About one hundred and fifty pupils will enter the lists. P. W. Moor-e yesterday added .an elegant new safe to the equipments of bis store.' The iron receptacle is a massive thing weighing 5,000 pounds and looks able to rosist effectually both burglars and flre. April 11 tb has been agreed upon as the date when the ring shall announce to tbe publitfits list of canditates and the people will go through tne form of nominating them. The slate is being made up and a good many men are not on it, or in it. The parade this afternoon will be participated': in by all the Hiberian so cieties of the city, and willbe quite am imposing affair. It usually rains on St. Patrick's day but it is hoped that to-day will prove the exception, and that all who wear the green will enjoy a dry and pleaaant time. N Tried autl Is the positive verdict of the who take Hood's Sarsaparilla. used accoi-ding- to directions the good effects of this excellent medicine are soon felt in nerve strength restored, that tired feeling driven off, a good appetite created, headache and dyspepsia relieved, scrofula cured and all the bad effects of impure blood overcome. For a good blood purifier, take Hood's Sarsaparilla. 5 • It* KxccJicnt Qualltioi commend to public approval the California liquid fruit remedy Syrup of Fig's. It is pleasing to the eye, and to the taste, and by gently acting on the kidneys, liver and bowels, it cleanses the system effectually, thereby promoting- the health and comfort of all who use it. C. A. K. Beau Soup Social. At the Grand Army Hall next Tuesday evening, the members of the Post will give one of their enjoyable bean soup socials, to which all members and their families are cordially invited By order Committee. mch!5d2t Lecture. "Garfield"— The Model Citizen and Representative Statesman, by Rev. W. H. H. Marsh, at the Baptist Church, on Friday evening, March 20th, at 7:30 o'clock, for the benefit of the Baptist Church parsonage fund. Tickets 25 cents. mchl4d6t Notice. There will be an election of five truttees for Market Street M. E. Church, at said church on Monday evening, March 23, 1891, according to the forms prescribed by the Methodist, E'piscopal Church. W. S. BOSTON. A Yonnit Tax Payer, Muncie claims the most youthful tax-payer in the State in the person of master Fred Heath Bowman, aged five years, who is the owner of city lots and looks after the payment of taxes in person. Notice— L,t>tu» Club. All members of the Lotus Club are requested to meet at the City Irpas- urers' office Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock. Business of importance to be discussed. When lips receive a rosy flush, And teeth become a dazzling white, Be-if-atli the efforts uf the brush W"en SOZODOMT.to used arlriit; The m»uth becomes «*eet, pate anil warm, _ And the fresh breath an odorous charm. A woman of enterprise and kind public spirit yesterday morning gave her writien guarantee for the sum of $5 to assist the park project. Mrs. Ruth A. Forrest is the donor. She suggested some practical ideas concerning the final development of the park. The city of Logansport owes far more than she can ever pay for the kindly acts of public spirited women. A list is always kept open by Mr. Webster for the accommodation of those who now seem inclined to come forward, of their own free will and subscribe. Mr. W. wishes to suggest that much kindly and acceptable work might be done by ladies who feel so Inclined, by raising the means for the securing of trees and donation of flower beds. That, as Mr. McDonald is likely 10 raise the deficiency on Ms list the grounds can be prepared for trees and flowers. What is your donation? How much of a citizen are'yon? Electric Appliances. Professor M. C. Cahill, a skilled and reputable physician, making a specialty of chronic nervous diseases and hernia, and also representing the well known Dr. Owen Electric Belt Co., of Chicago, is now at the Murdock House, room 80, in this city, with a view of showing his goods to those who desire to be healed. E>>\ Owen's body battery positively cures nearly all the chronic diseases that man is heir to. Prof. Cahill will be at the Murdock House from 9 a. m. to 8 p. m. until March 23. If you cannot call on him while here send six cents in postage stamps for large illustrated catalogue in English, Sweish or German. Address, Prof. M. C. CahiU, 191 and>J.9S State street, Chicago, 111. . Good Look*. Goods looks are more than skin deep, depending upon a healthy condition of all the vital organs. If the liver be inactive, you have a bilious look, if your stomach be disordered you have a dyspeptic look, and if your kidneys be affected you have a pinched look. Secure good health and you will have good looks. Electric Bitter* is the jf.-eat alterative and tonic acts directly on these vital organs. Cures pimples, blotches, boils and gives a^good complexion. Sold at B. F. Keesling's drnff store, 50c. per bottle. 4 Worth Hundred* of Hollar*. My wife used only two bottles of "Mother's .Friend" before her third confinement. Says she would not;be without it for hundreds of dollars. Had cot half as much trouble as before.—Dock Miles, Lincoln. Parish, La. Write the Bradfield Regulator Co., Atlanta, Ga., for further particulars. Sold by Ben fisher. to22 SHULTZ] WILL CURE RONCHITIS. :S , IMD. FCATARR The Demand For Free Suyrur. Indianapolis Journal: "The fact that sugar will be- free of duty on April 2, is likely to add to the work of the custom-house of Indianapolis far beyond what was expected a, week ago. Demands are coming- from various places over the State, and some from Illinois, for officers to make release from bonded cars on that momentous day. Applications for such officers have been received from Danville, 111., Logansport, Huntington, Peru, Kokomo, Muncie, Anderson, Marion, Richmond. Terre Haute and LaPorte,, and others will follow. The amounts thus far designated are large. Richmond, for instance, asks release for twenty car-loads; Muncie will have about ten, Danville, 111., ten, and Terre Haute thirty or more. A prominent broker of this oity say that the demand is already .so Jar that an advance in price is probable but that need not be dreaded, as i will not be upon the old price, bu the new. Sugar manufaturers are crying out that they will be unable to meet this demand, coming as it doe: all at once, and will be compelled to quit selling any more of their swee commodity to be shipped in bond •After the first week in April the rush will be over, and the entire country will have adjusted itself to free sugar. You will not be "in it" to-day un less you have a strip of green in youi button hole. Green is a beautifoi color, especially on the 17th of March. lire in a Michigan Town. DETKOIT, Mich., March 1C.— Fire < at : Fowlerville, Mich,, Sunday destroyed, i the post o-fiiee, express office, opera ; house and a large "number of business! blocks and dwellings. The r*loss is placed at 3100,000, with very small in-'./ surance. Floor Mill Burned. , CrKCiSNATi, March. 16.—The .flo urine; mill of the Samuel Weidler Company at' . 92 and 94 Carr street was destroyed 'by\ • fire Sunday night. The loss is about .] 525,000, covered by insiiranee. X>eath of a' JufLst. jS'KW Yor.ic, March 16.-^Judge John H. Brady of the supreme: court diedi ,. suddenly from the bursting: of a blood-; ; vessel in the brain. The Soap that Gleans Most is Lenox. ENJOYS BotJi tiie method and results Syrap of Figs is taken ; it is pleasacl md refreshing to the taste, and act* • gently yet promptly oa the Kidneys, , r Liver and Bowels, cleanses the sys- ..em effectually, dispels colds, head- iches and fevers and cures habitriaT' constipation. ' Syrup of Tigs is- thf <•* inly remedy or its kind ever pnv i luced, pleasing to the taste asd ac,-, j :ep table-, to jthe. stomach, prompting •ts,, action and! truly beneficial to, its" , ifFects, prepared only from the,rnott iu Wealthy and agreeable substances;! its'/ 7 nany excellent qtialitie8:commeDd : »t^ ;o. all and have made it the- most'- 1 popular remedy known., > „:„ ,,,5, byrup of Fjgs is for sale la ^,, f ad $1 bottles , by : all leading ,d^«g- tt lists.- Any "reliable! druggist ."who ^< nay not have it on.Jb.ahdj.wilLjfirO: tl •ure it promptly for any,. o.ne jjsfcp / viskes to try it. Do not accept *ay , ubstitute. - 8 j* ,,,,;,. .• CALIFORNIA FIg~SMffP*CO I.OUISVIUC, KY. , •MtebrB,'.! 1 . •,#«•* "TOW.

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