The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on July 5, 1941 · Page 18
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 18

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 5, 1941
Page 18
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SATURDAY, JULY 5, i pacts iiikhtekn fht Pittsburgh Courier ARMY ISSUES RICHMOND DENTISTS PLAN FOR NATIONAL CONVENTION PVRCHASIUG LONDS FOR AMERICAN SAFETY inviTATions TO 1 .. - w.yj ft.'; SO. AnEHCElS ' . II I III .111.. Ill i nj. i , . . ..Ur - ir t .:rt', - .wr?.r':s - .s - :. Postmaster Albert Goldman of New York City sells a $1,000 Defense Bond to Waymaa A. Evans, president of New York City Branch, National Alliance of Postal Employees. With Evans are John M. Christian, treasurer of the branch, and James S. Jackson, financial secretary - ANP photo. WASHINGTON. July In wture of friendship intended to strengthen even more the fraier - l nal harmony of the nations ox the Western Hemisphere, the United Betes has invited all 30 Latin - 1 American nations to designate a I total or 73 junior army otxieers to I eerre in the United States Array as nests of our Government. The Latin - American officers will attend Army serrice schools - for three months and then serve three months m active service - with a I tactical unit correspond ing to the particular branch of service in which they serve in their own country. They will begin tnetr at tached service here on August 15,1 1ML It is expected that out of this service will crow many of the lasting: friendships that usually develop! among men - at - arms who serve together. The sharing of military doctrine and experience, the War Department believes, will contribute to a mutual understanding ahong the armed forces of the Western Hemisphere, broaden ail - American comradeship and con tribute effectively to the defense of the hemspnere. (I OPEN HEALTH CENTER IN OKLAHOMA GTY TULSA. OKUL July 3 (ANT") Dr. W. T. Napier has been appointed by the county commissioners to bead the Munlel&al lioenttal for Negroes here. The institution has had a rather turbulent history bcrt the commissioners this time eonrht the advlc of the Negro Medical Society which recommended Xr. Napier, former president of that organisation. Woman Gets Degree Doctor Of Pedirofy COLUMBIA, S.C, July S f ANP) - Mrs. Mary Jackson McCrorey. counsellor of women at Johnson C Rmlth university at Charlotte. N. C. and distinguished nationally for her work In education and among women is now the posses i ins Honorary oerree or doo BIS TEh to fin INVITED FIRST G ICO ' nun " i v in V 't ; ;: v ! :,:;r;.; (ft v v - .... WTNDT IIILL. S. C, (with thel 76th Coast Artillery. AAl. The of - bit south of North Carolina. J w.kkw i - - ... nrtltflp F VVia trrmmT fmfthlflA a t.... mmji - A k T tncrm rtruur armv enlisted men . " m. v. . 1 ' . W wmVW AWUV" i " " cirt College here In connection with its commencement exercises. nzxjr MISCELLANEOUS MAIL OSSEB SOCIAL CLUBS A eOlB MI1IE FO YOU! tuuu rsreemmee ra nra KUIH BtL as eaACTICO ST uoi e a uuu." Titj n tv rmxr WAJTUie reel n TN wxn mamm tm ej sm art TX tXUA nil" art Diamond Noxeltj Co. Mt Oratte Ara, Xep. rXL Detroit, I "." eix triiouu. etca la vTTAaia - r rae y. Via. vieea aas iiMuif, hbw ea m Mas vruuira "tv tansA viiAauaj & eat e YIQESAL COMPANY 87 nrth Ave. (Dee, rr), n. t. c BUSINESS OPPORTUHITY! ARE YOU LONELY? WASHINGTON SOCIAL LETTER CLUB of eU aa Wrtte for tnfsrraatloa today. Post Office Box 6435 Waininjton, D. C and selectees are on field ration - end The strength of more than 1600 ing and are housed In a well or - iL dered tent city, tbe regiment is men. Dally morning and afternoon. the men have dips In the Atlantic ocean. They use the vast coast - Una all the way from here to At - laatlo beach. This beach Is an institution representing about 40 Negro business concerns. It is only obeeivlnr its fifth vear of one ra tion, but easily conforms to resorts 'to the Regimental Chorus, the This guns the heavy anti - aircraft guns both symbolic and historic It represents tbe first time a race outfit has fired such guns (range 12 miles elevation). Colonel Pierce has 'commended the soldiers on the progress they have made, their records for sanitation, their morale, and the finesse with which the regiment was dispatched to this site. Colonel Pierce is also interested in the religious work of the camp. He listened of greater historlo background. There are several good hotels, cot tages and eating places in Atlantic Beach. The Hotel Scotteretta, ope - Chapel Choir and the Radio Sing ers on Sunday and heard the ser mon of Chaplain Williams. In recognition of work of Chap - rated by Mr. and Mrs. Alvin M. lain Arthur D. Williams, the com - scott. is located In the center of. mending officer invited him to fire tne business inorougarare and has: the first anti - aircraft gun. servea as cjvuien neaaquarxers ior tne regiment, Wednesday the arQlerr pursued the practice for which It came to this camp, which is just a little The mess sergeants have heaped credit upon themselves for the masterful way they have cooperated In keeping the men physical ly nt and fed. Insurance Groups Endorse N.N. A. March Of Dimes " ittf to ear a tmn. fart En? 'amt Flttebvrgn Cewrler, 2CS Centre Are, Plttabuxrh, Pa. (Adv. Dept.) SAVANNAH, Ga., July 3. The National Nesrro Insur ance Association in its 21st annual session June 27, being aware of the emergency created by the forces attacking the democratic governments of the world and being mindful and tnougntrui or tne aggressive atu - a tude that should be taken by all groups in that no democracy Is complete without full participation by all persons lrrespecuve of race, color or creed In every phase of th nation! lif m ef thmt Muntrvi where It Is domiciled, and since the! Hon Day. Sunday. July 6, and ear - Meeting in executive session, these members of the Peter B. Ramsey Dental Society, Richmond. (i . drawing the complete plans for the 28th annual convention of the National Dental Association to be held ir. Esmond, August 11 - 15, on the campus of Union university. The Ramsey Dental Society will entertain the Associate with a "Dental Education Vacation" program with the day time being divided between scientific lectures and chm - a as well as the most modern office equipment and materials. Outstanding lecturers and demonstrators already have been secured and the exhibitors will occupy one entire fioo r of the University building. . A.M.E. Church Workers Of South Carolina To Meet At Allen University By OLIVE B. LISBON COLUMBIA. S. C July S The State Sunday School and Young Peoples League of tbe A. M. K. Church ' will meet July SO - August 1. at Allen University. Delegates will be housed In the college dormitories with free board. Church leaders are urged to prepare del egations of church school workers and young people for the atten dance to this annual session. Each delegate is asked to bring 23 cents for registration, 15 cents for the use of bed linen while there and toilet articles for personal use. Efficient Instructors will have charge of the classes both in the Sunday School and the League Departments. Bishop and Mrs. Flipper have shown an unlimited amount of Interest in the Touth in South Carolina of this organization and we are saying to them that words FLORIDA PASTOR ATTENDS INSTITUTE dtixens and especially the 40,000 Negro ministers In a complete (fail to express our appreciation to militant support of the National Negro Freedom and Reconsecra - , " - i 1 ::Ji!3sl I NOTICE! - I RaS ail. mtna im tttvxj OUTSTAXDENO JTEGEOM OF TO DAT." eat Is t Jf ktaei ef i Charlotte Cooper, XIM Obie rBorsssoR c. httrman X333 LUT iSTM Stm CLXVQJLSO. ells OliB 97 IS TOUB. IXCKT NCHBrB Mr Sfyi((f2CR YOUR HOROSCOPE wWWWWWh and S QUESTIONS FREE W . AWH lisaHia' No matter what your troubles are M. WILXJA11S, Dept. P. Just send questions and birth date DSOSRAiJSQDrsE'STAS iSMt.innb?S.TS pjnuCT crnr..w..jr3 KSr&T'.S.i'h jgSS PARIS LOYE lOrl riU Usnil. eel .. SMti a l,1 tttSi eTuL M N. T. FLAKE ixscr Td bum he m set I MM Stn, XX Ba O. Brooklyn, H. T. tttLt etas Mai rm asv ewt. it - anilTta. KC C - Z. 12 Ledatwe " Vwt Cty. National Negro Council has for its principal the creating of influence and agencies to properly present the needs and the necessity of full participation or 14.000.000 Negroes in the economic and political activities of America, the National Negro Insurance Association, here assembled, unanimously endorses the program and campaign of the National Negro Council s J 100,000 Lobby Fund to prosecute In an or derty manner the cause of justice and the tights and security of 14.000.000 Negro American citizens, on every area of the home front before the President, the Congress and the various federal departments and agencies of the United States Government in Washington. i All funds collected should b sent to the Citizens of Southern Bank and Trust company, 19th and South streets, Philadelphia, Pa. The National Negro Insurance Association further pledges its support to the "March of a Million Dtmea on Washington." and its national Influence and solicits the innuence and aid of Its member to further speak out and to the companies and all Negro American 1 Congress to legislate to the end nestly urres the forces of its mem ber companies. 2S.000 strong, in every section, north and south, to actively assist together with other agencies in stimulating interest and nnancial support to this organization, and for all to speak as minute men for the cause of Christianity and democracy in action for every American regardless of color or creed. We earnestly request inat tne national ixegro Council dedicate itself and principles to the freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and. freedom from discrimination, segregation, disfran chisement, unemployment and vio - vive lation of the sanctity and security oi nome and xamiiy. Tne National Negro Insurance Association in Sving Its approval of the National egro Council's 1100.000 lobby Is fully conscious of the gravity and the imperative demand of the masses of Negro people of America and we join whole heartedry with the business, church, and Negro leaders in government In urging immediate action by the president them. In these turbulent times, our church needs strong young men and women with satisfied conscience to take the places of the fathers of this great heritage. This, of course, has been true always of every group, but more su now than ever. The world Is passing through a period greater than has been known and Christianity is placed at the cross - roads. To be able to stand and give to this cause a contribution worth while, you must know the Great j Teacher and be trained. Physical ( and Intellectual training are essen - j tlal. but religious training helps' you to be a crowning success, and i jonly this kind of training will sur - i tne material imngs oi tms SNEADS, FlJu. July Dr. J. A. Harrington, pastor of St. Peter Baptist church, a firm believer in adequate educational preparation, has been spending the past two weeks as a student in the Minis terial Institute, at Atlanta Univer sity Summer School. One of his instructors. Prof. Roger Guptill of Gammon The - ological Seminary says of him "Dr. Harrington is a wide - awake student of the Bible, a keen , judge of human nature and knows how to adopt the things that he learns to help his congregations grow spiritually. Folks who set under his minis try will surely get the benefit of these two weeks of study at the Ministerial Institute. SHARED HONORS X - :.,J .32. 3 - a? night. This was a grand success last year. We are inviting more choirs to enter this year. Awards will be given the three choirs giving the best renditions. Bishop and Mrs. J. S. Flipper will be in sessions. Miss Imogens Lockett - (left) and Miss Barbara Lockett (right), were awarded highest honors of their class in the high school department of Paine College at the commencement exercises, Tuesday. According to Dr. E. C. Peters, president of the institution, this is the first time in the history of Paine college that sisters have led the high school in marks of equal grade over the four - year period. Va. Union Gets New D e a n RICHMOND, Va., Jul; ginia Union's new pies - drr., J. M. Ellison today ;.v.ei statement inat tne stai: :s pru - tically complete for the rev mere wiu ne some cnanprs .a ganization but tne stan will & same. In this connection r a - nounced the promotion of P: sor Richard I. McKinncy. ' director of Religious Ac to the position of Dpar. of School of Religion. Mr. MCKinney. a native c: ta - Ida, graduated from Morr. - .i College and later studied die Hill Graduate Center at the Andover lewton .riop cal School. At the latter ::: tion, the received degree"! r Bi elor of Divinity and Master Sacred Theology. He was forrf minister of the Pond St rev tist Church. Provident ?.hni Island, which post he its: 1935 to come to Virpir a t': university. For the past ;v.c w Mr. McKlnney has izs graduate study at the Ti'.iV uate School where he ha ns - pleted all residence rcqu; - 50 for the degree of Docto - - ?:V osonhy. The subiect of Vi. uv'1 tation is "Religion in H:cr.'rEt There are plenty of white people nation Among Negroes who would appreciate our side of the story ... if they knew it! attendance during the ' Pass your Courier along to such a'. 'friend. prove Interracial unHTtaH Pass your Courier alnn; t YHY TRY A11D GUESS DAILY? life. One of the grand features for this State meeting is the State wide choirs contest on Friday NATIONAL DIRECTORY HOTELS AND GUEST HOUSES 1 AKRON, OHIO that 14.000.000 NegTO citizens shall share equally in the army, navy, air corps, health, education. Social Security. National Defense, indus tries, and federal civil service posi tions and the common benefits of the American democracy as vouch safed by the founders thereof. HI HARLEM FUND COMMITTEE DOES PART FOR KIDDIES RIATHEWS HOTEL 77 N. Howard St, Akron, Ohio Phone BL. 0183 G. W. MATHEWS. Prop. NEW FORK ABTICC 9N DATLT ttOKLZM3 ajuw IUIHMJ mm mim. ivT iSi 1 1 ntcHHtnii aaxxa. Mimeui m m i i . iuj ui - rm noa'T civc aswaas a. Law a. s a. im st caicHa. in. BEST IN THE WORLD Spiritual advising' dairy. How to get what you want. See or write Mine. Fretts, Help meetings Tuesday mgnta. m cottage urove Ave Chicago, I1L, Kenwood 9317. Send Stamp. l jo surer Acrnre w snn va sm DM e ww rw Ml PlItLlHU KW no MaTtT M n mm. CM sen. see, wwr. rnXCn1 vurlwi trm. hC A - IM. Owl lit. Ma. Witts CXOtCS flTTt WXCXIa. 39 Bnas - w. lUe imx. S.rSLeT,' LlfTttZ " - - btttic ox cxrrrxzrta ux raaoa yJTV - tl - tm!m.aJl7 Mk rrj Wae&iw. rivas COka - w asWiwelBr OiiTisei sUtS WK KtCrgf eriOafVd hafr Tnt ita. r - l fSCaVCOu 9m 4X1 - 9, Cmtm, warn V Smt NsWa 1M eaS Pae L. kj Use eta raiiikfjlav raj - - . a - fry. 4 - - m, l f&m Tfh r. . 1 ' ? U'M ' I Ittfclrt lZSth St. NEW TOBK NEW YORK AT THE KKDTEL BEIABEDOCK Every room with a telephone and every bed with a Beauty Beef mattreaa. Full Hotel Servioe. 1.50 UP Onr roorat f guaranteed to t dean and taniur? - Before lookinj where, your Ins tion Is cor llaUy l vited. Every floor h - s up - to - date bath and showers. Special WeekJv Eighth Avk, at 126th SL, N. Y. C. Moru 2 - S700 CLEVELAND, O. CLEVELAND. lUyar LaGuardiA congratulates members of the Harlem Children's Camp Fund Committee on the successful completipn of the Fund's annual finnnrfs,) drive. Pictured here are: Jack Rose, Mayor LaGuardia. Mrs. Bill Robinson and Charles Gallub. . Back row, CoL Leopold Phillip, Rev. John H. Johnson, Police Lieut Samuel J. Bat - ties. Actor PoUce - Lieut Louis Chiiholm. George Gregory. Alfred Eldridgw and Act - 2Z VcZLzs Ltet Tr?Tn?nnll Klise M. Smith, photo. Ta HOTEL .THERESA BTXECX9ICE Wfrefla NEW YORK Far the Bay The Weekend ee Penaaaeat4f PEOPLE OF TAST1 Congenial atmosphere. Readily accessible to all points of interest in Greater New York... All outside rooms; luxurious suites; restaurant, bar and grill. lerje eeeone ertr IA Witkwwt prfrm aeia 140 &cs) - 2A0 Iffta mt m WALTKJt W. aCOTT, M anajer houi TOEElEGn i WM. T. WARD, JB Mgr. PHONE: ENDICOTT W WARD APARTMENT HOTEL 1, 2 and 3 Boom Furnished Apartments Where Courtesy, Hospitality and Quietness Prevail Daily and Weekly Rates Reasonable 4 H0STELB.1 OF INDISPUTABLE REPUTATION 4113 CEDAR AVENUE CLEVEL.NI. OHIO PHILADELPHIA DOUGLASS HOTEL "A QiW QBE ay At tf Extra i Ana Lombard sT.yaflaia ruiMWvku. ra. Peanypacker 6320 NEW YORK 3 ON "SUGAR MUX' Douglas Hotel - eauxy itest " and cold water In evrry roc - r 1 Ml. Hl.'f. - new io viij - - St Nicholas Ac. (ISOtb Sstreeli Maximum Comf it at MINIMUM COST 809 ATLANTA WE NEVER CLOSE WW CQCST T REST HOTEL ARNOLD xg tip . ,, . jnasn pakktno CHICAGO NEW WARNER HOTEL NJ 200 ROOMS - 200 'TI. tn TMMHat t - .v'' . n,. BP m. sri rail i ri Transient - - poo la rt f tl 11 pp: it aii da; 31' 1 in ire :a I 03 ;a l' m E a V n

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