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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, June 21, 1941
Page 16
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SATURDAY, JUNE 21. ij PAGE SIXTEEN TKe TitttSurgR 'Cornier Kansas City Monarch's Club Blanks American Giants, The Sports Cuban Stars Win National Open in B oslon LOUI3VTLLE. Ky, June 19 Before a crowd ef 3J77, In one of the most exciting big league Negro Kmes ever presented at Parkway eld. the Havana Cubans defeated Ratehel Paige and his All Stare BOSTON, J u n rt . . i United Golfers A.sor:a!i, nlnniihtn nnen rrn)t "0 I be clayed on the Ponu - .r... L 'il here August 19, 11 'rt. was announced this w,. ' , .lt Bay State Golf av, . .. ' by the score ef three to two at the end of 13 Innings,1 Sunday yoa i . afternoon. Bj RANDY - DIXON - r , I UG RSI . fSSSSS lSSSSSSl ISSSSSSSSS JKSH Will be host this sv. awwwa av aa - .s a - vw"i i LtSii i '. - chaeixstox cracks whip in new managerial, role Both because and since Oscar Charleston has been at the helm of Ui heretofore fcapleee PhGadelpbla. Stars, the Quaker City entry U the Negro National Lea? baa been burning the circuit. . Noted a a bard and r""! but fair turrauUr, Charley has crack 4 the waU known whip and If the PhUlyttee pack the power which Zd Bold in. their boas man thinks they do. there' gonna be some change made In the order ef things la the N. N. 1 BLACK YANKS TAKE CAKE FOR SENIORITY One chap who baa brought wide grins to Charley's mug has bees Joe TELmoce. lanky 20 - yeax - old moundaman from the Pacific Coast. . He's got world' of staff and a fast on that looks like a lop - elded pea coming op to the plat. . . Without a doubt the New York Black Taaksoa have the ranking team ef all In service years of 1U personnel. Connie Rector. probably, has been la the game longer then any ether Individual now playing. . And Connie came up with a ter - rlflo hurling feat recently over In Yankee Stadium. . BUI Holland, another hurler, has seen 20 years or more consecutive service under the big lent. . . Mule Buttle. Dick Beay and Harry WlSUaa, laflelders have been among those present for a long, long Urn. . Bunny Hayes, the catcher, came up with the Newark Dodgers, which means that he came up when It was Kaiser Bill instead of Furer Adolph mesaln "round. m BIG BOY PARKER STAR OF ARMY NINE Starring en the diamond outfit of service men etationed at Aber deen. Md la - Big Boy" Parker, former star hurler of the Homestead Grays and before that, of the Elite Giants. . . Hugh Barber, who once tossed 'era up for the most recent edition of the Bacharach Giants la another caiebe - ler stationed at Aberdeen. . . Zollle Wright, outfield alar, who has toiled on several of the bigger sepia nines, was called for oelectlv training this week. . . WHATS IN A NAME! HAVE A LOOK OR TWO What's In a name: Out Frisco way there's a middleweight campaigning under the monicker of Arizona Negro. . In Boston another aaeumcs the paeudonym of Bomber Brown. . Current raves in their teapectlv precincts are Eddie Booker. San Jose. California middleweight; Booker Beckwith. lanky aockamoor of Gary. Ind, whom mid - wsttrae label as the neat light heavyweight champion of the world. . . Buffalo. N. Y, has a triumphant trinity In Clarence Jones, light heavyweight; Tiger Art Foster, featherweight and Cyclone Charley Williams, heavyweight. Jonee recently bested Al Delaney. the earn Delaney who put a crimp In the sensational surge of Newark N. J.'s Wally Cross, former Rational amateur champion and once hailed as the beet burly to emerge Ina the aim on puree since the advent of the Brown Bomber. . Boxing wiaeaeree appraise Jones as being a "mark" for a left hook, and also opine that Cross lacks the - killer" Instinct. . . Another highly regarded lad not yet on the national mart Is Exxard Church. Cleveland middleweight. Bob Montgomery and Sugar' Ray Robinson, the two outstanding contendere for the lightweight tiara, are etaunch buddiee and pals. . . Sugar says, and most folks agree with him. that he can lick any lightweight in the world, bar Bob, Sugar will occupy a preferred pew when a citizen's committee ef one hundred, representing every walk and talk of Phllly life, big and small, judges, councilman, congressmen, etc.. throws a testimonial banquet for Bob on the 27th. . . Invitee have also gone out to Joe Louis, Jack Blackburn and Jack Johnson. mm ivjiiujiui vji i iww r - n vvu u uv; nn airy JOE AY WILL S PLENTY OF SP WILL BE MISSED f Sports Announcer Jocko Maxwell Big Hit On Air (Special to The Courier) M - - i. n l 1 . - II ...n - V 1 I! ieei. . 4 incites i.ii. - jcikhs Q Ident of East Orange, N. J., stands 'b marital ties. SPORTSCASTER ' - - r - t, - t , 1; - .'i.LWA' V By JAMES EDMUND DOYACK (Copyright 1H1 by The mtUburgh Courier. Bf proouctlon In whole or In pari strictly forbidden) POM.TON LAKE, N. J., June 14 - "Next Thursday morning I will be the heavy - weight champion of the world." Dressed In a white shirt, grey flannel trousers and an old cap turned skywards from his forehead, Billy Conn, the fighting Irishman from Pittsburgh, uttered these words to your reporter this after noon with all the apiomo oi a aip - lomat stating that he likes a nice hot cup of tea. Midst the greatest excitement in the boxing world since Max Schmel - ine trained for his second tight with Joe Louis at Spectacular, N. Y.. I came here today to una out from "Billy the Kid" in his own words how he was going to wrest the heavyweight title lrom louu in the Polo Grounds on Wednesday. June 18th. The picture of fine condition; Billy sottly but nrmly declared: l am prepared lor any Kind oi fight that Louia makes. "If he rushes me, he will find himself swinging at the empty air. If be electa to stay back and box . . that will be my dish! And contrary to published reports. I. am not going to make the mistake of starting off slowly in this ngt. - I will be warm when 1 start ,. . I'll cet hoder as 1 go along . . and I'll be sizzling at the finish. "Louts. I am afraid, will be thoroughly 'boiled.' "Now. don't get me wrong about overconfidence. No one has ever accused me ef being a braggart. T win all mv f1pht in tha rinr. "Louia aaya that Conn' talks a 'Newark Eagle. 2 Phlla. Stars rood fleht Well. He ll ducovtnrmia when I face him under the lights on Wednesday night that Conn also fights a good tight. A lot of guys nave found that out. "When I leave that ring. I am going to take Joe's title with me." he added as though it was just as mmmv mm llftinor nna.Af Tvtii Ur.rtv'it sturgeon sandwiches. p:,r ri... V ' .;: Uils. but Billy earnestly continued: .uDn ,,ar." "Ever since I was a middle - fack Yanks .... 4,rrir v t t.. . on - w J. .. - Ifr" A K - f:.,ir ,.:; pounds, is devoid of U11V.UUU ui ut" i 4 k i XrZ. 'Reads ten sport newspapers per.rtM ?Z??iflZJZ SmokesPa brown briar pipeT4 irJm ?la ' p( Mo'f'pi Silncessantly. Away from the mike 4' sports resume. Five Star Spoitsl. ' l,.1,, rnni nl - J Final " i hir1 nvr WWRI. (in "v. "ff " o . T Saturday nights 9:45 - 10 p. m. Max - ;?;"" well first saw the light of day De cember 18. 1907, in Newark, N. J. He attended Newark schools being graduated from Newark Central! High school in 1928 where he starred on the school's baseball team. Expressing a yen for sports, and 1 gobbling up every line of sport news. Maxwell, after much effort. A. until he hears the word Sports" then the sky Is the limit m . 1 ! Aiaxweu rates nis iamrr anuisiwi 11 f A Vf X7i11la T': 1 I Hunter Maxwell, his greatest aa - j:ipp( seta. Dad is a memoer or meiss editorial staff of the Newark Star Ledger. Joe Louis and Joe Medwlck are Jocko's pet athletes. He insists 1 f served as snortsca.'trr of the now organized baseball should admit defunct WNJ Newark, in 1930. A 1 Colored American clays who can short time later he aired a snappy quality In its ranks. Of nls co - if Howard Green, eight - letter man of Lincoln university of Missouri, who graduated last week after completing one of the greatest athletio records in the schools history. He was captain of Lincoln football and track teams and won the coveted Ray Kemp Gold Watch for outstanding athletic performance. He is assisting in Lincoln's physical education department this summer. NEGRO NATIONAL sports show for WRNY in New workers he rates Sam Baiter, Bill York three times per week Sta - Stern and Mel Allen as tops in lion WHOM In Jersey City liked 'sport scasters ranks. Maxwells am bition is to become the best sports - caster in the land and write syndicated sport features. j . His biggest thrill came last autnmn when he assisted Don Hill, sportscaster of Station WAVE of Louisville, Ky., in airing the ark - Louisville Junior World There is no such word as in the New Jersey's gentleman vocabulary. As a result, he, the only Negro Sportcaster in America, fires away into a WWRL. mike every Saturday night at 9:45' for the whole town to hear. his interesting sports chatter and signed him as its week - end sports 'reporter. In 1938. Station WWRL. New :York City put out the welcome mat and Jocko Maxwell proceeded 1 to delight tne nport fans with a I rapid - fire sport resume. He's still plugging away. During his eleven years before the microphone. Maxwell has interviewed hundreds of ! premier sport bigwigs including ;Hank Greenberg, Dolly King. Ben .Johnson. Joe Medwick. Bill Stern, Sam Taub. Pinky Higgins. George Selkirk. Mildred O'Donnell. Lor - , rane Fisher. Mace Brown. Al (Mamaux, Sid Luckman, Marty Glickman. Grover Cleveland Alexander, and innumerable others. 1 Besides airing sports. Maxwell ihas found time to write a book. 'Thrills and Snills in Snoi - ts. LEAGUE RESULTS conansed account of the .porta - '' i ' experiences of the nations top - EAGLES IN STRIDE; TOP PHILLY STARS NEWARK. June 1 Manager1 Bin Uackcy made good his pre - , dictions that the Newark Eagles would be back In the fifht for Award to Conn mm - aw - , 1 a vv, F4r - in u.. " - ' " " - "Ivt Conn was awarded the "outata J T. vi w.... h. Inc boTr of 1MO" plaque here last dbUbedL.fnv The award was made by Nat Philadelphia Star at Philadelphia, ,.viih - of Rin - mp. 1 - - - - o experiences of the nation s top - notch sport stars. He also writes . . weekly sports feature for a na - Tuesday. June 10 at Philadel - tionaly known midwestern sports in,a : magazine. Phila. Stars ..10 N. Y. B. Yanks 0; WWRL's pride and joy is a rcsi - Saturday, June 14 at Philadelphia Newark Eagles 5 Phila. Stars ...1 Newark Eagles Phila. Stars ...3 Sunday, June 15 at Harrisburg, Pa. ...0 Stars 2 New. Eagles ..0 At Nashville. Tenn. N. Y. P. Yanks fi Bal. El. G 1 N. Y. B. Yanks . - Bal. El. G 3 77 New - 1 HLJT:ilxxi,mr Series. 1 1 Jr - $$K "Can't"; I , 1 s i r. - 05Wi :: 1 Close Park to Fights LOS ANGELES. June 19 Unless Promoter Tom Gallery finds a suitable site for his next boxing show featuring Jackie Wilson vs. Baby Arizmendi, and Turk Thompson vs. Tony Musto, will have to be cancelled. Gallery was informed this week by the Los Angeles baseball club that Wrigley Field will no longer be available for prize fights. r i" 5fc - . UF r V4.'' raw WA'LKEr BAFFLES GE1IGAG0 CANTON. O:, June 13 - - , v sas City Monarch - .n,... l" . - .v - c . i . v. o urn 'i"Urfl4 frtf Vi UiniKnk, ..I,,... ' " - - I kit. I. nnim I n . r r. .... lumiiig in inn u . . r i ; i; - . cut short two Chicago t . . 'T - Giants bobblcd five w - . ;,t. iv. . i iiiiee ettnicu lun.s t Jocko Maxwell, of New York, who is featured weekly over radio station WWRL from Wood - side. L.I. An announcer for 11 years. Maxwell is rated among the best in the country. Rowe Photo. tremendous 878 - foot nr. - right centcrfield frr , fielder Brown, coining ;n inning with the bai - ; - R0X SCORE CHICAGO AB R K C K. C. Cnitdif' 4 0 0 1 Sins, if Lrl. is 4 0 Ptnn'stos.ll 4 0 Youm, lb 4 0 Reeves, rt 4 0 Heod'ii,3b 4 0 Hwn. 2b 2 0 Bastttt, c 3 0 GipMR. 9 10 Merchant 0 0 Alexander, p 1 0 tHwtsss. 1 0 1.2 Allen, if r, - .;: , i - .p .... 8 R ' tt 1 2 0 Bibbs. 2 b ile 0 1 Crttn. c i 1 I 0 0 Brown. If 1 ; j 0 0 Strenq. rf g 0 1 O'Nul. 10 f p 1 0 Willumv m i o b 1 0 Walker, p J p . 0 0 0 0 1 0 TeUll 32 0 6 5 TeHii - j j , - nan rsr tipjon is tnito. tHd fer Aliiander Is tiahth. KANSAS CITY Ill 001 CHICAGO 000 ono c in - MSI bits Allen. Heme runs t - ni Steles bases Pennlnten. Double c'i's tsj i w ncii; wajxer I Williams !e B tbi pucnes Aieiutfer. Nit with Bitched cm CJiHtn (Bibbs). Sacrifice bunts Bibbs SirJ ut or waiicer, 7: Klpson, 1; Aleunin, Umpires Willis. Ruble. STANDINGS Homestead Grays Newark W. L. Pet. 14 6 .700 9 5 7 R 6 R ft 8 19 Billy nd - The a!ea are returning home Thursday for the first time in many wks to make an arellght apparanc at Rnppert Stadium. I The cam will b played acainst the Cuban Star and Is the first night gam ef the season. - Newark Is slated to play a twin bill with the lea rue leedlnj Homestead Grays at the local park this San day afternoon. A clean sweep, tctory f the series this wcek.i t - en. can mean that the Eagles I y tnrouxh the rest of tha first alf schedule In the top spot. At Philadelphia Len Hooker, took the mound honors in the first; ... w gam. I u i. wiu t. J. xoung. Sateh's Team Splits With Clown Nine CINCINNATI. June I Ap - Vtcn - r f r wich i - ta,4 , !r rtt bihlnd the plata Jim West. Burs' Croeley rield. Cincinnati to see frst aacker. hit a homerun to saveNerro base ball brought back to life Philadelphia, from a shutout. tn thi. city and those fans. 12.000 heaors althotigb be was rellfYed baaebaJl aetlvity. plus a sideshow along the way by Ma - well Man - that had the huge crowd hotsy - . . . totsy and gaga as the nationally Younr also caught the second . . L, , tmrfanagr Mackey U nursing famoua Miami EtblopUn Clowns aa mjrad fourth fing - er on hls! - erus Satchel Paige's All - fi tors. right hand sustained in a game ,plit a doubleheader the Clowns iSef ho7lariL2T get tha! the first .un. 1 to 0 In nn fr , iTmnAi - Lant home 10 tnnlnn and Paiges Stars eek - uHm ti i win rfiminutlva 21.'ln out a seventh inning three yaarxsld hurUr; Jlramle Brown, run rally to Uke tha nightcap, S crack lefthander and Max Man - to 4. ntsg. feet 1 - 1 nch baspectacled Although the fans come for miles c - nekr: win K Umirir - lacker's around to see the highly publicized c bo ice. Touog and Charlie Parks Clawna and Satchel Paige In ac - umkl T toil - llval'i flt that I'linUa could lick luis. Here, at last, is my chance. And put it down in! your book that 1 said 1 am not going to miasl! "You ought to know that Louis has won most of his fights on punch alone. In my opinion he has never met a top - notch boxer. I pride myself on being a student of scientino boxing. 1 may not punch as bard as Joe. but by the same token, he has spent so much time learning to punch that he has neglected to learn all tho fundamentals of boxing. "Moreover, in his laat few fights, Louis has demonstrated that be is no longer the 'Brown Bomber' of the second Schmeling light. This has made me more positive than ever that I wil be declared 'the winner and new champion lSow Joe Louis in person must be accused of making me some - J what skeptical of the words of a challenger for the heavyweight champion crown. "I still wanted Mr. Conn to teu me how this ma sic works. WelL brother, hold on to your hat!! For here he comes with the details. Bill Conn still broadcasting: "Joe is going to see speed. I'm not going to stumble around the ring like Abe Simon. Pastor, Go - doy or Farr. For the first time Joe is going to be up against real boxing ability, both offensive and defensive. "He is going to look like a truck - horse trying to keep away from my left jab and hook. And every one Knows mil j move just as easily and swiftly to either right or left. He never pitted his wits against in is Kind or shiftiness. I am not going - to worry about Joe hitting me. I've been hit by many others and I know that I can take It becauae they mostly hit me either on the move, my elbows or my glove. That's where boxing aouuy counts. Six fighters went the distance with the champ, didnf they The Dig ainerence in my case win be that with every passing three - min ute rouna, l win oa that much nearer to the heavyweight championship of he world!" Stars 7 14 .643 .467 .42? !429 .333' DRAFT THREATENS RENAISSANCE NEW YORK, June lft (AXP) Baseball play - en and managers of football teams are not tho only onea worrying about their players. Take tho headache of Manager Bob Douglas of the Renaissance Big Five. How many players doe Boh stand to lose if the draft steps In and takes over the colored team? Bob recently signed William "Dolly" King to a three - year contract, the longest he has ever given a player, and at a fat salary, PROVIDED, Uncle Sam doesn't step In and break up Dolly's pro career as a Douglaaman. Then there is Pop Gates, one of the best that ever hit the? hardwoods; Puggy Bell, another crack New Yorker : who would be hard to replace and right on down the line. Bob Is In no easy spot, with the summer season coming on and the demand for experienced big i time basketeers growing greater each year. The ' draft could just about wipe the Rens off the map, as far as their stars are concerned. Consequently. Bob Is at a loss, just what course to pursue until the finals in this first draft are called and the new draft numbers issued. STARS - NEWA IN EVEN BREAK Galaxy Of Sepia Cinder Stars N.C.A.A. Meet In Palo Primed For Alto This Week PALO ALTO, June 19. With a banner entry list of stellar track and field athletes from every nook and cranny of the country on hand, the 20th annual National Collegia te Association Championships get under way this Friday and Saturday, June 20 and 21, at Stanford Stadium. Dean Cromwell's powerful Southern California Trojans, defending champions, have won the title for the nast six years in a row, and will present $ - . a powerful squad that will attempt wl share the catching. "j SAT TOD RAW IT IX THE - r - rxTTSBC - cii cociurs P - IHm's Straw Hats TU tmmmm - Aa. - l ana. C La Lwt wS Sn T4Km"u ii PUUJAirS HAT SHOP Rsc - SB tU Ubeft, sTidu test f lion. It was "Peanut Nyaases. the Clowns clown, who stole tba show aa his pitching In the first game left tltUa mora to be desired and his pan to minings and ship wreck walk and comical antics, kept the huge crowd howling throughout the aTUrnoon. Tlrst R H nin ?t. rwi cm (TO A A a 1 rth. Clow na 000 000 000 11 4 1 ' - auitt and Dawson: rean ui Nyaaaea oad Tarxaa.' fiectmd rvma ' R H E Pair Star .....000 300 0 ft 0 Ethiop ClTwnj . .000 301 14 S 3 - Pajre, Daaa. Thorn aa, XIcDantals and. Daw - cra; Macoo. IK. av) and Khon Thm ara t - enty af whtta hm woe I appreciate sor aid ef :th ctorr ... If they kaew tt I Pass jmir Coaier tlo - x to Bach a m . " Improve Lnterracl I understand I ng. Paaa yaur Courier along to a I nemo. anils Roy CamprmeilA ho. de - Cleveland ite his name is one of us, led "Us fellows here, we rot tn live I?"'! - B HKBe.r .1om prwaiK. conn.. ; however, when Hill N. N. . batters for the first here." The first innlmr will auit tX. J.1 nf?nV na earl - v in .the i double plav after takir ree weeks of the season. fine, even if we have a ring - Vler w on hi - iria.Pia bat - ;ririve on the mound rH s been seriously ill with pneu - !side seat. net, won Dy a wide margin. the ba!l to Catcher Yo i to make it seven straight. Indiana's stalwart outfit, led by Ar chie Harris. American discus cham pion, should give the Trojans their closest brush. It is noteworthy that Negro' athletes hold or are tied for seven Lilts annual iiaoaii., n un itaitia , . the eighth in his pet event, the na A galaxy Of sepia talent, tnc;verv much imnroved at this writ. - ! ixr - i , . . - . cream i.f the crop, led by such!lnc; Tne x. X. L.. also has aw" .I.e.f 'e" - l? Y noUbles as Barney Ewell. Penn MeDuff.e. Israel Reniamin rmn.l ' T','luuo"'.u e,n n State's three - title winner, in the'h, Mat hew, an - i " - r. ine w"a. , "e 1940 and the 1941 I. C. 4 A.'s.1.,..! to me to lean towards Irish lrav' llnKe". man we Know and Arrhie Harris Indiana's Bie TemE I J u j Z lnsn - !most of his stops are at Elk's Arcnie i - iarris. lnaianas uig len Hebrew. Scotch and Welsh ances - .' vou knnw what tiToT weight king, and L.d Dugger. Uy ... but way hack. ! means Tufts' peerless hurdler, high bar - . .means. rler king in the 1940 and '41 I. C. . , - """k n i not iravei 4 A.'s and N. C. A. A. record' ?,Io,nt Ir1" lhe,. Nwrk Eagle so much. He will journey to Cali - holder of 13 9 in the 1940 highs. alli"we,"et. Y ,mDrf, "' narQ n - 'ornia ana up ana aown the West defending N. C. A. A. diadem;"": "" , l "Uli.'r'.ct "l ,r - , holders promise to scale newr,v'v" '" "?"'",!'.v"'." 7'" lUSB u,m 10 m'ss - i heights in record - breaking achieve - PionshP according to the latest s - Day July 4th ot Pittsburgh and ment If this be possible. - su of the batting averages. he will fail to see his favorite According to reliable reports from .... ' Unow JSan Itars y ' the East, however. Dugger may not I .!" rtclarolin81 he known:n burs. compete, due to lack of finances " ",n 1 ' f .1 po - ' .noDSOT "eynoias, the Cora - r J - ' iThis season, his first in the Neero missioner of C vil Liberties nf T ;r wv, r. Na.t,0"al H?6?e! 'Skinny," "Ira - B. P. O. E. of W.. will represent vic " - - - 1 tx5 isarnsniu naa nrovea in mi ine 1 ;rann 1 j - in c nn th . pitching sensotion. "Kkinny" is a Sheppard Beats Murray HABRISBURG. June 10 - M fine hurling duels were foujrh: r on Island Pia - k field here a9 tne Philadelphia Ftr. vi Tsewark Eagles split a Xc;:5 tional Baseball League i;.k; header, each winning by tj count. The raRles, current leac !a) ers, stopped Oscar C! a..'!'" Stars in the first game ri - - r.: ct three - hit hurling perfor:r.r.;' c Henry McHenry, ace of tie i'l stafr. and the Stars firr.d tables in the second rrv - heat big Hank Mannir; - x three - inch Bpeedball air.. - ' Eagles. Threatlng1 clouds ar.ii 1 shower that held up th. r;:f. for 20 minutes probaV - lv ' attendance but Promoter shall announced thot r.v 1100 persons paid their v.v the turnstiles and weie "ivaiH a program of very sna; ; on the part of both rriT..' 1 some very effective lr.i four mound artists v... - in the tilts. Newark scored sin: the fifth and ninth inr.:r.;s the first tilt. Christ r.i - l.rr stole second bHse ar,l "i 1. Johnson's single in the inning and Irvin clout - - V a i" over the left field wall ir. '.r.r ' frame. The Stars made a to tie the score or ,v;5 Curtis Sheppard, Pittsburgh iisianeavyweigni, aecisionea i - eeiiast nair of the ninth ir.: Q. Murray, last Monday night, in a! they londed the basrs colorful ten - round bout. Murray. I out. Their hones v. c. entered are Dick Nelson. Wiley's 9.6s sprinter. Hal Sinclair, U. C. Ij. A.'s dash man; Hubert Duke, U. C. L. A. low hurdler; Marc Jenkins, National Collegiate Athletic Association champion of Indiana. 440; George Allen, Wiley, hurdler; Jimmy Smith, Northwestern, high Jumper, and Walter Ar - rington. Michigan State broad and high Jump. member of the Cuban Stars. He "Red" Fields, who has finished defeated Homestead Grays with, his freshman year at Vireinia n , . , . , r.i 1 . . . , nay arown in me oox ai vvasn - lngton, D. C, on May 25th. On June 11th he relieved another Cu - LOS ANGELES PREP STAR YIMDS r up career breaking 2 records ban pitcher in the eighth inning and protected a one - run lead by striking out five of the six Gray hitters. Look at the five he struck out: Whatley, Benjamin, Harris, Leonard and Easterling. Skinny" is the smallest pitcher State College, Joined Homestead Grays the past week. The Grays picked up Fields from a aand lot Iciud out or Alexandria, Va.. In 15J4U. ed" is quite a football and basketball player. He was ineligible for varsity competition in 1940 due to the C. I. A. A. ruling on summer Daseoau Scribe's Father Killed In Mishap In the Negro National League but! This ruling has been changed so throws the fastest ball in the that a student may play semi - oro league, ine orays wiu nave an - oaseoau auring tne summer col - Tr! iwr.rr.nt' Jrtift mi 7 i tla the citv record, high - maxinr hi.: .Urltas. prep clg - - t 5 lgjjsf wiu vnsj aoa uuu - 5U , lnchas. braakin - the previous racord ha had aet In 1940 at this aama meat. This marked the sec ond oonsacutlve year that ha won threa first places la tne au - cuy cham plonahlpa. JefTeraon - alVNegTO aggregation again annaxad tha title (or tha fifth atralrht time. They acored 23 H points, with Belmont second with 34 points, ' round performance ever recorded In local high acbocd annala, - R1U &mith. Belmont - High' one - man trade team,' broke two record and tied - a third to Binxle - handedlY score IS points In tha annual all - eitr scholastic track and field meet befd Fridajr at the lot .Anxalea Coliseum. r ftmlth cor pad tha - hundred in other chance to figure out how he does it, when he faces them again on July 4th at Forbes Field. m m m When this column is read the Louis - Conn fight will be over. Those alonsr the Atlantio Sea board will get it before the fight. Wa have a message, very per sonal to Joe: Joe. beat H out of Billy Conn. We don't like any thing that gang out on Penn ave nue in aat Liberty stands for. and they don't like us. We know his camp followers and his bud dies at home. If "Red" Mason were living he would likely be - his manager. Aa tha . lata "Slim Johnson . ot icgiaie vacation period. we expect to find "Red" in the back - field of "Big Fats" Virginia State eleven this fall. Lefty" Williams, who nlavad with Homestead Grays longer than any oiner piayer, nas Deen ap pointed caretaker at at Homestead High schools spacious athletic field. This is another appoint ment, never before held by a colored man, which can be traced to Doctor John J. McLean. John Clark is booking - the Pitts burgh Crawford Baseball Club. The Crawforde have five players, who WASHINGTON. June 19 Fune ral services for 67 - ycar - old Robert i Carter, of 19 M street northwest, father of Art Carter, sports writer of a Baltimore weekly, who was fatally injured when struck by an auto almost in front of his home. were conducted on Monday at the Asbury Methodist church by the Rev. R. M. Williams, pastor. Mr. Carter, who had been a member of the church for 25 years, died in Providence hospital shortly after the accident Harry M. Broy, 29, of 693 Maine avenue southwest, said to have been the driver of the machine which struck the elderly man, was held for a coroner's jury. The deceased was a native of Ruffin. N. C. but had nnt tVi greater portion of his life in Washington. Survivors include his widow, Mrs. Christine Carter; five ru"8' - joueri, Annur, Virgil, Andrew. Joseph; a laughCer. Frances; Bister. Mrs. Anna Moore. Ruffin. N. a; nephew. Oscar Carter, and niece. Mrs. Viola Walker. red a fcr forreout at the plate. Y.Mir.r turn, threw to first for i ' ntif Vf Allanmr t. inrl in V i hi! H fame after that hut bis ''' ' centerfield wa3 caught j';. - ' the fence. In the second pnrue. - got both of their runs i" ond inning. Jimmie med out a homer to ': r - ifF nnH fti - nro was o ;'. Pl1"' singled, went to third ":; . i : error and scored the fct when R. Johnson singled. ized basebalL . " The N. NT. Lm,. riluK . A . All - Star But.Wtri . X - will Tiv SO Ctl July 27th will likely ahow many w. faces. - - wjr wone aays; "The time "".J5ni now, - when it is. - - - - - There ara Tntv nf Wi t who wod go etory . .if they knew It! gour Courier along tch m REID'S HARLEM DRAPE TALK OF NEW YORK GUARANTEE! ALL WOOL FABK1CS S1Q90 Free PosUge To 7onr Dooi. UwlUltlUlU - Write for Free Booklet Long Drape Coat, High Rise Pants Wide Knees Peg Bottoms Belt REID'S S6S W. 125TH ST., formerly played jln Negro organ - ;. a: f

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