The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on September 2, 1944 · Page 10
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 2, 1944
Page 10
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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 1944 THE PITTSBURGH COURIER ls i lyypes 5 .ABOUT PEOPLE r ? HERE AND THERE,. . - - ItoHSehaBc ;" DELTAS PRESENT LEADERS AT CONFAB . . ; - t Xjelta Sigma Thata iporority had a splendid amy - of leading nam and faces from the serious side of - things on their program at Wllberv - J: forca laat week - end, when It held lta 17th national meet. Topping the .llsfc was Mrs. Virginia Foster rrorr, sister of Chief Justice Hugo Black V'ViVwfco cam to speak in the interests of the abolishing of the poll tax 'V; - "We moat break np. tha unholy airinne of Sotxtbetm Senator "t - ' - ' - Jfba: are fighting as," she said,, la part. "We nnt fight harder r - ttpM ever to bring, the rote to the. Jfegraea hud the oppressed, of :lhSonthJ 1 l ';' Aiding, in the splendid panel discussion that took up Thursday's - v aiaalbn were Roy WiUdna of the NAACP, Dr. Alpbonse Hennlngburg, - I - retsfesentinfi - the Urban league ... and from whom we secured a nuaa - 'cJmz4t excellent stories which we can tell later on, anent his Journeys " through the country . . Mrs. Mame Mason Higgina, Chicago, of tha Rational Council of Negro Women, plnch - hittilng for Jeannetta Welch - ;j .Brown . ... attractive Thehna Dale of New Tork talked for the National : :Jfegro Congress . .. . and we can see a great political - future for this .,jelever young miss. : Miss Sidney Wilkinson, blonde member of the committee for a permanent FEPC, had little chance but to outline the pertinent paints in her program . . .as did Mr. Winchester, of the CIO, r ; ; and we . . . who reproaented the Good Conduct campaign of The Courier. i - : We all could have wished for more time to develop our themes . . . trat with so many excellent speakers, time moved faster than Mercury. - Beautiful, bronsed, platinum - haired - Elsie Austin presided over the meeting and introduced a' charming Dr. Marian Thompson Wright, : who was chairman of the round table group. Miss F. Isabel Askew, : whom we hadn't seen In ages, was mistress of ceremonies ... and handsome Dr. Charles H. Wesley, president of the college, gave greet - ' tags . . . leaving the presentation of the key to the campus to be given Unexpectedly) by Atty. Ray Hughes, of Columbus, which he did in the grand manner. ON THE SOCIAL SIDE. . . We were happily ensconced in the loveely home - of former Dean Myrtle Teal . . . now Mrs. Reverdy Ransome, wife of the bishop . . with her ever - so - nice aunt, Mrs. Nannie Bryant, taking excellent charge of us. The Ransomes are in Michigan, but will be back on the campus after September 1st. The shade and delightful campus of Wilberf orce made a fitting background for the lovely ladles assembled there . . . and no more charming frame could be found for the perfectly beautiful family of the president. Seldom have we seen an entire family so talent - - ed, so charming, and so lovely to look at. Mrs. Wesley beamed proudly at her daughters Louise and Charlotte on Friday night, . when both appeared to excellent advantage In the Artists' recitaL Louise, a capable accompanist, was also more than sympathetlo when she did honors for glamorous Muriel Bahn ... Delta soror, - whose vivacity, lovely gown (rre and cream print outlined In sequins) and absolutely marvelous voice thrilled the listeners. Charlotte Wesley made a gorgeous picture aa she sang a trio of . delightful numbers ... and later, at the Carl Jenkinses spacious home, where 'Mrs. Jenkins was playing hostess in the name of Alpha Kappa . '. Alpha ... we saw Mrs. Matilda Wesley, mother of the doctor, com pleting the lovely family group. Chatted with Mrs. Jenkins about the new hats we had acquired - since our last meeting ... and met her nice daughter. Didn't see Grace Taylor Wilson, pianist, of Dee Cee, who was on the Artists' program ... but joined Ethel Ramos Harris, Pittsburgh's stellar at traction via the piano, who did a Brahm a sonata and three of her own compositions at the recital, besides accompanying dancer, Mar t Boo Utte km MmS V tut w 'HW. 5 o - V - - V v. r - LOVILY VISITOI HONOWD Wnes Mrs. Themes Raid of Portsmouth, Vs., eeme to Firfibrgh to visit Mrs. Robert L. Veiie. it wes the slgnel for m week of gale eelebrsHons. To start the bell a rollino, Mrs. Venn entertained more then 30 charming ladies at her home in Oakmont, at e bridge - dinner. Other eut - ef - fawners aresent are shown above, Including (seeted) left to right: Mrs. Herbert Millen, Philadelphia; Mrs. W. D. Byrd. Norfolk, Va.; Mrs. Lacy Dost, Philadelphia; Mrs; Horace Jenkins, Cleveland. Ohio, and Mrs. Florence Byrd Davis, Norfolk. Standing are Mrs. Venn and Mrs. Raid. Harris Photo. guerite V. Roan . . . theMovely little Clncy girl, who Is making ballet her life's work. PEOPLE ARE SUCH FUN... Ruth Huhbard. of Ciricv. was there, aa gay and clever as always, AMntr m tiMutifui tob of makinsr the Intimate little parties tuneful with her magic piano fingering Mary Valentine, hostess par excel lence, opened her coxy apartment to Ethel Harris and Regional JJi - tnr r.wnndolvn Hireenbotham. who came togged down a la Vogue. Glimpsed Dee Cee's Dorothy Height of the YWCA chatting with Jesse O. Thomas, and lamenting the iact mat a numoer oi nr gone over to Mr. Thomas and the Red Cross ... Maj. Charity Adams, tall, slim and good - looking; took part in the program. Good - looking Violet Woods, mm iruDon, xky was wem and Pittsburgh's Mrs. Lillian Brown and her sister on hand, and Bernloe Lef tridge. Met Mrs. Percy Julian for the first time, with her cute young eon, who is so like his dad . . . Sadie T. Moselle Alexander of Phllly was housegueeUng at the Wesleys, and looking chic . . . Mrs. Roberta Bassnet was there, and Mrs. Ethel Sergeant, of Phlllv. Said hello to Cincys attractive Reba Cann and met her pretty daughter and a lovely little pal of hers . . . Bessie Garvin, full of pep and fun. snoke of leaving hometown Detroit for her teaching post In St. Louis ... St. Louis sent also. Mrs. B. Alfred Cox, wife of the ex - New Englander, who brought greetings from her hubby, and told how much he misses the East winds of home. Saw the venerable Hallie Q. Brown at the affairs . . . and Dee Cee's grand lady, Mary Church Terrell. Met Elsie Austin's good - looking. white - haired mother, and said hi to her brother. Made our headquarters at the hospitable home of the Jake Galthers, where everybody fell In sometime during the day or evening, and where Dede, his so - nice wife, was a busy person rr.wyr.g folks happy ... saw Doraey T. Murry of the Foroe staff there, among others, and Cleveland' Gus Parker, Atty. Hughes, The Courier's Stanley Roberts. w Visited Mrs. Ines Edwards' grill on the campus, modern in every detail, where everybody went for hamburgers and coke. Mrs. Loo Marsh of Clumbus joined us on a stool and chatted about the change in jobs of her YMCA hubby, who was executive secretary in Columbus, but who Is being transferred to the National Council set - up in Newark, N. J. Thejrll move soon. Mrs. U.K. Wells of West Virginia waa there, and Gladys Powell . Evelyn Roberts moved about smoothly ... renewed acquaintance with Mary M. Yar bo rough, her hubby and her sister, Mrs. Johnson, from Boston. The Yarboroughs were just back from a summer at Hampton. PITTSBURGH ENTERTAINS, BUT GRANDLY. . . A sudden influx of gorgeous visitors to Pittsburgh has started the social ball a'rolling, and it looks as If this week will be one of those go - go - go affairs, i It started Saturday, when Mrs. Robert L. Vann en tertained 30 or more of the town's charming ladies at a dinner - bridge, catered by Packard, honoring her houseguest, the ever - so - lovely Mrs. Hazel Wella.Reid, of Portsmouth, Va. Among the out - of - towners who attended was Mrs. Ethel Scott Jenkins, a vivacious blonde, from Cleve land, who week - ended with Mrs. Vann, too. From Phllly came Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Millen and Mr. and Mrs. Lacy Doss, to visit the WUber Douglasses ... and sharing the fun were Mrs. Byrd, of Norfolk. "BUlle" Brown's mother, and Flosfence Byrd Davis, Billle's pretty sister. After a lucious dinner that started with terrapin soup and ended with glace de Francals and petit fors, there was leisurely bridee (and we won a prize) ! Getting gorgeous prizes were Corinne Lindsay, Mary Cole Gould, of the hometowners, and Mrs. Raid, Mrs. Jenkins and Mrs. Davis, among the guests. Mr. Reid arrived from Portsmouth later inthe evening to join his wife, and Mr. Jenkins is expected later in the week. PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED. . . wiin me iransierence or .rarie into Ained bands, it would seem part of our prayers have been answered ... at least, so far. It hasn't been maimed too much. Bringing it to mind vividly this morning was a letter from . Embry Bonner, with whom we spent some cnarming nours in the uai city, smbry Is a soldier now, sta tloned in the South . . . and he uses his magnificent voice now to entertain fellow GI Joes. Seems as If the training he gained In Parts is standing him In good stead . . . and the boys reallzefit, and give him ovations wherever ha goes. Seems as if the Allies are following in the footstens of Nannltnn in their race to Paris from the South. 'Twaa Nanoleon who uad the Rhone Valley, which runs through the Maritime Alps, straight down through France to the Riviera. Avirnon. wh am fh T lata ae rapea is a living monument of past ages . . . when the Popes of Rome were shifted to that French city for nearlv a centnrv fanri wnere me wine is heavy and dark) is on tha way . . . Chalone sur aoane . . . - tsourar en isresse . . . Montelimar. whira tafrv la th ia. lng product . . . Grenoble, high in the French; Alps, with the snow - cuverea mountain - tops nemming it In. i Dijon, Lyon, Valence ... the Allies are on their way! WEDDING BELLS... J a a a.. - xjc. ana mrs. reiix ireorge McBroom of Detroit announce the September , 16 wedding of their daughter, Eva Martin, to C. T. Collins, who is ever so well known throughout the East and Midwest (and farther than that, too. no doubt). They'll be married at the jncoroom nome at iz, ana then there'll be a reception from until three. one t tZs 2&i &Sa - Ton Wen fitter LoitKeT wxaa ont axatrnrtTX. i PAGE BOYS raw aae wm wiu py saui wtta NEW YORK BEAUTY SUPPLY MI W. 149 St - Sail. 1. New Teck 11. M.Y. warn fob FKEI CATALOttUI Fete Visitors At Breakfast LOS ANGELES Honoring Mrs. Ann Fentress Green of Birming ham, Ala.; Miss Edna X Duncan, Detroit. Mich.: Christine B. White. Berkeley, and Miss Cara M. Wil son. Omaha. Neb - a most enjoy able outdoor breakfast was given recently by Airs. Lillian J. fen - tress. Dr. Lois J. Evans and Miss Clara B. Fentress. Staged in Fern Dell No. 1, Grif fith ' nark, those attending the af fair were Edwin sneed. Air. ana Mrs. Sherman Coleman. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin L. Petty, Mrs. Marie Quails, Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Lott. William B. Evans. Mr. and Mrs. oeoree I. iiaii, Mrs. juia B. Evans. Clara Shlress. Mrs. Bessie Bostick, Mr. and Mrs. Carey K. Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. James M. Ravarra, Peggy Lou Smith. Also on hand were w. Maxine Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Brooks, J. Cullen Fentress, Peggy Lou Smith, Clara Shivers, E. Carl Smith. Lucile Alstock, John Bain, Mr. and Mrs.FrajgtLaVigne. Sherman E. Meserve, Mrs. Marc i a Fortier, Josie L. Bain, James Lewis and Eleanor Lee.. Sidma frarama Kho Sorority tioids First Mt3etiiig Since Pearl Harbor LOUISVILLE, Ky. - MPldng its tot idtadnttf i"SSJJi grand basileus, presided, and Agnes Duncan; basfleus general chairman. The convention adooted - a plat - Lform which includes the following purposes: to continue wartime ai - forta; to fight for a permanent FEPC, and support the anu - pou tax and anti - lvnch bills: to enlarge the sorority's educational program; to carry on special activities in the interest of youth. Mary s. carter or Houston, Texas, led the discussion, "The Role or sinna in tne foaiwar Period, while .Edna F. Brown and Portia Bullock of Washington, D.C.; Ethel Smith and Vera Eding burg of Chicago, and Mamie Mor - rie of Louisville,, took part on the paneL CONTRIBUTIONS MADE TO WORTHY CAUSES Ainona the contributions made by the sorority this year were: 1500 to the United Nearo College fund. 500 for life membership In the NAACP, continued memoer - ship with the National Council of Negro Women, inc. Climax of the parley waa tne public meeting held at Quinn chapel with Soror Alice M. Mo - Kinney in charsre of the program. W. W. Wvatt. mayor of the city. brought greetings. Other promi nent citizens taking part on tne Srogram were Atty. J. E. Ray of le Pan - Hellenic council and M. M. Bonner of the Chamber of Commerce. The retiring basileus. Bertha B. Rhode, was presented with a lovely basket of flowers, and Alice McKenney introduced the new errand basileus. Ethel Smith of Chicago. The following officers were elect ed: anti - baaueua. Aita penning. Birmingham. Ala.: second antl - basUeus, Minerva Jones, Galveston, Texaa; grand grammataus. Portia Bullock, Washington. JLMJ.; anti - errand arrammateus. Edith P. Binn. Chicago: tamichoua, Hattie Bedford of Indianapolis, Ind.: edi tor - in - chlef of Aurora, Rubye P. Watts. St. Louis. Mo.: eplstoleus, Sallie Parham, St. Louis, Mo.; recorder of deeds. Carriebel C. Plum - mer, Chicago; chairman of board, Naomi coulter, utua .kock, atk.; board members: Agnes Duncan, Memphis, Tenn.; Rose McKenney, Baltimore; unian J ones, Auanta; Frannie T. Preston. Savannah; Eleanor BelL New Orleans: Bello - zora Ward. Birmingham: Irene Scott. Carbondale; Martha Burnett, Gary, Ind.; grand syntaktes, Edna F. Browne, Washington, D.C; Northeastern syntaktes, Frances Bullock, Washington, D.C; Central syntaktes, Elizabeth Bulls, Kansas City. Mo.: Southeastern snytaktes, Rubye Wise, Atlanta, and South western syntaktes, Mary S. Carter, Houston. Texas. y i ; , W Honeymoon in Ohio COVINGTON. Ga. Mrs. Essie Basrbv announces the August marriage of her daughter, Dorothy Wyatt, to Sgt. Theo. 'iTiggie. me bride is a student at Clark college in Atlanta. Sergeant and Mrs. Tug - gle spent their honeymoon in Cleve land, Uhio. a. - taMaaaaaaMaaaday - SV - t i" 5j t ,AlA i I JOVIAL ACTRESS IS HOSTlSSMerleHe Cenry, ckereeter - ecirett, it pictured fcere with Sidney M. Jehnton of Hertford. Conn, (riant), end Oliver M. E. Fountain of Sen Frenciieo, who were oueitt of honor when Miit Cenry entertained et en exclutive club in Let Aneeltt Saturday evening. Courier Photo by Cutler. Vivacious Marietta Canty Gives Smart Dancing Party LOS ANGELES Hollywood's sepia movie colony turned cut en masse last Saturday evening at a swank dancing party and buffet uoDtr. hosted bv screen actress Marietta Canty, at the Alpha Bowline and Social club, on the West Side. Guests of honor were Messrs. Oliver M. E. Fountain of San Francisco and Sidnev M. Johnson; visitor 4 '6 r I. aa.'im LT. AND MRS. BERTRAM PRATT Lovely Makes Geraldine Charming Bryant Bride WACO, Texas On last Saturday evening, lovely Geraldine Bryant, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Bryant of Baton Rouge, La., became the bride of Li. Bertram R. Pratt in the home of the J. G. Girons of this city. The bride, given in marriage by her father, wore a blue gown, Juliet hat and brown accessories. She wore a corsage of yellow roses and was attended by Mrs. Rose Kaufmann Wiggins. Capt. Adrian Lamos acted as best man. Immediately following the ceremony, a reception was held where intimate friends felicitated the happy couple. The bride's mother presided at the three - tiered wedding cake, and Mrs. BilHe Giron - LADIES! MEN! Is Year Heir FIUag7 TW of tfce Tssspies? Do Yea Have) Dsadraff? Do Yes Have fold Spot? Dees Year Heeaf Itch? "00 - rT suiptna Bam ana Oermtddat OA WW Betansestare Tew SeatpiSa fiaatthy - Attoa and am Ib PrStaotlas tae Baenrv Af Tan, Umtr - j OOAKAirrnEDl U Met saaaaaa aftae asr tour kSS? sJSki aFECIAX. see ni, .UI J.W.U ALMOT PtODUCTS CO, Dept. ( XS Wast U4tk SC. Hew Tark SS. M. X. 1 VW3 1 - i - S). . 1 it i 'S ft WED IN. YUMA S9t. end rs. JVR. Garrett were married in.Yirme, Ariz. The bride it the former Mits Jewell Moore, daughter of Mrs. Citceroe Moore of Los Angelas, Calif., while tha groom hails from Minnaapolis. Minn. Ha it prasantly Stationed at Camp Van Dorn, Miss. Ci - 'r Photo. Tull presided at the punch bowl Those attending the wedding and reception were Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Bryant. Baton Rouge; Cant, and Mrs. George W. Rose, Lts. Raloh D. Askew. Fred Hutch erson, Lt. and Mrs. jess .martin, Lt. and Mrs. Theodore Allen, Lt. and Mrs. Julien Poole. Lt. - and Mrs. Adolph Wiggins, Warrant Of ficer Ira Kyle, Dr. ana Mrs. i. a. Radford. Mr. and Mrs. J. o. uiron. Mr. and Mrs. Earl, P. Ford, Mmea. J. L. Baitv. Ada Judward. Lois Wledmer, John B. Tull, A. D. Car ter of Nashville. Tenn.: William and Misses Catherine Green, Bes sie William, Hodge and E. A. Arnold. The haoDv couple will spend the next 10 or more days honeymooning in Baton Rouge and New Or leans prior to making their home In Waco, where the groom is stationed at Camp Hood. Mrs. Pratt attended xavier uni versity and ls a member of the Alpha KafSa Alpha sorority. Lieutenant Pratt attenaea nortn - western and Chicago universities and ia a member of Alpha Phi Al pha fraternity. v v Entertain for Guest SPRINGFIELD. Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Burl Bond entertained last week in honor of Theodore Hud son, superintendent of the Richard Allen homes. Philadelphia. Pa. Present at the charming affair were Messrs. and Mmes. Stewart Fulbright, William Carter, Wilbur Smith, Landon Smith, Carl "Tike, N. J. Rooker; Mmes. Emmanuel Boins, Marie Abernathy, Johnnie Ingram : Misses Aden Davis, ' Ber tha Johnson, Rolla Pike: Emmet Tike, Chauncey Massey and R. OTOeil. from Hartford, Conn. " More than 75 persons were present, and included among the celebrities were Ethel Waters, Mr. and Mrs. Noble Sissle, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Whitman. Llbby Taylor, Ben Carter. Mr. and Mrs. Mantan Moreland, Max Shagrin, Nina Mae McKlnney, Amaleta Ward, Calvin Bailey, Eddie Green. Bill Begg, Laura Bowman, Lt. and Mrs. Leonard DePaur, Jesse Coles Grayson and Frances Williams. Assisting at the affair were Mmea. Edna Deavens McConmlcK, Freida Foster, Josephine cooper, Edna Thrower, Frances Williams, Miss Gladys Collins and Ella Mae Brown. The gracious hostess, a native or Hartford, attended Lincoln school of nursing in New York City and made her stage debut in 1932 in Hall Johnson's "Run Little Chlllun, Run." Since then, she nas ap peared in a number of stage ve - hicles and has enjoyed signal suc cesses in Hollywood. Bride Wears White Satin LEESBURG, Fla. Miss Maggie Katharine Morse, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Willard J. Morse, be came the bride of. Reginald A. Dermerrite. Jr.. at St. Joseph church August 15, with the Rev. E" R. Montgomery reading the rites. Given in marriage by her fath sr. the bride wore a gown of white satin and carried a bou - auet of white llllies and carna tions. Standing with the bride were Miss Alice M. Johnson, maid of honor; Misses Ruth Jones, Eloyce Dermerrite and Ruth v. William", hridesmaida. Best man waa Willie R. Singleton, and ushers were Cornelius Maxev. Marvin Jones and Moses Newson. A delightful reception at the home of the bride'a parents followed the ceremony. The newly - weds will be at home in Ports mouth, Va. W Haitian President's Wife Arrives in United States MIAMI (ANP) Mme. Elie Les - cot,. wife of the President of Hai ti, arnvea nere ruesaay oy tne Pan - American clipper, accompanied by her ' daughter, Andree, who la en route to Canada to study. Her son. Max. arrived the day before headed for the coast to enroll - at the University of California. Mmes Lescot and her daughter spent the dav in Miami shopping, before con - tlnulng their journey northward. ' A CAREER M IEAQTY CCLTCtt Tha Art ud BHnw af CaamaatST EHeteat lamtracttoa AeaaaaaMe Ratal KmroU iowl ... Wrtte a omU PARKER SCHOOL OF IEAUTT CULTURE XB - St FKNNSYXVAXIA AVKMCZ Vmlioiaat, Weat Vlrctala, Mrs. Luellla Parltar, Prtnciguu.rDundtr fhonx - sue Bowels Sluggish? Faallna like yen loit your bast frln4 haadarhy - duU all bacauaa of slusglib bow. alaT Why put up wttb eonaUpaUoo mlicr;? Cbaw modarn VTCEN - A - ltlNT, tha plMunt - luting chewing - gum laxative. Chaw KEE.N - A - MINT tonlsht at badtlma. Uklnj only tt aeeordaaea with peekate direction. Next mornlna uorouxn. sanua rcllat. tielptnt you feal awaU a rain. MlUlona rtlr oa FTCJEN - A - M1NT. Cbew Uka your favonti gum. Taataa (ood. 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