Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 27, 1957 · Page 72
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 72

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 27, 1957
Page 72
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i.UbftP&rUKI LlDKftKl Thirty-six Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune American Family Menu Wednesday Evening, November 27, 193T. Expect UN To Decline Action On Algeria France To Get Another Year To Solve Problem Each City Has Its Own Distinctive Noise, Smell NEW YORK (UP)—What gives a city character? Chicago's wind? San Francisco's hills? Istanbul's minarets? —Milwaukee's beer? Rome's ruins? Houstor's millionaires? No one feature can -do it. The cities that have the real,, recogniz able personalities — that come UNITED NATIONS (UP)— The: alive in your mind with the men- United Nations will keep hands off jtion of their names—are summa the Algerian situation and give France another year to work out its troubles with the strife-torn North African territory, U.N. observers predicted today. The General Assembly's Main Political Committee was opening iL, perennial debate on the explosive question this afternoon with French Foreign Minister Christian Pineau the first speaker. Expects Support The French counted heavily on support from Britain and the United States for its demand for a free hand to solve the Algerian problem and would get it. it appeared they By GAYNOR MADDOX, '• Food and Markers Editor Light in texture and light in calories, here's a novel tutti-frutti chiffon pie. It's made with whipped instant nonfat dry milk crystals (pure milk solids that Jrefve had all the butterfat removed), mixed candied fruits and nuts. Sound festive? Tuttl-FruUi Chiffon Pie (9-inch single crust pic) One-quarter cup sugar, % teaspoon salt, 1 tablespoon (1 en-! anc ! AS LIGHT AS it looks, this tutti-frutti chiffon pic, studded with fruits and nuts, is made from dry milk crystals. skins can then be easily removed by merely rubbing between the hands or a rough cloth. This blanching also produces a richer, toasted flavor in the nut. Baked Filbert Candy Balls (3 dozen balls) One cup ground, toasted Oregon filberts; 1 cup ground dates, 1 cup coconut, % cup cup brown sugar, 2 eggs, % cup sifted flour, teaspoon salt. British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan said at the end of 13 hours of talks with French Pre- tions of many experiences that tickle all the senses: — smells, noises, street voices, clothes, vehicles, animals, buildings, terrain, sculpture, air to breathe, way of life. And the cities of great character display great differences in sound, smell, dress, voice. An eloquent comment on these personality differences is • found in the November "Annals" of the American Society of Political and Social Science in an article on "The Urban Aesthetic" by John Ely Er.rchard, dean of the Scrool nf Humanities ,and Social Studies of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Notes Noise Difference For noise differences, he notes mier Felix Gaillard Tuesday that;the street-peddler chants of Na "responsibility for a solution of the, pies, the bells of the betjaks_ in Algerian question lies Help Sought In Locating Rural Fires Noble and Washington townships. Eisert said he knew of no plans by the townships to set up a farm numbering system, such as the one used by the Walton volunteer firej department and the one being inaugurated by the Galveston volun^ teers. Walton was the first volunteer department in Cass county to set Numbering System For County Roads Would Bo Helpful be sure to Rive complete and ac- been employed, curate directions when reporting a fire. Fire Chief Dick Eisert pointed In Loving Memory Of Raymond Alderson who passed away three years ago Nov. 27. The Family In Memory Mrs. Irene Turnpaugh who up the system in which'each'farmj Passed away one year ago today, is given a number, and Galveston Nov. 27. Sadly missed by is now in the process of putting the system into effect. Results of the out that the firemen answering rural alarms are likely to be unfamiliar with the area in which the blaze occurs, and explicit directions are necessary to avoid any delay in reaching the scene. Eisert also said that whenever possible the township residents should meet the new 600-gallon Card Of Thanks Mere word cannot express our gratitude and deep appreciation to Memorial Hospital Staff, Dr. J. Carl Jones, Dr. Carl Bailey, Veterans Administration Hospital, Fisher Funeral Home, Pallbearers, Rev. Eugene Grater, friends and neighbors for their many acts of kindness extended us during the illness and death of our beloved —Children and Family. Notice Eagles Riiualistic services for our late Bro. Rufus L. Foust »t the Chase-Miller chapel Wed- nesday, Nov. 27th at 7 p.m. — C. W. Zimmerman W. P. j pumper which is taken on rural husband and daddy. France." Mix coconut, brown sugar, eggs, flour and salt with ground filberts Soil into balls. Roll in spoon salt, l woiespoon u ™- addItiOTd chopped mberts to coat •velope) unfavored gelatin 1>, 2 ' * . p for cups reliquified instant nonfat dry milk crystals (according to package directions), 2 eggs, beaten; % cup candied -mixed fruits, Vt cup chopped walnuts, 2V& cups whipped instant nonfat dry milk crystals, 9-inch crumb or baked pie shell. Mix sugar, salt and gelatin together in saucepan. Stir in reli- quified instant crystals, eggs and fruits. Stir over medium heat until mixture begins to boil (5 to 6 minutes). Add nuts. Chill until mixture thickens and mounds balls. Bake at 350 degrees F. for 15 minutes. Sherried Filbert Pralincttcs (36 patties) One and one-half cups toasted Pineau has conducted a number of talks in Washington with Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and other officials drumming up similar support. • The atmosphere here lacked the tension surrounding Algerian debates of past years. Moderation Stressed Both the Arab b!oc, .which has demanded independence for Algeria, and the French appeared disposed to .accept a moderately- worded resolution. But in Algeria, the French ordered extra security measures after seizing rebel documents in- with.Jakarta, the San Francisco Bay I fog horns, the shrill engine whistles at the .'Gare St. Lazare, the subway rumble of Manhattan, un- muffled motorcycles on the Corso. As for talk, he cites: "The sharpness of Albany, the softness of New Orleans, the flatness of Omaha, the twang of Portsmouth, N. H...the diapasons of Hamburg, the falsetto upturnings of London, the liquids of Rome or Helsinki, "SAINTNIK" — Saint Nick riding a sputnik is the gimmick in this Christmas card. This may be the f'irst card with a BDUtnik theme. (International) A Times editorial asid: "Life ihas never really been the same since the electric horn, closely allied in villainy to the steam whistle, took over from the runs and lead the firemen .to- the blaze. The city fire chief said that the numbering of county roads, which has been discussed by the Cass county commissioners, would prove extremely valuable in answering rural cails in Clay, Clinton-, Eel, Phyllis Galbreath Michael M«na Lou Bobby lUPHOLSTERING the wails or bleats of Bombay or,rubber ball contrivance that emit- Cairo. ted a mild and not unpleasant Nor' do cities smell alike. Bur-]toot. It took some little effort toj chard says wood smoke and man-.squeeze the thing to make the ure provide the warm fall atmos-.sound come out, and so there was phere of Bourges, coal gas cares ..nothing comparable to that irn- for Birmingham or Washington, jpatier.t banging on the button, with dicating fhe'nationalists planned a Pa., oil for Galveston, coffee: resulting assaults on peace, de- In Loving Memory' of Tirza L. Berkshire One year has passed since that sad day. When one We loved v^as called: away, ! God took her home—it was his will • Within our hearts, She Liveth still. I Her Children, and grandchildren. 2018 North Str.tt Phon. 478V "seven day offensive" against roasting for Boston, and when the filbert halves, 2 packages butter- farms, French soldiers and civil- > wind is in the southwest, Chicago scotch pudding, 1 cup brown su- 1 "'-"- ' --<--•-*- -<•<- "-- -.-.._.. it «.- -••-• i. gar, 1V4 cups sugar, 2/3 cup evaporated milk (small can), 1/3 cup sherry or 1/3 cup water with 1 teaspoon sherry extract, 2 tablespoons butter. In heavy saucepan combine the butterscotch pudding, sugars, eva- The French National Assembly drying blood and recently ardent was continuing its debate today on i flesh." a law designed to give limited' Bizarre to Careful Clothes home rule to Algeria. Gaillard was i n the matter of clothing: "The expected to ask tonight for a vote bizarre open shirt of Hollywood when dropped from spoon. Fold j porated milk, sherry and butter, in whipped instant crystals. .Spoon Cook slowly until candy reaches into shell. Chill 2 to 3 hours. Garnish with Maraschino cherries, if desired. Note: To whip instant nonfat dry milk crystals (makes about 2% cups): 1. Mix % cup instant nonfat dry milk crystals with % cup ice water. 2. Whip until soft peaks form <3 to 4 minutes). Add 2 tablespoons lemon juice. • 3. Continue beating, while gradually adding Vt cup' sugar, until stiff peaks form (3 to 4 minutes longer). THANKSGIVING DINNER: Hot buttered tomato bouillon, orange •glazed ham, buttered broccoli, -candied yams, cbrnsticks, butter or margarine, grapefruit and avo>- soft ball stage (234 degrees F.) Add filbert halves. Beat until candy just begins to thicken. Drop quickly from tablespoon onto well- greased cookie sheet, spreading _ at once with spoon to form patties about two inches in diameter. Let stand until firm. TOMORROW'S DINNER: Ri>und steak patties, French-fried pota- loe.5, creamed spinach, seeded rolls, cote slaw, filbert candy balls, cheese, coffee, tea, milk. NEW SYMBOL SOUGHT TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (UP''—A drive has been launched to adopt a new and different Christmas treii for Florida—a palm tree, naturally. The Federated Garden Clubs and the Lake County Cham- anose Director of Security Farid -hebab has been banned from Syria on government orders, informed sources said today. The hostile anti - Syrian elements in Lebanon." or margciiiuti, ^lapci-Mii- «•>« .— ~ — ., cado salad, tutti-frutti chiffon pie, bar, of Commerce^ draw to «£ evergreen re- .rnffee tea milk coffee, tea, miiK. Our grandmothers always included hazelnuts in their holiday menus. But hazelnuts were only the "native" cousin to today's commercially grown fflberts. larger and more distinctive in flavor. Filberts are sold usually in the shell. One pound in the shell yields about IVz cups of nutmeats. After shelling, many homemakers choose to blanch the nut meats by spreading them in a shallow pan and toasting in a 275 degrees F. oven for about 20 minutes. The ans to coincide with the debate. knows the sick sweet odor of cency, and good manners..." Amen. Is Detroit listening? of confidence on it. CHEBAB BANNED DAMASCUS, Syria (UP>- •<Leb- Setlle Tax Lien TERRE HAUTE (UP)—A legal Card Of Thanks To Staff at Memorial Hospital; to those who called at our home or hospital; those who in any other Vine is not the careful gray flan-1 way showed their respects during nel of Grand Central, or the big'the illness and since the death of hat of Fort Worth, or the bowler of the 'city' of London." How true. I got one of those, big hats—a real 10-gallon Texas j special—as a gift from the late Amon Carter in Fort Worth a few years ago and wore it proudly back to New York, But for how long? One day. That's sill, brother. Couldn't stand the stares. Well, I submit that one thing the Clarence Boatman Mrs. Clarence Boatman & Family We Will Be Open Thanksgiving Day •Burrows Lunch & Diner Eatt Edgl of Burrowt PUMP REPAW ANY KIND - ANYWHERE NORTH SIDE PUMP SHOP 717 Franklin Phone 4277 Notice B.ofR.T.No.109 ORDEK YOUR Personalized Christmas Cards QUICK SERVICE 50 for $1.95 and up Hallmark Cards "The most beautiful in the World" Exclusive with us. TIMBERLAKE'S il»,3;»2i£i3j:hW:»R>]2;>l>Jl WE'RE THAHWFUL. HERE AT ..... LEONARD PHARMACY FOR OUR MANY LOYAL CUSTOMERS WHO SAY SUCH NICE THINGS ABOUT US- paper filed in the office of Vigo big burgs are getting: together on County Recorder Ralph G. Baxter is a brain-wearying high noise showed Monday that a $1,171,735 level. No less a journsilistic giant Federal tax lien against the Mer- than the Times of London wished chants Distilling Corp. was settled for $354,797. plaintively the other day for the return of the tootle in auto horns, placed by the palm tree as Christmas symbol. KUHN REASSIGNED FT. CAMPBELL, Ky. (IT— The commander of the paratroops at Little Rock, Ark!, has been reassigned to a post in fran. Coi. William A. Kuhn, first airborne battle group commander, was honored with a review before leaving the post. He also was commended in a telegram from Maj. Gen, Edwin A. Player. Tipton Lodge, No. 33, F. and A. M. Called meeting Friday, Nov. 29th, at 7:30 p.m., to confer the Feliowcraft degree. All Master Masons and Fellowcraft invited, —Owtin Louis Shantcau, W. M. HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM ALl OF US AT \ KEITZER'S DRIVE IN We Will Be Closed All Day Thursday To Enjoy The Holiday with our families. Dial 2732 For The Best in Sandwiches and Service Open Again 8:00 a. m. Friday as usual OPEN ALL DAY Thursday, Thanksgiving Day DEAN'S GROCERY 1130 E. Market BEERS-WINES LIQUORS Jn Fancy Christmas Decanters See Our Big Selection PRESUTTO'S LIQUOR STORE 927 Erie Phone 3975 . IT'S OUR DEPENDABILITY THAT MAKES US PREFERRED \ ^FUNERAL HOME — iAST BROADWAY AT 16TH PHONE 3080 THANK YOU DONATO'S THANKSGIVING DAY MENU ROAST TURKEY With All the Trimmingi Open Thanksgiving Day: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Open Daily 4 to 10 p.m. Sunday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Finest Imported Champagnes 8. Wines To Complete Your Dinoer DONATO'S RESTAURANT Jet. 24 & 35 We»t Phon* 2742 Wo wish to thank the officers, directors and employ«eii of The Farmers & .Merchants Bank, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Lenon and relatives and friends for thoir kind ond thoughtful remembrances with gifts, flowers and the many cards on our 73rd wedding anniversary. Again our heartfelt and sincere thanks. Thad J. and Li da B, Planck Watson's Pre-Christmas Sale On GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES Only,Watson Low Overhead makes this Sale Possible. No High Pressure salesman to pay. Come in and look these appliances over. NO PAYMENTS TILL MARCH AUTOMATIC WASHERS Reg. $249.95* NOW : $179.95 Reg. $269.95 Filter Flo ' NOW {1QQQC 3>IO7c,7J ONLY Reg. $359.95 Filter Flo 2 Speed Washer £OCO OC Now Only . . . ^>Z J 7. 7 J AUTOMATIC DRYERS Reg. $229.95 <tl CO OC Now Only ... «]> I J7.7 J Deluxe Model Now Only . . . Custom Model Reg. $269.9-5 Now Only . .. $149.95 $219.95 EAGLES FAMILY PLAY NIGHT It's New-It's Different-Come See FRIDAY, NOV. 29th, at 8 p. m. SATURDAY NIGHT DANCING Music By ROBIN WOLF (formerly Bob Williamson Band) •fa- Round and Square Dancing if 8:30 TU 11:30 P.M. AUTOMATIC DISHWASHER Reg. $259.95 £l7O OC Now Only ... ^> I / 7.7 J Portable Dishwasher Reg. $219.95 Now Only . G. E. Disposal. Special chase Only $199.95 pecial Pur$39.95 RANGES 30" Reg. $179.95. Only 30" Deluxe Range. Reg. $379.95 Only $149.95 e. $309.95 40" Range Reg. £ 1/I Q OQ $199.95. Only . ^> I 4O.OO 40" 2 Oven Range S $3 ? 9 : 95 .. $279.95 REFRIGERATORS 8 cu. ft. Reg. $199.9,5 - Only $149.95 10 Cu. ft. Reg. <£]QQ QC $229.95 — Only T • 77o7 J 12 cu. ft. Reg. $279.95 - Only QC »7 J 11 cu. ft. combination Refrig/ erator Freezer, 4O"TQ OC Reg. 369.95, onlyY^* 7.7J 12 cu. ft. Combination Refrigerator Freezer, tOOQ OC reg. 459.95, only** 1 * 7.7J 15 cu. ft. Combination Refrigerator Freezer | 18 Cu. Ft. Upright Freezer **.'»».* Now $349.95 | All G.E. Appliances sold on Easy Payment Plan. Small down payment will hold till Christmas, transport's Honest and Reliable G.E. Appliance Service for Over 30 Years. DON WATSON APPLIANCES 223 S. Sixth YOUR GENERAL ELECTRIC DEALER Phone 2444

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