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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 4

The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 4

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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3 J.J i ir Fit LOUISVILLE, Miss July C7 (ANP) Trial of the 17 prominent whites indicted two weeks ao in the mob slaying cf Reuben Micou was consigned to the filc3 in the Circuit Court, Monday. The Indefinite postponement of the uis will un doubtedTy result in the dismissal of tie tut. Five of the na who had previ admtited their part In the Lynching" repudiated their concession la court Tbsir pleas of not guilty war entered Into the. records before tha charges were refllad Monday. Laat April, IT white men broke into tha Jail and kidnaped Micou; then flogged him and rlddlad hi body with bullets.

Ha waa found dead in a churchyard seven milea way. The day prior to tha xnob eisying he had an altercation with a prominent whlta citlaen and waa lodged In Jail. 8 A 2 I Humor Stir Harlem As Dt partura Is Cloaked In My. tery Reported Off toAf rica. YORK.

N. July 27. Lester Walton, veteran newspaper A wen and director of publicity in colored work for tha Democrat's party, in the laat two Presidential campaigns, left mysteriously for Africa laat Saturday. It la es "fumed that Walton sailed for Af rica because ha left from the doc Id from, which ahlpa to Africa usually No information could be obtained to throw light on the matter hacauaa of the reticence of friends and relatives. It is 1 town thai he had made several 1.

tps to Washington recently, and it la thought that he may be on hie to Liberia. However, there has as yet been announcement of any kind from thing ton concerning Walton's appointment to any position. Some i l.arlemltes think Walton haa re ceived the ministership plum, but point to the fact that ha la i sorted to be going Away for. a rlod of only six months or leas, the ministership is good fat the entlra Roosevelt term. 'fibers who claim to have inside I formation think Walton la.

going vr is tha interest of the Firestone Company. "But the truth of tha matter la'that nobody here knows. and se High Harlem is all agog with conjecture. Perhapa the com ins week will rind some light lag shed on 'what la now a dark A BABY FOR YOU If you are denied the Dleaeing ot a fcaby all your own and yearn for baby's arms and a baby's smile, do not give up hope. net write us oonndenoe to Mrs.

Mildred Owim. 333' Coatea House, Kansas City, Mo. nd she will tell you about a aim a'aaome method that helped her being denied years. Many 'there eay this haa helped ble their Urea. Write now and try for Ula wonderful heppln PROSTATE frS 4f otnplainta, ato.

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Daughtera of laU, lataratata Grand Guild and Heroines of Templar Crusaders are computing their plans for a six day conference to ba ield at conclave headquarters, Pythian Temple, 2011 Canter avenue, here, fnom August IS to 19. Tha events of tha weak, beginning with. Monday, are as follows: A public reception will ba addressed by Mayor Herron and other notables, and tha Daaghters of Isia will have an open house from to 9:80 p. m. to reoeiva rlaltlng daughters from various courts.

On Tuesday. the Daughters of Jsis win present a grand ball and reception In honor of the Imperial Court and Aciion Cqdos (Continued ram Pvgt On) i Act urging that each i Industrial coda passed upon ba carefully scrutinized and clauses Included la each coda prohibiting discrimination on account of raa, creed or color in tha fulfillment of tha coda. Telegrams ara also to ba sent to President Roosevelt and to Secretary of tha Interior Harold Ickas, who Is tha administrator, of. public works for which Con ir ess recently appropriated $3,800,000,000, asking that all possible etepa ba taken to see that the Negro recelvea hla full and proportionate ahara of jobs under tha publia works act. A third request to ba made of President Roosevelt la that Intelligent and qualified Negroes ba appointed to various administrative boarda to insure that there shall ba no dis crimination against Negro workers.

In the association's pronouncement it was urged also that pressure be brought to bear on sena tors and congressmen to ask them to work to the itmt end. Negroes in varloua communltlea ara urged to follow closely in the public press and elsewhere announcements of public works programs, of their re spectivt cities, counties and states. and to put forth an Insistent demand of governors, mayors, city counclimen, state commissioners of labor, federal, state and' municipal employment agenta to aea that Negroes get their full? share of jobs. "Secretary of Interior I ekes has assured tha N. AV A.

P. that he will do everything In his power to prevent discrimination against the Negro," stated Walter White, secretary of the N. A. A. C.

Pn In making public tha association's action. "We must, however, let him and specially President Roosevelt and General Johnson know that Negroes ara aroused and Insistent that their demands for full equality In tha matter of these industrial eodea and joba under tha public wofka act will and must be heard. Every Negro in the country should bombard these officials so that they cannot possibly forget the Negro's Interest during this very important period of formulation ot codes and practices which will very profoundly affect the Negro's economlo status for the next decade or longer." Margaret Page, daughter of Solomon Page of Runnett street, ra tured to Washington, D. Monday, accompanied by her aunt, Mrs. Sadie Brooks, who bad been visiting our city.

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Greenlee Field ill be tha teene of a drUl to follow tha Knight Templars parade on Thursd ay afternoon. George Stevenson will ba In charge of the three grand prizes to be given, On Thursday evening, the Shrin ars and Templars grand ball, which will feature the crowning if the conclavs queen, will ba held. Friday will ba sightseeing day with luncheon being served at tha Heins House. Noble Rosier Is chairman of the welcoming committee and Mrs. R.

WiMiams is. chairman of tha housing committee, Noble A. A. Clark is chairman ofthe general committee. Places Blame On Police In Pool Beating "If policemen refused to get their clothea wet to go into Highland Park Pool showers to protect colored persons laat Tuesday, they were merely shirking their duty.

Pittsburgh police can't be stopped from going any place' in the city is to the top of a elevator shaft or down Into a sewer, lieutenant Walter Burns and iis subordinate officers understand that the order from ma prohibit' police from tha showers and Interior of the pool was merely meant to keep them on duty instead of spending their time stated McQualde when interviewed when interviewed this week. "If persons who were told tbat promised police protection was "ballyhoo and that they were not wanted or to leave will address a latter of complaint to me at my office, I will aee that tha officers who committed these acts ara dealt with," further McQualde. "However, I can promise no action on the Dawkins case until the court has made Its decision on the new case." McQualde also. said that he Would consider placing police life guards such as ara now used at tha river pools at the park in addition to the citizen life guards now employed if they. were requested by the Director of Public Works andy the Bureau of recreation.

He urged tie newspapermen to try to obtain such a request from these officials. Director of Publio Wor Lang could not be reached this wetk. President of City Council also stated that he would consider any requests for a Couneilmanle hearing on the Pool case if such were forwarded to him by mall. There haa been no demand for such a hearing this year, ha stated. When a wife kisses her husband when he cornea in at night she probably does it for inspection Instead of affection 2 FE1BB .2 ii its This Week Only A The above NUMBERS ara sura to HIT this week.

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PoeiUvely No Letters wJU be swerei. Jzy i 'Jt ETH10P1AU PRIUCEI Ras (King) Destu Demtu, special envoy of the Emperor of Ethiopia to the United States, is snapped here intently listening as Representative Sol Bloom of New York points out some of the Capital's sights on the steps of the CapitoL Vonn Danquot (Continued from Pag On) and Mrs. Herbert T. Miller. Shed rick Fields, Mr.

and Mrs. Ira F. Lewis and Harry Stewart. Groups Reaerve SpeelsJ Tables Among the reservations, numbering nearly 600, which bad been received at press time (Thursday), were several groups which reserved special tables. Thty wara The Frogs Club and their wives; tha Rho Boule, the local branch of the National Association of Hotel Employes, the Robert H.

Terrell Law Club, the Courier employes, the Masons, the Elks and tha Butlers Association. In addition to the guests listed, a large number of well known out of town people will attend. Prao tically every major ctiy in the East and the midwest will have a representative In attendance. Local citlsens of all walks of Ufa will turn out in large numbers to pay tribute to the honor accorded Mr. 'Venn to hear what tha political and civic celebrities have to say about the "New Deal." which his appointment apparently heralds.

Affair to Start at P. M. An interesting program has been arranged to make the evening a rjonticcllo from Pag On) influential factors in clvlo and community Ufa. told Mayor Herron that they thought it was an outrage for the dance to be held in the center of the Negroes! finest residential district They pointed out that the dance was a disgrace to the community and a direct slap in the face to the intelligence of Pittsburgh Negroes. DisffTaoe to Community "Negroes of Pittsburgh," they said, "take pride in the Homawood district as a fine residential district.

You, as a resident of Home wood, know this. They move to the district in the hope they and their children can enjoy soma of the privileges which that district affords. "We have a number of ministers living on Monticello street We have a number of professional men living on Monticello street Wa have an Assistant Attorney General living on that street Most of tha people, on tha street ara home owners' or are buying their homes. They take pride In beautifying their premises. "A street dance brings into the district an undesirable element They are a group who do not live there.

They have no regard for other people's property. They deface our property, our grass, our flowers, our fences and our hedges. We have presented to you a petition with 53 names. These names represent the homeowners of the block. The other petition you received Is composed largely of tenants, such as roomers and boarders." It is claimed that following the presentation of the protest petition to him, Zilayor Herron advised tha ministers that he "would tike eara of everything." Zs Dr.

Christian's Side Dr. Christian and his organization have announced that there will be a dance Is the block designated, regsr Ueas. In some circles It is even being rumored that Mayor Herron will appear In person to address the gathering one evening over' as am I Tj irT It is sail ti til CATUTJHY, 3TJLY 29, 7 i ft I nt it Ti Co a rt v. L. JUL I ij iC: H.jn..v,;.js, a OT Rr complete one.

Don Fotrest's popular Harlem Six will furnish their typical entrancing muaje between the hours of a and 6:45 p. m. The first course of the banquet will be served promptly at 7 p. m. Persona arriving late will be served the course which is in progress.

Delicious Dinner to Be Served The banquet menu includes: Halves of young chickens, smothered; Waffle potatoes, new peas In cream, conserve, buttered rolls, combination green salad, French dressing, wafers, fresh peach and vanilla ice cream, cake, coffee and salted nuts. Tha best ot servica will be another feature. Celebrities To Speak. Short, pointed speeches will be made hy Bishop Reverdy C. Ransoms of the A.

M. E. Church, who will Introduce Attorney Vann; Attorney Julian Rainey of Boston, who will serve as honorary master of eremonles; Honorable Joseph F. Guffey, Honorable David Lawrence, Judge Reld, Judge Gray, Paul F. Jones, Attorney.

F. B. Ran some, special out of town guests and prominent 'local officials and citizens. Ira F. Lewis, business manager of The Pittsburgh Courier, will preside as master of cere frnonlee, Otvoot Banco speech will be delivered from, the home of Dr.

Christian. Dr. Christian's political life In tha Thirteenth ward haa been a stormy one. Center of a controversy last year which saw a split In his organization, and accused hy various groups of "playing both, ends against the middle," he haa made many enemies, and his leadership is said to be doubtful. However, ha haa tha support of Scott Morgan, political boss for years of tha ward, and Mayor Herron, who is also a resident of tha ward.

Dr. Christian contends that there Is bo harm In a street dance, regardless of the fact that; a large percentage of' those who dance are white. He says that It makes little or no difference home ownere of the b.ock In which the dance will be held are objecting "We want the dance In that block, and we're going to have it there." Morgan Paeees "Buck" Magistrate Morgan, wheit interviewed Thursday morning, refused to let tha affair touch him directly. a "Of course there Is a difference of opinion." he said. "But I understand that the controversy has been brought to the attention of Mayor Herron.

Anything he does or any disposition of the case which he makes will be all right with us." Informed that there might be court action to halt tha dance, be was non committal DEATHS MARY JANE LAWS Mrs. Mary Jane Laws, bora In Lynchburg. October SO, 1S71, died here last Wednesday, July 19, after "being active for many years in the Old Lady's Home. Mrs. Laws became a matron of a home while but 17 years old.

She was the wife of the late Mr. Thomas Laws. Mourning bar loss are two sons, Bart J. and Robert L. Laws; two grandchildren, Mar joria Laws and Mrs.

Elisabeth Russell of Colons bus, Ohio, and a host of friends. Funeral services were held from the Church of God and Saints of Christ tha following Zlondy rsorn .7 Letters Pour In Better Traffic Letters about all sorts of traffic snarls, unsafe ctreet conditions, speeding and places where traffic law violations are frequent are streaming fnto The Pittsburgh Courier pffiee as a part of the "Traffio Clinic" of tha Hill District which la being held in co operation, with the Better Traffic Committee and tha Bureau of Traf fic Planning. Ail of these letters are being tak en up with City T. affiC Engineer Lewis W. Mclntyre and tha other Pittsburgh "trafflo doctors" by Ivory Cobb, The Pittsburgh Courier's Traffie Clinlo Editor.

They will be atudlad by tha traffic ex perts before and during the Hill District Trafflo Thursday and Friday, August I and i. During tha two days of tha Traf flo Clinic, representatives of the Bureau of Trafflo Planning and the Batter Trafflo Committee will go over every street in the Hill District and make a careful study of speed conditions, dangerous cor ners, places where pedestrians cross the streets In crowds, park ing conditions and the like. Before the daya. of the Clinic, all of the facta which have been gathered during. the past five years by the Bureau of Trafflo Planning about conditions la tha Hill District will be studied and particularly dangerous spots selected for moat careful study.

"Tha trafflo accident situations which now need most careful attention," Mclntyre assarts, "ara of a strictly local nature. The large sized devices for the improvement of traffic apeeds and tiie reduction of trafflo accidents have been used. Now wa want to hold a microscope, as it were, over each section of Pittsburgh to determine to what extent conditions may be further improved." Mape of each intersection In the Hill District where. there haa been one or more aeeldenta and information on the volumes of traffic which use all of the more Important streets as well as the speed traveled are being prepared in a systematic form for the "doctors' when they start on their first "clinical examination." This project, according to Chairman Frank L. Duggaa of tha Better Traffie Committee, is an important phase of Pittsburgh's effort to become the Safest City in America la 1933 as it was la 193Z Trafflo accidents throughout the city dropped 25 per cent during the first six months of this year.

If that record can be kept up, Dii gan believes that Pittsburgh will once more receive national distinction in traffic safety. More than 300 street traffic accidents, including 11 deaths, have been the cost of tha automobile In (tie Hill District during the past five years, according to the records of Lewis W. Mclntyre. City Traffic Engineer and Superintendent of the Bureau of Traffic Planning. In the 146 accident for which complete reports art available, lis man, women and children were hurt and there was a property damage to automobiles of $15,450 in addition the 11 fatalities.

AU of these accidents took place in the district bounded roughly by Washington Place on the West Bedford avenue on the North, Herron avenue on the east and Center and Wylie avenues on the south. This Is the area on which the Better Traffic Committee and the Bureau of Traffic Planning with the aid of The Pittsburgh Courier are going to hold a Pittsburgh's first "Traf fic Clinic" Thursday and Friday, August and 4, Of the 115 people hurt In the HU1 District's traffic, 67, J4 children and adults) were pedestri ans. Thirty three, or half of these pedestrians were hurt while cross ing the, streets properly at intersections due to the carelessness of speedin and reckless motorists. Mclntyre says. Of the 23 pedestrians httrt at intersections, 24 ware adults and nine children.

Most of the children hurt on Hill District streets were playing In the etreets. riding on the back of street cars, or crossing the streets between Intersections, igerous things to do. Of the things motorists did which caused accidents, the most serious examples of carelessness were: Eighteen hit parked automobiles. Sixteen were weaving drivers who cut in In front of other drivers and caused collisions. Four hit tha rear ends of other cars.

Twenty four were collisions at intersections, IS while turning right anil six while turning left "The lesson of these accidents figures," Mclntyre says, "is the fact that drivers will just have to be as courteous on the streets as they ara to guests in their own house. They should treat tha other fellow as they want to he treated them selves. The Golden Rule Is as valuable a way of acting in traffie ae in all our other doings." In discussing these Cruras, Mc lntyre pointed to the value or mo torists reporting au aeoiaenia in they have a part to the State HINDU BROTHERS FHEE ADUIGE Do Voo Want To tut And Ualte Speedy Money se, seed ealy twearr eeeta aa tret Mckase ef eer werie a aneae fwweat Tea aeua aaafca aa mm MB LUCKY tm faaaaa. lew aiajnar aetH ew re, at a amlaekT fa yam. IF vae aaw m4 ear? Me frwe aUaeca)) a aaeser see wife Tmt 4ete af fclrtfc 'e FJLM ivin EH.

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Foi mil Clinic TRAVELED YITH 7 GYPSIES, HELD and held for ipves tigatien along with a group of travelling gypele this week, Joe Nathan who gave his temporary address as Pena avenue, was giVen a hearing on a auspiol person charge, before Magistrate Rothenberg ef Central Police station Monday. All were discharged due laek of evidence and William continued on his with the gypsies. government and the City 'Bureau of Traffic Planning in the manner provided by. law. The City Traffie Code provides: "It shall be unlawful for the driver of any vehicle involved In an accident resulting In Injuries or (leath to any person, or total prop erty damage to an apparent extent of 150 or more to fail to forward a report In duplicate of such accident to the Department of Publio Safety (Bureau of Traffie Planning).

City of Pittsburgh. within twaaty four (24) hours of the occurrence thereof. (An aTflUoal copy must also, be forwarded to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenues)." These reports are not available to tha courts for action against motorists, whether they are right or wrong. They are only used to help Improve traffic conditions through engineering Improvements Jn the streets or street traffic control methods or through enforcement work by the Trafflo Police, ONLOOKER Fin eb id POOLCASi, APPEAL'S The Innocent bystander, Jamas Dawklns. who received a fractured skull from tha nightsticks of six Highland Park poiieecaen during last week's series of beatings at the park pool waa fined $25 or thirty daya is Jail charged with being a suspicious person Friday by Magistrate Sweeney of the East End po lice station.

Police Ifeld in evidenoa a small pen knife, which they claimed Dawktna bad threatened them with before they beat him. Colored witnesses to the affair although they, ware not: allowed to testify at tha hearing, stated that Dawkina was first slugged by two Italian hoodlums; then pummeled to unconsciousness by the police and then had the knife planted en htm by a member of the crowd aft er his skull was cracked. The N. A. A.

C. appealed the esse te tha County Court and waa granted a hearing for. some time In September. Segregation was practiced to some degree by police at the hear, ing. The group of Interested citizenry and witnesses, who went hear the disposition of the case, were not permitted to tail their stories and white persons were given the.

preference of the standing positions nearest tha bench, Maan while a large group of policemen stood eutside of the station dur ing the hearing and waved their bands in apparent defiance 4o the race reporter who came to cover the hearing. JACKSON, Miss, Jury 27 Mrs. Lurline Wright climaxed a jealous quarrel with Read Tuesday afternoon fey whipping out aa caUoer" pistol, and taking a hot at "Reed. The bullet struck r'a the shoulder and ooursad c. wnrd through the ribs.

The Wright woman "waa beend ov fey the grand jury en charge of shooting with Intent to and bail was fixed at $750. loaus on VATCUES. JEUZW sx eoeta Lie sr raent ooeta 5 per eaonti S3X3 eoste tie psi rac ii fBMXS jaoete 13X3 Loans on uns. rJverware. and musical Instrument at lowest ree I46eriy Avenuev Pittsburgh, fa.

Established lcM Exonerated Of Shoplifting A mother and deu er, y. and Wvmtm Ttirnai ia Bernei. rrer.ti u.hl:t in the hjii" noli street. shopping tour a.w londav whin thv annMi Magistrate Thomas n. that they were Dnquesne, Pa.

1 Mrs. Merlin Turner arti ir year old daughter ere viiin. the home of her Mr i Mrs. H. B.

Jeffries. Mrs. Turnr popular younp matron of' Tork'e younger set, be our former athlete ami hi.ketba star of Duquene High Soi Ruth Jackson, formerly ti tb'u cit. Is spending her vacation here her mother. Miss JtcUna IT turn to Detroit in SeptemSf Bm she will resume her dertaker and Mrs.

Fred; ie 'g have goo on an extenrird mot trip to the south. They win raI Atlanta, their chief rfip. Francis Harris, promine ociW of Bordaatown, N. it house guest of Dr. and.ftrr.

White, D. D. Among Uiof wh iv tended the reception eivfii iB honor were Mr. and Mr. W.

jly olds. Misses Elmira Bourum, nle Ratcliffe, Modyllne rkrt, rude Montgomery, Florin Smiy, Ruth, Jackson, Johnny May kv Laurion. May Whelenton, Mr, Mrs. Herman 'Jeffries and a' Dorothy Burton, also hmut rmt Dr.

and Mrs. Whits, aa a resident of Saginaw, Mieh. TU young men attending were Muti John, Edwards, Luther Mel tyre, James Watson, Charles KMi and Od ell Toimger. iflDaaa5ffied would rou mac to iuxx $10 to 03 a day selling our Uri ot tellat preparations? Wa va agaatj ta Terj town; men, woan, students; whole or part tiru WriU for Free Sample Outfit Offer, Hindu Perfume Co 615 East tra Street, Chicago, HL FOR RENT Two rooms, priviu bath, gu, electric and front porch, handy te S5 S2 csrUrn. Only particular, quiet people ate! apply.

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116; three rooms, Inciudlcf gas and Hermitage it, 25; three rooms. Mootlotlb st, first floor, $23; six rooms and bath, gas and electric, Monticello st, Pt; Five rooms, gas and electric. Boater, street, WUklnsburg, 71M; 8n rooma, iras and electric. Hirmlttri treat, WO, 'K. FIELDS 7300 Hermitage Street Lapsed Ingorajice 4 roIlde 7lIny Be Vabttti Lapsed policies en deceased living persona: may 'e valuabla 0m of our client collected $501, another $319 on policies they tsouDt worthless.

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