Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 27, 1957 · Page 69
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 69

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 27, 1957
Page 69
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Wednesday Evening, November 27, 1957. RIP KIRBY Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune HEAVY FIRE HOLDS KIRBY AND JAMES 'LOW WHILE IS OUT. THAT LINE Of PILLARS OVER THERE. ANOTHER J PILLAR is LEANING AGAINST THEM FROM THE REAR/ CARTER'S MANEUVER QUICKLY, THEN, CARTER/ WHAT IS YOUR IPEA? IF I CAN CLIMB IT ANP REACH THE TOP, I CAN SHOOT RIGHT DOWN ON THEM. COVER ME WHICE I' <;ET OVER THERE_ MICKEY FINN IT WAS THIS WOODEN RAKE, \ B-BUT W-HMAT UNCLE PHIL! you STEPPED / W-WOULD A RAKE ON IT-AND THE HANDLE / B-BE DOIN' FLEW UP AND HIT YOU ! ^. — IN HERE ?' T-THERE'SAWHOLE STACK OF'EM, PHIL? F-FROM A SHOW THAT FLOPPED LAST YEAR -A MUSICAL C-CAL1.ED ''DOWN OM THE FARM." AO PABBA 1VUKKA BIP NUBB* PAK. TETA \HOFF ZEPPO WAKKO NUK WAKO MUSKAPLEP WAZIO POP! /rs-soatjes LIKEMOK£ THAN ONE VOtCE MOW,. SERGEANT! KERRY DRAKE SAHARA DEAR. COULDN'T WE SLIP AWAY AMP BE MARRIED.. VERY SOON' AS VOU WISH, DARLING/. I'M JUST AFRAID SOAAE TERRI6LE THING WILL HAPPEN... AND I'lL LOSE YOU.' I WANT PICTURES ON THE SOCIETY PASES /..A BIS CHURCH WEPDINS/.. LOADS OF INVITED GUESTS.'.. IT TAKES TIME TO PLAN THOSE THINGS. REX MORGAN, M. D. IT WAS MOST STIMULATING FOR WE TO TALK TO SUCH A GRACIOUS ANP ATTRAC- T1V6 AUDIENCE, MRS. BARTON ' you WERE WONDERFUL, PROFESSOR- SIMPLY WONDERFUL .' PROFESSOR, COULD YOU POSSIBLY WORK ME US FOR AN APPOINTMENT SOON...OR WILL I HAVE TO WAIT FOR MONTHS BEFORE I CAN SEE YOU ? AW FRIEND OF MRS. BARTON'S WILL BE SEEN IMMEDIATELY, )«\y DEAR LADV NOW, GIRLS....PLEA9E, WE MUST NOT IMPOSE ON'THE PROFESSOR .' HE'S TERRIBLY BUSY / BESIDES, I DO WANT A MINUTE ALONE WITH HIM .' - TIZZY BUZ SAWYER "Poor Herfate! He paid $25 for his 1938 Auburn and tie got a lemon!" GRIN AND BEAR IT #.2- "Is figures showing superior Soviet production! . . . Totals for yeeir show Gtorious Soviet Union: 1 sputniks! Decadent LI.S.A.: 7,000,000 automobiles!" No Clemency List For Criminals in Prison, Says Handley INDfANAPOLIS ('UP) — Governor Handley said today he plans to issue no special clemency list as a "Christmas present" for • • • •_•_ i menYou I : FeelTense :| refreshing, delicious Wrigley's Spearmint. Pleasant chewing helps you feel relaxed. criminals in Indiana institutions. "There will be no special Christ mas list," said the governor, don't believe in it." But he said he wishes "Merr Christmas" to any convict fcrtu nale enough to receive a. parol I during the holiday season. It has been a frequent pra^tic of Indiana governors to commut sentences of some prisoner around the holidays. Pleads Innocent TERRE HAUTE (UP) — J'err Fulk, 12, pleaded innocent today to r.he shotgun slaying of his fEither at their farm home near here Sept. 22. The boy told police he killed his father, Clifford, 38, with a shotgun because he mistreated his mother and other members of the family. •* Buy some •. today /IT VJILL MAKE NO / DIFFERENCE. SHE IS I STILl AM BELOVED V ALIPfl...MY WIFE.' --- • -- YOU SHOULD BE PREPARED FRIEND ZORKA. IN A WOMAN CHftWGES L\KE At) ANGEL SPINNING THE STRINGS FOR HER HARP... AH, PRMSEALIAH; IT'S ALIPA'. EVEN NOW I CAH SEE SOMETHING OF THE OLD LOVELINESS ANP GRACE. ! SHE KEEPS ALWAYS TCI HERSELF, ALWAYS SPINNING VI TH HER DISTAFF AtTO SPINPL6, IIKE AWOMAN IN A TRANCE. ONEMOP^KINPNESS RAHMAN. LET US HAVE OUR REUNION BUT MOVE GENTLY, LKT YOU FRISHTEK If Santa didn't have a uniform he'd wear a Bailey's McGREGOR Suburban Coat MARY WORTH I'VE JU5T MADE A ^—I T(ME WA5 WH EN YOU TIL BE HAPPY TO I I w THAT «6E, NEVA, EAT WITH WU.CHUCK"- U y OUU HAVE TO A5 LONG A5/W155 MARLON A 5CTTU.FORA MONEy DOESN'T PAV THE M PAP£R NAPKJN CHECK.; _ _^V PLACE! AND, WHEN I BBCU6HT S~~< BUT NOW I'M HOME5IRLOIN"-BOU6HTWrm) WILLING TO LH/E ' MV5ALAKV...WE HADOUR /ON MUSS MARIOS | FtRCT BIS FteHT! ^_A DOUSHi-THATS , VOUR POINT. LITTLE ABNER WHICH ONE O' VO'-u°H.'.'-LADIES GITS ME-NOT THET \T-S°B.'r- MATTERS MUCH/' SAwNfr-AHtL HAFTA DRAG HIM CWERTH' FINISH LINE, •KEPTOUR > MAHSELF/''— LAST WORK AH'LLEVAH DOFO'HIM. 1 ? -AW5 /VO^/ 'Bft/DEANC* GCOA/"W£i BWNG YOU THE FIRSTMARR/AGE Of THESE BARBAR/C MAT/MS ff/r£S.< r - NANCY STRICTLY BUSINESS "Not now, Mervin—I'm too busy to show you the watch you'll receive after 25 years' service!" STRICTLY RICHTER ~—~ --1«7, KnjFoira SfBdmc. toe, WortJ hiin'rE s the matter with OUR senator? Wlqr doeeat HE et u ad * HE get up and say something CUTIES .«tim, two nitcwt rmnCATB. be. woiu Mctrn "1 hope be doesn't keep me waiting too long. Mine's a time bomb." DOTTY DR1PPLE GOOP/ XXl'RE RUGGEP ENCXJSH , TO HANDLE MOST ANV £1NP OF JOS—WHAT CO "lOU DO? GRANDMA GRACIOUS, DIDATRUCK HIT YOU ? I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. OffANDMA/ TH' SHACK WAS FULL O' KIDS f>(vf S tl Mffliiiil ...AN'I JUST STARTEDT' GO IN TH 1 DOOBT'JOINJ 'EM, WHEN I HEARD j SOMEONE SAV...j ...HE8E COM£S T» OPF/CEff.'.'.. AN' THAT'S ALL. I REMEMBER/

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