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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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15 the of of A. M. E. PASTOR DEFIES BISHOPS' ORDER TO VACATE VANN NAMED TO IMPORTANT POST THE RICA'S 00 AR BEST AN WEEKLY Live Features, Latest News Leader In Advertising, Circulation and News Clean, and Progressive VOL. XXIV-No.

27 PITTSBURGH, SATURDAY, JULY 8, 1933 PRICE TEN CENTS BETTER HOUSING MOVE ON Race Miners Remain Loyal To Company The Pittsburgh Coal pany, during the past few days, has seen fit to discharge from its employment and evict from some of the company houses some of its employes. This is no more than employers are doing elsewhere when employes fail to give satisfactory service or are out of harmony with company programs. This is no more than a condition that happens daily throughout the United Mine Workers, however, have seized upon this situation as a pretext to launch an attack upon this and all other coal companies, stating that such action on part of the coal companies is an effort to force the employes to join the Union." It is claimed that officers of the United Mine Workers of America have appealed to General U. S. Johnson, the National Administrator of the Industrial Recovery Act, with the above complaint, Negro miners, however, in the Pittsburgh coal felds are pursuing the even tenor of their ways in this situation.

The majority of the realize that all of their number are not identified with the Company organization; it would be hard to expect any group of men to show 3 100 per cent effort in anything. It is gratifying to know, however, that the vast majority of the Negro miners are stringing along with the emplo, er, feeling that their best interests will be served in so doing. The big coal operators of the Western Pennsylvania fields have money, employment, and regular pay, together with food and shelter to offer the Negro miner. The United Mine Workers can offer nothing but hardship, starvation and discrimination against the Negro. In spite of the various handicaps encountered by the thousands of Negro families when they invaded the mining fields of western Pennsylvania from 1925 on, they have made creditable records as workers and desirable citizens in the communities.

Many of the unildren have graduated from public schools with honors, made excellent records -in athletics in junior high schools in spite of the handicaps set up by many of the teachers who were sympathizers with the United Mine Workers. The women have awakened to a new interest in their hornes and community to the extent that they have banded themselves into groups to improve their communities in every phase. These groups recently held the first known conference of its kind in the history of the coal industry. The men have made excellent records as workmen and many have received encouragement through advancements in occupations. Negroes are employed in every occupation of mining for the Pittsburgh Coal Company.

Many Negroes have worked for the company upward to 35 years of continuous service. A specific example of this type of employee is Sylvester Byrd, Negro electrician of Midland mine, located at Houston, Pa. Byrd began his connection with the company six years ago when he applied for a job at Moon Run Mine. It was not long after that he became assistant machine boss, having charge of repairs of all cutting machines and proved efficient and capable in handling the repairs of any other electrical equipment about the mine. Byrd was also interested in baseball and was elected manager of the baseball team for two years.

In 1930, he was transferred to the Westland mine and Soon won the admiration of the officials because of his ability and likable disposition, After working at this plant for over a year he was transferred to the Midland mine where he has worked to the present time. All during this time Byrd continued to study about electricity and is deeply interested in psychology, and physic analogy. There are many other men who have made records and hold important jobs with this company. There are also other Negro employees who are training themselves for better jobs and have proved to be dependable in every respect. While this progress has seemed slow to many of the Editorial MILITANT JEWISH WOMEN WEDS PITTSBURGHER The secret is out! The announcement has just been made of the marriage of Miss Gertrude Hairston, above, of Cleveland, Ohio, to Edward J.

Boyd of this city, Tuesday, March 21st, 1933 by the Rev. F. B. Graves. The bride wore white satin and tulle veil and carried white roses and valley lillies, After the ceremony.

the couple went to New York on honeymagn trip. The bride is a West Virginia State coed and the groom is a graduate of Fisk. They will live in Pittsburgh. A.M.E. PREACHER DEFIES BISHOPS' ORDER TO VACATE (Special to NEW YORK, July ordered by the Bishops' last June to vacate the odist Episcopal Church the supreme council of asked for an injunction The Pittsburgh Courier) 6-Rev.

Cain P. Cole, who was Council in session at Wilberforce pulpit of the Bethel African Methhere, has ignored the mandate of the church and gone into court and preventing his congregation from holding up orderly services. was precipitated by the singing out" of the pastor last Sunday morning. The congregation Ang two full hours, making it impossible for the Rev. Cole to proceed with his sermon.

Affairs at Bethel have been somewhat perturbed since Bishop W. H. Heard ousted the congregation's choice, Rev. Edward A Clarke, and appointed Rev. Cole.

The congregation appealed to the the Bishops Council, which repudiated Bishop's appointment, and replaced Clark. Cole, however, refuses to vacate. According to his attorney, Assemblyman Pope B. Billups, the action of the Bishops Council without precedent in the 115 years history; for this reaso0 he feels that court should decide the matter. Judge Bernard Shientag took the matter under advisement.

On the other hand, leaders in the A SE E. connection declare that the Bishops were within their fights to replace Clark. They say tie congregation does not want Cole and will his postinate procedure only dieintegrate the membership and injure the progress of the taurch. MAN CUT AFTER JULY FOURTH PARTY An during argument which took place the progress of a "Fourth of July party" at the home of Arthur Wall, 27. 65 Logan street, ended tragically Tuesday when, according do la, police reports, his wife, Marcelcut with host, Wall, on the head a knife.

Three stitches were required close the wound at the Assavant. Hospital. HELD FOR ROBBERY the Suspected -of having taken part purse robbery of $57 from the of Charles ka Goedell, 21 Minoostreet, this week, Inez Stewby Centre 1409 Hazel street, was held art. 29, for investigation. police this week EDITOR OATH OF OFFICE Appointment As Assistant to Attorney General, Department of Justice, First Major Plum Under New Administration.

WASHINGTON, July 6 Robert Lee Vann, born in the backwoods of North Carolina, rose to the highest appointed political position a Negro has held here Thursday morning, when at 10 o'clock he was formally sworn in as Assistant to the Attorney General of the United States, Department of Justice. Confirmation of the appointment marks the first major Democratic gesture under the Roosevelt administration. It is expected that in the complete list of appointments, which will be handed out within the next few weeks, Negro voters will get just representation for their active interest last fall, when the Democratic party was swept into power in the midst of a landslide which saw 43 States protest, by votes, the rule of the Republican machine. One of Party's "Big Four" Mr. Vann, whose nation-wide influence and keen analysis of the national political horizon has made him one of the outstanding leaders of the Negro race, served on the now famous "Committee of Four," which corralled the Negro vote in 1932.

Others on this committee included Attorney Julian D. Rainey of I aston, Dr. William J. Thompkins of Kansas City and Dr. J.

L. JohnSOL of Columbus. It was committee which the Democratic party held largely reaponsible for teaving asunder the old party lines which had entrapped Negro voters since their emancipa- tion. Fanious Cleveland Speech Mr. Vann sounded the "new deal" keynote in September of last year, when, before the famous St.

James Forum, Cleveland, he rendered his now famous speech, "'The Patriot and the Partisan." This speech, printed by the thousands in pamphlet form, and sent all over the country, described in detail the insidious program which Republicans had used to turn the White South against the Black South in the days following the Civil War, by appointing to positions of power and influence men, who had just a few days before, been the slaves of those to whom they now gave orders. He pointed out that at that time literacy among the Negro race was at a very low ebb. But during the past thirty years. when the literacy of the Negro had increased in amazing proportions, Republican patronage had decreased to the place where the party chiefs felt that they could win without the Negro vote and for that reason, failed to even consider him as a factor in national politics. Facts and figures supported his contentions and, when at the end of his speech he uttered these dramatic this year, I see millions of Negroes turning the picture of Abraham Lincoln to the wall," he was applauded to the echo.

"And There Stood the His speech, published in full in The Pittsburgh Courier, of which he has been the first and only editor-in-chief. since it started publication as an incorporated news1910, revealed the Republican Party in the bitter and relentless light of a thinker, and when he followed this up with his famous Arst page editorial, "And There Stood the One Hundred," published several weeks later, Negro leadership, insofar as the Republicans were concerned, was doomed. This editorial pictured 100 Repub- (Continued on Page Four)' CHILD INJURED IN HOLIDAY MISHAP A cannon cracker thrown from the hands of an unknown person was responsible on Tuesday of this week for injuries received by four year old tot, which required six stitches to close at the Passavant Hospital. The boy's entire leg above the knee, was torn open by the violence of the firecracker, POLICE STAG OUTING AT PARADISE GARDEN The annual Fraternal Order of Police stag outing will be held July 30 at the Paradise Gardens near Daniel's Farms, July 30. Officers from ail over the city, white and colored, will attend.

A clam bake and corn roast, as well as a mushball game, between the Northside and Southside station teams for the Trees trophy will be an added attraction. Two thousand Jewish women delegates, representing 236 organizations, met the other. day in a New York hotel. and voted to declare an economic boycott on all German prod: ucts as retaliation for the mistreatment of Jews by the Hitler dictatorship. These 2,000 Jewish women and the organizations they represent mean business.

The Nazi regime: has killed Jews, persecuted Jews and is executing a pogrom' against Jews which spells thelr economic ruin in Germany. Now the Jewish women in conjunction with Jewish business the world: over intend to punish the Germans by the only kind of force minorIty group can effectively wield. the Nazis will not let Jews teach school, hold offices, practice profess sions, enter into sports, do business and hold jobs, then the Jews are determined that they will hamper in every way possible the economic LEADERS TO TALKAT MEETING IN OHIO Realizing the deplorable housing conditions in the Hill district, the East End and other sectors of this city, especially insofar as Negroes are concerned, a few of our citizens are planpublic on attending the National Conference on Slum Clearance which is meeting in Cleveland, this week. The special delegation from Pittsburgh will be led by W. S.

Fitts, local civic leader and prominent realtor. Other members of the committee are R. Maurice Moss, executive secretary of the Urban League of Pittsburgh and William Nunn, City Editor of The Pittsbusgh Courier These three men will take part in a discussion session Thursday in which problems connected with housing as it affects Negroes, will be considered. In view of the fact that nearly $60,000,000 is to be spent in Pittsburgh and vicinity in a crusade to improve the housing and general civic conditions, this committee will endeavor to see that the colored citizens and Negro residential sections get a proper and fair proportion of the appropriation for the much-needed improvements. The members of the committee, in addition to petitioning for substantial consideration in the huge improvement program, will also bring back to the public of Pittsburgh an exhaustive resume of what this nationwi de movement means.

Messrs. Fitts, Moss and Nuns left Pittsburgh early Thursday morning bound for Cleveland and the conference. SHOT AT BY COP, FLEES, CAUGHT The twenty-one year old youth who was the cause of a great deal of stir in the third ward during May and June, was held for court this week. The boy, Roosevelt Jones, who was the intended target for the bullets which Tony Betters, white patrolman fired during a reckless shooting episode last May 20th, was charged with stealing two rugs which belonged to the patrolman. He was brought back (Continued on Page Four) GORGEOUS GLADYS! Gorgeous Gladys Harris, coed Junior at Oberlin Conservatory of Music, was recently presented in vocal recital by her sorors, Omega Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, in the Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland.

Miss Harris is studying piano and violin along with voice. Critics say her voice is as beautiful as her face then, we agree she can sing! SEEK MAN WHO KNIFED HILL TRIO Police were still diligently ing the city Thursday in an attempt to locate Rufus Baker, who seriously cut three Hill district res- YOUTH, WHO FIGURED IN TERMON HOME CASE, DROWNS A hero died this week when the body. of little Stephen Dicks was found in the Ohio River. Steve had been enjoying his new found freedom, the right to be like other boys, to live and laugh and play- employees, they should remember that the change a majority of these men, women and children made in the past seven years from one section of the country to another and the adjustments necessary to acacclimate themselves to different customs, laws, living conditions and working conditions, will mark a new record achievement. The present labor conditions, as to the Negro is a crisis point in his ress.

In other words. the miner is at the crossroad, one road leads straight ahead the way they came, the other a short cut via the United Mine Workers but through difficulties the Negro cannot see. Which road are you choosing, the one paved but longer or the one which in the past has proved to be strong in your side? rehabilitation of Germany, Negro women can learn a whole lot from their Jewish sisters. If Jews in the United States are willing and eager to use the weapon of the economic boycott to combat the persecution of and discrimination against their brethren three or four thousand miles distant, then Negro women certainly should be willing and eager to use the same weapon right here in the United States, where their sons, daughters, husbands and relatives are subjected to persecution and discrimination only a little less severe than that meted out to the Jews in Germany. Negro women here do most of the buying.

What buying is done by their men can be influenced by Negro women. They have only to take positive and determined stand against the products of Arms that discriminate against Negro workers and in very short time these prejudiced businesses will find way to open the door of oppor tunity to Negro labor. As it la, majority of Negro women spending the household funds discriminately, and without thought of using their dollars for group eco, nomic betterment. Without consumers there can be no business, and when a large bloc of consumers like the colored people decides to withdraw their great patronage from those businesses refusing to permit Negro workers to make a living, a severe blow is dealt such labor discrimination. Again, if Negro women, doing the bulk of the buying for group, can be brought to see the necessity of purchasing only the goods of such businesses as are tavorable to Negro labor or advertia.

ing mediums, they will effectively demonstrate to such businesses that it is profitable to continue a proNegro policy. Star Colored Players To Vie In Big World Fair Battle With the widely heralded big league diamond battie between the picked stars of the National League and the cream of the crop of the American Association holding the nation's sport spotlight, an announcement WAS released late Wednesday that the new Negro National Association will have its own baseball clash of the century in the World's Fair city this summer. According to the plans which are rapidly getting under way, the famous Comiskey Park, home of the renowned Chicago White Sox, will be the setting for this battle royal of bats between the best colored ball players in America. And the date of this unusual classic has been set for August 18th. Fans to Select Teams While detailed information was not released by the promoters of the game, it is probable that a nation-wide poll of the fans will determine the personnel of the two teams.

It is quite likely that the best players for each position, together with the five utility jobs, will be selected. Each club would be composed of one of the men for every position, with of chosen course, the utility men added. With the interest of the fans deto high pitch and with veloping Chicago expectantly awaiting one of the most pretentious sport attractions ever attempted, a record breaking turnout should materialize. Further details will be carried in further issues of The Courier, idents for no apparent reason, Tuesday morning. The victims were Willie Smith, 43, well-known county employee, of 30 Tannehill street, who suffered.

injuries requiring 32 stitches in- his back; Willie Webb of 1417 Webster avenue who required 20 stitches and William Reed, 27, of 106 Fullerton street, who suffered minor injuries. At the Passavant Hospital, where the trio were held for observation, a statement was that 'Baker ran out and began to cut the three men for no apparent reason. No words were passed and no difference existed between the men, the victims stated. SLUGGED WITH IRON PIPE, MAN CLAIMS Stating that he had been slugged over the head with an iron pipe during. a fight as with a "Smitty," man known James Waddell, 51, of 2254 Center avenue, was confined in the Passavant Hospital, Tuesday, with his ribs fractured and 14 stitches in his scalp.

NOTICE! The continuation of the article which appeared in last week's paper entitled "What Is a Boycott," will be continued in our issue of July 15. THE EDITORS. Hundreds of household articles and much wearing apparel are purchased daily by Negro women. Most of these goods are manufactured and sold by business firms that will not employ Negroes in any capacity and refuse to advertise in Negro newspapers Our women should make it their business to find out which firms are "right" and which are "wrong," and spend their dollars accordingly. Here is a golden opportunity for the numerous and various colored women's organizations to do some thing really effective and construetive.

They should follow the exam. pte of their Jewish sisters and every community get together mediately to see what they can by the judicious use of their dol lars, to force open the doors or portunity and revenue for their own people. As a first step, Negro women should decide to throw a8 much of their patronage as possible to those businesses that advertise in Negro newspapers. This is especially true of nationally advertised products. An increasing number of such products are being advertised in Negro today.

Our women's organ zations should meet and re solve to purchase such nationally advertised products. the right for which he had wished and wanted and prayed for nine years. Steve was the oldest the boy inmates of the Termon Avenue Home for colored children. It was he who took blame of little ones and it was he who was their champion when they were mistreated. It was Steve told Courier reportens that charges made by a former employee of torture such as placing the young children in a pitchy, dark, stuffy paint room, were true; although he knew that he might receive the same treatment for telling of their woes It was he who told reporters of brutally beaten thick strap by others than employees and otherwise mistreated.

Setve looked happily forward to the day when he would. be able to leave the home where was mistreated and go out and work and take care of himself and his little brother. But Steve's happy nowhe's away from the cares the world. The greatest educational and spirational force In Negro life day is the Negro press, reaches 2,000,000 readers week keeping them Intelligently 1 formed on current events to Negroes and frequently ing them against injustice, ination and hundreds of Negro (Continued on Page Four.

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