Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 24, 1957 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 24, 1957
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IOGANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY WDtATM; T a 1 r north and central, partly cloudy south tonight with scattered thundershowers. Saturday partly cloudy and mild with scattered thundershowers likely west portion. Temperature 12 noon 54 degrees. Sunset 8:00 p.m., sunrise Saturday 5:23 a.m. YOUR HOME TOWK SOW IN OUR [113th YEAR HOME EDITION Founded 1844— For All DepnrtwM 1'kone 4141 LOGANSPORT, INDIANA, FRIDAY EVENING, MAY 24, 1957. Halted Pra* Wlr Price Per Copy, Seven Cents ANTI-AMERICAN RIOTS ON FORMOSA Draft Next Disarmament Move of U.S. American Proposal Would Provide Worldwide Agreement By Nations Lacking i budget by President Eisenhower Atomic Arms ' today apparently came too late to WASHINGTON <UP>—The ad-'keep the Hou.sc from cutting it ministration called a top - level huddle today to try to complete •work on a new disarmament proposal calling for a "small slice" firms cut that would include mis- iilcs, ships, tanks and planes capable of carrying atomic weap- House Appears Intent On Defense Budget Cut Recommendations of Appropriations Committee Expected to Stand as Debate Opens By UNITED PRESS A new defense of. his military ! deeply. I In a message to Republicans | meeting in Trenton, N.J., the'Pres- j ident said: "We are spending money, lots of it," for national The tentative plan, as disclosed security. But "we are not spend' i:ig the lives of our -young men..." But Kepublican and Democratic Thursday, provides that weapons | experts alike agreed that the House taken out of action would be dc-1 would u .P hold a $2.587,000,000 Ap- 1 " Committee cut in livered to an international depot, •where they would be held under careful inspection. It also calls for an aerial-ground Inspection agreement with Russia on a test basis—probably in the iflrc'ic /.ones of both countries. The inspection would start when the «rms cut took effect. Atomic Development Limit The plan, at its current stage, slso provides for a worldwide agreement by nations now lacking Atomic arms tha' they will.no!. develop them. This would limit atomic-armed countries to the United States, Russia and JJritain. Communist China would not be Included in on initial agreement as far as this country is concerned. propriations State Approves Record Local Tax Settlement Distribution of 151,709,857.61 Announced By Cass County Auditor Richard Gobi The distribution of $l,700,857.(il in property taxes collected by the Eisenhower's defense requests for Ca5s eounl y treasurer's offiee dur- the fiscal year starting July I. .ing Ihe spring laxpaying period As lihe House debated the big was announced Friday by County money bill, a member of the President's own party took issue with him. Rep. Errett P. Scrivner 'Kan.l, ranking COP _membcr of the Appropriations Committee, •said Eisenhower is misinformed In of Slate .John Foster scheduled to preside Secretary Dulles was over the top-level adrninislrallon meeting to try to complete work on the new program so it can be presented to the five-nation disarmament meeting in London. Harold K. S'assen, President Kiscrihowfr's disarmament ad vber who along with Dulles briefed the Senate Di«arm;irricril. Mibcommitt.ee on the plan Thursday and was on hand lor today's his fears about the $2,5117,000,000 hole hacked by the committee in requested military funds. Scrivner said that if the $33,541,000,000 in new money voled for the armed forces by the Appropriations Committee won't buy security, the xn billion dollars asked by the President wouldn't buy it either. Tha administration already wa.s working on the Senate to gol. back .some of the money it fears the House will lake away. Army Secretary Wilber M. Bruckcr said proposed House cuts for bis department would seriously curb efforts to develop defen.se against, the intercontinental ballistic mis- silo, lie said they also would .delay establishment of Nike.-Ilercules atomic defense^ agninsl enemy H-bombers. Oilier congressional nc-ws: Foreign Aid: Assistant DofenKC meeting, plans to leave Sunday to I Secretary Mansfield IX. Spraguc 'urged approval of the entire $2,<!00,0(>(),000 iihkccl in the $3.IMI5,000,- (100 foreign ;iirl bill for military and "defense support" asKinlancc. He told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that only through giving our Allies "the very l/itest return to the London talks which resume Monday. The admlnl.iti'alion apparently has not reached full afiroomeril within its own ranks on Ihe new 1J.S proposal. Adrrj. Arthur W. Hadford, chairman of the joint chiofH of stuff, has expressed objection lo any nrinx-cut agreement with Russia on the ground that Ihe Soviet Union cannot be truKlfd. Arrest Three In Wire Theft Tlirne umployeH of the General Telephone company of Indiana were being held in Ihe (Jn.v; county jail Kriday after they allegedly were caught Thur;i(iay evening tlruling copper wire belonging to thi! company, They are ..lames Moore. 30, of Charleston, Iml.; Wayne Tillirtiiri, 27, city; and Wnller Marshall, 2JI, of roiili! 3, Lebanon. Sheriff 0. R. Carson c«llimited the amount ol lilolen wire at nix lo eight hundred pounds, valued at Z'i cents u pound. The prisoners havr been engaged in Ihe installation ul a new bi^h line lor the phone company south <il HIM clly, and when liie company official;) complained that .some of the old wire Ihey had taken down was missing Ihey hliimcd II on Ihe fiirniern In the vicinity, the wherlif reported. Thursday evening Deputy Sheriff Lionel DMV|K and a company repre- (dilative drove four nillc.i south <j.' IjOguiiKport on Ihe Kokomo pike where norm; of the wire had been jilled after Ihe (lay's work and witched. Soon the three employe): drove up and pul Ihe wire in the trunk of the car they wore driving. Tim three admitted Ihoy alm> had taken some wire Wedncjidny evening mid It wan recovered from the trunk (if another ear, Sherlll 1 Carson said. H'I'OVK UVKItilKA'J'H T/ogannport firemen were called to the residence of l,eoim Harriott liomc, 222 Hammond slreel, Thuni- <l»y ill 1.1:10 p.m. after tin (ill •love became overheated. Daiti- nge w.'m not oitlinnti'd. w«a|>»n«" 1:1111 Ilic Unilii'l SlnlcH .check the "growing throat" of Soviet arms. AaiuipiillH: The House Armed Services Committee voted lo mi- thoit/.e nitpeiuliliire ol $1^.171,000 to relieve crowded cundltioriK til thc Naval Academy In Annapolis, Mtl. Hop. Carl T. Durliiun (D-N.C.) »uid "The boys are naling «o clone together they haven't g«l room to raise their elbows Uj the table." 1'onliigc— Key llijutie lefidcii'.i prediclcd the House will pass by a "sulrilnnliiil vote" the administration's bill to boost poBlal rev- eiiucii. The measure would bring in tin estimated Wl. million dollars in fiscal Itilllt and M7 million yenrly by I1HII. Tin! bill'^ chances, however, appeared doubtful in the Seniile where a mcasuri; lo increase poHliige rates failed ln.nl year. IUnlg«l— Senule Republican Lender William K. Knowland iilood linn in hi:i diunandu i'or » Itii'c,. billion dollar budget cul. ilc- iiplle an apparent slowing down of the economy drive in other quai'lnrs of Congress. Hut Vice Jumped Into Ilic budget battle Thursday nlghl. with a strong backing of l.ln> iidminl»!.rallon'H defense rciiucsLi. Explosion Levels Chemical Plant CHICAGO HU 1 ) — All exploBlon and flrti dwlniyod n onc-fitory brick elmiiilcul plant today but no one wan reported Injured. Authorities said II. wn.i premmicd thnl no one wiis in !.h» plant al. the tune of Ilii; ItltiHl. I lours after the explosion the fire si III raged and a dennc pall of black .'iriidke hung over Ilia In- (ItiHlrlul nolnhborhood, The roof of Ihe liulldliiK, 100 by 7fi feel, caved In, The plant, owned by Domerl Ik Dougherty Inc.. ban a naval contract under which It nuliiulac- tunm productH conliilnlng alcoliol nmi ,'i('(:t/ili'.'i, inithorilidti fiaid. Auditor Richard Gobi after the settlement had been approved by the state auditor's office. Thc Cass county auditor's office was the Kith of the 92 counties and the first of thc larger counties of the stale to complete the settlement work. The state received only $63,5150.74 of the total, including $2,387 in state prosecutor fees, $1,005 in docket fees and $20 in show licenses in addition to the lax funds The amount paid to the state includes $3,377.211 in slate tax less $1145,21) for special judges, a net of $2,7.')2.(XI. The two major state items were for the schools, including $27,7.'i:i.f)2 for the slate .school tuition fund and $25,1)45.21) for the teaciiers retirement fund. The other state Items were $1,- 2H7.2A for the slate fair board and $2,400.21 for the state forestry fund. As In former years, most of the lax. money KOCH for school purposes, On the local level this includes $44(1,100.71 in tuition tax, $3r». r !,H3. r >.25 In special school lax., $10,1X17.51 for school building bonds, and $IMI,IIM,OI for the cumulative building fund. The distribution also Included $l,11,«:m.03 in county tax, $20,051.75 foi county welfare, $7,412.03 for Htiction, $22,21111.H2 for Memorial hospital maintenance fund, $40,771,1(1 for the Cass county ho-splliil bond fund, $37,1130.5(1 in township tax, $17,703.30 In township poor lunds. $4.1,1173.IMS in county library funds, $,'1,402,03 for fire protection. General corporation tax, $:t14,- 312.011; Hi reel lax, $2,012,011; corporation pensions, pensions ARRAY PRIZES FOR SAFETY PATROL OUTING Mrs. Put OHborn, left, nnd MiHH Mabel Louise llcbwuld add in th c altractlvcnens of Ihe prizes on display iilmvc rthlch will be awarded lo bays nml girls of school safety patrols at their minimi oullng and carnival lo be livid Monday, May 27, al Kivfrslile park. The minimi oiillng in thc school safely program IH Hponsorcd 'by Ilic Chicago Motor Club anil the Logun»porl police department. (Pliariw-Tribiine Plioto-Enflraving.) library. $II,1IO,!«; police $l3,IKH.72i Mild firemen' $m,r,Mi,nr>. Death Claims Lena Alspaugh MONTICKI.1,0, hid—MI-H. I. a 1.. AbipaiiKh, III), of Reynolds, died early I'YIdny morning nl. the While eounly Memorial hoxpllnl In Mon- llccllo, where she had been n pn- UIMIL lor the punt week, She wan lirinighl. l.o the hospital afler suffering a stroke lu.'il, l''rl- dny nlghl, Horn Nov. 27. IIIII7, In Orange county, Indiana, in tlly.wii and Mollin (Clappi Hyers, Him wan married Doc. 27, 11)11, lo Alberl Alnpiuigli. lie Hiirvlvcii. A rriembur of Ihe IteynnldK Moth- oillsl. church, nlic came lo Monticello In ID3H, -ami moved lo .Reynolds 11 years ago, Surviving with the husband are two daughtern, Minx. Minnie Aln- paugh of here and Mrs, lla/,i:l Wclln of I'tidll, Iml.; five noun, Kirmiull, Lcnnlr and Chester of Miinllcello, Klberl of Reynolds ami Carroll, In llio Navy nlnlloncd nl. Norfolk, Va,; her ninllior, Mrs, Mollle Hyers, Indianapolis; IH grandchildren; ami four nlnlcrs, Mr«. I.eora Itelclior of 'French lilcli ami Mr«. Leonu llobbli.1, Mm. Ava Simpson nild Mm. l.cinona Curl Iti of lndlanii|>oll.H. Kriondti may cull nfler 3:30 p.m. Saturday at the Miller (imend home here, and final rlloN will be held Ibiire al. 2 p.m. Sunday, The Rev. Ralph (twin of Roynoldti will ol'llclnte and burial will ho In Rlv- ervlew coinolcry hero. Derby Field Increases to 44 Youngsters Kxpet-1 Interest iii Soap Box Derby to Swell After Close of School Term rtcgislral.lon of Lwo youngsters for Logansporl's .sixth aiinitul All- American Soap Box Derby In mid- July wns announced Friday by Doug Myers, Derby director. The entries increased the field lo 44 boys, who will soon begin consU'Uctlon of their racers lo compete for the gnliixy of prizes ami a I rip to Akron, Ohio, and the international finals next. August. Newcomers Include: Charles l.ime, 13, of roul.e 2, I.o- linnspnrl, a slmlenl. til the Clymern school. .lomofi Stuber, 12. of route 1 Twelve Mile, a Melun school pupil who (.'iiUired through Ihe Clrabli, Chevrolet coinpany of Twelve Mile Inlere.'il is expected lo InereiiHt now thnl. I hi.' school term is com. Ing to a close ami boys bel.weei: Ihe agui of II and 1,1 yours will have more spare time lo build r car. Myers said. The director announced I hat m driver's clinic would lie conducted lonl^hl, but probably would be re- mimed next week. KnlrlcH urn nccupLeil by WSK Chevrolet and the cooperating Chevrolet dealers In Llio six-county area, lltilo bnuklc.tfi and tips 01 car eoii.'ilriiellon are available al Iho dealers. The race is co-.'iponsorvrl by tin; I'liaros-Trlliiim! and I're'is In conjunction with the Cbevrolol. Motor eoinpany. Mrs. Nellie Sellers Succumbs in Hospital Mr.-i. Nellie. S. Sellern, 113, 2211 W. Miami avenue, widow of John Seller/), died ill (1:31) n, m, Friday al Ihe St., Jiinc;ih I:I), 1 ;]ill id. Shu bad boon In fulling honllli. Horn In Cans coiinly on Miiy n, HIM, she wan Iho daughter of John and Mni'llil.n (Amlornoil) Compholl, Survivor/) Include a HOII, (lll'fnrd, Adenauer Due In New York NEW YORK (UP)—Wosl. Gcr- rrum Chancellor Konrod Adenauer arrives in Uie UnllH Slates today in search of renewed backing from President Uigcnnowor for Germany's reunification drive. Any move on Ihc Presidcnl's purl would be a welcome boost in Adenauer's lough election bnlllo. Accompanied by his daughter, Mrs. Libel.]! Werlialm. nnd his youngest son, George, 'ilia Bl-yeur- old chancellor flow to New York in n chartered super Constellation of Iho German Lufthansa airline. (iuiwtin officials said one of the inn In purposes of Ihc visit, Aden- imci-'H fifth a!nee lie. look office. In HMD, Is l.o seek now pledges Ilinl the United Slates will not. make deal with Die So- Engineering Team Begins Sewer Survey All Existing- Sewers in City System Will Bo Inspected and Charted A ((tinrlel, of ciiHinoei'H arrived In Logunsporl. Friday to begin n complete survey of the city's existing sawiif sysLom, The lenm In composed of .John Neul, l.ec Davis, Stepluin lillley and Vincent McCreury, reiircsent- iiiR the Clyde D. Williams & Associates firm of South liend, which Chinese Demonstrators Demolish U. S. Embassy Mob Beats Up Nine Americans and Burn Embassy Cars in Venting Anger Over Acquittal of American Soldier Acquitted of Killing Chinese Peeping Tom. TAIPEI, Formosa (CT^—Chines* mobs wrecked the United States embassy and other buildings, burned embassy cars and beat up at least nine Americans in a series o[ riots today. T.'le Nationalist government imposed limited martial law tonight. The rioters, inflamed over the acquittal of -an American soldier by a U.S. Army court-martial for the slaying of a Chinese peeping torn, overran and wrecked even the Taipei police station. They also smashed the offices of the United States Information Service nnd attempted !o storm the headquarters of the U.S. military advisory group. In Washington. Nalioimlist Chinese Ambfissador Hollington K. Tong called on liic Stiilc Department and expressed his nation's "profouiidesl regret" for the in- i cideiH which he described as "aw- lmcSl i ful." He said he felt ilie incident Tornadoes ripped si.-clinns of Ar-| was "just an outbreak of emotion" kansas, one shredding the roof and i and there was "no deep anti- steeple of a church at Monticellu ' Am(M ' ial " sentiment" in Formosa. :,n,y moment, :,f,er BO persons ^X^C*.^ h'uXd had fled lo salety. Oilier twisters persons started demonstrating in New Violent Storms Rage In Southwest Rnin, Hail and Tornadoes Bring Floods and Destruction in Stricken Area By UNITED PRKSS A nearly stationary clash of air masses threatened new storms,today in Ilic hail, rain and tornado battered Soulhwest. Winds up to 73 in.p.h. swept a river of rain and hnil across norlh central Texas, causing flooding in Dallas mid Fort Worth, uprooting trees and knocking out power preliminary survey a *«wage cllsplowil produced Llio fl ! r l , hu "'"" ; . Syrian Troops Leave Jordan The Syrian government ban or-ivonl. a new pro-We.tlern nllgnmenL dered the withdrawal of lt» lr«')pn|0f the Arab nlalOK. Irom Jordan In the ntart of u now I Kj ; 1 ' 1 " H|1|lt , """."•' 3 >"°" l ™"", 1 ! ll ! l ° , , , ,. ,, . 'Jord.Ti al the lime of Inranl » In- byrlan and ICgyplInn campaign lo, vo ,, l()r , ()f lh() S | mi | l)UHWi ,, |I|L restore Ihelr old alliance wlllijoc-lolior when tin .Invaiilon of Jor- fiaudl Arabia and .Jordan. Middle 1-IflHl (IlKputclieK reported today, Syria's finnouncoiiienl il was withdrawing 3,000 troops from Jordan nt the rcf]iic»t ol King HUM,(.'In coincided with Culro (ll»;«ilchr.i <h»t Syria nnd Kgypl were trying to suv« their old alliance and prc- dun iilun was feared. A mile from lln.HHcIn I othe Syrian govei'nitiunl lliat>k(!tl II for Ihe "mllllury nsnlnl- mice" and said lite troops were "no longer necuHxnry." Syrian prenH ruportN said llio trou|in wllbdrawfil would be comp plelnd Untiiy. llunneln wnn reported k> lilive asked Ilia Iroopx ' with- <lrnwul til Ihe hulghl of bin recent liolllical crlnin hut Syria iipparonl- ly rufu.-ied. Bolih Stiudl and lru(|l IraopH moved ii|) l« tho bordern In nvenl of Syrltin Intervention In Jor- dnn, Since thon King Sand (if Saudi Arabia and King Fel.'ial of li'ui| hold a iiurlun of iiioellngK In l.lagh- dad which Homo Middle Ktifd HourceH believed would end Sand's old ties with Kgypl and Syr In and bring him Into a now pro-Wonlern iilllanco with Iraq, Jordan und Ijcbunon. ;(.'ll.v; two urnmlcbllrlren tmd six jgrenl. • grandchildren; a brother, Samue.l, clly; and rievcrnl nitpliuwH. Tli« body Is nl. Ihe MeClonkoy- llnmillon clui|>el whuro I'rleniln may call alter 7 p. in. Saturday, Fbnil riles will bo condiiclod nl, 1:30 p, in, Monday nl tliu chnpul with the Hev. Harold King officl- allng, Hui'lid will lie mmle In Ml. J-lupe cuniolury. Rookie Driver Unhurr In Skid at Speedway I INDIANAI'OLIS (UP) - Tony lionndlen, :iO, a rookie from Bronx, N.Y., OHciipud Injury today when his nit'or crasheil (hiring practice al llm Indianapolis Speedway, rionadliM, who only Monday eomiileled lil;j fuinlllnrl'/.tillon test for nexl Thurnday'n rioo-inllo Memorial Day race, lonl conlrol In Ihe northwenl. lurn, Thc car, owned by Ray Hrmly, Nori'lslown, I'd,, jikiddoil Ihrough Ihe Infield, hll Iho wall wlUi the tail and rear whco.ln, nnd skidded to a slop. Speedway officials mild II cnnnol bo repaired In lime for this wenkciid'rt final r.iiailflaitlons, It wan Urn olgbl.h crniih In liiuu- up» fur Uio "51)0". Prom Party Will Be Held At Elks Club Members of Kotnry Club nnil lM<llt« Will Serve As Host to Juniors nml Seniors A prat-prom parly for some 275 Lognntiporl. Juiihir.s and seniors will ho hulr.l ngaln" from midnight to 3 ii.m, following Ihn big dnnco for high schooler. 1 ) Friday evening, The pni-ty will feaUini n floor show In l:i(! K'.kn club ballroom iiddllJoiuil iliincliiK dowiislnlrs unil refreshment!) hurgoni iintl connlnlln« of hum- French frlo.i lo he manholes antl determine the elevation of l.hu Inverts al. Ihe manholes. The sewer map on file nl Ihe clly buUdlng lo out of dnlu and (low not, Include nil existing smvrrs in certain urenH of Lognnsporl, A new survey IH necessary In co/i- nuutlon with Hie eoii.slriicl.lon ol the, Irunlimml plant., mmidnlod by the slain board of lienllli. The company will tlrnw Ihe plans nml specification!! nttnr Ihe nnrvny Is coni|iliil.ed so thnl, the clly may ask 'bids by next January, Charlestown Man Drowns in River MOW AUJANV (UP) - Alljorl DoVury, 45, U.K. J Chiirlestown, drowned Thursday when a hunt In which be was dragging for n hit. at Glenwood and Conwny, Ark. The week long onslaught of violent storms has lulled at least. SB persons, most of them in Missouri. Thirty-nine persons were killed in a massive twister that si ruck Kansas City Monday night, and .14 penwms died in other Missouri tornadoes. Among lh ( > latest victims were a Doniphnn, Mo., man who drowned Thursday when his truck was swnpt nwny i>y flooriwai.ei-s. and nn Indiana man w.'io drowned in the rain-swollen Ohio Hiver nenr Now Washington, hid. The Indiniut victim was Ihe stnte's second woalhcr fatality, KIsKwlNTo, hi'nvy rains IhrDiigb- out the Midlands sent the Missouri, Ohio and Mississippi rivers surging toward flood crest. Floods' 1 In sli'onnis In .wiulliern Illinois I'nrceil sonic 100 fnmllk's fr-'ni Uioir homes. The prolonged wul won! her iias delayed farmers from working In their flcldfc In Ihe Miihvesl nm. I'lalns stales. Oklnliomn auMiorl- tlos ( i stinial(Ml cro|) damage in thnl stale alone ill the millions of dollars. Heavy ruins 'I'lmrsiiny .sotrkei! Toxn.s, Arkansas, sontlu'rn Missouri, eastern Oklahoma, southi-rn lllliKil.s, soiilhi-rn Indiana and western Kentucky. Major river rises woiv reporteti along the lower Missouri, !h<' mid' die MI.Hsm.'ilppi and Ihc- lower Ohio. The Weather Ihiremi jit Memphis, Tenn,, warned of possible weekend flooding along llu> Mississippi and urged Missouri anil TonnuhHci' |)olnl.s lo take "every possible Immediate precautionary measure Flooding also Ibrealencd along llio Arkansas Hiver In Oklahoma, Hie Wnlnish and While rivers lost fish not was .swamped by • Illinois and Indiana nnd Hie Upper fiwl.fl wnlers In the Ohio Hivor six , Snbhip In Texas. Dillon soiilh of Now Wasbliigton. DeVary, bis nlne-ycar-old served nl'l.erwarrl by Rol.ai'liitw, ac-'bont cording.l.o elmlnnon 'IVd Morrln,' Jlotnry, nml Vlcl/op .Bounilriiie, JOllc.s lodge, floii' Julian nml hln orchiwlni "Men About Town," will highlight lliu •hnllmnm program, nlso includliiR Iho "MiiHluul Wiidcs," n Kroiip.ot two. boys and' threo glrlii with « vorfliilile mtinlonl ropolnlra; frotl l./owni'y, whiHllIng porfornnii 1 formorly with th(> Ifornco Holrtl. or- choslrn; and Tod Miller nnd Smiley, o coniudy nml ^OHK iiol.. wlih HID Hill Single combo nnd, In llio ballroom with the Hon. Julian hmitl, will also bo offered, I'ni'ontfi' ai'o welcome l.o nllmid the floor show portion of llio program, lint chairmen mild, nml a brother-in-law wiire In wliL'n n grniipllng hook Vary wtis using In dniKKliiK Uie not hit n snug. The Count (iutiril roported walor WIIN loo ttwlfl for .HOII Ihe I)e- lor Ihe T'osl-prom pm'Utw liavo boon pru- ncinlod hero for nearly .id yearn. Hoosier Indiana nlretiii'iH creslud In tholr ippur runchon lodny u« i} fivo-day rainy period which npawnod up lo six .Inchon of prucipllatlon will rlvui'n on a ru/npnfia for Uie nec- oiul lime In a nionlli. Down/ilrwtm, the muddy wnlor beaded for Itsvulii In noino arnns nlKhor than miy reached In I bo Innl sovun Hospital Dismisses Little Benny Hooper •' MANORVJU.K, N.Y. (Ill 1 ) — Soven-year-olil Benny lloopur went homo from lliu hwpllnl today lo tlio lllll(i gray lioiiflu ovorlooklng the nnmly back yard where lln'was Irnppud In n woll hole lor 2,')Vi lioiirn In.'il. wuek, Uonny'n mother «nlil he'll ]/,a right to bed nl, homo fine! ni»y liiero for a fow mom duyH, lo com- plutii liln phynlcnl recovery from the ordeal which |I!M dodor tiny* linn nlreiidy boon blotted ulmwil complntely from bin moiviory. Dog Bites Increasing An Increasing number of dog Into coses In reeenl. weeks lias prompted clly henllli department officials lo remind Logonsport dog (iwnern of a mnv law jnirlahiing to i-nlilnH, panned Ihln year by Ihe I diana Icgl.'ilnlurc. lloune Hill 241, approved Man 115 and published In Cliniitei- 34 Acln of 1957, ruailn 11,1 follown: "II. Is unlawful for any person lo harbor n dog I bat has not. been Im nmnl/.i.'d ngalni:! rabies," Owners are advised ihcy can bo proneciiliMl If II Is ileli-rnilued Hint Ihelr dogn have rablen, nfler examination In cnncs of dog hll.cn. Aullioriycii askwl Ihe coopern- alinn of local clll'/.i'ii.H In order lo protect children fnvm Ililn fnle. Pass Crest Abnormal ruins took u. Lwo-duy vncntlon. TiniMdny precipitation rnngod from none In thu far north lo ,24 of un Inch til. Uifnyo.tto and Huiii'coly muominiblc nmutmts liKllnnnpolU, Kvannvlllg nnd ?'orl Wnync. Fair »klos prt'vallod over much of tho Hliile todny, ScnUorcd tluin- tluffllorm.i wore duo In llio noulh- wont lonlghl nnd .Snliirdoy, In tliu Stiltu'dny, and In weiil nnrl cenlnil porllon* Snl- cenlrnl urdny. . Morn Sliiiday, The flvu-day showeni wore expectnd outlook hold no hope of n mmlulnud dry porlod lo end one of the rolnlusl Aprll-Mny periods in lloonlcr hlxtory, K sulil preclpltntlon bolwcon Snl.nrdny und next VVediiondtiy would "nver- age nonr oit» Inch in *ltoworn Ibis weekend «nd possibly BlMitil; WiKlncsdny." Biver readlngi this morning Hhuwed tho Wnbtudi ntnlloiinry nl nearly 3 feol above flood ntngn nl Monle/.uina, falling al. 1V4 feet he- low flood singe ill Terrs llmilu, and rising at more t.han a fool nbovi) flood Mlnxo nt V'lnconncH. On till) While, llio level WIIN »(»- tlonnry nl 20.Z feel al Spencer. Thin wan morn limn II feel above flood stnKc and noriipwlint. higher Ilinn the Tliiirsdny foreciiHl Indl- cnlod It would be. The filrcam was riding nt ICIH.ilon, alrcndy 7.3 Fuel above flood nlago, nnd al I'clOrn- burg, where It wns 4,8 fei>t nbovc flood singe, The White WIM ulntlonary nt Cn- lumbuj nnd falling al Seymour. front of the embassy. But this small crowd soon swelled lo a mob of. ii'boul 10,000 nnd an orgy of violence began. •Belatedly, t.'ie police moved In In slop tin- rioting nnd nrrestort a number of demonstrators. Their friends stormed Ihe police station in an offort lo free them. Two Ohino.se rioters were kllloii when police opened fire during !lio attack on Ihe police station. One was Identified as Wii Mol-pnn, M, n Chinese student from San Francisco. II was not dpfinili-, but hn was believed lo bo an American eillwn. Another student from San Francisco, Ling Kwei-chl. 22, was seriously Injured. Americans Removed Snfrly Thn govi'rnmenl tonight dc^ dared martial law In all arens where Amoricnn iiislallalhni.s iinit homes are Inrnled. All Americans \vcro advised lo s'.ay off Mil- slrcel.s, Those who were I rapped In Ihn om'inssy when Ihe lUtncks Ntnrled were beaten by the riolers. An embassy official repnrted later nil were removed lo safely. He said their injuries were not believed serious. U.S. Ambassador Karl linnliln interrupted a holiday in Hong Kong and flow bin-It here lo l.-iko e.'iarge, CeneralLsshno Chiang Kill- slick hcndnil buck lo Taipei from central l-'nniiiiKii. Foreign Minister (JiMirgt- Ycli called mi emcrgi-ncy 'cabinet meeting ami then announced lo Ihe Icgi.s'lntlve Yuan (parlimiienll Hint the government had made an official tlfinniul for a new Irinl for Ihc jiaiuitled soldier. The niiin whose case nrouseit Chinese nngrr. M.Sgt. Hobert (!, Reynolds, Colnrn. Md., nml lil.i family were whisked by plane lo (Murk Air Force liase In thn I'liillpplniw. He was protected by U.S. military police from mob's wi'ili-h tried lo lynch him before ho left Taipei. An Air Force spokesman at Manila said Iteymilds nnd Ins fnmily were scheduled to leav« t:inrk AFJ! for the United Smtc» far Tmirlty IVriml in Amirrlcnn mllldiry JHKllce U concerned, Heynolds |'j n free man a.s ri-sult of his iio (liilltnl Thursday. Me ciinnot bo tried again for his life, .slnec that would place him In double jeop. nrdy— a viol.'illon of the U.S. Con- nl Ion, Although rule agi.lnsl ('hlmvic Ilierc Is no nppiircnl jeopardy In ilcinluul Ilini hn be tried ngaln no doulit will b* Igniii'ed. lleynoldn wns tried for slnylnK of n (Viinc.si! Inlxircr lie caught spying on lh ( . sergeant'» wife 0.1 Kilo dried hrrxelf iiflrr a nhownr. I'lic IneliU-nl ennio nl n touchy period In ClilniMe-Amerlcnii ri-ln. oils. TnlliD nro duo lo n(nrl soon on n "xtnliiN of forces" iigrccnu-nl whereby Chinese coiirl* would Imve HIP right to try Amerlennii for crlnu's fdininllled off bn.se tmd off (lul,y. Hcynoifl-i shot Iho peeping lorn, Mu Chl-jnn, twice with n .KK-nll- her plnlol. Tlje ri-Niiltlng Hlrong eollngB iimong llio (Vilmun popu- allon caused the U.S. Army lo open lipynold.i' cmirl-mm-llnl to the prt'fw nnd public. When HIM verdict of neiiulltnl WIIM nnnouncod, I hero was un im- ilK'dlnlc migry iinll-Aniprlrnn reae- ,lon. Thc government filed n pro. esl nbotit thn conduct of the trial. Chlnono aimed American* In III* street*.

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