Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 23, 1957 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1957
Page 20
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Twenty LoKansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune American Family Menu OUTDOOR COOKING done by J9*d can cut down on work and refriccration problems on that Memorial Da? ootlnr. BY GAYNOR MADDOX, - NBA Food and Markets Editor Camp and cabin, back yard or patio, wherever the Memorial Day "quickie" vacation takes you, robust special skillet main dishes cut down work and refrigeration problems. , It's all very simple. Ingredients are assorted canned meats and canned vegetables. They do not need to be refrigerated. Can be carried in back of the car along v/ith the barbecue grill, skillet and mpply of charcoal. More and more, the men of the family are taking over the outdoor cooking. For beginners, nothing could be easier and surer to be good than these two man-tested recipes. Dad'g Skillet Dinner (8 servings) One can (12 ounce) luncheon meat, or corned beef, or 2 cans (4 ouncen each) Vienna sausage or deviled harm, 'A cup butter or margarine, 1 green pepper, diced; 6 scallions, finely cut; 3 pounds (8 cups) diced, cooked potatoes; 1 teaspoon salt, 'A teaspoon pepper. Cut luncheon meal in strips, or cut corned beef in pieces; reserve. Melt butter in skillet; add green pepper and xcallk/ns and cook until tender, but not brown. Add potatoes and meal to skillet; sprinkle with salt and pepper. Cook "approximately 10 minutes over moderate heat or until potatoes are browned on underside. Turn potatoes and cook approximately 10 minutes longer or until heated through. C'ampHltc Grill ( 4 serving) Two tablespoons butter or margarine, I medium onion, chopped; '/i cup diced, green pepper, 1 cnn (1 pound) tomatoes, 'l cans (J2 ounces each) wholo kernel corn, 1 tciiHpoon nalt, '/« teaspoon pepper, 1 can (1 pound) tamulen or frankfurters, or J c«n (12 ounces) ' luncheon meet, cut In Klrlps,' Melt butter In Hklllot. Add onion »rxl green pepper; cook until onion IK tender, but not brown. Add tomatoes and corn; sprinkle with salt and pepper. Place over medium heat; cook 10 minutes. Place frankfurters, tamales or lucheon meat over top. Cover; cook 10 minutes longer. COOKOUT DINNER: Tomato or other canned fruit juice, Dad's skillet dish (with meat and vegetables combined), pickles, scallions, olives, buttered rolls, whole fruit, nut cookies, coffee, tea, milk. Girard Case Agitated By Communists Russia and Red China Whipping Up Anti-American Sentiment in Japan TOKYO (UP) — Russia and Red China tried today to whip up anti- American sentiment among Japanese in the dispute between Japan and the United States over the case of U.S. Army Specialist 3C William S. Girard. Propaganda broadcasts from 30th Communist countries charged n almost identical words that it was "nothing unusual" for American soldiers to shoot and kill natives of foreign countries. But chief cabinet secretary Hiro- lide Ishida urged in Akita that the Japanese people keep cool in the controversy. He said the furore n the United States over the Girard case was due. to a "misunderstanding." Girard, of Ottawa, HI., was Indicted by a Japanese court last Sunday and ordered to stand trial Warm days turn the thoughts of many to glasses of cool buttermilk. Certainly buttermilk is a blessing to the overweight because it is low in fat but high in protein and olher essential nutrients. Most cultured buttermilk in the markets today is produced artifically from skim milk and contains only 1 per cent butter fat. Buttermilk Tomato Cocktail (cl|jhl '/i-cup nwvInKH) Two cupB chilled buttermilk, 2 cups chilled tomato juice, 'A teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce. Combine all Ingredients; blend well. Serve cold. I'lncupple Itultermllk (7 qunrt) Two cups cold buttermilk, 2 cups cold, fresh, or diluted fro/.en concentrate pineapple Juice, 2 tablespoons lemon Juice, 'A cup Combine all Ingredients; blend well. Serve cold, Jiuttarrnllk Oraii|<on<li> (1 qunri) Two cups chilled, fresh, or diluted frox.un concentrate orange juice, 2 cupH chilled buttermilk, I tablespoon lomon juice, % to % cup BUKnr, to p tnnle. Combine all Ingredients; blend well. Serve cold. Lime BuUnrmllk Oolor ( 6 »«rvln«») Six tabloBpoono fresh lime Juice, 'A cup nuKitr, 0 cups chilled butler- milk, fresh mint sprigs. Contblnc all ingredlonU oxcopt mint »prl(!B; «tlr until well blend- r«l. Pour Into chilled gluflson and top with »prla« of mint. Serve at (men, MONDAY'S DINNER: Cold ulle- ed turkey and ham, scalloped po- :atoes, pickle relishes, fresh vegetable salad, rye bread, butter or margaine, fresh strawberry pje, lea, coffee, buttermilk. GERANIUMS 25c and up Petunias, Coleus, bedding plants for flower boxen and garden Hardy Mums. Vegetable and flower plants, Hie best nnd disease resistant varl- etlen. Spray material)), Staller'n and Itapld Gro. Plant foods, peat mods. Markerf's Greenhouse 1520 Pleasant Hill No Delivery under Japanese law for "manslaughter" in the death of a Japanese woman Jan. 30. G-irard fired an expended cartridge into the air from his rifle-grenade .launcher in an attempt to warn away Japanese picking up used cartridge shells on an Army firing range, according .0 U.S. investigators. Although both Japan and the United States claimed the right to try Girard under the criminal j jurisdiction agreement in force between the two nations, America authorities waived their claim las week. The action, however, raised such a storm of protest among Americans that Defense. Secretary Charles .Wilson ordered the case be held up pending review. Radio Moscow, in a broadcast today, asserted' "The murder...is nothing unusual for Americans in a foreign-land." . "In Europe and in Asia, wher- ever U.S. military bases are located, violent actions by American soldiers, occur," it said. "In these countries, protests against the arrogant actions of American soldiers is rising...and the demand is growing stronger that U.S. military bases be abolished and U.S. troops withdraw." The words of the Radio Peiping broadcast were almost identical. NOTICE Walton Legion Post No. 418 MEETING TONIGHT (Thuriday, May 23, 7:30 p. nv.) ELECTION OF OPFKBnS AND DELEGATES AH Legion Momboii Plouu Attend Restaurant For Sale IN PERU Cxcvllant Locution. On Two Hlfjh- wayt. A going builnim. FOUNTAIN SERVICE M.BNTY PARKING SPACt YEAR -ROUND BUSINESS Sum* Location 40 Yuan lmm*d!u»« Poitoulon. CASH OR CONTRACT Writ, Box A-241 Thli N.wipanor for fun and Entertainment attend tho BENEFIT HARMONY CONCERT Spontiorod by SPEBSQSA Sat., May 25, 8 p. m. MEMORIAL HOME featuring championship quartols and chorunos TICKETS ATi Control, Bal!- oyj, Morocco 1 !!, Groonnfol- dor and at door. Admis.ion: $1.50 KRAUTS Jjjj FOR FOOD VALUES Sunkist Lemons 6 ,„, 25c RAY'S Cottage Cheese ;,;; 29c Halvei-ln Syrup HOME GROWN GRBBN ONIONS * HOME GROWN FRESH RHUBARB 2 cc,n49C 2 bnch 19C VEAL ROASTS CHOICE VEAL STEAK Shoulder Sllco*—Ju*t Right For Big Appetltai SMOKED PICNICS Tem "" Cur " * 29c GENUINE HAM SALAD c,,,,, 49c SERVE BEEF TENDERLOIN"" ., 1 Lb. KRAFTS DAIRY FRESH CARAMELS 39c OOOMA FROZEN ' Strawberry PIES Each 69c DUNCAN HINES CAKE MIXES Yollow, White, Choc. 2 ,„ 49c DEL MONTE Pineapple Cruihcd- Chunk or Tld-BIt* 5 SL 99c NAAS TOMATO JUICE It'* Delklou* 25c 32-o*. Jar N Aft I SCO WAFFLE SANDWICH COOKIES , KRAUT'S 218 BAST MARKET PHONE 4156 or 4157 POR WEB DBUVBRY LOGANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRAR' BOLINS DONUTS v\\ „ At Your Favorite 1 GROCERY, RESTAURANT, or 14rh and Broadway WANT OUT OF DEBT? Ut Credit Counselor* arrange to get you out of debt on payments you can afford. REGARDLESS OF HOW MUCH YOU OWE. No Security or Endorsers Needed- One and Only One Place to Pay. CREDIT COUNSELORS OF LOGANSPORT Opm Dally * (a 5, Exnpl Wed. and Sat: (III On.. 401 lam*! Suildlni , . phen. 1730 EAGLES FAMILY PLAY NIGHT Something New and Different-Come See FRIDAY, MAY 24th at 8p.m. SATURDAY NIGHT DANCING Music By "THE VBLVETONBS"-8:30 TIL 11:30 Thursday Evening, May 23, 1957, THIRD GENERATION OLD TOWNE, Me. — Francis Ranco has been sworn in as governor of the Penobscot Indians, the third generation of his family to hold the office. Jim White Fire Insurance Ph. 2491 URNS FILLED Conner's Greenhouse, Walton Orient Lodge, No. 272, F. and A. M. Stated meeting Friday, 7:30 p.m., followed by work In F. C. degree at 8:15 p.m.. —Clotus C. F1U, W. M. NORTH DRUGS C. J. SHINABARGBR, R. Ph. 723 North Third JELL-0 3w23c Dream Whip 2 ».,49c /• Kraft Dinner 2, 31c LARGE "8" GRADE EGGS 3 - 87 STOP IL OOKI LISTEN I VALUE MER-DBL'S PUDGE RIPPLE ICE CREAM i IN PLASTIC CONTAINER '/2 gallon 89' KRAFT'S - Orange Drink LITTLE BLP ICE TEA SANDWICH OLIVES BMGE'S CHEESE — 2 ,-59c Nestle's Quick °* a 99c HILL'S BROS. -NEW COFFEE fir, $1.29 U. S. D. A. CHOICE GOVT. GRADED ROUND OR SWISS . . STEAK 79 C PRBSH-LEAN-FINE FOR SANDWICHES OR R OAST BONELESS PORK LOIN PRBSH IBAN PORK ROAST -SB- SMOKED SAUSAGE LI). Lb 89* 39* 59* FRBSH-ALL BEEF WILSON'S "CORN KING" Ground Beef 3 n,, $1.00 SLICED BACON Jti. 53c U. S. NO. 1 SJZE A-REDS- NEW POTATOES FRESH HEAD LFTTUCE CAHFORlNfA-FRESH JUICY LEMONS BANANAS Crlup Large Lcirg* 180 Six* Lar0«, Solid, Yellow-Rip* 10 -45* 2-29* 39* 10* Doz. COFFEB MANOR HOUSE COFFEE R«H- and Drip Lb. Tin 89< PURE CANE SUGAR TO 99 STA-FLO STARCH Dual Pack QUART 21c SALE-DEL MONTE-SALE Green Beans PEAS *ORN $1.00 CUT H No.303 *+ Can* $1.00 EARLY GARDEN "JNo.303 */ Can* $1.00 YELLOW |%No.303 CREAM STYLE V Can. Fruit Cocktail Peaches Catsup Pineapple $1.00 Cam $100 LNo.2',6 ' Can. $1-00 14 ox. bottle $1-00 ( No.211 Can* CHARCOAL BRIQUETTES 5 £ g 49c WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES 'SMUCKERS" PRESERVES FREE BOLLEI & FARRER • PEACH • APRICOT PINEAPPLE • APRICOT • PINEAPPLE m 12 OK. • GRAPE JAM 1 Jar* 00 201 205 BURLINGTON AV PHONE 3161

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