Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 23, 1957 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1957
Page 19
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Thursday Evening, May 23, 1957. 7. FARMER'S COLUMN FULTON CO. COMMUNITY SALE, ROCHESTER, IND. We will sell Saturday, May 25, 25 springing Holstein heifers; 3 purebred springing Ayrshire heifers. These cattle are all from one farm. CARL NEWCOMB REGISTERED yearling polled Shorthorn bulls. Calfhood vaccination. George Conrad, 1'A miles north. 1!4 east, Chili. FOR SALE at all times: 350 to 1000 head of calves and yearlings. W. V. Palmer, Peru, Indiana. Office phone Trozan 32021 Mexico, Residence phone Gridley 37724 Peru. 48 WEANED pigs. Richard Smith, Deer Creek, Phone 3020. 50 WHITE FACE CALVES will sell at the WINAMAC SALE BARN Tuesday, May 28, at approximately 1:30 o'clock (DST) CARL NEWCOMB FOR SALE: 22 Holstein springers, 3 Ayrshire. 4 Guernseys, to be sold at Rochester Sale Barn, Saturday, May 25. FOUR eligible to register polled Shorthorn heifers, bred to calf this summer. Frederick Clingenpeel, Flora, R. 1, Phone 211-F21, Burlington. 100 HEAD of Hampshire pigs. Usual Fry, 1st house south of Cass Station Bridge. Phone 50100. PUREBRED Landrace boars; open gills. Raymond Nicoll, Burnetts ville. 100 PIGS, Joe Scott, 1 mile north, 2 rnilcs west of Burlington. LANDHACK boars, 8 months old. Robert Cutlibcrt, >A mile south of Lincoln. 3 YEAR OLD Refjiotcrcd Hereford bull. Wendell Bear/IB. Rochester. 1'hone CA 3-3375. 2 ANGU~S~l5uiis.~D(>n Woodling. Phone 50100. HOG FARMERS. New hog market buying Monday thru Friday, 7 a.m to 1 p.m. No commlfislona or yardage. IlEINOLD'S, Royal Center Hog Market. Call us lor further details. Phono 3295. Located at the Royal Center Sale Barn. Indiana Rendering Co.. LoKarwport Phones 4729 or 4730 CtJRTJSK FARMS Stud Service. Dudley D Bridge. Phono LoRami port 11105, Royal Center 21U5, Lucerne 24W). 72572 niter 6:00 p. m. KaljiM Krlwlrich, b. Implomontt FARM MACHINERY SPECIALS!! I—IM4 Kurd Tniclnr. )—jy.ll I'ord Tractor. l~I!Mt) I''ord Tractor. 1—HMD Kurd Tractor. J—11)40 l''onl Tractor. I—John Docro "H" 'I'ractoi 1 wllh jKiwrlcol, cyllnditr, 2- boUnin plow und c'.iltlvatorn, reaiiotmhle. ;i_Ilrtc(l WIIKIIOI' Loadeni, heavy duly. 1—Inlin Deere I2A Combine wllb motor and Scour Kleen, reiinonnble. Corno In orirl Son '1'IIK SKLK-PROPKLLI'II." Mf.:w Holland Baler EIKELBERNER TRACTOR SALES Kniit Mala Street Phono 2IU20 USKI) Inlenialloniil Wt) Iraclw, M d. W jilftliwH and lileeveit. by- di'aullc nyiilein, ^ouil riibb(U'. I 1 !. I 1 !. Liindln Co., Kliira, I'lioni' 311 (Iliyn, 2IIIIR evenlnK». [''Oil SALK: 4'row International ciii'n phmler, 3 yr». aid, ,Ioni'H Impleiiieiit Co., KiM'lit'Hli'.r, Ind. Koit 'HA'I.I':—(fond •/ it. uiuiiiiini liinili'ii! dl.ic, 40170. WOOD Ill-oil. Combine, V nililior llrnd WIIIJIIIIN. Aliio half truck for J''oi'd Iniclnr. All In t;»nd condition. Knlll Mnwiiiii'i, north nldi< of llnice Lake, ItOTAUY IIOK, Diiiiliaur 4-row flexible. I'lieiie 4(10ir,. 9. FINANCIAL " Car pnymenin too lilyh? SOB AMISH10AN HISCUIUTY CO, nl4 fifth. Loitminport, Dial 3210 b. Builnnn Opportunity KlffiTAUKANT KOIt HAI.B Including all e(|(ilj>meiil, Dnhni u K<IH(\ bunludiiti. Locnled on U, S. 35 In Wiiltoi). I'ADL M, SI'KIIRY AClKNCy It. I'l. Mill/, Suleiinuin rimiM) • :to:if) or 2!in4, Wnllon 10. FOKRENT FOR RENT—Steel warehouse on Michigan Avenue. 1700 square feet space, suitable for vehicles and other storage, B. A. Barker, Phone 2615. a. Apartments 3 ROOM furnished. Private bath and entrance. Adults. 1318 High. 4 ROOM and bath upper apt.In- quire 1600 High St. 2 ROOM modern furnished apartment. Adults. Inquire 119 E. Ottawa. NICE clean 4 room lower apt. furn. including utilties. Low rent. 814 E. Broadway, rear. 2 ROOM furnished apartment. Ground floor, outside entrance. 1701 High street. 3 ROOM upper apt. furn. including utilities. Extra clean, very reasonable rent. 814 E. Broadway, LOWER 4 room unfurnished, heated apartment, near high school. 40678. 3-ROOM unfurnished lower apartment, heat and hot water furnished, strictly private, adults only. 89 Eighth Slrect after 4 p.m. 3 ROOM furnished apartment lower. 2200 Broadway. Phone 4827. UNFURNISHED modern 3, 4, 5- room apartments. Inquire 105 Fourth. UNDER new management by Tildon Phillips, 3 rooms, main floor. Children welcome. Water Street at Lobelia. MODERN 4 rooms, bath, unfurnished, very nice, adults. 1218 Broadway. 5-ROOM unfurnished apartment, heat and water furnished, front and back porches. Phone 25WI between 9 und 4/ 3 ROOM furnlHhcd at 1228 K. Market. Phone (iOOO. UNFURNISHED upj)er 4 rooms, bath. Phone 341)5 before 12 p.m. 4 ROOMS and bnlh, upstairs, un- furniBhed apartment. SLBVi W. Linden. Inquire fiOO W. Linden. 5 ROOM upper upfurnlshed apt. Heat furn. Ph. (1252, GROUND floor, unfurnished, :i rooms and bath, steam heat, clone-in. I'll. 2645. 3 ROOM unfurnished upper. East. I'll. 8410. 3 ROOM modern funilnhud apartment. Adulln. I'Jautend. Phono 471)0. 11. FOR SALE THERE'S. MONEY, IN YOUR ATTIC Have you ever checked over the items that you have stored in your attic and haven't used for a long time? There is a great demand for those usable articles. WHY NOT TURN THEM INTO QUICK CASH and buy something • you need? IT'S EASY TO SELL THEM when you use Logansporl Pharos-Tribune and Press Want Ads. Jusl-DiaMMl an ad-taker will gladly assist you in writing your want ad. Start your child musically with WURLITZER LESSON • LOAN PLAN on I—A brand new WURLITZER piano in your home. . 2—Ten private weekly lessons. 3—Lesson material furnished. All it costs you is $3:50 a week. Nothing more—no extras MYGRANT'S, 528 E. Broadway 15 CU. ft. chest type freezer. Phone 2873 Royal Center. NKW solid cherry bedroom suite. Phono 01)39. HOTPOINT refrigerator Phone !)I17». $40.00. MAYTAG WASHERS AND . DRYERS General Supply Co., Now Waverly Fred Anglo, Phono 40001 li'UltNlSHKU apartment. Inquire hou«e ut rear of lion N. Third. b. Buiinots PI new 4 CAR (Jmmnui'dul ifiiruKo bullil- iiiK 73 H. llth Street, Keaiionable rent, Apply l.o(iun«porl. Wimlc Material Co., 77 S. BUi SI. o. Houses A Duplex** MODKItN HiibiirlHiri home. 'I'lionc •am, Itnynl Center. NICK 2 biHli'iKirn morleni unfnr- iii.'ihi:il IIOIIM: near (julvciilon. Plionii (iiilvciilon 2727. MOIU'UIN hoiiiio nniif Uriice Lake. J'liomi Wliiainiic 7I4II-.I, f. Rooms NKJK lower nliioplriK rrmiti. lull North SI.. SI.KKI'ING! "roimVnri!l7 -" ijl.hrf'ii,' H3SI. ROOM for rent, kitchen prlvlliiKM, lady iinifnrrcd.; I'lionc 7171), KIKST floor nliMipltiK room, nil trinde.nl, prlvalu cillrnnci). Cull Mil 72. SI.KKI'INd ruunin, ^G por wcok. Phono 20371. i;()ilillil'l niciopliiK niom, 2 employ' «d |{!>'lH, Phono Mlin. g. Wuntotl to Rant WAN'I'KU lei i'(Mit: 2 bwlnioin lioimi' or iipt. within rnilliin of Id or ly. mllcn of city, by I'lmriw- Trllmni! iniipliiyHii. Vli'imu wrllo Itox A-2li1 tliln niiwitpapdi'. WANTKI) TO HI';NT-'-:i 'iHsilninni homo, iirefoi'iibly wllb tf'ii'iiK'i. local i.'onjile, two children. Phone HUM. SAI.I'IS llnpriiiK'nlnllvo wanln lo renl. hom'r, l''attill.y l». Hox A- V.'.Y.l \l\\t\ new.-'iwipcr. WANTKI): Itiiiini and board for l'iil.lre'1 t'.iilllll'nillll. I'liont; ,'iOlilt4, 11. FOR SALE a. Hoi'iaholcl Good* <!KNKIlAIi KliiKlrlc I nr null). I'h, '/mm nflor 4. KOlt a hmiiil.llul jiliinc Ilinl navcfl time, niiply (llnxo In your Iliio- Iniim. l.niil/t moiillm. fi'liini^lri Acd (lai'ilwii/'e, ONK ynnr old inilvmalli: wiinhiii' mid ilryur. Cull Ml III nller K j), m. coon roli'ltioi'iil.iii 1 , Munii'd mill, p.o, W, A, Day, Wi'i Nnrlli nlnjiit lllll!!' (1 p. Ill, STUDIO Cuilcli, like niiw, I'lluiH! 'I I ANDMADI'i ""liiil li'|iiiir"<:f(l)lll()U7" « iiillDii ituiilli Iilnvllli.'. I'lirkor Slniiiiitr. TIIOR wiiiiliui', 'i»mi • miKiiiialli:, f2ii. PH. mm. \ ISI'll) Ti)Wt Ciihwoi'n "'i'V',"»K" iliiwii" W.vn pur wcok, OIK) your ijuiir- nnlnit on plctui'it iub». Phiino !lt)22. Kli'dNtonu Hloi'o. (iiind condllldii, lipi'lMlit vacuum. Niuiiln work, B2H40. riumu with tiiiloiiuilli! oven, i,oo llnwmnn, Door Croak, t britnd iiuw bud uprlnii, 3D"', onu Sptiuil Quofiti woiibcr; AxmlnnUir niK. 017 22nd SI. ONK Ilku now SlnilolounHiir clinli', , *W). 1424 Kmuod (H. or w««kuiHln. T.V., Hndio-PhoniJKi'nph, $25 ouch. Both for $40. Ph. 53242, AHC wrltiKor-lypu wiishing machine. Good condition, J J h. 1)074. 1!LUK llvhif! room suite, wine 0x12 riiK and pad, 7-pleee dlnelle, cx- cellcnL condition, J'h. 2240, MAfilC CJIKK KIIH rniiKC, new, A-l condition. Pli. 2240. l''()l( SAM 1 !: Anl.l(|ue love-Heal, ami plalform rocker, in excellent condition. Write llox A-znu, this newspaper. USKD 21" Cupehari: console TV. Only $1.50 per week. Ph. 3022, nsk for Kurl. 11. FOR SALE SPINET returned from rental, new guarantee, mahogany, standard manufacture. Here is an opportunity to save on a quality piano. Terms. Strange Music House at Marocco's, 521 E. Broadway. GOOD used cornet. Phone UL-72283 Fulton. d. Poultry, Eggs, Baby Chix STARTED: 1500 DeKalb pullets, 500 Leghorn pullets, 1000 White Rocks, st. run. Baby chicks hatching May 28. Brown's Hatchery, Converse. ROP LEGHORN chicks. Popular Heavy Breeds. Cockerels available. Hizer Hatchery, Grass Creek. 13. REAL ESTATE STARTED chicks, 5 weeks old, New Hamps, 2 week old New Hamps and White Rocks, week old Barred Rocks. Also day old White Rocks, New Hamps and Barred Rocks. King's Hatchery, Sixth and North. Phone 3718. BABY CHICKS FARM BUREAU chicks are bred for top egg production and Increased livability. Ask about the new Hi-Lay 1042 Cross. FARM BUREAU Phono 3141 Logansport TURKEYS, Goslings uml Ducks. King's Hatchery, Sixth and North. Phone 371(1. 12th St. (New Listing) AH modern two story Sq. type, 3 bedrooms, fireplace, large kitchen, disposal, knotty pine dinette with Jaulousie windows, attractive bath with glass enclosure, extra mirrored powder room—cedar paneled recreation room. New gas furnace attached garage! Close to' schools, ous, and" shopping. Well. built and spacious home designed [or oasy living. Interior newly redecorated. Appointment only— High.St. . (New Listing) ' Older type 2 story well located on extra large lot. Small down payment will handle with reasonable monthly figures. This home basically sound but needs decoration and minor repair. Gas furnace and incinerator. Be your own' decorator and save —- save — save — To buy or sell Please Tell DaleW.McNutt YOUR IM5ALTOR Office 21J2B lilve. 217(17 SAVE $1000 on 3-bedroom homo in Rochester, new addition, F. H. A. approved. Ownur leaving town. Rochester CA-3!>«!)4. e. Soodi, Plants OHT110 and Acme InnocUcldcH nnd KunKicldeH. Also Roael'ood und l i 'crlili/.or.H. KiiiK'K Hatchery, Sixth and North. Plume 37111.' er nnd garden Inseclleldca. Also complelu lino nf sprnyers and (luslcrH. I.ujjnn Iliitchery, 1121 MichlKun, J'lionu 4^02. SWKK'I.' pol.atnoK and Burden pltmlft. McCluln'B nt Mexico, Incllann. ci'iftTI i''l Iflb .striiwilorry . plimi.^™! vnriel.lc.s. Killing orderH aow Claiulu Kiinu 3 niilcH eiiut Twelvu Mllu, b. __ TAItl'S and tents at the „ Cantor, 322 - 3rd, Open Sundays. MAYTAG wnnliur, T. V, ami nil- lennn, nun Nlovc, ell healer, boy and KliTw 2(1" bicycles. J'lmno 1'eru 'GR-37(ll)fi. IIM4 41 Ji'T. Mobile linniit, (I sleeper,'full balli, IIII'KO living room. Knll lunKtli iinir-Hii|ipoi't.linj awn- liiK, 275 Kill, fuel lank. Kxcollnnl condllliin. Shown by appoint rnenl. I'hono 'KM. STROMGFR THAN Pound lor I'ound Ward's Super UeLlixo NYI.ON TIR! S See Don, the lire man, for l.ho bonl. Ill rubber. MONTGOMERY •WARD f. Wearing Apparot CLOSP: - OUT of umid sl.erill/.e(l work shirts and imnl.s. 3 lor $1.00. HiirKiiln Center, 32-2 Third. Open Sundays. Aiii'~'i"'oiii;K (irri<:eiV"iiiiifiiiTiiH, f!lnnH "A" Illues, Class A & li Siniliin llloii.ien lid R, Trnusor.i 30-32, Tullored Diiei'on-wuol n»b- ardinc, Kxecll(Mi!, condltinn. Wll- llnm lonelier, Ii!i2 llciilb. ~ ' """UKAT TIll'i'lll'iAT IN OIlll COTTONS AT Tho Thrill, Shop, 411 K. Mnrliet IN WALTON All modern, 3-bodroom home, Hrlclterete eoiiNtnicllon, lui'KO lot, New home randy to occupy. Enrly CONN-STURM AGENCY Walton Phone Office 32M5 3IM5 FOR SAliK: Ilenuliful 3 budroom new hnmo. Shown by appointment.. Cull before 1 p. m.. Plume SIM2I), h. Want«d to buy WAN'I'KU: Umid wood Inl.li, Phone 33IIII. WIM. pay caiih fur unmll um>il up- r Splnot planoii. J'hoilo Wl'l buy innn'n K™«' UHOd nhouK and haln, Porl'ecl, Clunnurn, VIA • 4Ul. I'lmno :iOI(), 12 GOOD THJ NGS TO EAT b. Prulli, Vegotablo* SKMD anil onlhif, polalnuii/applen, bnilliMliH. Sum Uci-knhirn, 425 (Jlciil.l, Open evenln^M. Illlil 24 KT. lifioil trailer, rewinii- able. 4 inllen S.I'J, on 35, i''Kiiui':i | i""&" SMITH" Mobile iioniii SaloM, Akniir, liul., I'll. TW-II-nZIKI or TW-.'MO'/li, 'A ml. S. Akron, QUART nlniwborry IMIXIIH for unlit Aluo new and lined container!!, llrrknlilr.j'H, 1110 N, Third SI:, cully niiw. $V(I. (I inllnii went, mllii Miilh. R.oynl Center, -' tJrl.'iwell. SNOWING NOW AT BAIRD'S "NtiW ANDERSON" MAIIIU'ri offer n niivlnaii up to 'fildll wllh over IK mobile hniilen I'liiliiciul In tirlcn. If yen are looking fur n bar 1 - Kiiln, HAIKD'S have .nver 40 l,o clioiinn IVoin, In 1(1' nnd II' wide, I, 2 und H hedi'oiHim, We Iradc for furiill.ure, with llin beiel flnnnuIiiK nvallnlilii. BAiRD MOBILE HOMI-S '!, inllen nouUi nf Ponl on liM 31 I'liOiio Pei'ii (it'ldloy 3tlll(m IllflV RICHARDSON 42-ft. Il0li«0' tniller, Donald Slmvui', Stonoy Plko Trulluc Courl lifter 11:00 p. m, WHY I'AY IIH1NT? Ill ft, to 43 ft, on mi-Ion lot. Son Ibein today, Reinembui 1 low dowr jiuymenl, und inonllily pnymwit, AmilM Trailer fliiluii, 4 ml, SW on 'M, Buy, mil or trado. 2 ml, N, W, on U, S. 8», Mn|)l« c. Muilcol Intrrumvnti COMI'AIUO our i|ual!l,y mid prieuii, Ivnrx & Piiml Auoney. 8S4 W, Mluinl, IMxiiitt DIM. New Building A|>|iro.x. ;i,fl'!() mi. II. citiDonl, liliick riniiili'iicUiiii, lot, iibiiul, I Here, At Inl.m'Nmil.lim nl I'/tli, .lofl'eniiin mill Ki'lo avi'inic, Still- able I'm* 1 1 Mild, any iinlitr|irliw, tiutnudlali) )i(iiiiH!i(iiliiu. Burlington Ave. HOxllll liullillilH, NillUilile for rii- tall, whiilciiale, l.nrue Inl, Iw . Pi'lceil lo nell, Buy I his iHome and wive youi'sull* i> nice pay raise. Wo bavo n wonderful buy In Uiin 3-iinlt: aimrtmunl. hou.iu, Ownur IN helnn IrnnHferrei 1 ! le Koi'l Wayiin mid wn can ol'fur you excellent Uirinii. Located chine to IniMlnu.HH dlKti'lct on n l;iri;c In!.. Thl;; In one of the bel,- lx»r pi'iipflrllnH and will pay fin 1 , II.Nolf. Wo can jilvu you lnl« of Inli'reHl.liiK fncb about. It If you will cull Olio Hilbcri: IIKAI/l'OU .141111 Clifton Ave. Phone 2(1114 Olio Milbcit It I'! A I, TO 1 1 143(1 Clll'tnn A VD. Phono 211114 n. Hountn ANNOUNCING^ NEW LOCATION with -lira Herd Inmn'imce Agency W I'lrle I'lliiiin 2V17 TED PERSONETTE ln jlroktir .I'-OJl SAI..I-: Ciirunr lot, ft room liniiiii, II bod riiiinw or 'J. tinil n den, blvlng nn,, illniilli', l.lled lintli, Kllchon with lol.ii of enblnitlH, btilll-ln nn, Nlovo, 'Wiwliur dryer & j hiiKi) (.llnpdMiil, Pi-Iced t« noil by ownor. 2511 Kliiiihiin Dr. or I'h, mum $11100 down buyn t.)ii» newly rn- iiiixlrlnd Z bedrooili hetiiiu. WaHhnr and ib'yei- Ineluded — •j, hndrooni ;ini))!-ni()(li!i'ii. LIII'KU Inl. and Kni'i'KB *il.WK). $fiiHI down bnlaiu.'it nioiillily. llol.li properUim locnleil In Walton. Alno '!, lai'Ke loin locnloil en I), S. 31! In Wailun. PAULM,,SPI;:RRY AC-'iENCY It,. I 1 !. MUTX, Niilimiiinn I 'hone 'M'M or 21)54, Wnlliin IMMI'IDIATW I'OSHI'IS.SION, -I bedroom, eniil; Norlli Slreet, Tile bulb, ample vloneU anil cnblneU, l/'hone 73IW, LJ-ROOM I-IOME Motlni-ii, noi'l.b iMlHo of city on hltihway, Medurn kitchen, nice biilJi, new Kim fiirniico, uUllly room, 2 loin, 2-r.nr jjni'iilje. ThlH limno IN clean mill ntsnl.. 3-I3I--DROOM Modem brlulc Inline, Sonl.linliln. Ji'till biiiieinenl, 2-unj- uiirujfni I'oiitifMloii In ,1 few (1,'iyti. FRANK T. MORRIS AGENCY, Inc. W Kourth HI,, J'boiie 3I)I!!I 4 1IOOMH, bull) mid Biir«ne. $1100 down, bulnnuu like rout, llox A'.','M Ililn iiewN!>ii|.ier. BRICK IHOME I'/it itioi'y—(I roonw, fiiriiiicd nnd bulb, $ll,OIKl, I'lionc 4HOU STrtHCKKIWlltOWN AfiKNOV Nl'JW 3-lKt(Jrooni U. S. Sl«ol lloinoa nvitlhtbln mi V A, loan* ut 2?!> (town. Mill 23D7. 13. REAL ESTATE • FOR SALE 6 rooms. One bedroom down, 2 up. Hardwood floors. Living room and dining room. Early possession. • Michigan Avenue. ' PIERCE AGENCY,Inc. Realtor 21B Fourth St. Ph. 3939 or 2774 Logansport, Indiana. Pharos-Tribunt Nineteen Latest Market Reports 4 ROOM country home. 2 acres, CHrCAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO (UP) — Livestock: Hogs 7,500; generally 25-35 higher; No. 2-3, 190-225 Ibs 18.50-18.90; several lots No. 1-3 mostly No. 1-2 these weights. 19.00-19.25; 18 head No. 1, 120 Ibs 19.40; No. 2-3, 230290 Ibs 17.50-18.60. Cattle 2,000, calves 200; limited late week supply slaughter st ee . rs and heifers steady to easier, instances 25 lower; vealers firm; 7-ROOM house, Whcatland avenue, modern, large lot f fruit trees. Ph. 2840 days, 40766 evenings. immediate possession. John | part load mostly' hifih choice 1,200 Patton, 4'/i miles north, Vt westiibs steers 24.75; few good and Idaville. ; O w choice 20.00-23.00; shotr load 850 Ibs fed heifers weU up inlo choice grade 23.25: few good and . low choice heifers 18.50-21.75; veal- |ers 26.00 down. Sheep 1,000; about steady; several loads unsold lale; deck cull to choice lambs .20.00; small lot utility and good fresh shorn 1!>.00; deck good and choice spring lambs 23.00... FOR 1 SALE: 7 room semi-modern house on 3 full"lots. In Burrows on State Road 25. Contact Lizzy Dnughtery, Phone 15-W Burrows. BY OWNER: 4 room all modern cottage, - full basement, large yard, chicken lot, garden, electric stove, Venetian blinds, 2-car garage. Located Vi way between Logansport and Peru, 1 mile off U. S. 24. Priced $1)500. Cull 40636 evenings. NEW 3-bedroom house, attached garage. Ph. 21851. HOUSE for sale. To be torn down and moved. Claude Roller, R. R. 1, Walton. Walton 2023. b. Loti LARGE lols, reasonable. 2J851 or 5(1010. Phone BUILDING sites, any size, electricity, gas. Cosh or contract. 7398. c. Farms DO ACRE farm nuur Grass Crock. $20,000. Lloyd .leffories, Hcnltor, 403 Knst J3th. Roches! ar. Dial CA-3IIIU. 30 Acre farm, 5 miles out on blacktop road. 4 bedroom, all modern home. Barn, 2-car Canine, chicken bouse. LoKan schools. Sprint; possesMlon of Iniul. Will trade up or sell 8lrnlf{ht out. Olio HUbert 14,'lCi Clifton Avo. • .Plionc 21)114 AT Nyiinii Lake. Larno modern home, barn, V.A,, fish, luinl on place. Klirhai-dl., Mncy, K. I, liul. Vacant. PetiHon to Acquire Kenclallville Plant INDIANAPOLIS (111 1 ) — The Indiana and Michigan Klcclrle Co., li'nr! WaynC, today jinked I hi. 1 Indiana Public Service Comnils- Nlon for permission lo buy Ken- tlidlvllle's municipal electric util- Snle jH'lee would be $1,11)1,50. The petition said Kumlallvlllc users wniikl he eharKed th(< same as 'ol.luM' Indiana and MIchlK'iu eiiHlomcrs, bill. 'In no raso would there ho a rale Increase. PERSONAL LOANS TOWN FINANCE CO. Over BaxUy't Morkvt •410'/> 1. Oroatlway LOOANSPOKT, INI>. . Phon. 2232 CASH FOR YOU INDIANAPOLIS LIVESTOCK INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — Livestock: HOBS 8,500; strong to 25 higher; 190-240 Ib 18.50-18.75, .some' to 19.25; 240-270 Ib 18.00-18,30, some 18.75; 270-300 Ib 17.50-18.00; over 300 Ib 17.00-17.50; 120-lfiO Ib 15.5017.00; 160-190 Ib 17.00-18.25. Cuttle HO; calves 150; mostly steady in cleanup trade; Rood and choke steers and heifers 20.5023.00; standard 17.00-20.00; vealers strong to 5(1 higher; good and choice 21.50-25.00; prime to 25.50. Sheep 10(1; mostly .steady; good mid choice spring lambs 32.0024.00. CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO (UP) — Produce: Live poultry steady; "(i.OOO Ibs. No IJSDA prieo chanjie^, Cheese- steady; single daisies niul loiiKhurnx IIB-lj-ilsi'.i; processed lonf 3(1-37: Swiss Ui-nde A 42-43; li 3IMI; C 3(1-38. Butler steady: 1.4011.001) Hxs; 93 mid 92 score 511; 30 score Rfito; Oil score 55. KKRS steadier; Kl.liOO ciusc£; while law nnd mixed lartie extras 2i); mediums 25; standards 28; current, receipts 27. Rotary International Elects Three Hoosiers LUCKH.N'K, Switzerland (UP) — Men from Shclbyville. New Albiiuy iii'd Uecalur, liul.. were elected todny us district governors of Hotary International at the concluding sessions of Hie organisa- tion's -Ullli annual convention. Donnld .1. Wick'r/.er, president ol 'l'i|)]iecanoe Press, Inc.. Shelbyville, was chosen Kovernnr of District BSCi; Hernnrd M. Webl), manaKcr of Indiaiva Hell Telephone Co. in New Albany. District (liill, aint Clarence P Xiner. rnvnor of ('illllKan Soil Waler Service Co. Ill Decnl.ur. Dlslriel (If).!. Kncli lakes office July 1 for a oiu\yo;ir term. Six More Convicts Try to Break Legs ARE STOCKPILES HIGH? Factory inv«ntori*f hit peak, but not in relation to Miiot. MONTHLY DATA MUONAUY ADJU1TIO Morri Hawkins Stockyards Meat fyp« Above Quotation* 190 to 210 18.25 210 to 230 18.00 230 to 250 17.85 250 to 270 17.25 270 to 300 17.01) Sows 16.00 down Boars 10.00 down Stnjrs 10.00 down Veal 19.00 Popcjoy Droning Plant Leghorn Hens M Heuvy Hens 15 Third Stratt Market Veals is Lambs ir> v'eal Hides 13 Bocf hides _ M\v Eggs J5 Wayne's Produco Heavy liens u Leghorn Hens M Producers Stockyards l«0 U) 2311 No. 1 19.00 UK) to 2)0 ni.;,() 210 lo KIO in.tr, 2,10 to 250 17.7;, 250 U) 270 17.;,o 270 ID 300 17'^, 27(1 lo HOD 17.00 sows lii.iK) down Hours 7.00-10.0(1 7.00-10.00 prisoner* at the rock iiuarry prison camp for hicorrl^lhle.i hoiy tried today lo break their lens wllli sledj-ie hammoi'.s. A similar Incident occurred Monday When Hirer priMwors out of ,-dx uueeeedod in 'brealiliiu their leu:;. .laclt Forrester, iliivc.lor of Hie slide Department of Correct ions, imlil a prison unnrd stopped two el' the lumidos loilay before they eeiial hurl themselves but Die con- dllliin ol the other J'oiir was not learned ImmiMliately. • - - - * • LOANS LINCOLN FINANCE COMPANY Mm I. Smlili, M ( r. SALE CALENDAR Mny 21—O. K. SUirk Mny l',!i-Slimy Pike Holler limit VViiltnn, And. Mny -.'i—CIufiiiiK Out Snln (.). J. .Hookwnllcr llri(l|.;c, AiK.'l:, Mny :jfi—.Ponrl .I'owncll K»l: Uiinlrl.li! (turner Mny i'.D—.'lolin A. Wiiliion Hurry J'uiii; I---Jmlpot 1 h'diil.ii lolni A. C'n.-ii 1 , And. It'* taiy ... you do all 3 CONVMIWU Power-Pak i not •cononiy (fo»»i flt» work ol lltirtnl hoUnt I'uw ••r-f'ttti MMuliio'licinilU unit OH) hiowvr , , > (o IllUr . . , lu inuw plow ... In n |tlly'»n'i(ih»t fun. of ouldour Icuy tnowvri, rupgcff tlllpr rtnd •>(![• ml dry tnfjw cuilwit titty MMI» 11*11)1, 299.00 PfwerlWcr Olvni yuu fii'Htt lor yom numpy Itimt nil/ Oltlitt IHIa<. CaiU (I)' ]iulMlK"'i. |}|i>l>«i jy ))tiw*»io(t wllli u I).A lip mmMllml, tlil«'il')va, lilli If. inch IW Mill, V Inl Wdli I i|)t>mlk nitij f*- Utf wt HU. Mbr •vtrlHillt... JACKSON-KITCHEL 510 High Str**» Phon* 3085 Marketing Revenue For Farmers Shows 3 Per Cent Increase WASHINGTON (lir'—The Agrl- cnllure Depart men! said today farm null marketings in the first •four months of 11157 totaled $M<)().000,00(1, u|> 3 per cent from (ho same period last year. Prices farmers received nvor- •!(N| nearly 4 per cent lilji'ier, hid the volume of marketinxs va.i down sliKlilly. lleceipts Irom livestock niul products totaled $5,3(iO,oO().<xm, up it por cent from the coiTcspondin^ period n year ntiu, Hoceipts Irom meat animals mid iliiiry {iroducl.^ were up substantially -because of higher avei'aj.:,. prices. Hul prices of CKK.I and nil lypos ol poultry ^'ere lower, ('.nip recci|ils wen- $:t,l(KI.(XKI,(XH). about tlii' .same UN last year. Uolli volume of m-arketiuKs and prices woiV ahoul the same iw n year niiii. IteceipLs frem wlicul and col- ton wer<' lowor, lint corn and soybean receipts rivse siilislanllnlly. 'I'otal receipts 'from cash miirket. ...Us In April were nlioiit $I,|KIII,- 0110,000. up 3 j«M' een! from April, because of higher averaiio .. l.ive.'.lock anil priiiluclN lic- eounleil for $1 .•im.lXXI.Onfl, up 7 per cent from a year nun. Crop re- celpls of $:j|i(l,l)OI),OIKI were nlw)iil 4 per cent below last year. Smaller receipts from potatoi\s and wheat. were partly oft,Mil. by larger ru- celpb from corn nnd soybeans. AEC Again Postpones Test Series Opener LAS VKCAS, Nov. IUP> -I'liw Al<imlc Knoixv CommlN'iloii shortly lielori' midnight Wrdnesitny ulnht jKiNt.poned for the elxhlh con.'ii'eullvc dny Hip njx'ninK of l!n KIM nuclear lent series becnuso of hlk'li wind-.. The iMii.tponeiiienl wan nil- n<Minr<xl le.iN than six hours be- lore the m'hediilod doleiuitlon r>l n mwHHiii - slwd nUimlc ilm'lcfr at. the Ni'Viiiln li'.il sile. Thfi AKC mild adverse, wonlher <<<iiu!lll<iim off the "llr.il shot" In the wrlcs. Tlie lent was roiicliiululivi lor I'Yulny morning. AKKA "KOK TIIK lllllDS" LAAIIUHUKCK, d'ermany I UP) •— Amorlc.au photo crown nrrlvhiK here for rei'iniimliiiiniivii excrclnK "lloyal • l''hi!>h" wore nlnrtlml by tlrllliih ri'liiKiil to niovn n 11Al' 1 ' liholii laboratory liuek blocking III" oalnincc lo a imrldiiK urnn. "The li'iick ^layn there, utu 1 'nor," n IIAK nerKcnnt told them. "Thin urea u Ntriclly Inr |ho A chaltliii'li hint built, It* DOB! on the Intok'n IIIKH!, IKK NOMINATK, 1 ) IIOOMK.lt INDIANAPOLIS (tJI').-.lncli C. Drown, 37, IiHlliintijxillit, wan noiii- Iniilrd Wciliin.iiliiy by I'l-esldenl Klnciiliowt'i- I'or re.nppolntinietll an United Stnlen Altoniny lor tho Southern l)|«lrlc,t of Indiana, l.lrown, n lli'piihlli'an, him been chief Kovoi-niiiuiil nU,orn<iy her* since .July 31, IIM3. CUAND.MOTUKK WINS I'ONV UOA<;in>AI,IC (l)l'i -C'liyo If. KfKionijor of Itoaelidtiln won n IMiiy In * naUonal ronlivil. Hut. hrr victory CHIIMI 40 yonrn loo laliv Mr*. KnnnlliKnr, n widow and jjnim'liniitlin-, «ai<l nhe sppiit liour« »« n child Iryjnjt to win * pony In vurloun c<»i;U»Ui.

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