Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 27, 1957 · Page 65
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 65

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 27, 1957
Page 65
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Wednesday Evening, November 27, 1957. Moroccan Guerrillas Attack Spanish Outposts in.Africa By CHARLES M. MCCANN territory held by Portugal occupy 1,537 square miles. Prime Minister United Press Staff Correspondent i Jawaharlal Nehru wants it badly. Spain has suffered an outbreak! Only Tuesday the World Court at of enclave trouble h its little West: fie Hague, Netherlands, decided African territory of Ifni. lover India's objection to hsar Moroccan guerrilla bands havejplea by Portugal to rule against attacked Sidi Ifni, the capital, and' any Indian claim to it. half a dozen isolated Spanish The countries which surround army outsposts. ; the world's enclaves want no for Unconfirmed reports say the '• eign country to hold a foothold guerrillas have seized control of on their territory. Despite any Sidi Ifni, its adjoining air field and'questions of rights or wrongs, it three army posts. • looks as if the day of the enclave The guerrilla action is relatively' is passing, unimportant in itself. • But it points up the fact that! P O |J O Victim Foster sll of the enclaves scattered. . . , , _ _ , . around the world are potential Mother tO 11)00016!; trouble spots — and that two of them could explode into a world war. An enclave is a tract or territory, held by one country, which ANOTHER MILESTONE FOR SIR WINSTON GREEN BAY, Wis.—A siege of third i polio prompted Mrs: Radeka Deckler-to become foster mother to 10 babios in the past two years. Mrs. Decker, who was confined i the first three grades were exempt ' from preparing work for presentation Monday mornings. is enclosed within the territory ofj to a whee i chair £or raonths af|er another country. _ . she was stricken, is the mother'of Km, _ 741 square miles m tern- a nine . yeal , old SOI1| Timmy . tory, is surrounded by Morocco i . which has attained its independ- Normally an active person, Mrs. ence from France. Morocco wants! Decker said the idle hours during Ifni. The guerrillas who have at-' !her • JIness turned her thoughts to tacked it are not part of Moroc-> ller own childhood and her mo- co's forces. But Moroccans hardly, *er, who also cared for fos'ter can be expected to hate them. : children. Mrs. Decker then j.-esolv- Other Enclaves ! ed to follow her mother's exam- Tn addition to Ifni, the world's pie when she recovered. enclaves include West Berlin, Brit-: ish Hong Kong, Portuguese Macao! SCHOOL LOAD EASED and Portuguese Goa. i LONDON (UP)— School chil- West Berlin, isolated 110 miles dren in the Soviet Union's Rus- inside Communist East Germany, 'sian constituent republic'no longer is one of the world's acute dan- ] will have to do homework on Sunger spots. Politically it is part of;days, Moscow Radio said today. West Germany. The United States,, The broadcast heard here said Great Britain and France are that previously only children in commit'ed to its defense. A Communist attempt to seize West Berlin could conceivably lead to war with Soviet Russia. Hong Kong, a British crown colony, is an island of about 32 square miles in area at the mouth of te Pearl River. Britain alsoj holds SVt square miles of the Kowloon Peninsula on the Chinese mainland. Hong Kong is surrounded, on the side, by Communist China — and China would like to have it. Brit-: ain is committed to defend it I against any attack. Thai the Com-! munists could take it can hardly; be doubted. But an attempt might start a great war. One reason why: the Reds have Jet it alone is that. it is a valuable outlet and inlet for foreign trade. Reds Want Macao Portuguese Macao, only six square miles in area, lies across the Pearl River estuary from i Hong Kong. Red China would like; to have it, too, but as in the instance of Hong Kong has let it alone. Portuguese Goa lies on the west coast of the Indian Peninsula. It and the islets and other coastal Sir Winston Churchill, although his physical stability is slowly declining, e writing his monumental "History of the English Speaking People." Hi time cent public appearance. still spends a great deal of He is shown above after a re- Sir Winston Churchill Marks His 83rd Birthday on Saturday By JOSEPH W. GRIGG LONDON (U'P) — Sir Winston Ihurchill celebrates his 83rd birthday Saturday — a very old man working against the inexorable march of time. The last survivor of the great Allied leaders of World War II, Churchill is hurrying to complete his monumental "History oE English Speaking Peoples," gun in 1930. The third volume was published escape the raw dampness of England which has plagued him with chills and bronchial trouble. He spent two months at Roquebrune last January and another three weeks there in May. In September he spent several more weeks at the Cap D'Ail home of his old friend. Lord Beaverbrook. the OVERLORD? — Joseph Profaci, 60, one of the racket overlords picked up in the raid on a gangster "convention" at home this year. A fourth and—as far as is known — final volume is scheduled for publication in 1958. Time Uncertain Factor But time is the great uncertain factor. Friends say Churchill's towering mental powers and mastery of the English labguage remain as supreme as ever. . But physically he lias declined noticeably in recent months. His once rotund figure is sunken step is that of a man and he walks painfully with the aid of a stick 'or supported on Lady Churchill's , arm. At the urging of his wife and thejpects to leave . for be-1 Riviera again soon. . Churchill Writes, Paints During his visits there he He ex-: French i ENTERTAINING CUE Entertaining guests is made easy with this tasty" Norway sardine appetizer. Remove the crusts from eight slices of toast and cut lengthwise into three finger shaped pieces. -Spread each with a little but- Temperature In the 40s Thursday By, UNITED PRESS The weatherman made another turnabout in his predictions today far Thanksgiving in Indiana. Now he says the high temperatures will be in the 40s. a distinct cool-off from highs today due to range from the high 50s to the high 60s. Cooler weather originally was forecast for the holiday. But a noon forecast Tuesday called for continued mild with highs in the 50s. At any rate, no rain 'or snow was expected to mar the holiday. The outlook was Tor no precipitation .before Friday or Saturday, and even then'it will be confined chiefly to the south portion' and averaging no more than one-fourth of an inch. The temperature will' have its ups and downs the next few days, but for the five-day period ending next Monday it will average near normal highs ot 38 to 51 and normal lows of 22 to 35. "Turning cooler tonight and Thursday," the outlook said. "Warmer late Thursday and early Friday, turning cooler again late Friday." Highs Tuesday ranged from 45 at South Bend to 62 at Evansville. The mercury dropped to lows ranging from 32 at Fort 'Wayne to 46 at Evansville this morning. | It will fall to lows ranging from the 30s to the low 40s tonight. ter, top with chutney and a whole Norway sardine. Broil until heated thoroughly and lightly browned. Yield: 22 appetizers. (Average 20-22 sardines to the can.) di-i arid ber.t, his very tired ot Joseph Barbara in ApalEi- [doctors he is doing everything to chin, N. Y., is brought to Brooklyn, N. Y., police station for quizzing in the Albert Anastasia runout. (International,) remnants of his i husband the strength. •Much of this year Churchill has vides his time between painting and working on the "History of the English Speaking Peoples." His visits to London are rare. When in England he generally stays at Chartwell, his beautiful country home about • 30 miles southeast of London. The old warrior, who retired from the premiership under the weight of his years on April 5, 1955, still holds his parliamentary seat for Woodford. It is a "safe f " solidly Conservative constituency, and he has announced he will retain it for the rest of his days. visits are to the House and he oE But his Commons longer speaks in ing deafness and strength' rule that out. In fact, Churchill's public appearances have become rarer and debates. Grow- the tax on his Annual Dairy Sale Royal Center Community Sale Barn November 30, 1957 at 12:00 125 HEAD Morris Pool of Monon will sell his entire herd of Holstein cows and heifers and his Surge milker, only 2 years old. Ten of these cows are just fresh or close up. Forest Baker of Kewanna wUl sell his entire herd of Guernsey! cows and heifers. All will have calves in next 30 days. A very good herd of cows with plenty of size and all young. 40 head Wisconsin Holslein heifers. Vac and ready to breed. 8 head registered cows and heifers due in next 30 days. 35 head oE cows and heifers, just fresh or heavy springers. Lunch will be served. For further information contact Harry Bridge or Orville Etnier. Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Twenty-nine FEUED BY HOAX—Mrs. Catherine James, 70, is comforted by her daughter Theresa in Peim Hills, near Pittsburgh, after collapsing under the cruel shock ot a hoax. She answered her phone and heard a voice say, "This is Theresa. I've been shot." Mrs. James' sons, Herbert and John, are Pittsburgh policemen. Moments after she learned her daughter was safe, the aeed mother collansed. (International Soundphoto) "Another Heart Attack" Term Is Explained WASHINGTON (UP)-Why President Eisenhower's illness was reported first as another "heart attack": The White House medical bulletin said he had suffered an "occlusion of a small branch of the' middle cerebral artery on the left! side." Newsmen asked White House Associate Press Secretary Mrs. Anne Wheaton, when she issued the bulletin Tuesday what it meant. She replied: "That is a form of heart at- tack, as I understand it, the heart—medical language." In answer to further questions' she repeated "form of heart attack." In the half-hour after Hie Jiews had been relayed to the world, Mrs. Wheat/an — who had talked again with the President's doctors —held several impromptu news conferences. Twice she said: "The heart has nothing to do with it." But she did not explain why she originally called it a form of heart attack. Read the Classified Ads STORE HOURS From Now Until Christmas MONDAY THROUGH THURSDAY (Closed Thanksgiving Day) 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. 503-505 BROADWAY We're ready for our first Christmas season with a host of wonderful items for Christmas-giving. At Keller's you'll find the right gift for every member of the family ... and best of all you'll find that now more than ever before, Keller's is the "Store for Values"! FOR CHILDREN FOR LADIES NEW COTTON DRESSES Dan River Fabrics . . . NEW CREPE DRESSES % Sleeve $5.95 $9.95 .95 $9.95 GIRLS SUEDE KNIT SKI PAJAMAS £n | Q Pastel colors. 8 to' 18 ^O. I t GIRLS HEAD SCARFS. Angora with beaded STOLES — An imusual large assortment white and assorted colors . . ...... V V RAYON BED JACKETS pastel shades NYLON GOWNS NYLON SLIPS 4 gore, lace trim or tailored styles PRINTED HANDKERCHIEFS g JOUTING GOWNS pretty prints I OUTING PAJAMAS HEAD SCARFS Spun rayon squares HEAD' SCARFS Wool long length* .. 34 to 40 PRINTED FLANNEL DUSTERS $2.98 . $3.98 $1.98 . $2.98 . $3,98 .. $2,98 , $3.98 ... 25c 39c 49c $2.69 $2 69 42 to 48 $3.69 ..... . 49c & 79c 98cto$1.98 ...:.. $3.98 trimming, wool hoods QQ_ in pastel shades T0C to GIRLS NYLON SWEATERS 7 to 14 $Z.7O to INFANTS RIB FLEECED 2 PIECE PAJAMA INFANTS NYLON SWEATER pastel colors GIRLE COTTON BLOUSES 2 to 14- TuC $2.98 $3.85 $1.79 $1.98 SI 98 j i FOR MEN & BOYS Youny Men's Flannel Slacks. All wool — 'Hollywood Style „ $8.45 TO $9.85 $2.49 $5.98 § g ' 1 I L I I* 1 " 1 * i c HOUSE SLIPPERS ^DIES Satin sling back Wedge heel . 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