The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on June 22, 1929 · Page 15
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 15

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 22, 1929
Page 15
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u u THE . P ITT3DURC H COURIER PAGE nilUX SECOND SECTION mmmmmmMmmmm ceqse 'harlem' I .. . 1 : '' ' - v ! - " : ; ; : : ; : mh onow Bill' After Revue; Folk Only Kickers ort ties Stive 1 'Clean Race 'jlKS CLAIMfLrMORI()US By CHAPPY GARDNER j?nr tfiftt the Tjlav Hariern" W the city should take steps to close it, Chicago Negroes 'si in their attempt - to have police bar the piece from the lifter eight weeks gangling. ."Harlem' a typical Negro : written and staged forwhite consumption, came to Chimin May, opening at the Majestic The play is now at the Critics Lnd Play " 'lAioa Stevens, theatrical critic TT Herald - Examiner, and re - 2 among the, highest Tanking Cjnthe country, devoted more "r. v.if column in praise of a half column in praise of Sjb - the day following , ite Z$ premiere. He re - visited gl the third week and again i plenty of ink - on his page, jitf the praises of the show and ,Xrcters, many of whom he jnd were the best he had ever , on any stage. Other critics L&ti dailies not only liked the yjut aid so out loud. J ftfroea' Objection Strong T - fro theatrical critics were :Z in their objection of the en - Cnoduction of "Harlem," and Jl n a Kcntimpnt acrainat it in mat South Side, where most TVia hnMri - Krnlrsi j 1 committee called upon Po - k Chief Russell last week, re - jtfer him to close the play. Af - jioking "Harlem" over, for two Vt - Ufr CMUm :iOVEtY;Eght - itooed complex - "idar and smooth; mt to get if you 5dinol; the rrelana auner. iAudskin beautiner. . kfaola Bleaching Cream works My, It nevef fails. No tiresome &t, do uncertainty. When you a to tue Nadinola, improvement 4 it once and almost before you pit you actually have the gorgeous Koompletion you crave. iSfle it bleaches your skin shade by it, this fragrant white cream also b my eruptions, oiliness, black - a, enlarged pores, and roughness. 'y oeJ to do is to smooth on Slt at night - J - over your face; laid arms. Though it ia the most rU and rapid of all bleaches, &o!a will not injure the skin, toy - back guarantee and direc - S n every package. Begin using iwk tonight At drug and toilet Seounters. 50 cents. Extra - large T - iving size $1. Or, you may la your order, and we will mail f& to you promptly, postpaid; fitdude, free, w sample of TCadine .'fower and valuable be.uty book - Dept. W, National jC(5.. Paris, Tenn., U. S. A. , GiVadinokt REACHING CREAM YOUNG MATRON 1 IS POPULAR HERE J - aPrs 1 MRS. W. T. CLINTON Amontf th Eopolar matrons 1 the younger set is Mrs. Wili liam T. Clinton; rormewy of the Northside, but now , - of . the Bloomfield A i a trict. Mrs. CUn4 wu was a recent bride, - havin been mar rie during the holi iay : season. : The couple are now residing . at the h o m,e of Mrs Martha - J. Clinton, the groom's mother, on But ler street. 5 nights in company, with the district attorney, - wniei itussell said that to him the show was.O.K. In giving it a dea.n hill tha ... v VMV A C marked that the only objections his omce naa naa came irom Negroes and that, ha rrmld why they insist om throwing 6C a - v6av ici.iuj.ij'ytt;. bi receiving gooa oaiaries, oui OI WOriC Middle Tenn. State Fair to Bf Unique ; NASHVILLE, Teho ' June 20. "A greater and better" Middle Ten - nessee Colored State Fair is prom ised as a result of the recent meeting held , in the Negro board of trade rooms at 545 Fourth avenue, north, May 30. After hearing the report, both the advisory board and board of directors, in addition to President Hickman and Secretary Clark, adopted a resolution to stand behind the 1929 season's second annual exposition' in sustaining any necessary expenses to bring to Nashville a greater exposition than any ever held in this city. The Jand and buildings of the Tennessee, State Fair, where the Middle Tennessee Colored Fair is to be held this year, opening, on September 25, coming to a final close on September 28, are valued at more than $463,000, and the board of fair commissioners of the white fair spent approximately S40.0Q0 in improving the property during the past year. The fair amusements this year will provide new thrills for young and old. Attractive new shows and 1 features are being booked I M w v w vaaw . - aa - . Ihrtimltf Women jyou want to give your head and hair a real treat, C ' bo of MURRAY'S SUPERIOR HAIR GLO and PP'T a little to your hair. You will be positively Y. the wonders it will work instantly. ,"ubttltula for this nmirk. upnorl When you apply hii.f. k wnen you appiy "l t - .,!ntin( hj(r dren0 youP ' 9nc .1 . . fcijjj, ,Tb Pe'l White Purity and . " r,rar,., wl a(to prov - eK. 7 rf - - M,xinB. ePt No S.ik. :..(.. t 1 h'.oV ,:.tIfu th' orlolnal prs - "'Uvt - V. 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John Ia - Clifton state director of education, announced that the picture, sifter being; reviewed by ther - Alm enorshlp division,' h been rejected because race., prejudice misrnt do aroused in its exniMtion. , The picture wmi first barred ftrom Ohio shortly after its release in 191 in the Administration - , of Governor Willis. In 1917 it. was admitted to Ohio screens by .former Governor Cox ana enjoyed a long - run. la 1924 when ' the Ku Klux Klan was at ita height of power in Ohio, the department of education, under former Governor Donahey, ag - ain barred the picture because of the Ku Klux Klan and anti - Negro sequences. The state supreme court - held that 'Vernon M. Riegel. director of education at - that time, had not abused his discretion In ban - Ins the' film. Application again was .made a few weeks ago by United Artists for - showing of the picture, but the film - censors said: "Thumbs down." , Lafayette Players , Render : Are You a Mason' For Shriners LOS ANGELES, CaL, June 20. (By A. N. P.) In honor of Shrine Week," the r Lafayette Players appeared in the famous Leo Dietnchstein comedy, "Are You a Mason?" ' When Are You a Mason" was originally presented, in New York back in 1901, its cart was composed of Such theatrical ' personages as Cecil B. DeMille, May Kobison, Arnold .Daly . and. otners. The farce has continued to please, with its clever and riotous - lines and situations, and it waa considered, a fitting vehicle for presentation. - ARNOLD NAMED PUBLICITY HEAD FOR TENN. FAIR lA0Uff iUiiUs - a vlUUt W laVIlVB sW - - W. Arnold, identified with the en temrislnsr circuit of the T. O. B. A. season of 19Z4 - 19Z7, as oi rector ox publicity, was selected by President Hickman and Secretary Clark, at a recent meeting of the fair officials, to fill the position of director of publicity and advertising for the Middle Tennessee Colored Fair's 1929 second annual exposition. Mr. Arnold took up the new assignment on June 1. Mr. Arnold is generally conceded to be one of the very best all around advance - and publicity men in the amusement game. The 1929 second annual Middle Tennessee Colored Fair, according to Mr. Arnold, promises to be larger than the fair of 1928. The officials ialso feel that their biggest year is in prospect. Star To Return r New All - Colored Film CompletedBy Christie Studios LOS ANGELES, Cai; : June 20. (By A. N. P.) Following the j writing of its scenario by, Speacer Williams, Christie Studios) colored scenarist, the . Christie sound stu dios have finished filming "Off in theSilly Nurht." the - fourth of - the toDular Octavius Ray Cohen stories to be aimed as unnrua l auung plays,, with full dialogue and zea - lannz au negro casts. iwi one introduces such' famous Dark town characters as Robinson, the chauf feur: Mesanlne Conner. Eli Rubb, Julip Conner and Keefa Gaines, the undertaker. Arnd uuistrom directed the production.' which - will introduce - some new effects in dia logue recording and a spectacular automobile wreck. 1 Stars That Shine ON APEX BILL fa ; . ::v.:. .v. V . - lUvl'.Vy - .sWih aaiV.i .W. PRETTY MARGARET LOPEZ Of the former "Dashin' Dinah" company that 'i closed recently in Louisville, is spending the summer months in Cleveland. She is staying at (the Majestic Hotel. Margaret is aister to Olive Lopes (Mrs. Eddie ;Lemons), Vvho is one of the youngest show producers s in the country, Margaret can be seen entertaining ' at the Apex Night Club most any evening. She plans to go to Hollywood in the fall and wants to go iinto the - - ' movies. j . ; - . i "ffposlng," a new number which is being featured by bands and singers, is gaining . in popularity on . Broadway. Many vaudeville amgers. including Billy Jones and others, are featuring this number by Triangle Music Publishers, 1651 Broadway, New Tork. ; Wnen Vincent Touman's new musical. "Great Day," open in a few weeks at the Cosmopolitan. Theatre. New Tork, It will have two bands. Fletcher Henderson's and a white band. The combined musicians will supply the accompaniment for the entire show. ;, - ;! ! - ' The '"Messln Around" colored show produced & few weeks ago by Lout Asquith has been revamped by Perry Bradford and rechristened "Stopping 1 ramc Braaiord is trying to get Ethel Waters to head the show and take it into Chlcaga. for a summer run. Jack Johnson ODened In' vaudeville at Proctor's 125th Street Theatre last half this week. Winifred and Mills are rlavinr the Loew circuit return engagements and still scorlog a big success. : Ethel Waters Is headlntr the show "Banjoland" at the lafayetbe Thea tre this week as a feature attraction. She has played the Keith circuit from coast to coast. - Connie's "Hoe Chocolates," which waa to open last week In New York, opened this week at the Hudson Theater, aa it had to be restaged In new dances by Danny Dare arid new sketches by Edgar Allen Wootf, both white men. a a Toumans big musical comedy show, "Great Day." which opened for two weeks in Philadelphia, scored a big success and Cora Ureen In the colored cjtat was the biggest hit in the show, winning by a neck over Marion Harris, the white star featured. Miss Henrietta Williams. Ralph Northern and several colored singers are a big hit. The ahow opened at the Cosmopolitan Theater. New York, on Monday of this week for a run. Tim Brynn's .band featured "Bamboola." musical comedy, which opened at the Royal Theater. New York, for a run thia week. "Southland Nights' is at the Lafayette Theater this week and consists of many vaudeville acts and chorus. . Harold Demund's. Trio are scoring a success with "Bamboola" at the Royal Theater, New York, this week. Jesmette Jordan, well - known performer in the days of Williams A Walker aund first wife of Joe Jordan, the musician, died in Asbury Tark. N. J.. and was buried Wednesday of last week in New York. . . Billy Jones, the vaudeville singer. is scoring a aistinct nit witn songs, "I m in ixve w itn xou PAUL ROBESON Whose success abroad has been almost phenomenal. Scores of people who have re turned from England within the last few months' have spoken of the sen sation that Paul Robeson, actor, has created in vaudeville. He is the lion of the hour in Londorf and has been given recognition seldom accorded any American actor. Robeson made his first hit in this country when he arneared in "Emoeror Jones' and was awarded the Pulitzer prize by a discerning jury that spoke ox him as being one of the stage's greatest artists. ' - Robeson sails for the United States July 15 to be starred in Frank Dazey's play, "Black Boy," for Asher and Rogers Company. "WW GOT IT" IS ELMORE HIT; ' PREMIER PHOTOPLAYS PLEASE The "We've Got It" com nan? proved that they had that and a little bit more in their interesting - ry snappy song, dance and music extravaganza which was presented by Sam Robinson to Elmore theatre - goers Monday night at the opening perxormanee here. The show is composed mostly of former rSonnyboy Sam players and includes quite a bit of talent. Sam Robinson, a comedian of the 18 - karat type, shows uncanny abil ity as a fun maker. Ia - a wedding scene he rises to heights in the role of the parson who performs the nuptial ceremony. Jay Coins and Wallace Curtis play admirably with Sam as co - workers . and Fred Lajofe renders clever Jewish comic i setcnes. - ' Paul L. Foster aa straight man and character artist scores in his set with Bessie McKlnnev, silvery - " voiced soubrctte. C. J. Davis and Gertie score in a "special," and Jimmy Simmons and Robert Wade in doing the tap aa it should be tapped. Ma Bailey is another humorous impersonator who help the presentation to go over. - Throughout pep and speed are . much in evidence, as well as weO selected musical settings. Next week the hot "Red Hot Ella Company will be the feature. This production is rated aa one of the best on the circuit. T. 0. B. A. Shows fiTflRF FARTS . . r f I I aw a w uoing tne nounas ous engagements in New Tork - and possesses a wonderful voice of great range and sweetness. Mr. Triggs Is to be with the "Harlem" No. 1 company thia aeason and la well liked and the performera' friend. He is under white teachers both in study of the voice and piano. Hie residence is at 111. West 69th street. New York. - a a 1 . ''posing.' a. new song hit published by the Triangle Music Pub - lltiherit, 1658 Broadway, . is featured by many singers and is a Broadway hit. It is a good number for singing acts. Joe Carmouehe and' Cleo Mit chell's "Shake Your Feet" company is hitting on all cylinders over the Toby" wheel these days 1Z reports at the box office will serve as a criterion, to say nothing of the letters that are coming into the office of Mr. Sam E. Reevin. treas urer and manager of the circuit, saying okay in capital letters. Tne Chattanooga, Tenn., the week of June 3rd and the manager of that house declared it was one of the fastest and best staged shows that had played the house this season. The show opened at the Lincoln Theatre, Louisville, Ky., Monday, June 17, and Miss Poynter, managing director of that house, was out spoken in her praise of the show, the conduct - of the people, the method used by Mr. Caramouche in the management thereof. "Shake Your Feet" is one of the shows on the wheel that needs little or no introduction to manager . or patron as it has all that goes to make - up a real clean and. entertaining snow. - Routes Week of June 17th "Twenty Dark Spots," Bijou, Nashville 1 "Birth of Blues," Palace, Memphis: "Hot Ella," Globe, Cleveland; "Chocolate Town," Og - den. Columbus; "Raisin Cain," Koppin, Detroit; "Harlem Strollers,'1 Ella Moore Theatre, Dallas; "Brownskin Models," Frolic, Birmingham; "We Got It,"j Elmore, Pittsburgh; "Shake Your Feet," Lincoln, Louisville; "Abraham from Birmingham," Palace, Dayton. I By MAURICE DANCES la TJnlversal'a "Show Boat. now oli. Inr the Globe theater In Naw York City, with prologue by Jules Bledsoe ins plantation cnorus, win open at the Tivoli. la London, the latter part or April, for aa indefinite stay. George Dewey Washington, the golden voice baritone, la meetinr with great success la London, doubling from theaters to the Xtt Kat Club. - Altar lha rrtit anceeaa M.Torrt" la London. "Harlem." the present hit oa Broadway and with a second company playing Chicago, will be presented In London by Sir Alfred Bute who tooK "snow Boar to Loadon for a ten month a' run. "The Black Ace. by Dorothy Brandon, dealing with the racial question, will be presented la London with aa all - colored cast - Word haa lust beea received here from Parte of the recent death of William Johnson, musician of the Rita, and Adolph Crawford, aaxo - nhone slayer. "Baby Esther" Jones, who waa taken to Taris by Lew Bolton, white. Is still all the rag at the Moulin Rouge, where she is appearing with Abe Lyman's band, and will soon leave for an enrasTement la Madrid. Spain. After a fight with her mother aoouc ner contract, itoiion naa re turned to the States, leaving her under the management of a colored Parisian. . la Met! y weed M!sa Bealah Hall, who has a part la Hugh Wiley's picture. "Narclaaua." la Pmlhe'e new find, from a department store, where she was the teat room manager. Carolyn - snowden. dancer and ntsTnt club entertainer. . fell while dancing at the Apex Club. Lob Angelas, and .sprained the Ilga - . mania 01 ner legs. BUh Geae Aaelaa" Ifew OBBeea - J. C Johnson, sonar 'writer and re - . cording artist, haa taken over new . oncea at lit West 4ith street. Of - course he was accompanied by Ben Garrison; the Broadway playboy and pcpuiar muaie arranger. Pay Day Agala "Pay Xay. the melodrama that waa ' taxed by Xonald Hevwood and Henry Myera. Is being rc - wrlttea and la to be presented in the near future - Ida Anderson was to have beea the original star ef tbla production. Calfpart and Bnwb'i JTew Aef Oulfnort and Brown. comedana. opened - wlth their new act last week at the Republic and now have several . weeks booking la and around New Tork. Good for Old Sores Petersen's Ointacit I had four large ulcer sores as big as a half dollar for 2 years and Peter - . son's Ointmsmt has healed tbem all aad Z asa very clad te let anyis kaaw afeovt year Qlntagt - ti u a ttwe frtaaeV ' Otorft Krxspat:." Weet Itavaa. Chjan Try It fee caanag. punplaa. llcaJag aktst sad sera feet. Big tea se cants all ara ' rlata. roe tree sample, write TMtarsaai Otatanent Cs.. Rootn t, . BaSsa. M.T. J He Is soon and "Mean to leave for to Me.' Canada. Barclay Triggs a" celebrated tenor and dramatic artist, is Ailing numer - State Grand Lodge of Penna., U. B. of F. & S. M. T. & Juveniles Has extended Us border Into West Virginia and la now growing by yeaps and bounds. - comprising 7 - local branches, with headquarters in their own building at l44 Wylle avenue. Deputies Wanted for Pennsylvania. Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland. North Carolina, South Carolina. Georgia and Florida. 1 Any man or woman desiring to become 6tate Grand Master or State Grand Princess or either of the above mentioned states, excepting Pennsylvania, may by organising Ave tocal lodgea In their ataie. Splendid Job: pays well for aervice rendered. Write or phone Atlantlo 6966. Lena V. Dismukes Burial Aid Secretary. - L L. Dl smokes. S. O. M. & N. O. Orgsnlser. 1844 Wylie avenue. Pittsburgh. Penna. WANTED : T. O. B. A. SHOWS OF ALL K1XDS 3aisaanleate with - Sam E. Reevin. Manager. Volunteer Bldar Chattanooga, Teas, er . II. Oadley. IMS eveath Avsk. BT. W Washlagtaa. D. C v Bea Success ) in Society .... . I don't let your HAIR hold you back ' 1 : However pleasing your personality may be, however bright and well dressed you are, you cannot hope to reach the full heights of popularity and social success unltse your hair is long; soft and silky. For the secret of popularity is beauty, and the secret of beauty is straigbt stylish, luxuriant hair. Dos't let your hair hold you bid. You hsve - a right to all the good things you crave in life: and you can have them, if you will give the proper attention to yourself. Start now and beautify your hair. You can quickly and easily make It long, toft and silky wkh ' Hi - Ja White Hair Fix and CXossine, a marvelous new prepsration thst is different from snythfcg cite ever made. ; It has the exquisite odor ef a fine perfume that sttrscts snd charms. 'It it pure vrhite in color; csnnot stain linen or clothing. It succeeds 1 where others fait It is made for those who hare siren up hope.' Let Hi - Ja Hair Fix and Glotsine and other Hi - Ja .Beauty aids help yon to obtain Be a sty. For sale at Drugstores, by Hi - Jr Agents, or tent pott - psid upon receipt ef price. r. I 1 j j tr llmm wIM Says BESSIE SltllTII And the way Bessie gets that sizzling song off her chest ii a downright riot of filming fun! "I'm Wild About That Thing is sure a wild number. It's hot enough to fry with. And on the other side is "You've Got to Give Me Some' and folks, it's nobody's ice! Hear this great record todaj your Columbia dealer's! Vocal. . . Baasie Smltl IS Record Xo. I4437 - D, tO - ltteh73c . I'M WILD ABOUT THAT THJNQ YOU'VE GOT TO OIVS UZ SOUS spccial Fact offer Wt - h four paeaans, w will atn4 rar.R a fall tiwtf XV of Bl - J pain (Imnani Trn (irta for rm aara'. KM tt" PU WTli ' OTHER POPULAR RECORDS Record No. 14428.D, lO - lach, 75c " YouTl Like My Loviaj I .a. " Record No. X4426 - D, lCWacA, 75e Monkey Man B! see I - ' ChitW Supper ' ' 'iLSHaJimmB 1a - your dealer tor latest Ttaee Record Cat at 03 Columbia Phonograph Cotnpaay, 1819 Broadway, New York Clry .. HI - JA, INC., ATLANTA, CA. omra hx - ja raoorcrs m - JA CM Oram, lie ET - JA Krrr 8nt. tie HI - JA Tip rsvdrr. tSe HI - JA Talcum Powder. SSe HJ fiAIR FIX H1 OTTTXa B3 - JA rSODCCTS HT - JA rrrfaoM. tSa 1T - 1A VsalatUae Ovua. SSe HI - JA Bratrty Soaa. XV HI - JA Stta XAfktcaar. XSa j J A ' V?va - tonal Recording "J2u Records wtdxovt SuzZih WE HAY TOSTACB ON TWO OR MORE RECORDS ISc CCD. ORDER THESE COLUMBIA RECORDS FROM 1621 CENTER AVE (Opposite Miller fit.) FITTSBURGH, PA. - 1

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