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New Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 7

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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4. His COB 1,0 much Lw.23 ob to tppttr pri i no to the the nrt. 1 fof th Past! lc Per ll" men Wr. "feet th Won. but suds wih Wch thv of mjJ 1 Career 'he standi Publiciini on advoJ II depart 11 fe.

Dur4 ea thti rd. hai attain he admin t. of thef organized! the facii ny of the letlnga ad manic en ed, nor didj ov of hi it any oa ara th urit be learnnf i have a maeraUnd human rt Land thtit ex'perlened of thlr errand bOj an educa4 iy through! Princeton mor.tha I four majoif experience! have had ind experi can ac th or claa pass uponi en. because my tut becausH nca In my luct myi! reatlng thrj snJeavoiin courtesy of the fart the people nc; tin ractice i .1 TlPAY JULY IS, 1 rv Illll 1 EATH OF EIPI WASHINGTON, T. July A fourth trial is joewg for Alfred Scott Al SL who has been twice CUed of first degree muft in the District Supreme ri sentenced to be electro both conviction.

ftartirt 'Payton Gordon overruled a 'Jtirtfor a new trial for laat TZa.v nd fixtd October 30 aa the r.rhig execution under, his aec jtrtiTicUon after the Unitsd State Zmat Court had set aside his or and death sentence. Zguy JHOiea Reilly, who won Lti trial from Aldrldgeln the Su log' Court, pave notice of appeal Ctha Court of APPeaJ of the aUlct of fiiridge i said to be the first man lb Colored Scouts btAllegheny putjr Council are to have a two Iwk Camp at Guyasuta Reservation jtowa Sharpaburg AspinwaU Jxjimng August 1st It will be pesMry to have least 20 hoys jwtk in order to make the ven economical from the bbys' iqMnl. ITaiCamp will be under the per lupervision of J. B. Fairman Ray Wiegaud of the headquar JVllUff.

3 auj uuta Is an ideal spot for canap was given to' the Scouts by fry O'Hara Darlington, who was Wyi a warm friend of Scoutlnz. Ii i nvrvauon consists or lau acres onutiful wooded I nlavn rounds. Delegate the Jurora were unable, to agree VJarKaaaie. usa. fwt are four Cabins already on I dessert rtMrvation and one or two are "win? built.

The bov3 who at f4 the Camp vijtl use one of the he. UO S3H CE 5 i of Cars lor sloepine. The meals will Prepared by a chef and will be in Darlington Lpdge. I Mr re an nnnnrtimlttf nnan nnlif I PSCOUts to eniov a firnt claim "Camn first class Scout supervision, is an opportunitv to do some Scouting while enjoying God's nr a National Officers v. JL Pilgrim." 8.

ac Jason. Wauehlajton, D.C Siter Hattou. oXS Attorasy, Bailey, indlanapolia. hll Jvex upc icu iu luc 1 7 muraer ana w.ntvt uwa too o. x.

B. time of first decree McDonald, Sumter. S. i.r a nrw trial had hn xi the united States Su i He was fi we was i vjrdict. xouncu guniy i jiws.

Vfrrt degree murder oa his' second SL; B.Gffin Jr, MobUe, Ala. Lj; Ud aentenced to die. The Court WV Kerr. New Orleans, La. Wali nrheld the verdict but the Ttt SUtts Supreme Court re ar McCain.

Shreveport, X. Cl the trial court for the refusal Mooney, Miss. Sparrow, Philadelphia. Cornelius W. Jones, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Laurence J. Harris, N.Y. Emmet Avery, New York City. John Lymaa, Philadelphia, John T. Butler, Philadelphia, "iu nnpn.

in nil voim9Aasi i i aft I WhAn rnn nun cranes. umu until or Co.ored troops within the vA of Allegheny County Council. Th Irreeular ma.w looks rWI (r Ml rimn by fhemocr of the Intpr Racial "BXittra ar.l i a i I package lemon flavored gelatin, 1 pint of boiling water, 1 cup green maiaga grapea, seeded, halved. irenc, svf.h GEORGETTE PUDDING SATJCE xou ive. Annliratioriaave 34 tableepoona augaur, mailed ail Sfnntmaatora i hiic lemon.

1" tablespoon Your Shopping AT YOUR DRUG STOMES OWVED AND OPERATED BY PITTSBVRGUERS liH upd in iixnn4ATt ifihiirph. North Side. East a W9 ew Mi 0 Ubeft. WilkinsbnriET. Ilomestead, Swissvale, McKeesnort.

Dormont and. Mt. Lebanon. Hoif VnrloA Crt Jn4 Weather Snzeestions At The eicxaKaaiti 808 UvYUE Will Find Tasty CoU aixtf Hot Weather Dishes GIVE US A JZastdetttfe Janice ooraon 10 uk prospecuve i i. whether they entertained lWStnct JNO.

ScUl prejudice in a cas where Ateman, Memphis, Tenn. M. C. Wtdman was of killing: alWn ickson, Chattanooga, Tenn. jttimaa.

The third trial late last Malcolm H. 'Haddox, Loulavllle, Ky. resulted in another conviction. acjc aj. Anaerson.

Memphis, Tenn. Harrison M. Kindail, Nashville, Clarence A. Bradley; Pittsburgh. Ami ri ant wvr CHIP James G.

Knoxville, Tenn, 3 Fowler, 942 Francis St. Thqmas, 7023 Kedron St. 1 Hotel Bailey, LiQ Dr. Wllllman, 3039 Center Ave. Dr.

Letty Perkina, 2319 Center Ava. Taylor, 2414. Webster AveJ aSiS8 tUe Ark, Daley. 3318 Center Ave: airnest Moore. Butummt 2 Oscar rnKJ TT jraent wu ou Tl Galveaton.

Tex. rf Swell. 618 Watt St T. Jewell. CISiWatt I.

a Antonio. Tex. Sewell, 618 i Watt St t' "ojr, cTne iiiurr, Ark. Anthony tamel A. OUyer.

Ft Worth. Tex. J. Harris, 251T Hallett St. Harris, 2517 St.

Sewell, 613 Watt St, District 630 Duff St BUlmoreMd. Poe, 732 Clarissa St Melvln E. plgg8, Norfolk, Va, T. M. C.

A. oes, Richmond, Poilard. 533 JunflU St D.C. 630 Duff St 7 wasnmgton. Roblaapn, Vvvi District No.

3 Wm. J. TArnoM. Pre's, Atlanta. Ga.

John. H. Klmbrough. Albany, Ga. Wm.

ML Killlanr Athena, Ga, Alvln W. Bryan. Atlanta. Gal W. J.

Augyata, Ga, Wm. Cooper, S. C. Joseph Jackson; CblUmbla; C. Lonnle Brown.

Oaneaville; Fla. a. w. uaniele, Jacksonville, Fla. District No.

4 Mason. Pres, New Orleans, La. I Hsftrit trial ended in a deadlock 1" ui1'nn. Aia. i.

630 Duff St Johnson, 2323 Mahen St T. M. C. A. Y.

M. C. Taung 2314 Center 'Ave. Dr. Letty Perkins, 2319 Center Ave.

Fox, 2325 Mahon St Fox. 2825 Mahon St I J. B. Monroe, 409 Kirkpatrlck St. Y.

M. i. Fox. 2335 Mahon St J. B.

Monroe, 409 Kirkpatrick St Williams, 2828 Elba St Mrs. Branch, 512 Junilla St Mrs. McKenzie, 705 Anaheim St Mrs. Scott, 507 Junilla St; Mrs. Scott 507 Junilla St Mrs.

Erby, 622 Morgan St Mrs. Branch, 513 Junilla St. Rev. Turner, 606 Duff St! R. Hines, 2515 Elba St Mrs.

Scott 507 Junilla St! Thomas West 60S Duff Thomas Daley, 2313 Center Ave. Pollard, 502 Junilla St Mrs. Tidline, 552 Morgan St. 552 Paulson Ave. Tidline, "2 Morgan District No.

6 Henry Gahn, Pres. Chicago, in. White. 5 Horton St David Bond, Chicago, 111. Mrs.

White, 5 Horton SU A. L. Ingram. Jr Cincinnati, O. Harry W.

Basey, Cleveland, 0. Wm, K. Hill," Ind. St Mrs. Daws6n, 2508 Hallett St Dawson, 2508 Hallett St Rev.

Dean. 2606 Center Ave. District No. 7 St Louis. Mo Dr.

Robinson, 810 Clarissa St JoserH. Sherwood. St Paul, Minn. Atty. Homer Brown, 742 Anaheim.

Erma R. Bryson, St Louis." Y. M. C. A.

N. F. Slaughter, St Louis, Mo. Dr. Robinson.

810 Clarissa St District No. 8 DESSERTS FOR HOT DAYS Nothing seems to touch, the spot hot day like a delicious, cool This dessert should he varied, however, as variety adds to it3 appeal. Here are two rather unusual summer desserts that may be made up quickly; l' Magic Ico Y. M. A.

Mm. Mason, 2510 Hallett St Mm. Harris, 638 Duff St Mm. Poe, 732 Clarissa St.L. Mm.

G. Lewis, 2600 Wylie Ave. Mrs. G. Lewis, 2600 Wylie Ave.

District No. 9 J. B. McLendon, Kansas City. Mrs.

Barnes, 2715 Breckenridge. St William Grundy, Oakland, Cel. Dr. 3039 Center; Ave. Edward LaSalle, Kansas City.

Kan. Mrs. Barnes, 2715 Breckenridge St William Borders, Los Angeles, CaL Rev. Dean, 2606 Center Ave. 1 SS Ift SGHIPES ion a water, grated rind Vx lemon.

Beat yolks ofj eggs until thick and lemon colored, beat in one land one half tablespoons sugar, add lemon juice and rind and boiling water, and cook in double boiler, stirring con stantly, until thick and creamy. Beat whites of eggs, until light; then beat in gradually remaining sugar. Combine mixtures; cook one minute; stir occasionally until pool; use on cottage pudding, or serve as a des sert in small glasses, lined with lady fingers on thin slices of sponge cake. BANANA ICE CREASI 2 junket tablets, 2 tablespoons old water, 3 cups milk; 1 cup' sugar. 1 cup mashed banana, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, pint cream.

Crush junket tablets and dissolve in cold water. Mix sugar and milk and warm to lukewarm not hot. CHERRY ROLLS lH cup special cake flour, sifted, 3 teeupoons baking pow der, Vx teaspoon salt tablespoon butter or other shortening, cuS milk (about), 1 can (two cups) red cherriea, seeded and drained. IT" Sift flour once, measure, add baking powder and salt and "sift again. Cut in shortening.

Add milk gradually until soft dough is formed. Roll inch thick. Cover with cherries. Roll in long roll, pressing edges together. Cuf into "li inch slices.

Place in greased pah and pour cherry sauce over them. Bake in! hot oven (425 degrees 80 minutes, basting often. Serve hot with sauce around them and a tablespoon of whipped cream placed on each slice. Serves six. Cherry sauce calls for 1 cup stirring until sugar is dissolved.

Addl dissolved junket tablets; pour at once into freezer can. Let stand in a warm place until firm about 10 1 minutes. Add mashed banana, lemon I juice, and cream, whibped until stiff. Pack in ice and salt and freeze. tablespoon butter.

Combine sugar and flour, add fruit "juice iand water, and cook 1 minute. Then add butter. SIBLEY WITH THE; COOPER STUDIOS CHICAGO, July 16. Billy Sibley, that sensational dancer, la now in charge of; the dance department of the Cooper Studios la the Brook mont Hotel Building. 3953 'Michigan avenue, and has a wonderful class under his wing, both white and colored.

Miss Robin L. Stoker, has charge, of voice and jiana ii' sugar, J. laoiespoon noar, cup 1 1 cherry juice, eup water 1 fit 1 1 1 a rr i 7 onricr lie Li The keeping of a promise made to Frank Ferris, chief of the homicide squad, by Ned Wllklns, formerly of this city, resulted in the capture of John Franklin, 30, alleged third mem ber of the trio charged with the. kill ing of Patrolman James Hughes on Center avenue last: December. The arrest was made in Jackson, Miss.

Wednesday. I Franklin, however, escaped from one of those usually "diligent' Mis sissippi sheriffs, Thursday, according to a later report, j. When WUkins was arrested in con nectlon with the shooting some time ago and found not to have been in volved, he promised Lieut. Ferris if he ever met Franklin he would have him arrested. i According to the report, Wilkins lured Franklin to his home and then notified police.

Franklin was arrest ed, Wilkins released and Ferris notl fied here. Due to the Mississippi sheriff's negligence. Frank, lin escaped. Fighter Singer Scores Over Air Jimmy Moore, the battling local fighter and singer, won lots of friends in his initial song recital over Station KQV here recently. He wis accompanied by Miss iby Young.

His song, "he Waltz You Saved For Me." was" a "knockout" in SAFE HARBOR, Pa, July IS. Some 460.000 cubio yards of concrete are being poured Into the mile long power house and dam which the Safe Harbor Water ower corporation is constructing at this point on the Sua. que anna River. The hydro electric development at Safe Harbor Is dne of the largest on this continent The initial installation will ba six tux iU es, with a total capacity of 255.000 horse power. This will later be Increased by six more turbines, bringing the ultimate in stalled capacity to 510,000 horse power.

It is expected that the plant will begin delivering power early next winter. In the construction of the under taking. 1.720.000 cubi yards of rock and earth will 'be excava d. The dam and power house require 11,500 tons of structural steel and 5,500 tona of reinforcing steeL An additional 6.500 tons of steel is required for the gates and guides. Materials needed for construction called for the deliv ery at Safe Harbor of 15,000 freight carloads.

Soma 14.000 carloads of crushed stone for concrete and bal last' are produced at the company's quarry adjacent to the development For construction purposes, 20 miles of standard gauge railroad track are in temporary service. Trw railroad hauling equipment Includes 12 steam saddle tank locomotives, weighing from 40 to 60 tons each, eight 10 ton gasoline locomotives, njne flat cars, two hopper sixty five 12 alrdump cars, eighteen "6 yard air dump cars, seven steam lo comotive cranes, besides the caterpil lar mounted shovel equipment Compressed air for the entire job is furnished from the central compressor plant having six electrically drfven compressors with a total ca pacity of 4,500 cubic feet of actual air per minute at 100 pounds pressure. Electric to operate construc tion equipment Is obtained by a 33.000 volt transmission line from the Holt wood plant of the Pennsylvania Water and Power Company, located eight mile down stream. When Safe Harbor, goes into service it will be interconnected with Holtwood and the two plants will be operated in effect a3 a single dev'opment ma. 1 mJ mI hJ AiiFlorsheim Shoes All mm Shoes ai DUN LAP Shoes The above prices represent a savins of at least Two Dollars a pair.

Special Fop Sale 500 Pairs MEN'S SHOES Priced at $2.95 and $3.95 Entire Stock of Ladies9 Shoes At Greatly Reduced Prices! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THESE SAVINGS UMi Slog Vylie Avc Cor. Logan 1H si (D ARE NEGROES HIRED HERE GOOD TO SEEK JOB Some people ait down and whine. and think It will booat bueln. bwduu I A I i ElksPicnic Jul.23 Greater Ptttaburgl and Qneen Esther Marching Clubs wish to extend to 'you a Haal Invitation for the picnic Thursday. July 23d.

at Falcoc Park. New Kensington. Features of the day will consist of ail kinds of porta and games. The evening will aihrerttscd branch 'A VA a7l Trm rrraA mJZZ' I aa9aayBiw asa GORDON JONES' ON AIR 0 ART. Ind July 14.

Gordo Jones and Ala Sharpe Flats ar burr ing up tba wires overSlalloe WJKJ every Mor day dancing. Be rore to oa hand. The joint me rag of the March'af Clubs will held at Greater Fltts burin Lodce. 619 Lincoln aveaua be devoted to! Sunday. July 19th.

MAILT ra.t Blue Kibbon Puritan Red Top HoP Brand Your nearby AP aioro caa fsmiah you wirh then "aopoUr breads ry roducod Dric. PtarcXs tuDDr of vour fevorHo maH www ubstmSa1 saving. can tJC 1 caa. 39C I 45c I tn 29c I QUALITY GROCERY VALUES Butter Pretzels 17c Stlta Jim lkd by UaJa talar RyeBi I Ovem 16 Of 1 read Frtik dc PUia of wMa Caraway Sad Condor Coffee fet" 33c Film Qaalify. Htyi Altvd.ClombUa Co9 Wurzburger bHw" w5c Beverages Raven dapoaft raqairad mm aac beHU (mfl pd 19c carry over a thousand food items.

So can't very well advertise all of them in this space, no matter how low in price they are. And th prtrm uU fti kaj bttn pM0 dmm 10 titty that pruid bt 9rry tetf bit for fm ctmt tn4 ttt tor ymrttlf. SULTANA PEANUT BUTTER A Rieli'WkolaMfaa Food pound Apple Butter Bacon Clorox Fairy Soap Crack WUatt 2 25c a 19c le. tar 15c 34 m16c 5 19c ers Grv 225c rtW UU4 by UU bUn P' I Corned JO ox rudence Btf hk c. 25c RaafV HmI m4 Cat i R.

Tke Granulated l'y inso 2pkt. 39c hot Tab. WalW 4 Vrnko )uper taada af Saaa SkrcddecJ WKct flic All Bran mw aha 12c Corn UIccs 8c Pott To4tlc she 8c Rke Krispies kwwot s10c Sos 3 25c Ion Peaches 17c Mannrndllowt a 20c Pickles m. mt 29c Sardines 3 25c Cheese 23c Com Aaou omIOc Relish Salad retting Sud: 4 19c New Beets Fro 4 29c PalmoliveSoap NaliaTVy piioa Saaa i TUIME IN Hear Colonoi Goodbody'a talk oa Curront Food Toptcs atvory wookday morrMng. KDKA WCAE ASm.m.

4Se.av I NEED A BAKERS PEANUT CAKES CWiaiaos oaotlM iimrii aoria ktad wi ta. pound 26C FRESH FRUITS VEGETABLES Celery Hearts Crbp aad TanoW Carrots 5woo4fc ej Tdc? Bananas Rra, YaBow Rip bajnclilOc bvnch 3c Honey Balls Lardooa, Sooot Paloas yaterixelon Larya ood JcJ QUALITY MEATS Les.of Lamb 29c Conatao IT3I Soria lamb Lamb Chops or Roast 39c Lorn or Rib Cat SKoolaor Ort. tb ZU Stewing Lamb 2lbs.for25c TaaoW Haaty CH Stewing Chickens fo 32c flamfs UTik Fad Riraa i Baked Ham WarW Read for S.alaklrae 5T 23 'r 3 25c 39c rr it 4 I IT,.

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