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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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AMEKIlAltt 08 "700,000 00,000 100,000 Julv lfil ANPi Was cAS nita parish laU Un (as murder Ijhe had mad his peW witl the S4 nd was ready ii rs I I A i I I I 1 1 1 I I I.I I I I ii 11 II II If I I Js8 I To' Address PdMal Employes; TV fiHTC I ylRWr HERO DECORATED YOU pitijSlWpggteg; i I Clean and Program Leader In Adverting, Circulation and Neat Uvc Features, Latest News i CIM VOL XXnNo 28 PITTSBURGH, PA SATURDAY, JITLY 18, 1931 i PRICE TEN CENTS xr toaooo 10 ZOQ.000 56,000 4 BAPTIZED; HANGED 1 WKOE, 1 r1 ie, BfToTt tor a repriev Z3U Aim ITS A startling expose of the Vice, "System" and sensations dn Nevada's notoriously wicked haven of divorce And how the Negro fares there. This article, from the pen of one who saw it at close range, will appear in next issue of The, Courier. Order Your Copy, Early iliiiyi i STUDENT TO iiwi 00,000 13 ATLANTA, Ga.v July 16 Three of six slayers indicted last July for the slaying of Dennis Hubert, a prominent Morehouse student, will be eiven a hearing before the Ful ton Superior Court at the September session. Tbey are Tom Berryman, M. W.

Harmon and R. H. Svans. R. H.

Kvam and T. I Martin have been confined to the Fulton County jail since the day of their ar rest last. June. Martin was nrst to face trial last June and was given 112 to 15 years In the state peniten tiary on a manslaughter verdict.1 He was nrosecutea as uu man who actually did the fatal shooting. At other session wnicn nave stretched with continuance over the year, J.

G. Garvin and. Aubry Sykes I were convicted on manslaughter I charges. Garvin was given from to 3 years while sykes was given from 2, to 5. i ALABAMA YOUTH IS VICTIM OF BOMBING BIRMINGHAM, Ala, July 16 (By ANP) Richard Richardson, an ll year old youth, employed at the Pure Milk Company, was killed and seven other workers Injured when a bomb was hurled through the window of the plant by a group of men in an automobile.

The bombing was occasioned by the present "price war" which has been in progress for several days and the bombers are believed to be em ployes of a rival company. Noted Churchman, For $10,000 In Alienation of Affections Case, Wants li to Go to Courts Little Rock With Him. LTTTLE ROCK, July 16 "I don't ixrant any com promise, i don want tne case hushed up. I want it to go to court, because I know; that the courts will vindicate me. These were the fiery statements made by Bishop W.

T. Vernon, in answer to the that he had been sued for $10,000 by George K. Williams, prominent resident of this city, charging alienation of his wifes affections. Williams, who charged Bishop Ver non with making improper advances to his wife, has been the target for a storm of censure and rebuff. Mrs.

Williams, a teacher in the Dunbar High School here, and a member of one of the town most prominent families, has. indignantly denied the charges, As a result of her denial. the husband left their home and remained away for nearly a year. When he returned, his wife efused him the uso of the home, and instituted di vorce proceedings, alleging neglect. cruelty and non sur.

jrt. This case has not been heard In the courts. Williams' suit Is counter Public opinion in the town has been crystallized in sympathy with Mr Williams and Bishop Vernon, many regarding it as nothing but a spite measure on the part of the ousted husband to embarrass his wife and Bishop Vernon. The suit against Bishop Vernon will be heard in the September rm of the Pulaski County Circuit Court. General opin ion Is to the effect that the suit will fall flat.

Williams, formerly with the Topeka Plaindealer, and later with the Cen tury Life Insurance Company here, was practically raised by Bishop Ver (Continued on Page Four) GOVERNOR O. KS DEATH OF SLAYER 1 SHREVEPORT, La, July 16. (Ai Sheriff has received from Governor Huey P. Long the death warrant for Bennie White, convicted on a double murder charge, setting July 31 as the date for execution, MCE WOMAN APPOINTED AS MEMBER OF FACULTY AT UNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO TOLEDO. Jvly 18 As part of an adult educaUon scheme Dr.

Doer mann. president University of City of Toledo; has appointed Mrs. Constance Ridley Hesllp. formerly of Boston, as teacher at tne university. The course as conducted by Mrs.

Heslip will cover two very lmponani topics: namely. Race Relation and Annreiatlon of the Negro's contribu tion to American ure. nis wm orise a series of S5 lectures wnicn will cover two and one naii nour periods each for the enUre semester. Mrs. Haslln'a wtda knowledge OX race nrobiema.

Neero nistory and lit ratura makes her especially fitted to fill the. post as a member of the university faculty. Her lectures on Negro problems before white women's clubs and various other white organizations are said to i have attracted the attention of the university officials and caused them to establish such a course at the university, i i Prior to coming here Mrs. Heslip was a worker at Shaw House in Bos ton, and active In leading discussions at various International student conferences. Mrs.

Heslip is the wife of Attorney Heslip. one of Toledo's most prominent lawyers. She will assume her duties at the university Septem ber HIT IN HARLEM IK1 MISS ETTA G. MOTEN Charming, sweet Kansas City contralto who thrilled hearers in flarlem when the Dixie Jubilee Singers appeared at the Mt. Olivet Baptist Church In concert there.

SECRECY IN PASTOR'S DIVORCE Rev. W. S. Carpenter of Knox ville Sues uife Has Been Clerk in Ira Bryant's Office. i KNOXV3XJJE.

Tenn, July IS Rev. W. Spencer Carpenter, widely known minister of the I African Methodist Episcopal connection, through his at torney. Webster L. Porter, filed suit for divorce against Mrs.

Frances E. Carpenter, In the Court of Domestic Relations here yesterday. Immedi ately after the suit was filed the bill of particulars was withdrawn by the attorney and just what grounds, are offered in thu complaint thus far re mains a secret to the litigants and court attaches alone. I Report of the aivorce proceedings created quite a sUr In Knoxville and Nashville, due to the prominence of the couple. Rev.

Carpenter Is pastor of the local Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, and has held charges in several of the leading churches of the country, including Brooklyn. Philadelphia and Nashville. He Is recognized as one of the most prominent and' highly educated churchmen of the racial group. Mrs. Carpenter has been, for several years, a clerk at the A.

M. E. Sunday School Continued os Pagt Four) mm i i i in i I TTO 1 75,000 nivalin in warmtn even these hot July days, is the heated wave of sentiment which is steadily crystallizing against the insidious propagan da being handed out over the air nightly by Amos Andy, the un fair burlesquers of a ra And) this sentiment has already materially ex pressed itself in the sea of protest petitions which now numbers more than 175,00 bearing signatures of Negro men and women of all walks and ranks of life. During the past week, the city of Detroit continued to pile up the num ber of petitions to hold first place for the Motor City. Louisville.

Ky, Richmond, Vs. New York City and Newark. N. J. were closely crowding the Michigan city In the volume of signers who have added tb ir names to the list of protestors.

Hundreds and hundreds of petitions are coming in every day and cor of letters accompany the documents voicing their disapproval of the air entertainers tactics. In sub stance all of the signers seem to be convinced that the white radio come dians are simnlv mocklnjr. mimick ing and hold up for a ridicule 'Continued on Pago Four) DePRIEST gets 30 FISH AND IT'S NO 'FISH STORY' BUCKROE BEACH. Va July 1 tarif) Oscar De Priest, accompa nled by F. S.

Parks and Louis Coates of Washington, spent the week end at the Bay Shore Hotel, popular Vir ginia resort. Most of the congress mans time vas spent fishing In the waters of Chesapeake Bay. Con gressman DePriest is a true follower of Isaac Walton, bringing in. from one trip thirty large fish. 0 SUIT REVEALS REAL (Special to The Pittsburgh Courier) By LOUIS R.

LAUTTER OF THE RUTHERFORDS Bill Filed Against Former Officials of D. C. Insurance Company Sensational. WASHINGTON, July 16 LiUgaUon between the NaUonal Benefit Life Insurance Company and eight former officers and directors, the actuarial company which formerly served it. and.

two present officers promises to be stubbornly contested. John E. JLaskey, a former United States attorney for the District of Columbia, and William E. Leahy; both prominent PROTEST ill PETIT! lawyers, have been retained as de fense The firms of Houston Houston, general counsel, and Howard Hayes and Attorney Ben jamin L. Gaaklas are representing ire ratlonal Benefit.

i The butt of the counter attack. which the defense is expected to make, will be John T. Risber. newly elected president. Efforts will be made to show that propositions made by him and accepted by former offi cers of the company are partly responsible for the Impaired oondiUoa of the National Benefit and that he not a proper person to head the reorganisation of the company.

The reemployment of Mortimer P. Smith, former second vice president and comptroller, will be bitterly at tacked. Running through the bin of complaint for cancellation of stock. an injunction and an accounting filed oy me company are charges of per jury, conversion of funds, fraud, con spiracy, reckless investment of the company's funds, commingling i of company funds with personal funds, and other Illegal and Improper acts raaae against him as well as S. W.

Rutherford, the founder of the com pany, and R. H. Rutherford, his son. It Is facetiously stated that Smith was granted Immunity from loss of employment by turning company's evidence. But the relief sought In the equity division of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia Is as much against him as any of the otner defendants, aad the com Dan Is In the incongruous position of de manding an accounting and damages irom mm wnu sua retaining nlm in.

its employ. Besides the Rutherfords and Smith the other defendants named In the bill of complaint are Dr. VViUlaxn A. warneia. surgeon in chlef of Freed I (Continued on Pag Section t) 7 7 4 0 'ty IS' rferJtoaJ JTsicMtrrei Pkotof WASHINGTON, July 16 Lieut.

Levi Anderson (left). colored officer of the Tenth U. S. Cavalry Regiment, being decorated with the Distinguished Service medal by Brig. General Edgar T.

on ths parade ground at Fort Meyer. Anderson Was awarded the medal for gallant meritorious conduct in rescuing a comrade from drowning; near Fort Ethan Allen, Vermont, in 1911. PETITION I TATTLER OFFICE IN HARLEM Serve Jesse Binga With New Warrant 'CHICAGO. July ll (A.NP) Jesse Binga. former president of Binga State Bank, was served with a warrant by Deputy Sheriff Collins.

Mo idsy. charging him with holding property belonging to Mrs. Caroline Schroe der. 5260 South Parkway, aad refusing to return It to her. The value of the property as set forth in the complaint was 13.000.

Mr. Binga was served at his home. S342 SouCi rkwsy, after many attempts. He Is at liberty on bail pcadlng bearing on charges embezzlement from POSTAL EMPLOYES HERE YEARLY CONFERENCE Greetings Received From Postmaster General and Others. Senator Davis Makes Forceful Speech.

The sixth biennial convention of the National Alliance of Postal Employees was opened Tuesday night at the Ebe nezer Baptist Church with an address by Senator James J. Davis, who flew from Washington for. the occasion, returning there after his address. In urging members of the convention to develop a higher standard of service, he paid a lofty tribute A ia coaracier i 1 i er In a Ume ox serious economic crisis. Greetings from the postmasteri.MK eral, Walter F.

Brown, were brought to tne convenUon by Arch L. Coleman, first assistant postmaster general, while a generous welcome was extended by J. B. Anderson, postmaster and superintendent of the Fifteenth, division, railway mall county commissioner, for Governor Plnchot: Attorney R. Taylor, for the mayor, and by J.

A. Holmes, mas ter of ceremonies. Responses were made by Roy O. Wilboit. of St.

Louis, president of the NaUonal Alliance of Postal Ea Continued on Pmgt Ssvra, See TsmJ (Special tm Taa rtUatsaTgsi CwvrW) NEW YORK. July IS A dear I dictation of tha pubUc attltuda ca the fight being made oa Amos Andy by The Pittsburgh Cowtor vi shown last week when Jack TroOr. president of the Xntar etau TatUtr Publishing Company. 226 Sertatts avenne. placed a Courier peUtloa the counter la the Tattler or without comment of any kind to what would hap pea.

The tetitiea was placed oo the counter oo Wednesday and up to Saturday night Tt signature) had bea placed oo lu with the address of each signer. r. Trotter toid a Courier rtaorti. Monday that although he wae not taking part ta th fight. inougni amy fair to give th lio a chance to eapreaa Itself oa ti quesUon.

For that reason bo rlaoal ths petition where It conU be rwi by pecpla coming' Into the Tattler offlca to transact business, and thsae woo wanted could alga It. Ha aaXl not a word had baen STtokaa mSxm' tho peutloa to anybody. Tboa signed did so of their own ireo wtu. He said tf this petition Is filled ev. to tna run 100 nimea.

which loo. Uka will happen by tne end of tu weea. ho wiil mail It back to Tfc Courier and ask for another ta piacea on ha counts or signatures. more FITZGERALD IS HOW OWNED BY WILLIAMS By cnArrT GAUDxca ATLANTIC CTTT. Joly 1 aatiomalty famous Fltsgarald rcstai rant and.

danco hsO evt4 a. managed by Leroy WTUUsnsw There axe attracUve girl mtUzi ants: a well eqaJpped pool and fc Hard bail. Tha eataJbUscnest i been remodeled aad radeosr atad a. Is ono of the Caosl plaeaa oort 1 the board walk. Mr.

WUlia.tii genial. aablo aad ever svert to wishes cf hie many axrona,.

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