The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on February 28, 1931 · Page 18
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 18

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, February 28, 1931
Page 18
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1 1 it - ' . .i'5r - m .. - . I. mm - - Floyd G. Snelson Jr. 1 ; BIG AND LITTLE ANGEL JOSEPHINE ,BYRD WHAT THEY HAVE ACHIEVED ll v "Green Pastures" was Pulituie.r Prinze i Winner, 1930. 2. ; Richard - Berry Harrison was awarded the Spingarn v "Medal for 1930. T r . ? 3. Hall Johnson winner of Harmon Award for 1930. 4. ; Listed at head of "Golden Dozen" by New Vcrk Daily News with 420 performances No other Broadway : ' Show has reached the "200 mar." f . ;i Other stars include Daniel Haynes of "Hallelujah" f nme, Salem ,Tutt Whitney, George Randal, Edna Harris, Sam Davis, - Constance : Van; Dyke Edna Thrower, Jiramie Fuller, Stanley M .jrrell, Susie Sutton, Leonore I Wiukler, Leonia Avery, Inez Richardson: and others. broad way bound , : By FLOYD G. SNEtSON Jr. yofefirorZcm rintypea," a series biofraphica) sketches, i - t creating caricature and modem trivialities of those highly appreciated along the dazzling path of fame and fortune of Broadrsay. Comment, constructive criticism or advice welcomed. Kindly ad ea writer, care Florence Mills Ass'n, lis W. is 1st St., .Vew YorkJ ' ; v No. IS RUTH BAYT0N I , "Don't sacrifice money for love. When i vou - meet a man Rrith money, let him spend it on you, if he likes voi Never v; lave his money for him if you want to hold nim. if ou don't , know haw to spend, money, you will never get fa man with ' ' , - i - '' - 'ri r '::. C.H - . . - .. . I - v - - ; r ovi' - - . uiiicy. Aue mure money you can ua tne better he will like you j If vou are expen sive you will easily gain his ioye and affec tions. Of course this does not apply .to men who do not have money." v .: These are soma of the receipts from the trial balance sheet of Ruth Bayton, one of the prettiest girls of this American race, in an interview, having recently returned from Europe. A beautiful specimen of exquisite femininity and the last word hi grace, charm and poise. - Mother Eve herself would fade away in shame should she be: compared to this lovely daughter of Saturni! - - "La plus belle negress du rnonde" (the most beautiful colored girl in the world) . . . J - ia ravisante belle" (ravishine beautv) ' i . J'Exotishe schonheit" fexotii beautvl - is rfh the way she was proclaimed by the Europeans, where she, for :vK.;the past four years, was the toast of the; ultra exclusive blue - : bloods in the finest theaters and smartest after - theater palaces. ';' Her intrinsic "beauty Is unmistak - - ir t - r - : LV' - ' - anle. - Pletore hpr lninrSnng ravsn i if." . ' ! - a; : tresaes flourishing a glowing '. nat - t'v Natural wave . . . beautiful gray eyes ui lihsi wave . ..beaMirul gray yes dimples, a dainty smile and a come - ;: ?Vty nimble :flgure - co - efficient wjth a plasctealng - personality Jdeale, Her symmetrical lines with the followir. proportions: height. 5 feet. 5; weight. J - - ' 180; waist, 2.6; perfect 36; thigh. .20; ' ' - 'Ov V - of - j the; world's weallhiost financiers; :S"jaaron and.; Barinias VchlheinW - et ;..v; - :;eetra. ' .;;. - ': ', - : ? - ;ji - Jn. Paris she was often sera attiinj; r - - '.with Count Arniand d Rochef ocould. v? isott of the Duke of Deauville, one of .?"'' :th first families of "Franc. Her most vlis'Sarfent admirer, hd at one time ald X. ; to be her sweetheart, was a scion of nobility and i a prominent banker. Baron Henri de Rothchild ot Interna' tional fame, i and one of Europe's richest men. ; She was a constant recipient of lavish and most costly gifts of every suitors, description from her many er two years was nnaiross or a knee. 14;, calf 13't: ar.kte. S; neck, swank household - palatial mansion shoe, 4 - A. iTAuvr .her harmoni - UV tnamp iuiyepi the miion - valued at ; $150,000. n 2f ; - :;::;:! - ". .'. Furs must have beea her hobby as he.r warflrobe contained some of the ino3t expensive spec'menfs of the finest variety that the market afords r. e., ermine, . coat, S6.CO0; eastern mink. 55.000;' pers'in Iambi 4.OO0: American broadtail, $2,000. supplied United Colored Entertainment Bureau of America :; Bookers of America's. Finest Colored! Dance Bands - Sent to f ;y part.,of the world. Fraternities, Sororities, Dancing Clubs u i' ioi uoi : vi uw s, vtuic us iuf yvur next nan, - life, 930 Ersklne St Detroit, BUch. - TelepUone Cadillac 7159 - C V;.; - :.r - r.Ci - H' - .V : - V , ?: : 5k : If ' ,p Mill 'V e ' 1 - 1 1 1 i . ipj, ' 1 ". - I vv :M! I .;5. - :;.:.Y M, - ! - ': - .y:' - A ' from Chez Max. RICHARD B. ! HARRISON Only Two Kite I Cfa&s Oat Of Red NEW YORK. Feb. 26 '(ANP) In discussing the seriousness of the , unemployment ; situation &nd other economic! - troubles which have recently spread havoc In Neyr Tork. it Is said by th "Mirror - j that the "Cotton Club" where Duke Ellington wes popularized, and "Connie's Inn" are the only night clubs xn Harlem to show any profit. 'Cotton Club" has been a consistent money mi&r since the time Duke Ellington was engaged there. Now Cab Calloway has jumped into the spot and is making things hum. j Also, sne enjoyed unlimited ac counts with Paul Pol ret and Jean Patou. the world's foremost designers of fashion, who supplied her dresses and gown 3 in models costing from 200 to $600 each.! He ad wear axi chapeaux were spe cially made for her from Chez Ag nes; shoes of every description came zrom fintu Everywhere she appeared, special mention! of her fash ioners and designers de habile were given cred;t In! programme Miss Bayton held the distinction of being the most gorgeously v gowned American actress on the continent. Her photographs adorned every mag azine and periodical of importance in Europe and the; Newj York Times mid - week pictorial, also printed her picture and described her scintillat ing dress on more than; one occasion. This fortunate yoi nri lady who got her start . on Broadway, spent her winters on the River - in in the south of France, resting and about the fastidious ho els and casinos of Cannes. Monte Carlo and Nice. Was an inveterate enthusiast "f the swag ger. race tracks nc pavilions of Deauville' and Biar'i' - Z. She often 6 So jfiamourous; grand and ' glorUus tendance jot five servants and the an - ?14 Pretentiouj charms had already Here her - eethe'Uc'. presentations that i'T.ual upkeep i expenditure of f 100.000. V.vV - v"he was showered witirthe attentions Sfie owned an 518,000 Hlsp .no Suizas . of some qf . Europe's most famousj automobile, driven; by u liveried j - toen - f - nobUlty.". wealth and power; chauffeur, j and a. Packard roadster ; ':.: - rf. During' ,her stay in Berlin ?'ne de - '!wn'u'h hi drove herself. ;vfe - i - ''ySlPd - .? - lnMittte - friendships with j Among! j - her prid. A con ation of : - 5 V uett ' as - ; th"j Jewels vias an array ot m k elab - "i11''' ecrttary - vo. - Germany. Drr derate bracelets extnding Uro. wrist vJ;S ":.Wei3nran; the family of the noted I to elbow containln9 diT'.ona settings jnussian - oerman. iug ; 5ttnn3. one 5 eraduatinir fr..m IS to 2Si 1 ar - - each. been gratified while abroad there is no other wi.h 1ps3 thin life itself s'r.e could possibly obtain She his .sippt'd cne neciar irom tne suoume o wor.o - ly flowers and lias felt the ttnc perfidy of. a eerpenf fangs deep in her heart. Through her perennial diligence hasbosjn a. life of moderation and simplicity without guto and minus laborious guffaw. Since her return December 18th via SS. Bremen sne ha4 spent most of her time with her parents and relatives, and vi ry busily engaged In shopping among tha auction rooms, art studios, .galleries 'and antique collections j in the eiTort of completing her New York apartment. Quaker City Girl Born and reared In PhUadelnhia. Pa," February 5. 1805 where' she .at tended school and: was . graduated from , the Spring Garden Girls' Hi. She. Is the daughteiof Dr. Hansford Bayton M. D, 1840 jChrlsUan. street, who - had planned for the lovely Ruth to become a trained nurse, as did her : warn f - .v u x - 7 rh C SHEFTELL S OUT SOON i i By C1IAP1T GARDNER! NEW YORK. Feb. 26 Another producer gets ready to re - enter the musical comedy production Qeld. This time its none other than our old friend and trouper, Joe She ft ell. now master of ceremonies in Club De Luxe. Washington. D. C The last time Joe was neard from in a big way was when he sailed from Frisco witlt his show, headed rorja run in Australia, seven years ago. Joe played Sydney. Melbourne and other Australian cltl6 for space of three years. With him at I t - .tf.H w i fetus? t' - ' Laa ui . uia 11 I. ".r. 1 r - r . : .r .u . ."Ishow were Mlnto Cato. his wife, who ijr. me ueawin me quaim oai - recentlv .DD,ar.d ..h Alhmhr - IUJ1UUU5U I. I nT.Mti tnnir .Irtr - U... J vttt - m c, i j' r, j - . uu . i nmU ue xviven. ukeiela "Bob" Williams, genteel mas - , . V 6 "" - "f u"11 - I ter or ceremonies. In hts "Dixie lag, admired her most .eloquently. Delegation" Joe will ' have ' Sam by the winter sports j at St. . Morlu, Switzerland, as well as the basking sunsh'.ne of Lido, : Italy. where , sun baths offered the once popular sun - brown tan,. Her aeroplane Sights to London and oter points - were ex ceedingly mriuing. - . Acquiescent in her spacious apart ment at 75 St. Nicholas Place. New York City, the prepossessing little a long ume ssneiten. nas oeen associated with the stage and show life, as producer and 'erstwhile straight man. having played Keith Orpheum and all eastern Ume. His revue some years ago, bearing his own. name, had a successful run on 1 dancer divulged a secret longing for j additional spurs with his hnow'edge the land tf her birth, and asserted OI lne game that she never Intends to forsake her friends and relatives Ion this side the Atlantic She bc - istfully intimat it ed that her every innermost desires white time for several seasons. The wiBe one ls springing a comeback in! a good biz way and should win Here's success, of'" - Will - V Joe. odery, well known theatrical Irs press a rio. a close - friend of her family., solved her problem and bid Ivjr the talents and beauty of the lit - t'p high school society girl, by in - "ipcinj her to come to New York, where she made her first start in the nn!:ion doilar chorus of Lew Leslie's Plantation, vwbich starred the late Florence Milis. It included such popular stage ladies along with Mis Bayton. Billie Cain. Alma ; Smith. Ha2el Cole. Lillian Powell, the late Ruth Walker, Gladys Bryant. Marie Clove and Pearl Taylor, who were tBe marvel of Broadway. ; Later she was in the cast of "Dixie to Eroadway" and "From Dover Street to Dixie. Again at the Plantation with Ethel Waters and Joseph ine Baker, etc. Made her first trip to Europe with Lew Leslie's Blackbirds where they played In : London with great success. J In 1927 Ruth Bayton decided, after J;.ju:nmif) eiuuy oi aer cnosen Drv i n fesslon of song and dance, to try her prowess as danseuse extracrdlna:r. ia view of the fact that Jnsrphirr Baker was creating a phenonw - n' lrnfMA nf I . . - ca t i?.trfM ! A . . . . ... . . w - c. - .c uojriuu, wnsaiion ana vas mi tsiH or Kit.i - - . cut i e r V7 tlllipiflil OF BROADWAY OPENING SATURDAY OUTSTANDING PLAY OF YEAR t y 5 ' ji.' 1 ' - .v - "J 1 MABEL RIDLEY CHUNK ROBINSON AND RUSSELL LEE TOGETHER NEWARK. N. Fb. 28. Chunk Robinson, formerly of - the ; Sandy Burns Company, and RusseU Le. ate of .the singing team of Lee Wright and Blackbirds, have joined hands In a nerr vaudeville act. They played dates In. and around New York. They are also open for stock engagements. Mail will reach the company "at 413 Washington street. Newark, N. J. the advent of the "Charleston" and Biackbottom Ruth bad mastered them to perfection, so she sailed for Paris in search ot her fortune, and. believe it or not. she sought what she desired. Was heartily received by her friend. Josephine, who quite recently has resumed the famous Utla of "Queen of the Colonies." The min ute Miss Bayton set foot on French soil she was swamped with offers from producers and managers. She Onally signed a contract with Mon sieur Lartigue to be starred In a Ger man revue at the Theatre des Westen in Berlin, for three months with alary cf $200 weekly, and was such hit that she was detained for U momqs at ouu it was a most ex travagant Jungle Interpretation which surrounded her with a cast: of 200. it was the crowning point of her career. Later she went to Madrid and appeared at the Roma The with an American whit band, where she remained five months at S&oo weekly. . Returning later to ParU where she was the fsatured star of the Follies Wagram. the Apollo Theater and at viuD ue Lido and El U arson, the smarted after theater supper clubs la tne t rench capital. It was during be farssian engagements she spent fortune and reaped her harvest ot gold. j - The writer was quite interested u her descriptions of tbeae remarkable pleasure resorts but spaee wiu not ptrmu lurtner ueiaii. However. ,jut a few facts about her favoru f - Kl and dining. She prefer no xro erved with sauiirne or r pa i k 1 1 n i burgundy for dinner, and for supper, pate fois gr - tdwrM nvrtti served with ice cold Poifri.v or sec chatnpasme. Alto fond if n ami' or sometime a Mat tin okh'ihl - ;m an ocra.onal cognac orrtt. - iy fo,i.. ' ing a tie nil ta4. In vioii.iai.y lurf - sttin of ale is great. ej.t...: Rutt.. i but tomewhal iisky l.t tn? ioit - . - t! mcKletn avoirdupois. . Krtorn lit la t MLm Baton aiuitted D.ui tn uxw series of jazz tnaovi':tii JiDging cd DIhcrv.' - l wiml relaided in in r,iu she has refused ui,j j her remit, to appear inent places. mi vo l - piele ner new rn - .'in; r - ' a brand tit frir!r - . - u.t pearaiice I r: Mfn I I . ftl uUl - 'it.rl COtU - firpere ' en p - Hei iuuiu v . ... . ,aJv bNuibf w. - w ua. i apropos iat rage oi juzzuiaiiia , u..i .wixt reHiio tor. thre b . - ' - ere she Is cn - i:r." J t j?ial and his Let Mi S - .i . kindly convey my i . v;, ari wishes to all of my r - d e. - aualntances." was her cheerio; r . ; - THK IJVTE V - ESLKY HILL HAS BEE By CHAPPY GARDNER I IN BROADWAY 18 YEARS NEW YORK. Feb. 2 Mayt you'd want to know how It Mela to have h.!4 down one Job with honor and respect and In the same street and serving the same . bossts for whom you started IS years aco. So would L That's Just why I went right up to one Mr. Andrew Butler, doorman at the Liberty Theater, after being told that he was second oldest doorman on Broadway, and asked him. point - blank. Just how be felt. i It was Tuesday afternoon that saw him In the lobby, with nothing more tt do than lean agairsat the wall with bis big. muscular ttelt. The ticket man tells me ycu have been here It years. Mr. Butler a that so?" "Yes. Pre been in the Erlanger system for IS years. But I've only been at the Liberty 12 years. I used to . work on the old ; Amsterdam roof." . "How do you like opening as to doors for guests thee zero days and nights" I shot at my new acquaintance. . I T dont call this cold weather. X remember that 1917 was the coldest winter I ever saw since belr.g here. One day my band froze. I was so cold I almost lost my memory." Do many people lose things la the theater here, and what becomes of lost articles?" X wanted t know. Sometimes the losses are heavy. but the articles find their way to the owners through our management." Mr. Butler replied.' "X guess have turned In more than S00.0O0 a valuables. "What celebrities have you served?" "Well. President Wilson. Diamond JL.4 Brady. Mayor James B. McClel - lan and scores of United States sen ators." I Mr. Butler, who was a performer himself, comes from a talented fam ily. - Uisrratusia once owned and operated' T7re well - known Pekla of Savannah. J&i. I Thomas Is Given Cabaret Permit LOS ANGELES. CeJ. Feb. 28. Al though friends of Curtis Mteby, pro prietor ox the Apex Nlte Club, here and in San Francisco, have for several months, circulated petitions to prevent It. a cabaret permit has been issued to Norman Thomas, rationally known vaudeville besd of Norman Thomas Sextette. I The police commission. In granting it, declared that to refuse him a permit while allowing others would be construed as favoritism toward a tuonopo'y. a dance permit for the creat auditorium In the new Elks ripie. dedicated two wexs ago. e iu.d !o. . Thomas' Cafe U cr. - .i - hr Cti Noinvan and Is altu - t.d m ts Danbr Hotel. Objectors o: mi :i would hatt he Apex trade PEYTON HEARD Cincinnati CINCINNATI. O, Feb. 26. - Lovers of rel music and the regulars among theater - goers, here, hesrd Dave Peyton and hie Regal Orchestra. It was the nrst opportunity that members of the race ever witnessed a presentation ot rformcjice by a recognised groop of "our own", musicians and enterUlRers. Carl Braun Is the msn - N. J' j . . In Demand For Air and Beo ords Droadca&t Twice Every Week Over CcInmbU System. . By CHAPPY GARDNER NEW TORJC rebTs - Just to ssy that Noble SUsIe's band has ben held over for another week at the Palace Tbester n New Tork woat of Itself mean much ' to the readers who may lcok upon tne Palace sim ply as another theater and Sissies V UTEZ PERSAUD SISSLE'S BID OVER AT band as Just another band, as Jacx outcts go. Bnt behlcd this little story there lies the real reason for Steele's retained services. Xn the first place, the reader most know that the Palace, oa ?ih and Broad wa is considered the krv - honse of ibe large and rich R, K. O. circuit. Jt Is probably the best patronized of the many theaters of this chain, and certainly Is patronised by the wealthiest and best Informed theatrical audiences. When an act plays this bouse and - makes good" it not only gets good money bat gains an enviable reputation. "Pvr - lormers everywhere, prsy for - the day when tber can play the Palace. ai nis opetlag show Steele bit - people liked him anl his m us let ana. tnd wsU they micht. for hre l rhm beet band I tave ever heard, whit or black. It'it the first musical ganlxatlon of late years 1 ever beard can v fv y k t - - IS Hi THE PALACE - i n im in rMni r rM"AAnir tit I ...j i. f - flf! V where one trumpeter wasal trrx to "out - toot" the - other. Txs there was unison, ttxnpert - 4 er fearaoay and a softness eee stita hears. There was teaoKvart s seat the strains across w.'a tyz and sweetaeee that oae cas I appreciate. Tou never uvw fc listening to this k!M cf ai differeeu And. celleve it er this SUs'.e bunch came to Nre Tr practlcaHy unknown, and la 3" weeks came to the Palace aal Ir registered oa sheer mer.t cf tswn aMlity. Tbey toad to work, effort was worth the Ubor. TV msy never go back to tare?. Here's what they have s a few short weeks that clear'.y Cm what kind of musicians Se ta Alreedy hoMlng a cor tract at e of Park avenue's mot exMrv algal c'.ube which, by the been extended, a p - I', renewtag nest fall. Ur. &; has been asked by several ccosrj dal firms to represent tbess es C air. P - cl4ee bg co3oet4 , the aIluiiog( crfTsre frcsV Wl BmaswVck and Victor r ,:! make records. Just now li , can be beard oa the a.r evry day at .midnight and oa Pns7 ' 11 p. m. and X have It fron lit - II am G. Nona's long - Use "Do eg" Henry, who also Is Kt sle's persoeal eecre'ary. tist - aiat seen nothin'" yet. r I beard half the music these . ny nwri u.UUJXER by this Urn. . NEW YORK. Feb. 2 Ntsroesl Jphotr llulfai. lxJ m uprer New Tark called Urm t'.onal comedy star, aa M1 cave soiu memseives to the entire command of the aaJra entertainment world la the last few who left frona years. I a song. I - Among those r riment no people anywhere : have i Saytea. roue uie rcpuiauon acquired by 'son. tha 230 000 supposed: v ha r trr fa..'Lac! pier a la Ilera mskJsr tie tre' daace and general mer - Cecll Rtvers aad Flo Brex. 5 ad Flo Brex. 5 s. Maoxlce Cook Jrr , Eimira Brett. M.Ured lie Jackson. EU' 1 Cy - .' '.wa and Pearl WlUiams V - f Answering the far cry of BaenrsiMay Brown, stage a'sr Aires for some of the spicy showFMt. were taere to eee " - j itoff with w - iich certain Harlem ! as the whe'.e Cecil fas. - y I people are Infected. Mr. Emi Car. rw nt ih rrm " toU placed Hie latest musical com - .'iters as the boat whls'.e edy. - HsrVem Nights." on the stesm - l"a!l ashore." But there , 4Sfn AmaptAtn f Aa4asi Pl.. m ' a w a A - nstfV waeee - e secee M t IUJ ffL4 O C4XO. ffLOa POPf CIJ " sger. After hesrt this orchestra. p. h,. tor ton'.n I briar J - fV V what wiiiw. Sil?. . SL. V0""1 - II Uner - eved every wsy thsa big lrnitVml,a - 1,?0t;thU Prtaot ciU.s of South Roooey. Mr. Car roll s r - r - J ... " America snail nave " seen aad en - .resenuttva. three years. He brought fourteen ; joyed a typical high - class Negro t Boa Rlcketts snd IS T T, . "Vtv,r1 ui'at.tertalnmeat. direct from Harlem. I arranged axme of the savtf vaudevUls stars with him. . iwllh ail iU gvnuiae characteristics, Ibers X the shgw. I V - - - - - - aBsssnaaBBsaasaaasnsjsaeanBasBasssBasaBBasassea r FEA TSe greatei s. - Lltlis iir oa tie ) t picture, - y tsikltg I V betttr ths )m lilwax xt role as itii. Docg' Vrs la the i weu t - ' a la 1 roo.Jn t. K'.rf cf rStrtt BVelo year. I re - e - gaxs a :m - It U i it rackte a it woaid .er shown k - . wterevei ; rspacy vlodsy c: i!r) F - os Use Tc'.h ;ch Is Joit J - .g of I X trr bree tie fascial a bey at :tr f stare tsaa. stes to thi tK." With a Roth am - tare le a a t - :ed wi - 1 Aa S4 ttJcir Dip I iVedaeelsy Vk The C e vtxh ! t'.h and ' le i kl'.rr llusti as sl i r tolca. " a ixusc h. It Is i v. forge. ras:t wi: 1 rful ra i. For V a:nt has pU aa pc petfotTfcj crewi. E:y Jan. score 1U the t the ecnt f - re For rin n: - s. ca re for tfc - " sun lag UjrUe W cess at t f " The 623 H Week I 'lOX. aa4 (V Vlr Poralj ) "tain b W Ply. . S EARL CARROLL ID I: 'fl! 1RLE1WHIS' Oil p SEASTO SOUTH AMEfOtf R . : 'KLCX HA The The ihj MARr TI r fhwi

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