Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 23, 1957 · Page 15
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 15

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1957
Page 15
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Thursday Evening, May 23, 1957. Josephine Lowmon It Is Easier, More Fun To Exercise With Friends This young woman Is ready to do her exercises but wishes she had a friend with whom to do them. I often have called your attention to the fact that it is so much easier to exercise if you have company. As a result, many women have written that they have formed a small exercise group among neighbors. In one instance two friends and neighbors had exercised together each morning for years. It is so much more fun. In fact it takes the labor out of figure molding exercises if you can compare progress charts with others. A few rhythmic records also will make the whole endeavor more pleasant. Exercises fit into four- four times, two-four time and waltz time. I also have suggested that women in the borne, especially those whose children are grown, take advantage of the many adult education courses now available in many cities. This is a wonderful way to develop individual interests even when your children are young, if you can manage it. Personal activities, studies and hobbles ac- take several other courses this fall. "Fun Shopping" "I must add, too, that it is fun shopping now in my home town stores because I invariably meet An Embroidered Quilt! 5748 BIRDS OF AMERICA Make this picturesque o,uill by embroidering the lovely bird rnol- one or two new friends from myijfs in simple stitches and pretty gym class. It is nice to have new j colors. You'll find it fascinating to friends to say 'hello' to," New friends always are stimulating. Those women who are lonoly and do not have many friend.-, would be wise to join groups o: this sort. It would broaden their horizons and interests. !make and a compliment - catcher when completed. Pattern No. 5748 contains hot- iron transfer for 24 motifs; material requirements; sewing and embroidery directions: color chart. Send 25c in COINS, your name, If you would like to have my short daily routine of exercise planned especially for women to use with a neighborhood group or by yourself, send a stamped, self- addressed envelope) with your ru- quest fur leaflet No. 10. Address Josephine Lowman in care of till: newspaper. (Kuleasecl by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1057) JOBLESS CLAIMS DKOP INDIANAPOLIS (UPj — The quired through tlie.se years will act, Indiana Employment Security as a bulwark against boredom and distress when the mother who has been so busy suddenly finds herself with too much leisure. I think you will be interested in K quote from a letter which has recently come to me. This reader says: "The Physical Fitness course our Adult Education Program offers is Division said today that the number of claims for unemployment compensation dropped by about I.HDO last week Uj a total of 30,025. The total included 4,21)0 claims from newly-unumployod persons. Nearly 40 per cent of the nation's milk IK used for drinking and cooking. The rest is used for butter, clieo.se, ice cream and wonderful! It not only helps' us! "ther product's runging from pow- lose those unwanted inches but helps us forget temporarily our household and home duties, revives us mentally, and in short, is lots of fun. "Our udult education gym classes give us reducing exercises, volley bull and cage ball. While we ara laughing, joking, and parliei- jmtlng in these events, we lire toning up our muscles and reducing. "I lutd lost Inches /ill over by following the exercises you sent me but "misery loves company" and tnis is a nice way to have coin- puny while losing inches. This gives one a now perspective. 1 plan to NOW PLAYING THRU SATURDAY OPEN 5 P. M. dorc-cl milk to Pharmaceuticals. . CORDON SCOTT A5 nit HfW Mff/^w TODAY-FRI. & SAT. CHtLDItEN FRBEI 2 Features— f\\t* Cartoon FRI. and SAT. Bonus Show at cost to you I no extra • ROMANCE MftRIORIt WP-CnLWIi. 1 . Come early and let the kiddies enjoy our playgrounds. THURS.,FRI. SAT. OPEN DAH.Y 1 P.M.-SOc 'TIL 6 2 - FEATURES - 2 SHOCKING JUVENILE 'PUNISHMENT' FARM! 'UNTAME YOUTH — ttarringtht- plaHnvm powt MAMIE VAN DOREN! LORI y TOWED * ass* •. Plus thin big Color Hit 'DEEP ADVENTURE' ALSO CARTOON-SUNDAY-"HEUCATS OF NAVY" address and lliu PATT13KN NUMBER to ANNE CABOT, Phnros-Tri- bune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Clii- caco 'I, Illinois. Quill Books now available—Flower Quilts—QlOl; Grandmother's Patchwork Quilts—Q1D2; All-Year Quills—QI03. Each Doc* cont; Ann Landers Woman Can Tell Vidiots to Eat in Restaurant With TV Dear Ann: I am writing about my husband and grown son. There are no children in our family, please bear this in mind. We haven't had a normal evening meal in two and a half years. There's always shooting, screaming, and cowboys—anything that moves and makes noise on a TV screen. Conversation is out of the question. My husband and son keep thoir eyes glued to the screen every moment they are seated at the.table. They swing the set around so .as not to miss a single shot. If they miss their mouths, I'm supposed to clean it up. The set is a portable and they wheel it from one room to the next as if it were an oxygen tank and their lives depended on it. I don't mind that they spend every evening 'looking at. 7-year- old movies, nosebleeds and bone- crushers, but don't you feel I'm entitled to a little polite conversation at dinner? If you teil me to leave them alone and eat in the kitchen, I will, Ann. I feel like a maid so maybe that's where I belong.—-TV WIDOW WITH HUSBAND LIVING. Read the riot act to these two vidiols and give them a live performance that will put the TV shows to shame. A woman who shops, cooks and serves dinner to her family is entitled to 20 minutes of conversation If she wants It. Inform these two cases of arrested development if they have so little regard for your cooking and your company, they can eat in a restaurant which has TV. * iN * Dear Ann: I'm a girl 18 and ..madly in love with a fellow 21. a l| 1H I Everything was fine until his 'mother met me and decided my pattern pieces and full directions; , , ,. , , , for making twelve quills. Each! ? w . catcr wa * [n . a l '8 ht , aml • hair was too long and a few Book 50c. Will Vote On Curlew Fines GARY (UP)—The Gary oily I possible! to her hut I ! other crazy things like that. j I Iried to be as pleasant ns could Council win vole .lime 4 on an she was looking clown he: 1 ordinance which could cost parents! nose at me from the first minute up to $300 if l.heir children broke i we met. Gary's curfew law. Now she put him in the Army The law calls for children under j to break us up. He's been gone 111 to he off the streets between j six. weeks and I haven't had but 10 p.m. unil 5 a.m. The council! one cool letter nnd a penny post- passed lilie ordinance on the first! curd. Is there anything I can do and s e c o n d readings Tuesday 1 to win him bnek? Me means more nitfht. | lo me than any fellow I ever went LINGO Laundry Bleach SAFELY WHITENS, DISINFECTS Deodorizes/ Removes Stubborn Stains • We mnka this offer HO you'll lenrn today fchnt UNCO Blanch imilcon your wiiHh Hnowy-whito nnd Biinjtnry wil.h Hnfaty. You'll find your clothes Hmol) fresher, too, because they're not jimt clean, but LINCO claunl UBO UNCO Blanch regularly...for bnby thingH, for bod linens. Sao ila famous triple-action go to work for you. UBO it nlao for deodorizing nnd ditiinfoctinf; refrigerators, floors, bathroom, tile, etc. Try it. See how just n little, LINCO goes n long, long wnyl U mm 01 *^ TRIPLE-ACTION NCO BLEACH THE BLEACH WITH A PLEASANT ODOR with. I don't know what to do:— SWEET LIPS. The boy's mother didn't put him in the Army—his "UNCLE" did. If the romance has suddenly been K.O.'d, don't jump to conclusions. His mother may have had nothing to do with. it. You can't force a boy to write if he doesn't want to. Your only chance is to sit tight. Don't waste money on postage nnd see what happens when he' comes home. In the meantime, go with others. P.S. Hot water shrinks sweaters . . . watch it). * » • •• Dear Ann: The letter signed "Three-Time Loser" has prompted me to write my first letter to a newspaper. It's this type of woman who olames everyone but herself for Graduate 18 At Galveston GALVESTON — Commencement exercises for 18 Galveston high school seniors was held at 8 p, m. Monday at the school with Prof. Virgil Hunt as the speaker. Baccalaureate services were held Sunday afternoon with Rev. Bickley delivering the sermon. Officers for the graduating class were Jim Couk, president; Rita Hodson, vice-president; Franjean Gordon, secretary; and Nancy Butcher, treasurer. Other graduates were • Roger Hollingsworth, Martha Hunt, Bert Lacey, Ron Lynas, Charlotte Merrell, Jerry Robertson, Stan Bailee, Larry Scott, Mary Verbryck, Lillie Mae Armstrong, Larry Bevington, Charles Bowman, Vicki Carden and Sharon DeWitt. Class sponjors were J. B. Riggs and Beulah Goldsber.ry. Fail to Find Flare Pod Off Photo Plane JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (UP) — her failures. She flits from one i The Navy searched without sue- man to another In search of "se-i cess through part of 'the Ocaia Na- cunly" when in truth she's look- tional Forcst by grolmd and by air more than 2'A billion candle-power, was dropped accidentally by n Navy jet photographic piano Tuesday night. ing for A Soft Touch. ! Wednesday for a powerful flare The muoh-maiTied female is al-. pod tnat co^i i ouc |, off a big tor- ways the "taking kind," never ! cs t [j re giving much in return. She slops! ' Tho pod| containing 32 aerial around the house all day, eating: photography flares with a total of peanut-brittle and watching the soupy daytime TV shows. The house usually looks like a cyclone hit it and she justifies her laziness by saying "Housework is for horses. Anybody can clean a sink. I ought to be writing a novel." Than, when the marriage goes p-ff-ff-fltt, she screams it was nil his fault and proceeds to trim him in court. I'm 35, a bachelor, and as she put it, "disgustingly egotistical, mama's darling, slightly alcoholic and proudly neurotic." I'm also happy as the dickens I never had the misfortune to be nailed by a "Throe-Time Loser." — M.W.W. w * * CONFIDENTIALLY: MIXEDUP: Unmix. yourself at once. This man is married, he's too old for you, and he must be a moron lo be interested In a girl 15 years- 1 old, even 1C you aro "grown-up i (Ana T.nndcrs will be hiippy In COURT RULING FUTILE TAMPA, Fla. (UP)—A Criminal Court jury found Dan Williams guilty of stealing l.wo glass doors hui decided they were worth less than the $!>0.ll the owner claimed. Theft of $50 or more is grand larceny so Hie jury decided the doors were worth. $49.9!), reducing I he charge to petty larceny. However, the judge delayed sentence bc- cmiso Williams faces I rial on another larceny charge. This one involving $115. went. Find some friends . . . who don't need pills to "get go- looking." # # * PUZZLED GAI,: This is an onsy one to figure. Tho guy is N.C. and don't blame the Army. must have been n bum before he 1 help you with your problems Send them lo her in care of Ihis newspaper and enclose a slumped, .self-addressed envelope.I Copyright I'.IOT, Field Knterterprises, Inc. Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Fifteen Camden Gives 33 Diplomas CAMDEN, Ind. — Commencement exercises for 33 Camden high Hospital Notes ST. JOSEPH'S Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy L. Huffman, route 2, Winamac, a daughter; to Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Quaglio, 1621Vi East Broad- school graduates were held at 8 j way, a daughter, p. m. Saturday, May 11, in the j Admitted: Master D. Randall high school auditorium. Phil. Es-1 Qrubhs, 2720 Stadium Drive; Miss kew. superintendent of schools at I AH Jo G 3m N th p Sullivan, was the speaker. 1 . Marcia Sharp was valedictorian sylvania avenue; Master Robert and Tom Tesh was salutatorian of the class. Officers were Tesh, president; William Adams, vice-president; Nancy Stiles, secretary; Priscilla Cline, treasurer; Dale Myers, reporter; and Miss Sharp, student council member. Other graduates were Janice Acheson, Melvin Adams, Carl All- dry, Jerry Britton, Margaret Berkshire, Jerry Burton, Kuby Gripe, Martha Emmitt, Betty Lou Flora, Larry Hunter, Jerry Jennings, James Kestevson, Robert Kleckner, Maryanna Martin. Ronald Maxwell, Joyce Miller, Roselyn Perm, Richard Rouhicr, Max Shaffer, Iva Shoemaker, Sandra Snoobcrgcr, Deloris Sprinkle, George Starbuck, Bill Beach, Doris Walters, Ruth Wilburn and Gcorganna Leslie. Class sponsors were Robert Reifcl and Mrs. Florence Erbaugh. CLOSE LAKE TO BOATING INDIANAPOLIS (UP) - State Park Director Kenneth Cougill said toda.i' Cataract Lake in Owen Cuimty was closed to all boating unl.il furlher notice. Cougill blamed heavy rain for the closing. He said the water is 10Vt feet over the full level. The lak,; will be closed at least through the weekend. Cougill siiM. L. Tarn, 3105 Crescent Drive; Mis* Lucille Jakes, -314 Nineteenth street. Dismissed: Leo Baumann, 710 Brown street; Mrs. Marie J. Jones, state hospital; Mrs. Doris Parenle, 924 Erie avenue: Mrs. Wayne B. Cree and son. 619 Fourteenth street; Mrs. Gerald C. Taff and son. route 3. Winamac: Mrs. Floyd Martin and son, route 1, Walton; Mrs. John K. Leonard and son, 2201 Smead street; Mrs. Paul A. Straiten and daughter, Walton: Mrs. Thomas Drummond and son. route 2. MEMORIAL Admitted: Mrs. Inez Kressley, Cutler; Miss Suellcn Carey, Delphi; Mrs. Florence Camp. 1-t Wheatlnnd avenue; Wilson DeVoss, 800',:: North Third street; Carl Ode'll, ROD Bales street. Dismissed: Mrs. Pearl Buchanan, route 1. Cniichiirt In McCarthy Post WASHINGTON (UP)—The Senate Republican Policy Committee Wednesday named Sen. Homer Capc-Jiart (R-Ind.) to fill a vacancy on the Sounle Government Operations Commillec, The vacancy wns caused by the death of Son. Joseph H. McCarthy Capoh'nrt became I ho third Uoo- sk'r member of the committee. ROXY No Toni Curtis in "Houclini" FRI. & "Thrim w 2 Features 35cTil6 OPEN 1 p. m. FUN AT NIGHT GtENN FORD in> "Fastest Gun Alivo" SAT.— "Th»y Hour* To Undo Won" plui Kill." Plan Indiana Beach Opening Saturday The official summer opening of Indiana Beach, Shafcr lake, has been set for Saturday, May 25, when the famous Glen Miller orchestra, under the direction of Ray lUcKinley, will open the summer nightly dancing season. A sneak preview of rides and concessions will take place Friday Show Starts Al Duik Gatis Optn Half Hour Earlier FRIDAY "THE WINGS OF EAGtES" (calor-flrtt run) John Wayne - Maur*ert O'Hara SATURDAY DOUBLE FEATURE "WORLD WITHOUT END" {Cofor-Flrit Run} Hugh Marlow* —Nancy Ctitot alia 'THE ATOMIC MAN" (Color—Tint Run) G»n* Nalkoii — Faith Domirqu* Now nlmiiinum iiimir-Hnd hrr.j l TASTE-LOK.* The first instant coffee that smells like coffee! If you'll just pour yourself a cup of new Instant HiUti ft ran. Cofl'ee, wo believe you'll find —it's wonderful! Coffee uroinn, coffee taslc You gel n heart-warming wliifl' of ronl coffee nroran na you raise the cup. And when you lasta this new inatnnt, llio real nolTee-dnvor in full imtl satis- lying, it's that riuli, true coffee flavor that lingers in your Inste-biulH. We've captured coffee goodneHH The (Invar's m lliis coffee, because we've found the way to capture the elusive flavor "eaters"—llie delicate flavor tones that are usually lout in manufacture. Ours in a new special procctw, different from aiiylhing else in the coffee business. And we keep this aromn nnd flavor for you. We pack o\ir collee in » Copyright H.I.C. »TM flavor-protecting vapor which is lucked innicli! Ihi; jur by nil iniier-npal of aluminum foil thai keeps lastr in, keeps air out. Hills liros. original TASTE-LOK*. Wu can promise you really good coffee in an instant. We've worked nnd tested for twenty years to accomplish just lliis. We hope you'll Iry it We think you'll agree svhen you try new Inslanl Hills Drns. Coffee llnil it brings you sumulhing new mill wonderful in colfue drinking enjoy- inenl, as well as convenience and economy. It cosls no more than oilier good instants, yon can .innke it in enp or pot—you gst a good cup of coffee, fresh, fragrant and flavorful, every lime, — No K'urk . . . No Waste . . . Good Taste*, Instant Hills flroj. Coffee It on your f;rui:er's shelnes ri^ht now — in 1'- ounce anil fi-ounce jarf. Our family is promt of it. If w>o<l coffee is important to your family, me hope you'll try our prailur.t unil share our pleasure. Tuttay's a flood day to start. ' HILLS BROS. COFFEE, INC.

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