Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 3, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 3, 1895
Page 5
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•./a New Spring Styles of Hats Arriving Daily at DEWENTER, THE HATTEBIand FURNISHER. There Is Reason For It! We have told you about receiving our new Spring Goods, bat we waat you to know what others say about them If you will drop in a few minutes perhaps you won't blame us for harping on tbto subject. Most people say: "More beantifa than ever," and a K rJ many say; "No: expensive either." We are rece.v- ing a great many orders for suits to be made up for Easter and would like to put your order down. TUCKER &YOUNG, PERRL STREET' TAILORS. MONEYTO LOAN Personal. lieftl Estuto or Collateral Security, Any Amount, AnyTJmo. E. B. Ovcrslilncr, 327 Fourth Street. DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY MORNING, MARCH 3. Drink McLin's Kolatona. Additional Local on Fourth Page. Some great drives In samples at Oito's Monday, ladle*' day. New skirt waist In great variety from 60 cents up, at the Dee Hive. Ladles, bring the boys and girls to Otto's ladles' sample day, Monday. Yards and yards of Lonsdale for $1. Read our advertisement and learn the offer— The Bee Hive. Decidedly new is what they nil eay about the new Dunlap hats. Dowen- ter, the Hatter, IB sole agent. Harry A. Needham and Walter Chandler have taken poaitlona with the Boaton sample ehoe company. Go see the eight round contest for points only at the opera bouse Monday night, between Slaley and Pltzlin. Don't forgot the entertainment by the Tennessee Warblers at the Market itreet M. E. Church Monday evening. £|*A joint Institute was held yesterday ^fthe north court room by the teachers of Clinton, Eel and Noble^town- That tired feeling, loss of appetite and nervoui prostration are driven away by Hood's SarBaparllla, which makes pure blood. The Fashion store safe has been purchased by Qulgley & Co., and the Bee Hive company has bought the delivery wagon of the same place. Insurance and Loans— A few hun. dred dollars of local funds; also Eastern money In any amount, to loan on mortgage leourlty— S- M. Closson, No. 310 Pearl street. Five hundred boxes of candy and one thousand savings bank* were dls, tribute d to the ladles and children at the opening of the Boston Sample Shoe Co'* §«ore yesterday, and they did not reach half way around. Awarded Hif h«rt Honors- World'* Pair. DR. CREAM 'BAKING POWIR MOST PERFECT MADE. v A pun Crape Cream </ Tartar Powder. Fret * w£ Ammonia, Alum o. ™y other adulterant "> 40 YEARS THE STANDARD. A TERRIBLE CUTTING AFFRAY. L,. 1>. llowle, a Furiner. •nd Samuel Mpltler the liurllnffton Malooulat, are the Participant*. Samuel Spltler, the liquor dispenser at Burlington, Carroll county, was badly slashed In several places by L. D. Bowie, a farmer, who attempted to conduct the business in his own particular plan Friday night. Bowie, It is said, got drunk on Spltler's liquor and then, having possession of part of the wet goods, tried to convince the proprietor that he could successfully manage the remainder. A bump was raised on Bowie's head by a blow from a club swung by Splt- ler. The former dropped, and the salooniet at once began to, cavort up and down his opponents prostrate form. While all this was going on Bowie drew and began to carelessly slash at Spltler with a jack knife. The first awing, the blade was plunged into the upper man's nock, baring the carotid artery. A second cut was icflioted acroes Spltler's mouth, and had not a bystander taken the weapon from him, the terrible work of tee sharp instrument would have been continued, pos slbly resulting In the death of the sa- looc keeper. As it la, the physician who attended the wounded man says that his recovery is not at all a certainty, Bowie was placed under arrest and taken to Delphi, where he was locked up, Spltler has had a great many troubles to go up against in Burlington. Hia place has been dynamited, and at one time his stock of liquora was poured into the street. A DEMENTED PHYSICIAtf. in Thought by III* Sinter to Iluve Ilern the Homeless Man Seen at Cnrvetoii. A letter was yesterday received by the police of Logansport from Miss Zuella Carm of New Cumberland Ohio, making Inquiries as to the present whereabouts of the strange man who recently spent several weeks in a ravine near Cvrveton, keeping warm by a camp fire and begging for food. Miss Carm states that her brother, a demented physician, has been mysteriously absent from his home for more than a year,: and she requests that the authorities investigate the Identity of the stranger. She gives a. description of her lost rela« tlve. The police are making every effort to discover the present whereabouts of the solitary camper. It 1» doubtful If they will be successful, as he Is said to have left his camp fire gome time ago. "A Won! to th» Wl«e Is Sifllclfmt." I suffered terribly from roaring in my head during an attack of catarrh, and because very deaf, used Ely's Cream Balm and in three weeks could hear as well aa ever.—A. E. Newman, Grayling, Mich. One of my children had ^ very bad discharge from the nose. Physicians prescribed without benefit. After using Ely's Cream Balm a short time the disease was cured.—O. A. Gary, Corning. N. Y. Price of Cream B»lm Is fifty cents. INDIANA AT CHICKA1OMJGA. A ttl»rioa« Kecora Which »n«nl«» «"» KltilBa*ly Conun*moral*at;. .Gen. H. V. Boyoton write*;, from Washington, D. C., to the Indianapolis Journal: The brilliant *tory of iBdUnavtroops In all the armies of the tf iilonv ; aod especially in the Army of tb* Cuorber- land, can never grow old foe the veterans of that State or their friend*, or those who have the bon'or-'oMndl- ana at heart. Because thls.l8>8Ov and became it is reported In,Washington that the Legislature of your. Stale is considering, the proposition, to mark the lines of battle of Indian* soldiers in the National Military Park. I ask for theopportunity of briefly alludlnff to the matter. As all know, the govern ment has purchased the entire field of Chickamauga—ten square miles in extent. As many do not know, it was one of the deadliest engagements of all modern wars, few. if any, exceeding its percentages of losses for both sides. No battle of the war exhibited in more striking manner the pluok, endurance and resolution of American soldiers. In all the elements whion have made this great battle renowned, Indiana stood second to no oiber state. One state exceeded her in the number of her regiments. But there was nu division on the field without Indiana troops. Of the thirty-three infantry brigades of Rosecrans'a army Indiana waa strongly represented in tweoty- six. She had regiments, besides, in both of th« cavalry divisions. Of the thirty-five batteries engaged eight, or nearly a quarter, wei;e from Indiana. While eleven Northern States and the regular army had troops in the battle, Indiana had thtrty-eeven organizations out of the total of 182, or one- fifth of all. Turning to the list of dlstlngu'shed Officers on the field of Chickamauga the record of Indiana Is such as may well awaken intense State pride There were four corps of Infantry, composed of eleven divisions. Indiana officers were In command of one corps and three divisions. Gen T T Crlttenden commanded the corps. The division commanders were Brig Gen Jeff C Davis, Col Ed M McCook and M»j Gen Joseph J Reynolds. Of the twenty-six brigades containing Indiana troops, Indiana officers com manded eleven, and one of these was commanded la succession by Indiana officers, the first commander being killed. The history of these twenty- six brigades Is thej history of all .that Is most notable aud Inspiring in the hattle, as the following list of their commanders will show: Col P P Baldwin, Col George P Buell. Brig Geo Charles Croft, Col .George F Dick, ' Col William Grose Col Morton C Hunter, • Col Edward A King, succeeded when killed by Col Milton S Robinson, Col B F Scrlbner, Brig Gen George D Wagner, Col John T Wilder and Brig Gen August Willich. Such were the many and famous Indiana organic tlccs. It will be interesting to those who are considering the amount to be expended in honoring the great deeds of Indiana soldiers on the Chickamauga field to know what oxher States are nowdolog. Ohio, with fifty-five or ganizations, has appropriated |95.000, and her monuments are in place; Minnesota appropriated $15.000 for five monuments, and these have been erected; Michigan has juat appropri ated $20.000 for eleven mocuments. and Wisconsin $20,000 for ten Kansas had only one regiment, but she has appropriated for a monument in each of its thrse fighting.positions The Pennsylvania appropriation bill, which has been favoiably reported, contains $80,000 for six monument at Chickamauga and twelve at Chattanooga Bills for similar generous amounts are pending before the legislatures ot several other states, but the suma named above will afford a suffi clent measure of what Indiana, sister atatea are doing. The Indiana Chickamauga commission appointed by Governor Matthews, has made two prolonged visits to the field, the members defray Ing v tbelr own expenses. No state commission haa ptrformed more careful' and efficient work, and, as * result the positions of all Indiana troops have been ascertained and permanently marked on the topographical maps of the, field. The State, and especially the veterans of the State, owe this commission warm thanks. t Th« Mod era Inrmllrl : Has tastes medicinally, In 'keeping with Other luxuries. A r remedy must be pleasantly acceptable In form, purely wholesome In composition, truly beneficial in effect and entirely free from every objectionable quality. If really ill he consults a physician If constipated he uses the gentle amlly laxative Syruo of Figs Mrs Morris b^u^ -nd-daughter o Chicago, are visiting J T. Elliott of this city. / ' STILL -BWTS INFANCY! (••) REVISED PRICE USTI The Mammoth Sample f SHOE SALE! '•".'•• ^^' which we how set for MONDAY, MARCH 4th. THEREFORE MADE NO CORRECTION! Ladies' and Children's Day, \MONDf\YI The Sample Shoe Sale is still in iis Infancy! We are constantly receiving New Samples; also our new regular sorine stock. We sent offers to all our regular manufacturers, who ISpply us from their Agents' Samples.We are receiving acceptances daily. Therefore if we couldn't fit you yesterday, we can today. OTTO KRflUS: LEGISLATIVE NOTES. The Senate Pawed the Bill Allowing M.yor* to Appoint I'«Uce CominlH«lo<ier*- Indianapolis. Marcli 2. The Senate today passed Governor Matthews' antl-Roby bill. The appropriation of $40,000 for Indiana.- monuments at Chick- amagua battle field passed the House and la now In the Senate. * * * 'The Governor today signed the new IrbeHsw-and the Grubb's law la no more. The new law is lair to the public and juat to the newspapers. The Metropolitan Police bill passed the Senate today, Ii'glves the Mayor the right to appoint three members of the Board, and includes cities of 6,000 :o 35,000. * When the appropriation .bill waa under dlscesslon today Mr. Remey moved to cut ihe appropriation for the Logansport hospital annexes from $20.000 for two to $10;000 for one. The amendment carried by a vole of 30 to 20. Afterwards It -was recoc- gidered and the $20 000 stands. A BIG SOCIAL EVENT. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. TheT, P. A.Keceptlon at the Kooms LaNC MIKht—A Hat of the A large crowd of the members of the T. P. A. last, night enjoyed a feast and a grand entertainment that will be remembered with unmixed pleasure la months to come. The reception at the parlors of Post F last night, for which elaborate arrangements had been made by a most able, committee, was enjoyed unrestrainedly by the following person e:..... Messrs and Jlesdames:— G,™n,,,rn. ™*«,Sne, a T JobnB John Alber, M. Hannafln, " Mesdames:— W.-C. Hootb. il. u. Klaiey. Messrs:— N. H. Stimrt J. 0. Hodman, T. J. Legs, A. F. Stacker, T. S. .ODa.B WC mil Ear-E.Homnaji, Misses:-Geneva Willie Was .burn, OmerS. TUck. Datay Or» COX. ,™r jliueAlbM, •. • • MynleL-gg. Grace WlnUebleck, J«-Me Wlnklebleck, Sidle Cu»t*r, Haggle felton, Sana Trick. Regrets' were received from Hr. ana Mrs. Beaaoner of Hartford City. The committee on arrangements was made :U p of Messrs. Wm Siuan. Joa Relt- mier and John B. Wiikin. 8nflV>r«* ».P-rmy«lc Stroke. News b.*s been received here of the critical illness of Simon E Patterson, a citizen; of Logaogport, who was stricken with paralysis on a public street at Gi-eencastle Friday. Mr. Patterson, who for a time coodncted a feed store on the south s'de of 'Broadway between Fifth and Sixth street*, had gone to GreenoMlle la order to ea uoate bis children. Natural gas bill for March now due and payable. Elegant crepon and cloth skirts at the Bee Hive. A full line of Munyon's remedies at Ben Fisher's drug store. To Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Mlnne ' man of No. 1631 Spear stiest, a daughter. John C, 'Howard and Anna C, Kerns, both of Lincoln, have been licensed to wed. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Graves will en tertaln the "Neighborhood Club" tomorrow night. Several car loads of sheep were shipped to Cnicago yesterday by W. H. H. Carter and Chas. Stoll, A meeting of '.he paper hangers and decorators, was held Friday night, and the price far work was fixed at 15 cents a double roll, the scale to be in effect until July 1st, Such crowds as wera at the Boston Sample Shoo Go's Opening yesterday could only havejbeen equaled by Bar num's circus crowds. The prices ucd stjlea of goods were such that will cause them to come again. t>t. John's Commandery No. 21 Knights Templar meets iu reguiar session tomorrow (Monday), evening. Work in the Templo Order. Also business of importance is to be transacted and a full attendance is desired The crowds at the opening of the Boston Sample Shoe Go's store yester day, showed conclusively that the people of ihla vicinity are tired of being humbugged by fake sales and imaginary "bargain sales" and old stock sales, and are ready to welcome a concern to their city that will do a fair legitimate business and jell them good shoe's for less than manufacturers' cost. Tnls is no temporary "cut price" sale, but a business that has come to stay and always »elltlce, new, desirable shoes and slippers at less than other dealers can buy them for. No 322 Fourth street, is where they are and where they will be for some years to come. Notice to Contractors, Sealed proposals will be received up to noon February 15, 1895. at tfae Water Works office for the lease of the street spirnkling privileges for three years from the first day o'f April. 1895 i'he first district comprising all streets weslf! Fourth street. The second district comprising all streets east of Seventh street. The Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids. By order of Water Work* Board. DA MIDDLETON, Clerk. KEtiLEt'S SDIT FOR LIBEL. Aiialn*< ihe Time* In Settle*-**.** Were Paid by K4IH»rt>iH«». The damage eult of William H. Kegley against the Loganeport TlmaB has been dlsmisBed at plaintiff's coefc For $2.75 the young man declared hi* damaged feelings healed over and bit disordered pride restored. It cost Editor Fenton almo&t three silver dollarc to get out of a suit for $10,000 damages for alleged libel, brought by- young Kegley soon after the Tlmee had used hia name^ln a very-rough and ungentle way. A suit at the earn* time brought against the Pharos wa« quashed some time ago, aid theTlmoe. man ' has now got out frott beneath the threatening instrument that Kegley talked of using to the extent of 10,000 "plunks" of the editor's earnlnftS. Lacerated eensibiUttee seem to have dropped to a low mart when two dollars and elx bita can. poultice a racklinjr wound such as Wm. H Kegley , has concealed In. his" chest a short time ago. The papers ordering the dropping of the suit were sent 10 Kokomo to th« Howard county court Friday, an* b^ this time the matter is settled. It 1* not known what Keglev will do *ltk the proceeds of his Times damajf* suit. _ Mr*. S. W. Shaver has returned t»v her home in this city after a y«at"«: absence among friends in Canattv Chicago, III., and Lowell, Ind- UCSKMKVTS. A Will l*r»l»«t««l. The last will of Robert Delzell, deceased, has been admitted to probate. Tbe estate, consiatlnir of 813 acres of land, valued at |20 000 is divided, «c- coraing to the will, share and share hllke, among the five ot ildren and the widow. The chare of Robert C-. who is 25 years old, it to be held In trust for him until he has attained hia 30tb •year.'' I) 01 '**? Monday, Marcli 4th. Athletic Exhibition! Given by the pupil* of Prof. P. J. Pitzlin A Drill In Bag Punching, Cob Swlcglnx Hat Callsthenlc Ixerelses. To Coaclodewttli An 8 Round Contest! For points onlj between ftoL f- *• PioL Stole? of Chlcazo. Advance sale now open. D OLAN'9 OKBWA HOCSB, . s. B. Fatwreon, Manager. Thursday, March Betoro ottbe Favorlwa! Tbe Hit ol U»e Season TIMMCRPHYAND EOGENECANFLELD.^ -In. The Satirical Comedy- LI M O N Y. * Barter Than Bv-r : \ Brighter fnan JStet | ., .. l<S»anc» Sal* open Taeadar Kotntrc *t M >tott'»Dr«s store, . ,. • .

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