The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia on October 21, 1989 · 148
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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia · 148

Atlanta, Georgia
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 21, 1989
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PatrickSwayze A Chicogo cop from the hills of Kentucky. Hunting his brother's killer. Seeking justice country style. r- ... r - - , r I UNITED ARTBTS CINEMAS 8 AT SHANNON AT VUMW I4HX 964-36S1 ito s::gv;!:;g! CHECK HUES OAILY DOLBY ".ISmSPH" I I CINEPtfXOOEON I I UNfT ED AKTISTS $rS&8 MALL CORN EfiS GREEN'S CORNS WOODS o 6 fiNPMA 836-5050 1 I flti6-SQSO S2S-137S !1iHi7ISli B ilS44i71i4i 1:10118 510 7-10 H C'JEM XOMOJI CmEPtiXOOeoM I I UTCMFIEUy rSKttS? fSlDAX'S AUSTELL ROAD 44aSmTOoSi ,EIM CINEMAS ' GENEFULCINEU SANDY SPRINGS AlfAKMS 051-1890 2 30 itO 730155 ClMFPIFKOnFriM MARKETSaUARE attUMKKSVUtiaff Mi4S 7:11 45 IfTCWFIELD-S RfVERDALE IrtS'isiVtfnill CALLERIA WtnHU.MUtNMir41 Sl-OSM STARLIGHT D8IVE-IN 6 mOMOOCLAHOMeM CINEflEJCOOEOl MEMORIAL SQUARE M ICUOMAl. OMVI M-SOSO 7 jo ii . ioo TOO Bj9 C4NEMX000ki SOUTHLAKE . rESTTVALo H SHIIKjUi Ml uicwieuts CINEMA Mi 10 a m t 510 741 1010 C1NEPLEX OCEOM TOWN CENTER MM V1UAGE4 IOHtY NATIONAL? (4MATOU3HAnoMLMMf unit Fn act nt LENOX SQUARE THEATRE MO MS SUM UK BJO UflOMl iji Ml 140 11 if BREAKING IN R 12:30-2:35-5-7:20-9:30-11:45 SEA OF LOVE P 12-22O-4:40-7:05-9:35-11:50 HALLOWEEN V Ft 1:10-3:20-5 30-7:40-9:50-12 LOOKWHO'STALKING PQ-13 12:10-2:30-4:50-7-9:10-11:20 BLACK RAIN :154:457:1S-9:45 NEXT OF KIN 12 2 15-4 35-7:15 9 40 UNCLE BUCKPQ-13 1-3:10-5 20-7:30-9 40 FAT MAN 1 UTTLE BOYPG-13 12 30-2:50-5:10-7 30-9:30 TURNERS HOOCH PQ 1-3:10-5:20-7:3-940 WHEN HARRY MET SALLY R 1:45-3 45-5:45-7:45-945 BREAKING IN R 1:10 3 10-5:10-7:10-9 tO HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS PG 1 3:05-5:10-7:15 9 20 KICKBOXER R 1:30-3 30-5 30-7 30-9 30 AN INNOCENT MAN R 12:05-2:25-4 55-7:25-10 BATMAN PG-13 1-4-7-945 HALLOWEEN V P 1:30-3:30-5:30-7:309:30 BLACK RAIN 12 2 30 5-7:30-10 SEX LIES! VIDEOTAPE R 1:05-3:15 20-7.40-9 50 JOHNNY HANDSOME fi f 15-3:15-5 15-715-it 15 THE FABULOUS BAKER BOYS R 1 2 25-2 45 5 05-7:25 9 45-1 2 BREAKING IN R 12:20-240-5-720-9 40-12 SEX LIES It VIDEOTAPE R 12:202:405-7:20-9:40-12 WHEN HARRY MET SALLY fl 12 25-2 45-5 05-7-25-9-45-12 INUIANA JUfLblll PQ-13 12 2:25-4 50-7:15 9 40-12 DO THE RIGHT THING R 1205-2 254:45-705-9 25-12 HALLOWEEN V R 12:15-2 35-4:55-7:15-9 35-12 LETHAL WEAPON 2 R . 12-2 30-5-7:30-9 50-12 JOHNNY HANDSOME R 12 15-2 35-4 55 7:15 9 35-12 .BAKER BOYS R 12 55-3 10 5 25-7 40 9 55 1350-3 05 5 20-7:35 9 50 NEXT OF KIN R 1:10-3:10-5:10-7:10-9:10 ' SEX. LIES (VIDEOTAPE R 1:20-3:20-5:20-7:2020 HALLOWEEN V R 1130-3:30-5:30-7:30-9:30 BLACK RAIN 1-3:15-530-7:45-10 JOHNNY HANDSOME R 1-3-5-7-9 J MA fRf PARKING I CNN CENTER DKkl HALLOWEEN V 1 55-425"7:25-9:25 BLACK RAIN 1:40-4:15-7:05 9 40 HONEY.ISHRUNKTHEKIDS PC 1:45-4:20-7-9:20 JOHNNY HANDSOME R 2 05 4-35-720-9 35 SEX.LIES4VIDE0TAPE R 150-4-710-910 GONEWmjTHEWlND NR KICKBOXER R J:30? 305 30-7 30-9:30 SEA OF LOVE R 1g55 3Qb-5:20-7:35 9yT BLACK RAIN R 235-5-725 9 45 UNCLE BUCK PC 1:25-3 25-5 25-7.25 9 25 SEX LIES 1 VIDEOTAPE R i ?o-fl ?o ( ?o-7 xi n JOHNNY HANDSOME R 1:15-315-5:15-725-9:45 BATMAN PQ-13 12-2 30-5-7:20-9:30 MESSING AROUND 1-3-5-710-9 35 HALLOWEEN V R 12:10-2 45-5:10-7:15-9:45 HALLOWEEN V R 2-4:10 7-9 20 . MESSING AROUND r YOUNG EINSTEIN Pfi 2-4:15-7-915 1 NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST. V fi I 2 15-4-7:15-9 FILTTIiyiEiirS"' Continued from Page 19 Place, Tara, Shannon, Town, Mar-ketsquare, Stone Mountain Festival, Holcomb Woods, Merchant's Exchange, Austell Road. Festival of Animation NR. If you missed H last weekend at the Gollerio as part of World Fest (and you shouldn't have), you now have an entire week to catch this collection of classy cartoons from around the world. Roger Rabbit would want you to be there. Tower Place. Ghostbusters II PG Who you gonna call? Script doctors, that's who. Aside from a few spasms of ectoplasmic invention PUZZLE SOLUTIONS OPES LlllOiE PRE TIE 'M T k D M I T AfdakEsJ 8iOJM Siisffi: ill s i-S-ii. iLiilLiuiftT i .Shu i i SuJi I AlLf 1 i 1 1 piRis;:iio W UaS jluik ihim it 41 aMa AfsTTTs fl, Jt Jiil! 'lJLS.iT LLM PlElTlElH-JSTElMTDS, 0 8 D A I AffS A iTflf H A P.E E R A T ; T I E RLJm A NOR IMP E ft P,R A U GJU S IU S " MP AMINE Rl T TTfT E nZ81A jNOG BlfCSj JS A T E JG A R BIOlU E S B A N I S Hp R BTfT OAST A N I LLJE L A T EfjA T T A R E STjO R E R E.0JA S HEP eIrIeHp e jK l LTp e eTrt i yiFLl s Tp e p i npl s elITTt e f io nTjw a o PRAIlER!ANrARD AIIARflERNlfliiiA RlElEIDlYURllTblsUolKlAlY Today's Constitution Solution Today's Journal Solution &JMBBLE GRAMS SOLUTION BY JUDD V Kiiia fslfTTifATirqcK , . 74 RACK 2 SEEElll0nACK 3 PAR SCORE 110-120 JUDD.g T0TAL 65 32 11 182 Saturday's Jumbles: OUTDO AISLE BABOON TIPTOE Answer Never lend money to this ouyl A "DEBT" BEAT "suspenseful, seductive And Wildiy Erotic. Al Pacino Eijctrifies In I A Riveting Perfokmampp w -hHTlVTrvH()IJ.INHiSr()NKMA(iAINK , , l ' f Well-Actedw - Efcuor Rin(4i ATUN1A XXntNALCONSimmON PACINO iEAOF I AWE K cni5a?3J AUNIMRSALPICUTIE WB r NOW PLAYING! CHECK TIMES DAILY HDtia MT0TOWN8 UIHOMKXOMVl 714100 J:15,4,45, 7:15 90 CHMmiaatuit SIONE MOUNTAIN KSTTVAL NO. MO,4;M,7;W.30 RrVSMUCSBUS Mf OriUkTAVLOHNO finf nonfiiM SOUTHLAKE FESTIVAL nu sou rHLAu num j IS 5!7fT 8 CtMtflUOWON , MALL CORNERS l;1.4:M,7:0 MEMORIAL SQUARE i6o.4 jojaoijr ROSWELL MALL CINLMA INHOIC'XWWMXIIW, (W-ITtiO fKNIMtCWttMA PERIMETER MALL . 3M-4120 LeT!P4WTftt5 CINEMAS 8 AT SHANNON MWY MAT Ml TOWNS luiiniia 42C-S400 M-li:llt.2:304;Sefii'. :S5,.(TMI.7:,t:a LITCMHLD AUSTELL ROAD CINEMAS tutnuan i tionitHun n;-g?;4 :20.4 50,7:15,8 41) . liUWi5T MESCHAKTS WALKS taijawwNKnmn immmm GAILERIAS OAUIAIUU,)-mHY 41 &2-0IU uwituMimTt LENOX SQUARE THEATRE nnncMiMinoia. iiM.lMMSjM, UI-2.00.S:tt.l:l.1l):4&. tt:1t,:N;t1Me,r.3Sl :lS.11:S0:aml,t20, 11:4S;f4:O0.B:4S,:1S, 2:15.4:45, 7:15. M5 NORTHLAKI FESTIVALS 4441LAVMIAW1. Wl-MS,4:45..J',l', 11:M;a1:11l4:,T:N, 20 ... . The Atlanta Journal WEEKEND The Atlanta Constitution (the Titanic docks in New York harbor about 65 years too late), this sequel to the hilarious 1984 hit smells of found money. That is, nobody really wanted to do it, but nobody could say no to an assured box-office bonanza. This time, the Not-Ready-for-Slime-Time Players (Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson) find a veritable river of pink gook flowing under Manhattan after Sigourney Weaver asks for their help (some odd things are happening to her baby). It turns out that the collee-' tive bad vibes of the Big Apple have made the city a magnet for restless spirits hell-bent on wreaking havoc on the human race (sort of a replay of "Scrooge's" All-You-Need-ls-Love message). Peter MacNicol is very funny as an art restorer with an unfathomable accent and Mr. Murray still gets away with his dry, Groucho-revisit-ed wisecracks. But the first movie was funnier, faster and, well, fresher. This one's more like Ghostbludgeoned. Memorial Drive 4, Promenade, Southlake Plaza. Gone With the Wind NR Long long ago in a world now very far away . . . Scarlett, honey, they bumed it. Then they put it on TV. Now they're going to run it forever at CNN Cinemas 6. It's 50 years old and better looking every day. CNN Cinemas. Gross Anatomy PG-13 Medical school's answer to "The Paper Chase" is paper thin. Mat-, thew Modine ("Bird') stars as Joe Slovak, a mod student's fondest fantasy made flesh. A cocky goof-off with on irresistable grin and a gift for medicine, Joe nails his study group's prettiest member (Daphne Zaniga; mouths off to his hard-as-nails lab professor (Christine Lahti as John Houseman, yet wins her respect with his mate genius; correctly diagnoses a mystery patient's fatal disease; and, yes, turns a roadside cafe into an ad hoc delivery room (en route to finals, no less). Borrowing generously from the "M'A'S'H" modus operandi, director Thorn Eberhardt cuts to the Emergency Room or a cadaver's innards whenever he feels the need to remind us that, all jokes aside, these are mortars of life and death we're dealing with. And obout those jokes . . . the funniest thing in the movie is the actors trying to look confident as they toss off multisyllabic medical lingo. Modine survives with his loose-limbed charm intact but for the most part, this is a TV series waiting to happen. Northlake Festival, Tower Place, Cobb Place, Akers Mill, Sandy Springs at Park-side 8, Gwinnett Place, Merchant's Wolk, Midtown, Roswell 10, Shannon, Memorial Square, Southlake Festival, Austell Road. Halloween V R Why don't they just have Michael Myers meet Frankenstein and the Wolfman and get it over with? This series has been a travesty for over a decode now, but like 01' Man River, it just keeps rolling along. This installment seems to be going for some kind of reprimand from the Council for Battered Children. Nine-year-old Jamie (Danielle Harris) has a psychic link with our favorite slasher, yet she spends most of the movie being crunched, thrown around or stabbed at; in one memorable sequence, Michael ' even tries to run her over with a car. There are the requisite randy teens dispatched and a Doberman Pinscher bites the big one. So does , the entire police department of October 21, 1989

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