The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on February 21, 1959 · Page 30
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 30

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 21, 1959
Page 30
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2 iM.r u iHi rin$iuCH courieu mt Shuttlesworth Says: By REV. F. L. SHUTTLESWORTH . i - i . 1 DEEP SOUTH Negroes have been Tar lfs surprised than many Washington official over the unholy attitudes and screaming opposition of Southern segregationists to the idea and pro - cesses of desegregation. We knew all along that the glossed over evils of segregation would some day be seen and reckoned with, for even, the most skillful orators can't fool all - of the people all the time. iV - That which they have proclaimed long and loudly as "peace and harmony between the races," was really the Negroes' silent and reluctant aequiesence in a system which gave them no alternative and allowed them no redress. The national eapitol provided the best forum from which to salve the nation's conscience. Hitler, used the - big lie" - technique to f outer the Idea : nf a. superior race until he fell. The white racists have preached with equal vigor that Ne - . groes were satisfied and completely happy ' with segregation until that lie, too. has fallen and become aq out - dated falsehood of the past. Bombings. - mobs. threats, beatings, reprisals and economic op. pression have proved insufficient to stop the determined ' attacks by Negroes upon the fortress of segregation. Still clinging to the ueau negatives ui me hsvm, 1110. - .1 deep South officials now have be came utterly perplexed and con :. fused. Many are m the position of lo - t in a strange city, phoned police headquarters to seek diiec tion. When the desk sergeant asked at what corner he was, the stranger replied, "I don't know where it is, sir, but I'm at the comer of Walk and Don't Walk." Or perhaps a Macon County 'of ficial better demonstrated this confusion when in a discussion of the Negro problems he is. alleged to have said. "We white folks have just waked up to find that we have had a bear by the tail for over one hundred years, and still don't know how to let him go." NEGROES ARK NOT. alarmed by defiant wanting from Southern politicians; what dismays us la the continuing perplexity whichlingers with .our Chief Executive. Our. Commander in Chief seems in this situation able neither to command nor demand effectively. The compromise - at all - costs disposition of the Federal Gov ernment in the force of outright defiance is, indeed, distressing. Mr. Mlkoyan of Russia must have chuckled, indeed, at the spectacle of a head of government stress ing strict observance of law by I citizens, while the government Is unwilling to apply, effectively, the laws as written, already, xr to propose legislation to remedy the bad core 01 the problems once and forever. I'm sure he found satisfaction, also, that certain liberal Congresmen didn't want to deal "harshly", with the South while, at the same time, the South - is disfranchising mil lions, and seeking more effective ways to keep it so. THE SOUTH needs the presl dent to take the initiative and suggest positive solutions. Not Federal, troops at the last mom entt, but plans beforehand; not in adequate and hopeful expressions but supervision to insure that hope and faith in America will not be lost White" moderates, and there will bemany, will never be able to work until the gov - eminent works with them and insures their safety. . The belated civil rights pro - . posals only scratch the surface. One wonders why the president does not ask now for" Point III, which would authorize the Attorney General to seek Injunc - JMnn against already Invalid School laws, and halt other civil rights violations. Thbt is the heart of the whole matter, and clearly needed to stem the rebellious, tide in Southern affairs. Until such is had, it will be many years and the undergoing of much more agony before liti gation is finished in school dis tricts of the South. Half - hearted and half - handed commitments by the government must cease. To water down needed proposals to keep from arousing "prejudices and tensions" is to prolong the duration of such emotions. IT IS LIKE trying to overhaul a worn - out motor with one wrench, and like using a squirt can to put out a raging fire i 1 . U i ENTERTAIN PHILANTHROPIST - North Carolina College PreiidVnt and Mrs. Alfonso Elder, first and second from left, arc - shown with Dr. and Mrs. Howard J. Chid ley, their guests from Winchester, Mass. Tha Chidlays ware on their 40th visit to NCC. Tha colleges million - dollar man's dormitory is named in Dr. Chidley's honor. Ha and his congregation and friends have baan among contributors to NCC scholar ships for nearly half a century. Dr. Chidley' is pastor - emeritus of First Congregational Church of Winchester, and ence served as chairman of NCC's trustees. NCC Phqto by Gibson. when several fire companies are necessary. No steer ever will be controlled completely by miss ing the horns and valiantly latch ing onto the tail. Birmingham Is looking for ward to the Investigation by the Federal Grand Jury of Eu - . gene Connors arrest of three Montgomery ministers in my home last October while I was In jalL Actually, the wfeole pattern of law enforcement Jo. Birmingham needs to be looked Into. Mr.' Connor assigns de tectives each week to churches where we hold our mass meet ings, but rages at the attorney general foriserving notice of civil action to Grady - Rogers in Montgomery. Let there be fair and thorough investigation so that Birmingham oficisls will know that America will tolerate no dictators in . her midst. It is going to be interest ing to see whether on not Democ racy can correct abuses of its people. Drewton, Ala. - By ALEX AUTRE Y AID FOR NURSES Federal health traineeship awards in the amount of S3. 826.20 have been or anted two graduate, nurses in North Carolina College's department of public health nursing. Recipients are Mrs. Lucy Thornton, left, of Birmingham, Ala., and Nova Herring of Dunn. N. C. Mrs. Helen S. Morse, director of the NCC public health nursing department, is sliown center studying current manual outlining activities of yday's public health nursing. Mr. and Mrs: Willie Powe have as house guest Mrs. Powe's cous in from Detroit, Mii"h. . . . Mr and Mrs. Willie Jacksrn s daugh ter from Dot ha n visited them last week - end. She was accom panied by a friend. Friends ' were sorry to learn that Mrs. Li Hie Perkins had died Feb. 9. She was the sister of Clarence Jackson . . . The Rev - Mr. Walton's sister, was killed in an automobile accident in Oklahoma. Mrs. Bob Patton is ill and patient in the McMillian Hospital . Mrs. Eve Autrey is still ill and not doing too well in her home . . . Mrs. Serena Jackson is improving after a short illness Mrs. Stella DuboU - e was named the winner of the contest soon sored by St.. Silson Church and was crowned the queen . . . Mrs. C. Thompson s daughter and son In - law visited her last week - end Funeral sen - ices were conduct ed recently for Mrs. Anna Cul liver who died in her Springhill name. . Mrs. Culliver was a long time resident of Brewton. The deceased is survived by a da ugh ter.. grand children and great grandenudrenr . Last rites were 'conducted for Mrs. Delia McForbes who died in Ohio. The deceased is survived by seven children, four sisters, Mrs. Rene Blunt, Mrs. Henrietta Fisher, Mrs. Rachel Green and Mrs j Lizzie Lewis; a niece. Mrs. Annie Mae Owens, and several other relatives. The Cheat hman Funeral Home of this city was in charge of arrangements f : i - 1ni - iiar - 11 Tilt SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS - Will!, Davis, left, and Betty Davis, Tennessee State University students from Memphis take a look at tha applications that approved thorn for Federal loan funds under tha National Defense Education Act. Also looking on are Dr. Joseph A. Payne, dean of students, and Paul G. King, university bursar. Clanton III Photo. Tvo Term. Students Given NDEA Loans NASHVILLE, Tenn. Two applications for loans out of the $10,i2 of Federal scholarship money made aailable to Tennesee State University - have been approved by university official.. The money, which is being ad ' ministered by the Of Ike of Edu cation, Is part of the six million dollars allocated by the Federal Government for the remainder of the school year under - the National Defense Education Act. Memphians Willie Owens, a 20 - year - old sophomore, and 39 - year - old Betty Davis, both elementary education majors, applied for loans and met the standards set by the act. THE NATIONAL DEFENSE Education Act requires that students with superior academic backgrounds who Intend to teach in elementary or secondary schools or those preparing for science, mathematics, engineer ing and modern foreign languages ' qualify. Fifty per cent of each student loan would be canceled for five years of full - time teaching in a public elementary or secondary school at the rate of 10 per cent for each year - of service. Each educational institution administering a Mudent loan fund is obligated to contribute to the fund at least one dollar for every nine dollars of Federal money. Of the six million dollars allocated to last until June 30. 6.1) students can receive a maximum $1,000 scholarship loans. n Mr M Mart ra T. ClPi Virginia Contrast To Little Rock WASHINGTON t AN Pi "The e.ierience In Virginia In the last few days has pro ided a welcome contrast to the Little Rck tragedy." declared Sen. Clifford P. Case. Republican of New Jersey. In an address before the Americanism meeting of South Mountain Lodge B'nai B'rith in South Orange. N. J . Case ret ailed that the Little Rock incident made headlines in Africa and Asia.

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