The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on June 16, 1928 · Page 10
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 16, 1928
Page 10
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: or , rip - . - 'fill' 1 .. - - is: - - .a - v : mi , - S - J. V ' ' - .j . " s :, - . L'.Vv'" i. : , iihrt i. I ill 1 f. s n 1 lis; :.:.vv - - ii - 1 f. .! 5 t ;:V. ; f, - L' - . 1 The clanging of bells and the crooning, moan of Lloyd Scott's jwqcbphone .opened the Interna tional Dance Marathon in Motor Sauare Garden Sunday, midnight, when 35 couples dpped to the floor smilingly confident of winning the $1,000 "VX?" Vam 4 - a Tvk vaii baa 11 Pmirfnor listening to the tantalyzing these metropolitan musical wonders, they turn their attention to the laacers. For after all, the interest ia divided between this celebrated bead and the sporting defiance of the marathon contestants. GRADUATE " ' a - 4 - a.m. I TTf'Hf . W - m - a . .jonn r arma ana Alexia Araoiino. wuiiam xjtwrence x orsytne 5r a just - m years old. Mis partner is miss Minnie ratoie. "Kinds tough on the heavy ones.1 we ventured. "Better say you reckon," was the merry rejoiner. i The affair is a complete treat on the part of the companies involved. Their 2.000 employes are riven 1 a holiday and are provided with trans - ponauon, reiresnmenu and amusements. .1 In: addition is a long program of activities starting off with an airplane stunting exhibition and para - cnute rama a auoit tmimmnt baseball game between teams representing the People's Columbia companies, a band concert by Danny nireut j iuaous Dana, two dances and a varied program of field day sports follow. There are events for men, women and children which carry handsome prizes for the winners. A number ox cash prizes also will be given at special drawings to individuals wearing lucky number nicnic badees. ; Special arrangements have been made to provide a children's picnic Erogram in charge of experienced indergarten teachers. All children attending: will receive sift bass. : The picnic is in charge of a committee composed of J. E. Lammert, chairman, and G. W. Brisbin, A. R. Burnett, J. E. Con ley, G. H. Feeney, L. H. Fleminar. A. R. Grsy. D. Q. Johnson, D. J. Lee, J. S. Logan, J, McCance, J. S. McCutcheon and B NEW CASTLE, PAi Smith - and . Nathaniel I X1' burch wr wu attended Jvr - w 9 I - ' . . !" conaoctta ric at i o'clock Miss narrow IS 1. i Carrie caiumore, Annie waucer anaisu Fkui i Baptist Church i - Cnnnl. "hln. 2. filar nn. - l 'Rnfns I James Wilson. Norman and Bafrir - I t'.aa of Cuba preachod a Rt. Vln l . ene 1 . rKicW UamAft T?,k - ; - I I dT at St. Lukc'l M. . ZiOn )ww. vi . nuuww ais r "'J. " mut i church. Mr. Thomii T Maori of among une popular entrants, auss MiMau rwu, Annie xiuiuer ana I wueauand. Pa., died suddenly Tuea. Hf tflrm xr inm rvrtt irl TB - ith livnn. IHarTV Alismond. Harriet Hs1pi antildayi at Buhl HoaoltaL Sharon. Pa. tlftdlong curl. - Dan Steward, Alice Johnson and f - S?S p rVv Sl'SS - - WU1 we TO, weu,'fooush nes - pari jonnson, jiiyrue row and I (white) at Sharon. - ; Rv. Coleman tion." aha answered our snerv with George Murray. Rosa Tavlor ar.d dii - ered the eulory. Mr. Moore ii a toss of pretty curls. . Mose. brnith, bugar stnckland nAl''ff . jg - . j ins r i ij i.v 1 1 1 19 mno i i m a . k v. i " - . - . Aauicnn jaiiiusiam - ic iti.wiu, uAauui iu. auu or . and JL. m. Loda;e and Odd r el "Perhao the enthusiasm of the aa - Billi Austin, Agnes Franklin and how. He was a brother of Mr Jame - M - lr. tl.A vn Lewi Williams. Davis Hw t .nH M - Moore or ima cur. ie la aur MV(VW "4Vi aG.V) MiW a IWH T. ' - h . - a , V. l ft ,.4.;i .t Dnrnth 9hnn)irH r - .t. - Jn - Trl 1 M . i.imi. iiiirw wwu i mwiu axMMuwuu luibu.vciy iw i ""1" - ..j.f . I Drotnera or Ueoriria. widow and four night, inspires the dancers, to great - man fnd Frank Pato, Russell Hairs - children. . Mr. Avuuam MorrUon. who , er endurance. Applause and shouts p - 01 a ora r.awaras, Henrietta "r: " :i.r .. - - - ! VT. - Irnnnri r, r.!,K. Tv. I Valley Hospital haa been removed to en I iiiiruuillVRMlr?!! - 1.4 1 j villi I - 111 J I ITs I w w w:u iava Miieui jiuuo. uuil l w i w - . w i .l.t 7" 7 . , . , . - r - - lr, - , t - 1 ' I - ?r - n - ia laRioiy r - ,nuu me snort intermissions otft I uu woansoa icrtng - . A. deiecatlon or Masons am tween the captivating, syncopating . J - ne entrants nave promised, if rf1?'." M.'.M 0,.MK?B,Sa " i ounasyj 'Well Known Citizen ; Passes Away the annual tbanksal vlnr service Butler. I' a. Miss Easta Barnes Klchmond. va has returned to her home after a two week's Tlslt with her brother and sistertn - law. Mr. and Mrs. William Itarnes of Lonir avenue. Mlaa Barnes will visit Chicago. New i oric ana Aiourr rirk. I. J., enroute to her home. Mrs. Barnes motored to Detroit. Cleveland and Pittsburgh the promoters, - are constantly pre - citizen pf this city for 19 years. died while risittns; here anting ovation a. On th . onpni - i - lat his late home. 23 Horton atrjt. I asrreeable . Com trie as an surprise to his many surprise night a prize of five dollars in gold June I 8, of pneumonia and heart 'V"i,2f " wm,l w V,5 - ' U awarded - the best Charleston troublei Mr. Forsythe was born at former pa - Vr of" slthe? L t dancer. A score of contestants Wilson's Mill. N. C February 22. Church and resident of this city. w deseed and pranced, cutting capers 1884J iFuneral services were held r',hrr hlBL.",? w, any. many riraltog the celebrated Bojanrles. fromfthe John Wesley A. M. E. Zion d?saTrh.?h m. o." w! The winner was Russel Abernathy Church: Tuesday; afternoon: inter - Finch of Scioto street spent tb el Shakespeare street ment? m Allegheny Cemetery. The week - end in Pittsburgh as guest of 2nn.Pnn - .ri fnln( surviving rlri - M a ri. - f.1 r - Richard Jackson, his daughter. VrTu" I ITvr 111" - itL r,lZ:Z iZZCZ " TT," Thursday evenlnr. May si. the col at 210, is one of the most vigorous Jliam Jr., and father, Benjamin For - aancers. jyir. Miller, however, Is.yweor, wnson Mills, i. c. IPacc Fnpctl. E30 Elouarc Him EDaimce r.2ai?attlhioim V A - V Top row Nettie Sparrow and Bill Kerr; Clara and Rufus McCnv, and GeralJine Pot end BilUc Austin. Lower row A cloe - up of Mia Sparrow; Armie Walker and James Wilson; Harriett Rathridge and Marshall Lewis. Wilson and Lewis were winners In the Homestead contest. ored women voters held a testimonial banquet In honor of Mrs. Ualay ti. Lmpktn of Plttsbursh. alternate dot. (fit at lara ta tb national Itepub - llcan convention. Covers wer laid for it fui'la Amens; the rpeakvra of the eventn,c were Dr. James A. Gillespie. Henry Knas. James A. Davis. Mrs. Bella A. Taylor (wM(e). Mrs. Myrtle A. Dantsler. Rev. W 1 1 - Ham H. Hod - , pastor of Bethel A. M. U. Church. Mrs. Maud K Hsmilton and Mrs. Anna Hagan (hlte. Ilev. A. C Bell, pastor of Ft. Luke's A. M. E. Zion Church mad the presents tlon speech. The honor guest made a timely speech which was well taken. Mrs. Lettie B. Williams who was promoter of the affair was mistress of ceremonies. New Castle Amusement Club wl!l hold thtr second annual picnic at Hills Beach. Wednesday. July 4. CLAIRTON, PA. On Thursdsy, Mr. John Woolferd and Mrs. Msdie Wheeler were anltd In msrrlme at the horn of the bride. SIS Wyl'.e street. Hey. IT Ice offut - atlng with the rtev.. Dandrtdae of Monesecn. The ho - n was tastefully decorated. Among their lovely guests were: Mr. and Mrs. A. Randolph of Rltsnbeth. Mr., and Mrs. I. Burwell. Mr. E. Mrls. Mr. and Mrs. A. Nutter. Mrs. Hsmilton. Mr. L. M. Savage, Mr. A. J. Ttlakemore. Mrs. Klo Mar. Un. Mrs. E. Bryant. Mr. and Mra Green. Mr. Wlll'atn Prle Mra J TV. Harris. Mr. J. Rack Ins. Kev. IV K " of Mlchts - an. Mr. Ud Aaar. M' Wil lis - l4n and ethers. Tne Hsae wife's Art. LJterary and tfocUl tlvb met at he home of Mrs. How l Jones, 114 lilalr aveaae. Jane a. There was a large etten4snc. This being a business meeting election uf nirr was held. The fr..wlag were elected for the ntslnf !. Mrs. Mildred petite, president; Mia Kva T. Mill, vice gredd'et; Mrs. Maude Clifford aeeretars: M'. Itaea Jonea. assistant eoeretary; Mrs. l - i - le tavla treaaarer: Mr. Arela tier. rls. Chaplin - Mrs. VY. t:. Maniasalt. Vinners In Motor Square Maratli To Enter Big liberty Garden Contei the line ef march. Han, Armond W. Scott was the orator ef he day, and well did he deserve the rrsue clwa hira by the taulutoda of prsoc wee were roetts ef the LIks et the thee - ler. Mrs. Mary L. tart, daagfctar el loasiooaei uirw, .. 33. spoke very enihcjiasU - aIly ea co - eperatica. pointirr out what Is meant by alitance between tig as brother aad sister Elks, Her ed dress was a revelation to the ceiad of all her hearers and wse rreeied with cheers. If our brother Llks, aa wall as the visitors who ware f or to at la enough to hear her timely re - mar as, oeea aavvra anu grt cioaer torvther. aothicg but success wiu come to them. Hon. Armond W. Scott whose speech was aa e4eece of.eoeat thoughts and one who yea raa rtlv upon to brirg a nMassge worth while, was at tus best, as h - addrrta, which appears below. w - 3 atUsL. Every member, every ritixee af oer group should rare heard rt. Se read it in the columns ef thia paper. Read it: think it over, and read tt araia. When the past grand eaalted ror of S sih;r.gton. D. C. supped forth everyone who knew him knew that be bresrt a message worth wLia. After the parade and services he was baaoueted ty the members ef the Marching dab end they had as their rwesis, aside from the hoeee ruest. Mr. hVoit. J. IL Trewn. 11 R of Greater Ii:uburrh Lodxe: Cel. Jamet Cross. J. Kl4 Miller, Jesse w. Harris. t44.e Camphrtes; P. li. .Arthur Thomas. Mrs. If a SraU. IK. Kuler Mary E. lUrt. ConUM Larl A. B. Ice and many other members of the hrd who wre there to greet the past G. E. IL Mr. Scott ea4 that he had r.ever had a better time eaywhere man &e t - td among the rerti aere. He was also a roest ef Ms oid IrietJd. Beany SIsde. ef Dedfcrd eenue. reporter. After the business hear iiitiMi". W Aiivr ilf pgiinft, nvir I mm . rvi . ... hosteaa. llcious Ivi )orl Th at tb borne of Mrs. l. - tra Jeaer. June .a. at sis fieea street. rr t tWWU. V eUV - a - iJ Hon. Armond Scott Hakci Telling Addrcis; HimdrccU Attend Heetin i With a penoramic display, North side Lodge ef Elks ball tbair spe tacular parade arvj m mortal tv - kea gt Llriore The a lax oa Sunday. June 10. The day was aa I teal ee for the grand parage, whkti was view4 by throrrs cf rple aiorg The program ef the me me rial services was as follawa: Ortta fr. ! - !.. rr si Jttlsas At ler: epentag e4v lb tefe: wr4ae reeamg - ta.aratve - i, C L Vker. s - lr(iot. 7(ora e4 esr e: iet eiN Mrs Mr.t m. ttti - e: l4f. M - Parker, eaaltee a w . . Mra Jones, served a a. J - W. Harris, eiy. .!, Mra, K. mcheon wbtrh rri inward, 'iinf T." r Mra Mary r, meeting adjourned to m - et j Kmtl: - jMrisl ad aeiararg ad 510NESSEN, PA. A young women's ausitlsrr has been ergsnlaee by tae yeaag weeaea of the Weywtan A. M. t Osrd tl Is a branch of the Wumen'a Mite M: - slonary borlety. The afScera a a fnllaws: r3iprlatdeo. Mrs It II Hill: president. Mrs K fk Twrnei. tl - Ale w. Unit, a - aa areei ITs? rasa, aag esalieg raler. af vebiagt. mUKtKa. A. SLaMai tee ef ere - aaiea Oar Oeaa - S - ro4 k.r - a f kMf I ke i - icrlal r Vr wee a. era Jeaeaa Kama. rrtwK. - barlee itart - rv. L Ci is , J H. Reed. Jeaeca J Gwi Mr Lett. i. va ctritrea aag caartee J.l'ataa. T" adlreea anade be lies. Arssaad W tw - M I is fsart rollea. That hlrH ka raea eaade est t. eeretsry. liee'rlre rtarle'ab: idev le faarleee. ! cartethsa arer. t lorence Wllliaras; chair - aaa of ll.adara ibM4 with I K - f - 1 ,g w f the Lookout commit lea. ka'th Mer. laarvwe s 4 the spirit ef basaaa rltt. The rlab was Jast recently er ' br a - rhevd, ganlsed and la prospering o fsr. Mear aa - orbiag aaeetl - a e steals Hr 46 II rATU.TDAY. JUNt It , j' THE PITTSBURGH COURIER DANCES ; : - fcirUi SELL' UD - i - VTE SELL . THE WODLD" Ti ia.aa,;a.Mtk WiMW TO SHUFFLE. AT MOTOR SQUARI ? Sash priae for the winner. They are still going strong; only one coypl has given op at the end ot 1$5 hotrra. ' : - Shuffle, shuflflel Slowly they move around tte floor, seme sneaking a nap on their partners' - shoulders, others laughing and talking as if they had had the regular eight hours of - - reoruired sleep each day. One cannot heln but marvel at their re markable endurance and especially - .11 I Son . - .. kj r - 4 j; 3 HOWARD SIMMS of Mr. and Mrs. William Simms, is a June graluate of Ihe Swissvala High School. He is the fourth! , race student to receive a diploma from this school and the only one in the 1928 class of 85. YTa v1 - a - rv ATtAv svllapa it fall their gayety and abandon. - I , r - 'There is couple No. 1, Miss Net - $1,000. And it's shuffle, shuffle, .tie - Sparrow, of 514 Singer place, I shuffle! J T7;il! TT inon CIh.VhiIam I Tl. TIT I street. They dance with ease. One Nettie Sparrow. : Clara and Rufus 1 Jl ALi I , 1J?1. I r Tl 4. T i . r jntnarea wurLy - uvc nours save ten Aicuraw, nooert Ave wis . sua aiay iio trace of fatigue upon tee smooth Johnson, Thomas Uash and Jo - prow oi iair axisa oparrcw ana lur. isepmnei jenerson, Alice ana r.ari Xerr loks like the end of a week's llheaton, Darmel Hall and Lucille rest oeriod. rClarkl I Edward and Mary Boyd. 'Tits fun, laughed Miss Sparrow Charlotte Morrison and John wash - weary. ' Finch, 'Ernest Henbow - and Hazel Whitfield. - weary i . wicn ai.umj in signii" jeuyi, .uinnie jracoie ana L,yrus mu - She looked at her partner. Ha smiled ler, Erma Dunn and Thomas Hou - aasurance : . , . sei, vivjan wnite and Uean Harris, WERE SORRY, JOLLY,1 OLD UAH ; William (Jolly) Forsythe has recently lost his father. William L. Forsythe.' The staff extends ietfpest sympathy to young Forsythe, . whose interesting sport ttories from . Howard University u well as from local fields have pleased our readers. . i Peoples Natural Gas Company To Have Picnic Employes of the Peoole's Nattirml Gas Company and its sister - atilitv. the Columbia Natural Gas Company. wiu noxa ueir uurteenth annual oic - nic at Olympia Park, McKeesport, June 16. ReturnTuTButiness THEY PUT PEP IN PEPLESS DANCERS Mr. Harry Seder after more than a year's absence from business at : Miss Alice Theaton and Earl Thea - 1 the Steel City Trunk Company of ton, 5410 Mossfield avenue,, started .Washington street, has reopened at I ont snunung. As also Miss Carrie oU4jienn avenue, under the name Rsltl inrt anil ha it - f - na - FI - rl I of thf Penn l .ntrtraott Shnn Washinirton. Miss Rnra TavL - tr nnH I He' is nrenared to ' sens hi Moses Smith were in no Particular I many friends with a complete line gnoses V .. .. . - I iL.. li M. - 1 1 . I hurry. ( ui. uie laiekt, in luuge ana earnest - 1 fou see, we will heed all this ly solicits your trade. energy for the second week of the Harry as he is known to his contest," she said. . many friends and well wishers asks Homestead Winners On Floor all to come - in and give, him the I Tnere is much speculation as to once over, the winners of the Homestead mar - I ' &i JlocaZ Man Injured this contest. Mr. Wilson is daneine S ' with Miss Annie Walker of 536 City John Harris, Sr., of 8106 Franks - Farm Lane. Miss Walker is 23 vaars town avenue, was struck bv an auto; old and Wilson is listed as SI. Mr. mobile in front of his home last Lewis' partner is Miss Harriet Ruth - Thursday morning. The injured man ridge. was rushed ty the Pittsburgh Hos - - The manaeement has surrounded i pital, where it was found that he every feature of the . event with wa3 suffering from a broken arm, comfort and the contestants are at - bruises and shock. He will recover, tended during the rest periods with The driver of the car which struck competent trainers. The judges are Mr. Harris took him to the hospital Messrs. Herman Johns, Caarles Ty - ana was released on bond. ler. Morris Tyler. Charles fDonkevl Male and Timothy O'Brien. James I, .1". opening of tha Willing l Workers Club will be held at the waiier ib timeKeeper, They aasisi in 'directing the marathon and con Thev assist . I assise v . i p ilia When wiLbit end ? TVi miKtinn I t is usually asked 'bv the oniook era. I Ds - nca Th. .n.i, j i ti I winners ' ... w UilMbCU. ft.t& I taj UIM a. im kV.l. - m I ' ""' - 7 - . - w a mi.i. ce, zai purse 01 uuse , DONORA, PA. - .1 Hrlth W.. 1 : TKi. r . . Tn li gwjuauy ciuciatingaa me evening knero wiu oa gooa speaking and good performances, which1 are unusually the latter furnished - by Dav - enport s orchestra. On June 1?. th ' w Circle Number Five will hold It. first MeJLeesndrtta well 'represented in! program with nreachine - bv r. j. cl the person of Earl Johnson. Mr. i Edwards in the morning and after - Tv s j i li - L .i.. - , 1 neon. TC Uu:nn Chanel A M. EL - nnsun ia acjng Wlin Alice JOJin - Church is striving very hard to raise mvu. luoimujaBer ia 20. . ii.ou ror me benent or the church. ."Heck of a number von eot there " I ?"." LElk? turned out Sunday. June a friend - hMjut - 1 they had s ; very splendid program ' .v.. lann t.rmnn . T"V. . PVtM.'. T ,w a. a. . - - . m .... I wuaua. 9 Mm.j V v JEes Ul lOWn. - ieiI mv buddies I (Tram tvroved verv inrraHfnl VJra to play 023." Atti some declared P41" Thomas has returned home titsvennU ' . j from her visit at York. Pa. Miss When Dancers In Biff International Marathon At Motor Square Cart! en Get That "All - Cone" Feeling Lloyd Scott's I I V .V fit - . Band Begins to Play end Ob, My! . - . 1 k I I ' ' ''J - - . . - 1 : S I . 1 t t...j v: j; v c 1. - 1 1 v . . r . v . . . f .. . ... ijriney was a Monongshela vis - I "y - .. - wa., wa.wj vau.ww ,.vw ivik vi . kw w y m a a t - w tg miuisa ia Motor oqaro oaruara. - " - "j. ti ,aimtSvf. I ....... ,. . ,,.. ..,..,. ,m - v v. . w . . a.a I . ui .a w. v. Mr maiaiwa t r T J U r S7 Veil. laCCS.4 S .held In Monongahela had two I band is en route West for a few veeki' en a o - e t te n t whan will ntlnrn (a th Skmr. Ta Mruaiial tfwltAaa I.v. L .T . . - - j 1 Jun1 3rTs5dtoCfurdyI I McFerran. reeds; Cecil X. Scot reeds and director; Frank Newton, trump et; Johnson Coleman - Uuxzpet;. WilUam Ixk Wells, ne: Mace , at 1 - o dock, aisxr. aazopnoxie; iukooipa .v nuamj, Daajo; von xrye. puno: JUoyd a cott. cruxaa. tsans - rr. ... . :... - 1 . !''.'.. - ; " - is - - . 1 I - a , , i !.'.'' - 1 - - 1 J deeasad ear bee te - .ts e4sr edee lal wa ea'gst S - e waea e - st aa g - eeaaeaa viaa la4aa ! re mra r a sslr a - ie tat aeier. bsl te te aw ta w - a swtaeg ef s - af ae ra H''" - mMm. palgaa Wa waa - la bketeer er res - aMia. aa a U wul ta - a la i faitarsl "agra - Ceasra - as T laaasa af Masaaeaa. sett, sea af the few fearleaa atataa - a ta the Mil i asi Ceaf raw ae far aa aair ewaeesasS grwap le rraet. re aatlf tail a tt a aa sla air ta all af aa ,fwtiln t datee fee the aree4e - r mm te imc es af bath af Ik. aaakse eatae sa w s wa a ash a - d take laofwa aa .raa Waa aasrassid ye. are if aaewae ta ifc - e a imm - aaira sa awl ay Slar lUiak taal tew stead fa I fce eat wnaot sf l aa ghtaaath aa.e - I ta ra af aa - r ent - k. ' fc - at r a sag aa what aw vw aa" - e aa ta the aaree - aeaaat af t T e ik. rawrteaata M rirtaaaia tl - rtke7 aata la tae eeaat af fix AM aa aa was teartaeae ea a tuatr ate a Haute. ataae aae war tka exaee ea far as Dasaaerats are e - va. eeraed. I aaa est evrAea , avaeea1 isey I awe aa aartajag. b iMf la ea i'in fee ear s Ka - awa4iaa If aerirf Ik e saiet u)aul aeatkaai. ea vital ta awe f ar wai. fara tM Ik stabilfig af awe awkeaed a at K ta ae ta ta a - f i'a ewer ad af a - ar ea te eaw fa;ewieg sw'itwal sr - ae) k ewitia aad e - s ad t fea aaa Iwatead smi area. M fae aaa air lektintr tkair saiMhal kf . V Va. wa a. a4 fee aal fvetbra aae eaaaJ rls k ta fee a:t eaaa aae aeawekaUr fee aa e - s - eee - s raL aaa S - ir f - aattaa a eaaal e4 eae giea aarta a taiw. baa tsaea aa e - rsae a a ataat. ate eeaetrye ftag, As4 m lata ee It. a4r, Wit. a iMarartiH lk - a JUm tnv a . erwaaaat m - mmmrr i a ka ta - a el.i I 'Ul aaa alita - ( m ta. i wa aa.a e. pt - iaaa a n aa. Hit. VlU - a a Caatnts asw a Ka a m a - ifctea - raaaev ta Jus Crew e 't - aeaia. te iaa a - .ek - (k - ka raaaaro W aar rH eatMial ta taw raii c Wa. a t e ia Usaa as aU tkie aey Sag. Vkv wajivaa la Ka eaaa Crtv. wbaea a Kaa k. rt aatm ta - aiK day. aea laasrweafcaa aae a mil a. ag aiattwa. mm (aa aa ta lrewiaaae af tba aaass Sara af aw Saaw era aatkl gT . ka X.a - a 1 I aa af tka aeuaa ai la.ti - t ar - a ' . rwwaw aw a - - - iee aae ll.i r ww aai im a mm tart, ad a lk rara Ureiaaai tsa i - iiut. beta tsey ara s - rawa w ta rte aet. feaS tfctl etlas, ea - t War aweg. aiaa - ms eegaa. 7 W I X ta Ve - . a Cawrtee. la He kea - ea af ;a S. .s, ca:.a ewe lUwitet t t Va ww ia - 4 atfcaw aw I k awes ewf Ikw leasees mi lka K - - .k.M - ia aanr. m earn a a It l ie" wk t s'ltkiMUea aa ta eVaCa ad k - ra a a aaeey eeia4di a. . - ' rmf i k - as I kw T7S0 Ia CiiH C,n i1 Award RexiitriSa I The r - tl - ts'. - v af nmttp t. - xS'.tf yi - s Jr rt! u ivjs,.., Td ' id. 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Ft aJtS - Sleww ttttka, r3 a - as - j , fsttaa's lvs - Ul a4 C - : - - tg ram, t Oss af tiw t imtXe - , the rre,i w.J te tie xs;'ng g , 4Uwafe awx every a - k - aU 1 by tiw faaiwa V : - - i - Srvsra paters et t.e Ijar - .Tia k aaOe4 ry liw iMrj - .ii Jherr. . . eadt af t rrr ja - sl SupU af Ksrvv - was wj tare ties eflse - ts - ea - s". red w - a lrtatwre frsea ?.e - e let wJ krtsg sew ri, I w - a. il wvicae te ea - rte a a xKaX5n;r7. rjL - mm i - aaa a a r ika . i , . LJ1? 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