The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on April 28, 1928 · Page 15
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 15

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 28, 1928
Page 15
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uu SATURDAY, APRIL 22, 1C23 T H E P t T T S U U H G M : CO U R 1 EI m - J '5 i J i TMfATPICAL W - - ' J " V .411 A V ?la,XgA r . sJBBaaaaas aawaaaa , BnannMnn lusic w eefe to Ha aBaBd , ' - .'. - . ' .ill father Of "Blues," At 54 To Make Concert Debut nm - TO Feafare "Great "Race : Artist s C Handy Deplores ? "Dressing Up" Ui Jazz Melodies By LESTER WALTON , l ow Yirk WorM La.. VoirrnpQ inppntoH ' - - aaa . mil V wh.'te folks r made an industry k of it Not content with that, L jieCnow trying to develop it i - 4; I !;. !s tho'lamsnf; of Wffliam r !edy. father of the "Blues" and linent Negro composer and or - Wtr conductor, whose "Memphis tf is recognized as ' the' first W composition. : ; - : SHstCy wrote me - .piempxus Blues ' 2)10. iiavnij; inouintiein, capital - TIm'f it. he sold the rio - hta ty n 'iiL'hing company for - $ 100. It ibeen a good seller ever since and royalties from phonograph rec - i alone represent a small I for - a Although he has composed uy other popular jazz composi - sj, noably "St. Louis Blues" and Street Blues," Handy at the i of 54 is a poor man. - He has fir been able to muc business with Feds That Jazz Has Lost Soul tiijdoes not Kisturb him as much tie fact that, (in his opinion, jazz by - is not what it should be. 'The business of justs is bo dressed that it has lost whatever hbou! it s possessed. There's more art in ample spiritual , than in all the laical jazz orchestrations put to - j - Tbe simple work chants, which ! me jpirn ox tne Southern and which ware, the inenim - ff.r thfi "Blues!" r nnw lm - tmbeliished into absurd compo - I I 1 m . Dy jeaasrs or tne large jazz stras. 1 have heard thps r. as play some of my "Biues" wy were beyond recognition. any oe me .approach to art ro jazz but it isn't a genuine one." Believing that there should be a return to simplicity In jazz, such as there waa when it was first conceived, Hands present simbiUon is to revise interest in the native apirit of this music. It is just four years since he regained his sight. He became blind shortly after the war following a Physical collapse induced bv overwork - anA KrS;... ; bmce thartime he, has compiled a book of "Blues" and re - estahlisbed his music publishing business. riow he is goingj to rriibark upon a concert career to demonstrate his ,UWiKS aoout jazz music. - His first concen; will be given next Friday night at Carnegie Hall, where he will lead a 40 - piece orchestra and a mixed ' choma nf ; - it,K;t .: - i - - euigcrg III a program of Negro music ranging from primitive African melodies to contemporary jazz. - "?zz l? Blues Are Blues" Jazz hajt n?mr kun tvn.xi xi concert stage in its native form" he nave organized a group of musicians and singers for a series of concerts to show the different types of Negro folk music which is . luuimauvn ot all. jazz." Since 7 he rr. Kj, A.u: Blues," which created the von f rriuted cornets and "sour" clarinets, - - - - - " - .v.. euiou jaza uanus of those days develop into business organizations that are nothing short of an industry. The five - piece bands such as first played his "Blues" are now junior symphony orchestras that give Wagnerian preludes of the "St. Louis Blues." - - He admits that all this is great progress but it isn't jazz. As he once told a. nntrf nnlif 4. Jazz is jazz and blues are blues. aim luais ine way ic should be. What he sold for $100 has made a fortune fnr nfhan on. - ) 1.. - : - . . . . V. ICVUIUUII izea the entire idea of popular mu - o.t. hb mvrnwa a Bysiem End is J?0.?. lElI5SJt2thwUh it. Delegates and Visitors to A M. E. General Conference Convening, in Chicago May 7, come Chicago poRD COLLEGE branch Our complete Dining Facilities, Guest Rooms, and Conference Rooms are available to you. Headquarters for Visitors Accommodations for Ladies and Gentlemen THE CHICAGO BRANCH OF mm Knai (A Malaria, Kourvdai and 0ntr 4415 S. Parkway Chicago, ti. Telephone: Oakland 4101 DRAMATIC ACTOR ARE YOU 1 LifJELY? Join the WASHINGTON SOCIAL CLUB! rve lots of letters from interesting men or women. i grow old alone. "v ,ur inrormation today! POST OFFICE BOX 3273, WASHINGTON, D. C MMEM Fur many years Madame L - Normaod of Paris reisrne4 supreme as - the. most fanioua oracia and vronoUcator in the entire world. Kins and Prince. Queens and Cardinais and State - , men would vUit her in disiruie in the dead of n!ght to vrina" from her a prophecy f a - ood or evil, yes or no, a - warning - or a blessing - and always she astounded the world by tho amazing - accuracy of her forecasts. Today her - own private and ret system and special deck of fortune teiling cards in colors have been so'arransed that anyone who knows the key nay read tbetn at a glance. Mow anyone may tell fortunes at parties, church baiaars or at home for one's own quiet amusement. You, too, may be popular.' sought after and con - ulted jut as this famous woman ws. Special professional fxtrtt includes not only the cards with the. secret key. but a large hook on fortune telling with ordinary card, explaining n oCcardij, profusely illustrated, making; everythinar clear and EDLf'4T! i or p"y fur Postman only i.4S plus postaa - e on - delivery. a - 24 Elt 2lM Strrt' Dept. C - 2. NEW YORK , UKR51AN DOCTOR'S WONDERFUL DIS(XVERYI KRING QUICK lEP TO WEAK MEN and WOMEN! Amatimr results astonish nervous, run - down feik . who . had iiven up all hope. But there no need to worry nuw. . No more disappointments. PEP - O - SAN make you ready to enjoy life enew and cuts you In shape to set your full share - J ie pleasures Those who love you wiu be astonished and delighted at your new found strensUt. ' YES. J - Viend. PEP - O - SAN wil make your drean - s come true. H will restore your pep and energy Quicker and better than old preparations. Send today for trspie strength,, tablets, guaranteed to please you Trial size only J 1.63 J, full sfete bo only S 00. SPECIAL Two full sited 1 nnxva a - i nn - r - j at . . r PRODUCTS CO., 133 CHURCH ST NEW YORK, N. Y. aw n - " , ' " . v - ' - :. . . i T.5 t 11 TV - I . - 1 . SYDNEY KIRKPATRICK : Dramatic actor, now starring at the Lafayette Theater, Nrv York. en e fit ;At Regal "Flo" Mills mortal Fund . Ft I r'OT Me "Bo jangles" Robinson to Supervise Gala Program i CHICAGO, I 111.. April 26. The R3gal Theater, Forty - seventh and South Parkway, on the night of May Srd at L2 p. will be the scene of a hug3 benefit stagel for the Florence iMills Memorial Fund, under the supervision of one of America's premier vaudeville artists, Bill "Bo jangles" Robinson. The high esteem with which Mr. .Robinson is held by theatrical folk, has made it possible for him to secure the services of .several of the country's most distinguished performers for this worthy charitable cause and " insures those who attend the Regal on this particular occasion an unusual treat. This greatj national Negro theatrical movement is sponsored by the Florence Mills Theatrical Association under whose auspices a nation - wide campaign is being coo - ducted. A few of Its ' general objects includej the "erection of a Memorial Home for Negro performers to perpetuate the memory ! n of the m lata Florence Mills, the stimulation of improvements in the character of entertainment provided for . the public and the provision of material aid for its members, Harry Burleigh Heads Committee; Programmes NEW YORK. N. Y April 25. What promises to be the most eventful Music Week program ever conducted in Harlem, will b hekl under th auspices of the West 155th Street Branca Y. M. C X Arir,m tha week of My 7 to 12. - Brie! presentations will be offered each evening - in the main lobby of the branch tom - wnrlnr akamtw at R - 9A o'clock. ( . A committe of ooUtandin; musicians and moxif lavn will ...,'t in iponsoring the . various programs. Those on the committee arc Harry T. Burleis, chairman; Leon Williams, Mrs. Gertrode Martin. Walter C Handy, William Handy, Leon Ad - ger, Minnie Brown, Chauneey Northern. Sonoma Taller C I. Hot.. Jessie Zackery, Paul Bolin. Mel - villa Charlton, J. Rosemond Johnson, E. Aldama Jackson, Felix Weir. U. S. Elarn, Walter B. Baker. Floyd J. Calvin. Will Vodery, Hall Johnson. Leah Kit Walker Tl... Geraldyne Diamond, Cleveland G. AUen. George W. Abbott. Bcssye Beardon. Herbert T. Miller, Thomas E. Tavlor. CMrn W Tf.rri. U.'i1. tiam H. Davis, Frank ye Dixon and avnrj - araer jr. , Tho probable program will be made ur fnllnw i,nAr ik. eral theme: "The Story of Music": Monday, May 7 A Short Recital f Folk Soars. 1. Groups of Russian, Hungarian, German and English folk sons to be rendered by students from the International House through assistance of Prof. E. Aldama Jackson. 2. A group of Negro folk songs bv J. Rosamond Johnson. 3. A brief backo - rounri nn fniv mr ric to b supplied by Mr. James Weldon Johnson.' Tuefday, May ) 8 A Representation or Art Songs. 1. Various vocsl selections from the first compoaers to be sung by Mme. Charlotte Wallace Murray and Miss Bcttie Sing - fort and others. 2. A brief sketch onS he given by Dr. M. - lvitla Charlton. Wednesday, May ' 9 Excerpts rrora the Operas. 1. Arias from several operas will be rendered by Mrs. Jessie ZscVerv n.t M w cey Northern. 2. Mr. Edward Mar - pejton will furnish an oral background for the operas. T.hu7la3r 10. A Short Re cital of Enseaable Music. 1. The Y. C - A' 1Bi" Mtne!" Injtrument - 11 "PP - y Prt f this ensemble music program. The trio is composed of Messrs. Walter B. r i y 0" . "niva t 1. BUULClOtt Baker, plsnijt and director; Clarence Desdunes, violinist, and Ted man Smith, 'cellist. Z. Mr. David I. Martin, director of ths Martin - Smith School of Music, will lectors en the evening theme. Pridav. Mav 11 V . .v. Classics. 1. fhs piano division will be supported by MU Jetsi Covirg - ton. Carlett Tknma r4 r - ... and Miss'Andradea Lindsay. J. The vioun d - io?i will b supported by Mr. Felix Weir. S. The voics division will bs supported by Miss Minnis Brown. Saturday, May 11 Present Tew - dencks in Mssie. 1. Tendrncits la popular music will be given by Mr. Will Vodery. 3. Tendencioa b jsss music will be given by Mr. Walter C Handy. 3. Tendencies la tha spirituals will b given by Mr. C. L. Hynea and th Utica Jabils Ousr - tet. 4. Som futars posrkIIitis will bt deslt with by Mr. HsU Johnson and his singers. PRAGUE WENT WILD OVER HER Billy Gurry's "Smashing Thru Revue" At Bijou By W. It. ARNOLD Theatrical News Correcpondent The Pittsburgh Courier NASHVILLE. Tenru. April 2C The most popular form of theatrical amusements, still retaining the power to attract, was quite evident by the good attendance that greeted Billy Currys "Smashing Thru Revue." The show opened a week's run at the Bijou on Monday nieht. April 16. The entertainment given was of an up - to - date nature. The company including the leading exponents of burnt cork fun not only reproduced all of the charm of such a show, but also met other requirements in their line of endeavor. .The show also boasts some clever comedians. lr skillful T - V. . - - .... iioiRcio, ine chorus well balanced, consisting bwu singera ana aancers. I J fJolumbia "Est COLORED Music Shoppe SEND VCin OITR Vftvv riTiinniTr nr i t - . RECORDS: SBiFPTO.JMYFAmor Tm U. S, C. O. D. Columbia process Records BESSIE SMITH BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON , ColS nu tke Gratrf WILLIAM McCOY : .io - lwIJlJr - e,81 BARBECUE BOB 7S Tml Imltatlaas aatel tfco tV Motkorlea Chile Dsies T7v r7T aLi tWV.V 4 Ji G: So ALL - MAKES OF PHONOGRAPHS REPAIRED 6355 Frankstovvn Avenue Pittsburzh. Pa. Phone HUand 4674 C , . ; ' 1 V a 1 fl '! 1 a I: I J If V.I ' 1 Si t 1 yj, .VJ ri i 1 I mm i. k ) If i 1 if 1 1 if' m x f 1 7 31 AW and ThU record tells tho trouble of a mam rho needs tomo Iovin'. tender care. ltfa full of witfulnea and rhythm, tettlnr tho houldera a - thaldn' and tho feet a - ahunUn'. Tho couplLnr la "Como Homo Daddj." Ulllan Cllnn sure puts em both . crrer. Record No. 14300 - D. lnch 7U All Alone and Blue J Vocals - Come Home Daddy ( UiiUn cllnn Other Popular Records ICTVD, fad. Tim MotharUaa Chile BJuss I ThinM!,' Funny EIuss 1 r - ft iaa f hV 1 r - v - r.n a s. HotTM (Crmdis of tiipplnMi) I I'm Savtnx It All for You I y Ka. lfTTr a A .s. Doertn' Jlfa, TJ. . Brown Sain E4ie I VmmmJ - tr Ask yor IWcr oV Lmtm t K Rxr J C tlog CwlumU. rWr,,, uil IWrvr. hW Tr Cfy - ColiimJbia 1 vr 2td the cf rcn f w All Cocons ut RacurdM mt DOR4EY BROS. MUSIC SHOPPE U1S rraaasisw - a Arras rrrrsBCRcrj, pa. - w ray iu c a n. OVtfsr TAsss Cla - nllm . Record F rt GOLDMAN U WOLF lilt Cstr An, ri:Uri. Ps - - Or. KLrr mo 11 n . . W p.r - NK. Sfe'ff cdi J - pi. this city haiT a Z Wr" ker hart Wsdnes - IF YOU ARE A PERFORMER OR MUSICIAN YOU NEED THIS BOOK . ," v - - r 1 e Br 1RV1N C MILLER a as FLOYD G. SNELSON Jr7 Sawaertaiha. o - a Oariar a Tear HU tan OrSw SI Oaea 115 West 131t Street New York dsjr to begin a ten - dsy engsgsment at a local cabaret. The little Paris a a .aancer, wno creaiea sues a sens - 1 1 i ? .... wn vi rnjia was roex at, Lh train by a multitude of admirers and was literally swept off of her feet. Honrs befor shs arrived tKt crowd began to gather and when aba was sighted there was a general rush in ner direction and so anxious were the members of the crowd ta see her several women were Injured In the rash. Miss Baker was forced t take refuge upon tbe top of a limousine, from which she smiled and waved to the shouting nrulti - tode.' The public would not permit her to go - to her hotel until aha had first driven around ths city in aa automobile. Everywher aha want there wsr crowd to greet her r4 the cheering was deafening. All Race Records At ARCAnO PHONOGRAPH CO. 10 Private Hearing Rooms For Your Convenience ; 1006 WYUE AVH, PrTTSnURGH MAIL 0RDEK3 flLLCD NEW ORLEANS NEWS By BOB EST W. OACGS New OSes, 2811 &rr rath Surt rWaa JmLsw lliyj . Ikras rweitei a4 laeae thm Ttnif - rtxrvatz cxcATtoa or niMuutv DROPS O LOVE a wew eeeatasat easssUH aa - a. eiej IUe a4 mu aM J'tJLf l'Saeas. Oar I esa le l as f S4 mMM aslnrUess fee - sea aW VV - J",a Uaeaa aaseay aa4 fV "Mmr wsaalaar taa aaa aa aa ' aisa. rF ealass 0LY t sl ea.( .W, err. COVS CO. Daa. K. ea 4SX. SSS W. area , Lea Aaaasaa. CaM. Mra. Yelaaa. llearr. farsaeelr Mlaa Vetams Ualr. aa4 Sac SasaaaS. tmrH era raeaaUr fra PriWr. Cat. la VUlt aar ewaaia. atUa txi - a rwriee a4 re U 11 sea. atlas Tlctarta CalUo. fwraaarly af Ileaataa. Tea, U auiisf aaaaa fcars wlik aer later. Ulmm Ma reel I CaWaa )et re raed f rtaa a ! a, the Oalf Oaaal. w w, waa IK caeat af M .e K. "raakl.a. last ra sSr (traisf. atra. m was aaateaa la tfca Ka4 1 rx m u.t la aver . teallfal liai. tit Kftan tr - t. Twaaty - foar f asra r.k. leaaata laaa. alt (red coaietr la ' ls w.r ar.kc Cars ,ia - waa fin. Ta MI vera atasea. a. ki.ur. O. Koata. .a. W. r - ciaaa. A. Hart. V. kxaarda. O. Uaar. , U II - o - r. N. L. I. ui.l. Laaa C Hardtaaaa. . C'a4itaa sal Alisr aaS tS lofVawias saesa . ara: ateaea. L llasaarS m i. Taaaaaa. Misee aV iata a ad I. ta - a. Mr. and Mis. rreS4a W unam. cel.aratwS tWIr iw.iltn aw44as aa - lrsrr la laatr aaaattfal aoeaa km Ansel ia ateeet ftef rveaeaeata wera 'S lit itsstuxe as4 au waa f - raC teAraavaJ aaS - sea are aM ea r Oa SatarSar laet. Mtaa taa t - ra laa T. H. ti M . taa wfclea aertataa4 la ! ana a Miil h4 iiaaen. n, raaaea a sewareesaUa a w playeS an 4 aaalfal aaS aeefal ara.a ";r , wraaaea. afiee ' S - Mctwaa aeraaS. Mlaa aaa h4i. aaaieaa Salaries - afterwawa. at a . ', waist aarir la - r . Tir waaaa la SmU afra(. Ta - e issrkaM labia waa aaaalifel wfffc a real etaet.r ar rS ram t4 r - - aa Wllb aWree ee4lavaSe a4... ' leaaea. Ta siImWu aaa w.i. '" ari e - r - rr a fraaa lhi.k aaaal I a e I as a a r V ke ! .aaa a tk wauet gcaaew wfa s - S , fteaea ae aaew (raaa 11 w ... a la a eaaa, . . aS aa. . .ZT aa - a 4 iv. . . . . Vi ".! af a A - . - .a aaat.e, I. k,r a f r - - . r , . asns af s r - m 9 . . . eeS. TV. . . "w J - aaffal V i. , , . "... 7fc - "aaa a w a ase - e X mm . a. Riii. Se4 w . . . . . , ,, I.r4 aa h ii . ... .. J - "a aaaaa aer - i. a w a. ea la, . . . ... ... . IMS:., J - a. I Mf. W . A . . . . . . . - rriae a. , ,.a wss aaea a tie a . i " . . - ' - - ai (M aaer,Ti aa 4 ra. ,. M . ( lie taaasaara. Uama IlArra. (U - aava straac !L ... l. It".; - ; e - i . ... , . IVI l rv T1 I (14 OaC S - !M trrMi A., (ai4f 1 1 nn

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