The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on December 10, 1927 · Page 20
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 20

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 10, 1927
Page 20
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'I? . '.....:.. fit r 0 OBTD ATENOE . - , t PitUbargfc. Fa. Bqaaj. Uopdom. W. G. T LAWS OF PENN3YLYAN1A. Itlt In, Kttf Trtt T i. .. FICTION iu suouia neyer oe in trusted that graft, corruption' and all will inevitablv foHnw thA m. oruer, wb are ioia, wouia break Therefore, argue the . ..'..L. a square deal, and says that "It .iv - - - - - - - - - - ; 11 ' EDITORIAL ; .1?: . V ' life dMi'SlCafimu f,;r. i. - .'u ' - . j; TV (IK f ... . ' ! S! V.'r. . . 5 izxtn off i ce v;:s St t . !tpfea .: Coon 1831 : '.lUgf - ff FITTSBgRGH COURfEg PUBLISHING COMPANT. tmrporat ,P t to Mwwi x P U Bent t Arm i WtmtU Qw m li FttiLADKUPJUX OITICBi IT Of g Mix t. LrtcUr 7: INCORPORATED UNDER THB t J? target Audited of any Colored - CtreoUtloa Aadltod mnd PtotI CtreoUtloa Newspaper In America by Brnt " JBnut i FACTS AND r. - i La The Neixo, accbrdin tr to T Xiu It t. r - - - "cui, $ JSll?0 1 claimed Sr F1? of ; bad government, SS - Neroe8"in' th South and their acquire - j'st.4 I - j "r" f PiS,?S?f? " MtrtiT 7"ir' " oesi xo Keep tne Wegro from par - :!V fh - e U?cal M of that section. NoV the AnX - feiJSJ? clauned' PecuUarly fitted by nature and heritage P - WSi" ?d stabl Srovemment. If honesty, WiSlUe te chFrize management of the 5:;vgy, the government must always be administered by y' - JSSfS - SPn' F th theory subscribed to by a large mi Jcpty of all American whites. . ' i&S2J Investigation we find that this claim is merely 1: :: : Mtl' vP8 Ppv it entirely. Take Alabama' for RK:1 minated poKticaUy and economically and so - V1,, Ne8ps are as scarce at the poUs on election 'Httu1 in Labrador.. No political offices EJtJIS. 7 colori People. : The dark citizens are as definitely imw!? ,?011188 they are from the public m - yet 1111 is not the commonwealth of Ala - fHS&feJ116 2 government is administered ;pm &i?f i.P3? knvm as the Ku Klux Klan. With fi nd murdered whoever disagreed with it orf ran counter to Its SWfidard of morals, conduct and beliefs. To this illegal organ - mi011! of M&e government officials belonged, and 44&ft of thenv stiU belong to it. They wink at infractions of t&e:Iaw by Klansmen and refuse to punish guilty parties if 'nir s . tne Barning Cross and wearers p jillow slips and nightshirts. t. ; ; fcS11111? whole C0UItry. was shocked by the depreda - Wt of the Alabama Ku Klux Klan. Men and women of the 7&?uTt? wer Sken from their homes and flogged on Wfu VTJU ,5ven white youths did not esclpVthe vratn. oi tne ouended Klansmen. - PnWi nnini a cry went up to. put this terrorism to an end. Many of Klan resigned and some ' - lt8 of th,e organization repudiated the reign of terror. The IS? depredations. Accused mdividuals were brought to trial Ptted. The State Law Enforcement Department in - f5 axdmg the prosecution was actively engaged, in aiding loSl!?6!6 t was, and is, apparent that the officers of the Sttw t?i' GoverPor subservient to the KlanJ When the KuKlux Klan cracks the whip, they leap to do its bidding. i. .v"c 'jwmkW' xiere is a supposedly: democratic ,m which & icret organization given to all of the worst S Or terrorism i h6M Kn .w. 4 - u tt.ii ' . v j If. A 17 " ut.ouu"; iIlc Mtw.neipiess against K&i Is the Attorney - General, formerly a Klansman, throws Ofrthis hands m disgust and ends his fruitless fight against th super - government that functions with whips, knives, guns. ; and feathers. And yet, this, is a whiteiontrolled state! White people have aU of the power and authority.) The Negro itaninated from poUtical life and is only a spectator on the S5??vn - ?tin,5? m8?1teof the propaganda about the su - V:B5?iirSS the whites in. the realm of government, tliis state is afflicted with all of the evils that white people of the he always daimed t would ensue if Negroes were ever givn pohtical rights. If Negroes could do no better with the 3 vx u.wouia, ib is oi lease odvious tnat they could f worse. And what is true of Alabama is true of every ENCOURAGING NEWS 'I'h A nr ii i ii.i i I XI and states in the South m their rising generation, white and black. Many of them have for long depended upon Northern philanthropy to do for he Nigro children what they should themselves do, while the major portions of the school funds are spent on the education Zr1! CVlldren M a, consequence, the education of the Wegro has been woefully inadequate when it was not entirely EfTSP f i yei these very white people hold the Negro up tojidicule and calumny because of his ignorance and backward - JESE? if" haS Jen a great chane in the last decade. Wew school for Negroes have sprung up all over the South and the pay of Negro teachers has in many places been raised. .Thus it is with some satisfaction that we hear of the completion of a 'new hijrh school for Negroes in Ft. Smith, Arkan - JSf' S the construction of seven new schools in and around Swf!8, a?d civilization foflow good schools. JpltSS W ivslowly learning that, but it is learning it 552TV 1 Wg.h degree of refinement cannot be expected nSrS PfoPle - .Thrift and ignorance are seldombed - TTFriml!vdepr?vlt7 and illiteracy too often walk hand in hind.' The public schools are the bulwark of our present civ - SSnJ remov them r throttle them with inadequate appropriations and any group or section will sink farther toward terism; increase and improve them and a better and more orderly society is the result. EXPORTING COLOR PREJUDICE troS.611?1 Heport the Secretary of Labor v ?S5Crety James J' Davis has some nice things to ''jSSSf - 'SJ1 Sa7s he, "At this time, I am firmly fSS that the mdustrial and economic interests of the f affi18801 a.Part of thoso of all thrSmiS! statements of publico? - Sm ySrr. h? ;egro fe:rff.P - ;w labor., These are nice words for TTTnfTOI BEHIND - t l&'i OF AUCH NOISE AND, js PW BROADCASTING FR0I.1 Marie. Brown Fraxler CTRIBLINO in Ida Toeftanow I deals intimately with tha Urea - .M avl aaa w ox ui eaneaMe. JUii oiuiac," r la more JamilUr vensacvlar. tha poor wd rfTtallajv . . Tha ttjpf a th' ftery' 1 U tha mormtaUa of Tatwaaaae, ' Zroa town or Arntown,w m it if eaUtd, U thetowa tt tnoit Insportanaa. It 5Mnn.MB4fi thV, 8to - e, te?iudinf xb Sto - mP vWm imn, a it - Jgoinn oi ?, to - vuI 'omIj, coua zor filthy firosiio who nre. th. BieJc with hor aoi m erwa f weir taroate with hr tongue, the irfllaxa aehool teacher, who happens to bo. of little importance in this storyf . Tht hero and heroine, or with dot respect to their enrironment, the J2Ctiof itW.rtorT ar Nessia, the i vfflaga milliner, and Abner Teeftallow, a rare and raw prod - net of the I Tennessee . mountains. eirs is harrowinjr experience of the usual unrequited lore with the h0$P7. ,eTri fterrard conclusion. Politics and relion are impor - tan threads in the fabric of this tory, though at. timea thay "are very much i knotted and entacfled. Mob rule and lynching furnish a number of thrills, I imagine this tory is read with quite a relish in the sunny parts of our country even though the Tictlma are both ruilty ud white. A GOOD woAK Louis Brom - flold, by Frederick Stokes Co. A Good 1 Woman is an iatenaelT Jtory, alire with inUnsely interest - people.;. The setting of the story fy" ""J, ttom a miU town $&. , Ej u the good woman In "A Good Woman. She is the et, conventional, Teligious type, a - ' U - ' i . i whih we are glad to commend the Secretary of Labor. tLlw!" P make V01 low with ood rS?en??m ae,i 8eld,.0m l7f. W Problems. - Economic forces, Srt of e the world's problems. Sentiment plays its part, of course, but no group in the United States, or anywhere in ?JSJ J?ttei; the Negro how little to expect from it wt, - ?Ior!d " a group is concerned. Economic mtinw81 bf?Sht about the restriction of immi - h r - the industrial opportunities for Negroes In seined Ci Jw 0n? ?PCP?t timent, brought atout the wfSSi ed in the emancipation. Indeed, it 7T?rf? Ti? forces, not sentiment, that brought the Negro i(t ?1Wi?Hman) their common country. Likewise, mic fo,rces, not sentiment that wiU gain for the Negro tlon S fJf8 the ending of indSlrial dtoSn7 - tion of which Secretary DavU speaks. and ?&mM fcomic orceT It Is labor organization ana economic Independence. So long aa the Negro la to en - yfependent xrpon the white empgyer f or anyjVb at all, he hS JSSSSa? lW tead of noJwaJesT'He evU Wh1einpIoyi?ent that ever recurrent f'Jl; tetof the Negro worker is also true in a large h0,11 workcr - Unorganiied he has no protection; organized he is powerful. Even if the Negro woAerwere ITJZflr white worker. , iJSiytaStiSS that would mean httl fanA 1 n. '. "V. 9 . . , xnaZZ,.S Mi"iiue:woriung. tt - v0 v, - j. r " rruc.. ny.4,ulJ - ' iit me iMegrt tria - WHAT, Tne What XT 1. a raw reckleaa spirits should be ISegrOlwllUng to tead the way la tha com. i'lZl tr ummn vmn an other workers, is not an ex - - - o. of tw u.i... istence wage, not merelv mer - Iivino - rr k.t - . IJVrzr, vf ' inritr. Nor i ur - warp wmZ. C.TZZ - i in ere uving wage, but a cultural prut tht u ahn(r nj euir u wnj. a wage that will enable him to not onlv care for hi nfo,rr,n,,n omcr. rt.n. tu - ; physical well beiny hnt hti hTi In v w CirBI0ILn,18 rr - rIctlon - h11 pim i i rL oeui ?ul "la cultural well being aa welL Only th,,r of f uo rwatrs to rTd organization and STAT f Oil "AIR . type which is not always amiable, neither la Emma Downes. The other characters were directly or indirectly victims of her indomitable will, her enlr son, Philip, a pitiful victor. .She felt since she had. riren him his life she should absorb it, and waa jealous of any influence that Intervened. He struggled nobly, "kicking against the pricks, - often M biect creature seeking in vain for Ufa mora abundantly. Philip, It aeams. waa a strange combination of weakmu and strength. Was it itrtnrth which permitted him to marry Kaomi and five with her four rears, part of this time in the JttarU of - Africa and yet. never touch her! Was it rsally because he wanted no children or because his mothtr requested it? Emma Downs, as an ordinary woman, would have seemed roost pathetic but she never felt that way even when her husband deserted her and the very love and sacrifices which she made for Philip drove him to hate her to the extent that his dvinr wish waa that ah never have his children to make of uiem what he was. Emma Downes, however, could not be conquered. In the end we find her married to Con - Gessman Slade. She died with her rneis on, stumping the country in the interests of the great war. In this durarta, at - n4 - r Vr, . Downes (aa it were) we have rnovJ uig pictures, very inornate and oft - times very appalling ones, of the foreign elements who worked in the mills. Krylenko . looms up as their guiding genius. He. however, instigated a strike which ended as usual in the death end destruction of the workers. Thus, he faded from view. There are other interesting characters which yon have met. or will meet in the pagea of this book. I am i sure you will sympathise with Re. Castor and Naomi also Mary Conyngham and most of all the poor, deluded Philip. Somehow, I felt like putting quotation marka around "good" in the title of the book. Read it and see if you feel the same way. uuul vi .me wmte worKers. collective bargaining can this By Holloway ANSWERS to qaeetleaa la How Mach Do You Know? 1. - 2. s. 4. ft. c T. 8. t. 10. Coleridge Taylor. . . Marcus Gervey. Howard 20, Uacela f. 00. Herbert Caia (f Sloefleld la - PTomiaent eolard mrf WeU - known actor, aad fersaer coitege athlete. Hsmpton 12. Union T. Da Do is. Jones (out for the first time In Ms new carj "Uoni talk for a ft momenta, ray dear; here is a tele phone pole coming." SONG OF THE HEART! Song$ are tram aad Itrr. (Atapt, A fnea mast Vel ar he stxs. yow're pet (e Aeve rr Aaart taxed rigkt Btjora your soaps emt ertap diligkt. you're pof to Aore yawr heart i (iota ITitA f lower and bad end ru'rery ww. pec taaa And yo caa ataJce Viovc 0 Other Editors DU(ra Emm! Nr Alt (Roeaoke Werl4 - Kws) Thara a aad ha aa aquabbla Vatwaaa Vtralala aad Kaoloekr ever tha unfortunate affair at 1 - oaad Gap. Ia formation la tka IK. aw. . uaad at tha road opanlnc waa larata lauvir n in, Virginia aide of tha Una. Borne at thoaa wha flrad mar hare baan atandlna In K an lock r - Hrobahlr thaaa la the taob cam a Xrota both atataa. Thara ta bo palllattoa for tha aarloua crtraa of taurdar af Mara al Daatan. mlna auparlntaadaat. so tha publla hlfbwir. Jn thla caaa tha ac - cuead Nra had arraatad and waa la lall at Wnltaebur. Ky. If IdaattfSad. thara waa bo raaaoa ta thlak tha courts would not ala htm tha extreme panaltr. Thara waa mm exeaee, aa thara waa bo JualLflcalloo, for mob tatarfarancaw Tha "braTarr" of a mob af handrade of armad man who attack oaa d fanaalaaa prlaoaar alraadr In a jail call ta open ta question. Ia thla caaa thara waa tha ueual aavasarr 4ha attempt to bora tha body after It bad bean riddled by many ballata. Tha attack an the Wblt.tborc waa an attack on tha law Itaalf. Tha aathoiitlaa bad been warned that tha mob was coming - . That a woman waa left In rkin. af Ik. i.iiii that little or no attempt waa made to protect ine prieoner. Certainly aa effort was made to remove Mat ta a place of aafety ar ta protect hi in until he coulJ be given trial. Lynching la always aad la alt caeee aa attack on tha law I tea If. For that reaaon It Is more serious a crime than that which ao Infurtatee tha mob. It shows how thin Is tha veaeer we call civilisation, aad bow claaa ta the ear - face the brute ta la thoee wha like ta call themeelvea regulators, and wha seek to Justify their own barbarity by the claim that they are punlahlag crime. In thla rau th H.ntin.i of the Negro lynched ta far frma being a settled one. Thoee la the mob apparently never tboegbt at that. Tha serious aspect af lyachlnr gea still deeper. It la not surprising tkat when auck crimes aa tha murder of ktr. Deatoa ara committed tha whale section should become aroused, and t.: tkalr r roTialnar aad the Jliminr. thlnar ta IK. aiili.i. mwii. lid w I I " " - Letters to the Editcr rttt ataarvfc ml T attsaUaa ku hmmm mmnA I a 4oto mm k4rta ma.rl m kick am. P'4 la , a aaokamar aaaa&rr oC tko mtuaarxtr Corr. X aa U4m4 U4 kaaw tat yaar pa la laiar - aloe la taia a - .jC ,Tvta Ml at taaiyt to aarwar Ui aaaicioa. (e mo aruuo ii rau ac ttaaa - wara ar - nOU WbAa kava WMa.4unni aaala aa aaJa. aa4 ara ail aaa - aiaailallr aaawarad ia tea erxJal re WUt I thlak IkaJ ua r raaOora wut ba (U4 ta tarm fr a la tax Ukata ta a aUateaj tumia Oopartxaaat ta Naw Tor City whara (rail aa4 avararOaa aaatkara wsaaa mwm wnaia ta. UaaJia ar mmw praaaat atata law aaa rt aaatraaaa - Uto aArtea aaS tkat C3laar n allatea waara tka tra4ar law mt I. II - aaia aaakaa 11 mm!U foe aa aMlra ta rat taa aOaVaa hr aoa. ax4 ikat a dtola kaa iuat aaan aaa ta 11 - ttaara. ra rva ar la faraaaUo a akrat tkla work ct a aktaia4 kr aaraaa a4draaalar tka affloa af tka AMr Btrta Caotral laasraa at 11 f'JU aw iara Ctjt. Tka aaaattra at kink aatral - k year raea wtU aa far ta pat aa ai ta tha racratiakJa Saraaa la C ,lr aamtara Tor. aa raa arokaklv rMr. tha raaaoaaibla aaaaaa ara aai. a birth rata, kwt aalaarrla - a. taaat aaO ck1l aaorWtt aae tka aSaynaa or fcaajtklar aaotkara wkaaa icuu. alaa ara praaarUr .aaaaaO wtu kav a ach aattar ahaaaa ta liva ta grew , Vary alaaaraW raara MAKT ll'UNEH KOTO vlaw. DO MT STOP She Why did rod let ra af the Whaaif Ha I fust wanted ta aee If X had a fiat tire. SheOh! You mean v'"g . Cao Wha waa tfrirlar vWt'i mi uu car i Dramk r(rlakat1 " J t . . w. eaj we waa all mm Ik' back aaaU ' A Criticism Of George S. Schuyler yilOSE of us who perchance have or have sot read the colorful and thoughVprovoklfix arUcIea of George - 8. Schuyler, the icoooclast aad aatirist. in the Plttaburgh Courier, hfeascngar and various white periodicals, wCl do wall to read hie "Our Wliita TrvTV I. tv. current issue of the Asonicaa Mir - cory. . . I have followed the steady rise of this man with deep interact Sad admiration front obecunty to his present eminence as a writer. One cannot always agree with him, but will usually find him lnteresUag honest, resourceful aad always with a thread of humor running through every garment that he waavee, To asy mind tha subject et this theme overahadowa and outdistances rrerything I have reed en tha Negre question. It is straightforward, original aad satirical. It rleea far above mere pedantry la ita shear color and force. Email vrucder It became the feature article of the leading Intellectual magazine of the country. Another thtrg, aside from Mr. Mtnckea's felr&es. . that at. dently egured in the acceptance ef this article and Its position ef first Elace ia this magaxiae of the Araer - ran Inteliigeaala, ia Mr. Schoyter's own likeness to the editor, H, L. Mencken himself. Mr. Mencken can ne doubt aae m ra lAa aaerts ef street etaste (Ant. If erdarlr aad Uv.mi.. wha alt aafe at aama ed elgT. - e their tacit aaaraval aad itu ta auck autbreaks. tker wie aat atcM. The dUgrace at Wytkaa - fUa U aat that a mob from a dieteaca etaratef lie lall aad lynched a prtaaner It Is that tha good aeepla af WytAevtlla have a ever demand that tha aaa - bera at that mab be a - aatake4 fee taeir attack aa tka law Jiaelf. - la the rwuad lap caaa there ta mm i or aeieettng aetwaaa Virginia and Xaatwky. Neither state eaa ciear us ekirte y biacalag tka aCkee. rersteo ta bar bar tana . mi cn a Ricm corrrro Tttaay N jrlkarners aVeabUeaa read with aetonithmaat reeeaily that tka body af Tigar - riewera, Vacre by blrtk aad pnseflghter ar baser by profassloa. lay la state at tha aaa - aloipal aaduetiasa ta Atlanta. On, while theuaaads af whttaa aad Js - ees ied past tka btar. uck North mars ara thaaa waa ra - calt aaly trucking caeee la aaaaectlew wltk tka South a treatmeat af tka Negro. Ta akow atteatioa) ar kaasr to a Negra ta aat aew for tka Sestk we kava la mlad a beak by aaa af aaoet celabrated aatkaea Us tka cauatry. eedleaied ta kU oelared nurse "whose heart waa aa white aa her skin waa black." Tberu ara many ether Instance a. aaaatply little known ta thoee aulalda tha SWuth. wkere a helping; hast waa reaAllr eateudeO toward tka Negra. WltA tha Ncre tka eaaaa aa with y person, tha attitada mt hta fat - iow - maa toward htm ts predicated largely mm tka ladindsal s ewe char, aater. . . Tfl riawere wse e proraastasjal paglltat - He waa alee a deecew la tka ckarcb ha atteadee reaularty ta Atlanta. Ue. Aa a prtaeightar ha eeaare. rtaiaa ta the caarapteaehlp af tka world t hla el - Inde taawaaads wf faUaw - era af tka apart aerli kara aeeer haee eatlaaVd tkat he recaivee tka talr aad nf treatsaeat ha J?!4 .etbera. la tka ht wham a ha loot bis title. As a aeaaoat m hie charck he eoeaasaaeaA tka raepact af tnaay wka frawa aa.tka aaataae he Chnea ta anaha a llvellkaad. ws ia the prise Hac aad alea esjeere la hks rallgtoa. It la aat atraaga that tAa city .lu aaZTri V.7 - hi. "7 "eery. Bveaj ta aa t'Trrrhsrs tkat In recaat eera has attested VIEWS !and By QTBXQZ Phay dm af Kerra VeCM and social atUft orruiixa - tioca that ased ta isttaa Jr feaa frera r aUsnthreylaU cf Caacaaiaa darfraUoo are hard p Thaae are lean yaara. Osee a tisa It waa an easy matter for alaeat any saavt Negro tr.ia or woman to g" to the local white pJatocrat, put a? a sorry tale about the aaa As ef or pao - f" . pkyaieal. spiritual, ra7xhe logical. Industrial a4 BaorU, aad come away with a fat - clack tit wodi keep him or her ta aaens (sr aeveral saoctha. whiU tUlaa - ire coUd hartily 'gat to his cCLra ta tha jaorrir - x bacaaaa of the whiW eollarad Kagra soeadkaat rocstlBg ca his bajLnftra. SocsaUsaa t&ay would aaxaa the trdwarka ef hood. iapacrahiy attirad . In the latest Boad Street hab'.rtrr.ta, cxodac. Seta, case, etc. At e'J - .ar tstt ry would ccsae dracaad LXa L'nde Tea and wavtrg badaaa haxu - chiefs to and fro. ttat thry were always sure ta rt accaausg. Ia order to beat daws realstance, thry sometimes carried aa ertbaatre or chorus to reader the sir.taais w&i:e t&e tlx w&ita bazaar or tu f acturtr waa aig - alcx the check. trkllaaitka mm Ou SLrair a m m tkaa wU mt tka hlmaalf rriactad la the sriritaal outiinaa et this article ta its orr Ifiaiity, darter od tatailectaei honesty. However. 1 do rot eaaaa to ear that cane tz&lLkt tka et - y - bvt rather that ther ere two kindred spirits, t bora ' ta thaee trauUeue bate to do battle against the forcee of Ignorance and b.gtry. that the light cf tolerance, aadcr - tandg and. Jajtice selgt per maau American lifa. How rinmUf and edlfyirg It is to move through Cvaaa wtll cede need aanteacea, thalieg the. pure air of candor and truth! There is no adaltereUag et sarrvlcirg of truth for expediency. Every fact Ia Uid before the reader uh u Vm'.sMng; lucidity. The suurul u arranged wiu the cars et a die - lectna and with every rrgard fr logical aeraBcaw. Uasaor and crw - tsns ryraad their ermga ef sUvet caaasiArtr over the whole talc.. la.a ward, he gives tha w aa a vind plctara ef h:saif as Htn Uresrt the eyee ef Ue Js rra. lis dapicteisi ta til his rme - ;A - Res and aapoeee ail ef its fco lUtenclea and ImbecUsa wUh mArvslees citarae, Mr. ScharUr's penetrstiag ta - IgU goes U the crag of the whole rroUera whea he asserts that lis Iter of sex COTrirtlUoa Is Ue btg wusg cexa ox bm eociej aa4 ece - AttK barriers erected against the black man. This la the tret time I have known thlg angle ef the race Question to be publicly prvawntad to Our While brvtXev. Tm w4w rablety tha writer Informs the lior - cica uiat vaey are mawur.g th caca - petitsosi deepiU their efforts to prevent it. . r The writer Is a Ve - a obeervvr ef ne wauie man. With aa air af rhlIoeetnia (arVnu. h . UtxTom have carved. ton, that they know bow u have a gw3 vue, ocv;im ma tnalr trouheee and cUiTicuJtlc. while the sr.aortty ef whiU people certaialr do cot. 2 eed the frantic aborts ef the erackers to amuse' thsWKsaivea Is a never endir sscrra mt . to the blacks. The Kertie take a amuaement so serloaelyl They caav Bot swim without eotetrrtinx U ercsse the ErgJleh ChannaiT the Gulf ef Mexico: they cannot dan - w ergaaieneT snaratheai ts wcAca eocyie caa stance the w.gvei. Ttrr eras have their woeevm ctw teats, raif cor.tegta. ffee drlnklnx coetaerU, frank furter eatiag ceateata. In aVart r7 tJways go to . extrvsvae. The earoaa, can ike ecjher head, here emmwa now o enkry end exhrhitloelaa." He dacrVaa every Idea ef the white man's suTerlorlty. whether teaod oq phyelcaTetlraves - er., lateigvace. rinsTy. w;U a aavlrg lT? ffirly weU to o - iwpij vo us aojsttoa af the pioolcra. Mr. Schuyler cloaca apTrisir his f?f". tha UAchatfeeS e - u wMtae are the H" T cWlight ta poiati - x out toeo - who are bocxirmlia, tfiTeract aad urejadlcod. . J1 t - a far cry frees the criagtrg - Uncle Tons - 4iU That t Icr?"r'YOTtT - JOCtru a COtXg, XatratV hCcX " tW a as REVIEWS sV SaHTTLXX H ha raM . rr ...... aw. . - A - rwrsix ei aa t , . - " waa - arai r af w mm rtTkfrta l - rlt a. - kae baaa fartlAg It LS' ' teraal a - ..... ,r - mediae aM rv j " rka e stand k,. U the w.n fo.. ? . . - . crurtef Uac ae, ;f baas vm4 by He r ':t"4 gaa la ccervvy te Ue w uu fi, Whita faTVa m . Nerre gSteaa f the t r t e aS tk aea bars In,, rx - ..v . ' i aa gre LiraU aad a. - r. .4 aas e - - Tw the prarw itij a - cart aad teidsy Saery. 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