The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on November 19, 1927 · Page 18
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 18

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, November 19, 1927
Page 18
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i .. - 'SATU.IDAY, KOVUMIIEIl 19, 1527 r V 'iiiiiihim minimi n niiiiiiirriiiiiw ti iTirinMTwrT'Twi - nn - TrrwTTnrT - ,, : . - - - - 1 - , r'." - - , - - . - - - . - . ' r . ' 'y - " - - " ,;; - ' ; , ' '".j.. i i 11 1 1 :i m r 1 awwwwawwwaaw i if , . "1 V I ,! ir V V r . la w - i a. w - w . 'V V - Zr - r w ?;!.. I vg: x v ' - - rr - - ' i wi. ; . II no : . 'it COLUi.lBUS; LlilG MDji PHitLV THOR. The time of the "big srames" is upon us, and as the four A READER WANTS TO KNOW, - How eomt vmj 7 iney eani get anyone to fight thu here Jack Gross? Whmfs the matter with God frey; is George afraid of hunT" r ( It would seem, 'Sandy, that you tfon't know the fight racket so rery welL Fighters reputations ere not built up on men ox the calibre or 11PSETS ? - fne ume vi " TVl - ;Z Master Godfrey. When you have a prospect you nurse Him along ana 4, schools Which loom Jfgest the public eye at "this .time, pre - eThimU sorts of easyae to eninceUs record. Erery bum oppo - 03 - pare to meet each otlMc on Jl Cnt is a - K. O." .ddedohe list. A "K. a by - doe. not look so good t ilelpma,in ma in Tom Andrews' or the Everlast volume. ar JOrget Xing lu peer - iii w mc icvuiua ui we liiotikunumj ; they prepare lor weir annua ire. V For - vwiat mean recoros wnen insu - ;tc faces Wilberforce' and Lincoln ."t; grapples with Howard! Institute Underdog The games will doubtless attract crowds which will be estimated at V '.closeto 40,000. ' ; Out - in the Buckey State' where i theve made famous the slogan r - - ffftwiA'a the thine." a Wilber - C - ' - ".' force team which has but one black mark sigsinst. its list, and that a 1 - 0 forfeit at the hands of Howard; a ' xutvrtnT'f team which held to a ;' wAwinc tie a Bluefield team which had Dreriou8ly defeated - Howard, : ttur" will meet an Institute team .''which was last Saturday defeated iy aiwo - touchdown margin by this : tame uiueneia team. ll V'TiwHtnta this year is the under - 2'r "l.ftt viar Hambline's team ; ?';r .iin in Columbus. 7 - 3, Wil - : Perforce breaking through a 'i'mx! Miri:'' of many years standing. r,. , This. year Wilberforce ' on paper "vir t.m tiv be the stronger of the hut from every section of the teeountry, from far and near, ,Insti - nt irrads are rallying to the sup - i! ' 'porttf the team, and with these men ''Ik priming" the boys on, with Coach . 4b writK miirht and main to pull the ' tmeected, anything might hap - i:.:'r; Institute has everything to gain $ 'nftthino' to lose this year. A : - defeat over Wilberforce will place I' : Ji!r onca more in the limelieht for ! national prestige, and it's the belief e9 t&B writer that the eame m i : Columbus on Turkey Day will be v - worth going mues to see. 5 Look Out for Lincoln ' While ws are of the opinion that ;, Howard is far ahead of Lincoln as wr ........ Sam Houston FraJrlo View.. Paul Qulnnj.. Texaa .............. Blahop Southern Athletic Conference Standing ! 2 2 ...... H X ... it 0 .......... ......... 1 0 1 1 t 2 3 Pet 1000 .67 .e7 .333 .333 .000 TVbr Tfcey IMay Tfcle TVee S&m Houston at Prairie View. Texaa at Wiley. i II far as class eoes. Chester Coun - tians, also admittedly j the "underdog" are liable to show something not written m tne dook at onioe Park next Thursday. iTrue, Coach Morrison has a green team, a team WASmN'GTON. I. C Nor. it Tha Howard Unlvaraitr football tam wa d(eat4 at ttaa Howard Vtadiam on Saturdar. Nomb - r IX. by tba tqiud from Atlanta Unlvaralty by a acora of C - 0. It waa a, hard - fowant battl from hlnnlnr to and. h'ot thrv - ouirttn tha taama battlad Q and Then RanAv. when vonr man has a record made thusly. as an Elmer down the raid, naithar team poaaraa - ar laa V a tkueavw rtfl nr h - IA aaV I Hftntrvwonld warble, he becomes temneramentaL He picks his rivals. Iot.?. it aaamod as u tbr war And picks only those whom he is sure he can lick, Alwaya In the ring .. - ?h;c. Vronl'down 'h there are trial horses, tough babies who are not good enough to reach the uncorked a ria cf pun aod . , , . . . , . . delayed paaaea and aliened too aii ton but toueh enoush to rate a rood fiirht. Besides, they do not mind los - for . touchdown. They fatted ing a close one. Thoy are men like Johnny Risko. Jack DeMave, Koy 5eU - . flr,t f - TV TvsTT.snrr MavSa T?nuni!nnm Phil Kanlin. 2am Click and Joeldowifa for a, cala of II rarda. while , , w - - 1 .w - .,.. i n..t J..., Ryder. And scores! more. The top flight of,bums will have none of eachfor m total of Mr yard. Atlanta - . t . i . . . t jv ruiw . v:u Am . M.M ctvI man win thT - niiB - b luniverauy exreuao ii Jack DemDsev was one of those trood men. He had a shrewd mana ger who created this era of big purses. But that manager. Jack Kearns, over - reached himself, just as he is doing with Mickey Walker, middleweight champion by the grace of Benny Yanger and the Illinois Box ing Commission. Dempsey, once in the throne room, became coy. He"re - fused to fight the jman who, mistakenly, was ranked as the logical con tender. . . . . m a ..a a. a jb m m a a a. Three men in parucuiar were - mint up lor mm. ine nr?t ox in was Georges Carpentier, a war hero and . . foreigner. And this first build up all but smeared him in that second round. I Another was Lais r lrpo. How caretully ce was orougnt aiong ior tne big killing is a matter of record. Don't take my word for it. And again mat, too, is nistory. Fish Balldogs 'Co to St.' Louis - NASHVILLE, Tm, Not. IT. The Flak football teaza Uft Thursday for St. Louis .whx they will play ail tnWrsecUe&al Jsme with Lincoln Unirenity ef rffcrson City, Uo. The cma4 of thirty men is determine! to give m good account ef thez. aelTfts against the takSe - wast. rners. 11.?? lost eelT eo game this srasoa arainst Tma - krree and suffering iroa no xious InJurWs the Uaxa Is la good condition to win. ALA. STATE AND CLARK IN 6 - 6 TIE fONTOOttXHT. Ala.. Xo tt fW - ratto Ike redkreai thai tb Cat l - aatbae m14 alt la d - letv faaaioe. - they aid m - 4 by tbo AUbaaaa Stale Xeewk! M - a - t heeo today, with bw4a C - - l a4 Ure ovt of tba Uataa .iark a4 C P" A 1 ll loeer their aa,ke wiihl a, at I 9 I 1 I ' 1 IL V V IL r - Ithreo aalaatea b - foro Ibe AUbwanaoe I L I v I 1 i I E X IT k St boid tbaaelea a4 ay I L ll 11 L O x L L::r..v. ..:;.r. GLAKOL T a MAS A FCR YC'J Uave Healthy Glandt An When Young rm far aJ l.rr Tf ai c aaaur yaas yr aae 4 TMk MOORE CCMPA?Y 0i.aVX OilM tlU.t.l GOOD LUCK ALWAYS no Mom: uxu it t v ba k &14 acea pmt the wtifc a reyld rto of fahe lie rar I Carw e Ate. oi rally exrelled la tha rln e a. awa t - Uaher... Uf ti.raer cotnpletlna; out of II at - j T fl I f 1 Iflr ,UMI u T a for a (aln of 1 yrd. How. I I f I I I II f - II I I I I V F" I - t C Jca - Na Mrpleted one raae of Xrda. II I I I ff l fLJ Mil LU WUIUtae C. C Aae Wimi auRered pnaltlea. Hnw - llyllllll I fWaow tCa)..n. M4 alnr 40 yarda and Atlanta J. U II fil I I U U W fia ........... r Adee rril Unlveralty rana. tempi ard coir Uotb ard loaln T'.oaa. Hawklna. Miller. Vernon Smith and Tick Fmith war the out - tandlnc r for .Howard, while Whdbe. Mcl'hwaon. Maya. Clay. Smith. Simon. SUua - hter. Noddy and Captain Ford bore the brunt of the work for Atlanta. The lineup: y j. c cnxrxi lnikta mrl C rttte ATLANTA tia, fioe. IT. Si Calea and hia Tveneaaeo downed the Marooaee arcraii Of MorkM which has taken nothing but one the sucker nearlv iauarht the fisherman. beating after the other all year. 1 The third was! Gene Tunney. Let's turn to the book and see Just But they've been learning and wvat t,e a.a whild beinir eroomed for a championship battle. He had learning fast, is the hardest foot - lost a fight to Hairy Greb in 1922 and in l'J23 Harry licked him again Dan scnooi 01 u. i but was the victim of one of the biceest "steals : in tne rame wncn inn w m a 3 Til - Jl - - ... A 1 - " 110 wara nas an aammeiuy greai team, but one which stepped off on j th two ears preceding the Battle of the Big Rain Tunney T,? ,J"",ef;ron. Ka wrnnw - fnnf at. t.h ; hpo - inninf Oil. . .. l tt r i d..jj.7 ti.u.u d I r.well for ln Brawn. J i. " c - j . 1 v" v I. I "ayoeu riay i nompson, joe lxinman, narrjr xoicjr, ouuujr ixtxajc, wio scixauii, wm vuu v Madden. Krmiiio Snalla. Tom Gibbons and lieorres tJarnentier.: 'ine . . i . - i . i - . - r L : - gauant rrenenman ciaimea a ioui ana several ioih. upponeu iuj ton I aaav aa a eaai H.rrla Tt. K mlth Colleae In a, fl' f ' ? 1 I 1 II I I I Ralney IL T W. Cl - y hln. th - fj I 1 I 1 1 Kelly It 3 Kord roocUa conf.reoee defeat ( IM V L I I yl Martin capt).... C Cobb '' , w . . . . II I IllUb H.wklna U(J fWarren teaneaae tate Normal I - Miller . 1 r L Simon eUeeed the T I were and the bakSidl M.k L. ...... ..J. Clay rowb.natloa of Haaodera. I'olea y....... Kdw.rda'row t - n wild. Zip i'VTV I I Vara !H jot., I All - Aeca and. cocbd by U. T. I Smith ILH KUckhurn Drown V Maya Huhetltuttene Howard. Vernon Hmlth for Kalney. J a m - a for llarrla. for Colea. rk Touni not been nermitted to show its full strenirth at any time I: during the season because of injuries. Both schools feel that a win over their traditional foes will go a long ways toward wiping out the memory of a disastrous season, and both teams will be primed to give a real account of themselves. Other games of sectional interest are also on tap. ; Some of these restaurant men who advertise: home cooking must have had terrible bringing up. 1 I 4: v I ) V Funny, how many men you'l. 1 '' - I " ' I - find wno ca strike a shrewc II if I ) bargain in their own line anc II j - ' - s.:' J 'Z - ( I J yy yet when it carries to shoes 1 1 rSi 1 SiSy JtJ shell out about double then It M : 1 TTT J - ' real worth! Buying Newark I I I . 'Bt5r;p " Shoes is just common sense I : illHi"'. ft jSllan . applied to shoes: Come ir I J if' tlvV today and convince yourself jl 3 - I "ia ie: Take a look at the styles. t flvMAMWk Try 'em on fori feel and com ' : fort - You'll be! amazed! Anc ISpStfSiftXS all they'll denJvour pocketbooV I ' ": S for is $31.50 or $4.00. Arn mm JTHOE 5TCRESC0. - n - 230 FIFTH AVE., PITTSBURGH,) PA. 6321 FRANKSTOWN AVE., PITTSBURGH, PA. ; 529 E. OHIO: ST., N. S., PITTSBURGH, PA. 815 BRADDOCR AVE., EAST PITTSBURGH, PA. ' Siorei in All Principal Cities tention. There was a mess of talk about that Madden victory and in vestigations threatened. The blow which laid Tommy Gibbons low looked funny to a lot of us in the press seats. He had rno decision aiiairs witn Harry Foley, Jimmy Delaney, Johnny itisko (who almost ruinea him), Harry Greb (twice), and Jeff Smith. He won from Martin Burke, j That is his history. j . i i On what Dempsey showed at the' Sesqui Tunney deserved to win. But he was not the same Jack Dempsey who came back to "kill Firpo after tolerant officials had given him another chance in that memorable battle. I ! , Fighting, Sandy, is big business now and managers are very careful of their investments. That is why you1 read these squawks about "we can't get anyone to fight us!" If everyone was sincere how long would it take to uncover the best man among Sharkey, Dempsey, Heeney, Delaney, Hansen, Faolino and Godfrey? j I o i . I YOU FAN'S WHO JOURNEY here to Philly for the big game on Thanksgiving are going to see a fighting Lincoln team in action. That bunch of boys have been beaten enough for one sea son, they think and the Howard Bison is in for a lotta trouble, i . . The path of adventure has been anything but rose - strewn for the Washington squad this season aad:they, too, are approaching their most important game in anything but a complacent spirit. By all odds this should have been a year of glory for the Hill toppers and that is just what it has been everything else bat. That silly strike crushed the morale of what might have been our greatest ! football team. Achilles, sulking in hia tent had nothing on these gridders, if anyone wants te ask what 1 think about it. Their actions compare with the antics of the Hilldale baseball 'players during the season agone. ' v The first; hundred years were never any harder than Lincoln's first touchdown. In three games this season I saw them turned back in the shadow of their opponents' goaL Finally LaMarr be - came a hero in their sixth game and achieved what had seemed impossible. He made a touchdown 1 And now that green material, which offered itself a living sacrifice to fan anew the old Lincoln spirit, is becoming seasoned. The boys have realized what it u ail about. The; - know that a win over Howard will wipe out the bitter disappointments which we have known these past weekends, l , ; j i They will not know as mach football as Howard. They will not have the veteran line and the able backfield which the Blue and White boasts. Ever and anon' a David arises to smite a Goliath and this bids fair to be another case ef a little feller smacking down a giant. ' I I I hope the school will ask some of the old grads to come back and help Coach Morrison and his assist sat a, Walls and Martin, instill a; fighting mood in those boys. I hope Kid Collins and Pimp Young can get there. If there was ever a Lincoln man who never knew when he was licked it is William Pennington, of the house of Young, 'ihis Orange, N. J - , youth (he was a youth when he lived in Orange) 'to my mind was the best man who ever, walked in cap and gown to a Lincoln commencement. And he ts a fighter still,! with skill and Lr: ins. Put him in a pep meeting out there and he will make the very stones of the chapel cast themselves down in fury. I j You Lincoln men everywhere write or wire Morrison and the team and tell them you are with them and that they CAN lick Howard! Go ont and tell them thr: person! i Do this and see a miracle happen in Shibe Park come Turkey . Day. I i o i HERE IN QUAKERTOWN WE have something that might be said to be a trifle different. It is a colored basketball teasa in what would otherwise be an all - white league. The club is St. Peter Claver's and the play in the South Philly division of the Catholic Amatenr Athletic Association. The team is composed of members of the Oarer club belonging to the parish of St. Peter Claver. Their home games will be played in St. Peter Oarer Hall, Lombard and Twelfth streets. i The club is back in the game again after an absence of t .' years from floor competition. There are 17 candidates for the team and the nucleus is Lawrence Brooks, at guard; Ernest Trueheart. at forward ; Frank Calle. at center. These are veterans of the last squad. vOther likely looking candidates are Harold Jones, Jimmy Burgess and Al Harris, forwards; William White and William Miller, guards, and Eldred Sweeney, center. j This boy Calle is six feet two Inches in height and with some experience! might well become one of the great centers of the game. How long the world has awaited a successor of Cooper and Gilmore! I There will also be a Claver team In the Junior league and eight boys are out for berths. These are William Francis, Stafford Savage, William Parks. Frank Sim ins, Lawrence Chanavario, Wilson Fenwick, Harold Rides and William Butler. And this is another instance of how any orgaaixation which wants to can break down the wall of prejudice. The same thing can be done in football, in, baseball if and when those in power desire it. I j Why, for instance, should not Lincoln play Franklin and . Marshall, Villa Nova and other mixed schools? I wonder if Howard or any other Negro institution has ever tried to schedule such competitors? ' In the professional field we see the Homestead Grays playing 95 per cent of their baseball" games against white teams and the , Renaissance basketball outfit in competition with white teams almost exclusively. . We see mixed bouts between the best drawing cards in the ring. We see such football stars aa Duke Slater. Frits Pollard and Ink Williams always in demand. I I am not foolish in thinking that the next decade will witness the advent of the Negro in organized ball and in the big leagues. Even now there is a player here and there in the miners and everyone in his section knows he is colored; they just dent talk about it. I None of our tennis luminaries accepted my challenge last summer. 1 1 dared them to make application to enter the national singles tournament. One cannot say that any association of that type bars Negroes until a Negro endeavors te enter. Mebbe next year someone with the necessary intestinal stamina will make the for Tick Smith: Atlanta L'nlvenMty, Knblnaon for Cobb, 1no4v (or CI". Whelbe for Maya. lcl"heen for Itlnrkhurn. Flanlejr for (Mwarda. Spruell for Smith. Plerm for Moo4r. WlCKlne for Stanley, Hltirblr for Warren. Hf - re A. K. t jr. lm - tlre Itenjimtn Waahlnctnn. ftrad lln,itun ". Jackson. f'i4 JuJe Haley iJouRlaa. j TALLADEGA BACKFIELD "ACE" IS OUT TALLADEGA. Ala.. Nov. 10, A gloom went over the entire Tal - ladera campus this morning when the news following a diagnosis of Talladega's stellar quarterback made known the fact that a sudden attack of appendicitis was the cae. Following - this information the or - ficials of the school together with those connected with the football team set out to make the very best preparations preparatory to the operation sjggested by the medical authorities. By twelve o'clock all plans had been made and by one o'clock a successful operation had been performed. ! The absence or trooper i rom vn football team will be a crrat lots to the Talladega machine while the IK T Itarver. met the aaaai taet e - eYe4 him enJ eent nla ewsj Colore 4ews te a dreadful defeat. Tani tiieta scre - 4 her ret tally la thf eecoaa a.aartr wkea aloeely. quarterback for tee Tlea. waa attempting - to freaiae tae a - oat Una. Trice broke throw Marhoa line aed tackle behind the aoa1 for a eefetr Purine the real period, t'a Galea I v pat more flskt roeSdence tat bis !mal IL C . IUII rx wuuM,...g vreit tahe ......... .L. n ft Uewte Beck ........... K U......K. J leAsvsoa ...... ....... Ltwra WINS FROM BULLS AUGUSTA. Ca, ITTalae tea J"lrweeae - 4 rer te Jehaee C aalt If 1 - 1 Tt!l - on fata rutd ef tKe e - at M thai' 21 ' ,J tr;tlec A"'"" I far lia. The I"! r. ata or ia.w toewel f BMaa4 eaeeraae 1 1 . e v e - - 1 .. , . , e m . - . a - .. ... .... . v t ttO v StotT V - ee ... swaeaa t - , . TMl UilNM a ix. tts - ' le i. sw v. !... . h T - GOOD LUCK QUICK i . 1 1 .it 7; - - t ... ... 8 ' t , e v , a ' a , , S.iV - . t , . r - S Is U r, r i - s ."x: a ( a. a a m .. ... ewata'a'.ee tetlr t . ,... aS Ma 1 ,i . le c,'a r. t a : . . wK Mate It VI I :. f - ea.' I it . - tifivitu r e'f la di ee - 4 VI ... Order yoer LXATm. T fT t .. v BROADWAY JEWELRY CO. S3! lrM4,r. IW4L a. t. . . n TPrTTft nvr I m w - MM I . I - . . . - . i w . t ' . . . mm and eeeeral etrkaase o( neiata lean a : : . " " " " . I 1lUUlll " rv - fc. 7ww.ii BwT.auai m (ke Tarheela aa4 eetlr aeee XT J c . th! T?i.r? TrV.rdnV BTsd CT.hin .t.le. ef .. , , . 5 ft ' ' iJeTaf line aYun.ea and e.dJae kr ana, ef a a llderArar fowatd l - r4 ! 3 t e k - .; te. . t r. The neit "ere caaie In tKa fawns 1TleliU; V'2eTt 'a'atli CULLfM UKuV K V! Ill ta tha read ) r tr laiM re - lvd pwat tk ea - eard ll anc tmiM lrt eee f u yarda. fee a . - - i.m. r.e . ia.VaTd Unhand arwwnw UM ea f - e li t era line for a ie - y ard !) 4 BA4 n Mlt rur. Waiiee wk ,wn. T - n P d f .f t ke prf 41 - tr4 eatral v - .ee t wlnt aad raleeed. Tbaa ended - .1. ilM ring - for the evadtec eieveaa. 'kdo - w. lira e - oinL. The laat teechdowaj came when Oadiloa made a brilliant ran thrwash the Tieere' Una for a Sd - yard llneaand tourhdo emtra po Lhe acor ike lia - - up: I E - rty le Ke airal na'f S)der TraaraMe " T" I rw.Mld a J - rrd taaa fr Jo no too J I iiaa and r4 Is yard ike fl..d r ..' .... . . i is tKe two - yard lio r :r NUi Itrown '' I et erred. , Oa Ike tii . fe - faaae Jack eon ..Umim arrt,M ertr rlkt tkla fee ipeaaw t......,. T,,l I IwMawi IIim a I mr, Jonea r.. ........ ' - "nit, a b4t frwn ike Ma. fa Trloe .......... H. . joaaaoairawsdla of th dnal r - ertd I ho Tar - itaraer .........VI. tv. ...... I kl a ra 1 1 t. .a ni Hrown ........lll( ..M.M r"leley I eatly had lhe loreJ kwk, checked mm IMill ....... .....I - It..... . . irvto I every hand. Twa IMtte ra were liarden ......... K. U.. ...... . Dft I rrMH. bwt a tMrd. IJ.yard t' Hcore by perlode: I f rawt wiacina. fell In ua tve kende f i i I ivowmen. wn ,irk4 if I s - - ,JOtilIIIIll,', - i Morehoate Tenseeeee) li I ow u tKe ri Haven College Subdnes Selma MCRtniAS. Mlaa. Nov. IT. la ronleel replete with eeery trs football. Haven Teacher Colleee ttirrtnt the much towted Kelma Unl - veralty eleven to win by the Impree - eleo ecert of At rvo U durlec the fray was there a let.oaw JToea the klck - ofT to the 0nal so every ln - h of territory sained by Ike teaxk - trames yet to be played are arainatl' w" severely con te ted, P. - ., i y - r.... r - i - K ! h aerUI Bama Haven aKewed to a decided advantage, all of her scores belnc made by tnat raota. Th la.vard m foe a kl.aa sw - ore by roda. "ealtk ess a It I - elne 0 II f T li FUk, Oark and Toskegee.. Coach Kindle, who was present during the operation is msklng ewry enon possible to reorganise the team In order to race . tne rest' 01 wr gridir6n goes. In all probability LJames, one or the sironjres - ; enas in the Soouth. will b snutea to Quarterback for most of the time! shift play. - Til W and other promising men wu w csed In his position. Despite this teachera aoorod ta each period after the Sret. Iweplte the ttparvat weak - nees of ftelma'a aVefenee, Have waa never able to pierce her Una for any considerable galna. However, la skillfully eseewted plays Have ewetned te have a wide edfe on th IVaptlata. wnt - n ehowd to advaalaca la every STRAICinXNS HAIR IN 24 HOURS THawaaade af aled caetomeea ee. Wecle a ranvave ki Stra.hteer. Oaaranteed to etraifktea keir or ro tor wtlie aad oey will s t. faaded. Mary Marti viiiml "My hveband weed yoor Kih Sr - te tkre data. aikt and ewrtl,!. ad nie Mir la perfee - t'y elraiU It dw mere tkaa yeo claim for il." It a d f fereat; con la ma a (reaee: does - t harm th hir or tar It red. J. C Smith, wntee: Te - e) ca tefl tVa warld lie the beet I ever aeed. tee tried tkeaa alt S - ed Ather ste. tt a alar price It: epeeial pc if y order at ad eead tt 4vee - tie meat, lere btte II ta. ar t e bottled It II. seat C "V t. P ,1 f rata. - Lrraer iaaay. - Try it a) a. ce1eredL ffni,ft Se - ete C ' ttetr1a - etora. WVt fem - ee tv - eta. I ilk Ma!a at, Depk. C Kaaoaa vity. at a. lo5 and theoss0 vS due Shaw Humbled By j.!i.i;n th BhAuldr In the I " I SUte formal game, the Talladega Tfl Semi TlflrV 367 machine will sUll bear watching. r Ua DUIlllIlU Ty, UU( DeWitt Clinton Five BeatsY.M.D's,27 - 19 n w moaklaateei NEW YORK. Nov. XT - Laat Satur day oiht teVlil uiDiyo imn school derfatea in, - - their annual combat at lrir.t Y. M. C A by - or oi jim. ni - lim la ever a fetur attraction and , m. capacity crow wiihwotw - - leAidrd - - a and tVebb, TtsHem boy a. played an Important rol In th victory. Their combined efforts accounted for ten " besides each played a wonoenui (am. L.einyton scored els, points lbs V. M. IVs. for Athens High Troances Ballard Normal, 14 - 6 ATHENS. - . Nov. 11.. In th moat aneat!onal colored football ramee or thla aeaaon in true city waa played today when tho Athens Hlh and Industrial team of Coach Kirk - Patrick's defeated th mlshty Dallara Normal team by a acor of 11 - 4. Ttia feature or the tram war the broken field runnlnr of Thorton and th lOna rains of Witcher aad Harris of th Athens PETERSBURG, Va, Kor. 17. - The fast tlewen of Virginia' SercV - nary triumphed over St - Paul, 25 - 7, In a game devoid ef thrills. Seminary scored once ta the first rrcarter, twice in the second - and pushed over three toochdowna La thi final period, using an elective overhead game. 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