The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia on September 17, 1989 · 149
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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia · 149

Atlanta, Georgia
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 17, 1989
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SUN , SEPTEMBER 17, 1989 ght Atlanta journal AND CONSTnVTHW Crossword yTtp Oabom ACROSS 1 Marian's cousin 6 Landing place 10 In a pique 14 Li's boss 11 Potty or Luther 19 Part ot AD 20 vu 21 Zoned m a way 23 Long-run TV family series 26 General assemblies 27 A single time 26 Ill-gotten 29 Bond movie: 1983 31 Douglas or Todd 32 Long or short weight 33 Disperses 35 Bro to sis 38 Kind of curve 37 Adam Smith's subject 39 Something choice 40 Beauty mark 41 Confucian principle 43 Did the twist 48 Stated a view 48 Cook's vessel, in Boston 52 Shade of green 63 Wild reaction 55 Qudrun'a husband MPhooey! 68 Musical pieces 61 EEC member 84 Soother 85 Molding style 67 The very edge 68 Master, In Madras 70 Lamb m disguise? 71 1980 film with a diseased hero, with "The" 74 Tiber tributary 75 Great clans 77 Perfect 78 Rational 79 Pres. monograms 80 Scuttlebutt 81 Rib 83 Bus. mach. conglomerate 84 Track event 85 Like a rainbow 87 Sculler's need 89 Ron Reagan cabinet man , 91 Lacedaemon 94 Alopecia cover-up 97 Grad-to-be 98 Child expert Ginott 99 "Citizen" , French diplomat 102 Random attempts 105 Chinese dynasty 108 Dep. s opposite 109 Continuous, as soap opera 112 The whole nine yards 113 Erato, for one 114 1971 Pecklnpah film 116 College sidekick 118 Pavlova 119 Posh headgear 120 O Toole-Hepburn film: 1968 the 123 Elbow 124 "Tell - judge! 125 Wonderful cloud 126 Great bargain 127 Col.'s superiors 128 Wen 129 Salsons 130 1955 Borgnine film DOWN 1 Biblical dancer 2 Yemen natives 3 1979 horse .'ilm, with "The" 4 Flood barrier 5 Prior to 6 General played by George C. Scott 7 Spoke musically 8 Chemical suffix 9 Pre-flght wear 10 Tarbell 1 1 Bailotted again 12 Discards 13 SnaU 14 Cartoonist Al and family 15 Civil liberties org. 16 Push forward 17 Stretchable 22 Studio sleeper 24 Ratio phrase 25 Ref. book 30 Synthetic fabric 34 Take off 37 Unruly hair 36 Talk too much 40 Steinbeck novel "Of " 42 Orwell novel 44 Society page word 45 1965 spoof western 47 Partners of needles 48 in Toyiand 49 And others 50 Symphonic instrument 51 Joke ending 53 Copyist 54 Questioningly 57 Listened to 59 Samovar 60 Telegraph signals 62 Vietnam war film: 1978 63 Payroll newcomers 68 Pointless sword 69 Do a chef's job 72 Owned once 73 Larry Shur play, with "The" 76 Arrange in order 82 American literary monogram 86 In captivity 88 judicata 90 Copy for eds. 91 Kind of daisy 92 "Sweet sorrow" 93 Flying contest 94 Bridal gifts 95 Cooperstown hero 96 Open mesh cotton 100 Libidinous 101 Evening wear 103 Conforms 104 Was windy 106 as a pin 107 Just about 109 Ballet birds 110 Silkworm 111 Lorna of fiction 113 Devilfish 115 "East of Eden'' hero 117 Step l 121 Fate 122 Belief if Chess 1 2 3 4 5 Mt 7 5 5 MW TT 13 j Bl 15 18 17j il V9" MMr VM 22 23 24 25 K RS32 Rjal 34 Ki 38 MrM 41 42 Rfa 44 48j H 47 55 Ke stHbIm 59 60 HP 62 84 Mii 86TRjj67 Nti 69 70 """B 72 73TRj74 75 76HBJI77 Hi K VMil 82TRf83 IRjBS 86 87 IsTRjlfll WO 98 M9 109 161 Mm I 103 104 B105 106 107 ioT IRjioT hw nMRJlm jJRJiH 115 RjiTT-"in ni 119 mmim 12M 122 123 124 jRJfl25 IRWT26 '"I I I B'H 1 1 B'H Wrl 1 1 11 ANSWER ON N6 Bridge By Charles H.Goren And Omar Sharif 1. Both vulnerable, as South you 472 9KQ95 0AKJ62 AJ ?J I The bidding hasvproceeded: South West North East Pan 19 Put What do you bid now? 2. Neither vulnerable, as South you hold: J6 9AQI10M OA93 Q6 j- The bidding has proceeded: I South West North East 1? Pom 1 Pass 1 9 Pass 2 NT Pass - What action do you take? 3. Neither vulnerable, as South you hold: A72 9AQII2 0KQ6 Q5 The bidding has proceeded: North East Sooth West 1 3 ? What action do you take? 4. As South, vulnerable, you hold: . AJ 9KJ983 OAKQ KQ9 What is your opening bid? 5. Neither vulnerable, as South you hold: K 9872 0AKQ1074 AQJ The bidding has proceeded: South West North East 1 0 Pan 2 Pass ? What do you bid now? 6. Both vulnerable, as South you hold: 654 9 Void 0JS7 AKQ9842 The bidding has proceeded: East Sooth West North 19 2 39 3 4 9 ? What action do you take? Answers: 1. You have the values for game in hearts even if partner has a minimum response, and there's a simple way to show your power jump to four hearts. A jump to three hearts would be invitational, not. forcing. 2. You have enough to go on to game, and the honors in the black suits suggest you should select three no-trump. You have a balanced hand and have already told partner you have six hearts. Nine tricks should be easier to make than 10. 3. The pre-empt has wreaked its havoc. You would like to tell partner about your heart suit, but four hearts would not be forcing and could result in missing a slam. All you can do is show your strength with a cue bid of four spades and hope you can manage the rest of the auction. 4. That depends on your methods. If you use the old-fashioned Goren methods, where an opening bid of two no-trump shows a balanced 22-24, this hand is ideal possession of a five-card major is no bar to an opening bid of two no-trump. If your two no-trump range is 21-22, you must start with two clubs. 5. Obviously, some jump is in order to show the strength of your hand. Since we are averse to jump raising partner's suit without four-card support, the logical alternative is a jump to three diamonds. 6. There's an awful lot of bidding going on, and we're not sure whether partner's three spades is a real suit or just lead-directing. Nevertheless, we are going to bid four spades. If that's a specious suit, partner will correct to clubs. By Boris Kogan Sprriaf to The fimnml-ConstitutuH FACTS AND REFLECTIONS: Frederick Yates Frederick Yates (1884 1932) earned a reputation in the first half of this century as a tenacious player and a dangerous opponent. As six-time British champion, he competed in many international tournaments between 1910 and 1931. His tournament results during his chess career were never outstanding. A closer examination of his performances reveals an unusual paradox: his wins came against the strongest masters while his losses were often against the weakest players. In one of his early competitions (Hamburg, 1910), Siegbert Tarrasch criticized his entry into the event, citing his weak play and lack of master level experience. There was some truth in this accusation as Yates won only one game in the entire tournament, defeating Tarrasch in 33 moves. As his contemporary masters soon discovered, Yates was capable of defeating anyone. With the exception of Emanuel Lasker and Jose Capablanca, he claimed as his victims most of the greatest living masters of his day, including Akiba Rubinstein, Aron Nimzovich, Efirn Bogoljubow, Max Euwe, Saviely Tartakower, Richard Reti and Aleander Alekhine. It is obvious that Yates played to the level of the opposition. In the 1920s, he was the chief English representative in international chess circles and reported the events as the chess correspondent for the Manchester Guardian. Known as an observant, articulate and conscientious writer, his books in collaboration with William Winter earned him a well-respected reputation. His most notable books describe the World Chess Championship matches, Capablanca vs. Alekhine (1927) and Alekhine vs. Bogoljubow (1229). A modest man who rarely allowed his games to be published, Yates had many non-chess interests. Possessing a versatile mind, he ' could expound on a wide range of topics. SIMPLE CHESS 100: Rook Endgame Tactics Part 4 While Rook endgames are very common, their variety and subtleness require careful study and practice. Here are two examples that will help the reader improve his endgame tactics. Set up this position from Reti-Euwe, Budapest, 1940: WK at el, WR at a8. BK at c7, BR at a2, BPs at a3 & e2. Black to move. Black has two extra Pawns but a win is not easy. If the Black King approaches either Pawn, the White Rook will check the King from behind, preventing Black from winning. But Black can win the game without moving his King. Jumble Unscramble that dx Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form six ordinary words. RANOUD I I MM I GICART 1 1 m 1 MULASY nj 1 1 HERBTO 1 n I 1 1 QROANJ 1 err AGOVEY LLXEXl t I , HIVtOTHBrT-IN-LAW' SHORTCOMING WAS THIS. Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suo-geeted by the above cartoon. PRINT YOUR ANSWER IN THE CfflCl.ES BELOW her "IxYllitxiiiiYy ANSWER ON N6 Scrabble BEE Esju 0 E E E I r S T r 1. ... Ra2-al ! 2. Kelxe2 a3-a2. Black wins the game because White has no defense. The White King cannot stay on the 3rd rank as the Rook would deliver check and queen the Pawn. The White King cannot remain on the 2nd rank as Black would play 3. ... Ral-hl 4. Ra8xa2 Rhl-h2 winning the White Rook. If the White Rook attempts to check the Black King, the King would approach the Rook, stopping the checks by attacking the Rook. Thus, none of White's possible plans work. Challenge to the reader: Analyze the same position with two differences, WK at fl and BP (e2) at f2. Can Black win the game with a similar idea or is another plan necessary. The answer appears at the end of this topic. Set up this position from a study by Emanuel Lasker, 1890: WK at a5, WR at f3, WP at c7. BK at a2, BR at c2, BP at f2. White to move. White's Pawn would queen if it wasn't for the Black Rook on the c-file. A distracting combination is necessary to achieve the desired goal. 1. Rf3xf2! Rc2xf2 2. c7-c8Q and White wins. Simple and good. Solution to Reti-Euwe (altered): The same techniques will not work. After 1. ... Ra2-al 2. Kflxf2 a3-a2 3. Kf2-g2! draws. GAME CORNER: Attacking Fiasco OPENING: Sicilian defense. Carlsbad, 1929. WHITE: Yates BLACK: Nimzovich 1. 02-04 c7-c5 2. Ng1-f3 Ng8f6 Rare move. Usual is 2. ...Nb8-c6 2. ... d7-d6 or 2. ... e7-e6. 3. o4-oS After 3. Nbl-c3 d7-d5 4. e4xd5 Nf8xd5 5. Bfl-b5 Nb8-c6 6. Nf3-e5, White's position is better but Black could also play 3. ... d7-d6. Nf6-d5 4. Nb1-c3 Also possible is 4. c2-c4 Nd5-c7 5. d2-d4 c5xd4 6. Qdlxd4 Nb8-c6 7. Qd4-e4 d7-d5. 8. e5xd6 Qd8xd6 or 4. d2-d4 c5xd4 5. Qdlxd4 e7-e8 6. Bfl- c4 d7-d6. Both lines give even chances. o7-e6 In White's favor is 4. ... Nd5xc3 5. d2xc3 d7-d5 6. e5xd6 Qd8xd6 (If 6. ... e7xd6 7. Bfl-c4 BfB-e7 8. Bcl-f4) 7. Qdlxd6 e7xd6 8. Bcl-f4. 5. Nc3-e4 The main line in this opening is 5. Nc3xd5 c6xd5 6. d2-d4 Nb8-c6 7. d4xc5 Bf8xc5 8. Qdlxd5 Qd8-b6 9. Bfl-c4 Bc5xf2 10. Kel-e2 0-0 with a very sharp position. 17-fS In the game Boleslavsky-Minaca-kanjan, 1964, White obtained an advantage after 5. ... Nb8-c6 6. b2-b3 n-f5 7. Ne4-c3 Nd5-e7 8. Bcl-b2 BfB-e7 9. g2-g3 0-0 10. Bfl-g2. 6. Ne4-c3 Playable is 6. e5xf6 Nd5xf6 but not 6. ... g7xf8 7. Nf3-h4 with the threat Qdl-h5 . NdSxe3 7. d2xc3 Bf8-o7 8. Bc1-f4 This prevents d7-d6 and if Black plays 8. ... g7-g5? 9. Nf3xg5 Be7xg5 10. Qdl-h5 . Qd8 b6 9. b2-b3 Qb6-c7 Otherwise Black could not develop his Bc8. 10. Bf1-d3 b7-b6 11. Qd1-e2 c5-c4 An interesting move, which forces White to triple his Pawns on the c-file since Yates cannot play 12. Bd3xc4 b6-b5 13. Bc4xb5 Qc7xc3 winning the Ral. 12. b3xc4 Nb8-c6 13. 0-0 Bc8-b7 Nimzovich believes a future attack is more important than a Pawn. He could play the sequence Bc8-a6, Nc6-a5, Ra8-c8 and recover the material. 14. Rfl el 0-0-0 15. Ral-dl Bo7- c5 16. Nf3-d2 Defensive move. Whne wants to transfer the Knight to b3. g7-g5 17. Bf4-o3 If 17. Bf4xg5 Rd8-g8 and the g2-square proves difficult to defend. Nc6xo5 11. Bo3xc5 No5-q4l Thanks to this in-between move, Black wins a center Pawn. 18. g2 g3 Qc7xc5 20. BdS-o4l An unexpected and powerful move. If 20. ... fSxe4 21. Qe2xg4 with an unclear position. Black avoids a Bishop exchange but gives the White Bishop the long diagonal. Bb7-a6 21. Be4-g2 Kc8 c7 22. h2 h3 Ng4-f6 23. Qo2-f3 Qc5 c6 24. Qf3-o3 After 24, Qf3xc6 d7xc6 25. RelxeS NftV e4 26. Bg2xe4 f5xe4 27. Re6xe4 c6-c5, the position is unclear in spite of White's extra Pawn. Nf6-o4 25. Nd2xo4 fSxo4 26. Qe3xg5 d7-dS Or 26. ... Ba6xc4 27. Relxe4 Bc4-d5 28 Qg5-f4 Kc7-c8 29. Re4-a4 Bd5xg2 30. Ra4-c4. 27. c4xd5 o6xd5 28. OfS-05 Kc7-c8 29. a2-a4 RhS-tl 30. Qa5-d4 Qc6 c4 31. H3 h4 Qc4xd4 Black's desire to trade Queens is incorrect. His central Pawn weakness leads to an inferior endgame 32. Rd1xd4 Rf8 f7 33. c3-c4! Preventing Rf7-c7 and launching an attack. If 33. ... Ba6xc4 34. Bg2xe4 RdS-ffl 34. c4xd5 Rf7xf2 35. Bg2xo4 Now White has two extra Pawns in a winning position. h7 h6 36. d5-d6 Rf2-f1 37. Rolxfl Ba6xf1 38. g3-g4 Bf1-a8 39. Be4-f5 Kc8-d8 40. h4-hS B06-02 41. Kg1-h2 a7-a5 42. Kh2 g3 Rf8-ft 43. Kg3-f4 Black Resigns. Exercise 100 " j I I j L. jfi 3 IS 31 15 j 2 . & i-ii!-!-H-!-'WSvH- VAVM'. W-W-!-!;? jn 1 I a b c d e f g h White to move and mate in two moves. Solution appears in next column. Solution to Exercise 99: 1. Nh6 g8 WK at b8, R at b3, B at e3 & g4, N at c4 & h6. BK at d5, P at g5. White to move and mate in two moves. Please send suggestions and comments including a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Across the Board, 436 Burgundy Court, Stone Mountain, Ga. 30087. Jeani Dixon Sunday Monday fuek J Lack J pa6k J sack J rack J PAR SCORE 1SO-1SO FIVE RACK TOTAL TIME LIMIT: 25 MM DIRECTIONS: Make 2- to 7-Mter word from the letters In each row. Add points ot each word, using soortng dkeotkma at right. 7-letter words get 60-polnt bonus. "Btanks" used as any letter have no point value. All Judd's words ere In The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary (Merrlam-Webster) and OSW Omelet Scrabble Words (Chambers) SUNDAY'S BIRTHDAY: Set priorities and stick to them. A family project could increase your earnings. Legal matters will have to be resolved in January. You feel better knowing where you stand with a certain member of the opposite sex. Set aside money for investments or higher education. A school reunion could set the stage for a romantic interlude. (Horoscope for Sunday) ARIES (March 21-April 19): A professional alliance will stand the test of time. A new diet begins to pay off; you feel much more energetic. A romantic relationship heats up. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): News from afar will arrive at an opportune time. Short-term loans may prove better investments than long-term ones. Have fun in the social whirl. GEMINI (May 21 -June 20): A good day to share your views and delegate more responsibility. Curb a tendency to fly off the handle. A loved one who feels neglected will respond to some special TLC. Be affectionate. CANCER (June 21-Juty 22): If you are not feeling up to par, it is best to ensure your privacy. Avoid people who make you see red. Turn in early tonight. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Contention could leave you feeling ill at ease. Cheer up! You cannot count on always pulling strings. Avoid rehashing old quarrels. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): You should be able to obtain all the cooperation you need today. Spend more time with kin and dear friends. LIBRA (Sept 23-Oct. 22): Confiding in new acquaintances is too risky. Keep your own counsel. A good day to shop and run errands. Plan a special dinner. SCORPIO (Oct 23-Nov. 21): Certain tasks can no longer be postponed. Roll up your sleeves and get to work! Loved one may be willing to help. Welcome newcomers. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): An intense emotional experience may play a role in your spiritual life. Your instincts are right on target. Avoid rocking the boat. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Be on the lookout for a new employment or investment opportunity. It is time to build up your financial reserves. Relax and unwind. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20- Feb. 18): Secure your future by putting yourself on a budget. Enlist family's cooperation. Your faith in someone will be restored. Past efforts are finally rewarded. Share the limelight. PISCES (Feb. 19 March 20: At family gatherings, avoid controversial subjects. Be generous with your affection and praise. Words of encouragement will be remembered. MONDAY'S BIRTHDAY: The outlook for achieving your objectives is brighter. Success stems from working closely with key people when making business and career choices. An'in-vestment will pay off handsomely by February. A personal relationship that gets off to a rocky start will improve greatly by June. A diet begun in summer will lead to a confident, stunning new you. (Horoscope for Monday) ARIES (March 21-Aprll 19): Your partner's erratic behavior mystifies you. Play a waiting game and you will find the truth. Take a chance on romance. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): A promotion or raise is a real possibility, but only if you will put in longer hours. Explain the situation to your mate to-avoid a confrontation. GEMINI (May 21 -June 20): Play all your trumps when the stakes are high. Continue to conduct friendly discussions. Spend a quiet evening at home. CANCER (June 21 -July 22): Gain all the influence you can; it will lead to a higher income. Play your cards carefully. Romantic changes are in the wind. Greater domestic happiness will be the result. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Avoid a brusque confrontation at home. Make certain nothing is left undone where family's safety is concerned. Apply yourself to your work. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): By turning in a wonderful piece of work, you make a great impression on those in authority. Loved one could be testing you. Hold firm. LIBRA (Sept 23-Oct. 22): Something you do today will plant new seeds for continued growth, fulfillment and prosperity. Your deepest instincts are aroused. Take a chance on love. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Superior workmanship will help you score big in the marketplace. You collect the fruits of your professional labors. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): A belated gift or letter is better than none. The pleasures of a new relationship outweigh the disappointments. The unexpected proves thrilling. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Gain all the influence you can command since this may also lead to a higher income. Play your cards skillfully. Enjoy a change in lifestyle. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Controversial research could lead to financial success. Be open to new ideas and innovative methods. Plan a special treat for your mate. PISCES (Fob. 19-March 20): The urge to go somewhere grabs you. Spend more time talking with friends and your mate. Trust your intuition. A pet project will succeed. Reunions ANSWER ON N m II you are planning a class reunion In Georgia, let us know about it Please type your announcement, including the date, time, place and address and your daytime phone number Mail at least three weeks before the event Military, family and out-of-state events will be published as space allows Send notices to Ellen Butler. Dixie Living. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. P O Box 4689. Atlanta. Ga 30302 SPRAYBERRV HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 74: Sept 23 7 pm to 1 a m at the Holiday Inn, Holcomb Bridge Road For more information, contact Donna at 926-3573 BRIARWOOD HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF "69: Sept 30 6 30 p m at the Marriott Airport Hotel For information, call 993-8108 or write Class Reunions P O Box 1306: Roswell, Ga 30077 ROSWELL HIGH 8W00L CLASSES OF '68-70: Sept 30 7 p m at the Martiott Perimeter Hotel For information, call 993-8108 or write Class Reunions P O Box 1306. Roswell Ga 30077 DANIELL FAMILY: Sept 1 7 East Cobb United Methodist Church on Roswell Road, Marietta A covered-dish luncheon will be held at 1:30 p m For information, contact Ella Weidman at 521-3123 or Clara Daniell Williams at 948-5748 MITCHELL FAMILY: Sept 1 7 at the Lithonia Park Pavilion A picnic lunch will be served For more information, call 981-2575 or 482-4511. PHILPOT FAMILY: Sept 1 7 1 1 a m at the Buchanan City Park. Buchanan, Ga Descendants ot Capt William Philpot (1798-1844) and Elizabeth York Philpot (1802-1884) For further informalion, call Billy Lester, 939-6011 WWII MARINE CORSAIR FIGHTER SQUADRON: Sept 21-24 Holiday Inn, Moline. Ill For information, contact CE Lindberg, P O Box 173 Mo-line, III 61265 H.L. EDWARDS DD6S3: Sept 22-24, Scottsdate. Ariz For more information, contact Bill Donovan, 30 Oaklawn Ave , A12 Cranston, R.I. 02920 THE 465th BOMB GROUP, 7S3rd BOMB SQUADRON: Sept 29-30 Powers Ferry Holiday Inn For mtormation, call Charles P Payne, 436-1602

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