The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 3, 1949 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, March 3, 1949
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NQRTHEABT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XLIV—NO. 288 Blytheville Daily New* Blythevllle Courier Blythevllle Herald Mississippi Valley Leader BIATHEVILL.E, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, MARCH 3, 1949 SIXTEEN PAGES SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Senate Rejects 12 Amendments to IStateConstitution Only One of Three Picked for Submission To Voters Approved LITTLE ROOK, March 3. Proposed increase of Hie Arkansas sales tax to three per cent was rejected by the Slate House I of Representatives today. A bill lo Increase the retail sales tax from two to three per cent and earmark one-third of the tota revenue for old age pensions was defeated, 40-42. LITTLE ROCK, March 3. W)— |The Arkansas Senate today rejec led two of three proposed amenc Jments to the state's constitution. One would have -provided fou lycar terms for all state, county and 1 township officers. The other called I for preparation of state budgets by Ithe governor and submission of any I new or increased taxes to a vote lof the people. 1. The one proposer! amendment approved for submission to the state's I voters in the 1950 general election (contains the municipal home rule I proposal, widely discussed in the luiate for several years. This amend- Iment still must be acted on in the [House. Told to Contribute To Pension Fund LITTLE ROCK, March 3. Wl— ni« Arkansas House today served notice on public ofliclals—partlcu- arly judges—that they should make ome contribution if they expect to eceive retirement pensions. It adopted a resolution by Rep. Ezra Rlcketts of Benton County declaring that "notice be served on all public officials, and especially ncmbers of the Judiciary that it Is the will of this House, and to their interests, that they work out a system of retirement, under which each recipient shall contribute to his own retirement." The resolution grew out of lengthy debate earlier this week over a bill to appropriate for retirement pay of former Chancellor J. E. Chambers of Danville. At that time the system of paying pensions to judges was severely criticized since they made no contributions to the pensions. Lady 11' Crewmen in Fine Fettle After Globe-Circling Flight FORT WORTH, Tex., March 3. (AP)—The crew of the "Lucky Lndy H," by chance the first men to fly non-stop around the world, slept off a 24-hour quiir-- 11 "- *"' — U. S. MP's Blockade Russians Club 61 Levelled By Fire at 4 a.m. Blaze Gains Headway Before Discovery by Employe in Building An early morning blaze, believed ™1=' -" 'ir±lSl^ J^r^ltf North of Blythevllle on Highway SI people touched off prolonged de- [bills during the morning. One would require persons who (drill water wells to reglsler with ] the State Geology Division and I file records on wells with that of- Imit the State Prison Farm to par- Iticlpate In federally sponsored cot|ton loan programs. Tax Exemption Fails The Arkansas House today re- I fused to give gasoline distributors Ian extra one per cent tax exemp- Itlon for evaporation. After a spirited wrangle during I consideration of supposedly nou- | controversial bills, the proposal by Gathrlght of Union Head stated that blaze was ca located in the all of the club. club had been closed for discovered. The fire was discovered by an over the night club. Tlie fire had • ulfed most of the building at the time it was discovered, Chief Head stated. The- Blytheville Fire Department controversial bill to authorize the I Welfare Department to pay up to damaged. .7 a day for indigent hospital pa- 1 uelus - the fire immediately of the alarm, Chief Head said, but the building was too far gone bj the time that it arrived. The club was owned and operat ed by Odell Campbell, and th building was only recently remodel led. A second building, located a littl north of the clubroom, was no Legislative action was completed I by the House on a bill to charge I rail and motor carriers a fee of two- I fifth of one per cent of their gross I revenues for support of the Public I Service Commission. Other utility companies already I pay that fee. Ps.-^ed and sent to the governor I were bills to prohibit the sale of I intoxicating beverages on Christmas Day and authorizing creation nf a drainage district for the Cache I River Bottoms. Rep. Harvey McAlister of Craig- I head County said the drainage bill I would authorize a district to main- I tain a $21.000,000 drainage ditch which the U. S. Engineers plan to cut from Greene County to the 1 While River near Clarendon. Medical Center Authorized The Senate yesterday authorized | construction of a proposed $f>,200,- 000 medical center here. A bill for the center was one of . several administration measures adopted late yesterday. The medical center bill appropriates $2,000.000 in state funds to come from a sixth-level allocation the revenue stabilization act. U also contemplates use of S-'.,200,000 in federal funds. The center would be situated on the State Hospital grounds here. The Senate Increased the salary of Governor McMath's recently- appointed education commissioner. •A. B. Bonds, from 55,000 to $7,500 annually. ReveiTini? its action .of the prc- See LEGISLATURE on Page 10 : said that the built by insurance, and that he rttlmate his damru; at about $15,000. H said that he had no imediate plai for rebuilding. Mr. Campbell had operated the club since April, 1948. nen landed at Carswell AJr Base yesterday, M hours and one minute after standby orders became operational. They had crossed seven seas and four continents, covered 23,452 miles, refueled in mid-air lour times and circumnavigated the globe at nearly Us greatest girth. Chance placed "Lucky Lady II, lt» pilot, Capt. James Gallagher, and crew in history. Another plane was to liavo made the flight. The B-50 bomber which started what the Air Force chose to call a "routine training mission" got as far as the Azores alter taking off lust Friday. Tlie engine fire which forced this plane down sent "Lucky Lady H" aloft. Gallagher and Ills history-making crew had been on stiintl-by orders for any emergency that might arise. Their B-50, on Improved version of the 11-28 supei'bomber, was airborne at 11:31 a.m. ICST) Saturday The sleek, silvery plane relumed lo Its starting point yesterday *t 0:21:65 a.m. ICST). Shortly aller- ward Us crew was placed under a 24-hour quarantine, ending today at noon. The quarantine was part of the "training mission." The 14 men were weary-eyed when they drop- lied out ol escape hatches and bomb bay doors, although beaming am! in good physical condition. Bui medical officers wauled to check the effects ol a non-stop flight and lo give the men u chance to sleep —on beds with spring* and sheets instead of GI blankets, thin cot mattresses and a bomber floor. Newsmen were permitted to ques- Relaxed Credit Curbs Called 'Boon to Business But Some Say New Order'Not Enough Woods Cites Rise In Rent Violation Increase in 'Black Market' Dealings Is Called 'Shocking' WASHINGTON, March 3. Ml— lilt, House llanklnr Commlllcu voted :!3 to Z today to extend rent controls for 15 months, rojt'ctlnn an administration mjiKst lor a 24 months' continuation. Slaying Suspect 5igFlood Control ProjectApproved Legislation Passes To Provide Sponsor For Levees, Ditches i + MP's Strengthen Court to Perrnit foyer Suspects' Pe?sose on Pond Appearance bonds for Gwyn Holland and his father G. A. Holland, both of Marie, who are charged with murder in connection with Ilic death of a relative. Freddie Bynum Jan. 3. were set Mt $10.000 by Circuit Jlld|{ Zal B. Harris:.n this morning. Bonds were set at a habeas corpus hearing in Osceola this morn- inir. The two me" will be Iried at the March term of Circuit Court which opens in Osceola Mar. 21. The two men have been In jail Missco So//s Seldom Need Phosphates Farmers in Mississippi County who buy phosphate are wasting their money, C. F. Lund, state extension soil specialist, told vocational and veteran teachers at a soils management meeting at the' Triple-A office yesterday. Mr. Lund, basing his statement on soil tests of soil samples from this county, said that there were only two fertility problems here. A lack of adequate nitrogen for maximum production and a low potash fertility level in the sandy areas were mentioned as the problems. The soil specialist said that about 98 per cent of the soils tested from this county showed very high phosphate content, and that acidity here could not be considered a problem, nor could lack of calcium or magnesium. He indicated that sample tests from areas near Leachville and Manila had the lowest potash content, and that potash fertility was not a great problem in other arens. Mr. Lund reviewed the work ol the soil laboratory work at the University of Arkansas and said tha the major problem In the state wa. that Arkansas farmers, who as a whole, are selling through crop and livestock are taking 21.8 more nitrogen from the soil than they are replacing. Tlie speaker's remarks were dl Final action was completed b> the Arkansas legislature yesterday on a measure which authorizes the commissioners of the St. Francis Levee District to enter into contracts with the federal governmen for drainage and flood control work in the SI. Francis River Basin. The bill gives the drainage dls trict board the right to serve as sponsoring agency for the $50,000, 000 project which has been oullinec by the U. S. Engineers to provide additional protection to farm lands throughout the basin. Renefiis Loom fur Mlssco The plans call (or a new dvain- tion the men only brieily yesterday before they went Into quarantine. Official times and distances were to be computed today. Strictly Operational Mission WASHINGTON, March 3. M') — Housing Expediter Tishc B. Woods testified today lhat a "shocking! black mnrkcl In over-celling runts' exists In iniuiy parts of the nation. Ho told of overcharges in 1'hll- adelphla. AUnntit ami SU Louis, adding that slnco July 1, 1W7 "rent, violations Imve doubled and tripled In these cllle.s," He urged a Semite Banking Subcommittee to restore former federal authority to fine and Imprison landlords who violate rent ceilings, sue landlords tor triple damages lor overcharges, and supervise all evictions. Although tenants can bring suits for overcharges under tho present law, Wooils said they are alraid to do so In most areas. "Given the alternative of paylni black market rents or being evicted choose to pay tho over without complaint," h reeled to veteran and vocationa teachers from Leachville, Manila Dell, and Blythevllle extenslo workers here. New York Stocks (!:30 P.M. Quotations) Am. T & T Am. Tobacco Anaconda . , Beth Steel . [Chrysler . ... j John Deere . at Osceola since waiving prclimi- i O( , n Ej cc t r i c nary hearing on the murder charge Gcll Motors Jan. 12. ' Gwyn Holland is charged with age ditch east of Big Lake to speed the flow of surface water from ft large area to the norUi, east and west of Blytheville, as .well as to provide protection to farm lands downstream from the flood waters from southeastern Missouri moving tnrough the ditches draining that ea Into Big Lake. It has not been announced whe- ter the commissioners of the St. Panels Levee District will accept sponsorship of the project. The easure was sponsored In the Sen,e by Sen. Lamar Rodgcrs of West lemphis. Before the bill obtained pproval in the House 11 was mended lo allow landowners In the roposed district to rogram which has bee i the U. S. Engineers. It was indicated that ihe spon- oring agency, whether it be the .t. Francis Levee Distilct, or a new have to guarantee of the levees and Jlockade of Reds Army Strings Barbed Wire Around Mission; Russians Stand Pat FRANKFURT, Germany, March 3. (,vj—u.g Army Engineers strung barbed wire entanglements around the blockaded Rusian repatriation mission today, and -set up'-floodlights. The explanation was obscure. A military policeman' said the new move was to prevent the possibility of food being smuggled to the eight blockaded Russians, and to prevent them rrom leaving "on their own," without reporting to American authorities first. The Americans want .the Russians to leave—in fact, ordered them to go—and have offered transportation facilities to the border if the Rusians leave voluntarily. But when asked for further ex- tciwuls charges iald. Woods, who administers the rcn ceilings, flatly dWutcd wldcsprea Top Air Force brass greeted the contentions that thousands of sum men of "Lucky Lady II" when. It properly owners unit landlords tac landed. losses or inadequate earnings IIIKU, One, U.. Qen. Curtis E. LcMny, £ el | e rai controls. I chief of the Strategic Air Com- Hc s: ,j ( i n |i Uioy need lo do Is t nrnnd. saiii success of the mid-air I ap pi y for higher rcnUi on n basis o refueling now means the air force individual hardship or lack of pro can reach "any place that would u require an atomic bomb." gays Income To the plane's pilot, the trip T1]0 ,. cu i director conceded th miunt: , many small landlords have failed You can go Just about anywhere 1 t(lko n d v antage of these provlsloi hi the world anytime." On the other hand, Woods sn There were no frills for the Mel- government surveys ol landlord rose, Minn., pilot and hi* crew. The 1 profits and not Income show nm trip was made under conditions Die higher averages than pre-wnr. He tymoiul 1-Vrniuutrz, 34, questioned of ... I! nine lie Downing anrt mother, Mrs. Drlpiilne Downline. See LUCKY LADY on Faje 1« Mother, Eight Children Die In Home Fire said these result from fewer vacancies and Jess decorating and repairs. Woods said an end of rent controls "would force millions of families to Jncrensc their rent pnymenla at the expense of diets, medical care, clothing and other necessities of lire." Ho said a survey shows thai rents on many decontrolled units hiwc lore than doubled while the "av- Slayers Face Death Penalty MUSKEGON, Mich., March 3. <iP> erlxgD rcll t is 60 per cent higher." Ihe fatal shooting of Bynuni, his I brother-in-law, at he Holland *.home near Marie Jan. 3. Hc surrendered lo sheriff's deputies shortly after the shooting and claimed s?lf defense. G. A. Holland was arrested several davs later when in- fonmtion obtained through an vcs'igation of the killing indicated I' -i he cave his son the weapon n cd to fire the ratal shot. Int. Harvester Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central Lockheed Radio Corp. gency, will naintenance ditches which have been rccom- nended for construction. The sponsoring agency also must obtain ights-of-way and settle for any damages to landowners. Sponsors to l.cvy Taxes The sponsor also will have au- .hority to assess benefits as a result of the Improvements, levy and collect taxes which would be needed to maintain Ihe flood protection system. Members of the St. Francis Levee Board indicated lhat if the district accepts sponsorship of the program, it will handle all funds of basin project separate from the funds collected and disbursed for the present district. John W. Meyer of Wilson, member of Ihe board of directors of 147 Drainage District No. 17 of Mls- 65 3-t sissippi County, recently stated that 32 5-8 the proposals advanced by the U. S. i 30 5-8 Engineers would be of great bene- 53 1 tit "to all drainage districts in this county. He suggested that the work ... 361 projected by the engineers, when 58 3-8 completed, would give much greater 23 7-8 efficiency to all the ditches which 55 1-4 have been constructed In this 10 7-8 county. | 18 1-4 "This St. Francis Basin project," planation oi the barbed wire and floodlights, the military policeman replied cryptically: "There are a lot of trees on this estate and you never can tell what they might try." The eight Russians who Ignored the U.S. Army's order to leave by March 1, watched the wire-stringing operations curiously from windows of the three-story building. They thowcd no intention of leaving, although they are cut off from water, light, gas, telephone service and food from the outside. On the chance that water might leak through to the mission by faulty closed valves, the engineers even ed at 8 n.m. (1 a.m. CSTI and a Russian officer poked his head out to •vA: "Can we have a newspaper?" they got a paper. The Russians camped In the house have had only one visitor since the siese started. A Russian colonel, ac- coiiipr.nieri by Col. Sterling A. Wood, American provost marshal, went there last night. , —A mother, eight of her children estimated a need for more — , and a roomer were burned to death t)m) ^ ,000,000 rental dwellings units today when a fire destroyed their Iltmsy frame home. The names, starting when nn oil In Ihe 91 cities with .more than ICO 000 iJopulation. Declaring that a nationwide stove exploded, swept through the s i lor [ [li , c still exists In moderate ' home of Mrs. . Maude Clover at Lakewood. a little resort commun- Woo(]s ...... ity 12 miles north of here. The charred bodies of 48-year-old rental and sales lioustnis, i a full two-year cxtai- ion of strengthened rent controls. Dtc on the j onkred '.he pipes sawed in half, n ndvanctd | B U t when the front door open Mrs. Clover and eight children, of lllLs mo]1 ti,. ranging In age from 3 to 15 years, [ were pulled from the ruins. A roomer, Identified as August Tasky, also perished. One badly burned survivor was brought to Mercy Hospital In Muskegon. In critical condition and almost incoherent. 17-year-old Howard Clover srtld the flames leaped out expires at the end Workers Launch Red Cross Drive For North Missco of the stove at about 8 .m. (EST) when the widow and her family were preparing breakfast. Most of the children were sleeping at the I time, Within a few moments Ihe wood- to n window and pulled his 21-year- | old brother. Ward, out with him. The annual fund campaign the Chickasnwba Chapter of l!< i ile today. Tlie chapter Is " ml?e a total ol $13,743. <• <"° -ck President Expected to Accept Forresial's Resignation Today J. C. Penney Co Republic Steel Socony-Vacuum . .. Standard Oil N. J. Southern Pacific .... 11 5-8 24 3-8 15 3-8 67 1-4 41 IF.O.B. Chicago) Mar. .. 233*i 234 2r2'i 233-232 : ) t May . 2'4 224 222'i 222'1 July .. 318',i 218Va 217 217 New York Cotton NEW YORK. Mar. 3 — 1:30 p.m. quotations: Open High Low Last Mar 3249 M^y ....... 3223 July ....... 3109 Ocl. ....... 5814 Dec ........ 2793 3240 3225 3112 2814 2793 32M 3214 3101 2807 2789 32 in 3219 3UH 2812 2789 Mr. Meyer said, "next to levee protection against floods of the Mississippi and Little Rivers, will be See PROJECT on Page 10 \70 Drown When Storm Swamps Chinese Junks KONG KONG, March 3. W> — Seventy persons were drowned today by a sudden storm which swamped 50 fishing junks In Mirs WASHINGTON, March 3. W)— President Truman is expected lo accept today James V. Porrcstal's long-pending resignation as secretary of defense and rmmc Louis A. Johnson, West Virginia lawyer, lo the post. White House informants said the action probably will be announced at Mr. Truman's news conference at 4 p.m. (EST). An exchange of letters between the President and Forrestal has been prepared for release, they added. Forrestal, the nation's first secretary of defense is the last cablnc holdover from llv Bay. Seven bodies were recovered. Some women drowned. and children were Louis Johnson Roosevelt administration. He wa secretary of the Navy before he took the top defense job. Johnson long has figured in speculation as Porrestal's successor. H is a lormer assistant secretary o war and served as chairman of the Democratic Finance Committee in the 1948 presidential campaign. Presidential associates disclosed during the campaign that Forrestal was expected to step down after the el Sccretary Forrcsial was one or timing. The President Is known to have delayed action because of his objections to publicity given his plans. Hc and Forrestal have discussed the question of Forrestal's resignation from time to time. At one point it was understood that May 8 had Wyatt, chalr- _ and chairman for outlying communities contributions, Joined with Mr. Robinson in urging those giving the Hcd Cross to have their contributions ready so I that return calls would not be uec- esary. In this connection Mr. Robnun explained that the workers tour, time for their work to conduct the campaign and that promptncs on the part of Ihe contributors would be appreciated. Mr. Robinson cx]>laincd lhat the quota for the chapter had been Increased this year due to the fact that a wartime surplus had been exhausted. Last year the chapter raised $11,595.26. MINEOLA. N. Y., March 3. I'hc dlKlrlct attorney of Nassau bounty snkl today Raymond M. Fcrnandcy. and his 200-pound Klrl rlend, Mnrthn Beck, will be irouijht hero (rom Michigan to fnce a "lonely henrts" murder charge. Conviction or first degree murder n New York carries the death jenalty. District Attorney James N. deh- rlg asked a bcilch warrant against flic pair to speed their return. Gehrlg said an assistant in his office hnd obtained ft "complete and detailed confession" from Fer- nnnclcx and Mis. Beck In the slay- Inn of Mrs. Janet Fay, a former Albany, N. Y., woman In Valley Stream. Tnc body wns found In the cellar of a. house In Queens County. She Is one of Ihrco victims whon Michigan police said Fernandez and Mrs. Heck killed to further a mull jor order moncy-mtiklng romance plo 1 Assistant District Attorney Ed ward Robinson, sent to Grand Rap ids, Mich., by achrUj, has rcporlc back that Michigan will not op pose the return of Mrs. Beck an Fernandez lo New York. Michigan docs not have cnpilal punishment. A life sentence Is the most the pnlr could receive If convicted of the murder of n Byron Sees'Lift'for Lagging Sales By Krincls M. Le May WASH I NO AON, March 3—W>— Many lawmakers today welcomed as a boon to business a government order permitting smaller monthly Installments on a list of 'Items ranging from cook stoves to automobiles. The Pectoral Reserve Board's action also was warmly greeted by Hie automotobtle Industry, which saw In the movo a possible lift lo lugging car sales. However, Edgar Kaiser, general manager of the Knlser-PrtiTer Corp. eatcl, "It Is not enough," and a similar sentiment was expressed by Hep. Patman(D-Tex-), who has been demanding an extensive easing of curlw on credit buying. The board's order was Issued last nlBht on tho heels of Its report that Installment credit on sending had dropped In January for he first time In three years. The order becomes effective Monday. It af- fecls theso consumer Items now under "antl-Infltitlon" controls: Cook stoves, dishwashers, Ironers, refrigerators, washing machines, automobiles, air conditioners, radio ami television sels, phonographs, sewing machines, vacuum cleaners, furniture and rugs. This Is what the Reserve Board order does: 1. Reduces the down payment' for til) thn controlled Items, ex- aittomohllrB, to 15 per crnt> from (he prfsent 20 per cent. The down payment for automobiles will remain at one-third of the lotnl price. 2. Allows 21 months lo pay off Ihe halnnce dun after the cash payment on all Items, Tlie lime limit In force now In IB month*' where trie credit amount' [ft more than fl,000, or IK months when It i« IMI than SLOW. Tho action followed by only ft few hours the board's report on Installment figures for January. . T.he general drop th&t rrtoiith wa« .' '•"" ' " ' igh credit. on i*ed $14.00i>,OOq.V •edit on^January 31 n m nun Cert ^W'$8,051.000,000: Senator O'Mahoncy (D-Wyo), chairman of the Senate-House Economic Committee, called the Board's action "aclear Illustration of the wise exercise of government controls." Chairman Maybank (D-SO) of ic Senate Banking Committee aid he "was very pleased" at the , ew order, adding: "This will give Center, Mich., mother and her daughter. Weather been agreed upon ns the date. However, Forrestal expressci desire to step out earlier and It Is understood now that the change "ThVouiy"question will take place within a short, time, Arkansas forecast: Kair this afternoon, tonight and Friday. Rising temperatures, Missouri forecast: Fair southeast, clearing west and north tonight. Friday, fair. Not so cold south tonight, warmer Friday. Low tonight, 28-32; high Friday near 60. Minimum this morning—33. Maximum yesterday—53. Sunset today—5:56. Sunrise today—6:27. Precipltallon 24 hours to 7 a.m. today—none. Total since Jan. 1—12.52. Mean temperature (midway between high nrnl low)—43. Normal mean for March—51.2. This Date Last Minimum this morning—38. Maximum yesterday—63. Precipitation Jan. 1 to this date— 13.01. Army to Return Body Of First Missco Casualty During World War H Mr. nnd Mrs. Ben Shook, 324 South 10th Street In Blythevllle, received word yesterday that tho tody of their sou. Shelby C. Shook, had been found and indcntlflcd by Army officials, and would be re- lurncd to Blythcville for burial. Shook wns killed during the first Jap attack on pearl Harbor, and 11 Is hcicvcd that he was the first Mississippi County man to be killed during World War 2. Previously Army officials had been unable to locate his body or give the family any Information concerning his death. His body will be return- from Hawaii soon. Board's action "a clear illustration o buy things. It will give produc- lon a chance to go ahead." And Rep. Monroney (D-OMR,) greed that the move "will help nove a lot of merchandise. It will nit merchandise within the reach of more wage earners.' Wanted 14 Months to Pay But Rep. Pntmnn, chairman of ,he House Small Business Commlt- ce told newsmen. * "I'm disappointed. They should have extended the time of payments to at least 24 months, erpee- lally on automobiles. They are discriminating against a man with character who needs an automobile for business purposes. I think the board has demonstrated arbitrary action and It Is nn abuse of power." Rep. Wilcott (R-Mlch), * top Republican In economic affairs, said: • . •The whole thing should be abandoned. It Is highly discriminatory. !(, serves no useful purpose at the present time." Pntman said he will not support a. continuation of the credit control authority unless President Truman Is given power to puss on rules and regulations set up by the Reserve Board. The aulhorlty expires June 30, unless continued. The warlimo credit curbs were reestablished In part last year as an ant! T inflatlon measure. Monroney said he thought the government should continue, to keep some restraint, to prevent a return to "an unsound Installment credit system of nothing down and three years to pay." Dycss Woman's Condition Takes Turn for Worse Condition of Mrs. Lloyd Chappie, 47, who is In the Dyess Hospital suffering from burns received Sunday when her home was destroyed by fire, was reported to be In a critical condition. Mrs. Chnpple's clothes were Ignited when she was reported to have poured tractor fuel In a stove. She was badly burned from the waist up iKfore IVie fire in her clothing could be extinguished by her husband and other members of the family. The Chappies live on a farm near Dycss. World War II Veteran Joins Police Department Chief of police Charles Short to- . day aunounced the employment of Fred Hodge of Blytheville, as a member of the Blytheville Police . Department. His appointment became effective Sunday. Officer Hodge Is a veteran of World War II and was a member of the Blytheville Army Air Field Fire Department before his en- Irance In the service. City Policeman Bob Powell announced this morning that he had tendered his resignation «s a member of the Police Department. His resignation became effective at the end of his tour of duty today. Mr. Powell had been a mem*sr of the department since January. Hs slated that he had no Immediate plans for the future. Motorist Penalized C. C. Den toil was fined MS and costs in Municipal Court this morn- Ing on a charge of driving whilt under the influence oi Uquor.

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