Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 22, 1957 · Page 18
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 18

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1957
Page 18
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Eighteen Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune DAILY RADIO PROGRAMS _„_ _ (All UstlnRs Central Dayllrnt Time) WMAQ WBBM (780) WLS WSAL (1230) WEDNESDAY EVENING 6:00 Newa Bell-airs i-.ia News—Sports News 3:30 News Sports 6:<5 Man'a Family Anderson News-Weather Woather News News New. Sports Heatter Hennessey •00 News Anderson Heatter News J? v?, eople ' FunayAnderson News Serenade 30 MuhUine Scot. Yard Late News Mystery 4u Mfihtline Scot. Yard Ike News Mystery :00 News :li Nitrlullne :3l> .VlKhtHne :4". NlKhtline Hews World Sports Amos n' Andy Dance Time Dance Time News Mantovunl Bob & Ray Bob & Ray Bob & Ray Big Bands 00 News ID Chan 30 Chan 45 Chan News Anderson LtCWlS Lewis News Fights Fltrhts Flprhts News NlRhtwatch Niphtwatch 3-Star Final 10:00 News News 10:13 Nittht Desk Mercler 10:30 Night Desk Weltzel 10:43 Sports Woltzel News Muslo Rudy Rudy NlRhtwatch NlKhtwatch NlBhtwatch Nlshtwatch THURSDA? MORNING 8:00 Nows 8:15 Chi Calling 8:30 Chi Calllnc 8-45 News News-Harrington UreaKfast Club News Jim Conway Breakfast Club RI.io and Shine Gold Coast Breakfast Club AilH Broukfant Broaktast Club Blue and ghlno 3:00 News 9:13 Truth-Cons. 9:30 BfRdutand 9:45 Banfi^rand Arthur Uodrrey .My True Storj Rlso and Shlno Arthur Godfrey My True Story UIHQ and shine Arthur Godfrey News "News-Melodic* Arihui Godfrey Gir) Marries Melndles 10:00 News 10:15 BandHtand 10:30 ftandmand 10:45 Bandstand Arthur Godfrey Whlflp. Sts. Woman's Wor Arthur Godfrey Tollo-Test Woman's Wor Elolso-JoHh News Queen-Day Howard Miller Marthu Crane 'Queen-Day 11:00 News 11:16 Records ll:3f Records 11:45 Duchews Wenuy Warren News Words BackntaKe Wife M. Connldlne Record shop Helen Trent Markets Carroll Co. Gal Sunday Woather Carroll Co. THURSDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 N'ewR 12:15 Merryflcld 12:30 Merryflcld 12-45 Morryfield Nora Drake Ma, Perkins Btntlev Nevrn Road of Life Nows Markets Dinner Bell Dinner Boll News Co. Bxtennlon Farm Corner Farm Corner 1:00 News 1:15 ConfCBufonn 1:30 Worn. In HBO 1:45 Dr. Gentry Mr.H, EJurLon Strlka-Klcl) entertainment Market!) Hchooltlme Quaen-D.iy Quoen-Day Play Ball Play Ban Hanoi.; fill Banobrili 2:00 Mown 2:15 Matlnco 2:30 mil Top 2:45 Pop Voun House Party Houne Party Or. Malone L.uckv Ladlns NoWH-Weathor Jack Paar Wayne JtlnR Wayne KlNK ' IJaKchij.il 2:00 NCWN S:15 Jim Mills 3:30 Jim Mfllw 3:iu Jlrn MilU Woman Vlcwn GoM ''A,a.nt Tako a FJrcuk NQWH Capl. Htuhby Ca»t. 8Li:bhy ocr Record 4:00 NUWR Paul GlbHon New* 4:15 Jim Mlllo Paul iJJibiion Polka Party 4:30 Si»ort» Paul Clbwon NRWH •1:45 Jim Mill* Jn«h Brady I'olka Party . Off Uecord Ilf'CorrtH. Newt Too i Tune»" Teen Tiinoa 6:00 News .Vows. Walk C:15 Wod Howard fohr. Harrington \Vc.\h C:30 Wed Woward SportH \l'«llc G:4£ CJoo, Htcno Low*>; Thorn a* N<:wn Tiino Tim* Want Ad» Wondorn TV Programs WEDNESDAY EVENING (CDT) 6:00—Channel 4 Channel G Channel it 6:15—Channel G Channel 8 8:30—Channel fi Channel B 6:45—Channel 4 Channel fi 7:00—Chanrvc-! 4 Channel G Channel II Rascals Weather THREE TRUCK PENALTIES Three truck drivers were fined in justice court Tuesday after a scale check on U.S. 24 revealed (heir trucks bore too much weight. Fined were: Fred Baker Jr., route l, 2150 pounds over on the News ' 1rlvc axlf! ' $ 1(M - 75 ; rtobert Weeks, jM ovv ij : route 4, Tipton, 1450 pounds over News' 0 " " le drivc axlc ' $ 27 - 7i! : flichard Cu«aV'" arncsa ' rouL(i tlrive and p News hnarin « moi '° lhan lho vehicle's New."! regiBlor<;tl weight, $43.50. Mask Party! Godfrey j- STAT| s M(>. >nin JNDIA.VA) 7:30— Channel (', Dad Knows !3estk'oi;,vTV <>v CAHN ) HH ' IN Tin.; CAHH f;nu,'i;iT oormT Ai'itn. TKH.M. inr,7. Nulli'ii In hnrohy Klvnii that Mur- Aluy, ljir.7, iiniMiliihxi Ailmlnin'iru- 8:00—Channel 1 Channel S „• Channel ft 8:30—Channel 4 Channel li 0:00—Channel 4 Channel f! Channel ft 0:30—Channel B 10:00—Channel 1 Channel fi Channel ft 10:30—Channel 4 Channel fi Channel ft 10:45—Channel 1 Channel fl 11:00—Channel B 11:30—Channel R Waterfront TV Theater Millionaire Ford Theater I Have Secret Fights Your Lift- Fox Hour Hawkeye Federal Men Ox-Ilarrlel Hiwuy Patrol News Theater Nows MovlcH I/ale- Show Woather Tonight THUKHDAY AFTERNOON (CDT) ; 00—Channel 4 Channel fi Channel ft :15—<Jhunncl B Channel H :30—Channel 4 Channel B Channel It :0fl—Channel 4 Channel ft iM—•Channel 4 Channel 8 Channel II ;(JO—Channel 4 Channel fi Channel B ::tO—Channel fl 100—Channel B Channel ft ir.~CliHrm(->l ft :io—Channel 4 Channel H :1!>—Channel li ;oo—Chnnnel « :ir>—</'li;inn( i l ft ilto—Ohnniipl II :45—Channel 4 ;00—<;liannel 4 Channel ft ;15-Channel B :W—tihnmiRl 6 4 SlRlil MarkctH News-Weather Karm Ncwa Farm-Home HKD 4 Cluli «J W»rltl Tnrriii 4 Si^ht MlnB llrooka Mark Haher Tenn. Krnlo Jlinifie Party Kllrn Matinee J'ayoff (.'ruoliy ({nocn ItrhiliUir Day Sueret Storm Movlellino 10d|-!i! fif Ni^ht HninanceM Movln Time Jjfti (if Chrl'it Hr.li lOrwin Whal'ii New? Mickey M'Mi.ie Karly Kliow Cartoon Time Kin Tin Tin MIES. HA.HII 1)111.1 7'KRU, Ind,—Scrvlcwi for Mrn. Amy Siirnli Hajili, B4, wldciw of Dr. Ira lUinh, it Convorne jirynlc- Inn, will (MI Imlil al 1:30 p.m. Weil- jHi.iclay lit tho Xook-I/iirrlnon vhnii- «1 therii with Kev, Ulcliard Cui'Uii (ifflclullnj!. llurlal will Ins In Ui« Ainboy cotrmlwy. Mrn. Il.-iiih uxplrcd nl 1(1:30 a.m. Monday al Urn Converse imrnlnH home iitlur pilx miilitli'H llltKiiin. Horn March II, l»73 In Franklin Hh« wan n V.0-yem- rciflclunl of Con- verxc. iVOTK-IH HTA'VW OK INDIANA) <;oi:NTV Oil- f!AHH ) ' N'lTK'K 'I'f) Al.l, I'l'lllHONH IN- •rwllKHTI'ili IN 'I'll I 1 ! KHTATI'I HI 1 ' AliliKr.T K. MTIIIUIHKiN, I>H- fJI'IAHI'lll. In I hi. Clrc.nll (Icnii'l »f '.'linn C'liiniv, April Turin, Hit 7. Cium,, Nilinlinr IHH. In llu- malliil- nt (hi. Kntntn i.f Alliiil'l l«. HIIII-K.".!!, ilni-nllnii'l. Null.'" In Imrtiliy KlVMII Illlil HlU'- rv i!. Hliii-tt'-ni »" HxiiiMiinr »r llu. 111,., VII linilli'il nllllil". linn |ir"n"lllnil ,unl flli-il III.. ..... •'.'Illl III ftMHl «"l- H, ........ l of imt.t ..Hlul.., HIII Him Ilin niinin will IM.IIIO ii|> fur Hi" "»• ninliiiiiliMi mill iiniliin »r milil f.li- mili Ci.nri, .nl ill" 2'"li liny "f ,lnn... HifiY, III whli-li Mill" "11 "'"- M.IIM lnl»r!.»lnil In milil «»liili< nr« miiiilrnit 111 niipi-ni' In niil'1 mil."-!. nm'l ..IH.VV ™u»*. IT IHI.V |l"'l'n ,,.,. wliy unlil iii-.'i.iiiil nln ml. I lint I"' iiiii.ri.vnrl. Anil tlm lii'lrn «r niil'l itii'i'iK-iil mul "H iillinm Inlori-iil- ' SJ'XuW 1 n' H I'nrni.iinl ItBlir «•• O'NI'Jir.ti Attvrnoy of - |.lii[u[ii t>f Alhiirl (' , . All niii'iiniiii liuvliii^ ulillnili fiK.'..ln«t iinlil IIH|IL[H, wliijl.lmr ,jr nul in iw ilui' niunl rilo l.hn iiainn In nalil i-oiirl wll.liln nix ffl) iniiiilliii friiin llm ilnlii ,,t 1.1m flmt puliMiiullnii nf Ililn iniUi'ii in- mild clnlmii will h.i ror.iv.tr I, [i mul, linHiil HI. l.i.ifiLiiiinorl., Iiullnnn, Uiln J1th liny or MIL.V, JilliV. lOi/IX.AIIK'l'll IHIillfl'Ml. Cliirlt rir I lin l,'lri:nll. C'nurl T<ir flHiin f!nniily, Jnd Him. IfAllOT,!! ,!. TrilKHTV Iliirnim liffliin llnllillim, I.UKII niipni'l, I nilluiin. Ali.oi-iiny fur l.;nlu[n House Committee Advances Ike's Civil Rights Measure WASHINGTON (UP)—The House Rules Committee, by an 8-4 vote, Tuesday cleared President Eisenhower's long - delayed civil rights program for House action. House Democratic Leader John W. McCormack (Mass.) promptly said he would call up the four- point measure the week of June 3. House leaders generally agreed that it would be passed without too much trouble. But leaders on the Senate' side were not too optimistic. Senate Republican Leader William F. Knowland (Calif.) forecast "lengthy debate which some might call a filibuster." However, lh e civil rights measure was believed to have a better chance of getting through this Congress than it had previously. Even if not acted on in the current session, it can be called up in the Senate during next year's session without having to retrace its lengthy House course. In any case Southern senators were certain to tight it with all the weapons at hand. The committee provided that bhe House spend four days debating (he controversial bill. It also said the measure 'would be ; opened to unlimited amendments from the floor. The bill, a somewhat watered- down version of the administration's civil rights program, was approved last March by the House Judiciary Committee. The meas,- ure would: ' —Create a bipartisan commission to investigate charges that citizens' voting rights are being denied because. of their color, race, religion or national origin, —Set up a separate civil rights division in the Justice Department. —Authorize the government to start civil suits directly in federal courts for injunctions or other relief to prevent civil rights violations. —Strengthen voting protections by prohibiting private individuals as well' as public officials from] interfering witli voting in elections for federal offices. MISTER BREGER "Good morning, madam. No doubt you've seen our prod's uct on television ..." Earl Corder,66, Peru , Succumbs SENTENCED TO FARM MONTJCELLO, Ind. - Dick E. Shank, 29, Chalmers, received a PERU, ihd. — Earl James Cor-.six-month sentence to the state der, Gfi, who operated a grocery j farm and $25 fine and costs upon store at 153 East Third street, died i his guilty plea Monday in White of a nine-month illness, at (i:05 p. j circuit court to a' charge oC false m. Tuesday at Dukes hospital. He!pretense, in representing properly owned two other groceries during! as his own in his application for his 20 years' residence here. ( a loan. Corder was born in Wabash county, July, 22, 1(190 Lhe son of William and Mary Jane Cunningham Cordcr. He was a member of the Christian church. He married Bertha Kimpel in 1912 and she died seven years ago. He married Elizabeth Yocum in 1952. She survives with a son, William B., of here; a daughter, Mrs. Robert Place, route 1, Denver; three grandchildren; one sister, Mrs. Pearl Gladden. Services arc pending at Hit Allen funeral home. STUDY ENROLLMENT PERL', Ind.—Pipe Creek township officials mcl in the Bunker Hill school Monday night to discuss the increased enrollment next yuarin the high 'school, authorizing the trustee to contact lhe township's consultant, Dr. Harold Church, Indiana University, to study the problem and make rccommendn- lion. TMIKYM/VVH PLIGHT VEKA.CRUK, Muxlci) (Ul'j—The Dairymen's Assn. said Tuesday thai stores here were .scllinK 32,000 (luarls of milk a day—10,000 more than an; produced hy till l<he cow.s In l.lic Veracruz rnllkslKKl. "Wu don't waul to accuse anyone of wulcrinf,' Ihi! milk," a flpnkosrruin said, "but wo think llio .situation merlin liivirallgiilJon." BLAST SHATTERS GLASS MONTJCELCO, Ind. — Ernest Smith, Monon, agreed to pay the Monon A & P store damages for the loss of a plate glass window, shattered Wednesday as Smith's shotgun accidentally discharged from his pick-up truck parked in front of the store. Read the Classified Ads 17,500 Hear Billy Graham NEW YORK (UP)—Billy Graham Tuesday night preached a fiery sermon on the Ton Commandments — with emphasis on adultery and murder — before an audience of 17,500 thai included former racketeer Mickey Cohen and two bodyguards, Graham said before his sermon thul although he knew Cohen was in the audience his words would not bo directed spccifrcaHy at lhe one-time czar of l.'io West Coast underworld. After lhe scnnon, Colhen and Graham had a brief private meeting in Billy's office and then Cohen and liis Iwo bodyguards WANTED! MEN-WOMEN J'rnni UK'^H IX lo Til. I'l-tnuii-f IMIW I.lnunln Hni'VkM) lutljm Uirmnaii<!i! fur r. M. (Jlvli HiTvli-n Jiil mi- pro,,,,,.,, tor Dumn HinlH ovi'i-y yimr. '/i K ",,!,',',u!«' M "•''""• "" r "" t "'" ''•"" '<• i». '"»' «f t"" '»'•« • "-"'I r«'"- ,,, nui Ki'" wliiK' in 1 ! v» l.tily own (id M^; 1 ^; "So,, rimmu! .i! 11 !;,,,"" »^" »( "« ^»" "•»" i« »•" V\it:y [irovlcln inuuli Mrn'i.ti.r mjcur- f;innii3Ol.m[ wllh l.lt'i CJuvorNiniMil.. lly Ihitn nrlviLln <Mripl(iyniont nnil cxdi'lli'in. uiiiinrt.iiMll.y I'oi 1 n.ilVII.IICM- ji'ur f!:ii3K Indifnuillnii on flnv- iiiiiiil. MIIIIV iiniilllnnn rniiulni 111- iiriimnnl Julin, IniihnlliiK lint nl ll» 11' no ni>«cliL]l7,i!(l iiMili'iiUnii or piinll 1'inn mid «:il;irinn I'll) i.nl nxiiiirh'MiM.. !fii!|iiin mill inn.ll HI n> -TODAY. , ,, , , Vull will Minn U'"l !'ll!l iliiMillli nil Hill. In K"l OHM nf lliKiin Jiilin. J|ow Vllll ,.„„ , nm |||'y ymir/mn lo ymi inlitil. IIIIMK n tiuil. III in)" IIIIHM lliniitt lentil, tJl.llllilll III Ki.nn IIIMI 111 Illililll I'.l lily nun mil ill 1 fl V DIIII'I. ili'lu.y—A in. NOW I I lun vi'ry iinic'li llilrri>«li-il T'liMin nil inn lllinill III nly I'lllCI 1 ! (I) A Mill o," II, H. i iuvcrnini'in (iniiH hiiui mul iinln I'|UH; (^) .1 nroi'liiiitlnn nil linw to nuiillry fur 11 U. H. CliiviM'llluulll .lull, A HO Wednesday Evening, May 22, 1957. Curfew Is Clamped On Port Au Prince PORT AU PRINCE (UP) — Haitian 'army troops patrolled the streets of Port Au Prince Tuesday night and today to enforce the curfew imposed by the military regime which took over control .of Haiti Tuesday. • All persons with the exception of medical, diplomatic and military personnel and a handful of accredited correspondents were ordered lo remain indoors be- i,ween 9 p.m. and 4 a.m. Army pa- trols on foot and in vehicles mad* certain the orders were not violated. The curfew was clamped on h« country by the new military administration which deposed tha "civilian junta" government. Tha army acted after the junta ordered Brig. Gen. Leon Cantave removed as chief of staff. Cantave appeared in full control insofar as Port Au Prince was concerned. There was no immediate information here on the re- aclion from other sections of ths republic. dashed ofif to catch a piano for Chicago. An estimated 600 persons came j forward to make "decisions for. Christ" following what may have been the 30-year-old revivalist's most effective of seven Madison Square Garden sermons to dale. A crusade official said Graham's exhortations on lhe Ten Command- menu invariably "get a tremendous response." In the first week of Graham's New York Crusade, 1,545 persons have come forward to "accept I Jesus Christ." More than 117,500 i have heard Graham in the first seven nights c-f his crusade. MUNSON SERVICES ' GALVESTON, Ind.—Survives for Warren N. Munson, 55, former Cuss county man, will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday at the Thomas funeral homo with burial in the Galveston cemetery. NEW TREADS! Get a fresh start on mileage. Just pay for the tread. NEW TIRE- GUARANTEE 6.70-15 Plus your recappable tire. B.F.Goodrieh FIRST IN RUBBER - FIRST IN TUBELESS 4I« High Dial 2786 Reinforcing Steel Mervls Steel Co., Kolcomo Phono i.'ll.y ........................................ Kliilu (llvo l')xili'[. Dlrncllniiii lo Ynlir liiijni Forced Warm Air GAS PERIMETER HEATING SYSTEMS Closet Furnace Gas System NO MONEY DOWN only * *•"** ti monlh up to 36 monthi to pciy an S«tirt MotJarnlxInn Crnilll I'lfin MONTHIY I'AYMINTS HGOIN OCTOBPH ltd Cnmplnlnl You o»l 110,000 DTK (ld» cloiot fiirnricii, 3 v/cirm ulr rum, rnlurn air duel Ilivrino- ikil cind (IMln(|i. Fiirnnca am) innfRrfaf* $369,00 ci.ih Furniic* only ,. $723.00 cnih Counterflow Furnace Gas System NO MONEY DOWN ot) | y 1 O.OU a moil( (, up to 36 monllit to puy on S*uri Madvrnlxlnfj Crndlt Ptirn MONTHLY FAYM8NT5 AROIN OCTOIIKR Htl Compl«t«l You ««.! 00,000 IITU fj(n counlnrflow furntfco, 3 worm tilr rum, ratum ulr duel, ihnriTiottat nnd fl1llri(|i> Furnacn <nttf mat«rfctf» , $-109.00 c««li Turnnco only .. $359,00 cftttt Buy and Install Now-Beat the Rush! 12 a month up lo 36 monltii to puy oh Snort Modnrnlxliifj Credit I'luti Monthly Payments Begin October 1st! Horizontal Furnace Gas System NO MONEY DOWN on i y 10.00 „ mon ,h Ufi to 36 month* to pay on Jtniri MotUrnlilng Credit Flew MONTHLY PAYMENTS OCTOFtRR Utl Complain! <You a*t 00,000 KTU floi horlKoniul futiKico, 2 worm ulr rum, rnfunt ajr duct, (honnoitdl and flltlnt)*, I'M mat* find m«f*rl«lt ............ $349.00 cnih Buy ritid Inikill your liMCilliif/ ni|ul|nn«nl now cind «n|oy luhilnnlkil itivinq*. Now thirliiff flm ilm.'k .outon, you C|0t luwar prlca>, itxpifrl In.lciElcillon, o.nl |>!ck of our lull linn, Iiyilitiii Inclurlpi 90,000 UTU limnmnnl out furnticit, 5 wtirin tilr rum rnlurn (ilr due', tlioiiiio»Ull, ftin—llnill iwllnll mul filllil[ji. formic, mill miil.rldli $3/9,00 (cull — furlint. Duly M33.00 ciith Soon hat all typo« of heating equlpmont—nai, oil, coal—for all hot wo tor, »toam or warm air in.taik,tion,i HOMART controls by You con count on Sttciri n» your li«al!ni| HonCVWGll MOMAr!T rl H«Llln T g'"wll| 0 fili til" your" ' Al1 HOMART ,yil«mi Incudi. llu, HOMART nt , Hl \ t Mountl Thi?ri»iOftftil, ili» Dtf Luxit Clock Tlmrinoilul U avi.illnl)ln ul ill(|lil ttnlrfi coil, tlm Kouml <9.30-lh« D. tux. $34,30 MAIL THIS COUPON 1 SEAK1, KOIMUCK AND CO, l Loutmtporf, Ind. 500 Ifrftuclwuy I How inu'lt con I »nvn7 Ptndti* tirrrin lot fr.. HOMART luini. h.tillno .1 I ninltt. NAM6 I ADDRESS 1 CITY STATE i BEST TIMI! TO CAtL only $199,00 cu*lt INDOOR' OUTDOOR THUKMOMBTIP i yoiiri whim you ink for a fro. oitlmt.ln, Mull coupon or cull MOKty faai 5th & Broadway Phont4103 smart st Men's Summer Slacks. Fabulous material of 55% Dacron 45% wool, Finest tailoring Wonderful collection to choose from $795 WASHABLE RAYON SLACKS Wash and Wear of Orion and Nylon $545 Wash and Wear of Rayon and Nylon $5*91 Sport Coats Men's summer weight Sport Coats of Dacron and Rayon . .. to complement your Summer Slacks. 15 95 THE KELLER co. "The Store for Values" -513-515 Broadway —

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