Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 17, 1897 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 17, 1897
Page 21
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Blankets, Comforts, Cloaks, Gloves. Hosiery and Underwear for large and small. P. S. We have just received a full line of Cen- temerie Gloves in the new clasp. DO YOU EATJIEAT? »»»•*»»»»*»•»•« *±± Of course you do and you can buy the choicest cuts ot Wm. Rowe. Cor, Broadway and Fifth Sts. Phone 247- E. H. GRACE, D- D. S. DENTAL PARLORS, 816 Market Street. New Aluminlte Rubber Plates. •flANLEY & SHANAHAN. Buy« and Sells Second Hand Goods. aMtthtwet Ex- ©• -DENTIST- All the latest liBOOverien in medicine and Hpp lacces to relieve i>*in In extraction or flU- tag of teeth. Modern methods, modern prices, r'. on Fourth street. u C U Telephone No. 328. L.WOU. W.J. Barnett, Undertaker, Embalmer and Funeral Director. 417 Market street Call, attended day or njjrtit. The flneet outfl., in the U. S. toi. o. LI. «""• •will remain with me. CHICAGO MARKETS When You Need an ABSTRACT or a LOAN -GOTO- p H. Wipperman, KW.Fourth Street Opp. Court House Entrance. NewJCJndertafeera 80S Market street, Hoppe Bulldiug. Daniel Killian & Co. I-.1H promptly attended to, day or night. Mr. KUlUnwssfor many years foreman lor Charl. 8 L. Woll. Telephone -81. DK. C. B. EVEESOLE'S DEETAL PALLORS Over Porter'i New Drug Store, Corner of, Fourth and Market Streets. McConnell&McConnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Offico Opposite Court House. DAII.YPHABOS WEDNESDAY, SOY. Recelred Oailj bj W- W. Milaer, ot 9. A. B. BnUdlBK. Chicago, Nov. 17, 1897. Wheat— For Dec., opened. 94J@|: high, 95ic; low, 94jc; closed, 95ic. Wheat— For May, opened, 89J@|c; high, 90Hc;low, 89} c; closed at GITY NRWS Bee Hive's upbuilding sale. Bankrupn sale of shoes at Walden's. The best cigars In the city — Porter. You will find «e can suit and fit you in shoes.— Walter Maiben. Only a few of those sample plush capes left at $4.98. Don't wait, Come at once.— Trade Palace . Miss Kate Donovan a former resident of this city, but now of South Bend, is a guest of her uncle, Robert Carroll and family on North, street Michael Kane, a drunk was fined the usual amount this morning by Mayor McKee and not having the th« necessary money to settle his fine was sent to jail. A cold time in the old town for a few days. You will want gloves, caps, and! underwear. Remember De- wanter the hatter can suit you in price and quality. Sneak thieves entered tne barn at the rear of the residence of A. B Staaton, corner of Broadway and Seventh streets, Monday evening, »nd purloined flfty grain sacks, valued at $10. The funeral of Dennis Parker, the switchman, killed in the Panhandle yards yesterday morning, will be held at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning from the family residence, corner of Heath meet and Linden avenue- Rev. Shaner, pastor of the English' Lutheran church, will conduct the set- Tlow. Interment will be made In Ml. Hope oemeterj. Corn— For Dec., opened, 26c; high, 26ic; low, 25i@26c; closed at 26*c. Oat.'!— Dec. opened, 20Jc: high, 20|c; Jow, 20Jc; closed, 21|c. Eye— Dec. . opened, 47c: high, 47Jc; low, 47c; closed, 47i.c. p or k__For Jan- opened, 17.32(5! 30; high, 17 3!J; low, |7 25; closed at $7. 32. Lara— For Jan.. opened, 14.] 7: high, $4.20; iow, $4.17; closed ai 14.17. Ribs — For Jan., opened, 14.25; high, 14 27; low, »4.22; closed at f4,27. Hogs today, 29,000; left over, 3,000: estimated for tomorow 34,000. Market opened firm closed 5 to 10c higher. Receipts of cattle, 14000; sheep, 15,000. Mixed, f3.30@«350; heavy, »3.15 @3 50; rough, I3.15@I3.25; light, 13 30@3 50. Dec. wheat— Curb, 90jc; puts, S9j@ 90J; calls, 91t@92J-c. • FERDINAND CHAMBERS Again a Prisoner In the County Jail, Charged With "Rolling" a Kenneth Qaarrjman. Deputy Sheriff John Smith went to Clymeis yesterday afternoon and returned last evening with Ferdinand Chambers, whom he arrested upon an indictment returned by the grand jury. It will be remembered that Chambers was arrested some weieks ago on complaint of a colored man named Day, employed at Kenneth, who charged that Chambers had relieved him of a sum of money. When arrested Chambers had more money on his person than a man in his standing usually carries, and at a preliminary trial he was put under $100 bonds, which he furnished, and was released f/nrc custody, pending «n Investigation by the grand jury. An Indictment was returned by that body at its present session and Chambers was arrested as above iitated and will be held in custody until his trial in the Cass circuit court. OIL WELL NEWS. The Crooks Well Will Likely Ome in Tomorrow. It Is expected that the well on the Cranks farm in Aflams township will be drilled in tomorrow, and developments are being awaited with Intense interest Operations at the Loganaport company's well on the Rogers farm in Bethlehem township have been suspended for a few days on account of not having pipe enough to reach the limestone. At an early hour this morning teams were started out with 100 feet of piping and drilling was resumed this afternoon. The drill is is now down 125 feet. The second well of the New Waverly company will oe drilled in by Saturday. Operations on the Walton well have not yet begun. The derrick will be up this week, and it is expected that the actual work of drilling will begin next week. MAIL CLERKS Mnst Pay for Goods Damaged While Cancelling Stamps. People who send merchandise through the malls and take desperate chances with the cancelling machines will be Interested in a decision made by Assistant Postmaster Gen eral Heath. A lady in Worcester, Mass., received from a friend in Sioux City, what was intended to be a nice pair of gloves. The cancelling clerk In the Stoni City postoffice let the stamp come down with su=h force that it fairly ruined the kid. The lady sent the gloves to the depart- partment. Mr. Heath directs that the cancelling clerk shall pay lor the damage done. A House Warming. The handsome new residence of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Mlnnemac, near LongcUft, having been completed, they gave a delightful house warming last evening. Fifty guests enjoyed their hospitality. Card games and dancing were the chief diversions. A splendid supper was served. Knights and Ladies of Secnritj. You are earnestly requested to be present this evening. Initiation and business of importance.—John F. Kelly, Cor. :5ecy. Ylsltors to the Chrysanthemum Show Should not Kail to notice bongwell & Cumming'a window display of Tiffany's fashionable stationery. ADDITFONAL ITEMS. Shoes at half price at Walden'g. Waukesha Sapsago Hand Nenf- chated cheese at, Foley's. Mrs. Ellen Thornton of Kolrcmo Is the guest of Mrs. Mary E. Smith of 105 west Broadway. Rev. D. E. Williamson, of Lebanon, Ind., is in the clity, a guest of his mother, on North istreet. Rev. Coolbaugh, pastor of Trinity Episcopal church, is at Indianapolis attending the annual retreat. Housewives can save money "on .Inens and muslins at ttie Bee Hive's upbuilding sale, which started today. A light tan mixed covert jacket, large inlaid velvet collar, fly front, Sailor back, a garment worth $10. for 16.98, at the Bee Hive's upbuilding sale. Fully sixtv people were In the c!ty today from Wlnamac, Kentland and Goodland attending the Bee Hive's great upbuilding sale, which started today. Thanksgiving will soon be here you will want dress gloves, neckties and shirts, Don't forget that Dewenter, the hatter, can suit you. Prices the lowest. The members of the grand jury were engaged today In Inspecting the poor farm. They also partook of the hospitality of Mr. Homburg and enjoyed a good dinner. Enoch Myers, one of the lea.ding attorneys of Rochester, Is in the city today. He appears for a clieal; In the Cass circuit court In a nuit venued from Fulton county. A special gospel service will be held at the Volunteer armory this evening at 8 p. m. A lady missionary will spsak. Good music and singing. All are invited. Admission free. Messrs. Welling and Hale, Mormon elders, who have been conducting a series of religious meetings at diSer- ents points of the county, have concluded their labors and left for other fields. The cake walk presented last night at St. Vincent's church bazaar with such grand success under the direction of Mr. A. J. Ferguson will, by request of hundreds, te presented again at the bazaar tomorrow (Thursday) night. The water mains sprung a leak yesterday afternoon In front of James McKagae's pool room, on Broadway. The water bad to be shut off during the repairs. It was found necessary to take up some of the brick pavement in order to react the broken pipe. Deputy Sheriff Chatten, Bailiff Krutch and Officer Dwight of Elkhart are in the city. Tuey brought Mrs Jacobs, a resident of Gnshec, and James Mather, a resident of Elkhart, both insane, to the city last, evening for treatment at LongclifT hospital. With the increase in business on the Wabash a considerable number of engineers of switching engines have oeen given main line trains to run aiad tiiemen placed on the switching engine, but no trainmen who were^engaged in the strike have been re-employed. The fire department was called out yesterday afternoon to the residence of Jacob Sellers, 621 Seventeenth street. The roof was completely destroyed, 'out the interior and other parts of the house escaped damage. The house belongs to Mr. Sellers and Is not Insured. The electric fountain at the chrysanthemum show is the work of Fay Chappelow and reflects great credit on the young man's mechanical genius. It is operated by a 200 candle power search light, and displays all the known colors. The large audience present last night were delighted with it. Donald, the 4-months-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Neft, died yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the residence, 610 Linden avenue, ot heart failure. The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock rrom the residence, Rev. Semans officiating. Burial will be made in Mt. Hope cemetery. The Big Store is doing a phenomenal business owing to the large stock and the prize winners in the shape of the lowest prices ever named on like merchandise. Our sales have now exceeded any past year of our history. From DOW on we will make low prices in order to make our gain something enormous regardless of prices.—Trade Palace. Joseph Mandel of this city has invented a dustless ribbon case and has applied for letters of patent on the same. The device is cylindrical in shape and contains eight shelves, which will hold 300 rolls of ribbon, and revolves oti ball bearings The device will he a great convencience to merchants and will no doubt 111 a long felt want. Sotlce. Companions of I. O. F. will meet Thursday afternoon in regular session and three candidates will be guided through the forest. A good attendance is desired. MBS. EAEL SCTWAKT, C. C, MBS. GBO. WATJOSB, 0. S. Our Shoes Fit Like gloves And they wear Like Iron. "We treat onr customers Fair and square Because we appreciate Their trade. Our prices are Low— Wonderfully low— And quality is High- Very high— And we want Your trade. Elias Winter. Department of Pen Art Hall's Business College has engaged Mr. Andrew Frederic]; to takfl charge of the Penmanship classes. His time will oe devoted exclusively to thla line of work. Lopransport needs a First Class School of Pen Art, and we take pleasure in announcing; that we are now prepared to sive the yery beet instruction that can be h«d. Mr. Frederick is a GRADUATE of the Zanerlan Pen Art School, Columbus, 0, and was an instructor in that school until engaged by Hall's BueineGS College. C F. MOORE, Pres. Ball'ii Business College, Second and Third floor,Key8 toneBuildinK, Logineport, Ind. No Pain! No Danger I Teeth extracted without pain or after effects, such as sore moutb, sore gums, etc. Absolutely safe and paioles. The Finest and Best method of CROWN and BRIDGE Work. The most natural-looking artificial Teeth on new method PLATES, guaranteed to fit. j®-No charge for extracting with out piin when new teeth are to be supplied. Dr. W. T. Hurtt, T-V T— XT T" T C T I 311 1-2 Fourth St. JJiUM 1 1O 1 iQver Fisher's Drug Store HEAL ESTATE fieported for the Pharos by Seth M. Velsey, Abstractor. Reuben Conn to A. J. Conn and wife— Part of sec 12, Boone tp; 13 acres. $400. M. A. Jordan to Oliver A. Zimmerman el al— Lot 5 and part of lot fi. D. Conrad's add, Northslde. $1,500. Emma A. Conn et al. to John A Fresbour— Part of sec 14, Boone tp; 26 acres. »1,500. John A. Fresbour to Edward Freshour — Part of sec 14, Boone tp; 19i acres. 11,500. j. T. McNary to Mattle L. Johnson—Lots 13, 14, 30 and 31, J. T. McNary's 1st add, and lots 26 and 27, J. T. McNary's 2d add. 13,500. SopbroniaJ. Elliott to .Mattle L Johnson— Above property. $1. Eliza Aams to Lucy A. Schleiger — Lota 61 and 62. Josephus Atkinson's add, Chicago st. »2,000. Lucy A. Scblelger to Eliza Annls — E * of lot 120, old plat West Logan, s side ot Ltnden avenue, e of Vine st. 83.000. _ __ Another Pioneer Gone. Philip Brobeck, aged 83 years, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Benjamin Wiogard, near Rockfield, Carroll county, last evening. The deceased was aa uncle ot Jacob Musselman and had been a resident of Carroll county for the p*st sixty years. The Weather. Warmer ancl partly cloudy tonight and Thursday. Housekeepers who have been using a cheap alum baking powder cannot imagine how a trial of Cleveland's baking powder would surprise them. The light, dainty cake and biscuit would warrant the small difference in price. Guarantee* Oroc*n an back yoor money U you tad 6«T«land'» the teat powdtr yo« hav« »r»r TU*O- •«* Tailor and Draper, DON'T MISS thls'opportunlty to order jour Winter Overcoat. Yon will need it bo- fore-long. We have uuch a choice selection of fabrtca, from the beet woolen mills of the world, that we are ranking up into itjllsti and handsome overcoats, at inch a reanonable price that we would like to take your measure at one*. Our reputation for high grade custom work speaks for Itself. Garl W. Keller. 311 Market St, BANKRUPT SALE! Slaughter Sale oi the Best Shoe Stock Ever Brought to This City, Having bought the Wai den Shoe stock at assignee sale, I will proceed to close out the entire stock at prices you have: read about, but never cauie in contact with THIS IS NO FAKE SALE, [But the goods must 'be sold to meet deferred payments and I will sell these goods at just • = 1=3 Less Than Wholesale Cost -~- You cannot afford to miss this sale. If you don't need them no\r, you will in a few days. Is there any INVESTMENT that will PAY YOU AS MUCH;? This wholesale slaughter sale commenced Monday, November 8th. M. WALDEN. 315 Fourth^Street, Logansport, Ind. THR First National Bank, I>o|can8port, Indiana. CAPITAL $250,000 A.. J. M'UKDOCK, PRESIDENT, W. "W. ROSS, CASHIEK, J. F. BROOKMEYER, ASST. CASHIEK. DIRECTORS: A. J. Murdoctc. W. H. Bring-hurat, DennU Ub . B. 3. Rice. B."F, YftntiB. £ M. Jarwood. \V. T. Wilson. Banking in all Its Department* promptly and carefully done. Safety 10 Customers and stockholders eo-Jght for. Strong Reserve Fund Maintained. Lovely Trimmed Hats and Bonnets. Acres of Laud. Washington, Nov. IT.—C. B. Holloway, of Holland. O., and A. U. Gunn, of Maumee, O., have brought before Commissioner Hermanr. a claim to 7,000.000 acres of land in Wisconsin and Minnesota. The claim is baaed on their relationship to Jonathan Carver, who became a chief of the Indians last century, and who, in recognition of services, was given land? by them, - , ABBREVIATED TELEGRAMS. Frank Blair, aged 7, died at Blair Station, Pa., from in juries received in a foot hall game. William Carr. the filicide, was sentenced at Liberty. Mo., to hang Dec. 15. He drowned his little daughter. Germany is rearming its infantry with the new six-millimetrr- rifle. This rifle car. fire .=ixiy raunds to the minute. A countryman visited Stevens Point, \Vis., with a J10 Confederate bill, which he innocently attempted to pass in payment for goods. Mrs. Terrill and her nephew, Edward Mason, v.-erp burned to death on a farm a few niiits from Peru. N. T. Mrs. Terrill wa? 70 years old. Argentina'? coming wheat crop is estimated at 1,500,010 tons. Deducting home consumption, there will remain at least 1,000,000 tons for export. The Juda, TFis., postoffice was robbed for the second time recently, but the last time the thief was caught in the act and landed in the Green county jail. Frank Dresser, who was serving a ten days' sentence in the county jail at Madison. Wis., for drunkenness, was found dead in bed by a fellow prisoner. Hog cholera is raging to an alarming extent in the country around Palmyra, Wis. One farmer has lost fifty hogs. A fatal cattle disease has also appeared. President Fetterlcf, of Girard college, Philadelphia, has issued an edict against foot ball, and henceforth the students of the institution must keep off the gridiron. Chauncey M. Depew. who was elected president of the Rupublican club at Sww Tor v . says that his name was used without authority and that he mil not accept. Robert M. Steel, who lost his immense fortune a few weeks ago owing to a series of failures of bis various enterprises, died at St. Johns, Mich., of paralysis. L. D. Spickler. a. farmer of Gushing, la., shot and killed his wife and afterward blew out his own brains. Four children of the woman by a former husband are made orphans bj the tragedy. TSevefi p«rSbnS'periShea Tn a fire WETcX broke out among the woodwork; of the shaft of a mine near Antonlenhutte, Silesia. ... Our opening will continue for the season on THURSDAYS, FRIDAYS, SATURDAYS. Mrs. W. Potter,^* 517 Broadway near Sixth Logins- port, Indiana. Reasonable Prices. The most Reasonable Tailor in town is Craig. He will make up a Suit lor you that for Price, Style and Fit cannot be beaten. His Stock of NEW AND STYLISH FABBICS For Fall and Winter, Up-to- date and includes everything desirable. Call and inspect. W. D CRAIG, Tailor 416 Broadway, Next to Frazee'i. City THR National Bank. LOGASSPOKT, IND. j CAPITAL $200.000 JOHS GBAY, President, I. N. CBAWFOHD, Vice Prei. F. R. FOWIJJB, Cashier. -DIRBCTOKS- John Gray, I. N Crawford. J. T. Elliott, Dr. W. H. Beli. A. P. Jen<--s. W. C. Pennock, IMMI Bhideler, Gco. vv. Funk and John C. Loan money on personal and security. Buy and sell Government bonda. WiL pay 2 per ceni per annum on oertJfloate* of depoeli B, when deposited gix montbi; t per j cent per annum when left one year. Boxes In Safety Deposit Vault*, for »al« keeping of valuable paper*, rented at from $5 to tl5 per rear. Berth* T. ThompMm. Bertha V. Thompson, a bright young . woman who graduated in 1892 at a Chi- I cago medical college, has been appointed i city physician of Oshkosh, Wi«., by Mayor Ideson, to succeed Dr. B. S. Nintnel, the regular city physician, who hai been suspended from duty pending an inrw- tigauon. Dr- Thompwn i* the fint woman to hold the office of city phyiician in the state of Wisconsin- She wa« born in Neenah. Wi*., and wa» a teacher for. a few years and then jerrcd M nnm in,' hospital* before atudying medjctna. 8h* U toe only woman phyndan in OiUmh.

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