Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 22, 1957 · Page 15
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 15

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1957
Page 15
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Wednesday Evening, May 22, 1957. Jordan to Hang 4 Men Who Plotted Overthrow of Hussein Jordan authorities ordered the public hanging today of four men who plotted to overthrow King Hussein during the recent political crisis touched off by his leftist opponents. Wooden gallows were erected in the main squares of four of Jordan's cities where anti-Hussein a anti-Western demonstrations were crushed by loyal Bedouin tribesmen of the one-time Arab Legion. The cities were Amman, Nablus, Hebron and Tulkarm. The last three are all ir. areas West of the Jordan River—stronghold of ousted Premiem Suleiman El Nabiilsi Tul- karm is on the Israeli border. The four plotters were the first to be condemned to death for their activities. Several hundred other conspirators and trouble-makers were under arrest, but it was believed few of them would be hanged. Two former chiefs of staff will be tried in absentia on charges of treason—Maj. Gen. Ali Abu Nuwar and Maj. Gen. Ali Hiyyari who fied to Syria and then to Egypt. Nabulsi himself was reported held under house arrest <n Jordan while scores of his followers were either arrested or purged from the government and the army. Egypt, which appeared to have lost many of its close ties with Jordan as result of the crisis and Its anti - Hussein propaganda, turned its attention today to France and the United Nations. Egyptian political circles were overjoyed at the downfall of Premier Guy Mollet and called it a "resounding victory" for President Gamal Abdel Nasser and his Suez Canal policies. They were equally pleased with outcome of the French-inspired U.N. Security Council debate on the Suez. That ended with only a "suggestion" that Egypt remove Western doubts about Egyptian regulations canal. Two of the three Prime Ministers who ordered attacks against Kuypl last fall have fallen—British Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden and Mullet. Jerusalem dispatches today reported the third. Premier iJavid Jien-Gurion, faces a K»\>\- for operating the net crisis over the Elsenhower Doctrine, Krench Foreign Minister Christian Plncau, who holds office in name only, conferred today in N(.-w .York wil/h U.N. Secretary General Dag Hammarxkjold on the Sura situation—Jhls last official act in office. U.N. reports said he w;m con- nulling llnmrnarukjolcl about u pro- posnl that Marmiiarskjold consult 11 11 objectl In Cairo mont obnnrviirH llcverl France would lmv« no other cour» c mnv except to end ll« boycott of the canul. TraflU: wa.t n«ar- ly normal and UHJ Sun/, '.'anal Authority announced In Cairo r.hn avwti'M Income- fmm tolln $tr,ii,r)0() n day la thu arne-uiift would h« doublod (trmn. River Pirate Bank Robbers Are Captured Kentucky Posse Corrals Bandits After Boat Chase Down Ohio River MURPHYSBORO, HI. (UP) — Two "river pirates" who robbed a small town bank of $40,000 eluded the president of another bank in a waterborne chase Tuesday only to be captured by a. riverbank posse. They were jailed for questioning today about other plunder along the Mississippi and Ohio rivers.' The freebooters, Arthur Kerner, 30, and Robert Ferrise, 35, both of St. Paul, Minn., pillaged the First State Bank of Mounds, 111., and were headed by boat towards New Orleans when forced to land in Kentucky, where a riverside posse of state police awaited them, FBI agent Fred Graper said the two admitted a.$1,500 tavern robbery in St. Paul and from the booty purchased a 19-foot -cabin cruiser last month. Casting off from St. Paul. Graper said, they headed for New Orleans, replenishing their coffers in a series of river robberies. The pirates were down to their last $100 when they dropped anchor at Cairo, HI., where the Ohio joins the Mississippi. Sighting Mounds, six miles up the Ohio, they docked their cruiser at nearby Mound City, bought a used car, ;nd sacked the bank at Mounds, Gunfln- HaltH llumllls They abandoned their car and '.ook to the water again. Six miles dinvnslrcam, Carney Fisher, president of the Security National Kank of Cairo, picked up a police report and. pursued ihe fleeing craft in his own boat. Hugging the Kentucky shore, the pirates maneuvered their boat toward the broad expanse of the Mississippi below Cairo. The nautical bank president put on full steam aixl tracked them downstream until they finally '•ought to evade their pursuer by slipping Into a secluded cove. Kentucky authorities following Ihe chum along the «hwe were waiting for thorn as they put ashore. The c n c I r <: 1 o d bandits made a vain attempt to bolt for safety wll.h thcrlr paper sacks of ey. A blast of gunfire over Khl the cornalm "SURVIVOR" OF TORNADO "Survivor" still upright in Kansas City's suburban Ritskin Heights Is this window manikin, in a shattered display window after the deadly tornado of Monday night. (International Sountlphoto.) •11 m • ,, . t , uiwin;v. j\ 1/JUftL w,th France ami I-.«ypt In hope « , tl|oll , \ etldK |)r(m roconclllnft the Kir/plian canal ,,. „ h ,,n ™je with Western objections to ' \2ClUo, said Authorities .raid tlio b a n d 11.1 waived extradition lo Illinois and they were "bridged" ill. tlm Juek- ixm Cimrily Jail in MurphyBboro. (irjiper «aid the two would be f|Ui;iill()Mwl today ahinit nUior aliened f«ray« along this MlBsliwIppl. , ir.,m iniin w; ,,, »<• »"^l tH'V hml been Involved In ait week find that V1 "''" UI< o|M!rnll<mn" In St. 1'inil, and thai boMi h;u| nerved two terniN «L the nttili! piiiillc'iitliir.y nl Sllllwaliir, Minn., on burfiltiry <:h(irno,'i. CAT AND (,'AH OMSTONMWiy, Own.—Allen Plky couldn't K<it hin aiilnrriiihlln otarU-d and called n rejmlnmin, who found a cat under the hood. Tin; cat departed, »tarl.i:d. HID unKliiK Arbor Day wan originated In Nc- hni.'ikii in 11(72 by J. Slc.rlliiK Morton, who built Arbor lvod(i« nl. No- lirii>ikii City In thu iioutliRr.stwn ciirriw of 1,1m jilido. Dangerous Flares Dropped From Plane Hunted in Florida JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (UP) — The Navy mustered ground parties today to search for a pod of 52 "extremely dangerous" magnesium, flares which ripped from the wing of a jet photo plane over central Florida. "One of these flares would light up Times Square so .bright you couldn't oven see the lights of Broadway," chief journalist Bob Ohl said at the Jacksonville Naval Air Station. The pod, wherever it lies, may be triggered by the slightest impact or even by a hot sun, Ohl said. He said the 52 flares would have a total brilliance of more than,' 2,500,000,000 candle power. The four-foot, streamlined pod dropped from the wing of an F'JF-SP Cougar jet piloted by U. (JG) Edward Chorllon Tuesday niglit about seven miles southwest of Lake George, the Navy said. Ohl Maid it was believed unlikely the pod fell near any developed property but said it was feared | likely to touch off a flro in the Oeala National Forest If triggered by an animal or by Ihe sun. The pilot intended to release the flares one at a tlrne while photographing the impact /,onc of n lurgol area at Pinecasilo Air Forte Base, Ohl said. Kach flaro would light up a Ilvo-mlle area,, he Maid, Unfrocked Minister Wins Reinstatement AI'PLKTON, Win. (I/I 1 ) -- A young Lutheran minister, once unfrocked for "doi;trlnal deviations," has won reiidmlsHlon to thu North- wunl. .Synod l,ut/herun Cliurdi after he recanted. Tin; Rev. Victor Wrlgloy, pantor at GoUiswTinnc Church of Urimk- flolfl, WIs., wan voted back Into the. church Tm.'sday nl thu opening of! Llm synod's U7l.li annual oonvon-: lion, i Tim Rov. Mr. Wrlgli-y, one of Ihroo paidors unfruclcitil In ' I DIM, rocanlwl by Haying that h« had "aclcd In ha.'iLe and was rypouL- an!," Hit wnn iixamlni.'d by a clnirch cmriinllli!« laul full, and after they found him lx> bi; "doclrlnally sound," his nil mila I omen I. wa« Deaths and Funerals KEEVEK Funeral services for Floyd D. Keever, 82, wore conducted Wednesday afternoon at the Chase-Miller chapel. Burial was made in Mt. Hopu cemetery. nisii Funeral services for Forest G. Bish, 73, were conducted Wednesday afternoon at the Fisher cliapel. Burial was made in Ml. Hope cemetery. COOPER Final rites for Dr. Thomas TJ. Cooper, 74, 2104 North, will be conducted at 7;'.W p.m. Wednesday at the Chase-Miller chupel with the Rev, M. L, Kobinson officiating. The body will be taken to Corno- polls, Pa., for burial. Advise Men To Join PTA CINCINNATI, Ohio (UP)—Two Army officers stationed overseas Tuesday urged more 'men to join their local parent-teacher associations. The officers, attending the 61st national PTA Congress, expressed surprise in the lack of interest they said American' men take in the school groups. The officers said that th e PTAs play an important role in the school and community life at military bases abroad.. Maj: Howard Funston, vice president .of the European Congress of Parents and Teachers which -is composed of Americans, said the PTAs "are the community clearing houses for all sorts of activities that are handled by organizations at home," Funston, a native of Henderson, Ky., is an administrative officer of the llth Army Field Hospital at Augsburg, Germany. Capt. Jerome Peppers Jr., president of the P.TA at Ramey Air Force Base in Puerto Rico, told of the activities of his organization. The absence of men delegates to the national convention puzzled Hie two officers. They said .Ihe PTA organizations in their areas hove a heavy male membership. State Dental President Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Ftftee* White House May Decide If Jap Court Can Try Gl FLOOK Final rites for Milo Edwin Floolt, 114, Jdavlllc, will be conducted at 2 p.m. Friday at the McClosltey- Hamilton c'biipel wll.h the Rev. Harry Ren ifficlaUng. Burial will be rnmle in.Lne Walton IOOF cemetery. Friend-ii may cnll at; the chapel after 7 p.m. Wednesday. DAVIS Final rll.es for Mrs, Emmn M. Davis, 01, 720 W, Miami, will bo conducted at I:.'!() p.m. .Saturday at the Chase-Miller chapol wll.h the, Itcv. Vlrdun Graham official Ing. Burial will be made In l-hn UuvlN cemetery. Friends may call at the chapol after 7 p.m. Thursday. UKMOVK.S OWN AI'l'HNDIX • TOKYO (UP) — .JiiiMinoHii (>r. Uttiilno Ornui'n today claimed to be Uiu world's first, surgeon l,o remove his own appendix. Omtini .'laid lie |>erli>rrn«il the operation In :K'I m.hnilCH on May II with I.IID lir.'Lp of Hie chlol' surguon (if Shl/uokn llu.'ipllHl. OATH I.KAI) CHICAGO—In tin) United .Sl.nl.im, culH iiMimmhnr ttnnlnioi by tilniiwl 4,0(N),(MN), according to n Hl.iidy conducted l>y a put food itmiml'MC- l.iiriir. Tlii! firm <ml.liniil.i!tl Ihori! an; morn than 27 million enl-H in IJit! country loday, YOU CAN WRITE YOUR OWN PROFIT MAKING WANT AD! CLIP AND MAIL TO PHAROS-TRIBUNE & PRESS LOGANSPORT, INDIANA Please insert this Want Ad for days. I prefer to start my Want Ad on Write your ad in the spaces bolow. If you want your name and address in- cluded in the ad, WRITE THEM IN ALSO. Write only one word to a space. Please Print. Words [10 Words Minimum) 10 15 20 25 Figure Your Own Cost 10 Words—1 Time — 90c 10 Words—3 Times—$1.60 10 Words—6 Times—$2.20 15 Words—3 Times—$2.40 15 Words— 6 Jimes—$3.30 TAKE 10% DISCOUNT FOR CASH WITH ORDER! Clip and Mail to Classified Department, Pharos-Tribune & Press Your Name Your Address Benny Hooper Able To Walk About Room MASTIC BEACH, N.Y. (UP)— Little .Bonny- Hopper will tukc his first stops today since his rescue from the Ijottom of a 21-fooli' well •in the renr of his Manorvllle home. The 7-year-old boy got his first whiffs of real fresh air Tuesday after spending four duys ip an oxygen tent at the 'Bay View Hospital here. Alter Ills removiii from the tent, Denny took a deop orealih and ex- clulmod:'. "Yali, that feels good He IH expected lo return to his home Friday or Saturday. At the 1957 anndal convention of the Indiana State Dental Association at the Claypool Hotel in Indianapolis, Dr. Maynard K. Hine, Dean of the Indiana University School of Dentistry, was elected president of the statewide dental organization. Dr. Hirie' was elected "as an appropriate symbol" in preparation for the group's 100th anniversary which will be celebrated at next year's convention. Other new officers of the I. S. D. A. are Dr. E. A. W. Montgomery, Evansville, president-elect, and Dr. Bernard A. Ackerman, Loogootee, vice-president. COLORED MILK BOTTLES MONTPELIER, Vt. - The slate agriculture department snys milk in amber-colored bottles has a better flavor than that placed In clear • glasK bottles. The department said tests show light affects milk flavor, especially thu homo«en!'/.ed variety, and that millc in clear bottles left in the sunlight for 21] minutes suffered serious flavor impairment. WASHINGTON (UP)—The White House today stepped into a dispute over whether the United States or Japan should try an American soldier tor 'the slaying of a Japanese woman. Informed sources said a high- level decision could be expected soon. The ease has become a newspaper sensation in Japan where some elements, demand the right to try Army SSC William S. Girard, Ottawa, 111. They contend that American refusal to turn .Girard over to Japanese courts violates the U.S.-Japanese status of forces agreom-ent and infringes on Japan's sovereignty. Slate Department officials are concerned because the affair has caused a worsening of Japanese- American relations on the eve of a visit lo the United States by Japanese Premier Nobusuke Kishi. Kishi is due here June 19 for talks with Eisenhower and other officials. Army Secretary Wilber M. Brucker was said to have raised the case at a meeting he attended Tuesday between President Eisenhower and Republican congressional leaders. Brucker later discussed Ihe matter with Secretary of Stale John Foster Dulles and other Stale Department officials. It was decided to ask Tokyo for more details. The 23-year-old enlis'ed man is charged wilh having killed Mrs. Naka Sakni last January by firing an empty cartridge cusc from a grenade launcher while guarding a machine gun posl at Camp Weir in Japan. The missile struck the woman in the bndt. Girard was reported lo' h;wc been trying lo wnni shell scavengers BWU.V from the areri. The Japanese claim they have the right to try him on criminal charges under the status of forcei agreement. The Defense Department at first agreed and then changed its mind. Secretary of Defense Charles E. Wilson last «-eek ordered Girard retained in American military custody pending a "review" of the situation. Several congressmen have demanded that U.S. military authorities refuse to turn Girard over to the Japanese court. Man Selling Whiskey Kills Poolroom Patron EAST CHICAGO, Ind. (UP)— Police said a man shot up a pool room, killing a patron, when ha was told he couldn't buy whiskey early today. Authorities held Raul Iglesias, 23, East Chicago, in connection with the slaying of Jorge Acovevo, 35, Eaast Chicago. Julio Sosa, 31. owner of the pool room, said Iglosias came into his hall and asked fi>r liquor. Sosa said he told film he didn't sell liquor. Iglitslas whipped out a pistol and fired several shots, Sosa told police. When the smoke cleared. Ace- vevo was dead with a ballet in his heart. Police found Iglesios in his bed two hours iatiT, a pistol under his mattress. ENVOY ON WAY TO U. S. TOKYO (DP) — Koichlra Asakal, newly - aipninti-d Japanese am- bassador-til the United States, wns en roulc to Washington by plan» today in assume his now post. Asnkui, 51. n career diplomat, formerly was Japanese ambassador lo Tho Philippines. He succeeds Masayuki Tuni in Washington. l*4D* FMff MM? TO QUA ft I tV A*** SAYHH9* LAST 3 DAYS FULLY EQUIPPED BIKES $4.50 Down $7 Month on Soar* Easy Paymonl Plan J. C. Higgins Fully Equipped Balloon Tire Bicycles 1 wllllw " l iilw wi«»'H!"i K )».v i 'ii r 'i»'' 11 *' 111 '' 111111 '• >ii 'i i! "' 1 ' u in f™,";; 1 l ' i '' ii « ii '''''V«in!!L'!?^.ji;.';';;j i , (il ''':' iii ' 1 '' MI.I. W ,.I K I, 'no uml rwI. 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Brlohl •numol finith 5TH A ftROADWAY PHONE 4103 LOGANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY

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