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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 10

The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 10

Indianapolis, Indiana
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cm li a 11 to Ends The largestr quantity tip smallest prices lybu have ever L. S. lyres Co IzrAs Fcr Euttsrlck Patterns. 1 3 vtv6 Ca. "Fvtvs, Up To Date I Summer Jewelry.

Call and see the lice. IXDIAXA'S LEADISQ JEWELERS. Sliady! Prices, Iij Fact, Eclipsed A.I the Week! All the Week! Felt Shades, a7, 12e each. BEST Opaque Shales. 3x7, 35c eech.

Oae qairirr off on all special and wld Shades, moootcd on Hartshorn spring flxtares. 7 See our Damask Shades. A new Ventllatlna Shade Bracket. The best tblnar made. EVERYTHING GOES CrWby, we are even on the shady sido ot the street' Albert Gall 17 sni 13 West Washington Street SEE CUE SPRING LINE! FINER AND CHEAPER THAN EVER RUBEN'S i BATES llOCSQ CLOTHING PAliLOR fiO WKST WASHIJiGTOJI ST.

Take Ho Chances Give the old but improved brand of flour a fair Sold at a reasonable price. Contains all the nutritive properties of pure Winter wheat the best variety of wheat grown in America. No blended or adulter ated flour made in our mill. Every package guaranteed. i iiPGCIAL SALE on Ladles' hnr.

In all Olra and colo ru. Ibex are the 11 nest made, at 91.2, 1.4N, l.U.s, M. C. Ruglcs 5i Co IS Mail. Ave, near the Denlson.

SCHOOLS COLLKGESMt'SIC. ItOSK POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE A Culi'i of Mechanical, i Civil Chemical eourafJ. Veil Kxtenaivs ho. Mixlernijr fluipwl laJa.ra tnrira in all diiftrtments. Kx Kif'nth jwar, Kar catftloue al arva HEi'ud, President.

Terra Haule. Ind. i Gurtirticr School rctr Fan. Elevator. Individual Instruo tu n.

11. fetems. Able faculty. Beat FaU Indianapolis 7 lSjl. Whn Bl3g.

E. J. HEEB, Pres. vese iiFor ii i a Smaller i 1 Amount? of riony than you would think. 'you run ft ure ten oddpair or two of La 'T Curtains we are closina; out, Ttia Qua iity and style will I as and will the prtco, comnencoi at per Pair Klf eant stock of sriotls Cushions and I'iUows, ret Yard vl and up re Slot tLoa j.

mis, at 31IS iOdds and Ciotii Jewel I SO a S.a Avssas 35 55 8 3tT S3 i HIE INlilAXAPOLIS, MONDAY, JtTKE 21. 1897. 10 tin life CALY1H L. DIYIHE DEAD FOR YEAR' COSfXECTED WITH INDIAXAPOLIS JUVHXAU iMmm Career In the 5wippr Baslness Vi rrlth AVallter la Mctraaraa Faarral Arrange Meati Olhcr Deaths. Calvin Luther Divine aat 10.3 m.

yearerday at his home In the Chalfarrt, at Mlch' gan and Pennsylvania atreeta. of valvular disease of the heart. He wu born la eastdrn Ohio, near Cad'z, February 13, JR33. lie learned the printer's trade, and when only seventeen years old crossed the plains to California. He jyorked for a time.

In the mines, jand afterward at his trade In San Fra noTse. where he siarted a paper called the Globe, which wa among: the earliest? tjewspaper ventures In that city. After about three years spent in Ban Francisco he went to New Orleans, and there In 1S55 JoVned the jUl bysteringr expedition of William Walker, which had as Itsietojeci the capture of Nicaragua and the'senlng' up of a govern CALVIN DIVINE. wjent that and other of the Centra! American States. The capture and execution of Walkfri terminated this expedition, and Mr.

IX vine, with others, was sent by the United States Government to New York. From Ntw Jork, alter an attack of break tone fever, he went to Columbus, where he resumed work at his trade. While living la Pittsburg he was foreman of "The Paper," and associated with the late Bartley Campbell, the playwright, who was then beginning bis newspaper career. His Work on the Joaroai. In 1S73 he came to Indianapolis, and, after working for some! time at the case, was made assistant foreman on the Journal.

This was during the ownership of that paper by Nicholas R. Buckle. Mr. Divine soon succeeded to the foremanshlp, which he held for many years. He had been, up to the time of his death, continuously connected with the Journal with the exception of litdle more than a year.

During this absence he founded a little daily which he called "The Minute" because of its sire, as It was "no bigger than a minute." At the death of the Minute Mr. Divine returned to the Journal, where for several years he hao held the position) of advertising solicitor. For the last two years he has suffered greatly with acute valvular disturbances of the heart's action, but not until two weeks ago did he give up and go to bed. From that time he was unable to leave his room. He was a member of Mystic Tie Lodge.

F. and A. a Scottish Rite Mason of ithe thirty second degree and a member of the Mystic Shrine. He leaves a widow and five children. The children are Mrs.

Court Webb and Charles Divine, this city; Will Divine, of Cincinnati: Frank Divine, of Milwaukee, and Edward Divine, of Helena. Mont. The funeral will take place to morrow afternoon at the home of Charles Divine, 337 Talbott avenue. The body will be temporarily placed In a vault at Crown Hill cemetery, awaiting the coming of Edward Divine, from Helena. Mont.

Mrs. Oliver V. Isensee Dead. Mrs. Oliver V.

Isensee. twenty six years old. died at her home, 28 West Tenth street, at 3:40 o'clock yesterday morning. She had been suffering from consumption about a year and had returned from an unavailing trip to New Mexico in May. She was the only daughter of M.

D. Yountz. Her husband and a two year old son survive her. Services were held at the home at o'clock to day, and the body was taken to Columbia Cfcy. for burial beside her mother, brother and sister.

Death of William T. Meaalck, William T. Messlck. seventy nine years old, died at the home of bis daughter, Mrs. Thomas P.

Swain, 447 College avenue, yesterday. was born In New Jersey, but had lived in Indiana from childhood, near Nobleevllle. He was formerly In the shoe business. He came to Indianapolis two years ago. He was a brother of Thomas B.

Messlck. Services were held at 11 o'clock to day. The burial was at Noblesvllle. For the Fourth of July. The National Union Soldiers' and Sail, ors Mutual League met In the Criminal Court yesterday afternoon to arrange for the Fourth of July celebration, to be held Monday.

July 5. at Garfield Park. The reading of the Declaration of Independence, an address by Governor Mount." bund music and a dress parade In the evening are to be features. A committee was appointed to awakon Interest In the affair. The committee In charge of the Touns Men InHtitute Fourth, of Jnlv t.on, to be held July 5 at the State Fair Orcunda.

met yesterday. A bowling alley, a new of bicycle roller coaster. and the bicycle races, with prizes worth J400, are to prominent features. Amusement Company Iaeorporated. Tho Sackett Amusement Company has filed articles of incorporation.

W. E. Stevenson Is president. I. N.

Richie secretary and J. E. Sackett wneral man ager. This Is the company that has taken a lease on the Cyclorama Building. Tho work of remodeling It Into a theater will begin July 1.

The improvements will $33,000. The house is expected to be ready on September 6. The plans have been drawn up by Bid Ixvell. a Chicago thc H.tcr architect. The lower floor will Seat 1.100.

the balcony and gallery will Beat 9 N). and there will be 200 feats In th side boxes. Tho attraction at the new theater will be continuous performances. xrom li.m p. m.

to p. m. Organised a New Charch. The North Park Christian church was organized at Poole's Hall. Illinois and Thirtieth yesterday morning, where Elder J.

M. Canfleld, of the Christian church, has been holding meetings for two weeks. Thirty three persons were taken Into the church. W. A.

Bramwell. A. F. Garrtatt and Ira M. Cronch were elected elders, and M.

M. Hart. Benjamin Long. Harry Bishop, 1 Johnson. J.

P. Pariah and Dr. O. H. F.

House were ejected deacons. It is expected that the membership will soon reach on. hundrd. and a new church building Is one of the near poHsi bilities. This makes the fourteenth Christian church In this city.

Trnant Officers' Districts. Ii M. fleeting. Superintendent of Pub lic In.struction. and E.

P. Bicknell, secretary of the Board of State Charities, who are authorised to appoint the truant Officers, for all the counties, have sent a circular letter to county superintendents of schools directing them to divide each county Into districts, and asking them to make nominations for officers. Th bo.rd KHfLpefits that, if possible, county along with thre oflicers. Tho board 1 ones to be able to make all the appoint mer.ts next month. Women's Ut.

Oft fa ChBffh.J Many of the women In the congrega tion of the Firnt Baptist church followed the sutreestion of the Ladles' Circle of the cfcurch and. removed their hata yc kerday. The worawi In the church who have undertaken to brlnu about the new order of things are much entourag od. Hestrleted Krrrdo m. "Chlcaao Itecord.

The style of Queen Victoria's bonnet hasn't been changed for twenty five years." "Well. she trets for living under a monarchy." All One Can Aak. Atchison ijlobe. If enr friend can remember what ache we eompla'ned of when la.t wei met we ask for no friends with longer memories. THE BIG KOIR.

The Official ltofite to the Sixteenth International Convention, Christian Endeavor In I on, mi San Franelaeo, July 7 to 12. Special Ofllrlal Personally Conducted will leave Indianapolis Tuenday. June 19. a. and run throtiah to Ban FVanelnco.

via 8t. Iuls, Kansas City. St. Joae2b. Lincoln, fenver, Colorado springs.

Pueblo, Canynn City. Leadvllle. Salt I City and Ogden tiasaine (he most intcrestius bolnta by day llKht. Including the Orand Canyon and Royal Oorge. atopplng at Colorado Springs twrntv four flours for sld trios to Manttou, Plke'a peakfand many other points of interest In thac vicinity: also, stoppins at bait xane cu over fcunday.

BOUND TRIP RATE: (52.60 frim Indianapolis, and corresponding ralea from alt points in the tate. Tickets will be oid June 20. SO. July t. and sood to reach Ban Francisco by July B.

nr. tickets will be sold from San Francisco. July 12 to 17. inclusive, July 19, 22 26. 39, AujrUMt 5 and good t3 reach starting uolnt August 15.

Bleeplns car ratea from St. Ixiula on tourist cars. 17.60 per douDio regular sleepers. (18 per double berih. which covers th stop overs en route.

For full particulara'call nn Dr. F. C. Heath, master of transportation: aus4 Jennie i. mas son.

State secretary Y. P. 8. C. or any agent of the Big our.

if. M. HliONSON. A. O.

P. A. LAKE MAMTOU, Rochester. Via Lake Erie A Western Rallroaa CO. This popular summer lesort la now open for tha pleasure and comfort of Its patrons.

Keer cool bv taklnx an cuttnz to thla dellaht ful spot, where fishing, boating, bathing and numerous other amusements are to be had. Hotel Manltou is altuaied in a ahady grove on tha shore of thla beautiful lake, with am ple accommodations, everything nrst claas, and with exceedtnalr moderate Special excursion rata of one fare for the round trip la now made, going on rTiaay ana Saturday, nlnrninr Mondxv. This will ana. ble all to enjoy a Sunday outing never to be forgotten, and within reach of everyone. For further information all on A.

H. City Passenger Agent. 26 S. Illinois or address C. F.

DALY, General Passenger Indianapolis, Jnd. tl3SEASUORE EXCtRSION fl3. To Atlantic City, Cape May land Other Jersey Coast Resorts. The rreatest and cheapest excursion er orrered from Indianapolis will be run via Big Four and Chesapeake at Ohio route. leaving Indianapolis it I m.

Thursday, July 8. reaching Jersey coast next afternoon, tickets being good to return until July 19. The train wlU be made up of the finest palace sleeping cars and dining car, and will be run on the time of the famoua F. F. V.

limited over the picturesque Chesapeake Ohio railway via Washington. The Chesapeake Ohio, noted for its attractive resorts, as well as for Its wonderful scenery, has. never before offered as great an attraction as this seashore excursion. Applications for sleeping car space should be made In advance to H. M.

RON SON. Assist, ant General Passenger Agent. Big Four route, Indianapolis, or C. B. RYAN.

Assistant Gent eral Passenger Agent, O. railway, Cincinnati, O. VAJfDALIA PESfSSYLVAXIA LI.ES. Golden Gate Special to San Fran cisco. Leaves Indianapolis 8 t.

Juns 29. In Charge or cisas. jr. Patterson, or ina iniana Educator. Solid vestibuled Pullman train.

with dining car, will run through with jut change: returning via Yellowstone Park. Tickets also sold by all routes and for reg ular trains of June Z8. Z9 and so ana jmy i. 1 and J. For further particulars see display ad.

in another column, or address vv w. RICHARDSON. D. P. A.

A Shower of Brilliants! Every one talking about the daxzilng dls nlaV of our cluster diamond rings and our im mense dlsolav of tine, loose diamonds, I and thev also talk about the unheard of low jVrices asked for the same. Our reputation is our guarantee, and we propose to roilow tne same policy that has made our business so successful In the past. J. C. BIPE.

Importer Fine Diamonds, room I8i Meridian at. Bird Seed at THE VAIL SEED 96 N. Delaware, st r.rrrn Dental Rooms. "Stewart P'ace. corner Illinois and Of fice open all night.

Insure with FRANK 1C, SAWYER. Teeth Filled Without Tain By the Hale method, which Is guaranteed, to pa periecuy luimiieH bnu In avery Instance. C. C. EVERTS.

M. Dentist, 8Va N. Pennsylvania, i Flatulence la cored by Bee nam' a Pills. IVo Mattes' What Yon Want in wall pape wi have It. COPPOCJC BROa, 14 Pembroke Arcade.

Feed your horsa AXES' dustleas eats. Mrs. Wlnslow'a Soothing Slrop for children teething; cures wind. couo. aiarrnoea, etc w.

A A. XT. 9A T1 II. nols between New York and Vermont Tjindlnr fnnitril directors. First daaa eoulo Outing bicycles are the moat, serviceable Una of wheels In tha world.

tlOO, 75 and HO. Bicycle Glasses 5o and up. Comntock'a. Woodard. Optician.

Sixth President of the United States "John Qulncy Ada na, In a list of things he wanted, enumerated a printing press lor pri vate uae." Kelley, the Printer, at (new) 41 Virginia haa a printing press for either public or private use. and his charges are very moderata. You should see him when you want printing. "tlaehenbergen, of Colorado," holds the championship twenty flve mlle road record of the world, ridden on a Henley bl fvcle. Rlcvcle road riding provea the stanl ing up qualities of a good bicycle.

GUS HA 111CH, CJ w. Maraet su. cyctorama fiaca. Wedding rings at Comstock's. Gardner Bros.

Rosa, Jetvelers. Watch' and Jewelry repaired. Hortest work and honest prices. jus x. Pennsylvania t.

(aid Mo. I Harness. Wm. Vanderpool. IS, 10, U.50.

Our make. 22 B. Meridian. Wedding presents. Harntels, Grates and Til work.

P. M. PURSE LL. 24 Mass. are.

Pianos tuned tha beat at VuIschnera Plvmblag. Wtlcox Jndd. Plumbing Jt Massachusetts sva. Tl. 7M.

JTirsl ciass work. Low prices, EMOVAL SALE Gash (Sold for $S5 last year.) Si; and N. Pennsylvania 1 St. 2 TUB niUllID PILE CCRE, la a aaw discovery for tha prompt, parmaacat cure of pllas In evarr form. Xtstt drutf ii has it.

The Greatest To day tho Great vertised. Every 1 loot with buyers; not room To morrow more space silk stock. Many of these Silks are oilered at about SWks Figured China Silk, some plain others twilled, former price cls; to morrow i Printed China Silks, Foulard weave and plain, somo of them were 35cts: to Japanese Figured Silks, In beautiful designs and printed Foulards, last week they sold for fccts; to morrow Fancy TafTetas, India Foulards and Satin effects, former price 65cts; to morrow Jacquard TafTetas and fine. Japanese Printed Silks, former price 3 Sets; to morrow Brocaded Taffetas and Satins, fancy Taffetas and Punjames, Ue sold at Jl.OQ to tomorrow French' Novelties in TafTetas and Brocades. Iridescent and Ombre effects, former price $1.25 to $1.50 yard; to mor row i i French Taffetas In Checks, Stripes, Ombre and Iridescent, all odd lots, "some were $1.50, others $L75; to morrow Black Silk, the kind that wears like an Iron Frame Grenadine; to morrow.

Black Satin Duchess, soft to the touch and high finish, usual orice everywhere to morrow 'v Brocaded India so much In demand for Waists and Skirts, price last Week 75cts; to morrow Black Moire Velours, the kind that sold for to morrow. 5cts 47cts rr' 59cts All our finest Hats, Pa items, Hats, etc. "worth none reserved, go 5, $18, Any Trimmed Hat, reg ular goes.choice for. Any Trimmed Hats, regular to morrow 1. Any Hat, regularprices up of to morrow, to H.

P. IVasson 1 H. P. Wasson The Glorious Fourth is coming. Prepare for it in time.

FLAGS, and all kinds of out door amusements. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. Store open every. Saturday evening. 29 and 31 West Surprise Special Sale No.

65 at jatstiaTa'i, are just the thing now. We Knee. 'Pants. 15c and 25c. DON'T GET HOT HEADED when you can buy a Globe to $1.50.

Men's Percale and Cheviot Negligee Shirts some with cellar and cuffs attached others ot fancy bosom with white body the very thing ior hot weather wear in neat stripes, loud plaids, plain colors, to suit all tastes, on sale one week beginning to day and ending next Saturday night i Here in the roomiest and coolest clothing house in Indianapolis you will find all tfrpngs needful for summer comfort. Arrayed in lightweight clothes from The Globe one may well defy the most glaring rays of Old Sol. Men's Summer Welght Alt Wool Suits at $5 Are Here The infinite variety, the stylish cut and careful finish, and the splendid wearing equalities of these Suits, surprise and delight all. All Wool Novelty Plaid Suits, in the various new shades, are oa sale at $7.50. The Suits at $8.50, $10, $12 and $15 carry one to the extreme of fine art tailoring in male attire.

Ic all this world they are Children's Cool Wash Suits, 49c, 75c, 98c show them in all the latest colorsin neat and loud stripes and plain colors. Rare value in Waists at 15c, 25c. J5c, 50c' i cool $traw Hat. We show an endless AM HEME JITS. KISfsSL'fa Afternooa and Ma rv I a.


(iRAXIl Instantaneous Reproduction of the Game. Irlcea. 10c. lac, 'tc. EIV1PIRE TO NIGHT Fac slmlle of the Great Coftietl liiiiiis Fislii Reproduced bjr counterparts.

Every detail of the 14 rounds represented. EVERYBODY IS ASSURED OF A' GRAND TIME ajhe 4fh AliHUAL OFrTHE IndianaRetailiMerciiants'Ass'D AT THE State F'olr GroundH WEDNESDAY. JUNE 23 $1,000 Given Away In Prizes! 30 qpntcstB consisting of horse races, bicycle races, foot races, big races, climbing the greased pole, guessing matches, voting contests, etc i RACES AND CONTESTS FREE FOR EVERYBODY. Balloon Ascension and Parachute Jump MUSIC BY WHEN BAND a. Admission 25c.

Ocand Stand free. Children free. Transfers on street car lines. WATUKE'S BIJATJTTSPOT FAIR BAHK Illinois Sorth and Pall Creak The Ideal family resort, fanned by cooling breezes. Music by Ostendorf's Orchestra of Somists.

Bicycles checked free. WILDWOOD THEATER TO JtlGHT. Miss Florence Hamirton, assisted by a complete company, will produce the side splitting comedy entitled The special feature will be the Cinematograph. Or living clotures. Reserved seats at the Big Four ticket omce.

A lady's high grade Grande Bicycle will be given away. Bicycles and carriages cnecked Tree, SHOES $2.48 We have 1nat reeelred" another large shipment 9lO fT AA In all the latest shades tTA 1 rv i 1 rk 1 t9 blood and Green leather A ji jJt and vesting, top9, and are 11 v.i a i IZ IT. 1 iciu vuua VUA ttjyu nnnnlar rtricpa 94o ana j.vo AAA sntfa rAf TAnrrnVid blact diagonal; cloth top, toe. vaIua $3 tfjriee. Manufactor's Sfoe 78 and 80 Mass.

Ave. I Like My Wifo To nse Pozsosri's Costrutxiox Powpsm because it improves her looks and la as fra grant as violets. The Globe ran ety for men and boys at 25c See These Ads Every nonday Ti3 I ltt A if 5i 5 Git SUMMER COOLNESS IN UNDERWEAR 25c, 35c, 50 showing various popular shades. Well made 'and reliable materials. MEN'S SERVICEABLE ALL WOOL PANTS, $1.50 to $5.

in a variety of patterns of this season's production. They are nobby checks, plaids, over plaid stripes loud and modest effects in lact, a selection to please most particular. mm COT? EVERYBODY ASKS 0 few On Record Silk Salo began as ad counter space crowded enough to day lor all. will be given the big in short pieces and are one third value. All odd lots of goods must go in this department before Ve invoice, therefore the low prices.

One lot of fancy Chin4 Mati tings at i A One lot of China Matthias, like sold 1 last" week at lSVcts, 9ct to morrow I5cts 23ct China Mattings at o5ct China Mattings at 25cts 40ct China Mattings at Japanese and China Matting. ORrfc former price 4jcIs, to a Clearance sale of Curtains, Screens and Draperies on third "lloor. Ruffle Swiss Curtains, 2 yards long, price lasi week $2.21, tomorrow Heavy. Tamliour like sold at $3.75, to French Novelty Curtains. former price $7 to $, ciear ance sale price Silk Striped.

Curtains, they were $3. to morrow LfOO yards Pongee and SHka line. regular 15ct goods, tomorrow $235 $3 89 7icts Japanese Porch i 'Bamboo Porch Chairs, Porch at half value. Screens Leghorns, Dress $20, $25, and28, TQ CA choice DUJ vf prices up to $12. 50, A A All prices up to $8.75, (DO QQ iP 3 $6, to morrow 250 6P Co Washington St.

REWORKS IViay 7 In the Smoke Attractive Suits ot Scotch Cassimerc in a tfAking plaid pattern. In make, in style and fit they're full $12 value. The difference lies in the smoking they received. You may be able to detect that smoke. It's plain enough in the price.

dsaaBBBaaaajsiaa Great crowds attended last week. "new lots added are great bargains. TUESDAY'S 3 yards pretty, figured Challies, 10 yard iu Ic yard PARASOLS. A beautiful assortment of choice colorings. In changeable silk Parasols, both plain and ruffled, worth $2.50 grd S3.00, your choice jj About 20 dozen Children's Parasols gr on sale at one half actual price: you canT buy a pretty parasol at CP 73o.

49c, S9c and MILLINERY. Great Belling here. No wonder! Look at the prices. 5 lnch Moire Sash Rlbbonsv. Or yard 38 Trimmed Hats, were 12.00, nQ ti.Tti and now UO 65 Trimmed Hats, were $3.50 JH AR and $4.00 now at Hats trimmed free of charge.

rma i wm, SEL16 DRY GOODS COiVIRAlMY di 109111 Soath Illinois Street Interesting to Clothing Buyers Men's and boys' stylish Spring Suits, S2.50, $5, $7.50 and $10. At least two to five! dollars below the regular price. Summer Coats, Coats and Vests and Suits in Drap 'etes, Alpacas, Serges and Crash from 50c to $7.50. How is that for cut price? When wd say Children's; Wash Suits at 95c, it is a reduction of 50 per cent, front the demands of other clothiers. Straw Hats in good quality at 25c.

At $2. the finest on earth. No. 10 West Washington Street AS A BAD LUCK waukeean trailed Ilackenberger's colors In thclut by beating him over 200 yarJs. It's the way we build them that docs It.

Hay Willits Mfg. Oris inal Men's Choicest $18'and $20. 00 Quite At flnlu i OlltJ.tJU MEN'S LINEN CRASH SUITS at $3, $4 and $5. Linen Pants at $1.50 and $2. Serge Coats and Vests $4.

Alpaca Coats $1 and upward. Drap d'Etes at $5 and $6. SPECIAL HAT BARGAINS Our $1t0S Straws are worth $2.50. Fine Split French Palms and Milans at sold elsewhere at $2. Fine English Split I.

Milan 9 OH raids, at WU French l'alms. and Fancy Braid! Other houses call them big bargains at tLOO. 0 Suits Sale 5 and 7 7. GT. (0 an Second week of the creat nucnibry Gnlo This week should be a banner one.

as the SPECIALS FROM 10 UNTIL O'CLOCK. Men's fancy bosom white body Siilru and Percale Negligee Shirts, at 19c each Limit of two shirts. SHIRT WAISTS. 'Tuesday morning we ar going tri sell about 13 dozen Dimity worth $1.00, At 4Bc Tour choice of 450 Waists, worth $1.25. Jl.W end $1.75, at 89c DT CK BJTJRTS AND SUITS.

Tuesday will buy the prettiest Duck Skirt in the city. In some they ask you $3.00 for the same skirl $1.25.. WASH GOODS rose efTects, all colors, 49c la the rW uiar price; lucmjny at IRc yer44 I 3 3RI3AII3R Stand alone. Sanger, on the Outlngr, found it so Saturday at Denver, In his 5 rnile S100 match ractf with Ilactea berger, who had never before lost a race. It was Sanger's first race on hi Outing, and alter a long continued run of 111 fortune nn lnt.her vhpeln.

Hia Mil. S75 50 Fine "Straws, all f) wortli 1.00, i isa White Duck Cap, worth too. at 15c r3 'T Tr 1.

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