Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 22, 1957 · Page 11
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 11

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1957
Page 11
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Wednesday Evening, May 22, JS57. Problem of Jurisdiction Over Armed Forces Growing Two recent incidents have intensified a growing problem between the United States and some of its closest allies. The incidents involve the extent to which local courts have jurisdiction over American military personnel stationed in foreign countries. In one incident, Japanese authorities demand that an Army sergeant who killed a trespassing Japanese woman on a firing range be turned over to their courts for trial. In the other, the Chinese Nationalist government is watching closely the trial by an Army court martial of a master sergeant who killed a Chinese peeping torn in Formosa. Japanese Case Serious The Japanese case has assumed serious proportions. It is likely to strengthen the demand of the Japanese government for a radical revision of the mutual security treaty which defines the status of American troops stationed on Japanese territory. In the Formosa incident, the question of jurisdiction does not arise. American courts martial have full jurisdiction over all American soldiers stationed on the Nationalist stronghold island of Formosa. But unless the sergeant now on trial is convicted, and given a severe sentence, the Nationalist government is expected to ask for an agreement, similar to that reached with Japan, for jurisdiction over soldiers charged with offenses against Chinese civilians. Last Jan. 30, Sgt. \yilliam S. Girard, of Ottawa, 111., was on an Army firing range near Tokyo. Several Japanese women trespassed on the range to pick up empty shell cases, which bring good prices as scrap metal. The women ignored a warning to leave. Girard fired an empty shell case toward thorn from a grenade launcher to back up the warning. The shell case struck one of the women and wounded her fatally. Argument Theoretically Clear The wording of the mutual security agreement covering such casijs is theoretically clear. A'sol- dier' on duty is subject to Ameri- cial, jurisdiction, unless it is agreed otherwise. But the Japanese hold that Girard was not. actually on duty when he fired the shell case. They demand that he be turned over to a Japanese court for trial. An indictment for manslaughter has been returned against him. The situation has been complicated because the American command in Japan agreed to surrender Girard. But Defense Secretary Charles E. Wilson overruled this decision and ordered that Girard be kept in Army custody. Administration Dispute Reported Tokyo dispatches report that there is a dispute between Wilson and the State Department, which wants Girard surrendered. On Formosa, the wife of M. Sgt. Robert G. Reynolds, of Colora, Md., saw a Chinese man staring through a bathroom window at her home while she took a shower. Reynolds ran outside with a 'pistol and killed the peeping torn. He said that he though; the Chinese was about to attack him. Reynolds is on trial by court martial, charged with manslaughter. The issue of court jurisdiction over American soldiers stationed in foreign countries has arisen previously in several countries. The agreement with' Japan is similar to that covering American soldiers stationed in European countries which are members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.' But the Japanese incident has become serious. AEC Delays Nuclear Tests Another Day LAS VEGAS, Nov. (UP)--Atomic Knergy Commission scientists today settled ,back for another 24 hours' wait in hopes that weather conditions would improve suffi- provc sufficiently to permit' the first atomic blast of the i957 test series. The initial test of the 20-shot series was called off today for the seventh consecutive day because of adverse weather conditions. The firing of the nuclear device from atop a 500-foot steel lower was rescheduled for 5 a.m. Thursday. can military, not Japanese judi-lReod the Classified Ads SUPREME COURT JUSTICES IN NEW POSE Posing for a new photograph are the'justices of the U. S. Supreme Court (seated, from left) William O. Douglas, Hugo L. Black, Chief Justice Earl Warren, Felix Frankfurter and Harold H. Burton, Stand- Ing are (from left) William J. Brcnnan, Jr., Tom C. Clark, John M. Harlan and Charles E. Whlttaker. (International.) Citizens-for-Eisenhower" Money Ready for Campaigns WASHINGTON (UP)—The .politically off-beat organization known as_Citizens - for - Eisenhower has money in tlhe bank and plans lo spend a lot of it in next year's congressional campaign.. C-for-E was sot up in 1952 with two objectives. It reached both. They were (1) to raise money from sources which regular Republican organizations could not i tap and (2) to rally voters who! might not respond to regular Republican campaign efforts. | The events of 1958 will prove, of| course, whether C-Ior-E campaigning is on the professional or the amateur beam. On Ihe amateur beam, the organization might use its fun<ls in an offorl to defeat some of the congressional Republicans who have been opposing Hie President. The United Press informed thai Citizens - for - Eisenhower would not be so engaged In 19511. Three notable Republican senators who often have given Eisenhower the back of their hands will be up 'for reelection next year. They are: Sens. John W. Brisker (Ohio), William E. Jcnner (Ind.) and George W. Malonc (Nev,). These men are conservatives, who spurn now party labels such as the modern Republicanism with which the President seeks to re-christen his party. % As of now, however, It Is not likely that Citizens-tor - Eisenhower money and efforts will be used against these senators or against any Republican candidates next year. The organization's purpose, instead, is to devote its funds and efforts solely to the election of Republicans more closely associated with the White House program. . It will be an all-out, big money offort, from which candidates such as Bricker or Jenner, for example, would benefit indirectly. For every dollar contributed by C^for-E lo tlhe election of an Eisenhower Republican candidate would tree regular party funds to help ally or all olhor Republican candidates. There is a political saying to for Going Power — and Stopping S AY you like to grip the wliccl of a really nimble handler. Say you like to push the treadle on a sweet and lively performer. And say that along with this kind of going—you like your stopping neat, solid, and sure. If such is the case, then this beauty comes gift- wrapped for, you. It's the 1957 Buick we're talking about—power package first class — with performance that's a joy, a thrill, pure pleasure all the way. This you'll find: You've never before handled a car like this. With its nevv 364-cubic-inch V8 — with its new instant Dynaflow — with its new brakes, new ride, new steering, new readability, new everything—this one makes driving more wonderful than you've ever known it. It's like silk. Like honey. Like a lark on the wing or an arrow on its way. It'i lik« nothing 0k* on 1 A wheels. So come try this, dream car lo drive. Even the good news on price will make you happy. See your Buick dealer today. •Niiu Afluuriiwil Variable ftlch Di/rui/tmu li llio'onlv Dunalloia HuM bnitdt tottnu. It 1* atuntlurd on l\attttmaater, Super autl Coil/ury-iijiMonfl/ mt iiimltHt extra aait on (fin Sptiotal. Check LlQhll Big Thrill's Buick ^^^^ •fiMCtAL. • oaMirtjfW • MunMiK • or>jk.nMA*YHn « Bitcl nciAOM AHYHM *vi • K « V O 7» Whin li.ll.r aulamoblUt or. liullt Buick will build th.m *¥T19i!*fl? •WI9KDIALKM and subsidiary organizations is about one million dollars with more' to be raised. That money, professionally administered, will be a campaign factor next year. the effect that money may not be everything, but it IB way ahead of whatever may be in second place. Regular Republican and Democratic organizations are having trouble now raising funds. Republican regional meetings reflect that. Several , Republican state chairmen reported last weekend in Cincinnati that they were having difficulty getting up Uie' money. They attributed this in considerable part to grass roots dissatisfaction with the Eisenhower bndg- ct. Ciliizens - for - Eisenhower has $200,000 banked in. New York. C- for-E came out of tho 195fi campaign with 141 sub-organizations throughout the United States. The combined resources of the parent Suggest Emergency Kit For People Sensitive To Bee, Wasp Stings NEW YORK (UP) — City people cavorting amid country be.es, wasps, and hornets during spring and summer weekends should keep in mind that a sting for some people can be fatal. Those people are the highly sensitive, allergically speaking, and they know it. Dr. Frank H. Barnard, an allergy expert, said sting-kills-man was a rare occurrence, bu* it can and does happen. Very sensitive people and their doctors, he said, should have an "emergency program" in readiness ' just in case. These people should have a "kit" with them when they go where bees, wasps, and hornets dwell. In this kit should be an ampul of e-pinephrinc, a vial of an injectable antihistamine, a hypodermic syringe and needle, and a tourniquet large enough to go around the thigh. Doctors should instruct these people how to use this equipment— if they get stung—while waiting for the country doctor to arrive. The feared disaster is anaphylactic shock, which is the mightiest of the allergic reactions. It can have a fatal outcome in a matter of minutes. Since collapse of the circulation is a threat, Barnard warned the stung sensitive against 'a Ion3 run or other excessive physical strain." r • • i • • • BUY HIM GENUINE lEVI'S $375 ^P u AT Brumbaugh's J Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Eleven Reactions to Alcohol Plus Tranquilizing Drugs Under Study SAN FRANCISCO (UP)-Wfrat happens to a person who mixes popular t ranquilizing drugs with social drinking? According lo a team of University 'of California researchers who conducted tests on students, alcoholics and mice: —Persons who take both Iran- quilizcrs and alcohol become more intoxicated than those who* tah« atoohol alone. —There can be a delayed effect. A person using a tranquilizer'. could take a drink and notice no change. Yet he could be "hit", some time later—while driving a car, for example. Any of the current tests for drunkenness might show the alcoholic content of his blood to be below the .15 per cent 'stage. But, according to the scientists, the persons might actually be "dead drunk." SET PANAMA CANAL MARK BALBOZ, Canal Zone (UP) Forty ships passed through th» Panama Canal last Sunday breaking the 39-ship peacetime record set on Oct. 6, 1934, J.S. authorities said today. Read the Classified Ads FAST... SIMPLE... YdU'UUKilt loans Up to $500 G.A.C. FINANCE CORPORATION 325 PEARL STREET Opposite Telephone Company LoQantport, Indiana TELEPHONE 5101 Office Hours: Doily 9-5; Wednesday & Saturday 9-11 SPECIAL PURCHASE of BIGELOW MILL ENDS SAVE 25% to 40% In Wool, Viscalon, Nylon and Rayon, Rayon 1 5 ft. Widths • 9x9 to 15x18 Two Tones • Patterns • Leaf, Floral, Modern Plain Colors, the most beautiful array ever! All' top quality BICELOW. CONVENIENT TERMS 12 x 9-5- Wool - Boigo * Green - Brown Tweed 12 x 14-Wool -Floral 12x15-Wool- Floral 12x9-7-Wool-Heovy Ax 18th Century Block Floral ]2x17-5-Wool Brown Twiit 9xl7-Wool- Gold and Brown Twe«d 9x10-Wool- Belge Floral 16047 105.73 14000 109.77 15000 117.60 204.75 1 36.66 28573 190.54 203.15 1 26.33 135.00 93.90 12x17-5—Wool Brown Twist 9x9-8-Wool- Nulria Scroll 15x9-4-Wool and Nylon Beige Twist 9xl6-4-Wool- Brown— 15xl8-6-Wool-Ax- Nutria and Boigo Leafe 12x11-Wool-Tufted Charcoal Tex. 10-10x9-11-Wool-Hectvy Ax Grey Pyramid SATURDAY 28593 190.54 H6.52 74.52 194.44 127.23 197.36 138.36 31604 216.45 198.00 131.67 162.00 1 12.68 HURRY! THREE FULL FLOORS OF FINE FURNITURE Mark*t at Fourth

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