The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on November 22, 1947 · Page 21
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 21

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 22, 1947
Page 21
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U u TS" cVTURDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1947 THE PITTSBURGH COURIER 21 ill S .5 M i'l Ml? ... tfir I t . f - - - , t0 - it - r, "J1 - v 3 - - " - X ::. - .:. jsr'jc - : - : !'V?? - . 'w. - a - . - v. .. . .. .,. - ... jjqOPEBATION IN JAPAN First Sgt. Eddie Hadden f Mansfield, La., gets real cooperation from his Japanese - jfgtary, wiux mm in am oixice at uamp i t - knd, Nara, Japan, where he is sergeant - major of the iTOtn. ifieiu Aiioiicxjr uaiwuuu. xie was a iirst lieutenant jjthe 369th AAA during the war. U. S. Army Photo. Women Pledge $76,000 National Drive for Council in $50,000 (Pittsburgh Courier Press Service) WASHINGTON Delegates to the annual conference of the Na - Itoil Council of Negro Women, held here last week, set $60,000 as fOtl o1 ineir ituw - nuoiuB wufugu o.uu. men, uu ma epot, pieagea rrt or nearly one third of the goal. maw . . m address on Tuesday night, Greyhound Not Liable For Beating By A. H. CALLOWAY CHARLESTON, W. Va. Isaac Woodard Jn, 28, war Dalay Lampkln, vice. ,presi - rlssrs Say They llTSTIMBUTES GROWTH OF hAIR V mt flM rfltf frm k!tfnM. loa - tiM.kMT nrt raanrtmMa rastdts. New mm mil ptnwtetd. SatitfiM curtantrs' Minn m tmtma. Moan mcb if sot utisftod. M MTWr Ch m CO.O. 'l"Ja Dept. PC IA4AN LABORATORIES VLLMUCRE BLVD.. YEADOW. PA IUUI IIQII HCCU teething Special ? ym ?Tv X - writ I If j MedsW He. 1 - A Treatment, if Vw hair is dry, brittle, cracks and Kbitff. If your scalp is itchy. Mnffy.tbea try Medalo No. 1 - A directions. Medalo Scalp mnli. Medalo Pine Tar Sham - V Medalo Hair Hot Oil. Medalo Pressing Oil Compound (6 - S u treatment size) Every - anly $2.35. not a penny more. money. Only send name fcidress. Pay on delivery of all foods and free sample of per ud face powder. Writ now ! "TmtlMlit Urn! t - A fjtii sais riuuubii, ink. Rnrrf. trwtlrB 23. Rev Tort W Istt: Tm thi rit fill Mi a wrRtn ftarutn wits aent of The Pittsburgh Courier, recommended a plan to achieve the goal of $50,000. Following her dramatic appeal, the delegates raised $775 in cash and pledged a totat or over $15,000. Said Mrs. Lampkln: "The Na tional Council is a "Must" in the organizational lire or .Negro wo men . . . There is a greater need, at a time like this, for coordination of national programs of women and the council meets this need. , Airs. Lampkln pointed out that the council could not be supported as are other organisations, L e by community funds and other sources, and that the women would have to get behind their organiza tion. She cited the manner in which the Jewish women's organ! zation had raised $250,000 through $5 subscriptions by each member. She then - outlined her proposed program for raising $50,000, a pro gram which the delegates enthusiastically adopted. Mrs. Lampkln asked - twenty members councils to subscribe $500 each. Fifteen cities were asked to raise the same amount. "Two hun dred women were asked to give $200 each. Another 200 were asked for $100 each and still another group of 200 were urged to pledge $50 each. Before the meeting, held in the auditorium of the Labor Department building, was over, twenty - two member councils bad pledged $500 and one pledged $250. Thirty - seven women pledged $100 each and ten women pledged $50 each. Mrs. Arenia C. Mallory, speak ing for the Saints Industrial Train - lne School of Lexington, misb pledged $550. Total cash collected at this meeting amounted to uo END JIM CROW IN WASHINGTON 52 RACE JURORS LISTED IH ATLANTA ATLANTA (AJJP) There are Sfty - two XecToea 11 tod ea the Fnttoa County Grand Jary eUribto Us tins. Thla anun - berUla eoatnurt to ttt SSewhltea Usted mm fnod Jut aUslblea. Portr - eerea the eUsibles lira lnslda Atlanta, At Your Favorite DealerliS Q NEW LOW fRICt pJ J l vsw "r. a VJS Q!D rcBSIGKll! - m HctgM qAl' veteran of Winnsboro, S. C, and New York, lost his $50, - 000 damage suit against the Atlantic Grevhound CorDora - tion last Thursday in Judge. Julian F. Bouchelle's Circuit Court, where a jury returned a verdict for the defendant company after hearing the trial for most of three days, and after four hours of deliberation. Woodard' claimed he lost the sight of both eyes as a result of the beating given him by Lin wood I Shull, Chief of Police in Bates - burg, S. C T. Gillis Nutter, Charleston attor ney, in his opening statement for woodard, said the suit was brought for "false arrest and cruel, inhuman treatment." He said the incident was "an outrage against humanity." After receiving his honorable discharge at Camp Gordon, Georgia, Feb. 12, 194C, Woodard, according to Mr. Nutter, boarded a Greyhound bus at Augusta, Ga., for Columbia. S. C at 8:30 P. M - that day. Attorney Nutter stated that after the bus had gone some distance Woodard asekd the driver, Alton C. Blackwell. if he would let him off, to go to a rest room. The driver, Mr. Nutter said, replied "no" and cursed Woodard and Woodard cursed back. Upon arriving at Batesburg, the plaintiff's attorney continued, the driver turned the veteran over to the Chief Shull, who put him under arrest. Woodard protested and Shull struck him with a billy. The Chief, said Mr. Nutter, continued to beat Woodard as he led him off to jail, and when Woodard seized the billy another policeman drew a gun on Woodard and forced him to drop the billy. Thereupon, said Mr. Nutter, Shull knocked Woodard down and gouged both his eyes. The veteran remained In Jail over night and was lined $50 the next morning, xie later was taken to a veteran's hospital, where he mained for two months. WOODARD BLAMED Stanley C. Morris, Charleston at torney, representing the Bus Com pany in his opening statement said, "Isaac Woodard lost his eye sight is true. Troubles are often self made," he added. "Woodard's mis fortune resulted from a fight with Shull, Chief of Batesburg police. This fight did not occur on bus company's property," he continued. "It occurred at least a block and a half from the Atlantic bus line In Batesburg." Mr. Morris said that Woodard had been drinking on the bus In violation of the company rules and the laws of South Carolina, and that he was using loud ' and profane language in attempting to get the driver to stop the bus at least four times so that Woodard could relieve himself. Attorney Morris said the driver told Woodard he could leave the bus, when he first made his re quest at Aiken, the first scheduled stop, which he did. Mr. Morris said Woodard returned to the bus and still continued to use profane language. The driver, according to Mr. Mor ris, informed a passenger, who complained about the bad conduct of Woodard, that he would do something about it when they arrived at Batesburg. At this station, according to defense counsel, the driver sent for a policeman. The driver told the policemen that Woodard and another soldier were disorderly. One of the policemen removed Woodard from the bus, and later went back into the bus and caused a white soldier to go out. "Wood ard was arrested by Shull solely because of his drunkenness and disorderly conduct in Shull's presence," Mr. Morris said. The white soldier was allowed to get back re - Exotic! Minister. Finds Mexico City Colorful; Tourists Welcome Regardless Of Race, Color. By C. TOWNSEND TUCKEB "MEXICO CITY (ANP) Here to observe what is being done through UNESCO during its second inter national conference, I have had an opportunity to look about Mexico City. There are many things here of interest. I met Felix Alarcon, booking agent of the El Patio Nite Club, who is responsible for bringing Josephine. Baker, her orchestra - leader husband and pianist Pierre Guillermin to the El Patio. It, with the beautiful choral group of young Mexican girls, makes a most attractive show. AJ acorn has had wonderful suc cess during his twelve years here, in bringing top bracket acts to El Patio. Then I visited the Parisian Club, operated by the Inimitable "Brick - top," who has been an outstanding factor in night life entertainment in Chicago, New York and Paris, where she reigned for years until the war sent her to Mexico City. I found that Mexico welcomes all visitors regardless of color or creed. END JIM CROW IN WASHINGTON White Banks Sponsor New Farm Program MAGNOLIA, Miss. Farmers and farm experts joined with soil con servationists and representatives of the U. S. Department of Agriculture in . observing Pike County's first Negro Dairy Field Day, in the Kelly community near Progress. The affair was attended by seven ty - five Negro farmers, with six banks backing the movement. The banks are providing a cash fund to be used in encouraging pasture Improvement in the community. County Agent George Mul - lendore pointed out that there are more Negro farmers in Pike Coun ty than there are white farmers. "If Pike County agriculture, which is the basis of the county's wealth, is to progress and improve," he said, "these Negro farmers must be taught the newest ideas in profitable agriculture." A. Marks is the Negro County Agent, who la helping the dairy farmers and 'dirt farmers as well to enhance their properties through scientific soil conservation and modern breeding methods.. 1 IF 5f X v lit f iV IS - 1 ' v Vf4 s V THE THANKSGIVING "HORN OF PLEN - Miss Dolly Graves of San Francisco. Both TY" Graced with plenty of charm in this are popular members of the younger set. pre - Thanks giving setting showing pretty E. F. Joseph Photo. . . . Miss Doria Gardette of Oakland, Calif., and " James C. Evans S. A. Natives Ou tnumbennn White Births PRETORIA, South' Africa (ANP) The colored population ol South Africa is Increasing at a faster rate than the white population according to a census report made public recently by the do minion Government. The . total number of European (white) Inhabitants In the union is a little less' than 2,500,000 xne report revealed. The native (Bantu) Dooulatlon was riven as a little lesa than 8.000,000 though it is generally acknowledged that natives multiply ten times 'faster than Europeans. I INDIANS ALSO INCREASING The Indians in the - Union, the report said, number approximately 282,500. Of these 228,000 live in the province of Natal, one of the four provinces constituting the Dominion of South Africa. According to official figures, the birthrate among Indians (37 per 1,000) is substantially higher than among Europeans (20 per 1,000) and it is as sumed that' within a comparatively short, time the Indians will outnumber the Europeans. New Adviser to Defense Secretary Introduced to Press bv Forrestal 'Ml (Pittsburgh Courier Press Service) WASHINGTON James C. Evans, recently appointed special adviser to Secretary of Defense James V. Forrestal, was officially introduced by the Secretary to members of the press and other members of the Secretary's staff at a press conference held in the Pentagon Building here last Wednesday. in his regular monthly press? : ; conference, Mr. Forrestal as - ; gay a rood and useful advisor.' sembled eight of his key advisors, among them Mr. Evans. Quite casually, during - the course or a discussion of the expenses called for in operating the new defense establishment which he heads, Mr. Forrestal ' remarked that he had added a new member to his staff. He asked Mr. Evans to explain his assignment. LAUDED BY CHIEF Mr. Evans said that he was "Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army and advisor to the Secretary of Defense." To which Mr. Forrestal added: "And I might No formality marked the intro duction., No reference was made to any special area in which Mr, Evans was expected to operate. It Is understood that Mr. Forrestal dislikes the appointment of special race relations advisors - just be cause they are colored, and that he Insists that Mr. Evans is just an addition to his staff of advisors. It was idicated by the whole tenor of this conference, which did not touch Negro interest matters in any respect, that Mr. Evans will be integrated into the staff without special . designation al - HP i - n'riVi - fti tm 4' Hf jf jv t jj Iff - i s ti mvMW 3 - . Z i , "1 v;,; iS - i WOODARD TRIAL FIGURES Attorneys son, Mrs. Isaac Woodard, Franklin H. Wil - for Isaac Woodard in his $50,000 damage liams, Isaac Woodard, C. E.'Kimbroiigh suit against the Atlantic Greyhound Cor - Sr., T. Gillis Nutter, chief counsel, and poration at Charleston, W. Va., last week. Willard L. Brown. Woodard lost his suit. Left to right: Lincoln Miller, AcquilLa Hud - ob the bus. Woodard stated . that he asked the bus driver to let him get off the bus after it had stopped to relieve himself. For this request he was cursed and told to go back and sit down. He admitted - having cursed back at the driver. After the verdict was announced by the court, T. G. Nutter request ed the court to poll the jurors. Each juror confirmed the decision. Mr. Nutter then moved that the verdict be set aside as contrary to law and evidence. The . court took the motion under advisement. M tOWMS BUY FROM THE OLDEST ESTABLISHED FIRM IN THE U. S. NOW OFFERING THIS KIND OF SERVICE Choice ol lb laiaat atytos. ataably low prices. Sattatoction guarantees at saoiiey back PC - id tun. PC - 10 A,w Ipiduli Cm. ssr s. wi su iia ml aeeesif crrr wn " " $(195 Fill out coupe lot FBES cataloou. at pansy poet caid wiU da. APIS t&e s4fiex Off Q4ttetc Scteace WORLDS FINEST BEAUTY PREPARATIONS though it is Implicitly understood that, while he. may be included in general conferences involving all members of the secretary's staff, he will serve as advisor on problems involving utilization of Negro manpower . in the Armed services. 1 S - A - F - E - L - Y CUP TOE end FIHGER - IUILS wM STAINLESS STAR Naif - NIPPERS ( Prof esi oral T)rp) a TtMwl Striata Sttttl straaa sarrw la Matlaa ti Cattat Na Matli santr P a s Ml I Ckl a I . - S mm r if ' iaiwiw .50 VsTue ONLY $2.95 rartsaid h aanrt. aufw Sift . Parftct far childrta aaa acts A MUST far amy aautaaals MaU Order Todsr for Prompt BhlpnWart STAINLESS STAR MFG. CO.. Dipt. FC5, I i 312 Cast 27aV Stmt. Naw Yark 16. N. Y. S Han ma (Amt.) BTAINXESS w STAB ; NAIL NIPPERS 9 12.95 ea. portwld. I ep - m m elnu S . II I'm Dot aatXined. I will S return Nippers within 10 daja for full refutjd. j Nana ...... ..................,..; S Addrtsa ; ! City ............ Zona.... 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