The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on July 30, 1901 · Page 10
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 10

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 30, 1901
Page 10
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io THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS, TUESDAY.' JULY 30 1901. - T ; r kis ImM Xin Uf Dry tmi burnm El a i u T f tJOOV S.XM About twenty wooll f t an assort men tf th located in tire Tail jk Arrive. They oM - 05k. iAlso a few. brlitia: tlue. pray and tont to ;i.50;M:loit Another let of finely - stride', with i tight Tty troketi vise. tut l ,f onwr prices uj; To; cJojk", each...ji .tTr restrict - efcoiee. curing iw ?Uht - tittinK Jacket - t , 'iHUrts; choice whUei t 4 iach ;s, iCi.ol.Je of Cnfut t5trt!t j Wgastlf taUore - t; '. fceaavn' price, - tTitfl '.close them .out qs;st 4iUol,Pr each ...... A' new walking BWrt i in 'light gray, nwdi . 4xforl. with lf ' bounce., A fl.60 vain - i frofcf 'A; hanJsoroe . Skirts. fresh jturer. Seme of the $.nwertlon. other the fe f kirt - amid nai - B g - urllcr In the easfca. t Tema'inlng le s5on to :, R each. fHPt Buna lo ' Price 5'js - ed Suit. tif Jacket. ( that raid P3.00. with. flounce1 laaf the house. it test Idea a. l.fcS.OO. To we V - 35 00 homespun. ft array and jtfcstltched rfc. fhjte p. K & manurao - 3:rtmmcd .la a In tailored uught Nw earh i Tjm new - ShlrtwaliL, Jtotnan .strip ttigr, Jfcith : revera and , lio "a - ' white ln535 jront nicked halfiw oUar. Reaaon'a bth h?n J3 W;. specUt - jirt tk!rty'eveiif f tbfe rouri'i a Kina. ; so t thoni In chuneriit)!' . $tew wllr fancy Hurt 'latent " Prtncens rt;. lrl - c a. C.5. 13.T5? aj ij.lrk while they fct dnesday. eth . tEveryihing P . rnccs cat t B?re Puied Warc.Pottary, . : f ; CronzcSt O - nt - tnadr. of fashioned fee " dickey: few.WaW. fcown. cniKh h - ould have Ii4 left, two' plain ones., iora, and a U3.S6. Your RIVERSIDE, T1JE CITY'S LARGEST PARK. A Thousand Acres with Present Beauties, and Many to i be Added in the Future. j . RiveralOa Park la a place of varied f - res - 'ent beautlea, with greater future beauty j promised. - It Is greatand It In young, j tw thlrua taterferlm: with Its dovelop - ; tneht. It la veral timen ai large as nil ithe other ctty parka combined. Then are near yj LOW acrea - in It. It Is not all ' trees. No good park la all ba1 It Ik iaalrt by t .lore who know beat what parka should te. Riveniide Park la rather "ahy of - shade not more than 100 acrea of lu wlih fifty - murk acres of it coming from ! young tros lreac!y planted. Whin the I park ach - sne is fully carried out., there j will be aboi;t J acres of shade. ! f The renialndcr will N - lakes and great, (oien. green lawns. There are natural (places for three lake and there wilj be at I least that number. The beginning of one j of them Is there now. where the river i water seeps Into a basin on the opposite . aide of, die boulevard. Great bluffs that ' mark the western boundary of the park give pretty views of theMands In tfce val - i ley. wfth peep at tnc city neyona : e't - plaaBc pictures : anaictis. the edg Such are few in' lndJ - There. Ik to be a driveway at of tli bluff for two or three It will be difficult to find its su - only of polxonou - i. plant? There Is a j Kpring uf cold water In It and a path will ! t marked to the Kpot 'i'hre are several of the - e hprinKH in the park and the wa - tf - r is Invariably gfoJ. Arrn? the road 1 from th - . siirKrintt?ndent'! huK" and under the bluff is tho bear pit. The bicycle , path whlrh bejrin? there rutin snnth about a mile tu a pretty grove b - ltwi - en hill : and river and at the point of !the Island ', In a drive about the park groups of: yountj tre"t are found here anil there and! not FeminK to have any purpose except : to grow and furnish shade. There is sys - ' tern a ad design behind their planting. On the hilltops they will apparently In - , crease the rnght: here .they will break i a large open space; there they are placet! j to hide a pretty view until It bursts suddenly upon one. When the park plan Is J carried out there will be many surprises j as one driven along, many sudden and J pl;a?ing chanues for the eye. The park - as it will be is hardly begun. The great spaces that were wheat fields, meadows and truck gardens will probably And some other use th?.n simply to grow grass to look at. Part of them set apart, for athletic sports, for golf, ennls, base - ' ball, football. Space may even be given for so exhilarating an attraction as the chutes, for which both land hnd water , there are naturally fitted. ! LAKE EB.IE WESTERN B. R. l.OO Oat - of - Towii Kxeunlon l.OO Ti Michigan City ami Way Stations. bondajr, Aagntt a. Tt Indianapolis :) a. m. Returning' leava j Michigan City p. m. o LAKE ERIE WESTER R - B - l.SOSandaky, O., Eicortlon - 91.80 Saturday Mght, August IO. Leave Indianapolis P - arrive Fsnduskv a. m.. Sunday. Auguot it. Returning, leave Panduky. p. m . hunday. August 11. Arrive Iiullanapolla a. m.. Monday. Auut 11. Secure brrths and chairs at city oftVe. Pi 8 - I!ll - coia u o 11.25 CIJCCIN ATI AND RKTrRN - 1.25 Tl Cs H. V.. Sunday. Aognst 4. Two special fast trains; the flrst will leave at S 30 a. ra . or as soon loaded and will run through, making no local stops: the second will leave at 7:15 a. m., stopping only st Rushvllle. Connersville. and Hamilton. Returning, leave Cincinnati. 29 p. m. Baseball: Cincinnati vs. iPUtsburg. vs. fit BIO FOt'R EXCURSIONS. S1 or R. actio li U 5 - Indiana' Leading embers. Merchatfts' i rr;r : If - Yeek - tsri rut ffeAI r i. I'r i suass, Ciockg - 7 I i - ociationj Lkdies? ' SiM Elbow Glovt 75 c ' ' k "hi tft ' " mile, i I jerlor. Tne xiani nas nueo tne nver doo anu widened and. deepened the water up through' the park and has added some river views that now rival those at Broad Ripple. There Is boating by steamer for three .miles and by skiff much farther. The dain itself Is a work of art. Superintendent df 'Parks Power says there Is not as pretty a dam In the countrjr. The river is of good width here at the aouth - moetpart of the park. The stonework that jnakes the dam Is gracefully curved and give an - added beauty as the foamy water fail down its sloping face to the eight - foot "apron. There are embattled stone towers . on each aide, from which good views of dam and river may be had. The dam la one of the sights of the park. ' . The 'Boulevard. The two - mile boulevard begins at the dam add ends at Thirtieth street, jwher the terminus of the Riverside Park street car line la. The boulevard is wide and "whltf, aad. when the lawns on each side are completed and the young trees grow, will - be a' favorite driveway, as it follows the river's course the whole length.1 There will be iiothlng to compare with !Rl - er - side Park for driving purposes when the roads planned, are fnade. It takes" an hour's steady drive now to get over the park roads. i There to & wooded Island or twenty - nvc acres in ithe park not far from the end of the can line.. There are several groves, the chief one at present at the Thirtieth - street entrance, which Is headquarters be cause of! the pavllibns there, the soolog - ical. department, swings and other attractions. Two others, formerly known, reapectlwfy, as Emiich's and Wacker's roves, are farther south. They have shelter pavilions In them. One Of the two pretty suspension - bridges between, these groves and Thirtieth street will be completed by three days' work. They are sure to be welt patronized. i That hnuse away .up on the bluff west of the JThlrtieth - street entrance is the home of the park'. superintendent, i Back of the bouse an acre or so is the deer park, art ideal one, with its hillside and valley. Its shade, its grass - and spring water. lit 1 large enough to keep some of the deer rather wild. Two large elk occupy part of 1L Some acrea farther south is the largest park ravine In the city. It is wild,. dense with trees and shrubbery. It is intended' to keep It wild, relieving it t The Street Railway Terminus. PeoDle who so by street carr to the , park usually content themseltea In tnc - : grove near the end of the line. Right there arc the refreshment pavilion, the old bowling alley. . the maypoles and swings, the monkeys, foxcu. pheasants, j owls, wolf, 'possums and other animals ) and birds. The bear pit is in sight some distance west. Just now a, little brown hen has some of the tiniest ohlckens that were ever seen. There are about a doren of them each as large as a walnut. They are quail a week old. The mowers oi the meadows found the nest full pf eggs, and ut the little brown hen over them. At thl entrance to the park is the Canoe Cljb's building, and there also la the starting place for the steamers Helen Gould and Stella, which give delightful liver rides. There are also small boats for those who like to get nearer the water than the steamer's deck. Thte bridge over the river Is twenty - five years old. and enlltred to retirement m m ), some structure wnicn win d muie m harmony with modern Ideas and with the beauty of the surroundings. The one car line to the park, the Blake street line, after it crosses - Fall creek keeus on out Indiana avenue to Montcalm street. n w hich It goes north toward Ce - realinetown till It strikes Eighteenth. It mr.s straight west then to the river, where it makes a loop. This loop la l.ulO feet north of the dam. and is right at Knirlch's grove, the southern part of Riverside Park. Some passengers leate the line here, but the car doubles back In Eighteenth street, half way to Cereallne - towr.. and cuts north across parg lanas to Thirtieth street, which Is the end of the line, ard the general getting - off place for park visitors. Vehicles reach the park by continuing out the CrawfprdsvDle road after crossing Fall creek la Indiana avenue. This goes past the pumping station and beautiful grounds of tho Water Company, and en ters the park at Emrich's grove. Another way is north In any of the city's streets to Thirtieth street, thence west to the park. Wheelmen .usually take the bicycle path to Thirtieth street, and then It Is about a minute's ride to the park. They may also go Dy tne urawrorasTiiie road, Haughvllle and West Indianapolis, people may reach tne park by way or Bismarck avenue, going straight north when In it with so much to be done . by mart, Riverside Park gives great opportunities to the park superintendent and park commissioners. They are going to try to meet .them well. Sunday, Angnst 4. Lett Round Trip l - a wren e burg. Aurorw and VI ay folnts. Special train leaves Indianapodls T.JO a. m. Returning. leaves Aurora 7:20 p. m. Terre Ilaute, Account Bicycle Races. Special train leaves Indianapolis 7:30 a. m. Returning, leaves Terre Haute 7:W) p. m. Lafayette and Way Points. Special train leaves Indianapolis 7 45 a. m Returning, leave Lafayette 7.10 p. in. o SEASHORE EXCCR1ION. Atlantic City, Ocean Grove. Sea Isle City, Etc., via C, U. V.. B. A O. 8. W. and B. A O., Thursday, August 1. Tickets good twelve days. Stop over at TVash - Ir.ftton on return. For particulars sea ticket agents. R. P. Algeo, D. P. A. o FAST TIME TO DETROIT la The take Erie W estern and Wabash Railways. Leave Indianapolis 12:30 p. m. Arrive Detroit 8:10 p. m. o COLORADO EXCURSIONS . Tin MoDoa Route. Tickets on sale dally to September 10. return limit October 11. For partlcula ticket agenta. Final ANSCAL SEASHORE EXCURSION. Pennsylvania Line. 15. OO Round Trip 16.00 August 8. To Atlantic City, Cape May and other coast resorts. Through coaches and sleepers. Return limit twelve days. For particulars call on agents or addreea W. W. RICHARDSON. D. P. A., Indianapolis. Ind. Dr. W. B. Craig, Veterinary Surgeon. Dogs treated. Office. Wood's Stable. TsL 10(7 FREEC0NGERT AT I RIVERSIDE PARK TO - NIGHT. 1 The Indianapolis New)' Newsboys Band Will Give This Tils week's band Week's Concert There, concert Tjy The Indianapolis 2?ews Newsboys Banc J'WWI a.. Mba - . ''ea'i.., ...j. 1 - 1 te.0 Chlldren - ,Soab! - brat, fc U.ON Children's, vests ..i. . 1 l ast V tUhlngtow, lli'fiwsre - JHE GLOBE' r. . - El tapl TP :rmvtfM nfrsf W sii a x ifassv lat Reduced ft - RAMBLER Mad :q r - c: ncEHai;.G jt78 - 1ir$ila gvenut. . s Ices Teltprtent 832 Abbey's Etf ery$ il5 from the sail' iu$ Juicv of fur tret trUlgaX - rttmir. Cures kadaca.B c:uc . ,nd all stm art delicious, coollna, lavtcyr? ;t' drink, F"!R gAjLIfi OlJtndariiAiiei. will be riven at Riverside Park this evening. Following is tbe program: " 1 : j J. B. VJLJf DA WORKER, Director. Warch, I'Vemon" , Edlna Polka "The Matinee Girl" Sparkling Gem Waltzes ... ipltan ' March .. I r.. - .....itetcalf 'Daniels ....Hall Ripley Sousa IKTERMISSCON. Hi... I ..Arranged by "The Blue ana the oray ... W WWyVH. ' - Mua.v.A .... a ...... a. .... . ...... i (Arranged by J. R Vand a worker. Bandmaster.)' s PopuJar Airs from the Burgomaster , epanisn oeauiy tvaits .......v.. Chattaway Short at Luders .Parmenter w . uyuion vrnuii 91 miK ...... v . . - . farmenter Compapy C Two Step.. ..I. ...4... - . r Ripley tied from the (e tdesu spring. iipuoo, m - kroubias. Is a t and Bai:h - . iV riussUst. . I'm VZRLEY 4Hr. d, rrw ear tn.Lyrr Town. i , - . SerplledDlreVV? ; WrfEKLET fACTCKiIlifecthEast5t t - 1 - s fens Ulsys pleases,'.1icf I iSMaXrtl - PIAKPLA k - th Anlv ' S priect pUntf rJ fer, at v : J a I l priect pUntf rJ j. - ? ? IDLES t .in - H i " ,j ' 1 m m - ' - 4' mm . - i . RATION CRO,, .3: Pbotw: 01d2ic. ir 26210 " n, - D. HEVEf So il TIME stn'btiters. !st. - i: ; . ...we o - r lit PflJ Marten Contv; W I 1 - KJ Castor Count, tr .. - HJi :'iVt caaty IM ' .1 Harren lxr Hi iij ) r - oraiewn. lnJ. t - . : Oa. Jl JC nmnn I jrf U. Krrl. At - j. Ir'i - f nem.lss Hre las C ii .4. Int' tsvi Ctiktrri a S;xnsi bas Irt.fa sec rticu:ait biv ...... m . .. 4l 4s ad. ...,,.... .,... 6 HMrlJt.; .... kk . - ?ck, Prlc MS Price M . ! - . - ' " . r sppUcstlon. ; '1 ty a (Za'rt ?t - .4 cr CO. . 1 1; . .! HROUGH THE ft klhinkin' J H U Indeed a pessimist. Toi 'finer feelings lost, . "Who can believe on 4ays like, th That life's a bitter frost. - ! " ' : r) "Say; ;Snardle, what are yo abeutr'i ' - . "Just vpnderin' what well hrVfl fto talk about when this weather lets yt 1 . pretty well of his ;"SmlggIna; thinks voice.. doesn't he?" i"Yes;1but it's Just about goti'to the r)lnt where he'll have to choose tetween his voice and his friends." - .il The King of the Pea green Isle assumed the - expression - which he thougot made others think he was thinking; and; turned to the Royal Transcriber. ; "As reading maketh a full man,' he said, "you may decllnje the philtnthrop - lfs proposition to establish a free public library.' - For the king, being ho less con than, astute, felt that by the introduction of the Wioon of the - land of hU step - fathers' .the demand would be fully met. and It were a kindness to prevent, a con Clct of Interests. I . I : ; ! ' : i ' 1 1 i j 1 - . .'. " .1 - lderate mm Ch, wooldrt taou know a luckless ' Wouldit' toll and aorrow's burden Th wtinesa - tha suborfcante. The real ma with th bo. The Monkey What's the kahgar swelled Tier about of lMeT The Hie:hant nv ne got noi - i nome fanhron paper wnicn wa lull stuff. on - "How. to acquire the kangaroo T .J . ' - 1 . w L. AM V. . . ..If r - T I - W I. W''.'i - alght. lUiowf I . ; ' I ' ; l - ' : or of Died from His Injuries. Bamuel H. fagley. living at 810 Bates street, who was struck by a Prospect street car In Virginia avenue, at the east end of tho viaduct, last Friday night, died at tbe City Hospital last night. Cagley was a carriage painter, employed at' the, Farry Manufacturing Company. Land was riding his wheel home from work. He attempted to cross the tracks in front of the car, which was running with great speed down the viaduct approach, when : struck. Hb was thrown to the side of! the track and sustained deep ciits about the head and left arm. It wa not thought at the time that he was fatally injured. Cagley was fifty - five years old. and made b's home with his daughter, his wife hav. ing aieu several years ago. , Wife Murderer's Appeal. 1 I There was yesterday ' filed in j the Supreme Court the transcript in the appeal of John Rinkard from a sentence of death passed on him by the Wabash Circuit Court, to take effect August 23. With the transcript were notices of Rlnkaritl's Intention to ask the Supreme Court to stay the execution of the sentence. This motion for a stay of execution will be argued ' to - morrow morning, before . quorum of the tribunal, consisting oi Judges Jordan. Hadley nd Monks. The greater part of the brief Is demoted to th claim that Rinkard was . insane at the time he killed his wife. It is, asserted that a number of years ago 'he , was known as "Cray John Rihkard.v j County Institute Season Begins.. The county Institute season opened to day. The first meeting was held In Jennings county, to be followed to - morrow and the next, day by meetings in other counties. "The last meeting will i fee held September IS, but several Institutes will postpone their sessions until later in the year, on account of the. hot weather. Under tbe new law tbe teachers will be allowed per diem salaries for attending the meetings. State Bankers' Association. The executlv council of the I Indiana Stte Bankers Association will meet here on Thursday;. to determine the place and time of hrrtdlng the State convention for 11. South Bend la making an effort to get the convention. The Indianapolis member of the - council are 8. A. Morrison. "J. p. Frensel and V. tr. Malott - , Try Mueller's Liver and Kidney Relief pills; SS cents per package. At druggists. Twenty Washington st. Z Isomer's Trasaes. style. Prices reasonable. 132 New Piano for Bent. p.So, K and IS .00 per month. THE, STARR PIANO COJfPAKT. IS W. Washington st. Manufacturer. 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Tne stuff to take la the Madisdn Brewing Co.'s orlKlnai XXX ale and porter. Snii by Lhe C Uabich Co., Indlana01ia. TsL No. 3177. 9 I 0. . .ry JlKl JUjul. fO y fHMf t sa m m. r f rr - Wisf ssr - w (2 a S3 If 1 M ' !"' 1' ' ' '' ' Indiana polls IIrtr Supply Cev . tU Law' Building: razor and Jtar grinding.' Capital Lumber . Facts are stubborn things.. No matter how hard you try to get away from them, they are ever staring ne In the face. - The above testimonial is only ne of many on file In our office. We have In this case apparently departed from our nsual cuatom of "utng - HOME testimonials only, but It la ONLY apparent, as th physician referred to. Dr. Wren - nick, la a well - known resident of Indianapolis, and lives on West Walnut street, near Illinois. In diseases of the ;:; ; ' :LUrjQ6.;'rjOSlAND: THftOTIV ::;y ;:d It la well to remember that OEPURATOR TREATMENT JS DIRECT. The healing, soothing, dry. antleptle (renor come In direct contact with the mucous membranes of the ooe and throat, nd the air cells In the lunn are fined with tne medicated vapor. All DISEASE GERMS ARE OESTROYED. Includtn the eerrna of TCBEKCt'LUSlS (f OXSUMPTIOS). and as a - rexult the - PATIENT CET3 WEU OEPURATOR TREATMENT Is the ONLY , TREATMENT IN THE WORLJ .that reaches all parts of the air passages dlrecL It is tho only treatment known! whereby a DEFINITE AMOUNT of medicine Is carried directly to the affected parts. The medicines destroy the germs of CONSUMPTION and other germs, and are antiseptic and healing. Their use Is followed by - DIRECT RESULTS. . Just "think for a1 moment how ridiculous It is to take medicine Into the stomach to heal the lungs. The old long route via the stomach Is never'sat! - factory. OUR PATIENTS WILL TELL TOU Vhat the Depurator treatment has done! for them. They are RIGHT HERE AT HOME, AND YOU CAN WRITE TIIeJj OR CALL ON THEM. They will also tell you that RESULTS "ARE' ..DIRECT. - : - ' - ' - '! ' : - ' - ...; t OuriFREK BOOK tens you air about the DEPURATOR TREATMENT nd contains testimonials from home people you know or may easily know. Write or call for It, It' appeals to your reason. It costs nothing to Investigate, i Vlaltora always welct me. - .',.. - . - - , ; j - j . t j f - ' 805 and , 807 North Illinois Street. Indianapolis. Ind. t Old Phone ?C374 W, b, ROWLEY, M. Medloal Dlreotor. " HOURS Week days, S:30 a. m. to :00 p..m. Evenings and Sundays, by aipolntment. Ccnsultation and trial treatment free, ASK FOR FREE BOOK. . t . f Washington and Pennsylvania Sts, The $8.75 Suit Sale is Still an Advantage - Giving . ... . ' Opportunity. ! ' r " ' . In spite of the extreme Heatj in face and eyes ; of - the great selling jf Fancy Flannelsthis special '"sale ot - T - Iff '; . ni r . ' rancy neviuis, worsieas, uassim.eres, nam oerges and Cheviots has kept up . the lively pace it started with just a week ago to - day, proving that the weights are comfortable, the values extraordinary, and that the" privilege is one that is highly appreciated - - . may be, when choice is offered . of Suits . that are ! worth and have been in regular stock. marked - : $1.2.50, $13.50 and $15.00" for ' ; ' ; the Suit. You can be fitted all right, for these are Saks made' Suits. That assures another point 'that they, are best. made too. I v ; i - Special Cut Price in Flannel Coats and 400 Stripe and Check . Flannel Coats, and Pants at special cut prices tor this week. Prices' $4 to $12.50. A saving of $2 to p:50.on every coat and pants. ; Saks. St Company Indiana' Largest flea andBoyV Outfitter. ASK YOUR rJEIGHBORG ABOUT UG WE HAVE DONE WORK 011 S07ZZ OF TIIEH We Rive a written guarantee, with the Union teal attached, for 1 5 jeirr on all work. f ' - . Full Si! Ttt!h ... Bridst T?srk;.... Ccli Cronj(22k) Khlls Crcwns Fi::i: XXT B ACTING, EXAMIXATIO. CURAJdKa, TOOTH BLTACn TUTZ. NoTE. The reason we do so much more esiractlng ihaa otier dental coucercs U because we have all the latest painless methods. t ' UUT ATTEND A ST. GES9IAN SPOKrt. ; Union PAIHLESS DEHTIGTC Cr. Market and Clrel. East f MsaamesL " CROUrlO rXOOH. KO STAISI T3 CV.rS. WILBERT'S GERMAN PILE CURE CURES Don't suffer with that most common" nJ annnrrng cf all ailment hm ere 'r of V'.Tert'a Oerman I'll Cur praotlrele cur yna. Mney tia.. - lt if jrou are p. - t r - - - J ir currj without fall. Sect oa receipt of IL - or csl at offlce, 4.4 teveoscn U - i. - i - i - .g. .a.rj.. V J : t .4 2:3;5tv'cct"n f rhon 73. eeat and - cox. Cv - , Vtaasachusctta , I i ever since. J? I. VIL,BIvIiT, ! 5 . - i : i

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